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BIO 3421 Vertebrate Physiology Lab: Lab Report Grading Rubric

Unacceptable Fair Good Excellent Total Points

Summary No description or an Missing or an incorrect A description of the purposes A concise description of each 3
(5) incorrect description description of 1 or 2 of the and the experiments that will purpose & the experiments that
is given. Reader does purposes & the experiments help achieve each purpose. will help achieve each purpose.
not know what is that will help achieve the Some extraneous details are No extraneous details are
being & why. (0-1) purpose. Not enough info or inserted or reader is only included. Reader clearly
too much info is given. mostly clear on what is being understands what is being
Reader is unclear on what is measured & why. (4) measured & why. (5)
being measured & why. (2-3)
Results No results or many Missing overall results Includes overall results Includes overall results 9
(15) results missing. statement, a table, graph, or statement, all tables, graphs, statement, all tables, graphs, &
Figures are missing figure legend. Figures are & figure legends. Mostly clear figure legends. All are clear with
critical information. missing axis labels, units, or with labeled axes, proper labeled axes, proper units, &
Reader does not descriptions. Reader is units, & specific descriptions- specific descriptions. Reader
understand the unclear about the displayed may be missing some easily understands the displayed
displayed data. (0-7) data. (8-10) information but reader data. (14-15)
generally understands the
displayed data. (11-13)
Conclusion No conclusions or Missing 2: overall Missing 1: overall conclusions, Concisely states: overall 11
(15) many parts missing conclusions, success or success or reasons for lack of conclusions; success or reasons
or inaccurate. Reader reasons for lack of, what success, what should have for lack of success & what should
does not understand should have been found & been found & why, possible have been found & why; possible
what the experiments why, possible errors, future errors, future questions, & errors; future questions; and
showed. (0-7) questions, & answers to all answers to all questions from answers to all questions from lab
questions. Or all are present lab exercise. Or all are exercise. All in paragraph form.
but inaccurate & reader is present but reader only Reader easily understands what
confused about what the partially understands what the the experiments showed & the
experiments showed & the experiments showed & the implications. (14-15)
implications (8-10) implications. (11-13)
Organization, Not logically Somewhat organized. Writing is mostly organized. Ideas arranged logically. 2
Spelling, organized. Paragraphs & sentences Most paragraphs & sentences Paragraphs contain one main
Grammar, & Paragraphs & may not make sense or flow flow appropriately. Reader theme & sentences clearly flow
Punctuation sentences do not properly. Reader is can follow the structure of the from one to the other. Reader
(5) make sense. Reader somewhat clear on intent. 3 paper & understands the can easily follow the report. All
is unclear on intent. or 4 errors but only slightly writer's intentions. 1 or 2 spelling, grammar, & punctuation
Many errors. Difficult interferes with reader errors- does not interfere with are correct. Great sentence
to comprehend. (0-1) comprehension. (2-3) reader comprehension. (4) structure. No typos. (5)
A letter grade will be subtracted for late lab reports (-4 points).

FINAL SCORE _____25_________