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Name: Chapter: 6 26-09-19 9th B M: 30

1. Which used the term enzyme first time

a. Zacharias Janssen b. Winhelm Kuhne c. Robert Brown d. Louis Pasteur
2. Those molecules on which enzymes affect
a. Substrate b. Product c. Inhibitor d. Activator
3. Starch is broken down by an enzyme called
a. Lipase b. Pepsin c. Amylase d. None
4. Temperature for the maximum working speed of human enzyme is
a. 30°C b. 37°C c. 35°C d. 32°C
5. Enzyme used for the removal of protein stains from clothes is
a. Protease b. Lipase c. Amylase d. Pepsin
6. “Lock and Key” Model of enzyme action was proposed by
a. Emil Fischer b. Daniel Koshland c. Winhelm d. Calvin
7. When was “Induced Fit” model presented
a. 1858 b. 1956 c. 1963 d. 1958
8. Which of the following vitamins work as coenzyme
a. Vitamin B b. Rubiscoflavin c. Vitamin C d. Riboflavin
9. Trypsin enzyme shows its activity at
a. medium pH b. high pH c. low pH d. acidic pH
10. Structurally enzymes are made of
a. Minerals b. Amino Acids c. Vitamins d. Fats
11. Pepsin enzyme works in
a. Mouth b. Intestine c. Oesophagus d. Stomach
12. The name of enzyme used in dish washing is
a. Protease b. Lipase c. Amylase d. Pepsin
13. When the active sites of all enzymes are occupied
a. Denaturation b. ES Complex c. Saturation d. Optimum pH
14. Which one of the followings is not protein
a. Amylase b. RNA c. DNA d. Lipase
15. Activation Energy is ________________ by enzymes
a. Average b. increase c. decrease d. None
16. Active site is not a rigid structure
a. Lock & Key Model b. Induce Fit Model c. Both a & b d. None
17. What is true about cofactors
a. Break hydrogen b. Help facilitates c. Increase activation d. are composed of
bonds in proteins enzyme activity energy proteins
18. Prosthetic groups are
a. required by all b. loosely attached c. Protein in nature d. Tightly bound to
enzymes with enzymes enzyme
19. Specificity of different enzymes is determined by the _____________ of active sites
a. nature b. attached protein c. inhibitor d. shape
20. Lipids digest into by an enzyme
a. Fatty acids b. Glycerol c. Both a & b d. None
Name: Chapter: 6 26-09-19 9th B M: 30