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I. Introduction
II. Rationale
III. Log experience
a. Immersion to sports club (8 hrs. FLA)
b. Culminating activity (10 hrs. FLA)
IV. Reflection/Insights gained
a. Immersion to sports club (8 hrs. FLA)
b. Culminating activity (10 hrs. FLA)
V. Documentation
a. Immersion to sports club (8 hrs. FLA)
b. Culminating activity (10 hrs. FLA)
VI. Self-assessment
VII. Fitness advocacy and promoting fitness

I. Introduction

Flexible Learning Activity (FLA) is not a goal in itself; the goal is to

improve the learning experiences and the learning outcomes of the students. The

Philippine Normal University (PNU) provides FLA for students to give them

choices about when, where, and how they learn. This action is very successful in

a way that it gives students opportunities to learn in their preferred


This portfolio is the compilation of the FLA experiences,

documentations, and insights I completed in P.E 1, which supported my health

and fitness. The activities contained in this portfolio shows how my flexibility and

skills have progressed over the course of the program. In this FLA, students are

required to experience an eight-hour immersion to sports club and a ten-hour

immersion to culminating activity, which is the wellness dance practice. FLA as

well as the flex folio are one of the course requirement for P.E that is why

students need to complete the entire activities.

Being a freshman is hard but at the same time its fun! It feels good

being able to experience a lot of extracurricular activities. It not just boost my

energy, but it also empowers the sense of my accomplishment to do things I

have never done before.

I. Rationale

“A professional portfolio is a thoughtful, organised, and continuous collection

of a variety of authentic products that document a professional’s progress, goals, efforts,

attitudes, pedagogical practices, achievements, talents, interests and development over

time” (Winsor & Ellefson, 1995 sited in Salend, 2001, p. 196).

My portfolio documented the activities, experiences, and skills that I have

achieve throughout my Flexible Learning Activity (FLA). A critical component of an

educational portfolio is the learner's reflection on the individual pieces of work as well as an

overall reflection on the story that the portfolio tells. Reflection is a “process of turning

experience into learning” (Boud, 2001) and in my portfolio, I will include reflection

on my own FLA experiences, and how I worked towards other students and coaches. My

portfolio as assessment showcase my learnings and growth overtime. It will hopefully

provide enough evidence to support the learning progress of mine.

II. Log of Experience
a. Immersion to sports club (8 hours FLA)
Total hours: 8 hours

b. Culminating activity (10 hours FLA)

Total hours: 26 hours, 30 minutes
III. Reflections/Insights
Immersion to sports club (8 hours)

As part of our requirements, freshmen students need to immerse

themselves in the sports they wanted and fulfill the required hours for it. Student are

free to choose different sports as long as they want. There are many sports to choose from

and that makes this FLA exciting.

Being around with positive people feels good. I have met a lot of new friends

by joining different sports club but I encountered difficulties in finding time to join

because my schedule is not really fit to the schedule of the sport I wanted. However, I still

enjoyed other sports and done the things I have never been did before. It was very tiring yet

satisfying. My body hurts so bad after the drills and routines but I am happy to say that even

in a short time, I still learned the basics on how to execute or to do things from the start and

it really benefits me because I can use this in the future. Coach Kelvin (sepak takraw club)

said, “In sports, it’s not all about how strong you are but it is also about being wise”. I have

learned that I should observe and think first before I do the given task. It is okay if we do it

slowly but surely, rather than, trying to be fast but doing it incorrectly. I am happy to say

that Coach Kelvin noticed my potential and he persuaded me to join the team. I joined not

just because I want the sport but I joined mainly because of the benefits I can get. I hope

that I can endure the trainings and be able to learn to love this sport.

I have fulfilled the required hours. Except the learnings I get from this

immersion, this FLA also makes my body fit and healthy.

Culminating activity (10 hours)

During our semester of Physical Education 1, we sought to accomplish a 10-hour

immersion to culminating activity and that mainly pertains to the original and creative

wellness dance. We were required to compete with all the sections of first year and we have

one month to prepare for it. I am very excited about this because I’ll get to experience again

to compete together with my new classmates. During the first week of practice, we were

very determined not because our goal is to win but it’s because we are enjoying each and

everyone’s company. I am also glad because we were complete that time. Even though we

were very tired mentally and physically, it does not hinder our goal to perform in the

quadrangle with smiles on our face.

As the competition day gets nearer, our practices became frequent. I am feeling nervous but

at the same time, excited. But then, I get disappointed because we were not able to practice

well for the reason that we were not complete. That is why, we still don’t mastered the

transitions and the steps. What is more disappointing is that, the day before the competition

and supposedly our last and polishing practice was suspended due to inclement weather. I

am really nervous during the day of competition because I, myself was not that confident

and sure if I’ll be able to dance well. Nevertheless, we just enjoyed and did our best as we

perform in front of the whole campus.

Throughout the whole practices, there are pain, struggles, stressful times but what is

more significant is that in every pain we feel, we endured. In every struggles we

encountered, we find ways. And in every stressful situation, we smile. For me, that’s

what is more important more than anything else. We won’t make it to the top ten, but we

were thankful because we get to performed together and we enjoyed!

IV. Documentation
FLA swimming (August 14, 2019)

FLA Sepak takraw (Sept. 3&5)

Wellness dance practice (original)
Wellness dance practice (creative)
Dry run at PNU gymnasium

Parade (competition day) “Nandito na, nandito na ang one dash! 24! One dash! 24!”
Before and after our performance 

Mr. & Ms. Obtec

Mj’s representing 1-24.

Foundation day! PNU opens a camp-like game to students. We had fun!
V. Self-Assessment


 I could take hard routines, trainings and could keep up with athletic people.

 I am always sport in many things.

 I can pick up steps easily.


 I really do not know how to manage time.

 I am somewhat disorganized, which often impacts my productivity.

Core values:

 I believe in teamwork and cooperation to overcome any obstacles

 I value friendship and building warm relationships to my colleagues.

 I strive to be positive and approachable to my classmates.


 Fulfil the required hours for culminating activities and immersion to sports


 Have fun


 I fulfilled the required hours for culminating activities and the immersion to

sports club.

 Coach Kelvin (Sepak takraw) see my potential and included me in his team.

 Our section ranks 13 (not bad) in wellness dance competition.

 I might say that I became more fit.

VI. Fitness Advocacy and promoting fitness

Youth fitness has steadily declined over the past decade and

childhood obesity is at an all-time high. Our younger generations are

facing a severe and growing health crisis as they move away from

physical activity and towards anything with a screen. Computers,

televisions, and electronic game screens have captivated our youth

and fast food has become a staple in their diet. We must offer

programming that is fun for kids and easily accessible, and make these

programs affordable and easily reproducible at home. We need to

teach kids how to have fun away from the screen and be accountable

for their future livelihood.

I advocate for the empowerment of youth to help them strengthen

their body and make them fit and healthy in a way that they will

surely have fun without their gadgets.

The following are the ideas that will help empower kids:

 Dedicate 2 to 3 days per week to engage in some physical


 Make them choose activities and try to do it.

 These activities may be indoor or outdoor and last for about

30-60 minutes.

Subject Code: 2PHED01 Date: September 06, 2019 □ Weekday or □ Weekend

Please list all food/beverages/water/medications/supplements. Estimate all food/drink amounts



6:30 am 1 bowl Laswa Vegetable stew (soup)

1 pc. Boiled egg
Half Rice
1 glass water
10:40 am 250 ml water
12:00 pm 1 pc. Boiled egg
1 pc. Fried chicken
1 cup Rice
1 glass water
2:30 pm 4 pcs Puto kutsinta paired
with shaved coconut
and yema spread.
250 ml water
5:10 pm 1 pc. breadroll

9:20 pm Half bowl Laswa

half rice
9:50 pm Half pack Pick-A 140 cals, 5g fat, 3g
1 bottle yakult 30 cals, 4g sugar
10:13 pm 400 I.U capsule Myra E Vitamin E
1 tbsp Honey 64 cals, 17g sugar
7 pcs. Pure calamansi juice 17.8 cals, 1.6g sugar

Subject Code: 2PHED01 Date: September 07, 2019 □ Weekday or □ Weekend

Please list all food/beverages/water/medications/supplements. Estimate all food/drink amounts



9:00 am 4 patty Beef burger

4 Burger bun, white bread
2 tbsp Ketchup
3 tbsp Thousand salad dressing 63 cals.
1 glass water
12:45 pm 1 bowl Laswa
1 cup rice
7:40 pm 3 pieces Fried fish
1 cup rice
400 I.U capsule Myra E Vitamin E
honey Honey 64 cals, 17g sugar

Subject Code: 2PHED01 Date: September 08, 2019 □ Weekday or □ Weekend

Please list all food/beverages/water/medications/supplements. Estimate all food/drink amounts



9:30 am 1 plate Pancit bihon

5 Banana turon
1 ½ glass water
12:33 pm 1 platito Bangus paksiw
1 cup Rice
1 glass water
3:25 pm 4 Quail eggs (kwek-kwek)
1 cup gulaman
7:00 pm 1 platito Bangus paksiw
Half Rice
1 glass water
400 I.U capsule Myra E Vitamin E
1 tbsp. Honey 64 cals, 17g sugar
1 bottle yakult 30 cals, 4g sugar