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Case Study and Groups: CRM

Case/ Groups 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Hilton Hotel: Brand differentiation Case Discussion
through CRM
Rosewood Hotels and Resorts: Y Y
Branding to increase customer
profitability and life time value
Customer profitability and CRM at Y Y
RBC Financial Group
CRM at Capital One Y Y
Harrah Entertainment Inc. Y Y
Starbucks loyalty reigns Y Y
Siemens AG: Key account management Y Y
Alpen Bank: Launching the credit card Y Y
in Romania
Citi Bank: Launching credit card in Y Y
Asia Pacific

Y – Indicates Group case presentation

Case Study 1: Hilton Hotel: Brand Differentiation through CRM

Q1. What is relevance of customer relationship management (CRM) in Hotel business?

Q2. What is Hilton’s core business?

Q3. State your views about the evolution of CRM in hotel industry? Conduct an interview
with a person associated with Hotel industry regarding application and use of CRM?
Q4. What parameters will you use to evaluate the CRM initiatives?

Q5. What is implications of various concepts of relationships in the context of Hilton


Q6. How will you evaluate the efficiency of call center? State your views about the role of
call center in customer contact management?

Q7. Should Hilton invest in CRM or simple maintain the status quo?

Case Study 2: Rosewood Hotels and Resorts: Branding to Increase Customer Profitability and
Life time value

Q1. How Hilton Hotel is similar and different to Rosewood Hotel in different time
periods? How marketing strategy is associated with CRM?

Q2. What is relevance of customer life time value in Hotel industry? How will it be
different from other industries?
Q3. What will be source of assumptions to calculate customer lifet time value analysis?
What parameters will you consider for calculating customer life time value?

Q4. What are your recommendations to improve customer profitability in Hotel industry?

Q5. What changes in organization structure will you recommend when the Hotel
implements the customer profitability approach?

Case Study 3: Customer Profitability and CRM at RBC Financial Group

Q1. Undertake SWOT Analysis for RBC ?

Q2. What is the process followed by RBC to customize the products? What are the
ingredients to customize financial products?
Q3. Can all financial services providers be able to measure customer profitability? What
are your recommendations?

Q4. What is difference in calculating customer profitability at segment level and

individual level? Explain in detail the requirements and situations when customer
profitability is measured at individual level?

Q5. What is implication on front line employee in implementing various types of customer

Q6. What is your prescription for RBC to deal with unprofitable customers because they
use retail branches and ATM for bill payments?

Q7. What is difference in how customer profitability and customer lifetime value is
computed at RBC and Coop bank?

Case Study 4: CRM at Capital One (UK), Condensed

Q1. Discuss the case from the standpoint of analytical CRM, Operational CRM,
Technology, Human resources and Organization structure, and strategy?
Q2. What is the role of Marketing and Analytics at Capital One and how is to related to
other organizations?

Q3. How sales department at Capital One organized?

Q4. What are take-aways from the case that can be applied to different company and
industry? Discuss in detail. What aspects from Capital One can not be applied?

Q5. Did CRM create competitive advantage for Capital One?

Q6. Analyze evolution of CRM in BFSI segment?

Case Study 5 : Harrah Entertainment Inc.

Q1. What is objectives of various Data Base marketing programs?

Q2. Why is it important to track “customer worth” rather than observed level of play?
Q3. How is Harrah integrating with other elements to improve effectiveness of marketing

Q4. Can the Harrah’s strategy be replicated?

Case Study 6 : Starbucks Loyalty Reigns

Q1. Discuss the features of Starbucks App?

Q2. Discuss the difference between reward and discount? What is marketing implication?

Q3. What are your recommendations regarding various partnerships?

Q4. What are your recommendations regarding other marketing strategies?

Case Study 7- Siemens AG: Key Account Management

Q1. Offer your views on key account management programs at Siemens?

Q2 Analyze the role of corporate account managers?

Q3. What are major takeaways from the case?

Q4. What is scope of extending the feasibility of the concept about account management?

Case Study 8 - Alpen Bank: Launching the credit card in Romania

Q1. Discuss the aspect of customer acquisition at Alpen Bank?

Q2 Discuss the customer economics at Alpen Bank?

Q3. Do you recommend launch of credit card by Alpen bank?

Case Study 9 - Citibank: Launching the credit card in Asia Pacific

Q1. What is role of various entities in credit card operations?

Q2. What are your recommendations regarding launch of credit card?

Q3. How should Citibank position its card with existing customer base?

Q4. What are your recommendations regarding entry strategies in various countries?

Q5. What are ways for Protagonist to convince country managers regarding the product?

Q6. If Credit card is not launched, what implication will it have on business?