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Management of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites

The Gas Research Institute's Practical Reference Guide in a Two Volume Set.

Editors: Thomas D. Hayes, David G. Linz, David V. Nakles and Alfred P. Leuschner

Two Volume Set: U.S. $195.00, 1996, 1260pp. ISBN: 1-884940-18-8

Management of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites is a two-volume authoritative reference and practical guide
for MGP site investigation, risk assessment, and site restoration. Both volumes are full of helpful
suggestions, shortcuts, examples, forms, and hints for strategies that are environmentally sound, publicly
acceptable, and cost effective. In addition, hundreds of charts, figures, tables, lists, and graphs are
provided for ease of use and reference.


• Utility industry personnel involved with environmental issues associated with MGP sites
• Public officials implementing regulatory programs relating to MGP sites
• Attorneys with commercial and industrial clients
• Business executives, engineers, and staff with environmental service companies
• Consultants to property owners and businesses
• Analytical laboratory staff


"An invaluable, up-to-date encyclopedic reference for risk-based evaluations at any site where metals and
hydrocarbon are present"Bruce Bauman, API

"A compilation of common sense data presented in a concise user-friendly format that addresses MGP
specific issues with clarity and focus for the MGP remedial project manager" Walter Irwin, South Carolina
Electric & Gas Company


Volume I (Site Investigation)

• comprehensive lists and descriptions of EPA-recognized wastes and chemicals of interest

• a complete site investigation guide covering preliminary site investigation, emergency
response, site characterization, restoration, and monitoring.
• an example site sampling plan based on an actual plan that underwent state regulatory
• a generic health and safety plan (HASP) designed to meet Superfund requirements
• sampling and analysis protocols

Volume II

Part I (Risk Assessment)

• a process for risk assessments at three levels: assessment of imminent hazards, preliminary
risk assessment, and quantitative risk assessment
• guidance on computer-based tools
• advice on organizing a risk assessment document
• a discussion of exposure models
• chemical profiles of chemicals of interest, including properties and toxicities

Part II (Site Restoration)

• a process for evaluating and selecting restoration strategies for specific MGP sites, including
compilation of site characterization data, integration of restoration components, and
evaluation of alternative technologies.
• development of strategies that take account of technical, public health, environmental,
regulatory, and economic factors
• removal and temporary storage technologies
• onsite containment and treatment technologies
• disposition technologies
• cost considerations

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