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Interrelationship Between Different Hotel's Ris

Group 4
Jamon, Brian John Kenneth C.
Cominquez, Ian Dave
Catalo, Anthony
Tagsuan, Jem Carlo
Dejos, Allyson
Bernandino, Joyce
Pareja, Ronalyn
Statement Of the Paper's Research Problem
How does a hotel influenced ( The Manila Hotel )
a) Other Hotels
b) Mindset of people
c) Tourist curiosity

This paper tells on how does a risk occured, processed and how to be prevented
. The very point is that, in a specific hotel relating to the risk with the other hot
els for it to be evaluated if there is significant relation between the precautionari
es between the two or more hotels. How will it bw evaluated as a safety and re
quired to be fully secured? Indication of the this interrelationship is that, there b
e a connecting factors that representing to be connected to the different risk ma
nagement orders of a hotel.
This paper pertains in the development and the significance of the relationship b
etween the risk, precautionary and security from Manila Hotel, as the subject ma
tter, to the interralating other hotel.

Goals, Purposes, and Significance of the Paper

The goals of the paper is to know how the Manila Hotel is connected on how th
e risk management of other hotel connected. Purposes, is that for the readers to
trully understand the precautionary and differences between the Hotels. The sig
nificance of the paper, for future generation to have vague information or details
involving the interconnecting relationship between the risk in a hotel to other ho
tels. For the tourist that having a curiosity involving the Manila hotel.

Decision Model Used in Paper

Paired Conparison Analysis
Is used in the paper, because the paper represents the risk manangement in Ma
nila hotel is to be compared to the other hotels. So that knowing how vast the k
nowledge of management to the precautionary or how it will be influenced.
Identification of Assumptions
Influenced by a disaster
Because it pertains on how a hotel handle a situation of their valiability in the ris
k prone area. So that they needed to be resilient and needed to establish again
a new orser in risk management.
Calculation and adapting
Calculating the, sum the probality on how does a risk can be considered a risk in
the hotel. Such as Manila hotel. Is an old hotel it could be comprised with expe
rienced management that can be particularly can be seen in other hotels. Becaus
e they needed to adapt in a situation or in an environmental change.

Data Collection Methods and Analysis Used in the Paper

Document Review
The paper search for the background of the study using the internet. By means
of searching document pertaining to risk and disasters occurs in different hotels t
hat can be interrelated to Manila hotel.
Inferential Analysis
Is used in the paper, it infers on how does the risk management and precaution
ary of each othe hotels can affect one of each standard.

Summary of the results

There is a relationship between the precautionary and risk management of Manila
hotel and other hotels. In the paper and base on the study of the documents, i
t is interrelated because of the thinking of the posibility of increasing risk without
caution on how other hotels handle their own risk.

Three Major Points of Agreement

Hotels are adaptable, risk cautios and values the reputaion of their on hotel
Three Major Points of Disagreement
Hotels is not ready, sometimes external risk is to be not to be noticed quickly an
d having very secured facilities.
2017/10/03/1745443/many-hotels-terror-risks-make-tight-security-routine, https://e