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1. Compare and contrast Hatsumomo and Sayuri.

-Hatsumomo as the epitome of a beautiful, jealous japanese geisha, who goes through a dark
downward spiral in character. Hatsumomo’s beauty is portrayed as a beguiling woman and Nitta Sayuri
reveals how she transcended her fishing-village roots and became one of Japan's most celebrated

2. What are the changes that transpired to sayuri? How did this happened?

- Several years pass and Chiyo remains a lowly servant while Pumpkin has become an apprentice under
Hatsumomo's training. Feeling depressed one day while out running errands, Chiyo is noticed by a man
whose kindness inspires her to become a geisha, if only to find him again. The man, referred to only as
the Chairman, gives her some money to buy shaved ice and his handkerchief to wipe her face
afterwards. She donates the remaining money to the Gion Shrine, praying to become a geisha in the
hopes of seeing this man again

3. What do you think of the men who patronize the teahouses ? why is it socially acceptable for married
men to visit teahouses?

- Teahouse of the August Moon concerns the clash of cultures that results from to become geishas, and
the men to want a teahouse in which she can serve. What stereotypical representations of Asians and
Asian Americans can you find in that has become less and less socially acceptable as the years have

4. How geishas before and after war are different?

- Meanwhile, Japan is on the brink of entering of entering World War II and, with his business secure,
Nobu makes an offer to become Sayuri's danna (principal patron with a role akin to a husband, though
most are already married). Though Sayuri has come to like Nobu over the years, if he becomes her
danna then she will never have a chance to be with the Chairman, because of the custom that prevents
two business partners from pursuing the same geisha. Mameha chastises Sayuri, saying she should be
honored to have a mak like Nobu for a danna. After several months, Mameha suggests General
Junnosuke Tottori as a possible candidate who may be helpful should war come, to which Mother
agrees.Though Sayuri is at first repulsed by the General, his visits soon become "nothing more than an
unpleasant twice-weekly routine". Nobu soon stops inviting her to parties, since he lost respect for her
in choosing the foolish General as a danna. When the war breaks out, many Geisha are evacuated to
other cities to work in the factories. This is as good as a death sentence, as the factories require hard
labor and are targets for bombs. Also, subsequently, the General is demoted and is unable to use any
influence to send Sayuri to a safer spot. However, help unexpectedly arrives in the form of Nobu, who
sends her far north to a kimono maker. Nonetheless, Sayuri and those close to her must endure a life of
hard labor during the war that follows. After the end of the war, Nobu visits Sayuri and asks that she
return to Gion, whose doors have opened again, to help entertain the new Deputy Minister Sato, whose
aid can be instrumental in saving Iwamura Electric, the company the Chairman founded and Nobu runs,
which was all but destroyed during the war

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