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Academic learning engagemnt

How do you keep your students motivated?

Why does it is so important though?

What distracts them ?

Well, lets find out! Shall we?

Active learning is generally defined as any instructional method that engages students in the learning
process. In short, active learning requires students to do meaningful learning activities and think about
what they are doing. An active student usually seeks the attention and approval of their teachers and

Sometimes you might lose your study motivation. That’s quite normal too –As we can see passive
student will do as much as possible to avoid the attention of their teachers or peers. The passive learner
usually takes a backseat in most discussions or activities that they have to take part in.

But what really distracts them?

As we can see right now technology is the number 1 reason why student get lazy in leArning. This what
we call.

Digital distraction is a term only those living in our Information Age might know. Being distracted by
technology isn't a new thing, but today's tech is different. ...

Students are increasingly distracted by technology. In a modern day classroom setting, it's evident that
technology has strongly influenced the way students learn. ... Laptops aren't the only technological
devices that keep students from focusing during class. Nowadays, many students have a cell phone in
their pocket

Throw in personal cellphone calls and text messaging from friends and that can translate into late nights
for students. ... Some students cope with the distraction by budgeting social media time into their
homework schedule or going to bed early to get a jump-start in the morning,\

How can a teacher may able to engage his or her students to learn?

The teacher must turn on the curiosity of the student

Curiosity prepares the brain for learning. ... So if a teacher is able to arouse students' curiosity about
something they're naturally motivated to learn, they'll be better prepared to learn things that they
would normally consider boring or difficult.
Study success requires clear objectives, motivation, planning, self discipline, self confidence, good study
habits and a positive attitude. Interacting with content through active learning has some compelling
advantages over 'delivery mode' lectures. It helps to maintain student concentration and deepens
learning towards the higher-level skills like critical thinking. It also helps to engage students who might
otherwise struggle

and then it is good to go at it one step at a time. Once those course completions start piling up, it will
once again be easier to get motivated for the final push. And always remember that employers like to
hire graduates, not someone who has dropped out.