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E-mail (DOJ)

Aaron, Charles T DHS Chief Strategy,Policy and Communications 202-447-4750 DC US
Aarons, Susan J DHS ICE National Security Liaison 571-280-5106
Aaronson, Richard DHS Chief Financial Officer 202-254-2310 202-254-2295 DC US
Ababiya, Adam M DHS VA US
Abbate, Joanne T DHS 202-447-4867 DC US
Abbott, Catherine E DHS Director, Communications 202-254-6138 DC US
Abbott, Christian A DHS Deputy Director, Plans Divsion 202-282-8766 DC US
Abdalla, Basheer Y DHS Sr. Systems Engineer 202-477-0901 DC US
Abdalla, Omer M DHS DC2 - Database Support Lead 919-424-5448 NC US
Abdel-Rahman, Adam DHS GIS Analyst VA US
Abdul-Mateen, Hakim D DHS IT Technician-NAC 202-447-4047 DC US hakim.abdul-
Abebe, Saba DHS Configuration & Change Management 202-357-1298 DC US
Abney, George DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-5360 202-447-5335 DC US
Abott, Stephen DHS Executive Assistant 202-612-1706 DC US
Abraham, Georgia A DHS Committee Management Officer 202-282-9150 202-282-9599 DC
Abreu, Daniel F DHS Special Assistant to the A/S 703-235-2568 VA US
Abyad, James DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7206 DC US
Accardi, Vincent DHS DC2 Solutions Architect 703-742-2699 VA US
Acciai, Michael DHS Test Engineer 609-601-6800 NJ US
Acker, Jordan DHS Special Assistant and Attorney Advisor 202-612-1646 DC US
Ackerman, Daniel J DHS 202-254-5609 DC US
Ackiss, Scott B DHS Chief, Administrative Security Policy and Implementation
Branch 202-447-5341 202-447-5312 DC US
Acocella, Anthony DHS Associate Director 202-447-5449 202-447-5437 DC US
Acosta, Cindy DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-4050 DC US
Acosta, Clistene DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-6127 202-357-6197 DC US
Acton, John C DHS Executive Director, DHS Leader Development 202-357-8332 DC US
Acuncius, Warren M DHS Requirements Manager 202-282-9858 DC US
Adair, Michele M DHS Project Manager 202-906-8447 DC US
Adam, Nabil DHS Fellow/Sr. Program Manager 202-254-6328 DC US

Adams, Amy DHS Project Manager 703-803-4935 VA US

Adams, Anne T DHS CFO/Director 202-447-3677 202-447-3464 DC US

Adams, Anthony R DHS Imac Technician 202-604-1888 DC US
Adams, Antionette DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5795 DC US
Adams, Benjamin T DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-3304 202-447-3475 DC US
Adams, Chad DHS Compliance Team Lead TX US
Adams, Charles J DHS Director, PSAC and SETF 202-447-3148 202-282-9207 fax DC US
Adams, Colin DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8409 DC US
Adams, David V DHS Chief, Planning and Exercise Support Branch 202-254-5756 202-
254-2295 DC US
Adams, Dominique T DHS facility monitor 202-447-4115 DC US
Adams, Frances G DHS Asst. GC, Administrative Law 202-447-3523 202-447-3111 DC US
Adams, Gregory DHS Contractor 202-447-0391 202-447-0330 DC US
Adams, James T DHS 208-526-1492 ID US
Adams, Jessica L DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5183 DC US
Adams, Luke W DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-5371 202-254-6173 DC US
Adams, Nathan L DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1630 DC US
Adams, Rachel E DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9360 VA US
Adams, Roderick DHS SR HOC Government Watch Officer 202-282-9215 DC US
Adan, Jennifer S DHS Management Analyst 571-258-2214 VA US
Adcock, Laura B DHS Service Account Manager 434-374-3854 VA US
Addai, Dominic G DHS Contractor Support 202-282-9054 DC US

Aderoba, Temitayo DHS Cyber Threat Anyalyst VA US
Ades, Aaron DHS DC2 SOC Manager 434-374-3934 VA US

Adewole, Aramide B DHS security specialist 202-282-9952 DC US
Adkisson, Daniel DHS SETA Support, Cargo Security 202-254-6394 202-254-5394 DC US
Adler, Nola DHS 434-374-3505 VA US
Affairs DHS 202-447-5890 202-447-5437 DC US
Agold, Daniel J DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9328 703-235-9709 VA US
Aguilera, Ray R DHS Readiness Unit 703-235-5876 VA US
Aguirre, Roberto L DHS Grants Technician 202-447-0199 DC US
Agule, Richard M DHS IT Technician 202-447-0818 DC US
Agyei-Sarpong, Peter DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5642 DC US peter.agyei-
Ahmad, Viquar DHS Appropriations Liaison 202-447-5985 202-447-0536 DC US
Ahmadia, Sarah DHS 202-447-3549 DC US
Ahmed, Harun DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8288 DC US

Ahmed, Nasir DHS IT Program Manager 202-343-2477 202-447-0369 DC US
Ahmed, Talal DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-7732 DC US
Ahr, Daniel DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3939 DC US
Ahrens, Daniel R DHS Senior Functional Analyst 703-504-9609 x2017 DC US
Ahumada, Oscar DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-603-6384 VA US
Aiello, Christopher DHS Safety & Emergency Medical Services Mgr 631-323-3147 631-
323-3001 NY US
Aiken, Sharon DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5627 DC US
Ainsworth, Kimberly DHS Program Analyst 617-565-6769 617-565-8178 DC US
Aishton, Thomas H DHS Senior Research Scientist NJ US
Akers, Andrew A DHS Director DHS Battle Lab 703-464-7645 571-287-7543 VA US
Aki, Cynthia DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5542 DC US
Akin, Cody DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4538 DC US
Akitobi, Emmanuel DHS RFI Manager 202-447-4346 DC US
Al-jureidini, Farah DHS 202-447-4544 DC US
Albarelli, Nolan DHS GIS Analyst 202-282-8577 202-282-8803 DC US
Albert, Brian J DHS Electrical Engineer 212-620-3369 212-620-3600 NY US
Albert, Brian DHS Policy Advisor 202-344-3407 DC US
Albert, Thomas E DHS Assistant Director, Architecture 202-254-7102 DC US
Alberti, Paul DHS Chief Program Support Branch DC US
Albini, David DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-631-6216 NC US
Albright, Ada B DHS Program Coordinator 202-357-6260 DC US

Albritten, Algen DHS Security Specialist 703-235-5130 703-235-5078/5150 VA US
Alcala, Jose H DHS Geospatial Analyst VA US
Alegre, Paul C DHS NICC SWO 202-282-9201 703-487-3570 VA US
Alexander, Allison DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist/Chemical Threats Analyst
202-282-8876 DC US
Alexander, Barbara DHS Director, Cyber, Infrastructure & Science Div 202-282-8897
202-282-8807 DC US
Alexander, Caroline DHS NPPD Facilities Branch 202-580-9044 VA US
Alexander, David DHS Geospatial Architect 202-447-3727 202-447-3500 DC US
Alexander, Josezetta J DHS Program Analyst DC US
Alexander, Nalani B DHS Mass Transit & Rail Threat Analyst 202-282-8413 202-282-
8802 DC US
Alexis, Sondra DHS Chief, Customer Assurance Branch 202-282-9968 202-282-8801 DC
Alfred, Gedib DHS Administrative Security Specialist 703-235-4916 VA US
Alfred, Kimonia DHS Senior Advisor 202-612-1636 202-447-5437 DC US
Alfredo, James R DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6467 202-254-6094 DC US
Algiere, Christopher DHS Deputy Division Chief 202-343-1689 202-343-4015 DC US
Ali, Akmal DHS Insurance Examiner 202-254-8633 DC US
Ali, Jaelin N DHS Intern 202-254-5670 DC US
Ali, Samar S DHS White House Fellow 202-282-8932 DC US
Ali, Sharon DHS Program Specialist 202-282-8529 202-282-9756 DC US
Ali, Tahira N DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2541 VA US
Alino, Barbara DHS Intelligence Ops 202-282-9461 DC US
Allan, Cindy DHS Writer-Editor 202-447-0584 DC US
Allen, Barbara K DHS VA US
Allen, Bonnie DHS STEP Employee 202-447-0110 DC US
Allen, Brian P DHS Computer Scientist VA US
Allen, Cheri S DHS Manager, Learning Solutions and Services 202-357-8123 DC US
Allen, Cynthia Y DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5077 DC US
Allen, Cynthia DHS Financal Disclosure Program Manager 202-447-3514 202-282-9099
Allen, Derek DHS Construction Project Manager 202-603-3769 VA US
Allen, Elizabeth L DHS Analyst 202-254-8205 DC US
Allen, Gary L DHS Interior Program Analyst 202-254-7343 DC US

Allen, Judi DHS Project Analyst 202-282-9149 202-612-1935 DC US
Allen, Kim DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4577 202-447-3499 DC US
Allen, Krista DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8895 DC US
Allen, Krystle L DHS Chief, Training and Development 202-254-6326 DC US
Allen, Lisa M DHS 202-254-5695 DC US
Allen, Lora DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4812 VA US
Allen, Matthew DHS Senior Liaison Officer 202-447-3748 DC US
Allen, Rosalind K DHS Attorney - Advisor 703-235-5678 VA US
Allen, Timothy C DHS Deputy Chief, Physical Security Division 202-447-3261 202-
282-9500 DC US
Allen, Vernon DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5447 703-603-5190 VA US
Allen, William M DHS consulting engineer 703-736-8689 VA US
Allen-Gifford, Patrice DHS Associate Executive Secretary/Component Liaison 202-
282-8222 202-447-3221 DC US
Allendorf, John DHS Geospatial Analyst 219-617-7324 TX US
Allgauer, Franklin DHS SENIOR WATCH OFFICER 703-235-8832 VA US
Allgood, Sharon E DHS Analytic Tradecraft Team Lead 202-282-8595 202-447-4039 DC
Alli, Regina DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3202 202-447-0119 DC US
Allick, Myron DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-4382 DC US
Allison, Dustin DHS Summer Intern 202-447-5446 DC US
Ally, Jason DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9625 DC US
Alma, David DHS IT Project Manager 202-447-0260 202-447-0290 DC US
Alman, Lana DHS Open Source Collector 202-282-8720 DC US
Almeda, Michelle DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5731 VA US
Alonzo-Yee, Christine D DHS 703-235-3638 VA US christine.alonzo-
Alston, Janine DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3775 DC US
Alston, Teneshia G DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5280 DC US
Alt, Richard DHS HITRAC Branch Chief, Incident Planning and Response Branch 202-
447-3978 202-282-8807 DC US
Altizer, Scotty DHS Special Security Officer 202-612-1969 202-282-9705 DC US
Altobello, Kristen M DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0465 DC US
Alvarez, Leslie A DHS Collections Operations Branch DC US
Alvarez, Raul DHS Cyber Security 703-968-1266 VA US
Alvarez, Vincente DHS Manager, PSS- Business Intelligence 202-447-3767 DC US
Alvarez-Seves, Julio DHS Electrrician 631-323-3261 NY US julio.alvarez-
Alyawer, Hiba DHS OSINT Collector 202-447-3932 DC US
Amacker III, David L DHS Information Assurance Analyst 228-813-4210 228-813-4215
Amano, Alan D DHS Supervisory Program Specialist 703-235-9395 703-235-5715 VA US
Ambruoso, Brandon DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5145 DC US
Ambs, Matthew DHS PKI Engineer 202-357-1275 DC US
Amendolia, Deana DHS Administrative Officer 202-282-8397 202-357-1196 DC US
Amici, Michael DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8326 DC US
Amico, Alicia DHS 703-235-5839 VA US
Ammanuel, Makda T DHS Financial Mgmt Specialist - CCFP 202-447-5258 DC US
Ammons, Samantha DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-5893 DC US
Amos, Ashley N DHS Special Assistant 202-282-8351 DC US
Amos, Donald W DHS Training Specialist 703-235-2530 703-235-9712 VA US
An, Melany L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7613 202-254-7747 DC US
Anamelechi, Christian I DHS Security Officer 202-254-6433 DC US
Andersen, Don DHS Acting Branch Chief 202-282-8175 DC US
Andersen, Mike D DHS DHS Rep to FBI's CTD 571-280-6365 VA US
Anderson, Alfred DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3673 202-282-9257 DC US
Anderson, Ashley A DHS Intelligence Officer 562-544-1736 CA US
Anderson, Audrey J DHS AGC for Legal Counsel 202-612-1615 202-282-9186 DC US
Anderson, Bill DHS Fire Chief 631-323-3215 631-323-3053 NY US
Anderson, Brian E DHS Privacy Compliance Analyst 703-235-0796 703-235-0442 VA US
Anderson, Bryan E DHS Animal Care Taker 631-323-3291 NY US
Anderson, Carrie DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8106 202-357-0042 DC US
Anderson, Christopher G DHS SA&E Tools Lead 202-245-1161 DC US
Anderson, Daniel A DHS 703-894-6916 DC US

Anderson, Debra A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2321 DC US
Anderson, Denise DHS Banking & Finance Sector Liaison VA US
Anderson, Derick L DHS Information Assurance Analyst 228-813-4212 228-813-4215 MS
Anderson, Kate S DHS Chief Counsel 202-254-7305 202-254-7755 DC US
Anderson, Kevin DHS Senior Program Manager 202-254-2299 301-619-1436 DC US
Anderson, Laura DHS Applications Architect 703-276-2244 DC US
Anderson, Lotoya DHS Case Resolution Specialist 202-357-8121 202-357-0042 DC US
Anderson, Matthew DHS Reports Officer 202-282-8623 CA US
Anderson, Megan DHS SETA SUPPORT 202-254-6114 202-254-5365 DC US
Anderson, Michael E DHS 703-235-9321 703-235-9709 VA US
Anderson, Neal DHS NORAD and USNORTHCOM Senior Representative 202-282-9654 202-
447-3682 DC US
Anderson, Penny DHS Director, ISCD 703-603-4603 VA US
Anderson, Renicka P DHS 455 Mass Site Lead 202-343-2534 202-343-2530 DC US
Anderson, Robert C DHS Information Assurance Specialist 703-277-1326 VA US
Anderson, Rodney C DHS Chief, Organizational Culture and Development 703-235-1515
703-235-2057 VA US
Anderson, Rose J DHS Assistant General Counsel for Acquisition and Procurement Law
202-447-5707 DC US
Anderson, Scott DHS Project Technical Lead 703-742-2510 VA US
Anderson, Terri DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5289 VA US
Anderson, Timothy A DHS Hazardous Materials Specialist 609-813-2672 NJ US
Anderson, Twanna C DHS Switchboard Operator 66 202-282-8000 DC US
Anderson, Tyson C DHS Open Source Collector 202-447-4287 DC US
Andersson, Johanna S DHS Contractor Support DC US
Andre, Douglas R DHS FNS 703-235-5045 VA US
Andreacchio, Miranda J DHS Deputy Executive Secretary 202-282-8370 202-612-1936 DC
Andreano, Richard DHS Region 1 Coordinator 401-921-6125 RI US
Andren, Carl S DHS Special Agent DC US
Andres, George T DHS Project Analyst - Sr 703-733-3120 VA US
Andrew, Emily M DHS Senior Privacy Officer 703-235-2182 VA US
Andrews, Ann-Marie DHS Administrative Officer 703-235-8157 VA US ann-
Andrews, Ervin DHS 703-742-1009 VA US
Andrews, John P DHS Director, Counterintelligence Programs Division 202-282-9634
Andrews, Joseph DHS Program Support Services Manager 202-447-5056 DC US
Andrews, Julia DHS Deputy Chair, BCMR 202-282-9825 202-282-9186 DC US
Andrews, Phillip DHS Fed Lead, Business Support Team 703-235-9515 VA US
Andrews, Rashida DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9023 DC US
Andrews, Sean DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-603-2020 DC US
Andrews, Stephanie A DHS Executive Secretary 202-447-4615 DC US
Andronescu, Liana R DHS 202-447-3825 DC US

Anello, Joseph P DHS Acting Chief Domains Integration Branch 202-447-3642 DC US
Angelo, Matthew DHS Special Assistant 202-447-3588 DC US

Annand, Robert S DHS VA US

Annapareddy, Reddy K DHS 703-736-4010 VA US
Ansah, Albion B DHS network engineer 202-447-0560 DC US
Ansaldi, Patrick DHS Lead Analyst 703-235-9569 VA US
Ansberry, James C DHS Associate Booz Allen Hamilton 202-447-4676 DC US
Anselmo, Romualdo B DHS Finance/Acquisition Program Analyst 703-235-4274 VA US
Ansinelli, Michael H DHS Application Developer 202-254-5763 DC US
Anthony, Calister P DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5809 202-447-5118 DC US
Anthony, James G DHS Program Manager 202-254-5742 DC US
Anthony, Tarra D DHS Compliance Education Manager, ISO DC US
Anuszewski, Brian C DHS Business Analyst 703-460-1315 VA US
Apicelli, Kathleen DHS photographer 631-323-3220 NY US
Apintiloaiei, Mitch DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-4464 Office DC US
Apostolou, Greg DHS 202-447-3022 202-282-8492 DC US
Appenrodt, Kathleen M DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3894 DC US
Appia, Richard DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4107 DC US
Apple, Daniel N DHS SETA Support 202-420-1986 MD US
Appleby, John F DHS Program Manager 202-254-5620 DC US
Apte, Colleen C DHS Project Manager - Communications & Outreach 202-254-7787 DC
Aquino, Erwin DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3076 202-282-9055 DC US
Arai, Douglas DHS Sr Program Analyst 202-282-9809 DC US
Arca, Rodel DHS IT Specialist 703-235-9560 VA US
Archambo, Walter DHS Watch Officer, S&L Desk 202-447-4306 202-282-8782 DC US
Archer, Lawrence J DHS Firefighter 631-323-3239 NY US
Archey, Samantha J DHS 202-573-6261 VA US
Arcos, Azucena DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-9827 202-282-8420 DC US
Ard, William P DHS 202-447-3589 DC US
Arellano, Ferdinand DHS Security Assistant Sr Specialist 703-235-5457 VA US
Arevalo, Gil DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4858 MS US
Ariel, Gale DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8188 DC US
Arispe, Irene DHS 703-235-5836 VA US
Arizmendi, Jorge DHS Director of Financial Management 703-235-1490 VA US
Arizmendi, Sharaelle DHS Analyst 202-282-9947 DC US

Armbruster, Patrick DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-821-6675 VA US
Armenti, Carmen DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8924 DC US
Armour, Jr, Leon DHS Technologist 202-447-0224 DC US
Armstrong, Charis L DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8145 VA US
Armstrong, Chris C DHS Chief of Staff/OCPO 202-447-5264 202-447-5310 DC US
Armstrong, Jerald DHS Manager, Enterprise Technical Services 202-357-8565 DC US
Armstrong, Sue E DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary 703-235-8111 VA US
Arnold, Brian E DHS Senior IT Specialist 202-282-9460 DC US
Arnold, Katrina DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-5747 DC US
Arnold, Michael K DHS ASWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Arnold, Patrick DHS Attack, Sensing and Warning Lead 703-235-8860 VA US
Arnone, Mark DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-8752 DC US
Aron, Fred DHS Intelligence Watch Officer DC US
Arora, Akash DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-0471 DC US
Arora, Junish DHS Senior EEO Diversity Manager 202-254-8206 DC US
Arrington, Laura A DHS 434-374-3866 VA US
Arrington, Meikole L DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-4007 DC US
Arrington-Black, Lynnette DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-5663 DC US
Arrowood, Carmen R DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8348 202-357-8105 DC US
Arseneault, Joseph R DHS ISSO 202-254-6004 DC US
Artis, Alphie DHS Office Manager 703-235-8136 703-235-3052 VA US
Artis, Percell DHS Personal Property Manager 202-254-2427 DC US
Arundel, David I DHS Program Manager 703-341-4016 VA US
Ash, Lawrence DHS Branch Head, Product Transition 202-254-6863 DC US
Ashenfelter, Timothy DHS Principal Scientist 703-610-2461 703-610-1561 VA US
Asher, Stephanie DHS Clerk 202-612-1659 DC US
Ashley, Donald DHS Telecommunications Manager 202-343-1709 DC US
Ashman, William P DHS Senior Research Scientist 410-417-0902 MD US
Aspey, Darryl DHS Protective Security Advisor 919-855-1042 919-790-2832 NC US
Assaf, Robyn E DHS Special Assistant 202-343-1788 202-343-4011 DC US
Astrow, Paul W DHS Management Analyst 202-254-2435 202-254-6911 DC US
Atack, Scott DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9938 202-282-9254 DC US
Ateah, Casey DHS Project Manager, IP Readiness 703-235-2510 VA US
Athmann, Ronald J DHS Director of Current Intelligence Division 202-282-8606 DC
Atkins, Eddie DHS Training Specialist 202-357-8204 DC US
Atkins, Jennifer S DHS Training Operations Manager 202-447-5331 VA US
Atoyebi, Chiara N DHS 703-235-9320 VA US
Atri, Kamran DHS EA Support 703-734-1102 703-734-1106 VA US
Attilio, Frank P DHS SR. Network Architect 202-254-7085 202-254-7751 DC US
Attorri, Paul DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5726 202-447-5725 DC US
Atwal, Kiran Paul DHS Enterprise Architect 202-245-1153 DC US
Auble, Mark DHS Transition to Ops 703-235-4983 VA US
Augustine, Jessica R DHS Associate 703-235-8201 VA US
Augusto, Martha Y DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8818 202-282-9020 DC US
Aultman, Stanley R DHS Engineering Test Lead/Quality Assurance Lead 202-447-0731
Auspitz, Carmen E DHS Resource Manager 202-343-2471 202-447-0579 DC US
Austin, John DHS Information Technology Specialist US-CERT 703-235-8835 NCCIC Desk
Austin, Khaleelah M DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0191 202-447-5813 DC
Austin, Kimberly A DHS Personnel Psychologist 202-357-8491 DC US
Austin, Mark DHS Chief of Operations, US-CERT 703-235-5029 VA US
Austin, Richard DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4694 703-603-4712 VA US
Austin, Scott DHS Agent 202-282-8119 202-282-8782 DC US
Austin, Shannan D DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5379 202-447-5873 DC
Avans, Tameka DHS FSC 202-282-9514 202-447-4452 DC US
Avery, Joanna DHS EDMO Contract Support 202-447-3027 DC US
Awadallah, Amany DHS 202-447-0851 DC US
Ayala, Mario H DHS Project Analyst 703-284-5037 VA US
Ayala, Nyvia N DHS Executive Support 703-603-4801 VA US
Ayala-Bush, Mary DHS EA ITAR Reviewer 202-447-3240 DC US mary.ayala-
Aylward, Jerry DHS Security Specialist 631-323-3390 631-323-3172 NY US
Aytona, Aprilgrace DHS Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Support 202-
254-2434 202-254-6917 DC US
Ayub, Ahsan K DHS Deputy Site Lead 202-254-7019 DC US
Azar, Haroon DHS Deputy Director (a), Middle East, Africa, and South Asia 202-282-
8038 DC US
Aziz, Ajmal DHS SETA 202-254-6944 DC US
Aziz, Anjam DHS Attorney 202-254-6975 DC US
Babb, Mark S DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8543 202-282-8802 DC US
Babcock, Jeffrey DHS Animal Care Supervisor 631-323-3291 631-323-3082 NY US
Babcock, Sarah DHS Senior Advisor for Science and Policy 202-254-6303 202-254-6094
Babey, Michele R DHS Project Manager 703-742-1444 VA US
Babick, Carole DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3754 202-282-9969 DC US
Babin, Melissa C DHS SETA Support to Eric Houser 202-254-6081 DC US
Bachkosky, Janice DHS Deputy Assistant Director for Systems Transition and
Logistics 202-254-7240 202-254-7749 DC US
Backen, Gerald DHS Budget Director 202-254-7020 DC US
Backert, Jeffrey S DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0021 DC US
Backfield, Mitchell DHS NPPD Audit Liaison 703-235-1517 VA US
Bacon, Brendan DHS 703-603-4731 DC US
Badanes, David W DHS 202-447-3899 DC US
Badger, Jarrod D DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-3969 DC US
Baer, Adam S DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0118 202-447-0697 DC US
Baer, Bob DHS Chief, Asset & Logistics Mngmt Br 202-254-2225 202-254-5671 DC US
Baer, Carla K DHS Sr. Business Architect 202-282-8135 DC US
Baez, Coqui DHS All Source Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4511 DC US
Baez, Karen Y DHS ISSE 202-447-5265 DC US
Bagay, George R DHS Program Manager 202-577-4369 VA US
Baginsky, Steven DHS System Engineer 703-968-2543 VA US
Bagley, David DHS HSIN Network Engineer 703-277-1831 DC US
Bahler, Barry DHS Senior Photographer 202-282-9136 DC US
Baicar, Bruce DHS Program Manager 202-254-5615 202-254-5395 DC US
Bailey, Brandon S DHS User Applications Liaison II 202-357-8553 DC US
Bailey, Denise DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9208 DC US
Bailey, Denise N N DHS Technical Consultant IV 248-365-8166 MI US
Bailey, Fred DHS NDIU SME 571-350-4742 VA US
Bailey, James L DHS IT Security Specialist 202-282-8300 DC US
Bailey, Janet T DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-0362 202-447-5600 DC US
Bailey, Jason DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6676 DC US
Bailey, Pamela DHS Graphic Designer 703-271-7352 VA US
Bailey, Robin DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6178 DC US
Bailey, Scott D DHS HIFLD to the Regions IL US

Bailey, Susan H DHS OGC Alternate Agency Ethics Official (Acting) 202-447-3266
202-282-9099 DC US
Bailey, Tasha K DHS Security Specialist 202-447-0185 202-447-0841 DC US
Bailey, Therese M DHS NICC SWO 202-282-9201 VA US
Bailey, Timothy DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 603-223-3645 NH US
Bailey, Victoria A DHS Security Intern 202-254-5644 DC US
Bain, Gregory P DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-4226 703-235-4980 VA US
Baird, Gerald DHS Nuclear Forensics Program Manager 202-254-7705 DC US
Baird, Haerah V DHS HR Specialist 202-343-2441 DC US
Baird, John DHS Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-8807 VA US
Bajit, Michael J DHS VA US
Bajusz, Lisa D DHS Program Analyst II 202-254-7725 DC US
Bajwa, Prabhjot DHS IT SPECIALIST 202-447-5830 202-447-0626 DC US
Baker, Bryan DHS Statistician 202-786-9838 DC US
Baker, Dwight DHS Nuclear SME 804-375-3341 VA US

Baker, Elizabeth A DHS VA US

Baker, Gloria A DHS Security Assistant Senior Specialist 202-282-9883 202-282-8416
Baker, Guy G DHS Sr. Network Engineer 228-813-3335 MS US
Baker, Jane L DHS Graphic Design / Consultant 202-254-5685 202-254-6175 DC US
Baker, Janice S DHS Acquisition Specialist 202-447-0772 DC US
Baker, Jeffrey P DHS 703-627-9511 VA US
Baker, Kevin DHS Policy and Administrative Analyst 703-235-5624 VA US
Baker, Kevin L DHS Director, Intelligence Watch and Warning 202-282-8648 DC US
Baker, Linda E DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2442 202-343-2530 DC US
Baker, Matthew R DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0701 DC US
Baker, Matthew G DHS Reports Officer 703-275-8673 VA US
Baker, Robert J DHS Senior Web Developer 240-645-7970 DC US
Baker, Tina M DHS Executive Assistant 202-324-6421 202-324-9427 DC US
Bakker, Michelle C DHS 703-235-3027 VA US
Bald, William H DHS Sr. Infrastructure Specialist - BUR 434-374-3952 VA US
Baldridge, Dennis DHS Net Assessments SETA 202-254-7524 DC US
Baldwin, Katherine L DHS DHS/S&T Support Contractor 202-254-5716 DC US
Baldwin, Matthew DHS Budget Analyst 202-357-7861 DC US
Baldwin, Reid DHS Deputy Chief, Identity Mgmt Div (IMD) 202-245-1106 202-245-1127
Bales, Melanie B DHS Grants Officer 202-447-5522 202-447-5600 DC US
Ball, Benjamin DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8635 202-447-3595 DC US
Ball, Daniel R DHS 202-447-0671 DC US
Ball, Kevin DHS IT Specialist Project Manager 202-357-8389 DC US
Ballard, Gale D DHS AMHS System Administrator 202-282-8300 DC US
Ballard, Shannon DHS Director, International Privacy Programs 703-235-0160 703-
235-0442 VA US
Ballard, Traci DHS FOIA Officer & Privacy Incident Liaison 202-447-3497 202-282-
9512 DC US
Balter, Andrew DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-821-9034 MA US
Bamford, George DHS Chief, Cyber Threat Branch 202-447-3129 202-447-3173 DC US
Bamgbade, Jerry O DHS Director & CTO DC1 Program 202-412-8200 DC US
Bandura, Charles DHS faclitiy montior 202-282-8272 DC US
Bandurski, Sarah DHS Information Technology Specialist 850-452-7740 FL US
Bankhead, Perry A DHS Division Director 703-235-4962 VA US
Banks, Charles DHS LCDR 202-282-9210 202-282-8806 DC US
Banks, Kai DHS Executive Support Services 202-343-2558 DC US
Banks, Linda A DHS Financial Analyst 703-603-5158 VA US
Banks, Monica DHS Security Escort 703-235-5457 VA US
Banning, Lynnette DHS 508 Analyst 202-641-5165 DC US
Bannister, Michael DHS 202-447-4528 DC US

Bansal, Mamta DHS Intelligence Analyst DC US

Bansleben, Donald DHS Program Manager 202-254-6146 202-254-6166 DC US
Bapst, Christina DHS EDMO & NIEM Program 202-447-3738 202-447-3874 DC US
Barba, Edward T DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-834-6240 PA US
Barbari, Nabeela DHS ISCD, Operations Support Branch, Training Section Chief 703-
603-4623 VA US
Barber, Daniel DHS 202-357-6150 DC US
Barber, Delores DHS Deputy Chief FOIA Officer DC US
Barber, Jeffrey DHS Senior Research Scientist 609-813-2832 NJ US
Barber, Sarah B DHS ICE liaison to DHS/JAG 703-275-8672
Barber, Sherry DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5523 202-447-5693 DC US
Barbour, Tammy L DHS Acting Director 703-235-9511 VA US
Bard, Megan N DHS 703-235-2511 VA US
Bare, Daniel M DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9523 VA US
Barefoot, Thomas DHS Analyst 202-282-8249 DC US
Barisas, Susan DHS 301-996-9795 VA US
Barker, Sara E DHS Business Case Analyst 703-253-2870 VA US
Barkie, Griffin DHS ENSS National Operations Manager 703-803-4772 703-968-1141 DC
Barkie, Rahel A DHS clerk 202-282-9951 DC US
Barlatt, Neenia C DHS HR Support 202-343-1744 DC US
Barlow, Eric H DHS IT Specialist (Infosec) 202-357-6158 DC US
Barlow, Jeff DHS Realty Specialist 202-343-4243 DC US
Barnard, Robert DHS Remote Sensing Advisor 202-447-3728 202-447-3500 DC US
Barnes, David DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Barnes, Edward L DHS Service Transition Manager 228-813-4847 MS US
Barnes, Hubert DHS Special Security Officer 202-254-7188 202-254-7753 DC US
Barnes, Joey G DHS Deployment Manager 703-968-1338 DC US
Barnes, John P DHS Wireless Support 202-357-1249 DC US
Barnes, Joy DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8674 DC US
Barnes, Robyn F DHS Administrative Assistant 202-447-4469 202-282-8008 DC US
Barnett, Jason NMI DHS HIFLD To The Regions 757-892-6436 VA US
Barnett, Ralph DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1619 202-343-4015 DC US
Barnhardt, Billy E DHS Project Lead 571-205-5876 DC US
Barnwell, Patrick H DHS Field Operations Coordinator 703-235-9353 VA US
Barnwell, Yolanda Y DHS Instructional Systems Designer 202-357-8248 DC US
Barone, Christopher R DHS Inspector 202-302-6249 MT US
Baronof, Kim DHS Director of Legislative Affairs FEMA 202-447-5352 DC US
Baroski, Michael DHS RFI Manager 202-282-9594 DC US
Baroukh, Nader DHS Associate General Counsel for Immigration 202-282-9723 DC US

Barr, Lisa N DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-603-5058 VA US

Barr, MacReadie DHS Chief, Standards and Operations Division 202-786-9890 202-786-
9910 DC US
Barr, Timothy DHS NBAF Site Manager 785-537-6247 ext. 49772 KS US
Barr, William R DHS NSD Executive Secretariat 703-235-3074 VA US
Barrera, Jose D DHS DVM, M.Sc., Ph.D. 631-323-3049 NY US
Barrera, Monica DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2563 VA US
Barrett, Anthony DHS Consultant / Risk Analyst 703-603-4664 VA US
Barrett, George R DHS Principal Staff 240-228-3140 MD US
Barrett, Jack DHS Attorney 202-282-9731 202-282-9358 DC US
Barrett, Jeffrey R DHS HIFLD - to the Regions 617-320-6468 MA US
Barrett, Larry DHS Center Director 631-323-3207 631-323-3295 NY US
Barrett, Stephen DHS Program Manager for Communications 703-235-4965 703-235-4219
Barrick, Kim DHS Project Analyst 919-424-5631 NC US
Barrientos, Mike DHS Aerospace Engineer 609-813-2765 609-383-1973 NJ US
Barrier, Jeffrey W DHS DC2 VAT Lead 434-374-3576 VA US
Barrineau, David DHS Senior Realty Specialist 202-384-4047 DC US
Barrios, Kenneth DHS Special Security Representative 703-235-5015 703-235-5150 VA
Barros, Francis J DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6966 202-254-6170 DC US
Barrows, Jameel DHS NICC Watch Analyst 703-563-3543 VA US
Barry, James H DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8710 DC US
Barry, Jonathan DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5027 VA US
Barry, Lawrence DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9837 DC US
Barry, Patrick E DHS Special Assistant to the Under Secretary 202-282-9739 DC US
Barsic, Julie M DHS 703-603-4902 VA US
Bartel, Jeff DHS Technical Support Help Desk Senior Specialist 800-250-7911 IN
Barth, Michael DHS Chermical Security Inspector 202-821-3261/Blackberry NV US
Barth, Teresa DHS 703-235-1478 VA US
Bartholomew, Brava T DHS Management&Program Analyst 202-447-3503 DC US
Bartholomew, Heather DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-5781 DC US
Bartholomew, Shadonna B DHS Systems Administrator 202-612-1747 DC US
Bartleson, John DHS Mgr for HS & NS Professional Development 202-357-8558 DC US
Bartley, Jamal DHS Regional Technical Lead- Region I 202-447-0608 DC US
Bartoli-Munro, Yvonne DHS International Outreach Coordinator 703-235-8118 VA US
Bartolomeo, John DHS Assistant Director, MAPP 202-536-7840 DC US
Bartolucci, Noah J DHS Communications Specialist 202-254-6490 DC US
Barton, Angela DHS Telework Coordinator/COOP Specialist 202-447-3431 202-282-8952
Barton, Corey DHS Program Analyst Intern 202-447-5042 DC US

Barton, Matthew DHS Assistant Director (acting) 202-254-7412 DC US
Bartram, Philip DHS physical scientist 410-417-0914 MD US

Basani, Frank DHS OBIEE Architect 202-447-5061 DC US
Bashan, Isaiah DHS Geospatial Analyst 202-282-8307 DC US
Baskerville, Justin C DHS Research Analyst 202-282-8847 DC US
Baskin, Catherine DHS Associate Director, Quality Assurance Branch 202-447-5515
202-447-5538 DC US
Bass, Jackita D DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5069 VA US
Basselgia, Barry DHS System Administrator 703-235-3626 VA US
Bast, William G DHS Senior Systems Engineer 202-841-2962 DC US
Bastholm, Robert A DHS Senior Information Specialist 609-813-2749 NJ US
Batcha, Nadia DHS 202-357-6285 DC US
Batchelor, Zakia DHS HR Specialist 703-235-2129 703-235-1562 VA US
Bates Sr, Terrance G DHS security monitor 202-612-1786 DC US
Bathurst, Donald G DHS Chief Administrative Officer 202-343-4040 DC US
Batla, Traci M DHS Program Support Assistant 202-447-4379 DC US
Battenberg, Craig DHS SGT 202-447-3856 DC US

Battle, Donald DHS Sr Tech 703-235-9415 VA US

Batts, Michelle DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-5600 202-254-6094 DC US
Bauer, Catherine DHS Privacy Compliance Specialist 703-235-0780 703-235-0442 VA US
Bauer, Doug C DHS Explosives Research Program Manager 202-254-6040 202-254-5398 DC
Bauer, Wilhelm DHS Counterterrorism Analyst III 703-235-9333 VA US
Baumgardner, James W DHS PKI Engineer 202-357-7879 DC US
Baumgartner, Kristen DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5131 703-603-5190 VA US
Bautista, Ramon Roxas DHS Data Center Migration Specialist 202-447-5730 DC US
Baynham, Laura DHS Business Analyst 281-514-3346 TX US
Baynocky, Karee DHS 202-447-4419 DC US
Bayton, Renee DHS Contract Specialist 609-813-2893 609-813-2893 NJ US
Baz, Suki B DHS External Affairs Specialist 202-254-2408 DC US


Bea, Deborah DHS TSP Program Manager 703-235-5359 703-235-5806 VA US
Beach, Tab DHS ASWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Beaghan, Susan L DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0091 202-447-5693 DC US
Beagles, James M DHS (A) Dir, KMD Div 202-282-9392 DC US
Beahm, Kristen R DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7724 DC US
Beal, David DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1167 DC US
Beal, Joseph D DHS RMD Security Program Manager 202-357-1214 DC US
Beaman, Corrie E DHS Intelligence Officer 501-618-8015 501-618-8451 AR US
Bean, Jaquey N DHS Communications Watch Officer 202-282-8590 DC US
Bean, Richard P DHS Contract Specialist 571-227-1152 VA US

Beard, Robert DHS Assistant Director, Financial Management 202-447-5343 DC US
Beatty, Jason N DHS Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Beatty, Robin DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-343-1631 DC US
Beatty-Smith, Jacqueline DHS Senior Policy Advisor-HR 202-357-8252 DC US
Beaty, Mike C DHS Management Analyst 202-713-0014 202-343-4243 DC US
Beaubouef, Matthew DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4982 VA US
Becerra, Amanda L DHS 202-254-7138 DC US
Beck, Carol DHS 202-447-5416 DC US
Beck, Lee DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-8067 202-282-9186 DC US
Beck, Mariam K DHS IT Technician 703-235-5429 VA US
Becker, Gary S DHS Senior Economist 202-282-9013 202-282-9207 DC US
Becker, Joan DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5973 DC US
Becker, Mark DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7796 DC US
Becker, Michael P DHS Program Manager 202-254-7279 DC US
Beckett, David DHS DNDO Operations/Mission Analyst 202-254-7532 202-254-7751 DC US
Beckett, Malcolm DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1608 202-343-4015 DC US
Beckett, Tanya DHS Program Specialist 202-447-0667 202-447-0290 DC US
Beckman, Michael DHS Intelligence Officer 518-786-2157 518-786-9347 NY US
Beckman, Paul DHS Director, ITSO Risk Management Division 202-357-1201 DC US
Beckmann, Ryan J DHS ISCD Business Support Team Lead 703-603-4746 703-603-4712 VA
Becton, Alea DHS Media Coordinator 202-447-4338 DC US
Bedgood, Jeffery D DHS DC2 Service Account Manager (SAM) - ESDO 434-374-3863 VA
Bedker, Larry DHS Director, Office of Financial Management 202-447-5216 DC US
Bednar, Ryan DHS Biometric SETA Support 202-254-2439 DC US
Bee, Dominique DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4517 DC US
Beers, Rand DHS Under Secretary 202-282-8260 DC US
Beg, Abbrahim DHS Sr. Test Engineer 202-447-0720 DC US
Beggs, Patrick T DHS Director of Operations-NCCIC 703-235-8865 VA US
Behm, Isabel S DHS FL US
Behunin, Scott A DHS Supervisory- Protective Security Advisor 801-258-5280 801-
524-6216 UT US
Beideman, Andrew D DHS SETA 202-254-6625 DC US
Beigzadeh, Leila DHS 202-447-5996 DC US
Bejarano, Mario DHS Program Specialist 202-343-2523 DC US

Bekeny, John D DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5017 202-447-5333

Beland, Michael A DHS Chief of Staff, IP/NPPD 703-235-8112 703-235-9707 VA US
Belenkaya, Veronika DHS 202-282-8871 DC US
Belgrave, Conchetta DHS Special Program Manager/EEO Specialist 202-254-8232 202-
254-8240 DC US
Beliard, Gornayl DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0446 202-447-5013 DC US
Belitsky, Hilary DHS Business Integration 202-447-0954 DC US
Belk, Justin H DHS Watch Officer/Analyst 202-282-9262 DC US
Bell, Anthony DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0063 202-447-5552 DC US
Bell, Curtis DHS Physical Scientist 609-813-2753 609-383-1973 NJ US
Bell, Glenn DHS 202-254-5374 DC US
Bell, Lawrence J DHS Education and Training Analyst 703-235-1957 703-235-2052 VA
Bell, Lisa B DHS Resource Specialist 202-254-7402 202-254-7747 DC US
Bell, Marcus DHS Technician Field Specialist 202-447-5611 202-447-0119 DC US
Bell, Robert E DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2378 DC US
Bell, Samuel J DHS Sergeant 202-282-9047 DC US
Bellack, Ryan J DHS IT Lead 202-343-1621 DC US
Bellaire, Christopher P DHS 202-612-1760 DC US
Bellamy, Emma DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-5333 VA US
Bellamy, Eugene E DHS security escort 703-235-5457 VA US
Beller, Meghan DHS Security Specialist 202-245-1111 DC US
Bellew, Steven S DHS Chemical Security Inspector TX US
Bellus, John M DHS Supervisory Special Agent 202-254-7167 202-254-7752 DC US
Beloncis, Linda DHS Contracts Specialist 202-447-5509 DC US
Belt, Jon D DHS Computer Technician 202-447-4491 DC US
Beltrano, Joe DHS Budget Director, NCSD 703-235-5109 703-235-5889 VA US
Bemish, Alexander A DHS FOB Analyst 703-235-9345 VA US
Benack, Donald M DHS Supervisory IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5037 VA US
Benack, Marilyn DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5164 VA US
Benami, Moshe S DHS Senior Information Security Systems Engineer
Benavides, Victor DHS Mgt. & Program Analyst 703-603-5124 703-603-5190 VA US
Benda, Paul DHS Chief of Staff 202-254-5683 DC US
Bendixen, Lisa DHS 703-603-5063 VA US
Benedict, Gary DHS Cyber Exercise Analyst 703-284-6274 VA US
Benedict, Lawrence R DHS Site Delivery manager 434-374-3517
Benevides, Sandra J DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-4968 VA US
Benge, Joel M DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-6183 DC US
Benigno, John A DHS Detective - CPD 202-282-9034 DC US
Benjamin, Janice D DHS PROGRAM ANALYST 703-235-2081 202-295-0898 VA US
Benjamin, Ray DHS Deputy Director, SSA EMO 703-603-5167 703-603-5190 VA US
Bennett, Andrew S DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8309 DC US
Bennett, Herman J DHS SR Systems Engineer 202-447-0623 DC US
Bennett, Maurice DHS EEO Assistant 202-245-1137 202-254-8240 DC US
Bennett, Steve DHS Assistant Director for Risk Analytics 202-343-1740 DC US
Bennett, Tanya DHS Web Data Analyst/DC1 Change Coordinator 228-813-4841 MS US
Bennett, Thaddeus DHS Field Security Coordinator 202-447-5722 202-447-5312 DC US
Bennett, William C DHS IT Analyst 202-357-8527 DC US
Bennett, Wilson P DHS DC1 Project Management Team Lead 228-813-4898 MS US
Bensen, Anna DHS 609-813-2651 NJ US
Bentley, Brian C DHS 703-968-3457 DC US
Bentley, James DHS Training Officer 202-357-7619 202-357-7678 DC US
Bentz, David M DHS ENSS Deployment Engineer 703-803-5497 VA US
Beresford, Pamela DHS Technical Editor/SME 609-813-2841 NJ US
Berger, Christina DHS 202-447-3837 DC US

Berger, Michael DHS Principal Engineer 703-610-2114 DC US
Bergman, Michael J DHS PNT Specialist 202-447-3730 202-447-3500 DC US
Bergmann, Kenneth DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8253 DC US
Berin, Ann DHS Cyber Analyst 703-284-6651 VA US
Berk, Michael A DHS 202-282-9815 DC US
Berkowitz, Jeremy S DHS 202-343-1780 DC US

Berkwitt, Bradley DHS Program Manager 703-603-5180 VA US
Bernard, Gregory DHS Chief of Mission Execution 202-254-7333 202-254-7755 DC US
Bernard Jr, Kinter D DHS Change Management Analyst QA/QC 202-357-1270 DC US
Bernardo, Joanne DHS Systems Accountant 202-447-0955 DC US
Berndt, Luke DHS Program Manager 202-254-5332 DC US
Berne, Rachel D DHS 202-254-8643 202-254-6174 DC US
Bernhard, Francis DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-713-7830 GA US
Bernhardt, Karen S DHS ITO Delivery Services Consultant 2 281-514-1957 TX US
Berninger, Matthew L DHS External Affairs 703-235-5129 VA US
Bernstein, Jarrod DHS Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary 202-282-8071 DC US
Berrios, Isalen DHS 202-254-7354 DC US
Berry, Anthony DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-3783 202-282-8701 DC US
Berry, Barbara DHS Human Resources Specialist (IS) 202-357-8451 DC US
Berry, Christopher DHS RFI Manager 202-282-8771 DC US
Berry, Jonathan L DHS EOC 434-374-3850 VA US
Berry, William DHS USCG Project Manager 202-282-9435 DC US
Bers, Melinda DHS Sr. Policy Accountant 202-447-5198 202-447-5192 DC US
Bertacchi, Maria DHS Senior Analyst 703-235-3025 VA US
Berthiaume, David DHS Chief, Contingency Programs & Exercises Branch 202-282-8593
202-282-8803 DC US
Bertram, Sam M DHS Technical Specialist 202-245-1121 DC US
Bertucci, Nicole M DHS 202-282-8336 DC US
Beshai, Emile A DHS Chief Enterprise Architect 202-357-7648 DC US
Bess, Leroy DHS Contractor VA US
Bess, Linda DHS Account Analysis 202-254-5648 DC US
Besson, Mark DHS NAC Parking Manager 202-447-3117 202-282-9560 DC US
Best, Chiara DHS Associate Director 202-447-5702 202-447-5725 DC US
Best, Evett DHS Executive Officer 202-447-4349 202-282-8803 DC US
Best, Janelle DHS Biosurveillance Operations Analyst 202-447-3458 DC US
Best, Kristen J DHS 703-984-1942 VA US
Best, Steven DHS SES Candidate 202-357-8528 DC US
Bethea, Bonnie DHS International Affairs Analyst 703-235-3003 VA US
Bettis, Brian DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5294 DC US
Bettridge, Matthew J DHS Deputy Branch Chief (Acting) 703-603-4620 VA US
Bew, Dwight D DHS DC US
Bey, Colleen DHS security 609-813-2656 609-813-2733 NJ US
Beyer, Lauren DHS DHS Liaison to the EU Presidency DC US

Beyer, Margaret DHS Assistant Director, HQ Facilities Operations 202-365-2757 DC

Bezjak, Julie DHS Data Center Service Level Analyst DC US
Bhamoo, Jennifer DHS Intelligence Analyst 703-235-8550 VA US
Bhat, Anita DHS HSDN & C-LAN Program Support 202-447-5831 DC US
Biala, Jeffrey DHS Knowledge Management Architect 202-596-7811 DC US
Bibb, Dewayne DHS Security Officer 703-603-4740 VA US
Bibines, Alonzo DHS Information System Security Officer 202-357-8458 DC US
Bichard, Joan DHS Technical Writer 202-824-7832 WA US
Biddle, Alan DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5549 202-447-5160 DC US
Biddy, DaShawn DHS Program Manager 202-447-3047 DC US
Biedermann, Lynda DHS Management and Program Specialist 631-323-3201 631-323-3169
Bier, Robert DHS Cheif, I&A Support Branch 202-447-3474 DC US
Biersmith, Eric DHS 202-447-4834 202-447-4247 DC US
Biggs, James R DHS Business Analyst 703-679-6758 VA US
Biggs, Selden DHS Director, OSIIS 202-447-3799 202-447-3654 DC US
Biggs, Taylor DHS 850-452-7286 FL US
Bigler II, William B DHS VMB Program Support 202-447-0156 DC US
Bigley, Dennis A DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5334 DC US
Billone, Matthew J DHS SETA 202-254-2202 DC US
Billups, Darnelle DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0604 202-447-5310 DC US
Bindas, Michael J DHS Intelligence Analyst DC US
Binder, David B DHS Sr Engagement Liaison 202-355-8215 FL US
Bing, Clarissa C DHS Analyst 202-447-4487 DC US

Bingham, Melody A DHS Headquarters Operations Center Manager 202-282-8896 202-447-

0290 DC US
Bioty, John R DHS (CTR) Lead Associate - Booz Allen Hamilton 202-447-4277 DC US
Biram, Cory DHS 202-282-9872 DC US
Birchfield, Herald DHS DC US
Bird, Rose M DHS Director, Privacy Incidents and Inquiries 703-235-0758 703-235-
0442 VA US
Birk, Bonnie L DHS Program Analyst 540-542-0848 571-258-2845 VA US
Birkett, William C DHS Chief, Knowledge Management 202-447-3828 202-282-9186 DC US
Bischoff, Martin DHS Technical Consultant 703-625-7461 VA US
Bisco, Ares DHS EA, ESDO 202-447-5008 202-447-0582 DC US
Bishop, Carlos DHS Security Specialist 703-235-9422 VA US

Bitterman, Dustin DHS Program Support Assistant 202-834-1988 DC US
Bittner, John D DHS Infrastructure Engineer 202-282-9768 DC US
Black, Adam DHS Branch Chief, SCIF Accreditations / SSPD 202-447-3540 202-282-8591
Black, Benjamin T DHS Enterprise Architect 202-841-7317 DC US
Black, Walter K DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4857 MS US
Blackadar, John DHS Test Scientist 202-254-7540 202-254-7749 DC US
Blacker, William DHS NSD Investments and Contracts Management 703-235-3013 VA US
Blackford, Candice DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8208 202-254-8240 DC US
Blackmoor, Mary DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4621 VA US
Blackmore, Charles T DHS 703-277-1887 VA US
Blackston, Garmond DHS IT Technician 202-447-5914 DC US
Blackwell, Carl A DHS IT Technician 703-603-5200 VA US
Blackwell, Joyce DHS Executive Assistant to the CHCO 202-357-8194 202-357-8204 DC
Blair, Angela DHS 202-254-6141 DC US
Blair, Frank DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-650-7780
Blair, Lauren E DHS Critical Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5163 VA US
Blair, Lindsey E DHS Policy Analyst 703-603-5171 VA US
Blair, Roger DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4221 DC US
Blair, Thomas M DHS Sr. Scientist DC US
Blair-Mcmanus, Cynthia DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-4622 VA US cynthia.blair-
Blais, William M DHS Customer Engagement Manager 202-447-0246 202-447-0246 DC US
Blake, Jason R DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4044 DC US
Blakely, Shaun E DHS Chief, Enterprise Architecture 202-254-6376 202-254-6171 DC
Blakeney, Lauren DHS Correspondence Assistant 202-447-3155 DC US
Blakeney, Will DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8572 DC US
Blancas, Lesley DHS Americas Director and Science Advisor 202-254-6926 202-254-
6177 DC US
Blanchard, Christopher H DHS Business Case Analyst 703-243-7555-9343 VA US
Bland, Angela N DHS SAN Administrator 202-254-5726 DC US








E-mail (DOJ)

Blankenstein, Michael DHS Federal Project Manager 202-447-0048 DC US
Blankinship, Wesley DHS SETA Pilots Execution Manager 202-254-7122 DC US
Blasco, Kathleen DHS Communications Assessment Team Lead 703-235-5260 703-235-5887
Blaszko, Gregory DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-3298 DC US
Blatecky, Andrew DHS 202-357-7811 DC US
Blazer, Jessica DHS 202-447-5126 DC US
Blesse, Steven A DHS DC1 CSS Manager 228-813-4238 MS US
Blinde, Michael DHS ISIS Section Chief 202-357-7674 202-357-1196 DC US
Blinder, William DHS Analyst HCTD 202-447-3778 DC US
Blocher, James DHS State & Local Desk 202-447-4306 DC US
Block, Andrew DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8287 DC US
Block, William L DHS Cyber Investigator 202-254-6498 DC US

Blocker, James E DHS DC US

Blocker-Covington, Edna DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8517 VA US edna.blocker-
Blockwood, James-Christian B DHS Deputy Director, Latin America and Caribbean
Affairs 202-447-4046 202-612-1616 DC US
Bloom, Brian DHS Project Manager 703-235-3628 VA US
Bloomfield, Patrick M DHS Senior Acquisition Analyst 202-343-4518 DC US
Blount, Tamara DHS External Affairs Specialist 202-254-6492 DC US
Blowitski, Raymond W DHS SETA-Mission Management Analyst 202-254-7115 202-254-7455
Blue, Charles DHS Sr Public Health Advisor 202-343-4504 DC US
Blue, Danielle DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0541 DC US
Blue, Tisha DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-6751 202-254-8600 DC US
Blum, Harris DHS Consultant 202-343-1649 DC US
Blum, Stephanie C DHS Attorney Advisor 248-948-5915 248-351-2714 MI US
Blumberg, Jeffrey DHS Director Compliance 202-357-7673 DC US
Blye, Alfred DHS NCSD IA Professional 703-235-5728 VA US
Boain, Larnise M DHS Human Capital Consultant MD US
Boatwright, Ronald DHS Mail Program Manager 202-527-3629 DC US
Bobbitt, Sharon DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-4222 VA US
Bobenrieth, Dennis C DHS Storage/BUR Engineer 434-374-0928 VA US
Boda, Kenneth DHS LCDR 202-372-4608 DC US
Boddie, Adamio C DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8148 703-235-3052 VA US
Boddie, LaShawn DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-4911 VA US
Bodenhamer, Todd DHS Analytical Support Lead 202-282-8717 202-282-8805 DC US
Bodnar, Ulana DHS BioWatch Senior Public Health Advisor 703-647-8249 703-647-8250
Bodycombe, Mark DHS Program Manager 202-357-8344 DC US
Boetig, Allen K DHS SE/PM 202-343-2478 DC US
Boffardi, Steven B DHS DC2 - VMware Administrator 434-374-3862 VA US
Bogdan, Michael R DHS Sr. Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2129 TX US
Boggess, Eric L DHS IT Systems Architect 202-824-1143 DC US
Boggs, Hope DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-0913 202-447-0148 DC US
Bogosian, Vicky L DHS DHS-OPS-Future Ops 202-447-4342 202-612-1773 DC US
Bogucki, Sandy S DHS 202-254-6968 DC US
Bohnes, Robert DHS Management and Program Analysis 703-603-4604 VA US
Boisseau, Mark DHS RFI Manager 202-282-9427 DC US
Bokor, Donald J DHS NICC ASWO 202-282-9201 VA US
Bold, Thomas P DHS Director of Industry Liaison 202-343-2433 DC US
Bolding, Sandra DHS Financial Analyst 202-282-9894 DC US

Bolduc, David G DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9693 202-282-8782 DC US
Bolen, Scott DHS Program Manager 202-254-2342 DC US
Bolia, Daniel J DHS IP Readiness Training Task Manager 202-683-7610 VA US
Bollerman, Michael DHS Senior IT Security Specialist 202-357-1242 DC US
Bolling, Lloyd DHS NRC Liaison to DNDO 202-254-7123 202-254-7752 DC US
Bomsey, Erica DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9728 202-282-9598 DC US
Bonanno, Anthony DHS Consultant 202-254-5839 DC US
Bonanno, Natalie DHS Equal Employment Specialist 202-254-8209 DC US
Bonaparte, Lyndon B DHS 202-254-6902 DC US

Boncella, Renee DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9802 DC US
Bond, Carolyn L DHS Executive Support Services 202-407-5431 VA US
Bond, John Macomber DHS Director, Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness
(BCEP) 703-235-9311 VA US
Bond, Thomas DHS Student Intern 703-235-1481 VA US
Bond, William DHS Intelligence Officer 877-455-7842 217-558-7152 IL US
Bonini, Jackie DHS Budget Analyst 202-615-5764 DC US
Bonvillian, Wendell DHS Enterprise Data Center Information Systems Security
Manager 228-813-3379 MS US
Boogaard, Peter DHS Deputy Press Secretary 202-447-4887 DC US
Booker, Teresa DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-8232 DC US
Boosalis, George DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6786 DC US

Booth, Craig DHS Architect, Program Manager 202-577-7617 DC US
Booth, Jeffrey T DHS Geospatial Management Office, Director 202-282-8563 202-447-
3500 DC US
Booth-Colson, Amanda DHS 202-282-8242 DC US
Borek, Gregory S DHS Project Technical Leader 703-742-2315 VA US
Borger, Scott C DHS Economist 202-786-9828 202-786-9910 DC US

Borgna, Andrew DHS Service Desk 866-843-9220 NC US
Borho, Vincent M DHS System Administrator MS US
Born, Kenneth J DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-641-5033 TX US
Bornemann, Eric DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-6673 IL US
Borochoff, Helen M DHS Engagement Management 202-447-0323 DC US
Borras, Rafael DHS Under Secretary for Management 202-447-3400 DC US
Borrero, Ludwin DHS Chief 703-235-5187 VA US
Borst, Nathan DHS Director, Budget and Performance Planning 703-235-1487 VA US
Borzino, Michelle DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5435 DC US
Bosarge, Rick G DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3788 DC US
Boshears, Kevin DHS Director, OSDBU 202-447-5279 202-447-5555 DC US
Boswell, Ashleigh DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-245-1119 202-447-0697 DC
Botelho, Amanda M DHS State/Policy Coordinator 202-447-3824 202-282-1044 DC US
Botzum, Stephen J DHS Senior Research Analyst 202-447-4623 DC US
Boughton, Kathryn DHS 202-612-1965 DC US
Boukadoum, Iman DHS CRCL Community Engagment Legal Fellow 202-357-7663 202-357-
8162 DC US
Bouker, Sarah DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-254-6736 DC US

Bouker, Travis E DHS Sys Eng DC US

Boulden, Laurie DHS Branch Chief, Risk Analysis & Data (ISCD) VA US
Bouldin, Dominique DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8269 DC US
Bouley, Dana DHS Chief Administrative Officer 202-254-6807 202-254-5671 DC US
Bourdon, Richard DHS Chief, Technology and Programs Branch 703-235-4201 VA US
Bourge, Bridgette DHS Sector Analyst VA US

Bourgeois, Charles L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6083 DC US
Bourne, Ciara DHS IT Technician 703-603-4701 VA US
Bourne, Thomas B DHS Deputy Assistant Director, Training and Exercises 202-254-
7130 202-254-7751 DC US
Bovell, Vickie DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9546 VA US
Bowditch, Hubert DHS US-CERT LNO to JTF-GNO 703-601-6526 703-235-5078 VA US
Bowen, Kelly S DHS Test Engineer 609-601-6800 x176 NJ US
Bowen, Michael DHS Senior Security Specialist 703-603-5101 VA US
Bowen, William D DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-834-6357 IL US
Bower, Susan DHS 202-447-3883 DC US
Bowers, Charla A DHS Receptionist 202-254-7280 DC US
Bowers, Raymond W DHS 703-377-6067 DC US
Bowler, Norman DHS Administrative Specialist 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Bowman, Jackie DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5614 202-254-5713 DC US
Bowman, John E DHS Subject Matter Expert 703-277-1760 VA US
Bowman, John G DHS Data Center 2 Federal Manager 434-374-3593 VA US
Bowman, Michael DHS Executive Service Support 202-282-9804 202-282-9505 DC US
Bowman, Patrick DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Boyce, Augustine M DHS Senior Information Assurance Engineer 202-357-7797 DC US
Boyce, Daniel DHS Contractor - Policy Support 202-447-5336 202-447-5335 DC US
Boyce, Kelly DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5805 202-254-6170 DC US
Boyce, Michael W DHS Enginneering Psychologist Trainee 202-254-6452 DC US
Boyd, Brian DHS ICE Desk Officer 202-282-8129 DC US
Boyd, Charles DHS Branch Chief, INFOSEC Learning Development 202-357-6121 DC US
Boyd, David DHS Director, Technology Transfer 202-254-6766 202-254-5388 DC US
Boyd, Elizabeth DHS Executive Assistant/Analyst 202-282-9877 DC US
Boyd, Liana P DHS IT Specialist 202-343-2479 DC US

Boyd, Therese DHS Director, Operations 202-447-5432 202-447-5437 DC US
Boyd, Thomas DHS Director, Policy 202-447-5983 DC US
Boyer, Gary R DHS Program and Management Analyst 202-447-4680 DC US
Boyer, Susan DHS contract specialist 703-235-5642 VA US
Boyett, Richard V DHS Technical Consultant IV 214-335-1093 TX US
Boykin, Johnathan DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0241 202-447-0369 DC US
Boyle, Debora J DHS Senior Public health Analyst 703-647-2750 VA US
Boyle, Edward F DHS Captain NY US
Boyle, James R DHS 202-433-6907 202-254-6175 DC US
Boyles, Kyle DHS Manager 202-447-0917 DC US
Bozoian, Eric DHS Grants Technician 202-447-5970 202-447-5600 DC US
Bracey, Larry S DHS SharePoint SME, Application Engineer 228-813-3395 MS US
Brack, Anthony A DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9533 DC US
Brackett, Troy W DHS Security Authorization Specialist 228-813-3342 MS US
Bradfield, David DHS Acting Deputy Branch Chief 703-235-9426 VA US
Bradford, Gerald S DHS SOC Engineer 202-617-9157 DC US
Bradish, Michael W DHS Technology Consultant 434-374-3541 VA US
Bradley, Amber DHS Animal Caretaker 631-323-3291 NY US
Bradley, Germaica T DHS Consultant / IBM GBS 703-235-8124 VA US
Bradley, Kenneth W DHS Program Analyst 202-343-1623 DC US
Bradley, Sarah E DHS HR Specialist 703-995-9669 MI US
Bradley, Timothy A DHS Contractor 202-447-0550 DC US
Brado, Michelle L DHS Support Consultant 202-254-6320 DC US
Bradshaw, Rod DHS A SWO DC US
Bradshaw, William J DHS ES&H Specialist 631-323-3105 631-323-3333 NY US
Brady, D'Juan DHS MGMT/PRGM Analyst 202-357-8304 DC US d'
Brady, Stacee R DHS Accounting Technician 202-254-2269 DC US
Braendel, Kim DHS Portal Consolidation Project Manager 202-357-7659 DC US
Braganza, Christopher DHS Systems Engineer 703-983-7002 DC US
Braginetz, Artem DHS Data Center Network Engineering 703-742-2425 VA US
Brake, David DHS Scientific Consultant 631-323-3042 631-323-3097 NY US
Brake, Earl DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-254-6435 DC US
Branch, Cheryl L DHS 202-612-1171 DC US
Brand, Adrienne M DHS NCSD Support 703-235-4081 VA US
Brand, Jennifer DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7794 DC US
Brand, Steven DHS Director, NCS Acquisitions 703-235-3040 VA US
Branding DHS Branding Identity Program 202.282.8010
Brandon, Thomas R DHS Senior Program Analyst 516-404-4666 NY US
Brandstatter, John DHS VA US
Brandt, Martha M DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-2540 VA US
Branning, Mark H DHS Director, Acquisition Systems Branch 202-447-5778 DC US
Brasher, Jeffrey D DHS 609-813-2887 NJ US
Bratsch, Kevin J DHS NOC Continuity Manager 571-258-2214 571-258-2508 VA US
Brauer, Carolyn F DHS Visiting Scientist 609-813-2883 NJ US
Braukus, Kelly A DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3657 VA US
Braverman, Don DHS EmpowHR Training Specialist 202-357-8378 202-357-8474 DC US
Brazill, Jon P DHS Senior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-4084 DC US
Brecko, Roger L DHS Principal Analyst 202-282-9650 DC US
Breece, Christopher N DHS Network Engineer 571-499-7936 VA US
Breese, Adam J DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3946 DC US
Breger, Seth DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-282-8936 DC US
Brenner, John H DHS Senior Law Enforcement Liaison 202-254-7112 202-254-7752 DC US
Brenninkmeyer, Oscar DHS Deputy Director, Plans and Continuity 703-235-9312 703-
235-1561 VA US
Brent, Laura DHS Cybersecurity Planner 202-603-6368 DC US
Breor, Scott M DHS Deputy Director, Office of Risk Managment and Analysis 202-343-
1789 DC US
Brescia, Robert DHS Nuclear Assessment Specialist 202-254-7159 202-254-7753 DC US
Bresnick, William O DHS Attorney Advisor- Environmental Law 202-447-3545 202-282-
9186 DC US
Brethauer, Stacey L DHS Associate Manager - DHS Fellows Program DC US
Brewer, Julie DHS Infrastructure Branch Chief 202-254-6454 DC US
Brewer-Carlsen, Nancy L DHS Executive Consultant 703-235-5514 VA US
Brewington, Naeem N DHS Senior Consultant (SETA) 202-254-6946 DC US
Brezovic, Jennifer L DHS Infrastructure Protection 703-235-2570 VA US
Briant, Charles C DHS CI Policy Officer 202-282-8435 202-447-3074 DC US
Brice, Cynthia DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0065 DC US
Brickeen, Ronald DHS DC1 Operations Validation and Assurance 228-813-4154 228-813-
4884 MS US
Brickley, Kelly DHS Director, NSS JPMO 202-447-3052 DC US

Bridgewater, Debra DHS Security Officer 202-282-9951 DC US
Brien, Mark DHS 202-447-4595 DC US
Briggs, Kevin DHS Chief, Operations Analysis, NCS 703-235-5265 VA US
Briggs, Robert A DHS Analyst 703-284-3261 VA US

Bright, Kenethia L DHS Administrative Assistant 202-447-5370 202-447-0582 DC US
Brightwell, Angelica DHS Human Resources Specialist (Info Sys) 202-357-8205 202-
357-8474 DC US
Brill, Joshua E DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8647 DC US

Bringman, Matthew C DHS 202-447-3715 DC US

Brinkley, Janice DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5476 202-447-5550 DC US
Brinner, Rafael DHS Intelligence Officer - San Francisco 415-238-3794 CA US
Brinsfield, Kathryn DHS Associate Chief Medical Officer, Component Services 202-
254-6127 DC US
Brintzenhofe, Kurt T DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-6103 202-254-6915 DC US
Briones, Justin V DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0281 202-447-0574 DC US
Brisbon, Katrina DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5798 DC US
Briscoe, Cynthia DHS Senior Security Specialist 703-235-8177 703-235-8190 VA US
Briscoe, Kenneth DHS Assistant Director of Business Continuity Operations 202-447-
4188 202-447-4197 DC US
Bristow, Mark R DHS Security Engineer 703-235-8870 VA US
Britt, Joyce M DHS Energy Management Engineer 202-834-2951 DC US
Britton, Brandon DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 DC US
Brizzi, Frank D DHS Investment and Contract Management VA US
Brocenos, Peter C DHS Project Officer 202-447-0053 DC US

Brock, Andrew DHS State & Local Program Specialist 202-447-4233 DC US
Brockette, Kenneth A DHS ITO Svc Delivery Cons II 919-424-5492 NC US
Brockler, Michael DHS CBAT Production Specialist VA US
Brogden, Michael C DHS research chemist 609-813-2848 NJ US
Brokaw, Gloria A DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4148 202-282-9896 DC US
Bromberek, Danielle H DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-254-5640 202-254-
5391 DC US
Bromell, Wanda G DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-7254 DC US
Bronson, Alonzo DHS Program Manager 202-447-5110 202-447-5118 DC US
Bronson, Rowan DHS Administrative Branch Chief 202-254-6061 202-254-6917 DC US
Brooking-Dixon, Rhea M DHS SETA Support 202-254-2337 202-254-6167 DC US
Brooks, Aaron M DHS HSDN SOC Manager 703-968-2514 VA US
Brooks, Antoinette DHS Consultant 703-742-2716 DC US
Brooks, Candice DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5284 202-447-5552 DC US
Brooks, Ferdinand DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9446 VA US
Brooks, Janice DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-5311 DC US

Brooks, Kellen DHS Sr.Tech Courthouse Rd. 703-235-9413 VA US
Brooks, Lance DHS Chief, R&D Branch 202-254-5768 202-254-6166 DC US
Brooks, Marc DHS Branch Chief - Nuclear Sector 703-603-5116 VA US
Brooks, Paulette C DHS ILA 202-357-8327 202-357-0042 DC US

Brooks, Reginald DHS CWO 202-282-8101 DC US

Brooks, Rhonda M DHS Special Assistant to the CFO 202-447-5180 202-447-5172 DC US
Brooks, Scott DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-8845 DC US
Brooks, Sheri DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5574 202-447-5545 DC US
Brooks, Vicki DHS Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer 202-357-8286 202-357-8504 DC
Brosam, Renae DHS 703-603-5084 703-603-5098 VA US
Brosky, Duane E DHS Enterprise Systems Engineer 703-217-7935
Brosnihan, Carolyn B DHS Management and Program Analyst 804-556-6572 VA US
Brost, Peter DHS Analyst 571-280-5385 VA US
Brothers, Christopher DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-447-5003 DC US
Brothers, Tammy M DHS DC1 Change Coordinator 228-813-3302 MS US
Brought, Nathaniel DHS Operations and Production Specialist 202-282-8110 DC US
Broughton, Ole DHS Director of Intelligence Oversight 202-282-8980 DC US
Browarny, Sanaz DHS Director, Intelligence and Analysis-CSSP 703-235-8823 VA US
Browarny, Stephan DHS 703-235-5111 VA US
Brower, Karl DHS 202-447-3648 DC US
Brown, Alexis C DHS Associate 703-603-4624 VA US

Brown, Amelia DHS 202-254-6857 DC US

Brown, Angela M DHS Systems Analyst 866-972-3662 MS US
Brown, Anthony Q DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0211 202-447-0261 DC US
Brown, Barbara DHS Budget Director, Front Office, CIO 202-343-2452 202-343-2530 DC
Brown, Basil DHS Deputy Director 703-235-8134 VA US
Brown, Bernard J DHS Security Specialist 703-603-4625 VA US
Brown, Brian T DHS SSO 703-603-4775 VA US
Brown, Cameron DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-8970 202-282-9186 DC US
Brown, Charles D DHS 202-447-4454 DC US
Brown, Clifford D DHS Senior Analyst, OPS Chief/NBIC 202-447-3813 DC US
Brown, Cynthia A DHS Chief of Staff 202-282-8990 DC US
Brown, Cynthia DHS Associate Director, NPPAD 202-447-5590 202-447-5725 DC US
Brown, Dallas DHS Senior Counselor, NPPD 202-282-8179 202-447-3682 DC US
Brown, Darlene L DHS Financial Management Analyst 202-447-5824 202-447-5828 DC US
Brown, David M DHS US-CERT; Supervisory IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5737 VA
Brown, Dominique DHS Senior Security Engineer 571-248-1293
Brown, Ellsworth DHS Analyst 202-447-4182 DC US
Brown, Frank S DHS Telecomm Manager 202-282-9476 202-282-9603 DC US
Brown, Gina L DHS Branch Chief of Resources 202-254-7014 DC US
Brown, Hayes C DHS VA US
Brown, Heather N DHS Medical and Public Health Readiness Coordinator 202-254-5369
Brown, Ian C DHS Executive Briefing Team 703-235-2500 VA US
Brown, Ivan DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9433 DC US
Brown, James DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-8091 DC US

Brown, Jeffrey A DHS Lead Infosec Engineer 703-235-5585 VA US
Brown, Jessica DHS Records Specialist 202-603-6333 DC US

Brown, John W DHS Senior Financial Analyst 202-447-0023 DC US
Brown, John DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Brown, Jonnie P DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5291 202-447-5779 DC US
Brown, Kaliph DHS Configuration Analyst Sr 202-447-0114 DC US
Brown, Kenneth A DHS Desktop Support 571-258-2832 VA US
Brown, Kevin M DHS Branch Chief 703-235-9441 VA US
Brown, Lakisha M DHS Switchboard Manager 202-282-8000 DC US
Brown, Laura DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5689 DC US
Brown, Lawanda DHS EEO Assistant 202-254-8212 202-254-8241 DC US
Brown, Lewis R DHS Labs Operations Program Analyst 301-619-1413 301-619-1436 MD US
Brown, Linda DHS Financial Management Analyst 410-436-5552 410-436-6203 MD US
Brown, Mary Ellen DHS Deputy Director, Scheduling & Protocol 202-282-8765 202-282-
8415 DC US
Brown, Maurice R DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4399 202-282-9035 DC US
Brown, Melissa DHS 202-447-0008 202-447-0020 DC US
Brown, Michael DHS Director, Cybersecurity Coordination 703-235-5610 VA US
Brown, Michael C DHS Executive Director, IT Services Office 202-447-0070 202-447-
0020 DC US
Brown, Mike C DHS Enterprise Data Architect 202-447-3085 DC US
Brown, Millicent DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5106 DC US

Brown, Monetta DHS Desktop Support Technician 703-235-4985 VA US
Brown, Montee J DHS HSIN Desk Officer 202-282-9946 DC US
Brown, Nichole DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0041 DC US
Brown, Nigel DHS Project Manager 202-447-3127 202-282-8700 DC US
Brown, Renee A DHS Special Security Officer 202-254-6493 202-254-6402 DC US
Brown, Reva M DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5330 202-447-5545 DC US
Brown, Robert DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 NOC/TSA Desk DC US
Brown, Rosebud DHS Director, Executive Telecom Services 202-282-8493 202-282-9324
Brown, Tashi M DHS HR Specialist (Employee Relations) 202-357-8404 DC US
Brown, Theresa DHS DHS Attache, U.S. Embassy Ottawa 613-688-5473 NY US
Brown, Todd DHS Contractor VA US
Brown, Tommy DHS Deputy Director, HITRAC/Risk Analysis 202-282-8693 703-235-5887
Brown, Valerie A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6660 DC US
Brown, Vinny DHS Enrollment Official 202-527-1748 DC US
Brown, Wayne DHS CAPT, Deputy Director Acquisition Support & Ops Analysis 202-254-
5895 DC US
Brown, William S DHS NICC Operations Support / SAR Lead 703-235-2546 VA US
Brown, Yanisha DHS Special Assistant 202-447-6099 DC US
Brown 1, Rosebud DHS Dir, Exec Telecom Services 202-282-8493 DC US
Brown II, Paul R DHS SAN / Virtualization Engineer 228-813-4839 MS US
Brown-Greene, Ruby DHS Receptionist 202-254-5370 202-254-6168 DC US ruby.brown-
Brown-Hathorn, Tirjuana DHS Security Assistant Sr. Specialist 703-235-5457 703-
235-5699 VA US
Browne, Rene DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3891 DC US
Browne, Robert G DHS Human Capital Specialist 703-235-1576 VA US
Browner, Harry DHS APCP Recruitment Coordinator 202-447-0803 DC US
Brownley, Alfred DHS Incident Handler 703-235-8839 VA US
Brownsweiger, Jeffrey DHS Director, Mission Support Division 202-282-9106 202-447-
3600 DC US
Brubaker, Jeffrey DHS Computer Tech Support Analyst Senior 571-258-2832 VA US
Bruce, Mia D DHS US-CERT Executive Administrative Specialist 703-235-5425 VA US
Bruce, Robert A DHS E-Gov PMO 202-343-2481 DC US

Brucker, Brandon DHS Exercise Planner 703-235-2522 VA US
Bruggeman, Nathan A DHS 202-344-3103 DC US
Brumbach, Cody W DHS Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Support 202-254-
5693 DC US
Brumbaugh, Scott A DHS Operations Officer 202-447-3256 202-282-8782 DC US
Brumfield, Tyrone J DHS 202-447-4885 DC US
Brumsted, Kirstin D DHS Analyst 202-447-3913 DC US
Brundage, William H DHS Senior DHS Advisor to NORAD USNORTHCOM 719-554-8163 CO
Bruner, Michael V DHS Intel Analyst
Brunk, Sheldon DHS Dr. 609-813-2758 609-383-1973 NJ US
Brunner, Margaret DHS Intern, CRCL Institute Section 202-357-6287 DC US
Brunson, Robert L DHS Configuration Management Manager 202-447-5957 DC US
Brurud, Camille DHS Intelligence Ops Specialist, MNJAC 202-557-1723 612-373-2870
Brush, Ashley H DHS FOBAnalyst 703-235-8104 VA US
Brush, Leroy DHS Section Chief 202-447-3664 DC US
Bryan, Jean M DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-597-9658 VA US
Bryan, Jeanine A DHS Project Manager 919-454-8121 VA US
Bryant, Brad A DHS LAN Manager/ISSO 202-282-9305 DC US
Bryant, Colette DHS 202-254-5390 202-254-2363 DC US
Bryant, Damon DHS Sr. Principle Analyst 202-447-3950 202-282-8319 DC US
Bryant, James H DHS CBP Rep to HQ/DHS NOC 202-282-8130 DC US
Bryant, Jennifer R DHS Executive Assistant 202-343-4513 DC US
Bryant, LaDonna DHS Chief, Administration & Communications 202-357-6124 DC US
Bryant, Timothy C DHS System Security Authorization Team Lead 202-357-7830 DC US
Bryant, William G DHS Project Manager 804-931-9024 VA US
Bryce, Amanda R DHS Sr. Security Analyst 434-374-3538 VA US
Bryda, Laurie J DHS Watch/Liaison Officer 202-282-8312 DC US
Brzozowski, Christa DHS Director, Cargo Security Policy 202-282-8254 DC US
Buccellato, James DHS Intel Ops Specialist 202-447-3485 202-282-8803 DC US
Buchanan, Jeaneen DHS Director 703-289-4554 VA US
Buchanan, Wayne DHS Systems Architect 202-254-7418 202-254-7747 DC US
Bucholtz, John J DHS Mr. 202-693-7525 202-693-7502 DC US
Buck, Ericka DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3365 DC US
Buck, Ken DHS Executive Director, Management Integration 202-447-4564 DC US
Buck, Peter M DHS Project Technical Lead 703-736-4045 VA US
Buckles, Jonathan DHS Chemical Security Inspector LA US
Buckley, Kara DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3064 DC US
Buckley, Michael DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2158 VA US

Buckner, Carla DHS Detailee to CBP 202-447-3282 DC US

Buckner, Nia DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5700 202-254-5392 DC US
Bucknor, Charles DHS Attorney 202-447-5743 DC US
Budnick, Marcus S DHS ISSO 410-417-0903 MD US

Budway, Joseph A DHS Security 703-927-4271 VA US
Buell, Kenneth DHS MRO Branch Chief 703-603-5052 VA US
Bueno, Dominic T DHS Open Source Specialist 202-447-3873 DC US
Buffington, William E DHS DC2 - Unix System Administrator 434-374-3810 VA US
Buford, Shelby DHS Associate Director Chemical and Biological Branch 202-254-5781
Buggs, Keira DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5704 202-447-5564 DC US
Bugler, Erik M DHS Business Information Manager 202-447-5741 202-447-5437 DC US
Buie, Shenita DHS Administrative WorkForce Manager 202-357-7616 DC US
Bujard, David R DHS DC US
Bulava, Adam DHS VA US
Bull, Robert DHS Supervisory Microbiologist Detalee 703-232-8702 DC US
Buller, Christena DHS Operations and Exercise Planner 202-254-6922 DC US
Bulley, Sarah DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-357-8174 DC US
Bullock, Darlene DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5543 202-447-5552 DC US
Bumblis, Cheryl DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-343-2482 DC US
Bumpass, Michael A DHS 434-374-3553 VA US
Bunch, Robert DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8621 202-282-8402 DC US
Bundy, Kizzy C DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6862 202-254-6167 DC US
Bunke, Frederick DHS program manager 202-282-9554 202-282-9048 DC US
Bunla, May DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8021 202-612-1773 DC US
Bunt, Michael DHS Incident Comm. Intern DC US
Bunting, Cindi DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-6831 202-254-6173 DC US
Burch, Teresa DHS Supervisory Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5383 202-447-
5873 DC US
Burfening, Stuart J DHS O&M Network Engineer 202-447-0220 DC US
Burge, Yvonne DHS Mainframe Computer Operator 866-972-3662 MS US
Burger, Christopher DHS Facilities VA US

Burgess, Jemma DHS Queue Master - Region 1 Office 202-447-5486 DC US
Burgess, John P DHS Clerk-Intern ICPO 202-254-6051 DC US

Burgess, Mark W DHS Senior IA Analyst 228-813-3386 MS US
Burgess, Roy DHS National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) 703-235-
3686 VA US
Burgess, Thomas DHS Protective Security Advisor 907-271-5149 907-271-3727 AK US
Burgos, Jeffrey M DHS Program Manager 202-282-8467 DC US
Burgos, Yahaira DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8393 DC US
Burke, Amy DHS 202-282-9875 202-282-8679 DC US
Burke, David DHS Analyst 703-603-5067 VA US
Burke, George DHS Analyst 202-254-8213 DC US
Burke, Jed D DHS IA 202-282-8310 DC US
Burke, Joshua R DHS System Administrator/IT Support 571-258-2802 VA US
Burke, Lelia L DHS 703-235-5301 VA US
Burke, Richard DHS Director, Plans Division 202-282-8439 DC US
Burke, Timothy DHS Project Manager (General Engineer) 202-254-2386 DC US
Burkhardt, Delores DHS Assistant Director, Business Integration 202-447-0956 202-
447-0992 DC US
Burkley, Bruce DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3525 202-447-3111 DC US
Burks, Ricky DHS Architect/Program Manager 202-603-6334 DC US
Burleson, Lance A DHS Financial Analyst 703-235-1938 VA US
Burleson, Randall DHS Component Acquisition Executive 202-254-6738 DC US
Burlingame, Brian DHS Army Liaison 202-254-5743 DC US
Burner, Curt DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-4881 202-282-9186 DC US
Burnett, Julie DHS IQ Help Desk 703-208-5126 000-000-0000 VA US
Burnett, Patrick DHS 703-235-9310 VA US
Burnett, Vanessa R DHS Incident Management Planner 202-282-9716 DC US
Burney, Kim L DHS IT Specialist 202-357-1280 DC US
Burney, Kimberly DHS Veterans Employment Program Manager 202-357-8416 DC US
Burney, Sandra J DHS Special Security Officer 540-542-3453 571-258-2845 VA US
Burns, Gary DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5153 202-447-5164 DC US
Burns, John J DHS Senior Intelligence Officer 202-282-8585 DC US
Burns, Lynn DHS FOB Analyst VA US
Burns, Robert P DHS Apex STORE Program Manager 202-254-6104 202-254-5396 DC US
Burr, Jeremy DHS Senior GEOINT Strategist 202-282-8790 DC US
Burrage, Thomas DHS Microbiologist 631-323-3277 631-323-3006 NY US
Burress, Gary DHS Counterintelligence Analyst 202-282-9240, NSTS 966-0987 202-447-
3074 DC US
Burroughs, Sabrina DHS Program Specialist (FOIA) 703-235-0129 703-235-0443 VA US
Burrowes, Paul DHS Program Manager 202-254-7291 DC US
Burson, Amy A DHS eTravel 202-447-0086 202-447-0061 DC US
Burt, Pat DHS Senior Analyst 703-235-9380 VA US
Burt, Susanna DHS Associate DC US
Burton, Algelyta DHS Systems Accountant 202-254-5323 DC US
Burton, Andre DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Burton, Andrew DHS Program and Budget Analyst 202-282-9578 202-282-8952 DC US
Burton, Lindsay DHS 202-447-4686 DC US
Burton, Roger C DHS NOC LNO to the NCCIC 202-657-8304 VA US
Burton, Ruth DHS Administrative Officer 202-282-9763 202-447-3615 DC US
Burton-Williams, Tracey DHS Test Manager 202-357-7636 DC US tracey.burton-
Busa, Megan DHS Procurement Technician 609-813-2839 609-383-1973 NJ US
Busch, Maura DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0161 VA US

Bush, Darlene E DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5421 VA US
Bush, John DHS Team Lead 703-235-5174 VA US
Bush, Pierre D DHS Project Coordinator/Engineer 202-580-5768 DC US
Bushong, Summer A DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7145 202-254-7755 DC US
Busse, Emily C DHS 202-282-9054 DC US
Butcher, Michael DHS Director, Budget, Finance & Acquisition 703-235-1493 VA US
Butler, Antonio A DHS Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Butler, Gwendolyn DHS Systems Accountant 202-447-0957 DC US
Butler, John DHS Senior Security Specialist 703-603-5002 VA US
Butler, Joseph J DHS 202-450-7006 DC US
Butler, Karen M DHS Open Source Specialist 202-282-8613 DC US
Butler, Marcy DHS Mission Manager 202-254-7331 202-254-7752 DC US
Butler, Matthew K DHS Security Specialist 202-245-1116 DC US
Butler, Robert D DHS BCEP TT&E Specialist 202-612-1126 DC US
Butler, Terry DHS IT Security Div. PM 202-254-5802 202-254-6171 DC US
Butler, Theodore DHS Sr. Security Engineer, CISSP-ISSAP, CRA HQ 202-357-1217 DC
Butler, Toni DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5520 DC US
Butler, Veronica D DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5135 DC US
Butler, Wanda D DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5227 202-447-0536 DC US
Butt, Gregory T DHS Developer 571-357-2580 DC US
Butterfield, Morgan DHS 703-235-5252 VA US
Button, Christopher DHS Chief of Staff 202-282-8248 DC US
Buzzell, Kimberly DHS Senior Quality Assurance Specialist 202-447-0102 DC US
Byers, Shala DHS Analyst 202-282-8526 DC US
Byers, Troy D DHS Attorney - Advisor 202-282-9061 DC US
Bynum, Averia F DHS Program Specialist 202-357-7603 DC US
Bynum, Marsha DHS Assistant Director of Correspondence 202-447-5444 202-447-5440
Byrd, Ciara DHS Security Specialist 1-877-807-7230 202-282-9055 DC US
Byrd, Courtney DHS Associate Director - Labs 202-254-2296 DC US
Byrd, Farron DHS Program Specialist 202-343-2453 DC US
Byrd, James DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5001 202-447-5828 DC US
Byrd, Jeanne M DHS Special Access Program Manager 202-254-6442 202-254-6402 DC US
Byrd, William DHS Branch Chief 202-282-8531 DC US
Byrne, Alexis S DHS 202-254-5719 DC US
Byrne, Katherine M DHS Senior SME 202-254-6148 DC US
Byrne, Kevin F DHS Technology Consultant 703-733-3398 VA US
Byrnes, Megan G DHS Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Management 202-
447-3400 DC US
Caamano, Gabriel DHS Activu SME VA US
Caboga, Quentin K DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-8546 VA US
Cabral, Catalina DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4661 DC US
Cabrera, Patrick DHS Enrollment Official 202-527-1353 DC US
Cacho, Mariella DHS NIPP PMO Liaison 703-603-5150 VA US
Caesar, Scott M DHS LT 202-282-8114 DC US
Caggiano, Marshall L DHS Attorney Advisor 202-254-6742 202-254-6178 DC US
Cagigas, Jaime DHS Deputy Branch Chief 202-282-8048 202-282-9705 DC US
Cahall, Bailey A DHS 202-447-4488 DC US
Cahill, Damien DHS Senior Engineer I 609-645-3535 609-645-7477 NJ US
Cain, Stephanie DHS Intern 202-254-6008 DC US
Calderon, Anna K DHS Graphic Designer 202-447-5505 DC US
Calderon, Robert DHS IS Disaster Recovery Analysis Mgr 202-527-3333 DC US
Calderone, Michael DHS Special Assistant, Office of the Deputy Secretary 202-447-
3469 DC US
Caldwell, Jeffrey S DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-731-9477 NC US
Caldwell, Jennifer DHS Training Specialist 703-235-9319 VA US
Caldwell, Mary DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5734 202-447-5725 DC US
Calhoon, Thomas DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0976 VA US
Callaghan, Michael DHS Transition Manager 703-742-2429 VA US
Callahan, Miriam DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5949 DC US
Callahan, Timmy L DHS Security Supervisor 202-282-8956 DC US
Callison, Daniel J DHS LMS Analyst 202-357-8222 DC US
Calloway, Mike DHS PM 703-603-4626 VA US
Calvert, Levi A DHS Senior IA Analyst 228-813-3319 MS US
Calvillo, Frank DHS Protective Security Advisor 530-392-8212 CA US
Cambridge, Keith DHS INFOSEC IT SPECIALIST 703-235-8542 VA US
Cameron, Bruce R DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3412 DC US
Camerota, Michael F DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3655 DC US
Cammas, Ray DHS NORAD-USNORTHCOM DHS Cyber Coordinator VA US
Camp, Jane A DHS 202-612-1682 DC US
Camp, Willie D DHS 202-254-5326 DC US
Campana, Michelle DHS HUMINT Collection Manager 202-612-1183 DC US
Campanella, Anthony DHS 202-447-3653 DC US
Campbell, David DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-357-7835 202-357-1299 DC US
Campbell, Genett DHS Technology Consultant 919-424-9852 919-424-9858 NC US
Campbell, John H DHS Chief Information Security Officer 703-235-3699 703-235-2865
Campbell, Joseph DHS Security DC US
Campbell, Katie L DHS EA 202-254-7703 DC US
Campbell, LaShawn DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8430 202-357-8293 DC US
Campbell, Mark A DHS Service Desk Analyst 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Campbell, Michael DHS BMC Remedy Implementation Manager 703-736-8573 VA US
Campbell, Michelle DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Campbell, Pamela W DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5255 202-447-5310 DC US
Campbell, Pamela M DHS Test Policy Manager/Operations Research Analysis 202-254-
2359 202-254-6915 DC US
Campbell, Sandra L DHS Director, PLCY Executive Secretariat 202-282-8556 DC US
Campbell, Scott M DHS Security Authorization Specialist 202-536-6002 DC US
Campbell-Smith, Patrice M DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-3021 VA US
Campo-Bradford, Theresa DHS Program Analyst 212-620-3683 212-620-3600 NY US
Campos, Juan A DHS Manager 1 -Defense Analysis 202-282-9685 202-282-8782 DC US
Canaday, Velma DHS OAST Accessibility Specialist 202-447-0739 DC US
Canadiate, Avionne J DHS Enrollment Official 202-697-0882 DC US
Canales, Omar DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-2284 DC US
Canary, Joshua DHS Program Manager 703-908-7030 VA US
Canestrari, Michael DHS Budget Analyst 631-323-3301 NY US
Canevari, Holly E DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-8134 DC US
Cangemi, Mark DHS Mission Advocate MN US
Cannon, Jennifer DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-4732 703-603-4712 VA US
Cannon, Juan D DHS Computer Security Engineer 202-357-7804 202-357-1299 DC US
Cannon, Nichole DHS 202-447-5205 DC US
Cannon, Priscilla Y DHS General Clerk III 202-447-5044 202-447-5043 DC US
Cannon, Robert F DHS Transportation & Environmental Project Manager 202-713-7710
Canny, Regis DHS Financial Analyst 703-741-7676 x-612 703-741-0990 VA US
Cantrell, Tanya DHS EEO Manager 202-254-8214 202-254-8240 DC US
Canturk, Kaan DHS Program Planner 703-235-2558 VA US
Canty, David DHS Intern 202-254-5334 DC US
Canty, Kara L DHS 703-235-9547 VA US
Canty, Ricardo T DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Cao, Long DHS 202-447-3088 DC US
Cao, Vien K DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8108
Caouette, Amy DHS Analyst 703-235-9429 703-235-7911 VA US
Capasso, Josette DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-3562 202-282-9969 DC
Capella, Gregory S DHS Deputy Executive Director, ESDO 202-447-0168 DC US
Caperton, James DHS Program Manager 202-570-6014 VA US
Capitano, David DHS Director, Oversight and Strategic Support 202-447-5417 202-
447-5310 DC US
Caplan, Marc H DHS Chief 202-254-6134 DC US
Caposell, Megan DHS International Research Analyst 703-235-2897 703-235-3060 VA US
Capovilla, Michael DHS Cost and Price Analyst 202-447-0807 DC US
Capozzi, Christine DHS Lead Associate 919-472-5305 919-472-5303 NC US
Capozzi, Michael A DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1177 DC US
Cappannari, Michael DHS Director 202-447-5457 202-772-9734 DC US
Capparra, Michael DHS Operations Center Analyst 703-994-0780 DC US
Capper, Hillary L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6149 DC US
Capps, David J DHS Inspector 202-527-4243 OR US
Capps, Iva DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5570 202-447-5564 DC US
Capps, Michael DHS Manager FL US
Capps, Rhonda N DHS MGMT and PROG Analyst/ Policy 850-452-7729 FL US
Caputo, Jerry DHS Service Delivery Leader 434-374-3530 VA US
Caracciolo, Anthony DHS Accountant 202-254-6741 DC US

Carawan, Thomas DHS 202-447-3692 DC US

Caraway, Kimberly DHS Production Analyst 703-235-8834 VA US
Cardenas, Edward J DHS Senior Acquisition Analyst 703-647-8043 VA US
Cardoza, Tanya V DHS Contractor 202-357-8287 DC US
Cardwell, Anthony DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4143 DC US
Carey, Donald J DHS Computer Systems Security Analyst 202-357-6157 DC US
Carey, Elizabeth J DHS Storage Administrator 434-374-3544 VA US
Carey, Emily U DHS Executive Program Support 202-447-0780 DC US
Carey, Holly DHS Accountant 202-447-5799 DC US
Carey, Nelson DHS Engineer 609-813-2768 609-383-1973 NJ US
Carey, Phil DHS Health Security Liaison 202-254-5665 DC US
Carey, Yolanda K DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8231 202-282-9186 DC US
Cargo, Stephen D DHS Biometrics SETA Support 202-254-6471 DC US
Carlile, Katrina M DHS DC US
Carlsen, Jerry DHS Executive Consultant 703-235-5193 VA US
Carlson, Eugene DHS Sr. Infrastructur Specialist 919-424-5618
Carlson, Jay DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9246 DC US
Carlton, Tracy D DHS Mission Advocate 601-665-2164 LA US
Carlyle, Robert DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-3602 202-282-9512 DC US
Carmichael, Sarah L DHS Resource Manager 202-343-4515 202-343-4550 DC US
Carnevale, Greg DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-603-5135 VA US
Carpenter, Kendall DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1610 DC US
Carpenter, Rochelle Z DHS Correspondence Analyst 703-235-1522 VA US
Carr, Alan B DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-4571 DC US
Carr, Ayanna DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-0798 VA US
Carr, Deborah A DHS Analyst 202-612-1685 DC US
Carr, Dianna DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-1919 VA US
Carr, Hilary DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4275 703-235-4981 VA US
Carr, Jed R DHS Program manager 703-821-0030 DC US
Carr, Nicholas DHS Cyber Exercises Program - NCSD 703-235-2889 VA US
Carr, Prudence DHS Attorney Advisor, Litigation 202-282-9060 DC US
Carr, Rebecca DHS Facilities Manager 202-343-4062 DC US
Carr, Saehee K DHS Technology Consultant 919-424-5681 NC US
Carr Friday, Sophia DHS Contractor 703-603-5223 VA US
Carraway, Camille DHS Industrial Hygienist 202-731-2678 DC US
Carrick, Robert J DHS Business Analyst 202-447-5060 DC US
Carringer, Michael DHS Chemical Defense Specialist 202-254-5696 202-254-6914 DC US
Carrington, David DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Carroll, Christopher DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6769 DC US
Carroll, Heather M DHS Correspondence Analyst 703-235-2147 VA US
Carroll, James DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-3457 DC US

Carroll, Richard L DHS Senior Program Manager 703-235-5068 VA US
Carroll, Sean DHS VA US
Carroll, Valaria D DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5715 202-254-6173 DC
Carroll, Veronica DHS Administrative Officer 202-447-0570 202-447-0020 DC US
Carson, Katie J DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9358 VA US
Carson, Kevin DHS 202-282-9095 DC US
Carswell, Christopher DHS Knowledge Management & Collaboration Coordinator 202-
254-7520 DC US
Carter, Caren L DHS OPS COOP Program Manager 202-447-4573 DC US
Carter, Gail A DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5302 DC US
Carter, Gary E DHS Dir, T&E and Standards Division 202-254-2409 202-254-6165 DC US
Carter, John C DHS Sr. Systems Administrator 540-542-2147 VA US
Carter, John W DHS Directory Government Assistant 703-289-4548 VA US
Carter, Melvin DHS Management/Program Analyst 202-343-2484 DC US
Carter, Mercedes DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2483 DC US
Carter, Quintin DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-5238 DC US

Carter, Roscoe L DHS Tier I Coordination & Support Specialist 202-282-8089 202-
282-8074 DC US
Carter, Serena T DHS Financial Programs Cost Analyst 703-235-1513 VA US
Carter, Tiffany DHS Staff Assistant 202-357-8361 202-357-8471 DC US
Carter, Vincent G DHS Architect/Sr. Program Manager 202-657-7648 DC US
Carter-Johnson, Monica M DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-0351 703-235-0442
Cartledge, Leilani A DHS Program Specialist 202-357-7604 202-357-7678 DC US
Cartwright, James R DHS technical leade 703-460-1804 DC US
Caruso, Daisy DHS NCR COMSEC Manager 202-282-8314 DC US
Carvajal, Joseph DHS PKI Services Manager 202-357-1272 DC US
Carver, Chris DHS Intelligence Officer - Nevada 775-687-0309 775-687-0328 NV US
Carver, David DHS Operations Assistant 202-447-5443 202-447-5437 DC US
Carver, Gregory N DHS Customer Relationship Manager 703-235-3041 VA US
Cary, Richard B DHS Supervisory Chemical Security Inspector 202-510-4947 TX US
Casapulla, Stephen L DHS Senior Information Strategist 703-235-5732 VA US
Case, Catherine DHS Senior Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Case, Sarah DHS 202-357-6289 DC US
Casella, Ralph F DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-510-4894 DC US
Casem, Erma DHS 703-293-7948 VA US
Casey, Betsy DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-0392 202-447-5335 DC US
Casey, Bryan DHS Sr. Consultant 703-235-4068 VA US
Casey, John DHS TIP IV&V 202-557-8014 DC US
Casey, Kinsey DHS Advance Representative 202-612-1603 DC US

Casey, Suzanne DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5960 DC US

Cash, Jamie DHS SETA Support 202-254-2250 DC US

Cason, Oscar L DHS Security Training Specialist 202-447-5418 DC US
Cason, Willie F DHS Security Officer 202-282-9700 DC US
Cassisa, Joseph P DHS Project Manager 228-813-3305 MS US
Casson, Andrew DHS Engineer DC US
Castaneda, Fernando DHS Chemical Security Inspector 703-603-4650 703-603-4711 DC
Castleberry, Susan L DHS Administrative Specialist 703-603-4627 VA US
Caston, Joseph DHS CA US
Castor, Edgar DHS Federal Team Leader 703-235-9423 VA US
Castor, Robert DHS Special Investigator 202-447-0033 202-447-5335 DC US
Castro, Alicia DHS Help Desk 703-889-3425 VA US
Castro, Danell A DHS US-CERT 703-235-5309 VA US
Castro, Pedro H DHS NCS Shares Project Manager 703-235-5024 703-235-5534 VA US
Castro, Raul DHS Director, Resources Division 202-282-8323 DC US
Cataldo, Harold DHS Lieutenant 202-282-8150 DC US
Catchpole, Allan DHS Senior Consultant, S E Solutions 202-447-5076 DC US
Cater, Alex M DHS CS&C Budget Analyst 703-235-5407 VA US
Cates, Veronica DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7771 202-401-4708 DC US
Cathey-Blomquist, Trishia DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9008 202-282-8810 DC US
Caton, Kathleen DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8127 DC US
Caufield, Patricia DHS Resource Administrator 631-323-3155 631-323-3066 NY US
Causseaux, Lindsey A DHS Assistant Administrator 202-254-7151 DC US
Cavagnaro, William C DHS Senior Information Specialist 609-813-2779 NJ US
Cavanaugh, Jeffrey S DHS Security Analyst 703-603-5197 VA US
Cavazos, Jose DHS Operations Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Caver, John A DHS Food & Agriculture Sector Specialist 703-603-5035 DC US
Caverly, Jim DHS Director, Partnership & Outreach Division 703-603-5011 VA US
Ccb, Remedy DHS Remedy CCB 800-250-7911 IN US
Cdd DHS CDD Inbox 202-282-8864 DC US
Cefalo, Jennifer DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9852 202-282-8191 DC US
Celli, Michael DHS HR Specialist 703-235-2179 VA US
Cellucci, Thomas DHS Chief Commercialization Officer 202-254-5309 202-254-6176 DC
Cervoni, Katia DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9380 DC US
Chacko, Betsie DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8743 DC US
Chadwick, Andrew DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1168 DC US
Chai, Hao-Ping DHS MEDIC DC US
Chalker, Carol DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5528 202-447-5160 DC US
Chamberland, Francis W DHS Ste Construction Representative 631-477-4449 NY US
DIVISION 202-447-4219 202-447-4247 DC US
Chambers, Taunja DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5504 DC US
Chambliss, Gary A DHS Senior Spectrum Manager 202-357-7872 DC US
Chan, Kai M DHS Software Engineer VA US
Chan, Sun Y DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0813 DC US
Chanal, John DHS Developer 202-447-5411 202-447-5897 DC US
Chancellor, James D DHS Security Authorization Analyst 228-813-3326 MS US
Chandler, Andre DHS 202-447-5359 202-447-5160 DC US
Chandler, Kyshina S DHS Program Support 202-254-6798 202-254-6170 DC US
Chandler, Matthew M DHS Press Secretary 202-282-9633 DC US
Chandler, Tiana DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0643 DC US
Chaney, Michael L DHS Senior ICS Security Engineer 703-235-8870 VA US
Chang, Caroline S DHS Senior Advisor 202-357-8186 DC US
Chang, Daniel S DHS Sr. Program Analyst 703-235-5308 VA US
Chang, David DHS Software Engineer 703-464-6429 VA US
Chang, Jacob K DHS Consultant 703-733-3328 VA US

Chang, Jui-mei V DHS Open Source Specialist 202-447-4366 DC US jui-
Chang, Suzanne DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-4696 703-603-4712 VA US
Chapman, Arion O DHS 202-254-5684 DC US
Chapman, Elizabeth M DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5067 202-447-0533
Chapman, Gale DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2861 VA US
Chappelle, Virginia DHS Information Coordinator 202-282-8572 DC US
Charczuk, Paul DHS 631-323-3211 631-477-4464 NY US
Charity, Cathy DHS Program Analyst/Human Capital 703-235-2105 VA US
Charles, Raymond DHS TSA REPRESENTATIVE 202-282-8123 DC US
Charleston, Brian DHS Access Control 202-282-9173 DC US

Chase, Crystal DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-5731 202-447-5725 DC US
Chase, Steve DHS Director, Strategic Analysis Group 202-282-8165 DC US
Chassot, Charles H DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 703-235-8552 VA US
Chastang, Rebecca E DHS SETA 202-281-5701 DC US
Chastine, Rose M DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8233 DC US
Chatfield, Catherine DHS Senior Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1745 202-343-
4011 DC US
Chatterjee, Ash K DHS Lead, IT Operations & Maintenance 703-235-9566 VA US
Chattopadhyay, Panchanon DHS Database Administrator 202-824-7504
Chavez, Norcelene DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-5854 202-254-5392 DC US
Chavez, Richard DHS Acting Director OPS 202-282-9580 DC US
Cheatham, Donald DHS Regional Director, S/W PSA Region 916-202-5301 CA US
Cheatham, Ron DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9559 VA US
Chebatoris, Matthew DHS Intelligence Officer 714-628-7630 CA US
Chebegia, Whitney DHS 202-282-9753 DC US
Checknita, Dean E DHS Senior Risk Analyst, HITRAC 202-282-8844 DC US
Cheek, Michael W DHS Administrative Specialist 202-254-6472 DC US
Cheesebrough, Tony DHS Deputy Assistant Director for Risk Analytics 202-343-1739
Chen, Chih-Tsai DHS General Engineer 609-813-2814 609-383-1973 NJ US chih-
Chen, Darren DHS Deputy Assistant Director (acting) 202-254-7347 DC US
Chen, Harriet Y DHS IV&v Engineer 703-752-5561 VA US
Chen, Joseph C DHS Financial Analyst 703-351-1101 VA US
Chen, Paul L DHS IT Engineering Lead 202-447-0317 DC US
Chen, Susan A DHS 703-276-2236 DC US
Chen-Young, Adrienne DHS 703-235-9525 VA US adrienne.chen-
Cheng, Ivy DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-357-7681 DC US
Cherry, Andrew C DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0534 DC US
Chervenak, Elizabeth W DHS Contractor 202-282-9879 DC US
Cheshire, Paul DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-1966 VA US
Cheshire, Terri DHS 202-254-5886 DC US
Cheski, Richard DHS System Admin 202-447-4492 DC US
Chetla, Karunakar DHS Software developer 703-460-1239 VA US
Cheung, Grant DHS None 703-341-4076 703-813-5855 VA US
Chewning, Diane DHS Prop Mgmt Specialist 202-697-3520 DC US
Chiappa, Ben DHS 202-323-4641 DC US
Chieco, Gena DHS Counselor to the Principal Deputy General Counsel 202-447-4056
Chilbert, Chris DHS Chief Architect 202-447-3781 202-282-8062 DC US
Childers, Mark J DHS System Engineer 703-742-2695 VA US
Childs, Timothy L DHS Supervisory Air Marshal 202-324-7896 202-324-4316 DC US
Chin, Bobby DHS 703-413-7809 VA US
Chin, Jason M DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0110 DC US
Chinery, Edwin S DHS Human Resources Specialist 703-235-1514 703-235-2054 VA US
Chipman, Jean DHS DC US
Chirhart, Thomas DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-254-6063 202-254-6169 DC US
Chirico, Marcia C DHS Associate 703-902-6772 DC US
Chism, Eric M DHS Accountant 202-447-0124 202-447-5822 DC US
Chism, Russell DHS Procurement Technician 202-447-0921 DC US
Chisolm, Dionne DHS DHS Fleet Manager 202-731-1700 202-343-4236 DC US
Chisolm III, Edward DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Chisolm Jr, John H DHS Inspector 202-330-8130 DC US
Chiu, Matilda DHS Customer Engagement Manager (CEM) 202-447-0390 DC US
Chiu, Norman DHS Electronics Engineer 212-620-3304 212-620-3600 NY US
Chiuminatta, Christine DHS Branch Chief (A) 703-235-8130 VA US
Cho, Christopher J DHS Application Architect 703-742-2553 VA US
Cho, Inho DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2782 609-383-1973 NJ US
Cho, Peter C DHS SETA Support to Tom Tomaiko 202-254-6932 202-254-5397 DC US
Choe, Alexander S DHS Assistant 202-447-4137 DC US
Choe, Ivy DHS DHS/S&T Support Contractor 631-323-3011 NY US
Choi, Hae-Jin DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US hae-
Choman, Tom DHS Writer-Editor 202-282-8069 DC US
Choucaira, Kozhaya G DHS Open Source Officer 202-447-3801 DC US
Choudhary, Saif R DHS Systems Administrator 202-282-8081 DC US
Chow, Ron DHS Systems Administrator 202-306-4784 DC US
Chrismer, Ron DHS Associate Director, Policy & Procedures Branch 202-447-5601 202-
447-5545 DC US
Christ, Michael J DHS Team Lead, Security Certifications Program 202-447-5314 202-
447-5312 DC US
Christensen, Roger E DHS Senior Program Manager 202-343-2485 DC US
Christian, Cindy DHS Business Analyst 202-254-5357 202-254-6179 DC US
Christian, Damon L DHS Wintel Sys Admin 228-813-4842 MS US
Christian, Jose DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-7263 202-254-7749 DC US
Christian, RaShaunda M DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5513 DC US
Christianson, Matthew DHS Security Branch Chief, Mt Weather Branch 571-258-2496
571-258-2578 VA US
Christie, Joseph DHS Intern 202-282-8850 DC US
Christoff, Michael J DHS Acquisition Training Team Lead 202-447-0116 DC US
Christopher, Chris DHS Deputy Director & Director of Conferences 202-254-5761 202-
254-6175 DC US
Chronister, Scott DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5220 202-447-5233 DC US
Chu, Brian L DHS Lead Analyst/Sr. System Engineer, APMD 202-343-4520 202-343-4550
Chu, David DHS Engineer 202-254-7616 202-254-7749 DC US
Chu, James DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5530 DC US
Chu, Kai-Dee DHS Program Manager 202-254-2315 202-254-6169 DC US kai-
Chuang, Theodore DHS AGC for General Law 202-282-8830 202-282-9186 DC US
Chudy-Scheible, Adam DHS Program Analyst/Assistant Chief of Operations 202-254-
6835 DC US
Chui, Christine DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0538 202-447-5545 DC US
Chung, Alex H DHS Intel Analyst 202-282-8310 DC US
Chung, Allen C DHS CBAT Section Chief 703-235-9438 VA US
Church, Adrian DHS 202-254-7231 DC US
Ciccarello, Michael A DHS Sr. Consultant 202-254-6088 DC US
Ciovacco, Carl J DHS Analyst 202-447-3095 DC US
Cirillo, Laura DHS Legislative Affairs Specialist 202-447-5380 202-447-5437 DC US
Cissna, Francis DHS Director, Immigration Policy 202-447-3835 202-282-8503 DC US
Claffie, Kathleen L DHS Associate Director, Privacy Incidents and Inquiries 703-
235-0788 703-235-0442 VA US
Clanahan, Chuck DHS Protective Security Advisor (PSA) 785-295-2630 785-232-1765 KS
Clare, Annette DHS Leader Development 202-357-8177 DC US
Clark, Bill DHS Analyst VA US
Clark, Charles E DHS Fusion/State & Local Support 202-282-9685 DC US
Clark, Craig M DHS SAN Services 228-813-4211 MS US
Clark, Gregory S DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 317-821-6068 IN US
Clark, James B DHS Test & Evaluation Manager 202-254-2367 DC US
Clark, Jason R DHS Intelligence Officer 312-550-6620 IL US

Clark, Jillian DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3361 DC US

Clark, Karen DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-0123 DC US
Clark, Matthew DHS Director, Office of University Programs 202-254-6377 202-254-
6179 DC US
Clark, Oliver J DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-612-1689 202-447-4441 DC US
Clark, Peggy DHS Administrative 703-603-5014 703-603-5097 VA US
Clark, Philip E DHS Facility Security Officer 434-374-3528 434-374-3976 VA US
Clark, Robert DHS HSIN Desk Officer 202-282-8808 202-282-8782 DC US
Clark, Tammy P DHS Project Manager, PMP, ITIL 202-447-0250 DC US
Clark, Tara E DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0790 703-235-0443 DC US
Clark, Thomas M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9355 DC US
Clark, Tommie Lee DHS Information Assurance Analyst 228-813-3303 MS US
Clark, Tracy R DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8215 202-254-8241 DC US
Clark-Moe, Loren DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3341 DC US
Clarke, Janet DHS Program Manager - HR 202-447-5376 202-447-5757 DC US
Clarke, Leo G DHS Tech Writer 202-282-9864 202-282-9020 DC US
Clarke, Stephen DHS Reports Officer 850-410-7746 FL US
Clary, Chad M DHS Team Lead, Security Engineering 202-357-7820 DC US
Clausen, Rebecca DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-343-1694 202-343-4010 DC
Clay, Robeata DHS CPD Desk Officer 202-282-9034 DC US
Clayborne, Jennifer DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-580-5348 DC US
Clearwater, Elaine DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-235-5455 VA US
Cleary, Scott D DHS Intelligence Officer-Texas Fusion Center 512-627-0634 TX US
Cleere, Gail S DHS Writer/Editor in S&T OCC 202-254-5691 DC US
Cleggett, Benita DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-5789 202-447-5312 DC US
Cleghorn, DeShelle DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-5344 703-235-5889 VA US
Clemens, Robert DHS 202-254-5359 DC US
Clemens, Ruth E DHS Intern 202-254-7789 DC US
Clement, Audrey R DHS SAS Programmer 202-786-9892 202-786-9910 DC US
Clement, Matthew DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-2314 DC US
Clements, Michael N DHS 202-447-4638 DC US
Clements, Nicholas A DHS Consultant DC US

Clemons, Tequilla DHS IP Human Capital 703-235-8158 VA US
Clerval, Beth D DHS Computer Operator Security 609-813-2656 609-813-2733 NJ US
Cleveland, Melinda M DHS Analyst/Executive Secretariat 703-235-2886 VA US
Clever, Daniel DHS Deputy Chief Procurement Officer 202-447-5372 DC US
Clever, Trina DHS Learning Technologies Team 202-357-8434 DC US
Clifton, Elizabeth A DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9369 VA US
Climenhaga, Jennifer S DHS Program Manager 202-254-7348 DC US
Clinehens, Neal A DHS Planner 202-447-3940 DC US
Clinton-Carr, Evonne DHS Service Level Manager 703-253-9712 VA US
Cloe, David DHS Director, Latin America and Caribbean Affairs 202-447-4647 202-
282-9254 DC US
Clopton, Lena G DHS Project Analyst 202-447-3464 DC US
Clukey, Taylor DHS Consultant 202-447-5346 000-000-0000 DC US
Cmeyla, Michael E DHS Software Developer 202-447-4070 DC US
Co, Wilson A DHS CIP Cyber Analyst VA US
Coady, Kelly J DHS Deputy Asst. Director 202-254-7042 DC US

Coaster, Jamesetta DHS Acquisitions Review Analyst 202-343-2524 DC US
Coates, Peter DHS Analyst, CBAT/ECIP/IST Team 703-235-9330 VA US
Coates, Rebecca E DHS ECIP/IST Program Analyst 703-235-9309 VA US
Coates, Thomasina DHS Sr. Project Manager 202-447-5324 DC US
Coates, Toby L DHS Louisiana Fusion Center Representative 225-925-3678 LA US
Coats, Matthew I DHS Program Manager 202-254-6018 DC US
Cobb, Elwyn C DHS Sr. Network Engineer / Architect 202-254-6059 DC US
Cobb, Eric DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7802 FL US
Cobble, Jolie DHS Administrative Officer CO US
Coble, Kyle DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4994 VA US
Cobran, Ewan DHS Summer Intern 202-254-5740 DC US
Cochran, Shawn P DHS Lieutenant Colonel VA US
Cochrane, Michael DHS Special Agent 202-323-4614 DC US

Cockrell, Jeannette DHS IT Speciialist 703-235-5268 VA US
Coddington, Michael W DHS Software Development Lead 703-679-6399 VA US
Cody, Byron DHS 202-447-3527 DC US
Coe, Michael D DHS Open Source Collector 202-447-3150 DC US
Coeburn, Mitzi DHS 202-254-5883 DC US
Coen, Todd DHS Program Manager 202-905-2636 DC US
Coffey, Mark A DHS Protective Security Advisor - Nashville and Eastern TN 615-736-
5841 TN US
Coffey, Michael J DHS DOE/NNSA Detailee 202-254-7153 DC US
Coffman, Helen DHS Program Specialist 609-813-3021 NJ US

Cogert, Brian DHS Intelligence Analyst 703-235-5679 VA US

Cogswell, Patricia DHS Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary 202-447-3784 202-282-8240
Cohen, Eric M DHS Deputy Datacenter Federal Manager 434-374-3567 VA US
Cohen, Jason C DHS Consultant 202-447-0715 DC US

Cohen, Joel DHS Director, Western Region 202-447-4523 DC US

Cohen, John D DHS Deputy CT Coordinator, SR Advisor to the Secretary 202-447-4075
Cohen, Michael L DHS CIKR Systems Engineer 703-603-5029 VA US
Cohen, Nancy DHS External Affairs Specialist 202-254-6448 DC US
Cohen, Peter M DHS Data Architect 202-447-3832 DC US
Cohen, Sara E DHS DHS Support to Responder Technologies 202-254-5832 DC US
Cohen, Sharon DHS General Engineer Operations 202-254-5669 DC US
Cohen-Hopkins, Kawana DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5107 703-603-5190 VA US
Cohn, Alan DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy (Strategic Plans) 202-282-
9382 202-282-8492 DC US
Cokes, Samuel DHS Record Specialist 1-202-603-6329 1-202-343-4241 DC US
Colangelo, David DHS Chief, Security Systems Division 202-447-5320 DC US
Colbert, Sheena G DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 202-357-8271 202-357-0042 DC
Colbert, Steven J DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-6667 DC US
Colby, Michelle DHS Chief, Agriculture Defense Branch 202-254-6883 DC US
Cole, Amy K DHS 202-447-4420 202-282-9603 DC US
Cole, Andrew H DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5586 202-447-5564 DC US
Cole, Christopher DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Cole, Diane M DHS Program lManager 202-357-8409 202-357-8504 DC US
Cole, Dunstan DHS IT Support 202-604-5212 DC US

Cole, James DHS Management Program Analyst 202-282-8816 202-282-8416 DC US
Cole, JoVonnie D DHS Director, PPM 202-447-4604 DC US
Cole, Juan DHS HSIN Outreach Team Manager (Contract Support) 703-244-1806 DC US
Cole, Mark A DHS 202-254-6381 DC US
Cole, Neal W DHS SETA 202-254-6796 202-254-6167 DC US

Cole, Raymond DHS Senior Ops Advisor 202-282-8799 DC US

Cole, Rise DHS SETA Support 202-254-7037 202-254-7755 DC US
Cole, Teresa T DHS 703-235-1521 VA US
Cole, Vivian DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5534 202-447-5540 DC US
Cole, Walter P DHS LTC 202-254-7349 DC US
Cole-Walker, Elizabeth A DHS Analyst 301-657-7590 ext 108 301-657-7592 MD US
Coleman, Amy E DHS Resource Manager 202-254-7121 DC US
Coleman, Christopher L DHS Network Engineer (Firewall) 434-374-0953 VA US
Coleman, Darion DHS Systems Administrator 202-447-3231 202-447-4457 DC US
Coleman, George L DHS IT Specialist, State and Local Fusion Center 202-477-3648
Coleman, Harold DHS Administrative Clerk II 202-343-2536 DC US
Coleman, James E DHS Staff Officer 202-282-8110 202-282-9705 DC US
Coleman, Kelvin DHS Program Manager 703-235-2871 703-235-5696 VA US
Coleman, Kimberly D DHS 703-284-7009 DC US

Coleman, Marcellus D DHS Assistant Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8308 VA US
Coleman, Michelle DHS Administrative Officer 202-357-8446 202-357-0042 DC US
Coleman, Patrice M DHS Small Business Specialist 202-447-5477 DC US
Coleman, Ricardo DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-447-4660 DC US
Coleman, Shantelle DHS DHS ELA Program Manager 202-447-0487 DC US
Coleman, Sophia M DHS 202-447-5762 VA US
Coleman, Thomas DHS Infrastructure Protection Branch Manager 609-813-2715 609-813-
1973 NJ US
Coles, John D DHS Facilities Manager 202-343-1646 DC US
Coles, Thomas W DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3908 202-447-3464 DC US
Coles-Johnson, Michelle DHS Administative Specialist 202-254-2324 202-254-6911 DC
Coley, Coy B DHS Training & Exercise Specialist 703-235-2521 VA US
Colglazier, Deborah DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7602 DC US
Coll, Kristen E DHS Analyst 202-447-4179 DC US
Coll, Michael DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9989 202-447-3462 DC US
Colleli, Ralph DHS Attorney Advisor 703-603-4628 VA US
Colley, Charles DHS Regional Commander 202-302-6367 NY US
Colley, Thomas DHS Chemist 703-603-4629 DC US
Collick, John W DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8309 DC US
Collier, Amy R DHS Facilities/Reception support 202-254-5686 DC US
Collier, Darrel W DHS Supvy HR Specialist (Classification) AZ US
Collier, Erin DHS TSA Liaison to DHS OIA 202-282-9537 DC US
Collier, Mark DHS Senior Reports Officer for South East and South Central Regions
571-331-9638 TN US
Collington, Janice DHS Staffing Consultant 202-447-3317 202-447-3653 VA US
Collins, Catherine DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-6814 202-254-6911 DC US
Collins, David T DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5609 202-447-5693 DC US
Collins, Douglas DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0973 OK US
Collins, Glen DHS Protective Security Advisor 503-250-2815 OR US
Collins, Jonathan B DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Collins, Rashema A DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5582 202-447-5774 DC US
Collins, Walter T DHS NCC Watch Communications/Intel Analyst 703-235-5080 703-235-
5078 VA US
Colman, Paul M DHS Principal Systems Engineer 202-447-0513 DC US
Colmenares, Leonardo G DHS Sr. Consultant 202-447-0705 DC US
Colon, Yvette B DHS Deportation Officer 571-350-4670 VA US
Comber, Ryan P DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9567 VA US
Combs, Crystal DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-0490 202-447-0290 DC US
Communications DHS DC US
Communications, ITP DHS 202-447-5275 DC US
Companion, Tod DHS Program Manager 202-254-6619 202-254-6165 DC US
Compton, Dana DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3691 VA US
Compton, Michael DHS Information Assurance Engineer 703-235-5133 VA US
Compton III, James DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-447-0379 DC US
Concepcion, Kenneth DHS PM 202-254-5351 DC US
Concepcion-cruz, Julian J DHS Help Desk Coordinator 5 703-889-3468 DC US
Concey, David O DHS OCIO Change Control Manager 703-235-3669 VA US
Condon, Patrick L DHS Liaison Officer 202-254-6933 DC US
Coney, Jeff DHS Program Mgr. 703-235-5422 703-235-5673 VA US
Conklin, Craig W DHS Director, Sector Specific Agency Execitive Management Office
703-603-5168 703-603-5190 VA US
Conklin, James JC DHS Research & Development Business Specialist 202-254-6385 DC
Conley, Amanda DHS Program Analyst 202-298-5106 VA US
Conlin, Roger A DHS Wireless Support Lead 202-357-7828 DC US
Connect Feedback DHS Connect Feedback Mailbox
Connelly, Ryan J DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7219 DC US
Conner, David A DHS contractor 202-786-9876 202-786-9897 DC US
Conner, Donald W DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-282-9568 DC US
Conneran, Angela C DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7238 DC US
Connolly, Charles M DHS Associate Director - Liaison 703-235-5154 VA US
Connolly, Emmet DHS Configuration Analyst 202-357-8357 DC US
Connolly, Stuart DHS Document Control Officer 202-282-9517 DC US
Connor, Timothy R DHS Hardware Services 434-374-3809 VA US
Conrad, James O DHS Senior Network Engineer 202-447-0024 DC US
Conrad, James N DHS Project Manager 202-447-5426 DC US
Conrad, Jerome DHS Director, DHS Lexicon Program/DHS Lexicographer 202-447-3518
Conrad, Michael DHS Postal Inspector 202-282-8132 DC US
Conrad II, Charles J DHS Director, Intelligence Operations Acquisition Division
202-447-5827 202-447-5564 DC US
Conroy, Julia DHS 703-235-5125 703-235-5697 VA US
Conroy, Michelle L DHS Executive Staff Officer 202-282-8210 DC US
Conroy, Olivia DHS 202-447-0554 DC US
Constantin, Phillip E DHS Mr. 504-202-1081 LA US
Constantine, George DHS Supervisory Intelligence Ops Sp 202-282-8690 202-447-3095
Constantopoulos, Alexander M DHS Reports Production Officer (Lead) / NOC NDD
Support 202-612-1155 202-282-8782 DC US
Contee, Yvonne DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-0286 202-447-0020 DC US
Conteh, Al M DHS Information Security Engineer 202-357-1224 DC US
Conti, Mario DHS technical security officer 202-282-9810 202-282-8591 DC US
Contreras, January DHS CIS Ombudsman 202-357-8201 (Direct) 202-357-0042 DC US
Contreras-Guzman, Carolyn DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-3941 202-447-
4441 DC US
Convin, Kiwii DHS Cyber Intrusion Analyst 703-235-8832 VA US
Conway, Tyghe M DHS Jr. EMOC Sys Admin 866-972-3662 MS US
Cooch, Shila DHS Administrative Officer for ESDO 202-447-5793 DC US
Cook, Cheryl DHS Chemical Security Inspector 703-603-4687 703-603-4617 VA US
Cook, Kelly DHS Security Specialist 202-254-5362 DC US
Cook, Mary E DHS Director, Land Border Screening & Identification 202-282-9523
202-282-8701 DC US
Cook, Patti DHS Human Resource Specialist IT 870-203-0854 870-203-0854 AR US
Cook, Rachel DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5464 202-447-5545 DC US
Cook, Richard DHS Supervisory Inspector 202-447-5356 202-447-5335 DC US
Cook, Robert C DHS DC US
Cook, Robert L DHS 202-282-8956 MD US
Cook, Timothy J DHS U.S. Rep. to NATO CCPC 703-235-3625 VA US
Cooke, Allyson M DHS Training Specialist 631-323-3108 NY US
Cooke, Jasper DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4428 202-282-9207 DC US
Cooke, Quinn H DHS Executive Secretariat VA US

Cooler, Daniel DHS Regional Director, Northeast Region 518-786-2499 NY US
Cooley, James DHS Informal Complaints Manager 202-245-1133 202-245-1141 DC US
Cooley, Michael S DHS eTravel 202-447-0448 DC US
Cooley, Shawn DHS Acting Director, Foreign Investment Security Review Team 202-
282-8489 202-282-8503 DC US
Cooper, Bradford DHS Acting Chief Administrative Officer 202-281-9641 DC US
Cooper, Corey DHS Network Egineer 228-813-4808 MS US
Cooper, Lisa M DHS Security Project Manager 202-357-7803 202-357-1299 DC US
Cooper, Nakeeta DHS Consultant 202-254-6740 DC US
Cooper, Perry DHS intern/volunteer 202-357-6287 DC US
Cooper, Robert DHS Legislative Assistant 202-447-5882 DC US
Cooper, Therese DHS 202-357-7694 DC US
Cooper, William DHS TRIPwire Unit Chief 703-235-9394 VA US
Cooper, Zacira DHS Accountant 202-477-5222 DC US
Coose, Matt DHS Director, Federal Network Security 703-235-5888 VA US
Cope, Mark A DHS SETA 202-254-6312 DC US
Copeland, Byron D DHS Chief, Digital Analytics Branch 703-235-5064 703-235-5042 VA
Copeland, Glen DHS Lead, Human Capital Planning 202-447-0569 DC US
Copenhaver, Chris DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-447-3175 DC US
Copp, Joseph M DHS Security Officer 1 609-813-2804 NJ US
Corbet, Erica N DHS Acquisition Management Executive Secretariat 703-235-5452 VA
Corbett, Charles DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-579-8136 DC US
Corbett, Stephen J DHS Advisor 202-447-3287 DC US
Corbin, Susan DHS DHS HQ Budget Officer/Assistant Director, Office of Financial
202-447-0080 DC US
Corbitt, Jr, Robert DHS 202-447-0499 DC US

Corcoran, William DHS Analyst 703-284-5046 VA US
Cordes, Rick DHS Communication Watch Officer 202-282-8590 DC US
Cordes, Samuel DHS Project Manager 202-384-8639 DC US
Cordova, Edwin DHS NPPD Chief of Acquisitions 703-235-1489 VA US
Cordova, Frank DHS ET 631-323-3261 NY US
Cordova, Gonzalo H DHS Protective Security Advisor 702-868-3088 702-382-2437 NV US
Cordova, Marion DHS Senior Attorney 202-254-7307 DC US
Corgan, Andrew DHS Security Analyst 434-374-3573 VA US
Corgan, Kenneth DHS Intelligence Oversight Offiicer 202-282-9326 DC US
Corkum, Lori DHS Web Dev 2 DC US
Corliss, John DHS 850-452-7941 FL US
Cornecelli, George M DHS Process Improvement Mgr 202-447-5613 DC US
Cornelius, Eric DHS Chief Technical Analyst (Cyber Ninja) 208-526-5825 ID US
Cornett, Aaron B DHS Technical Consultant III 434-374-3543 VA US
Cornish, Dante DHS Equal Employment Specialist 202-254-6160 202-254-8240 DC US
Cornwell, Janice DHS Chief, SLTPS Branch 202-447-5345 202-447-5312 DC US
Correa, Oliver DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 DC US
Corrigan, Patricia DHS Acting Dir. Acq Policy and Legislation 202-447-5430 202-
447-5310 DC US
Corry, Michael G DHS 202-254-6073 DC US
Corsini, Donato DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8349 202-357-8462 DC US
Corson, Adrienne DHS Section Chief, Communications & Government Affairs 703-603-
4630 VA US
Cortes, Herminio DHS engineering tech 609-813-2869 NJ US
Cortese, Frank DHS Information Tech. Spec 631-323-3313 NY US
Cortez, Fabian DHS Contract Specialist 571-357-3434 202-254-6402 DC US
Cortez, Michael DHS Project Manager 817-649-6252 TX US
Corti, Gianfranco DHS (A)Director 202-282-8732 202-447-3594 DC US
Corwin, Norma DHS Hazmat Technician 631-323-3112 NY US
Corwin, Raymond DHS facilities manager 631-323-3261 631-323-3339 NY US
Cory, Jennifer K DHS DC US
Cosgrove, John DHS Exercise Support 703-235-3025 VA US
Costa, Cleanthis D DHS Lead Network Engineer 703-968-2521 VA US
Costello, Michael DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2302 DC US
Cotner, Dave L DHS Sr. Systems Engineer 202-343-4521 202-343-4550 DC US
Cotter, Dana M DHS 202-447-3707 DC US
Cotter, Daniel DHS Chief Technology Officer 202-447-3749 202-282-9111 DC US
Cotto, Maria L DHS Specialist 703-235-3656 VA US
Cotton, Michael A DHS 202-245-1163 DC US
Cotugno, Jaclyn DHS Creative Lead 202-254-6845 202-254-6175 DC US
Coty, Thomas DHS Standoff Detection Project Officer 202-254-5857 202-254-5398 DC
Couch, David DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Couch, Howard DHS Emergency Programs Coordinator 202-282-8966 DC US
Coughran, Anthony DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9051 DC US
Coughtry, Lindsay DHS DC US
Coulson, Andrea L DHS Program Support 703-341-4054 VA US
Coulson, Brenda DHS Software Developer 703-460-1423 VA US
Coulter, Eric DHS Director, Program Analysis & Evaluation 202-447-5131 202-447-
5144 DC US
Coulter, Kathryn A DHS Consultant 202-254-6865 DC US
Coulter, Tom DHS Contractor 202-447-3005 DC US
Courchaine, Lauren A DHS Air Force Fellow 202-343-1748 DC US
Coursey, Bert DHS Standards Executive 202-254-5811 DC US
Courtemanche, Wayne N DHS Electronic Tech 631-323-3242 NY US
Courtenay, Dan DHS Data Integration / ETL Lead 202-447-5070 DC US
Cousino, Judy DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Couto, Antonio DHS Business Support Team Lead 703-603-5221 703-603-5203 VA US
Couto, Nathania D DHS IT Specialist, Operations Support 703-235-3049 VA US
Coven, Ann DHS Security Specialist 202-254-6443 202-254-6403 DC US
Coven, David S DHS Branch Chief - Access Control 202-282-8742 202-282-9257 DC US
Coven, Mark A DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Cover, Sandra DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-254-6012 DC US
Cover, Steven DHS Director, SAPCO 202-254-6458 202-254-6402 DC US
Cowan, Stephen DHS 703-603-5066 VA US
Cowdrey, Laura DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8511 DC US
Cowell, Mark W DHS Service Management Leader 434-374-3529 VA US
Cox, Adam DHS Deputy Director (Acting), HSARPA 202-254-5717 DC US
Cox, Ashleigh DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2487 DC US
Cox, Debra DHS T&E Policy and Processes 202-254-2410 DC US
Cox, Jessica A DHS Chemist 410-436-8367 MD US
Cox, Joplin DHS Wireless Business Analyst 202-617-0997 VA US
Cox, Karen L DHS Contractor Support 202-447-0229 DC US
Cox, Michael DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-6189 DC US
Cox, Michael L DHS USCG, DHS HQ GWO 202-612-1684 DC US
Cox, Reid DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9550 202-282-9186 DC US
Cox, Renita S DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Cox, Richard DHS Chemical Inspector 202-617-0972
Cox, Stephen DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 DC US
Coxon, William DHS Senior Systems Engineer 814-899-0686 DC US
Coyle, Robert E DHS DAEO/Legal Advisor for Ethics 202-447-3515 202-282-9099 DC US
Coyle, Wendy DHS Information Sharing Lead 703-235-3942 VA US

Coziahr, Rustin DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 DC US

Crabb, Scott I DHS Project Manager 202-570-8249 DC US
Crabill, Mark A DHS 703-908-7025 VA US
Craft, Cynthia M DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-4546 202-447-3925 DC US
Crafton, Wilson DHS Chief, Commercial Facilities Branch 703-603-5123 VA US
Craig, James A DHS Program Analyst, IP / CPIMD / IMC 202-282-8610 DC US
Craig Jr, William H DHS Project Manager 202-306-6825 VA US
Craighead, Sonia L DHS Sharepoint Governance & Content Administer DC US
Cramer, Christopher DHS Watch Analyst 703-235-5085 VA US
Cramer, Drew W DHS 202-282-8978 DC US
Crandall, Brian DHS SOC Engineer 202-357-6177 DC US
Crane, Christopher E DHS Senior Writing Consultant & Developer 202-254-5363 DC
Crane, Earl DHS Director, Cybersecurity Strategy 202-357-6114 DC US
Crane, Melissa A DHS Senior Accountant 202-447-5275 202-447-5118 DC US
Crane, Robert DHS Senior Homeland Security Advisor 202-482-2206 202-482-4429 DC US
Craswell, Kimberly E DHS Intelligence Analyst - IWW Desk 202-282-9268 DC US
Crawford, Carl R DHS Lead Engineer 202-580-9395 WI US
Crawford, Dana DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8559 202-357-8138 DC US
Crawford, Dane J DHS HSIN System Administrator 703-889-3403 DC US
Crawford, James E DHS Special Security Officer 202-254-5674 202-254-6402 DC US
Crawford, Nicole DHS Planning and Management Analyst 202-254-8603 202-254-5671 DC
Crawley, Ayn DHS Director, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Institute 202-357-6261
NoMa 202-357-1187 DC US
Creaghe, Megan M DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5241 202-447-0697 DC US
Creek, Alexander DHS Desktop Support Technician 202-447-0294 DC US
Crenshaw, Anthony S DHS Operations Analyst 202-282-8328 DC US
Crescenzi, Alfred A DHS Director Administration Division 212-620-3571 212-620-3600
Crider, Simone L DHS Security Authorization Specialist 228-813-4216 228-813-4215
Crider, Tracey DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-8734 DC US
Crippen, Susan DHS Mgr, CRMD Program Administration 202-447-4305 202-282-9505 DC
Crisler, Vincent O DHS Contractor 703-235-5317 VA US
Crisman, Neil DHS DC-2 ISSO 434-374-3533 VA US
Crist, Brooke DHS personnel security specialist 202-447-5388 202-447-5333 DC US
Critchley, Ronald DHS Detective Sergeant 202-282-8612 DC US
Critchlow, Michael A DHS PROGRAM ANALYST 202-254-6158 DC US
Critterton, Christian P DHS Acting Deputy Director EA 703-235-3643 VA US
Crockett, Sidney DHS Intelligence Officer CA US
Croft, John L DHS Disaster Recovery Specialist 571-258-2414 VA US
Cromwell, Ted T DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4631 VA US
Cronin, Kevin A DHS Analyst 703-603-5170 VA US
Cronin, Regina DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5982 DC US

Crosby, Clayton M DHS Sr. Manager - Operations 202-447-0572 DC US
Crosby, Kevin DHS Correspondence Analyst 703-235-2145 VA US

Crosby, Lisa G DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0762 202-447-0536 DC US
Crosby, Robert DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0978 FL US
Crosby, Timithy DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-510-6810 MO US
Crosby, Yong R DHS Program Manager 240-492-2424 MD US
Crosier, Lerone M DHS IT Technician 202-282-8081 DC US
Cross, Megan R DHS Clerk 202-343-2461 DC US
Cross, Michael B DHS Systems Engineer 703-277-1205 703-277-1361 VA US
Cross, Robert L DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4101 DC US
Crossett, Andrew P DHS Senior Consultant VA US
Crosson, David DHS 703-647-2757 VA US
Crosson, Jonathan DHS Exercise Planner 703-235-2529 VA US
Crosswait, Mitch DHS Deputy Director, Requirements, Capabilities and Assessments
202-282-9026 DC US
Crouch, Katherine DHS 202-447-4443 DC US
Crouch, Kevin J DHS Chief, Special Projects Division 202-447-5424 202-447-5897 DC
Crouter, Mark DHS System Engineering Consultant 202-447-0172 202-447-0146 DC US
Crowell, Ronald A DHS Contractor - The MITRE Corporation 703-983-3952 DC US
Crowley, Katherine M DHS Protective Security Advisor 501-370-2010 501-324-6097 AR
Crowley, Tonya R DHS Recruitment Outreach Program Coordinator 202-357-8137 DC US
Crowther, Douglas DHS it specialist 703-235-8858 VA US

Crowther, Kenneth G DHS Dr. VA US

Croy, Walter B DHS Systems Engineer 919-767-7254 NC US
Crum, Christina M DHS Project Coordinator 202-447-5049 DC US
Crumb, Thomas J DHS Senior Project Manager 203-743-4328 203-743-4328 CT US
Crumpton Jr, Isaac DHS IT Specailist 703-235-8510 VA US

Cruz, Deborah DHS Infrastructure Protection Liason, OAS DC US
Cruz, Jennifer DHS US-CERT Production 888-282-0870 VA US

Cruz, Joel DHS Enterprise Vault migration lead VA US
Cruz, Johanna DHS Intern 202-282-9581 DC US
Cruz-Morales, Betsie DHS ESS Analyst 703-603-5139 VA US betsie.cruz-
Csanyi, John DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0543 DC US
Csulak, Emery DHS Director, Information Security Compliance 202-357-6113 DC US
Cu, Lisa H DHS IT Security Engineer 202-254-2431 DC US
Cubbal, Jeffrey DHS Program Analyst 202-254-2373 202-254-6170 DC US
Cubbler, Scott DHS Section Chief - Supervisory Protective Security Advisor 703-
235-9350 VA US
Cucinella, Amy DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6273 DC US
Cudney, James DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-527-3620 NV US
Cuellar, John P DHS Rad/Nuc Liason 202-254-2438 DC US
Culbertson, Amy DHS Assistant Director, Performance Management 202-447-0333 DC
Cullen, Shane DHS Program Manager 202-254-5679 202-254-6164 DC US
Cullenberg, Gretchen G DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6678 DC US
Cummings, Erin A DHS Advisor 202-282-9747 DC US
Cummings, John C DHS Software Developer 703-679-6453 VA US
Cummings, Melanie C DHS 202-254-6646 DC US

Cummins, Richard DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-407-5407 IL US
Cummins, William DHS Oil and Natural Gas Sector Specialist 703-603-5030 VA US
Cummiskey, Chris DHS Deputy Under Secretary 202-447-3400 DC US
Cunningham, Bill DHS technician, electronics 212-620-3650 212-620-3600 NY US
Cunningham, Linda L DHS Team Lead, SCI ISCR 202-447-5928 202-447-5312 DC US
Cunningham, Stanley DHS Dir. Change Management 202-254-2311 202-254-6172 DC US
Cuomo, Jacob F DHS Staff Assistant to the Military Advisor to the Secretary 202-
282-8239 202-447-3682 DC US
Cupid, Lera B DHS LAN Desktop Support Tech 202-254-5342 DC US
Cupp, Cameron DHS SETA Support 202-254-7515 DC US
Curran, Lawrence DHS 202-282-8110 DC US
Curran, Steven DHS General Engineer 609-813-2730 609-383-1973 NJ US
Currence, Stephen DHS Team Lead - Reporting and Analysis 202-253-9894 202-343-4237
Current, Keirsten DHS Acquisition Analyst 202-447-3395 DC US
Currie, Meredith DHS Desk Officer 202-447-5777 DC US
Currier, Benjamin P DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9826 DC US
Curry, Angela DHS Director, National Cybersecurity Workforce Structure Strategy
703-235-3612 VA US
Curry, Patrick DHS 202-447-0142 DC US
Curry, Sean B DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5579 DC US
Curry, Timothy DHS Deputy Director 202-282-9158 DC US
Curtin, Pat DHS Personnel Research Psychologist 202-357-8560 DC US
Curtis, Christine DHS Project Manger 703-234-2981 VA US

Curtis, Craig DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0512 202-447-5310 DC US
Curtis, Ryan DHS 202-447-5514 202-447-5160 DC US

Curtis III, James DHS Security Officer 202-282-8685 DC US
Custer, Heidi E DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5393 202-447-0374 DC US
Cutitta, Irene DHS ER/LR Specialist; HQ Work/Life Program Manager 202-357-8189
Cutler, Phaedra P DHS 202-447-4298 DC US
Cutlip-Mason, Rena DHS Senior Advisor 202-357-8159 DC US rena.cutlip-
Cutshall, Charles DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-0767 VA US

Cyr, Matthew DHS Intelligence Officer 804-201-5527 804-674-2983 VA US
Cyrus, Lenise DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0544 DC US
Czech, Richard P DHS Database Engineer 540-226-2203 VA US
Czerpak, Lawrence M DHS Program Management Support 202-447-4263 DC US
Czopek, Joseph DHS Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-8528 VA US
Czuchna, Craig A DHS Pilot Director 202-254-7235 DC US
D'Agostino, Paul DHS Special Agent DC US paul.d'
D'Amico, Elie DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5821 DC US
D'Amico, Mark V DHS Division Support 202-612-1977 DC US
D'Antonio, Christopher DHS (Acting) Deputy Assoc. General Counsel for Intelligence
202-447-3133 DC US
D'Souza, Rodney K DHS IP/IICD JTL Support VA US
Daage, Sue DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4964 DC US
Dada, Babatope DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5115 VA US
Dade, Kayona DHS Employee Relations Specialist 703-235-2113 VA US
Dahlgren, Robin DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-612-1128 DC US
Dahnke, Roy S DHS Information Systems Engineering Principal 703-983-6572 703-983-
5864 VA US
Daigle, Anjanette DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3366 (Open/STE)
Daigle, John A DHS Program Manager 571-258-2440 VA US
Dailey, Michael DHS Office for Bombing Prevention, Training Unit Chief 703-235-
9387 VA US
Dailey, Ryan O DHS Access control Specialist 202-282-9015 DC US
Daines, Cameron K DHS Sr. Budget Analyst 202-254-7061 DC US
Daines, Gregory DHS Sr Budget Analyst 202-254-7570 DC US
Dainton, Albert DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-7168 DC US
Daise, Adrienne DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5499 202-447-5564 DC US
Daitch, William B DHS Assistant Director, National Technical Nuclear Forensics
Center 202-254-7700 DC US
Dalboe, Kirsten DHS Customer Engagement Manager 202-447-0702 DC US
Dale, John DHS Operations Chief 202-282-9906 DC US
Dale, Jon C DHS SETA 202-254-2380 202-254-6170 DC US
Dallas, William B DHS 202-282-8941 DC US
Dalmado, Michael J DHS 703-235-3697 VA US
Dalrymple, Jason DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9570 VA US

Dalrymple, Jennifer MD DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9526 703-235-9709 VA US
Dalrymple, Mary DHS Senior Consultant 202-343-1719 DC US
Dalton, Colette EM DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5616 DC US
Daly, John Jack DHS Asst. Senior Watch Officer 202-282-9679 DC US
Daly, Joseph DHS IT Specialist (Network) 703-235-3037 VA US

Daly, Maura A DHS Deputy Chief Learning Officer 202-357-8402 202-357-8471 DC US
Daman, Alex DHS Attorney 202-282-9940 202-447-3111 DC US
Damato, Karen A DHS VA US
Dame, Leon D DHS Inspector 202-604-8013 CA US
Dame, Michael E DHS Chief, Multi-Jurisdictional Communications Services 202-343-
1663 DC US
Dammer, Tya DHS Deputy Director, Human Capital 202-254-6481 DC US
Dams, Paul E DHS DC1 Program Office 615-673-7341 TN US
Danchenko, Jeffrey DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist (Medical), CISD/CBRNHI
202-282-9740 DC US
Danco, Marie E DHS NSS JPMO Business Management Section Lead 202-447-0698 DC US
Dandridge, Stacy D DHS 202-447-5391 DC US
Danfa, Karen A DHS Executive Assisstant - Deputy CIO 202-343-2400 DC US
Dang, Dzung DHS Project Coordinator 202-447-0699 DC US
Dang, Tan DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7686 FL US
Daniel, Jeanette DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Daniel, Valencia A DHS Project Manager 202-357-8579 DC US
Daniels, Erin S DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4212 VA US
Daniels, Jessica A DHS Intern 703-235-8165 VA US
Daniels, Krista DHS Financial Officer 202-254-2381 DC US

Daniels, Latasha S DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8139 703-235-8190 VA US
Daniels, Pamela DHS Management/Program Analyst 202-343-2488 DC US
Danielson, Glenn DHS Senior Systems Engineer 202-282-9646 DC US
Danis, Suzanne C DHS Mission Support Analyst 202-254-7346 DC US
Danisek, Debra M DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0791 VA US
Dannholz, Michael W DHS Special Agent (Commerce) 202-482-7962 DC US
Dannucci, Robert DHS Operations/Mission Analyst 202-254-7120 DC US
Danquah, Lisa DHS Prorgram Analyst 703-235-5346 VA US
Dansereau, David DHS IBM Project Manager & IT Security Specialist (CISSP/PMP) 703-
235-9544 (DHS Courthouse) VA US
Dansky, Kara DHS Section Lead, Impact Assessment Section 202-357-7675 DC US
Danzy, Greg S DHS Security Officer 202-282-9700 DC US
Dao, Dang M DHS Customer Support Specialist 202-447-3214 DC US
Daodu, Abayomi E DHS Network Engineer 202-447-5932 DC US
Darby, Angela M DHS Executive Assistant Production Management Division 202-282-
8626 DC US
Darden, Chris DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9548 VA US
Darrington, Selina R DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9540 202-282-8416 DC US
Dasher, David DHS OSA Acting Director, Acting Head of the Contracting Activity
202-447-0516 DC US
Dashiell, Jeffrey M DHS Technical Site Lead 202-254-7031 DC US
Dass, William DHS RFI Manager DC US
Dastgir, Ieshah DHS Privacy Compliance Specialist 703-235-0764 703-235-0442 VA US
Dastouri, Amir DHS Enterprise Architect 202-282-9628 DC US
Daugherty, William L DHS Director of Enterprise Implementation 202-447-0380 DC
Daughtery, Crystal DHS Human Resource Specialist Infosys 202-357-8456 202-357-8474
Daughtry, Tonya C DHS Change Administrator 703-742-1978 VA US
Davenport, Eric J DHS IT consultant 1-202-631-6815 DC US
Davenport, Matthew DHS Dr. 202-254-6093 DC US
Davey, Matthew F DHS 703-603-4632 VA US
David, Nancy DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0459 202-447-5545 DC US
Davids, Dale M DHS Sr. Business Analyst 202-295-0223 VA US
Davidson, Bruce B DHS Director, Office of SAFETY Act Implementation 202-254-5792
Davidson, Jeffrey DHS Branch Chief, Plans and Policy 202-282-8681 DC US
Davidson, Robert DHS Geospatial Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9369 DC US
Davies, Matthew T DHS Incident Management Officer 202-282-9693 DC US
Davis, Alexander W DHS Operations Analyst 919-424-5388 NC US
Davis, Amos DHS Section Chief, Critical Asset Mobility Officer 202-447-4009 202-
447-4474 DC US
Davis, Andre D DHS Information Resource Mang Analyst 202-447-3611 DC US
Davis, April D DHS Budget Analyst 202-510-5560 DC US
Davis, Bob M DHS Communications Director 703-235-1917 VA US
Davis, Brian L DHS Management Analyst 202-254-2370 DC US
Davis, Bruce A DHS IMAAC Director 202-254-5893 DC US
Davis, Byron DHS IT Specialist VA US
Davis, Carla DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6349 202-254-8600 DC US
Davis, Catherine DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9437 202-282-9186 DC US
Davis, Charles H DHS Federal Employee/Director, NIPP PMO 703-603-5061 703-603-5095
Davis, Claris C DHS Information Security Manager 202-282-8539 DC US
Davis, Costella DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5571 202-447-5564 DC US
Davis, David A DHS Senior Spectrum Manager 202-357-7836 DC US
Davis, David M DHS Consultant 703-736-4090 VA US

Davis, Erica S DHS HR Specialist 703-235-2101 VA US

Davis, Ethel M DHS Operations Research Analyst 212-620-3361 212-620-3600 NY US
Davis, Ewana DHS Project Manager 919-424-9258 919-424-9858 NC US
Davis, Gloria DHS Management and Program Analyst (Budget Specialist) 703-603-5157
703-603-5203 VA US
Davis, James DHS IT Asset Data Manager 202-447-0351 DC US
Davis, James S DHS Technical Site Lead - NAC 202-447-4297 DC US
Davis, Jenelle DHS Network Product Manager/DARA 202-447-0254 202-447-0369 DC US
Davis, Jerry DHS Intelligence Officer 573-522-2651 MO US
Davis, Joshua W DHS Security Supervisor 202-282-8956 DC US
Davis, Keyonna M DHS Training Coordinator 703-235-2140 VA US
Davis, Patrice H DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 703-235-2148 VA US
Davis, Patricia L DHS Personnel Security Lead 228-813-3376 MS US
Davis, Peter B DHS IT TECHNICIAN 202-447-0631 DC US
Davis, Ramon R DHS Operation Intelligance Manager 202-447-3936 DC US
Davis, Richard DHS Senior Watch Officer (SWO) 703-235-8832 VA US
Davis, Robert DHS Director of External Affairs 202-254-6650 202-254-6094 DC US
Davis, Scott DHS Information Systems Security Manager 703-235-9543 VA US
Davis, Shane M DHS Security Specialist 202-254-5749 202-254-5783 DC US
Davis, Sharon DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0104 DC US
Davis, Shawn V DHS IT Specialist 202-447-5086 DC US
Davis, Shirley DHS 703-235-5340 VA US
Davis, Stevie W DHS PM Field Technology Requirements program 202-447-3718 DC US
Davis, Tenedia DHS EEO Assistant 202-254-8216 202-254-8241 DC US
Davis, Timothy B DHS DHS/OPO/S&T Contracting Officer 202-254-2333 DC US
Davis Jr, Edward DHS Project Manager Office Lead 202-447-5866 202-447-0626 DC US
Davitch, Gerald DHS DHS JAG Operations Manager 703-275-8678 VA US
Davitz, Dayna DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4633 VA US
Dawkins, Iris C DHS Information System Engineer, Lead 703-235-9528 VA US
Dawkins, Stephanie H DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-0495 202-447-5749 DC US
Day, Mia K DHS Program Analyst (FOIA) 703-235-0771 703-235-0443 VA US
Day, William E DHS Sr. Testing Engineer 703-742-2648 VA US
Dayton, Daniel DHS Special Assistant 202-254-5607 DC US
Dayton, Mark DHS Counselor 202-282-9819 202-282-9181 DC US
Dc1scans DHS 228-813-4843 MS US
Dd, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-3949 DC US
De Castro, Camille DHS 202-254-5358 DC US

De Koninck, Guy DHS Personnel Liaison for ISB 202-295-5474 VA US
De La Pena, Joyce DHS HR Specialist (INFOSYS) 202-357-8488 202-357-8474 DC US
Deal, Dean A DHS USCIS LIAISON TO DHS Intelligence & Analysis 202-447-3893 DC US
Dean, David R DHS 281-468-7565 DC US
Dean, John C DHS Security Authorization Professional 228-813-3343 MS US
Dean, Megan M DHS Military Assistant to the Secretary 202-282-8156 DC US
Dean, Nicole M DHS Deputy Director NCSD 703-235-5145 VA US
Dean, Thomas L DHS Senior Telecom Tech 703-235-9406 VA US
Deangelis, Dave DHS Deputy Chief - OBP 703-235-9393 VA US

Dearcangelis, William DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-324-1505 DC US
Deas, William DHS Region 4 Commander 202-510-4354 GA US
Debnam, Sandra H DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-0784 703-235-0442 VA US
Debruin, Nicole A DHS Associate 703-235-5863 VA US
Decesaris, Karen DHS Customer Service Branch Chief 202-357-8264 202-357-8474 DC US
Decker, Karin M DHS Chemist 212-620-3410 212-620-3600 NY US
Decker, Scott N DHS CRC-Active Member 202-663-0847 DC US
Decol, Antoni M DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9304 VA US
Deegan, Christian DHS Help Desk Coordinator 202-282-8020 DC US
Deel, David A DHS Technical Writer 703-733-3141 VA US
Dees, Bobby J DHS Security Officer 1 609-813-2804 609-813-2733 NJ US
Dees, Brandon DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6003 DC US
Defee, Thomas W DHS General Engineer 202-282-8280 DC US
Degeratu, Iulia DHS 703-235-2127 VA US
Degnan, Robert DHS Acting Associate Director 202-447-5576 DC US
Degrazia, Jeannine DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2849 NJ US
Deitle, John DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7158 202-254-7755 DC US
Dejausserand, Richard A DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-5810 DC US
Del Campo, John DHS Program Manager 202-612-1966 DC US
Del Monico, Timothy DHS Business Liasion 202-447-4397 DC US
Del Vecchio, Kathryn DHS LAPD Desk Officer 202-282-9370 DC US
Delaney, David DHS Deputy Associate General Counsel 202-447-3528 DC US
Delaney, Laura DHS 703-235-3015 VA US
Delargy, Martha F DHS Emergency Planner 202-282-8109 DC US
Delawter, Denise A DHS Executive Officer, SLPO 202-282-8194 202-447-4247 DC US
Delgado, Antonio DHS Consultant 202-447-3678 DC US
Delgado, Jose L DHS Deputy Director, Current Intelligence Division 202-447-3083
Deline, James DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2860 NJ US
Delk, Dennis DHS Infrastructure Analyst\Transportation 703-603-5031 VA US
Della Fave, Valerie DHS QA Specialist 609-813-2651 NJ US
Dellinger, Monica DHS Executive Assistant 301-619-5760 301-619-1436 MD US
Dellon, Matt DHS 703-235-2869 VA US
Dellon, Matt D DHS Banking & Finance Sector Liaison VA US
Delong, John A DHS 202-447-3083 DC US
Delong, Joshua DHS Deputy Director of Strategic Studies 202-282-9243 DC US
Delp, Melissa DHS Director, Performance Management Division 202-343-2472 DC US
Delph, Charlie DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-536-6094 DC US
Deluca, Laura DHS HR Specialist (Benefits) 202-357-8241 202-357-8293 DC US
Demarr, LaMarsha DHS Human Resource Specialist 202-357-8209 202-357-8460 DC US
Demeyere, Richard A DHS Facilities Operations 703-235-1953 703-235-1561 VA US
Demiral, Zehra G DHS EOC Workstreams Support 202-343-2429 DC US
Dempsey, Kathleen DHS Contract Support 202-407-5425 VA US
Demski, David DHS Law and Technology Analyst 202-357-6265 DC US
Denby, Harry DHS Budget Officer, OCIO 202-343-2454 202-343-2530 DC US
Deng, Steven DHS Senior Research Chemist III 609-813-2778 609-407-9632 NJ US
Dengler, Claudia G DHS R & D Staff Scientist 609-813-2663 609-813-2819 NJ US
Denman, Samuel S DHS Performance Management 703-235-3086 VA US
Dennis, Stephen J DHS Technical Director 202-254-5788 202-254-6175 DC US
Denny, Christine DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2571 VA US

Denny, Palmer C DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5760 DC US
Dent, Christopher J DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0958 DC US
Dent, Marques DHS ECO 202-243-3600 DC US
Dent, Martina DHS Program Analyst 202-357-6117 DC US
Dent, Willia DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Dentzer, Ann Marie DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7781 202-401-4708 DC US
Depersia, Trent DHS Technology Engineering Advisor 202-254-6152 202-254-6170 DC US
Depew, Eugene D DHS Systems Programmer 228-813-3309 MS US
Deprenger, Michelle DHS Graphic Designer 202-282-8200 DC US
Depsec DHS Deputy Secretary DC US
Derby, Paul DHS BioWatch IT Lead 703-647-2745 703-683-2866 VA US
Derusha, Christopher DHS Cyber Security Strategist 202-282-9862 DC US
Desai, Roopa DHS IV&V Analyst 202-447-0959 DC US

Desiderio, George DHS Mr. 703-416-3565 DC US

Desimone, Raymond J DHS 202-282-9228 DC US

Desimone, Winifred DHS Research Chemist III 609-813-2867 NJ US
Deso, William DHS Program Manager 202-254-6748 DC US
Despanza, Ashley D DHS Security Manager 228-813-3375 MS US
Desta, Fana DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8551 DC US
Destefano, Anton DHS Attorney Intern 202-612-1781 202-282-9186 DC US
Destry, John DHS Briefer 202-282-8110 DC US
Desuze, Qiana L DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Detjen, Andrea DHS Deputy Director, European and Multilateral Affairs 202-282-9459
Devaughan, Lisa B DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5445 VA US
Devereaux, Keith T DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3168 DC US

Devine, Stephen DHS Fusion Desk 202-282-9685 DC US

Devins, John E DHS ISSO 202-254-5791 DC US
Devison, John DHS SOC Engineer 202-357-7892 DC US
Devlin, Daren DHS Intel Operations Specialist 202-447-3531 202-282-8804 DC US
Devlin, Suzanne G DHS Law Enforcement Liaison 202-447-4186 DC US
Dewitt, Ashleigh DHS Staff Assistant 202-298-0224 VA US

Deziel, Dennis DHS Acting Director, Infrastructure Security Compliance Division

703-603-4611 VA US
Dhs HQ Support, FedTraveler DHS DHS HQ Employee Support ONLY 202-447-4069 DC US
Dhs OBP Taskings DHS Security Specialist VA US
Diamond, Jacob DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8424 DC US
Diamond, Laundrew K DHS Program Management Support 202-447-0824 DC US
Diaz, Josue M DHS SETA 202-254-5339 DC US
Diaz, Suzette DHS Engineer 305-804-7501 FL US
Dib, Marc DHS Commander (O-5) 202-282-9262 DC US
Dicamillo, Lisa DHS Advisor 202-282-9487 DC US
Dicarlo, Michael DHS SharePoint Migration Team 703-456-5111 VA US
Dice, Anne L DHS Mission Management Analyst 202-254-7363 DC US
Dickerson, Bradley DHS Director, Chemical Security Policy 202-447-3997 DC US
Dickerson, Shone DHS Procurement Technician 202-447-0044 DC US
Dickey, Ody DHS Program Manager 703-235-8135 VA US
Dickey, Walter DHS Deputy, T&E Infrastructure 202-254-6900 202-254-6915 DC US
Dickson, Dorothy O DHS Security Specialist DC US
Diehl, David DHS Network Engineer MS US
Diener, Debra DHS Senior Advisor and Director of Privacy Policy 703-235-0199 703-
235-0422 VA US
Diep, Heng DHS Principle Systems Engineer 703-279-6903 DC US
Dietch, Sarah DHS 202-447-5058 DC US
Dietrich, Rolf DHS Chief Knowledge Officer 202-254-6737 DC US
Dietz, Zachary A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8382 DC US
Dietzel, Christopher DHS COOP and Disaster Recovery Planner 240-620-6474 VA US
Difalco, Frank DHS Acting Deputy Director OPS 202-282-9107 DC US
Difrancesco, Bryan DHS IT Specialist 202-357-1209 DC US
Digate, Juli DHS Intern, Trade and Economic Analysis 202-282-8037 DC US
Dighionno, Luciana DHS Chief Engineer 703-603-4612 VA US
Diliberto, Joseph B DHS System Engineer 703-341-4072 VA US
Dilisio, Anthony E DHS Lab Manager 703 277-1359 VA US
Dill, David A DHS Procurement Analyst 703-235-5047 VA US
Dillman, Joshua DHS Enterprise System Management Validation and Assurance 228-813-
4805 MS US
Dillon, Jennifer DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9685 DC US
Dillon, Jennifer M DHS Security Specialist 202-603-2011 DC US
Dillon, Kevin E DHS Program Manager 703-235-3029 VA US
Dillon, Peter C DHS 703-603-4634 DC US
Dilonardo, Robert DHS Chief Information Officer / DNDO 202-254-7518 DC US
Dimaio, Kenneth P DHS Technical Consultant III 434-374-3948 WA US
Dimas, Sonya DHS Special Assistant 202-447-5116 DC US
Dimuzio, Steve DHS 202-731-4107 VA US
Dingerdissen, Matthew L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7458 DC US
Dinh, Thien DHS Facilities and Property Operations Specialist 202-254-6826 202-
254-2372 DC US
Dinson, Alphonso DHS Information Security Engineer 202-447-0793 DC US
Dinunno, Donn DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0960 DC US
Dion, Thomas DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2866 VA US
Dionisio, Miles DHS General Engineer 212-620-3633 212-620-3651 NY US
Dipalo, Victoria A DHS Associate 703-377-4231 VA US
Dipasqua, Frances DHS Purchasing agent 212-620-3610 212-620-3600 NY US
Disalvo, Shanna M DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0121 202-447-5333 DC
Disciascio, Pietro DHS Analyst 202-282-8803 DC US
Disharoon, Donald DHS Facilities & Equiipment Technician 202-254-7073 DC US
Dishman, Christopher DHS Director, Southwest Region 202-701-7582 972-548-4747 TX
Dismukes, Donna DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-3961 DC US
Dister, Daniel DHS Director, National Security Systems 202-357-6116 DC US
Divecchio, Michael DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-4522 DC US
Dixon, Ernestine DHS Systems Administrative Specialist 202-282-8006 DC US
Dixon, Fionia R DHS Accountant 202-254-7134 202-254-7757 DC US
Dixon, Lekeith DHS Project Manager 228-813-4120 MS US
Dixon, Susan E DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6310 202-254-6915 DC US
Dixon, Theresa L DHS Budget Analyst 202-357-8452 202-357-0042 DC US
Dixon Jr, Robert L DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8342 202-357-8470 DC US
Do, Nhan H DHS Executive Support Services 202-870-2965 DC US
Dodd, Michael S DHS OCFO - Financial Management Specialist 202-447-0335 DC US
Dodd, Michael W DHS Technical Consultant, ESDO 202-447-5802 DC US
Dodd, Timothy DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3476 202-282-9186 DC US
Dodson, Karla DHS 812-853-0344
Dodson, Kendra DHS Branch Chief 202-447-5783 202-447-0697 DC US
Dodson, Ricky DHS Security Escort 202-282-8438 703-235-5961 DC US
Doelle, Miles DHS Chief Operator 631-323-3305 631-477-4429 NY US
Doelle, Rosemarie DHS Hospitality Mgr 631-477-4401 631-323-3066 NY US
Doerschuk, Andrew DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7207 202-254-7752 DC US
Doerwaldt, Hannah DHS 202-282-9108 DC US
Doheny, Craig M DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-357-8533 DC US
Doherty, Dan E DHS ISSO 703-579-0742 DC US
Doherty, Ruth DHS Chief Scientist 202-254-5349 202-254-5396 DC US
Dolan, Terrence P DHS GIS Desk Officer 202-282-9369 DC US
Dolberry, Belinda NMI DHS Sr. Security Specialist 202-447-0625 202-447-0697 DC US
Dole, Melinda DHS Sr. System Sec. Analyst/CO/IR Team Lead 202-254-6782 202-254-
5814 DC US
Dole, Mike DHS Director, Diversity Management Unit 202-254-8220 DC US
Dolhon, Michael DHS Program Manager/Lead Engineer 202-282-8375 VA US
Domenici, Helen DHS Consultant 202-447-3774 DC US
Dominy, Anh H DHS Customer Advocate Stennis Data Center 202-824-7962 DC US
Domyan, Laura DHS 202-254-6066 DC US
Donahue, Jeremiah DHS Oracle Database Administrator 228-813-4121 MS US
Donahue, William T DHS Asst. Fire Chief 631-323-3359 631-323-3248 NY US
Donaldson, Charles DHS Sr SQL Database Engineer 703-904-6471 VA US
Donawa, Holly DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5566 202-447-5564 DC US
Done, Brian DHS VA US
Donelan, Sean M DHS Program Manager, Trusted Internet Connections 703-235-5122
Donella, Donna A DHS 202-343-2489 DC US
Doney, George D DHS Architect DC US
Doniger, Colin NM DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-3954 DC US
Donkor, Jeffrey DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0192 DC US
Donnan, Stephanie DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9516 DC US
Donnelly, Michael DHS Geospatial Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9369 DC US
Donohue, Kaitlin DHS 202-254-5870 DC US
Donohue, Sean M DHS Senior Business Analyst 202-254-6637 DC US
Donohue, Thomas J DHS 202-254-7199 DC US
Donovan, John J DHS Technical Manager 202-683-8629 DC US
Dooley, Ann Marie DHS Special Assistant to COS 202-282-8471 DC US
Dooley, Kris DHS Administrative Assistant 631-323-3129 631-323-3097 NY US
Doolittle, Douglas M DHS SIA 202-447-3294 DC US
Doolittle, James A DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8310 DC US
Doran, Kevin J DHS Security 609-485-5246 NJ US
Dorgan, Mark DHS FOIA Officer, Management Directorate 703-235-0755 VA US
Dorland, Lindsay A DHS Senior Program Manager 703-351-1101 VA US
Dorn, Malisa V DHS SETA Support 202-254-2323 DC US
Dorris, Earl E DHS Executive Secretariat, Director 703-235-2144 VA US
Dorsainvil, Reginald R DHS EDMO Techincal Support 202-447-3744 DC US
Dorsey, Alphea K DHS Program Analyst, Current Operations 202-447-4092 DC US
Dorsey, Shakia D DHS SETA Support 202-254-8616 DC US
Dorsey, Trayonne N DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3879 DC US
Dorville, Kristina DHS 703-235-3666 VA US
Doshier, Thomas W DHS ISSO 703-676-7931 VA US

Doty, David B DHS DC2 - Mainframe Support 919-424-5389 NC US
Doucett, Philip DHS Animal Caretaker 1-631-323-3291 NY US

Doucett, Timothy DHS shipping/recieving 631-477-4483 631-323-2352 NY US
Douel, Robert DHS Special Investigator 202-447-5460 202-447-5335 DC US
Dougherty, George DHS 202-447-3962 DC US
Douglas, Edwenia DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8510 202-357-0042 DC US
Douglas, Russell DHS Cyber Intrusion Analyst VA US
Douglass, Sarah F DHS 703-983-2941 703-983-1339 DC US
Dove, Jeff DHS Assistant 202-447-5269 DC US
Dove, Stephen DHS Director, Congressional Actions 202-282-9890 202-282-9188 DC US
Dowd, Vincent DHS DC US
Dowgwillo, Rene DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-573-4669 DC US
Dowling, Peter DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9914 DC US
Downer, Natalie F DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5773 202-447-5118 DC US
Downes, James DHS Standards Manager - OEC 202-343-1703 202-343-4016 DC US
Downey, John B DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-4117 202-282-9888 DC US
Downey, Michael J DHS Branch Chief, CHQ Physical Security Branch 202-680-2253 DC
Downey, Teresa K DHS Program Specialist 202-447-3963 DC US

Downing, Barry DHS Deputy Branch Chief, Risk Analysis & Data 703-603-4926 VA US
Downs, Melissa L DHS Continuity of Operations Officer 202-254-6618 202-254-2372 DC
Doyle, Christopher DHS Director, Infrastructure and Geophysical Division 202-254-
5745 DC US
Dozier, James A DHS Enrollment Official DC US

Drabkowski, Douglas J DHS Transition Manager 202-254-5808 202-254-6165 DC US
Dragon, Ernst DHS Project Coordinator 202-447-0690 202-447-0437 DC US
Dragseth, John DHS 703-603-5080 VA US
Drake, David DHS Business Analyst 202-447-5429 DC US
Drake, Jaemie L DHS Privacy Analyst 202-254-6715 DC US
Drake, John W DHS 202-254-6884 DC US
Drake, Karenya DHS 202-254-6016 DC US
Draper, Keesha DHS Financial Resources Analyst 703-235-2125 703-235-2051 VA US
Draper, Vicki Lynn DHS HR Specialist (Compensation) 202-357-8316 DC US
Draughn, Darryl DHS SIA 202-282-9068 DC US
Draxler, Deborah DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-331-4066 DC US
Dreher, Thomas DHS NJSP Desk Officer 202-282-8612 DC US
Dreuth, Marie DHS Desk Officer 202-447-0223 DC US
Drew, Daniel E DHS Program Manager/Sr Intel Analyst 915-760-2744 TX US
Drew, Jonathan DHS Mr. 202-447-5721 DC US
Drews, Adam H DHS Government Watch Officer 202-612-1684 DC US

Drezek, Leon C DHS Counterintelligence Advisor 202-254-6420 DC US
Drier, Kathleen D DHS Service Desk Manager 434-374-8009 NC US
Driggers, Richard J DHS 703-235-9401 VA US
Driscoll, David DHS FSSI, telecom 631-323-3054 NY US
Driscoll, Kevin J DHS Linux Systems Admin 228-813-4816 MS US
Drumming, Antonio D DHS Site Lead 703-235-8179 VA US
Dryden, Sheila DHS Senior Advisor 703-235-3084 703-235-5694 VA US
Du Bosq, Marianna DHS (Acting) Assistant Director, Business Integration 202-447-
5162 202-447-5144 DC US
Dub, Nicholas G DHS Emergency Preparedness 202-447-3757 DC US
Dubin, Heidi DHS Collections Requirements Manager 202-447-4684 DC US
Dublin, Ann DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8282 DC US
Dubose, Mary DHS Management Program Analyst 202-357-8135 202-357-8295 DC US
Duck, Walter DHS Do Not Use/Use ICE Email VA US
Ducos-Bello, Jose DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 202-282-8782 DC US jose.ducos-
Duda, David B DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5415 DC US
Dudasko, Diane M DHS Contractor 202-420-1428 DC US
Dudley, Gwendolyn DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9515 DC US
Duff, Elissa DHS Efficiency Review Fellow 202-612-1189 DC US
Duffield, Crystal D DHS Executive Secretariat 703-235-9512 VA US
Duffy, Jeffrey F DHS Data Center Service Desk Analyst 919-424-9273 NC US
Duffy, Michael DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9032 DC US
Duffy, Ryan DHS 202-357-6267 DC US
Duffy, Steve DHS Project / Technical Leader 609-813-2871 609-383-1694 NJ US
Dufour, Flora DHS Legislative Assistant 202-447-5672 202-447-5437 DC US
Dugan, Aaron M DHS Ofc. 202-282-9700 DC US
Dugan, Catherine DHS Component Liaison Officer 202-282-9163 DC US
Dugan, Christina DHS Security Specialist (Administrative) 202-447-3212 202-282-
9969 DC US
Duggan, Alaina DHS Deputy Director, State Affairs 202-447-3101 202-282-1044 DC US
Duggan, Tara L DHS SETA 202-254-6758 DC US
Duggins, Tanya A DHS 703-235-8105 VA US
Duhart, George W DHS Sr Security Spec 703-235-5457 VA US
Dukas, Raisa DHS Policy Analyst, Foreign Investment Risk Management 202-447-3031
Dulmes, Eric S DHS Intern 609-813-2798 NJ US
Dumas, Lydia DHS Supervisory Contracting Officer 202-447-4302 DC US
Dunaway, Lisa E DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-8820 PA US
Duncan, Bruce DHS Consultant - Program Analyst 703-235-3617 VA US
Duncan, Glenn A DHS 540-834-9557 VA US
Duncan, Richard C DHS Infosec engineer (ISSE) 703-235-5638 VA US
Duncan, Tammy DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7438 850-452-7836 FL US
Dunfee, Elyssa DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4537 DC US
Dunford, Alexandria M DHS Admin Specialist 202-282-9853 DC US
Dunford, Scott DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-5054 VA US
Dunlap, Harley E DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-731-9647 IL US
Dunlap, James C DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-612-1760 DC US
Dunlap, Meghann DHS Deputy White House Liaison 202-447-4574 DC US
Dunn, James E DHS technician/ engineer 202-343-1601 DC US
Dunn, Kathryn DHS Project Manager OCIO Apps Branch 202-254-5830 DC US
Dunn, Sasha DHS Lieutenant / Watch Commander 202-447-3856 202-447-3008 DC US
Dunphy, Robert DHS Contractor 703-983-0028 DC US
Dunson, Kenan B DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0593 DC US
Duong, Anh DHS Director, Borders & Maritime Security Division 202-254-2358 DC US
Duong, Cindy M DHS Program Analyst/Budget Analyst 703-235-4299 VA US
Duong, Robin DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-2338 DC US
Duong, Tuyet G DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7764 DC US
Duplyakin, Andriy DHS Solution Architect 703-989-5452 DC US
Dupre, Kyle DHS Component Liaison Officer 202-447-3658 DC US

Duraisamy, Joshua DHS SharePoint Systems Administrator 202-254-6604 DC US
Durant, Jonathan W DHS Program Analyst - Facilities 202-254-6314 DC US
Durcsak, David DHS Deputy Program Manager 571-309-9617 VA US
Durette, Paul DHS Director, Office of Compliance and Security 703-235-3010 VA US
Durham, Bernard DHS PRC 202-447-5283 202-481-0427 DC US
Durham, Chastity DHS Intern 202-357-8147 202-357-8295 DC US
Durham, Debra S DHS Senior Advisor 202-254-6948 DC US
During, Linda DHS Project Manager 202-254-6499 DC US
Durkovich, Caitlin A DHS Chief of Staff 703-235-2091 VA US
Duron, Ricardo DHS Branch Chief 202-282-9674 DC US
Dushane, Charles M DHS Protective Security Advisor 312-353-5431 312-353-1225 IL US
Dusina, Jeremy DHS 202-254-6629 DC US
Dutt, Kirat DHS 703-603-5174 VA US
Dutton, Connie DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-5308 202-447-5310 or 0520
Duty, Bradley D DHS Senior Operations Advisor, NOC Media Monitoring 202-895-7620,
ext 119 DC US
Duval, James DHS CDR 202-282-8254 DC US
Duvall, Christina DHS Financial Manager 202-306-4968 202-343-4238 DC US
Duvall, Christopher F DHS Cyber Policy Analyst 703-235-4081 VA US
Duvall, John W DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9528 202-282-9186 DC US
Dwyer, Thomas DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 631-323-3045 631-323-3169 NY
Dybvik, Terry D DHS Communications/Network Engineer IV 703-235-4271 703-235-4981
Dymond, John C DHS HS/NSPD Training Specialist 202-357-8464 DC US
Dynys, Timothy M DHS Incident handler 703-235-8832 VA US
Dyson, Jennifer DHS IT Specialist 202-254-6795 DC US
Dzubin, Laura DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist/Reports Officer 858-495-7290
Dzurilla, Christopher M DHS Security Specialist DC US
Eade, Cathy A DHS Sector Specialist 703-603-5032 VA US
Eagan, William DHS Protective Security Advisor 703-235-9343 VA US
Eagleton, Ralph DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5805 202-447-5545 DC US
Earle, Scott DHS Systems Administrator 317-821-6053 IN US
Early, Emily N DHS OEC External Affairs 202-343-1692 DC US
Earnest, Mary M DHS 609-289-6363 NJ US
Easton, Kirk M DHS Operations Manager, HQ SOC 202-357-6187 DC US
Eaton, Rick DHS Mission Advocate 775-336-9924 NV US
Eaves, Victor H DHS Program Analyst - HC 703-235-5190 VA US

Eberle, Carole DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5438 VA US

Ebert, Brian J DHS Section Chief 703-235-9351 VA US
Echazarreta, Sergio DHS Operation Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Echols, Michael DHS Chief, Government Industry Planning and Management 703-235-
4218 VA US
Eckenrode, Joanne M DHS Project Manager 703-742-1316 VA US
Eckes, Martin DHS Chief, Training Development 202-447-4183 DC US
Edge, Jeremy K DHS Production Team Lead 703-235-2500 VA US
Edmiston, Liana DHS Project Manager 703-506-9515 x8109 VA US
Edmondson, Sarah DHS Reports Officer 202-282-8623 DC US

Edmunds, Tammie DHS Chief, HRMS Policy & Programs Branch 202-357-8157 202-357-8140
Edwards, Alexandra DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9673 DC US
Edwards, bruce DHS Grant Specialist 202-447-0232 202-447-5600 DC US
Edwards, Jeffrey L DHS Program Manager DC US
Edwards, Kingsley DHS Chief of Facilities 202-536-6023 VA US
Edwards, Marty DHS Director - Control Systems Security Program 703-235-2859 ID
Edwards, Shelton N DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0615 DC US

Edwards, Thomas D DHS Program Analyst 202-254-8625 DC US
Edwards, Yasmin DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5262 DC US
Egeland, Andrew M DHS Executive Secretary, Enterprise and Mission Support 202-282-
8713 DC US
Eger IV, August DHS Assoc. Dep. Under Secretary for EMS 202-282-9044 DC US
Egerton, Walter E DHS Operations Specialist 703-235-2547 VA US
Eggleston, Queen S DHS 202-447-4513 DC US
Eggleston, Rodney DHS COMSEC Manager 202-447-3430 202-282-8649 DC US
Egli, Charles J DHS NEP Requirements Analyst IV 703-235-2520 VA US
Ehrhardt, Elvin E DHS Sr. Intelligence Officer 307-777-6615 307-777-7301 WY US
Ehsan, Adnan DHS IT SPECIALIST 202-447-5458 DC US
Eicher, Susan DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5015 DC US
Eicholtz, Erika D DHS Executive Assistant 202-343-4046 202-343-4236 DC US
Eickenhorst, Marisa DHS BioWatch SPO Business Manager 703-647-2725 VA US
Eidelkind, Michael DHS Schedule/Risk Management 202-357-8358 DC US
Eilets, Robert DHS Program/Analyst/Policy/ISCD 703-603-4635 VA US
Eineker, Lauren Ann DHS Administrative Assistant 202-343-2459 202-343-2530 DC US
Eingorn, Erik A DHS Senior Consultant 703-235-8162 VA US
Eisenbraun, Gary DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9436 VA US

Eisenstadt, Mark DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5776 DC US

Ekedahl, Carolyn M DHS I&A Senior Reviewer 202-447-3277 DC US
Ekman, Brian J DHS IRS 202-282-8129 DC US
Eknes, Trisha D DHS IT-NOVA Chief of Operations 202-297-3476 DC US
Ekpo, Inemesit DHS 202-357-8502 DC US
Ekren, Elizabeth M DHS Production Specialist/Editor 202-447-4483 DC US
Elder, William D DHS Process Analyst
Eleazer, Angel DHS Consultant 202-447-5254 DC US
Eliasof, Mark DHS Service Desk 866-843-9220

Elkins, Debra A DHS Section Chief, Risk Assessments and Analysis 202-343-1785 DC
Eller, Joshua A DHS HIFLD to the Regions 202-480-5530 GA US
Elliot, Brant J DHS Senior Software Engineer 919-790-9895 EXT 106 DC US
Elliot, Gary DHS DC2 - Mainframe Support 434-374-3847 VA US
Elliott, Joe DHS Lead COMSEC Custodian 202-447-3404 202-282-8802 DC US
Elliott, Michael K DHS First Responder/Inter-Agency Relations Manager 202-254-6048
202-254-6094 DC US
Elliott, Roger L DHS Image Management Lead 202-447-0009 DC US
Ellis, Berneta B DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5872 DC US
Ellis, Imani DHS Accounting Technician DC US
Ellis, John DHS 410-961-6675 DC US
Ellis, Kathleen M DHS 703-235-5192 VA US
Ellis, Leland C DHS Science Advisor 202-254-5769 202-254-6164 DC US
Ellis, Maria W DHS Project Analyst Advanced 703-733-3186 VA US
Ellis, Robert M DHS Technical Lead 843-218-5695 SC US
Ellis Peed, Sarah G DHS Section Chief 202-343-1786 DC US

Ellison, Robert DHS Deputy Section Chief, Office of Continuity Operations 202-557-
5301 540-542-5451 VA US
Ellmore, Kimberly DHS Lead Architect 202-282-9752 DC US

Elmore, Trae E DHS Linux System Administrator 228-813-4846 MS US
Elnahal, Iman H DHS Project Lead 202-357-8317 DC US
Elson, Stephen DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2503 VA US
Elsts, Brian DHS CRMD O&M Systems Engineer 202-447-5797 DC US
Elwell, Patrick DHS Clerk 202-282-9824 DC US
Ely, Nathaniel DHS Solutions Architect 571-230-5827 VA US
Emerson, Catherine V DHS 202-357-8151 DC US
Emery, James W DHS Protective Security Advisor 513-246-1561 513-684-3436 OH US
Emery, Mark J DHS Account Director 703-641-3365 VA US
Emmett, George C DHS Senior Research Scientist 410-436-1558 410-436-6203 MD US
Enciso, April DHS 850-452-7795 FL US
Eng, Benedict DHS Senior Acquisition Analyst 202-343-4523 202-343-4550 DC US
Eng, David DHS Program Manager 703-235-3038 VA US
Eng, Janie DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8478 DC US
Eng, Joseph TK DHS OHA\NBIC 202-282-8749 DC US
Eng, Katherine KE DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0475 202-447-0582 DC US
Engblom, Raymond A DHS General Engineer 202-254-6032 202-254-6910 DC US
Engel, Joseph DHS Deputy IT Operations Manager 202-254-2388 DC US
Engel-Yamane, Victoria DHS Enterprise Architect DC US victoria.engel-
England, Karl DHS 850-452-7700 FL US
Engle, Elizabeth DHS Media Coordinator 202-447-4151 DC US
Engle, Herbert DHS Program Manager 202-254-6713 202-254-6169 DC US
Engleman, Billy DHS Information Technology Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-357-7880
Office DC US
English, Charlton C DHS Avaition Sector Specialist 703-235-3624 VA US
Engvall, Jane DHS Chief Architect 202-447-5639 DC US
Ennis, Eileen DHS Director, ASD 202-254-6300 DC US
Ennis, Kelly DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7208 202-254-7752 DC US
Enos, Lynn DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5235 VA US
Enos, Michael DHS SPAWAR Systems Engineer 843-218-3910 843-218-5505 SC US
Enriquez, Vince DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4561 202-282-8803
Epley, Veronica DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-8178 VA US
Eppenstein, Larry DHS Program Manager 202-282-9420 DC US
Epperson, Anthony L DHS Sys Admin 202-612-1122 DC US
Epperson, David B DHS NPPD CIO 703-235-3024 VA US
Epps, Albert N DHS 202-447-4654 DC US
Epstein, Rena DHS Senior Reviewer 202-447-4620 DC US
Erickson, Mitchell D DHS Director, Northeast Operations, Interagency Coordination
Ericson, Douglas A DHS ISSO 202-447-0166 DC US
Erkun, Mui DHS DHS Procurement Ombudsman and Industry Liaison 202-447-5309 DC US
Errabolu, Naveen DHS Project Manager 202-254-7092 DC US
Errera, Michelle L DHS Office Manager/Scheduler 202-282-8055 DC US
Erskine, Donald K DHS Supervisory PSA 703-235-9352 VA US

Ervin, Angela M DHS Chemist 202-254-5624 202-254-6167 DC US

Ervin, James DHS 202-447-3308 202-447-3074 DC US
Ervin, Paul M DHS Rent/Space FM System Administrator 202-731-0401 DC US
Ervin, Vanessa M DHS Information Technology Manager 202-282-9211 DC US
Erwin, Tanesha C DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-4023 DC US
Escatel, Patti P DHS Analyst 571-241-1001 VA US

Eschmann, Ron DHS Program Information 703-603-5024 VA US

Escobar, Deanna L DHS Graphic Designer 202-254-6801 DC US
Eshun, Solomon DHS ISO 202-357-7884 DC US
Eskridge, Gloria DHS Director-Administrative Operations NAC 202-282-9241 DC US
Espenschied, Jared DHS Data & Metrics Specialist 202-447-5355 DC US
Espeseth, Craig DHS Intel Ops Specialist 202-447-4540 DC US
Espinosa, Gregorio DHS HHS LNO 202-282-8977 DC US
Espinosa, John A DHS 703-488-4088 VA US
Espinoza, Chris C DHS 202-254-6196 DC US
Espinoza, Richard DHS Assistant Director for Real Property DC US
Esquivel, Craig E DHS Analyst 703-284-6626 VA US
Essid, Chris DHS Director, Office of Emergency Communications 202-343-1712 DC US
Esslinger, Charles F DHS Systems Administrator 571-258-2801 VA US
Estelle, Shawn DHS Asset Managment Lead 202-447-0312 DC US
Esterday, Clifford DHS Project Manager (supervisor) 817-649-6260 TX US
Estes, Elizabeth DHS Project Manager 301-982-2874 MD US
Estes, Tiffany DHS Clerk 202-254-6321 DC US
Estorga, Alejandro DHS Engineering Senior Scientist 575-496-7431 575-522-3136 DC
Etedali, Suzanne DHS Deputy Section Chief, Incident Management 202-282-9680 DC
Eubank, Kaye DHS EOC Workstreams Support 202-343-2428 DC US
Eun, James DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5812 202-447-5779 DC US
Eustace, Carolyn DHS Construction Project Manager 202-407-1919 VA US
Evancoe, Paul R DHS SETA LNO coordinator 202-254-6434 DC US
Evaniuck, Michael DHS DC2-Unix Administrator 434-374-0956 VA US
Evans, Allison DHS 703-235-3028 VA US
Evans, Andrea C DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0654 DC US
Evans, Bradley DHS Data Manager 703-803-4810 703-968-1141 VA US
Evans, Carlton C DHS Administrative Specialist 202-604-7249 DC US
Evans, Jeffery DHS 202-254-6331 DC US
Evans, Jonathan R DHS 202-447-5713 DC US
Evans, Joseph R DHS HSIN Watch Officer 202-282-8808 DC US
Evans, Matthew DHS 202-357-8423 202-357-8295 DC US
Evans, Melissa M DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5211 DC US

Evans, Michael DHS Sr. Security Specialist 202-447-0340 202-447-5333 DC US
Evans, Natalie DHS Special Assistant to Admiral Mike Brown 443-654-6062 MD US
Evans, Nathaniel DHS Nuclear Assessment Specialist 202-254-7164 DC US
Evans, Robert C DHS Security Consultant 202-357-1227 DC US
Evans, Shawna DHS Special Agent DC US
Evans, Thomas W DHS Project Technical Lead 703-742-2560 VA US
Everett, Tracey L DHS EMOC Agent 228-813-4825 MS US
Everette-Duncan, Tracy DHS Branch Chief 202-343-2491 DC US tracy.everette-
Everhart, Javita DHS Systems Engineer 202-603-4636 VA US
Evetts, Mark V DHS NOC Deputy Director 202-282-8950 DC US
Ewell, Casey R DHS Intern 202-447-0714 DC US
Ewell, Michael G DHS PwC - Senior Associate 202-357-7629 DC US
Ewing, Gregory C DHS Capital Investment Specialist 202-450-0467 DC US
Exum-Brown, Charnita DHS Enrollment Official 202-604-1292 DC US charnita.exum-
Ezeldin, Amany S DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8270 202-357-0042 DC US
Fabbri, Alexis DHS SETA Support 202-254-5887 DC US
Fabel, Larry R DHS Radiation Safety Specialist 609-813-2882
Faber, Birch S DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-4077 DC US

Fabry, David DHS Test Engineer 609-813-2757 609-646-2536 NJ US

Facer, Thomas J DHS Chief of Staff, SLPO 202-447-3131 DC US

Facilitator, EACOE DHS EACOE FACILITATOR 202-447-3670 DC US
Fagan, James W DHS Systems Engineer 703-868-8027 DC US
Fagan, Marcia M DHS Cyber Analyst 202-447-3309 DC US
Fagerholm, Eric N DHS Director, Continuity & Doctrine Division 202-282-9131 DC
Fahey, Kelly M DHS Senior Data Architect 202-447-4468 202-447-3874 DC US
Fahmy, Nasr DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5146 202-447-0374 DC US
Faisal, Abdullah DHS Intern DC US
Fajemisin, Shola DHS 703-235-4956 VA US
Fakhari, Henry DHS Enterprise Architect 703-733-3290 VA US
Falcon, Gregory DHS Duty Officer WA US
Falcon, Jessica DHS Regional Commander-Region 9 CA US
Falkenstein, Cindy V DHS Senior Privacy Analyst 703-235-5675 VA US
Falls, Douglas DHS ISSO, Vulnerability & Compliance Analyst 202-254-7213 DC US
Falstreau, Matthew J DHS Director 228-813-4849 MS US
Famini, George DHS Director, CSAC 410-417-0901 410-417-0915 MD US
Fandinga, Darcy DHS Executive Assistant/Administrative Officer 703-603-4695 703-
603-4712 VA US
Farag, Silvia A DHS Public Affairs Specialist 703-235-2879 VA US
Farah, Abdirizak DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7611 DC US
Farah, Lee E DHS Senior Unix Administrator 703-618-5858 DC US
Farah, Susan DHS Chief, Formulation & Execution Branch 202-447-0574 DC US
Farinetti, Dennis DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0975 TX US
Farka, Ina DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4904 VA US
Farley, Gail DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8310 202-282-8801 DC US
Farmer, Derek L DHS Budget Analysis 202-282-8205 202-447-3464 DC US
Farmer, Jack DHS Sr. Intelligence Officer 915-760-2489 928-396-3841 TX US
Farquharson, Clayton R DHS Senior Technician 202-447-0589 DC US
Farr, Rebecca DHS Senior Privacy Engineer 202-447-4552 DC US
Farrell, Adwoa DHS 703-235-5056 703-235-5961 VA US
Farrell, Aine DHS Continuity Analyst 202-447-4352 DC US
Farrell, Brian DHS Management Analyst 202-254-5730 DC US
Farrell, Jeffrey M DHS Production Analyst - US-CERT 703-235-8832 VA US
Farrell, John DHS Policy Section Chief 703-603-4686 VA US

Farrell, John F DHS C&A Analyst 228-813-3325 MS US
Farrell, Sonja B DHS Branch Chief, Policy and Planning 703-235-3918 VA US
Farrow-Smith, Kay DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-7101 DC US kay.farrow-
Farzaneh, Brian DHS Sr. IA Analyst 703-235-8535 VA US
Fast, Stephanie DHS ILA 202-357-8484 202-357-0042 DC US
Faulcon, Jason D DHS 202-754-7011 DC US
Faulk, Beverly DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-235-5171 703-235-5963 VA US
Faulk, Roxana E DHS 703-587-9480 DC US
Faulk, Todd C DHS Analyst 202-282-9390 (open) DC US
Faulkner, Jean E DHS Chief, Training Branch 202-447-5894 202-447-5897 DC US
Faulkner, Richard D DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Fausett, Andrew D DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3406 DC US

Favereau, Clifford DHS Inspector 202-360-0064 GA US

Fayard, John F DHS 228-813-4834 MS US
Featherston, Christopher T DHS 202-254-6117 202-254-5783 DC US
Featherstone, Jenista DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0463 202-447-5545 DC US
Fee, Richard A DHS DC2 - System Administrator 202-407-3645 NC US
Feeney, Paul H DHS 571-258-2828 VA US
Feld, Steven R DHS Project Manager 703-736-4070 VA US
Felder, Anthony D DHS IT logistician 202-447-0197 DC US
Feldman, Matthew J DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-0914 DC US
Feliciano, Luis DHS Intelligence Officer 267-322-4149 PA US
Felix, Lindsay A DHS Analyst 703-875-2952 DC US

Feliz, Joseph A DHS Executive Assistant 202-357-8176 DC US

Fell, Marvin DHS Economist 202-282-8172 202-282-8504 DC US

Feller, Kayla G DHS 703-235-5478 VA US
Fellerman, Jesse DHS Program Analyst 202-295-5442 VA US
Felmly, Kenneth P DHS IT Systems Manager 703-803-4857 VA US
Felts, Ryan C DHS Contractor 202-343-1627 DC US
Fenn, Max DHS Protective Security Advisor 601-965-4436 601-965-4012 MS US
Fennel, Carl A DHS AppAuth Engineer 202-447-5475 DC US
Ference, David B DHS Fusion Desk/ State Local Support 202-282-6985 DC US
Ferency, Stuart DHS Chief, Critical Manufacturing Sector 703-603-5140 DC US
Fergus, Perry DHS Senior Associate 202-343-1715 DC US
Ferguson, Bobbie DHS Director, Office of Multimedia 818-840-6319 818-526-0911 CA
Ferguson, Janice DHS DNDO SETA Support 202-254-7237 202-254-7749 DC US
Ferguson, Jeena M DHS File Transfer 202-447-3447 DC US
Ferguson, Scott DHS 202-447-4503 DC US
Ferguson, Zachary DHS Program Analyst Intern 202-447-5613 202-447-5144 DC US
Ferman, Geoffrey S DHS Biosurety Officer 631-323-3085 631-323-3335 NY US
Fernandez, Diana DHS NSSB Exec Assistant 202-447-4086 DC US
Fernandez, Kathryn E DHS Senior Exercise Specialist 703-235-2516 VA US
Fernandez, Lepido V DHS animal care taker 631-323-3291 NY US
Ferreira, Angelino D DHS Civil Engineer 703-603-5159 703-603-5190 VA US
Ferrell, Christa L DHS Security Specialist 202-282-8096 DC US
Ferrell, Erica D DHS 202-254-6727 DC US
Ferrell, Madalyn E DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-450-7679 TX US
Ferris, George W DHS CBRNE Analyst 202-447-4145 202-282-9705 DC US
Ferte, Kathleen DHS Deputy Chief of Staff, Administration 202-254-7030 202-254-
7755 DC US
Fesler, Lorenzo DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-447-4236 202-447-4246 DC US
Fetzer, Kaitlin J DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-9384 VA US
Feyh, William A DHS EMT/Security/Watch Officer 202-282-8956/202-282-8808 DC US
Fiddler, Pamela L DHS Special Assistant 202-343-4514 DC US
Fiechtl, Herman W DHS 202-282-9670 DC US
Fiedelholtz, Glenn DHS Risk Manager,Network Security Deployment 703-235-4990 VA
Fields, Charles C DHS Senior Budget Analyst 202-447-5886 202-447-5118 DC US
Fields, Jacquelyn T DHS ESDO Acquisition Manager 202-447-0827 DC US
Fields, Latonya DHS Supervisory Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5384 202-
447-5013 DC US
Fields, Lorin E DHS Labor Relations Specialist 703-235-2180 VA US
Fields, Mary B DHS Receptionist 631-323-3200 631-323-3001 NY US
Fields, Paul DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-302-6376 DC US
Fields, Robert T DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5652 DC US
Fields, Sabrina DHS Finance 703-235-2128 VA US

Fields, Sandra DHS OCIO--EA 202-254-6848 202-254-6171 DC US
Figlear, John F DHS Senior Consultant 703-742-2703 VA US
Figueroa, Christine B DHS Protective Security Advisor 602-241-4336 AZ US
Figueroa, Juan DHS Defense Industrial Board Sector Specialist 703-603-5033 VA US
Figueroa, Melissa A DHS Analyst 202-445-1866 MA US
Fildebrandt, Eric DHS Computer Scientist 703-235-5483 VA US
Filipovic, Nenad DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9530 DC US
Filippone, Tom DHS 202-282-8033 DC US
Filko, Jeremy S DHS 202-447-3965 DC US
Finan, Tom M DHS Senior Cybersecurity Strategist and Counsel 202-447-3810 DC US
Findorff, Maureen DHS Principal 703-284-5049 VA US
Fine, Josh DHS Site Manager 631-323-3022 NY US
Fine, Mark T DHS SLPO Duty Desk 202-447-4288 202-447-4246 DC US
Fink, Isabel DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-254-2366 202-254-5625 DC US
Fink, Randy S DHS Program Management Analyst 202-302-9307 DC US
Finkle, Tomi DHS CEM 202-254-6847 202-254-6917 DC US
Finley, Francis DHS IT Specialist - International Coordination VA US
Finnerty, Catherine R DHS Senior Associate 703-465-5913 VA US
Fioravanti, Mark DHS Security Architect 202-870-9942 DC US
Fiore, David DHS Management & Program Analyst 631-323-3244 631-323-3295 NY US
Fiorenza, Christopher M DHS Administrative Officer, OEC 202-343-1684 202-343-4015
Firaben, Kay F DHS Engineer 703-235-5633 VA US
Firozvi, Nadia DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6293 DC US
Firth, Christine A DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-9375 VA US
Fisch, Hayley B DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6447 DC US
Fischer, JoAnne DHS IWW Senior SIA 202-282-8309 DC US
Fischer, Mark E DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3035 DC US
Fischer, Michael DHS Technical Analyst 703-282-7779 DC US
Fischler, Daniel DHS Honors Attorney 202-282-8056 DC US

Fishburne, William B DHS Database Administrator 301-442-9864 VA US
Fisher, David L DHS DHS HQ PKI Team 202-357-1273 DC US
Fisher, Eric M DHS Program Management Advisor 703-983-5138 VA US
Fisher, James J DHS Deputy Asst Director - MMD/Maritime 202-254-7387 202-254-7455
Fisher, John K DHS PSCD 703-235-9379 VA US
Fisher, Matthew S DHS Financial Analyst 202-540-9320 DC US
Fisher, Nicole J DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2270 DC US
Fisher, Ronald DHS Contractor 703-235-5790 630-252-9559 VA US
Fisher, Sian M DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8226 DC US
Fisher, Tammi T DHS SETA Support 202-254-6102 202-254-6170 DC US
Fisher, William J DHS Program Security Advisor 202-573-5124 VA US
Fiske, Abigail D DHS Senior Program Manager 202-684-5595 DC US
Fiske, Erik D DHS 202-254-6673 DC US
Fiske, Ian DHS 202-612-1913 DC US
Fitch, Shawn DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9514 VA US
Fitch, Thad DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-302-6363 SD US
Fitzgerald, Darwin G DHS Security Authorization Analyst 228-813-3342 MS US
Fitzgerald, Dawn M DHS Project Manager 202-447-0013 202-447-0725 DC US
Fitzgerald, Elaine E DHS Contractor 703-341-4053 DC US
Fitzgerald, Kristen A DHS 202-447-3930 DC US
Fitzhugh, Carlena DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0017 202-447-5333 DC
Fitzmaurice, Peter DHS 703-235-9427 VA US

Fitzpatrick, Brian DHS HSDN/LAN C IT 703-235-5531 VA US
Fitzsimmons, Lee DHS SWO 703-235-5080 VA US
Fixmer, Scott DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-841-1019 IL US
Flament, Guy DHS OBP Taskings 703-235-9416 VA US

Flanagan, Christina DHS BVTI SME-WMD 202-254-2216 202-254-6914 DC US
Flanagan, Patrick DHS Policy Advisor 202-282-9807 DC US

Flanzer, Andrew DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8337 DC US
Flatt, David DHS 850-452-7685 FL US
Flax, Shira A DHS Program Specialist (Pandemic Preparedness) 703-235-2556 703-235-
3052 VA US
Flegal, Kevin DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2123 TX US
Fleischaker, Deborah DHS Policy Analyst 202-357-7695 DC US
Fleming, David G DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5184 202-447-5545 DC US
Fleming, Franklin M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9946 DC US
Fleming, James DHS Service Desk Analyst 919-424-9275 NC US
Fleming, Stephen L DHS Project Manager 202-447-4613 DC US
Fleming, Tim DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0052 202-447-0061 DC US
Fleming, William C DHS HSIN Operation and Management 703-218-3849 DC US
Flennoy, Jason DHS Coast Guard Liaison 202-282-9593 DC US

Fletcher, Christine DHS Director, External Ops Division 202-447-3116 DC US
Fletcher, Etta M DHS Executive 202-604-2767 DC US
Flinkstrom, Paul DHS Lead Information Systems Engineer 202-447-0596 DC US
Flint, Monica DHS Recruitment Outreach Coordinator 202-357-8371 202-357-8295 DC US
Flinter, William DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8101 DC US
Flood, Jacqueline M DHS EAPMO Contractor Support 202-447-4440 DC US
Flores, Carla B DHS Accountant 202-447-5905 202-447-5192 DC US
Flores, Gina DHS Advisor DC US
Flores, Michael DHS Principle Engineer 888-282-0870 VA US
Flores, Miguel DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 305-470-3883 305-470-3928 DC
Florin, John DHS 609-813-2840 NJ US
Flournoy, Sean S DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Flowers, Justin W DHS Security Tester 202-254-6198 DC US
Flowers, Sharon DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-6816 202-254-5392 DC US
Flowers, Thomas E DHS Assistant Senior Watch Officer MID Shift 703-235-5111 VA
Floyd, Angela V DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6763 202-254-5365 DC US
Floyd, Karon DHS Safety Officer 631-323-3332 631-323-3335 NY US
Floyd, Nicshan DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0301 DC US
Flugstad, Jonathan M DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2361 DC US
Flynn, Kenneth DHS Incident Management Analyst 202-447-4133 202-612-1773 DC US
Flynn, Payton DHS Mission Integration/Liaison Officer 703-235-5168 VA US
Flynn, William F DHS Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary 703-235-8115 VA US
Foard, Ross DHS ICAM PMO Enterprise Architect 202-282-9473 DC US
Fofana, Cherinor M DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Fogarty, James DHS Telecom Manager. 703-235-4208 VA US
Foia, NPPD DHS Shared
Foley, David DHS Regional Director (Middle East, Africa, South Asia) 202-612-1933
202-282-9254 DC US
Foley, Jennifer DHS 202-254-6154 DC US
Foley, Joshua DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4637 VA US
Foley, Stephen N DHS USFA Desk Watch Officer 202-282-9286 301-447-1093 DC US
Follendore, Roy DHS Chief IT NBIC 202-282-8750 DC US
Fonash, Peter M DHS Chief Technology Officer 703-235-5611 VA US
Foncello, Martin J DHS Senior Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-870-4311 718-
449-4954 NY US
Fong, Ivan DHS General Counsel 202-282-8359 DC US
Fong, Kathryn Y DHS Senior Privacy Analyst 202-254-2343 DC US
Fontanez, Martin DHS Network Security Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Fontenette, Scott D DHS Senior SAN Engineer 228-813-4220 MS US
Fontenot, Jessica M DHS SOC / Sys Admin / EMOC 866-972-3662 MS US
Foote, Bruce A DHS IT Security Specialist 202-282-9237 DC US
Forbes, Melissa DHS Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1643 202-343-4011 DC US
Forbis, Monique DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-0594 202-447-0626 DC US
Ford DHS US-CERT Senior Watch Officer 202-235-8832 VA US
Ford, Aaron L DHS Analyst 202-282-9140 DC US
Ford, Aaron DHS Team Lead/Contracting Officer 202-254-6302 202-254-6911 DC US
Ford, Deborah DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5260 DC US
Ford, Don DHS Sr Tech 703-235-8812 VA US
Ford, Janet M DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9040 DC US
Ford, Justin T DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Ford, Kevrain K DHS Program Security Officer 202-254-6058 DC US
Ford, Lauren P DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5614 202-447-5013 DC US
Ford, Michael D DHS Systems Administrator 202-612-1662 DC US
Ford, Pamela A DHS Executive Asst. 202-343-2426 DC US
Ford, Robert W DHS IT Security Specialist, Sr. 202-282-9501 202-282-9603 DC US
Ford, Roger L DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-0461 DC US
Ford, Ronald M DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-235-3032 703-235-5962 VA US
Ford Page, Sandy DHS Chief, Business Ops 202-343-1792 DC US
Fordnorris, Beverly C DHS STAFF ASSISTANT 202-282-9737 202-447-3111 DC US
Foreman, Deidre DHS HR Specialist 202-343-2439 DC US
Foreman, Katie M DHS Economist 202-282-8044 DC US
Foreman, Monica DHS 202-549-5852 VA US
Forestiere, Pamela A DHS Computer Operations EMOC 228-813-4826 MS US
Forkey, Zachary G DHS Executive Comm Officer DC US
Forman, Fred L DHS 202-343-2492 DC US
Forman, Rick DHS BCON 2.0 SA Tech Mgr 865-964-6767 DC US
Formo, Kimberly E DHS Analyst 703-235-9419 VA US
Forney, Renee DHS Manager, Program Management Office 202-357-8531 DC US
Forrest, Barbara DHS Program Analyst/PCII 703-235-9521 VA US
Forster, Anne DHS Mgmt & Program Analyst, APMD 202-343-4524 DC US
Forster, Mathew DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4890 MS US
Forsthoffer, Mark R DHS Citrix 571-334-6211 DC US
Fortune, John DHS Branch Chief 202-254-6622 DC US
Forward, Shawn R DHS Customer Feedback Team Lead 202-447-3379 DC US
Fosmire, Kurt DHS Supervisory IT Specialist 703-235-5437 VA US
Fosson, Adam DHS SETA 202-254-5891 DC US
Foster, Carl B DHS Deputy Chief 703-235-5500 VA US
Foster, Diane M DHS IT SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-282-8300 DC US
Foster, George C DHS Senior Continuity Planner 202-824-1148 DC US
Foster, Helen G DHS Senior Advisor for Information Sharing 703-235-0760 703-235-
0442 VA US
Foster, Joe DHS Program Manager 202-254-5314 DC US
Foster, Patricia DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5431 202-447-0520 DC US
Foster, Weldon L DHS Project Manager 202-447-3263 DC US
Foucher, Michael DHS Inspector 202-604-2625 WA US
Foulkes, Tyler DHS Senior Open Source Officer 202-282-8286 DC US
Fouss, Andrew DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Fowler, Malcolm DHS Integration Engineer 703-235-3022 VA US
Fowler, Marita A DHS Section Chief, Surface Analysis Group 703-235-5114 VA US
Fowler, Mark A DHS COMSEC Manager 540-542-4229 540-542-2695 VA US
Fowler, Richard B DHS DC US
Fowler, Stephen M DHS CWIN Training Support Officer 703-341-4078 VA US
Fox, Dennis DHS Sr System Engineer 202-447-0580 DC US
Fox, Gary DHS Administrative Specialist 202-357-7602 202-282-8106 DC US
Fox, John M DHS PMO Business Manager 202-357-8469 202-357-8474 DC US
Fox, Shannon DHS Senior Research Scientist 410-417-0906 410-417-0915 MD US
Fox, Victoria DHS Program Production Manager 202-282-9970 DC US
Fox, William DHS Enterprise Architect [HP] 703-736-4014 VA US
Fraga, Jorge D DHS Manager 305-609-6175 DC US
Frail, Bruce R DHS Aviation Mission Analyst 202-254-7377 DC US
France, Otis DHS Assistant Director, Budget Division 202-447-5182 202-447-5154 DC
Franceski, Mary C DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6288 DC US
Francis, Camara DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5904 202-447-5564 DC US
Francis, Jennifer DHS Technical Writer 609-813-2654 609-272-7512 NJ US
Francis, Kirk DHS 202-343-1608 DC US
Francis, Samuel DHS Consultant 202-254-6070 973-660-0766 DC US
Francis, Stephen DHS Change Management Specialist 202-357-7649 202-357-1299 DC US
Francisco, Kenneth R DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-8264 202-447-3475 DC
Frangipane, Anthony F DHS Intelligence Officer - Arizona 602-644-5860 602-644-8718
Frank, Tim DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5252 202-447-5310 DC US
Franklin, Bruce DHS 434-374-0965 VA US
Franklin, Debra DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0399 DC US
Fransen, Benjamin DHS Senior Risk Analyst 202-343-1647 DC US
Frantz, Andrew DHS Branch Chief 202-447-3807 DC US
Frantz, Byung H DHS 202-254-6416 DC US
Fraser, Darren DHS General Engineer 202-834-3078 DC US
Fraser, Donald DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-254-2412 DC US
Fraser, Loy M DHS Configuration & Change Management Specialist 202-357-1253 DC
Fraser, Nalani A DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8512 VA US
Fraser, Timothy DHS Cyber Strategist 202-447-3140 DC US
Fraser, Tsahai M DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5304 202-447-5172 DC US

Frazee, John C DHS Enrollment Official DC US

Frazier, Jacqueline DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-5178 202-447-5172 DC US
Frazier, Jeanine DHS IWW Intel Analyst 202-282-8309 DC US
Frazier, Louis DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-3314 202-447-3464 DC US
Freche, Edwin J DHS DC2 Service Account Manager 434-374-3853 VA US
Freeland, Barbara DHS Program/Management Analyst 202-447-5409 202-447-5164 DC US
Freeland, Dennis DHS Program Manager 202-447-4508 DC US
Freeman, Craig A DHS Region Commander 202-302-6390 WA US

Freeman, Jerrell E DHS Lead Program Analyst 202-343-4525 DC US
Freeman, Mark C DHS USCIS Liaison to DHS I&A 202-447-4168 DC US
Freeman, Michael S DHS EMS/KMD IAMB Chief & SIO 202-447-3592 DC US
Freeman, Pamela DHS Program Specialist 202-447-4343 202-447-3500 DC US
Freeman, Thomas DHS Officer 202-282-9700 410-293-3951 DC US
Freeman, Wenona DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5254 703-235-5877 VA US
Freeman, Wes DHS Software Engineer 703-293-7993 VA US
Freer, Craig DHS Analyst 703-235-9346 VA US
Fresenko, Victoria DHS Deputy Committee Managment Officer 202-282-8872 DC US
Frey, Gregory J DHS Executive Director 202-447-0828 DC US
Frey, Mary DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6072 202-254-5388 DC US
Frias, Michael DHS 202-282-9609 DC US
Frieders, Twila Y DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-7028 202-254-7785 DC US
Friedman, Bruce DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-6274 DC US
Friedman, Jennifer DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Strategic Communications
202-282-8682 DC US
Friedman, Nancy L DHS Attorney 202-447-3189 DC US
Friedmann, Pamela DHS 202-282-9880 DC US
Friedrich, Wendy DHS Intelligence Officer 406-431-8151 MT US
Frierson, Michael DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0434 DC US
Friscone, Patrick J DHS Intelligence Officer 614-301-4654 614-644-8377 OH US
Frison, Eddie L DHS Chief of Facilities 202-447-4585 DC US

Fristoe, Emory G DHS Emergency Programs Coordinator 202-254-5748 202-254-5671 DC

Frome, Stu DHS Executive Director (Acting) 202-282-8812 DC US

Fronczak, Dana DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0047 DC US

Frost, John E DHS Duty Director 202-447-4407 202-282-8191 DC US

Fry, Mark DHS Manager Conveyance Protection 609-813-2658 609-383-1973 NJ US
Frysiak, Joanne DHS Administrative Support 703-603-5034 VA US
Fs, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-384-6769 DC US
Fuchs, Edward E DHS FS1 Head Chef 202-282-8954 DC US
Fuchs, Matt DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9596 DC US
Fuell, Tia DHS 703-235-3016 VA US
Fuentes, Nora DHS 202-447-5518 202-447-5540 DC US
Fulham, Thomas DHS Operations Analyst 202-447-4306 DC US
Fullem, Cristin DHS Planning and Performance Management Lead 703-235-8147 VA US
Fuller DHS Secretary 202-786-9872 202-786-9897 DC US
Fuller, Andrew DHS Intelligence Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Fuller, Ellen C DHS Red Team SETA 202-254-7574 DC US
Fuller, James DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8144 202-357-8295 DC US
Fuller, Rodney DHS Information Assurance Analyst 703-235-5151 VA US
Fuller, William C DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-7068 DC US
Fullin, Donna L DHS Business Process Expert 202-254-6599 202-254-6169 DC US
Fulmer, Debra DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3772 DC US
Fulmer, James DHS Physical Scientist 703-235-9572 703-235-9709 VA US
Fulton, Christal DHS Branch Chief, Industrial Security 202-447-5347 202-447-5312
Fulton, Thomas R DHS DC2-Blackberry Server Engineer 919-424-5633 NC US
Fulwood, Darlene A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8475 202-357-8504 DC
Fumey, William DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-343-2520 202-343-2530 DC US
Funderburk, Darnell DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-3492 DC US
Funk, David DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-5510 202-282-9186 DC US
Furey, Inette L DHS Director, Research & Standards Integration 703-235-3674 VA
Furman, David A DHS Manager 703-235-8170 VA US
Furst, Hala DHS PMF, Program Analyst 202-612-1768 DC US
Fusting, Tom DHS Component Advocate 202-824-7711 DC US
Futch, Kayla M DHS 202-447-5127 DC US
Gabbert, Lindsay R DHS ORISE Fellow 631-323-3133 NY US
Gabbrielli, Tina DHS Director, Office of Risk Management and Analysis 202-343-1790
202-343-4011 DC US
Gabbrielli1, Tina DHS Director, Office of Risk Management and Analysis 202-343-
1790 202-343-4011 DC US
Gabriel, Emily DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-2256 DC US
Gaby, Eric DHS CWO 202-282-8590 DC US
Gaeto, Cassandra M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9867 DC US
Gaff, Jonathan DHS Senior Field Reports Officer 202-282-8623 IL US
Gagnon, Michael A DHS mainttence mechanic 631-323-3395 NY US
Gagnon, Ovila T DHS Protective Security Advisor, West Florida District 813-227-
2362 813-228-2618 FL US
Gaines, Dana DHS Analyst 202-282-8224 DC US
Gaines, Scott D DHS Special Programs & Projects Manager 202-612-1796 DC US
Gaiser, Ross DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4992 VA US
Gaither, Melissa E DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-7084 DC US
Gajewski, Gary J DHS ISSO 703-603-4682 VA US
Galang, Michael DHS Program Manager 202-343-1735 DC US
Galdiano, Raymund DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8544 DC US
Gale, Prenston DHS 202-357-6154 DC US
Galeckas, Cristiena DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9531 VA US
Galitsky, Andre DHS Sharepoint Administrator 952-215-6753 KY US
Gall, Lisa DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6150 DC US
Gallacher, Dominic DHS Safety Tech 1-Paramedic 1-631-323-3099 NY US
Gallagher, Erin DHS Aviation Mission Analyst 202-254-7376 DC US
Gallagher, Kelsey T DHS Consultant 202-343-1608 DC US
Gallegos, Gabrielle DHS Director, Executive Steering Committee Branch 202-343-2493
Galligan, Thomas A DHS DHS HQ Sr. IS Program Manager 202-357-6291 DC US
Gallipeau, Sean DHS File Transfer Team Lead 202-447-4555 DC US
Gallo, William T DHS GDOS Program Manager 703-307-3342 DC US
Gallop-Anderson, Deirdre DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-4282 VA US
Galmiche, John E DHS Senior Consultant 202-254-6943 DC US
Galotti, Steven DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0547 DC US
Galuski, Daniel M DHS Data Analyst DC US
Galusky, Gail DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Gambill, Sarah DHS ACAMS Project Officer 703-235-9549 VA US
Gamble, Dave DHS TSA Contract Support 202-685-0301 DC US
Gamboa, Reyhan L DHS Technical Site Lead 202-447-0630 DC US
Ganascioli, Joseph DHS SECURITY ADMINISTRATOR 202-282-9540 202-282-8416 DC US
Gandhi, Ajay DHS 202-670-7132 202-282-8805 DC US

Gappert, Jeffrey DHS Special Investigator 202-447-5468 202-447-5335 DC US
Garber, Mark S DHS Security Manager 703-803-4954 VA US
Garcia, Felix C DHS Senior Intelligence & Operations Specialist 571-280-0422 571-
280-0607 VA US
Garcia, Gladys DHS PKI Branch Chief 202-357-1278 DC US
Garcia, Michael E DHS Senior Cybersecurity Strategist 202-590-0979 DC US
Garcia, Noel A DHS 703-733-3054 VA US
Garcia, Ramon DHS Program Manager 202-343-4126 DC US
Garcia, Sharon M DHS 202-254-6371 DC US
Garcia, Tammy A DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9239 DC US
Gardner, Al DHS Analyst 888-282-0870 VA US
Gardner, Arisbe DHS 202 254-6416 VA US
Gardner, Edward K DHS Systems Engineer 540-656-8172 VA US
Gardner, Gregory B DHS Midwest Regional Director 816-329-5067 MO US
Gardner, Robert DHS Systems Architect 202-254-7409 DC US
Gardner, Waltrunette DHS Deputy Human Capital Officer 703-235-2087 VA US
Garfield, Yolanda DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9220 202-282-8952 DC US
Garforth, Joseph DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0517 202-447-5550 DC US
Garibaldi, Glenn DHS NJSP Desk Officer 202-282-8612 202-282-8782 DC US
Garis, Dylan C DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2161 TX US
Garland, Jasmine DHS 202-447-4196 DC US
Garland, Jonas M DHS Director, PPPM Business Office 202-282-9958 DC US
Garland, Kristine DHS BAH Consultant Public Affairs 631-323-3146 631-323-3295 NY
Garman, Jon DHS DHS Deputy Program Manager 202-282-9330 DC US
Garner, Billy R DHS Asset Management 703-253-9355 VA US
Garner, Bradley DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9608 DC US
Garner, Ian DHS Information Technology Specialist VA US
Garner, Kathi L DHS EA 202-254-6662 202-354-5395 DC US
Garnett, Barbara DHS Special Security Officer 202-447-5877 202-447-5406 DC US
Garnett, Robyn B DHS Senior Analyst 202-612-1903 DC US
Garofalo, Joseph DHS Chief KMD State and Local Branch 202-447-3992 DC US
Garofalo, Lynn M DHS Security Authorization Lead - O&M 228-813-4204 MS US
Garrett, Ellen DHS VA US
Garrett, Kemble DHS Asst.General Counsel/Employment Law 202-282-8942 202-447-3111
Garrett, Lena F DHS Supervisory Personnel Security Speciallist 202-447-5756 202-
447-5333 DC US
Garrett, Nicholas D DHS Wintel System Engineer 228-813-4134 MS US
Garrett, William M DHS Program Analyst 202-834-4599 DC US
Garrett, Willie DHS 703-235-3678 VA US
Garrison, Justin DHS Correspondence Analyst 703-235-1496 VA US
Garrison, Richard J DHS EOC 434-374-3850 VA US
Garrity, Grace DHS 202-254-6095 DC US
Gary, Caroline T DHS 202-298-5240 VA US
Gary, Lizzy DHS Director, Information Management & Business Culture 703-235-2086
Garza, Alexander G DHS 202-254-2369 202-254-6094 DC US
Garzone, Carmen D DHS Project Manager DC US

Gaskins, William D DHS Information Sharing Architect 202-341-7677 DC US
Gaskins-Curtis, LaShawn DHS Personel Security Specialist 202-447-0179 202-447-5333
Gassama, NaTasha DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9341 VA US

Gassman, Fredrick DHS 850-452-7647 FL US

Gates, Daniel J DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8791 202-282-8782 DC US
Gates, Darrell B DHS Senior Spectrum Engineer 202-357-7837 DC US
Gates, Jason DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5418 703-235-5440 VA US
Gathers, Angela D DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5229 202-447-5873 DC
Gathman, Dixi A DHS
Gatling, DeAngelo DHS CIO Security Officer 202-447-0389 202-447-0579 DC US
Gatling, Fannie DHS Asset Project Analyst 703-253-9356 VA US
Gattoni, Brian R DHS Chief, Systems Engineering & Acquisition Oversight 703-235-
3018 VA US
Gatz, James DHS Coast Guard Desk Officer 202-282-8114 DC US
Gauthier, Robert K DHS Program Manager 202-824-7386 DC US
Gavan, William H DHS 202-447-4141 DC US
Gavin, Kevin DHS Project Engineer 202-447-0632 DC US
Gawlak, Walter DHS 703-603-5155 703-603-5190 VA US
Gawlik, John A DHS SPLO ExecSec 202-447-4242 202-447-4247 DC US
Gay, George E DHS VTC 202-447-3226 DC US
Gaynor, Rebecca M DHS Outreach Specialist 703-235-8249 VA US
Gear, Dale V DHS 703-674-2794 DC US
Gebhard, Susanna P DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9744 DC US
Gebreselassie, Yohannes DHS Associate 703-984-1957 VA US
Gebreyes, Kiesha DHS 703-235-2238 DC US
Geddis, Eric M DHS Special Security Officer DC US
Gedeon, Tania DHS Clerk (Intern) 202-357-8483 202-357-0042 DC US
Gedicks, Ann DHS 202-254-6866 DC US
Gedney, Dane C DHS Graphic Designer 202-343-2462 DC US
Geels, Joni DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8129 202-357-8140 DC US
Geenhuizen, Peter DHS DC2 SYSTEM SUPPORT TEAM 919-424-9856
Gehring, Wendy M DHS 202-447-3956 DC US
Geibig, Matthew E DHS All-Source Analyst 202-447-4169 DC US
Geier, Katie E DHS Sr Operations Research Analyst (GS-15) 202-343-4526 DC US
Geiger, Morgan DHS Deputy Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation 202-447-0518
202-447-5144 DC US
Geijer, Elisabeth DHS APCP Cost Estimator 202-447-0470 DC US
Geisinger, August DHS Protective Security Advisor 605-224-1291 605-224-1297 VA US
Geist, Kevin DHS Junior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-5597 202-447-5691 DC US
Gekler, Garrett A DHS Duty Manager 866-972-3662 MS US
Gelfand, Nancy E DHS Budget Formulation / Execution Analyst 202-447-0783 DC US
Gelfer, Elizabeth DHS Deputy Budget Director 202-447-5190 202-447-5164 DC US
Gemelas, Theophilos DHS Program Manager 202-254-6108 202-254-6176 DC US
Gemunder, Megan DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3710 DC US
Genest, Keith DHS Special Security Officer 703-235-2585 VA US
Gensemer, Brad S DHS VSAT Systems Engineer 202-450-0414 DC US
Gentry, Danny R DHS DC2-Unix System Admin 919-424-5423 NC US
Gentry, Elmer L DHS Remedy Developer 434-374-3860 VA US
Gentry, Scott S DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5217 DC US
Genua, Daniel S DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8244 VA US
Georgacopoulos, George DHS DHS Detailee/USSS 202-282-8070 DC US
George, Asha DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-3115 DC US
George, Barbara DHS 703-235-5486 VA US
Gerber, Benjamin S DHS I&A Privacy +1-202-282-9374 DC US
Gerena, Alexandre DHS SGT/Armed Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Gereski, John DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-8625 DC US
Gerhart, Timothy DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5854 DC US
Gerke, John DHS Sr Information Specialist 609-813-2880 609-272-7512 NJ US
Germain, Michael DHS ASAIC 202-447-3086 DC US
Geronimo, Anthony G DHS MR 601-584-1537 MS US
Gerow, Scott DHS RFI Manager 202-447-4592 DC US
Gerstein, Daniel DHS Deputy Under Secretary for S&T 202-254-6776 DC US
Gersten, David DHS Director for CRCL Programs 202-357-6264 DC US
Gervais, Carlene DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5194 703-603-5190 VA US
Gerwin, Michael J DHS physical security specialist 202-731-4234 DC US
Gewercman, Renee DHS PMF 202-612-1973 DC US
Geyer, Shane DHS Logistics Technician-Asset Management 202-282-8528 DC US
Ghannam, Amera DHS OSINT Collector 202-282-9996 VA US
Ghannam, Samie DHS Sr. Foreign Disclosure Advisor 202-447-3674 DC US
Ghate, Shruti DHS Consultant VA US
Ghormley, Timothy F DHS Program Manager DC US
Ghoston, Stephanie DHS 202-357-6192 DC US
Gianfala, Gina DHS 703-463-7335 DC US
Gianlorenzo, Nancy DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8217 DC US
Gianni, Ben DHS vice president 202-824-7960 DC US

Gibbons, Andrea T DHS Senior Information Architect 202-447-3696 DC US
Gibbons, Lisa S DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-254-7689 DC US
Gibbons, Stacy DHS 202-447-4370 DC US
Gibbs, Kelly DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-494-5631 FL US
Gibbs, Michael DHS Staff Director 202-282-8523 DC US
Gibson, Andreas V DHS AppAuth Engineer 202-603-1109 DC US
Gibson, Brendon DHS SETA 202-254-5871 DC US
Gibson, Donnesha E DHS Intern 202-254-6802 DC US
Gibson, James DHS Intrusion Detection Analyst 202-447-4005 DC US
Gibson, Lara DHS Writer/Editor 703-235-5844 VA US
Gibson, Marian P DHS Appropriations Liaison 202-447-5239 DC US
Gibson, Ryan J DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-906-9171 IL US
Gibson, Sidney L DHS Principal Information System Eng. 202-447-0564 DC US
Gibson, Tracie A DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-1676 DC US
Giddings, Bryan DHS NORAD-USNORTHCOM Liaison to DHS 202-447-4694 DC US
Gifford, Ashley A DHS 202-282-8204 DC US
Gilbert, Benjamin P DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-235-3002 VA US
Gilbert, Ernest D DHS Security Escort Sr Specialist 703-235-5457 VA US
Gilbreath, Paul DHS Regional Commander 202-689-5077 TX US
Gilburth, Harry E DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9454 VA US

Giles, Jo DHS Program Analyst, CS&C 703-235-5658 703-235-5697 VA US
Giles, Joshua DHS ISC Analyst 703-284-6679 VA US

Giles, Margaret DHS Policy Advisor 202-447-3779 202-282-8503 DC US
Giles, Marissa J DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7615 DC US
Giles, Michelle DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5896 DC US
Gill, Suzanne DHS Business Analyst DC US
Gillespie, Fannie C DHS Sr Industrial Security Spc 202-447-5270 202-447-5312 DC US
Gillespie, Frank M DHS Sr Security Specialist 202-254-6409 202-254-6403 DC US
Gillis, David DHS Security consultant 703-742-1318 VA US
Gillis, Ryan M DHS Director for NPPD 202-447-5447 DC US
Gillotte, Timothy M DHS Program Manager 703-342-6614 VA US
Gilmore, Maureen E DHS Deputy Ethics Official 202-447-3516 202-282-9099 DC US
Gilmore, Sheron DHS IT Help Desk Analyst 202-282-8226 202-612-1673 DC US
Gilmour, Lillian A DHS Section Chief Risk Policy 202-343-1784 DC US
Gilpin, Justin A DHS 202-357-8211 202-357-8162 DC US
Gingles, Darryl DHS I&A IM - IA Certification Agent 202-447-3329 DC US
Ginyard, Tretisious M DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5835 202-447-5873
Giordano, Dean DHS Acquisitions 202-254-7630 DC US
Gipson, Angela DHS ESEC Detailee (USCIS) 202-282-8268 DC US
Gipson, Deion DHS PPPM Executive Secretariat 202-447-4516 DC US
Givens, Theresa DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8255 202-357-8105 DC US
Gladden, Darcie S DHS 202-343-1615 DC US
Gladney, Melinda D DHS Facility Monitor DC US
Glah, Janeen DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-0319 202-447-0582 DC US
Glass, Janelle DHS Accounting Tech. 202-254-5672 202-254-5391 DC US
Glass, Jeffrey M DHS Intelligence Liasion Officer 850-410-8370 850-410-7069 DC US
Glass, Pamela DHS Human Capital Strategic Liaison 202-343-2436 202-343-2530 DC US
Glaze, Ronald E DHS 202-443-5703 DC US
Glazewski, Matthew DHS NOAA NOC DESK SUPPORT OFFICER 202-282-9937 DC US
Gleason, Ed J DHS Supervisory Protective Security Advisor 312-469-1503 IL US
Gleason, Eddie DHS Director, Legislative Affairs 202-447-5448 202-447-5437 DC US
Gleason, Joseph J DHS Acting Director, CPIMD 703-235-2567 VA US
Gleason, Margaret DHS senior advisor 202-357-8141 202-357-0042 DC US
Gleason, William M DHS Protective Security Advisor 317-822-5016 317-635-6290 IN US
Gleaton, Mary DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5842 202-254-6402 DC US
Gleeson, Kellie A DHS Business Systems Analyst 703-235-9554 VA US
Gleichsner, William DHS Telecommunications Specialist 703-235-5701 VA US
Glenn, Christine P DHS 631-323-3234 NY US
Glenn, Isaiah A DHS Software Analyst 202-365-5735 DC US
Glenn, Jeremiah DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-9303 VA US
Glenn, Twylia D DHS Watch Analyst VA US
Glick, Jeffrey DHS Chief, Critical Infrastructure Protection Branch, NCS 703-235-
5791 VA US
Glidden, Trina DHS DC US
Glock, Porter DHS Legal Intern 202-447-5237 DC US
Glonek, Leesa DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2859 609-407-9632 NJ US
Glover, Brian DHS Project Manager 202-447-0785 DC US
Glover, Melissa DHS ERS Manager 571-258-2837 VA US
Glover, Shirleeta DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9849 202-282-8008 DC US
Glynn, Anthony M DHS Drupal developer 202-447-5114 DC US
Gnerlich, Janet DHS Associate General Counsel 202-254-6668 202-282-9186 DC US
Go, Hilton C DHS ISSE 202-447-5299 DC US
Goad, Michael L DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3702 DC US
Godette, Curtis DHS Logistics Manager 202-447-4235 202-447-4246 DC US
Godette, Karnelis DHS OCHCO Chief of Staff 202-357-8372 202-357-8140 DC US
Godette, Patrick F DHS Information Security/ Policy & Oversight 202-357-8212 DC
Godlewski, Paul DHS Intelligence Officer 816-260-1216 MO US
Goes, Sarah W DHS Intelligence Research Specialist 202-447-3038 DC US
Goettler, Stephen DHS Research Chemist II 609-813-2812 NJ US
Goetz, Richard DHS 631-323-3261 NY US
Goffner, Robert S DHS 202-612-1155 DC US
Goggins, Tony L DHS Sr IT Technician 202-612-1771 DC US
Gogol, Sandra L DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7435 DC US
Gohl, Ashley N DHS Cybersecurity Risk Analyst VI US
Goins, Oscar O DHS EMOC Shift Duty Manager 866-972-3662 228-813-4215 MS US
Goins, Ricky D DHS Protective Security Advisor 314-444-2238 314-539-2567 MO US
Goins, William S DHS Manager BUR/SAN/STAR 434-374-3532 VA US
Gold, Todd DHS Special Security Representative 202-447-3471 202-447-3462 DC US
Goldberg, David DHS Sr. Management Analyst 202-447-5500 703-750-3989 DC US
Golden, Brian DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6124 DC US
Golden, James D DHS Physical Security Specialist 703-603-4813 703-603-4715 VA US
Goldfinger, Michael N DHS Facilities Manager 703-235-1951 703-235-1561 VA US
Goldhagen, Paul E DHS Physicist 212-620-3645 212-620-3600 NY US
Goldsborough, Stuart DHS Project Manager 850-452-7559 FL US
Goldsmith, Christopher M DHS Senior Program Manager/Team Lead 202-503-5039 DC US
Goldstein, David A DHS Open Source Collection Officer 202-447-4135 DC US
Goldstein, Eric L DHS 202-282-8878 DC US
Goldstein, Rachel K DHS Special Assistant to the Senior Counselor to the Secretary
202-612-1676 DC US
Goldston, Danny E DHS Comunications Security Specialist 202-282-8081 DC US
Goldy, Jesse DHS Security Assistant 609-813-2803 609-813-2733 NJ US
Golesorkhi, Hossein DHS Exchange Application Engineer VA US
Golson, Brad DHS Advisor 202-282-9508 DC US
Golubic, Steve DHS Director of Tribal Affairs 202-282-9429 202-282-1044 DC US
Gomberg, Brett DHS Project Manager 202-282-8293 DC US
Gomes, Patrick DHS Network Engineer 202-447-5561 DC US
Gomez, Leah DHS Consultant, Emergency Management/Continuity 202-468-5324 VA US
Gongwer, Polly DHS 609-813-2759 609-383-1973 NJ US
Gonyea, David DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-329-0849 IL US
Gonzales, Kimberly A DHS Sr. Intelligence Research Specialist 571-350-4888 VA US
Gonzalez, Barbara DHS FOIA Analyst 703-235-1924 703-235-2052 VA US
Gonzalez, Eric B DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3551 DC US
Gonzalez, Henry I DHS Director, Acquisition Support & Operations Analysis 202-254-
2282 DC US
Gonzalez, Juan M DHS Senior Strategist, Research and Standards Integration (RSI)
703-235-3682 VA US
Gonzalez, Julio R DHS Protective Security Advisor 787-774-4176 VA US
Gonzalez, Luis DHS Network Services Branch Manager 202-447-0206 DC US
Gonzalez, Omar A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2277 DC US
Gonzalez, Ricardo DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-8142 703-238-9707 VA
Goobic, Mary T DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6144 DC US
Goodacre, James DHS Project Control 202-447-0662 DC US
Goode, Brendan W DHS Director, Network Security Deployment 703-235-2853 VA US
Goodfellow, Robert DHS SETA 202-254-6726 202-254-6167 DC US
Gooding, Rachel DHS Sr. Research Scientist 410-436-0018 410-436-6203 MD US
Goodland, Elizabeth H DHS Intern NY US
Goodman, Noah K DHS PM DC US
Goodman, Sarah DHS JAC Watch Officer/Operations Specialist 202-254-7077 DC US
Goodstein, Peter DHS DC US
Goodwin, Jaysen DHS Vulnerability Assessment Branch Security Specialist VA US
Goodwin, Mark C DHS Senior Intelligence Officer 202-447-3034 DC US
Goodwin, Susan DHS Secretary 703-235-4961 703-235-4941 VA US

Gootzit, David DHS 202-282-9439 DC US

Gordon, Catherine DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-2154 703-235-2057 VA US
Gordon, Celia DHS 202-357-7691 DC US
Gordon, Craig S DHS PM, NISAC 202-612-1784 DC US
Gordon, Ellis E DHS Principal Security Engineer 202-489-9947 DC US
Gordon, Michael F DHS Test Engineer 703-235-3020 VA US

Gordon, Ray DHS BioWatch SETA Program Manager 703-647-8058 703-647-8250 VA US
Gore, Carmen DHS Program/Management Analyst 202-343-2494 DC US
Gosch, Greta L DHS IT Security Consultant 703-235-9573 VA US
Gotlinger, Ashley H DHS ISC Policy Analyst 703-603-5125 VA US
Gottfried, Jordan DHS Chief of Staff 703-235-0346 VA US

Gould, Joshua A DHS System Administrator 703-889-3519 VA US
Goulding, Kathleen DHS Exercise Planner 703-235-2518 VA US
Gourdain, Gerald J DHS Program Manager 571-722-6310 VA US
Govan, Elizabeth D DHS Acquisitions Analyst 703-235-5513 VA US
Govednik, Erica R DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9105 DC US
Govil, Amit DHS Database Engineer 703-733-3048 VA US
Gowadia, Huban A DHS Deputy Director 202-254-7302 202-254-7751 DC US
Graber, Kara M DHS Chemical Threats Analyst 202-447-4231 DC US
Graber, Kevin DHS RMD ISB Branch Manager 202-357-7683 DC US
Grace, Michael D DHS Sr. Associate 703-377-1377 VA US
Gracik, Suzanne DHS Human Resources Specialist (IS) 202-357-8425 DC US
Grady, Darryl DHS Contractor 202-254-2265 DC US

Grady, Denise DHS Special Security Officer 202-343-4533 DC US
Graf, Adam DHS Nuclear Assessment Specialist 202-254-7161 202-254-7753 DC US
Graff, Shawn M DHS Director, NICC 703-235-2536 VA US
Graham, Briana M DHS Admin Security Specialist 202-245-1114 DC US
Graham, Christina M DHS Program Management Support 202-447-5946 DC US
Graham, David C DHS HISN Watch Officer DC US
Graham, LaFaye DHS Budget Analyst 202-306-8711 DC US
Graham, Lynette DHS Assistant ComSec Custodian 202-254-7215 DC US
Graham, Michael DHS Sergeant 202-282-8119 DC US
Graham, Tanya DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4591 DC US
Gramlick, Carl DHS Director 202-282-8349 202-282-8402 DC US

Grant, Christopher DHS Research Scientist 202-282-8373 DC US
Grant, Daniel DHS Special Assistant 202-282-9385 DC US
Grant, Donald J DHS supervisor 631-323-3115 NY US
Grant, Dwayne DHS IT Support 703-235-8210 VA US

Grant, Martha DHS Correspondence Management Analyst 202-282-8183 202-282-9188 DC

Grant, Ted DHS Branch Manager, TSL-220 609-813-2793 NJ US
Grant, Vanese E DHS Program Specialist 703-235-2080 VA US
Grasheim, Adam DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist DC US
Grasso, Paul DHS Chemical Engineer 410-436-3672 MD US
Graumann, Kyle D DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-6800 DC US
Graves, Justin DHS Program Support 202-447-0525 DC US
Graves, Margaret DHS Team Lead - Data Center Support Team 202-447-0453 DC US
Graves, Margaret E DHS 202-282-9039 DC US
Graves, Margie DHS Deputy CIO 202-343-2400 DC US
Gray, Anthony DHS Executive Management Analyst 202-254-6056 202-254-6168 DC US
Gray, Carol DHS Chief Talent Acquistion Sectioni 202-298-5194 VA US
Gray, Dana M DHS Project Manager 703-904-4050 VA US

Gray, Elizabeth DHS Emergency Programs Support Contractor 202-254-2375 202-254-

5671 DC US
Gray, Frances A DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6790 DC US

Gray, Jeff DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2858 VA US

Gray, Jeffrey DHS Chief, Technical Services Branch 202-282-8289 202-282-9072 DC US
Gray, Jessica F DHS Training Coordinator 703-235-9399 VA US
Gray, Lauren M DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6494 202-254-6167 DC US
Gray, Nicholas DHS Assistant General Counsel for Litigation 202-282-8093 202-282-
9186 DC US
Gray, Paul DHS Visual Information Specialist 202-447-3063 DC US
Gray, Robert DHS NSS Policy Manager 202-357-6144 DC US
Grayburn, Lindsey DHS 202-282-8575 DC US

Graydon, Amy H DHS Chemical Branch Chief 703-603-5169 VA US

Grayson, Alexis DHS SETA Support 202-254-2307 202-254-6170 DC US
Grazioso, John F DHS Sr. Information Security Assessor (Compliance) 202-357-7813
202-357-1299 DC US
Greely, Jacqueline DHS Grants Technician 202-447-0724 DC US
Green, Alisa R DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8395 DC US
Green, Brian M DHS Systems Engineer 202-343-4528 202-343-4550 DC US
Green, Charles DHS Senior Realty Specialist 202-527-3630 DC US
Green, Charles W DHS ANALYST 202-447-3482 DC US

Green, Christopher D DHS Certification Engineer 202-282-9587 DC US
Green, Christopher B DHS Requirements Management 202-447-3922 DC US
Green, Darryl DHS Senior Telecommunications Technician 202-603-4747 VA US
Green, James L DHS UNIX Systems Admin 202-603-6301 MS US
Green, Jeff DHS 703-284-6673 VA US
Green, Jennifer DHS Administrative Assistant 434-374-3522 VA US
Green, Joseph S DHS Contractor 202-357-7624 DC US
Green, Karen A DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5634 202-447-0574 DC US
Green, Keiling DHS Consultant 703-760-8866 DC US
Green, Keith D DHS PCIIMS Support Project Manager 703-235-9574 813-990-4340 VA US
Green, Patricia L DHS Administrative Associate 228-813-3318 228-813-4135 MS US
Green, Robert S DHS Analyst 202-447-5956 DC US

Green, Shirelle DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8301 DC US

Green, Tiffany DHS Enrollment Official DC US

Greenbaum, Steve DHS Program Manager, Contractor Support to the Regulatory

Compliance 202-254-5320 DC US
Greenberg, Marc W DHS Life Cycle Cost Estimator 703-235-1909 VA US
Greene, Abigail DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-9376 VA US
Greene, Daniel DHS Program Manager 202-447-0055 DC US
Greene, Derrick S DHS 703-289-4537 VA US
Greene, James W DHS IT Technician 202-357-7757 DC US
Greene, Jonathan DHS Director of Incident Coordination 202-254-5829 202-254-5401
Greene, krista L DHS Intern NY US
Greene, Lawrence M DHS QA Analyst 202-447-0444 DC US
Greene, Marc DHS SETA 202-254-6027 DC US
Greene, Michael K DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-254-2260 DC US
Greene, Richard E DHS Director, Planning & Operations 202-282-9119 202-282-8775 DC
Greene, Stanley DHS Recruiting & Outreach 202-447-3701 202-447-3791 DC US
Greenhill, John DHS DOE Liason to the NCS 703-235-5538 703-235-5961 DC US
Greenhill, Ronald C DHS Inspector 202-507-0018 OR US
Greenlaw, Pamela DHS Division Director of the NUSTL Testbeds Division. 212-620-
3649 212-620-3600 NY US
Greenlee, Norma Jo DHS Subject Matter Expert 202-447-5002 202-447-0697 DC US
Greenspoon, Susie DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3806 202-447-3462 DC US
Greenwood, Caroline P DHS Support Contractor 202-254-5376 202-254-6177 DC US
Greenwood, Frances DHS Executive Assistant to DUS 703-235-2093 VA US
Greenwood, Kennedi A DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5848 DC US
Greenwood, Todd DHS 202-282-9830 DC US
Greer, Liz DHS Senior Software Developer 703-276-2247 DC US
Greeson, Robert DHS Protective Security Advisor 302-674-2791 302-734-8653 DE US
Gregg, Maria A DHS Communications Watch Officer 202-282-8101 DC US
Gregg, Michael DHS IT Specialist (Infosec) VA US
Gregoria, Sarah E DHS Analyst 703-284-3202 VA US
Gregory, Eric DHS Trainer/Instructor 202-357-8419 DC US
Gregory, Shari DHS CyberSecurity Strategy 571-730-7223 DC US
Grenis, Timothy P DHS Intelligence Officer 303-239-5886 CO US
Gresham, Gregory DHS Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 202-282-8152 202-447-4197
Greve, Ashley DHS Senior GIS Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Grey, Julie DHS Exercise & Training Specialist 703-235-2528 VA US
Griffin, Brad B DHS Infrastructure Analyst - Backup/Restore 919-424-5639 NC US
Griffin, Brian E DHS LTC DC US
Griffin, Bruce DHS Analyst 703-235-5043 VA US
Griffin, Julie A DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Griffin, Randall DHS Program Specialist 202-254-5313 202-254-6180 DC US
Griffin, Robert P DHS Director of First Responder Programs 202-254-6421 DC US
Griffin, Steven DHS CERT Liaison Officer 703-235-8857 VA US
Griffith, Roberta DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9790 DC US
Griggs, Ronnie L DHS Implementation Manager 434-374-3508 VA US
Grigoriev, Julia DHS Senior Database Architect 202-447-0136 DC US
Grigus, Shawn DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2866 609-407-9632 NJ US
Grimes, Andrew DHS Director Support Staff 202-282-8626 DC US
Grimm, William DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0549 202-447-5725 DC US
Grinberg, Marc DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-9835 DC US
Grisenti, David L DHS Chemical Security Inspector CO US

Groff, Joedy R DHS Helpdesk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Groghan, Thad B DHS Test Area Analyst 202-254-5668 202-254-5397 DC US
Groll, Emily A DHS CWO 202-282-8590 DC US
Groome, Kyle DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5281 202-447-5552 DC US
Gropp, Erica DHS Contract Specialist 703-235-5118 VA US
Gross, Aver DHS Special Security Officer 202-282-8396 202-447-3555 DC US
Gross, Daniel DHS 202-447-5214 DC US
Gross, Ian DHS Associate 202-447-4658 DC US
Gross, Jeremy DHS Deputy Security Manager 228-813-4819 MS US
Gross-Davis, Leslie DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary (Senate) 202-447-5890 202-447-
5437 DC US
Grossman, Matthew E DHS Watch Analyst 703-603-4777 VA US
Grossman, Seth DHS OGC Chief of Staff 202-282-9882 DC US
Grosso, Lauren M DHS Biological Compliance Analyst 205-254-6076 DC US
Groth, Warren Adrian DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-6928 DC US
Grove, James DHS Senior Advisor, Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes Regions 202-254-6941
Groven, Philip J DHS Deputy Chief of Staff (Acting) 202-282-9543 202-282-8803 DC
Grubbs, Carolyn DHS EOC Chief 202-693-7527 292-693-7527 DC US
Grubbs, Karen DHS Sr. Enterprise Architect 202-282-9861 DC US
Gruber, Charles DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3859 DC US
Grubin, Andrew DHS Project Associate 703-235-3086 866-865-9903 DC US
Gruden, Michael G DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6363 202-254-6911 DC US
Grulke, David R DHS Alternative ISSO - CFATS 703-603-4682 VA US
Gruskin, Gregg I DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0345 DC US
Grzesik, Sandy M DHS Lead Programmer 301-982-2861 MD US
Guenterberg, Sharon DHS Program Manager 202-447-0165 (Tu-Wed-Th) DC US
Guerra, Jose A DHS VTC 202-612-1179 DC US
Guerra, Rudy DHS TWD Operations Manager 571-258-2212 VA US
Guest, Janeen C DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0201 DC US

Guest, John J DHS Regional Director, Mid Atlantic Area 215-446-6482 215-861-3311
Guevremont, Marc R DHS CBP DHSIE ERG Team 571-258-2770 VA US
Guice, Debra DHS Business Management Specialist 202-343-1791 DC US
Guiden, Nancy A DHS 202-254-2313 DC US
Guidetti, Raymond DHS Lieutenant 202-447-4507 DC US
Guiler, Hadley DHS 202-447-4089 DC US
Guilford, Christopher N DHS Senior Analyst 202-612-1792 DC US
Guillot, Greg P DHS Customer Assurance 202-447-3328 DC US
Guliani, Neema DHS Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff 202-447-4057
Gulley, William J DHS IT Specialist 703-244-9055 VA US
Gunn, Adam DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3126 202-282-8008 DC US
Gunning, Dawn DHS Environmental Specialist 202-603-2252 202-343-4241 DC US
Gunnink, D Steven DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7106 202-254-7752 DC US
Gunter-Holiday, Deborah V DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Gupta, Akshay Y DHS Student Trainee/Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-
4695 DC US
Gupta, Rahul DHS Partner / Sr. Mgmt Advisor 202-447-4525 DC US
Gurley, David DHS 202-447-5030 DC US
Gurnard, Teresa L DHS Communication and Special Projects Team Lead 202-357-8325
202-357-8293 DC US
Gurudatha, Nikhila DHS Systems Management Analyst 202-447-5573 DC US
Gustafson, John DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8218 202-254-8240 DC US
Gusty, Denis DHS Program Manager 202-254-5647 202-254-6169 DC US
Gutbrodt, Kurt DHS Detective 702-828-2219 NV US
Gutierrez, Kevin DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7610 DC US

Gutierrez, Richard DHS Mail Operations Manager 202-570-2848 DC US
Guzman, Karla DHS 703-235-5224 VA US
Gwaltney, Orville DHS Systems Engineer 202-282-8505 DC US
Haack, Edee DHS Senior Consultant 703-235-8151 703-235-3052 VA US
Haahr-Escolano, Kathryn DHS Open Source Collector 202-447-4291 DC US
Haak, Anne M DHS Sr. Data Engineer 703-464-9974 VA US
Haak, Russell DHS Task Manager 1-703-235-2562 VA US
Haak, Sarah DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9495 202-282-8952 DC US
Haas, Dennis DHS Program Manager OPRON 540-542-4434 540-542-4649 VA US
Haas, William DHS Senior IT Consultant 703-647-8054 703-647-8250 VA US
Haase, Mark DHS Project Manager 202-282-8347 DC US
Hackley, Lashelle N DHS Special Security Officer, MGMT/OGC 202-447-3974 202-282-
9186 DC US
Hackney, Terry W DHS Technology Consultant 434-374-3536 VA US
Hadden, Andrew DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0435 202-447-5564 DC US
Hadiji, Carolyn M DHS Strategic Planning and Communiciations Specialist 202-357-
8303 DC US
Hadley, Alexandra A DHS Liaison Officer 202-282-9944 DC US
Hadziselimovic, Dina DHS Scheduling and Advance 202-282-8737 DC US
Haefeli, Elizabeth DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8164 DC US
Hafeez, Ata DHS Program/Management Analyst 703-235-8127 VA US

Hagan, Katrina T DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-6342 202-254-6172 DC US
Hagar, Richard DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4165 DC US
Hage, Jeffrey M DHS Threat Analysts 202-282-8721 202-447-3172 DC US
Hageman, Natalie DHS Admin Officer 202-282-9090 202-447-3173 DC US
Hagen, Katharine DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5801 202-447-5144 DC US
Hager, Matthew DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9197 DC US
Hagerling, Don DHS Dep CISO & Dir Sec Policy/Arch/FO 202-357-6112 202-357-6197 DC
Haghdan, Sohela DHS Engineer 202-447-5782 DC US
Hagood, Ward DHS Government Watch Officer 202-282-8752 DC US

Hahn, Linda M DHS BPR Specialist 202-447-0059 DC US
Haight, Elizabeth DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9397 VA US
Hailu, Ribkha DHS 703-235-9568 VA US
Hailwood, Brandon DHS Travel Coordinator 202-254-5360 DC US
Haines, James A DHS Database Administrator SME 228-813-4249 MS US
Haines, Nathan DHS Watch Officer 202-282-8312 DC US
Hairston, Judy DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0964 202-343-4240 DC US
Hajian, Eleanore DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5319 DC US
Hake, Denise E DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Hale, David DHS Systems Programmer 228-813-3306 MS US
Hale, Duane DHS 202-282-8553 202-447-3111 DC US
Hale, Geoffrey H DHS DC US
Hale, Olin T DHS Program Manager 202-254-7358 DC US
Hale, Robert DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-282-9976 DC US
Hall, Brice DHS IT Policy Analyst 703-235-4966 VA US
Hall, Bruce P DHS Wireless Support 202-357-7848 DC US
Hall, Chrisdon DHS Chief, Policy Division DC US
Hall, David DHS NOC Duty Director 202-282-8101 DC US
Hall, Ernest DHS Sys Admin 703-235-5051 VA US
Hall, Gregory J DHS Project Manager 202-254-7015 DC US
Hall, James DHS FBI location (Watch Officer) DC US
Hall, John L DHS DHS Intelligence Officer 713-884-4721 713-884-4726 TX US
Hall, Karen DHS Contractor 202-254-5368 202-254-6173 DC US
Hall, Laurie DHS 703-235-8843 VA US
Hall, Robert E DHS Sr. Wintel Systems Admin 228-813-4134 MS US
Hall, Sha'Quana DHS Police Officer 213-847-1050 DC US sha'
Hall, Steven DHS Administrative Assistant 202-343-4196 DC US

Hall, Tammie DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-603-4913 VA US
Hall, Tina DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5074 VA US
Hall, Wendy DHS Special Senior Advisor for Biological Threats 202-282-9078 202-
282-8503 DC US
Hallberg, Theodore K DHS Solution Architect 703-927-6955 DC US
Hallenbeck, Christopher T DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5011 VA US
Hallowell, Susan DHS Director, TSL 609-813-2702 NJ US
Halsaver, Jeffrey C DHS TalentLink Project Manager 202-357-8321 DC US
Halverson, Jennifer R DHS Contractor 202-254-5803 DC US
Halverson, Richard D DHS Engineer-Info Assurance 703-235-5080 703-235-5078 VA US
Ham, Douglas DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-447-3565 202-282-8504 DC US
Hamblin, Robert R DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9349 DC US
Hamerman, Warren DHS 202-603-3843 202-343-4240 DC US
Hamidi, Heela DHS Correspondent Analyst 202-447-3641 DC US

Hamilton, Charles F DHS Protective Security Advisor 915-540-9626 TX US
Hamilton, Donald L DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-8440 202-282-9500 DC
Hamilton, Gene DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-4216 202-282-9186 DC US
Hamilton, LaShawn DHS EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT 202-343-4047 202-343-4236 DC US
Hamilton, Laura DHS Policy Analyst - Detailee 202-282-9820 DC US
Hamilton, Mark DHS Project Manager - StE TIP 202-447-5420 202-447-0290 DC US
Hamilton, Tyrone DHS Deputy Director, National Security Systems 202-447-0094 DC
Hamlin, Charles T DHS Migration Management Support 202-447-0095 DC US
Hamlin, Duane DHS Console Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Hammar, Patricia DHS Consultant 202-447-3284 301-657-7591 DC US
Hammen, Jennifer DHS Field Security Coordinator 202-447-0359 202-447-5312 DC US
Hammer, Lorraine DHS Intern 202-343-1779 DC US
Hammill, James B DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-0141 DC US
Hammond, Clarence DHS 202-282-8238 DC US
Hammond, Dorthea DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5701 202-447-5335 DC US
Hammond, Elizabeth C DHS Analyst 202-447-3662 DC US
Hammond, Henri DHS Deputy Director, WHMS 202-254-6044 DC US
Hammouda, Sabrina DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5179 703-603-5190 VA US
Hamon, Rita DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5943 (PSD) 202-447-
5013 (DHS) DC US
Hampton, Benita DHS Management Analyst 202-343-4242 DC US

Hamrick, Barry M DHS Security Officer 703-603-4740 VA US
Han, Dewyon DHS Computer Engineer 703-235-4950 VA US
Han, John DHS Deputy Director, Asia-Pacific 202-254-5822 202-254-5397 DC US
Han, Sang DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0558 DC US
Han, Sohl T DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0852 DC US
Hancock, Claudia DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8751 202-282-9897 DC US
Hancock, Desiree DHS Administrative Assistant 202-447-4270 202-282-8008 DC US
Hancock, Stephen D DHS Deputy Director, Research & Development Partnerships 202-
254-6909 DC US
Handke, Gregory DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-7242 IL US
Haney, Scott P DHS Senior Advisor 703-608-9149 DC US
Hanna, Raymond A DHS Protective Security Advsior 443-827-2059 MD US
Hannah, Tracy D DHS Deputy Director 202-447-0927 DC US
Hannan, Jason J DHS CWIN Systems Architect 703-341-4066 VA US
Hansen, Doug DHS IT Management Specialist 202-245-1156 DC US

Hansen, Garret DHS Regional Commander 202-302-6365 215-446-8750 PA US
Hanson, Eric DHS Chief of Staff, CICPA 703-235-2870 VA US
Hanson, Mary E DHS Dir., Adv. Committee/Executive Branch Liaison 202-254-5866 DC
Hanson, Robert DHS Performance Management Lead 703-235-1905 VA US
Hanson, Tracie DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4638 VA US
Haq, Amal DHS Homeland Security Program Analyst Biosafety/Biosecurity 202-254-6792
Haque, Aasia M DHS Application Relocation Lead 202-824-7909 DC US
Harbert, Karen DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3059 202-282-8805 DC US
Harbour, James S DHS Enterprise Architect 202-357-7632 DC US
Hardesty, Rebecca S DHS Executive Assistant 703-603-5161 VA US
Hardiman, Tara DHS Director 202-447-3243 DC US
Hardin, Michael M DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3782 DC US

Harding, Heather M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9486 DC US
Hardley, Kirston DHS Recruitment Coordinator 202-357-8417 202-357-8293 DC US
Hardy, Ashley DHS Information Security 850-452-7712 850-452-7197 FL US
Hardy, Ciani DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8292 DC US
Hardy, Gary DHS HR Security Specialist 703-235-1498 703-235-1562 VA US
Hardy, James DHS Protective Security Advisor 404-222-4831 404-222-4940 GA US
Hardy, Jeffrey DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8414 DC US
Hardy, Randolph DHS 703-235-2515 703-235-3052 VA US
Harford, Robert M DHS ERA Developer 202-447-5531 DC US
Harger, Kyle B DHS Analyst 703-284-6285 VA US
Hargrove, Deon E DHS HSIN/Tier I 703-889-3510 DC US
Hargrove, Rick J DHS 2210 202-203-9758 703-235-5963 VA US
Harker, Howard DHS Sr. Manager 202-447-0176 DC US
Harkins, Therese M DHS Consultant 202-447-3681 DC US
Harkness, Shirley R DHS Database Analyst VA US
Harksen, James D DHS Chemical Facility Inspector 202-821-9905 WA US
Harley, Candace DHS Senior Consultant 720-395-5824 VA US
Harley, Cheryl DHS Mentoring Program Coordinator 202-357-8216 202-357-8471 DC US
Harley, Davina A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-0126 DC US
Harley, Nicole DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5117 DC US
Harlow, Richard DHS Sr. Systems Engineer 703-277-1258 DC US
Harmon, Sharon R DHS Technical Programmatic Support / SETA 202-254-7687 DC US
Harmon, Willard DHS Supervisory IT Specialist (InfoSec) 703-235-5735 VA US
Harper, Bruce G DHS Dir of Science 631-323-3354 631-323-3097 NY US
Harper, DJ DHS Senior Advisor 202-447-3739 DC US
Harper, Jason D DHS Senior Staff Engineer 609-813-2846 609-813-2819 NJ US
Harper, Jerald DHS Assistant Director, FEMA, USCG, USSS, TSA 202-447-0458 DC US
Harper, Roy DHS DHS HQ Incident Response Lead 202-357-1236 DC US
Harrell, Elizabeth H DHS Senior Exchange Engineer 703-742-2574 VA US
Harrell, Larry E DHS security 202-254-6433 DC US
Harrell, Sean DHS Emergency Programs Coordinator (OEP) 202-527-3342 DC US
Harrell, William DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-302-6368 IL US
Harrigan, Georgia DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-254-5643 DC US
Harrigan, Thomas DHS Contractor: Subject Matter Expert 202-357-7849 DC US
Harrington, Donald J DHS Future Plans Branch Chief 202-254-2419 DC US
Harrington, Patricia DHS Energy Program Analyst 202-573-4702 DC US
Harris, Belinda DHS Correspondent Analyst 202-447-4081 DC US
Harris, Belinda N DHS Budget and Finance 703-235-5159 VA US
Harris, Cerise DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5108 202-447-5118 DC US
Harris, Dale W DHS IV&V Project Manager 202-357-7869 DC US
Harris, David W DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 DC US

Harris, Don E DHS Program Manager 202-254-7137 DC US

Harris, Douglas D DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-1706 DC US
Harris, Elizabeth A DHS NSS Risk Management Division 202-357-6168 202-357-6197 DC
Harris, Jacquelyn D DHS Sr. Procurement Analyst 202-447-5993 DC US
Harris, James E DHS SSA 703-235-5627 VA US
Harris, James D DHS Business Service Representative 434-374-3583 VA US
Harris, Jeffrey E DHS Senior IT Engineer 703-674-2702 NY US
Harris, Jessica DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5394 202-447-5873 DC US
Harris, John W DHS Exchange Administrator 434-374-3511 VA US
Harris, Kimberlee A DHS Reporting Team Lead 202-357-8538 DC US
Harris, Kimberly M DHS HIFLD to the Regions 573-356-7930 MO US
Harris, Laura DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0472 DC US
Harris, Lynn DHS Test Planner 202-254-7534 202-254-7749 DC US
Harris, Malika DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-5616 DC US
Harris, Mark E DHS Advisor to the CFO 202-447-0829 DC US
Harris, Michelle M DHS IA Security Engineer 202-357-1231 DC US
Harris, Moncrease E DHS Database Management Specialist 202-447-0479 DC US
Harris, Randall D DHS Program Analyst: Conference Room-AV/VTC/Facilities 202-254-
5779 202-254-6172 DC US
Harris, Richard DHS Program Management Analyst 703-235-5417 703-235-5961 VA US
Harris, Ricky J DHS Desktop Tech 202-282-8081 DC US
Harris, Ronald DHS Supervisor 631-323-3114 NY US
Harris, Sally DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-6886 DC US
Harris, Steven E DHS Director, Professional Development & Training 703-235-1908
703-235-2056 VA US
Harris, Stic DHS Veterinary Medical Officer 202-254-2238 DC US
Harris, Ulister J DHS Planning Coordinator/Program Analyst 202-254-6626 202-254-
2295 DC US
Harris, Vincent J DHS Solution Architect 202-536-6033 DC US
Harris, Virginia DHS HR Assistant 202-357-8547 202-357-8462 DC US
Harrison, Cassie DHS Director of Administration 202-282-8296 202-282-9188 DC US
Harrison, Clark E DHS Contractor 202-282-8433 202-447-3074 DC US
Harrison, Darryl L DHS Financial Analyst 202-282-8259 DC US
Harrison, Gregory L DHS Systems Engineer 402-660-2997 NE US
Harrison, Mashean DHS Travel Coordinator 202-254-2209 DC US
Harry, Ryan DHS Booz Allen Hamilton Contractor, Geospatial Intelligence Analyst
202-282-9369 DC US
Hart, Andrew J DHS DC US
Hart, Bruce DHS Lead BUR/Storage Engineer 703-742-2708 VA US
Hart, David E DHS Inspector 202-731-9297 FL US
Hart, Gregory J DHS Consultant 202-282-8252 DC US
Hart, Kevin DHS Special Assistant 202-254-7114 DC US
Hart, Markies E DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Hart, Regina DHS 202-282-9727 DC US
Hart, Thomas D DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-343-4529 DC US
Hartdegen, Kevin J DHS Information Assurance/SOC Lead 228-813-4209 228-813-4215 MS
Hartley, William DHS
Hartman, Katrina R DHS Scheduling and Advance 202-447-3209 202-282-8415 DC US
Hartman, Matthew M DHS Customer Relationship Manager 703-235-3047 VA US
Hartman, Peter G DHS Attorney/Advisor 202-447-5099 202-447-3111 DC US
Hartsough, Guy N DHS Nuclear Detection Specialist 202-254-7142 DC US
Harvey, Ben DHS Director Executive Program Support Office Division 202-447-0111
Harvey, Chester W DHS 202-447-5784 DC US
Harvey, David L DHS SEDI (MITRE) Department Head 202-447-0436 DC US
Harvey, Gloria DHS Resource Manager 202-254-7406 202-254-4717 DC US
Harvey, Henry DHS Manager CRMD/RMCD/BFSD 202-447-0794 DC US
Harvey, Ki DHS SETA Contractor 202-254-7139 DC US
Harvey, Timothy E DHS SETA Support- Senior Systems Engineer 202-254-2318 DC US
Harwood, Deanne DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-4974 VA US
Hasan, Muhammad A DHS ESS VIP 202-450-7009 DC US
Hasham, Sikina DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8767 DC US
Haskins, Janice W DHS Employee Relations Consultant 703-235-2114 703-235-2054 VA
Haskins, Wanda DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9558 202-282-9895/9896 DC US
Hasley, Julia C DHS Acting Chief of Staff/Chief Exec Sec Office 703-235-4223 703-
235-5696 VA US
Haslup, Margaret A DHS Program Manager, TAC Operations 202-282-8641 DC US
Hassan, Ramsey S DHS Enterprise Architect DC US
Hassel, Debby M DHS Assistant Senior Watch Officer (ASWO) 202-282-8101 DC US
Hassen, James E DHS Mr. 202-282-9846 202-282-8804 DC US
Hastings, Patricia DHS Army Liaison 202-254-5723 DC US

Hatchett, Anthony DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5148 DC US
Hatten, Jennifer DHS R&D Business Specialist 202-254-6711 DC US
Hatten, Walter L DHS Change Manager 228-813-4892 MS US
Hattis, Daniel DHS Legislative Affairs Specialist 202-282-9678 DC US
Hauer, Aaron DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-1477 VA US
Haugan, Greg DHS Senior Analyst 202-254-7152 DC US
Haupt, Rob A DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0675 DC US
Haushalter, Laura B DHS Program Specialist 202-612-1961 DC US
Haut, Sarah L DHS IT Project Manager, PMP 202-447-5322 DC US

Hautala-Bateman, Cheri DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7438 DC US cheri.hautala-
Haverback, Craig B DHS PCII Tech Support 703-235-9575 703-235-9709 VA US
Havranek, John DHS Associate General Counsel 202-447-3544 DC US
Hawkins, Courtney A DHS Future Ops 202-282-8715 DC US
Hawkins, Daniel M DHS Regional Coordinator 406-443-0170 MT US
Hawkins, Danielle DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6335 202-254-6910 DC US
Hawkins, Destiny DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0763 202-447-5873 DC US
Hawkins, Jill C DHS Technical Research Assistant 410-417-0905 410-417-0915 MD US
Hawkins, John DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-573-5078 DC US
Hawkins, Kristin K DHS DNDO Counterintelligence Officer 202-254-7573 202-254-7759
Hawkins, LaTanya C DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2455 DC US
Hawkins, Natasha L DHS Senior Risk Analyst 202-343-1775 DC US
Hawkins, Paula DHS Management Analyst 202-357-8556 DC US
Hawkins, Randal L DHS Data Center & Network Services Lead 202-447-0027 DC US
Hawkins, Richard DHS Sr. Tech 703-235-5415 VA US
Hawkins, Sandra L DHS Director of Administration 703-235-0780 703-235-0442 VA US
Hawkins, Stefanie D DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5339 202-447-5333 DC
Hawkins, Timothy DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-302-6369 TN US
Hawman, Susan DHS 202-642-4507 DC US
Haws, Elijah W DHS Operations Analyst: Knowledge Management Officer 202-282-9353
Hayes, Emma DHS Resource Manager 202-254-7111 202-254-7747 DC US
Hayes, Erin DHS Sr. Human Resources Specialist 202-615-5782 DC US
Hayes, Kara DHS Protocol Officer 202-282-9602 DC US
Hayes, Nancy DHS Financial Specialist 202-447-5923 DC US
Hayes, Pratt G DHS Project Manager 228-813-4135 CT US
Hayhurst, Benjamin E DHS Reports Officer 858-495-7284 DC US
Hayhurst, Robert E DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3077 DC US
Hayman, Khiana DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8246 202-357-8138 DC US
Haynes, Carey L DHS Redress Officer 202-324-5418 DC US
Hazen, Richard M DHS Physical/Personnel Security Lead 228-813-4818 228-813-4215 MS
Hazera, Francisco DHS GIS Desk Officer 202-282-9639 DC US
Hazlewood, Kathryn DHS Enterprise Content Manager 202-357-8315 DC US
Hazou, Ivette M DHS Network Steward Support 703-921-6744 VA US
Hazzard, Larry DHS Telecommunications Specialist 703-235-5279 VA US
Hcao DHS HSDN Connection Approval Office 202-282-8842 202-612-1673 DC US
Head, Kyle DHS McAfee Subject Matter Expert (SME) 202-357-6106 DC US
Headen, Mary F DHS Ms. 202-447-3401 202-447-3464 DC US
Headen, Samantha DHS Management Analyst/Executive Assistant 703-235-3079 VA US
Heard, Taylor DHS 703-235-5305 VA US
Hearn, Charles T DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 803-896-3941 SC US
Hearn, Robin E DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-5758 DC US
Hearns, Sean T DHS Senior Operations/Exercise Planner 202-254-7032 DC US
Heath, Stanley DHS Public Affairs Specialist 202-282-9117 DC US
Hebert, Rodney J DHS Sr Watch Officer 888-282-0870 703-235-5024 VA US
Hedge, Christopher DHS NCSD / FNS CCV Team Lead 703-235-5186 VA US
Hedgpeth, Ryan E DHS Systems Engineer 703-235-5707 VA US
Hedlund, Lee J DHS Program analyst 202-357-8180 DC US
Heeter, Kevin W DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Hefley, Conley DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8926 202-282-8803 DC US
Hegarty, Timothy B DHS Chief, NGA Support Team 202-282-8614 202-282-8803 DC US
Heide, Bruce DHS Appropriations Liaison Officer 202-447-5095 202-447-5164 DC US
Heider, Alyssa D DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0133 202-447-5813 DC US
Heider, Anthony DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-5629 202-447-5335 DC US
Heil, Daylen DHS Plans & Integration 202-447-3923 DC US
Heimbach, Susan DHS HP information consultant NH US
Heimer, Lloyd D DHS DHS RMS Tier II Support 202-357-6100 DC US
Heinig, Patrick E DHS Senior Enterprise Architect 202-254-7256 DC US
Heintz, Craig DHS Deputy Director 202-357-8305 202-357-8504 DC US
Heinz, Todd W DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-282-8432 DC US
Heise, Ryan M DHS 571-350-4736 VA US
Heiser, Nicole DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3029 202-447-3111 DC US
Heitman, Kathleen DHS FS2 202-282-8954 DC US
Helbock, David DHS Physical Security Branch Chief 202-282-9260 202-282-9500 DC US
Heldibridle, Travis K DHS Desktop Support Technician 202-343-4101 DC US
Helfrich, William T DHS 703-474-0289 VA US

Heller, Jacob N DHS Advisor to the Chief of Staff 202-447-3982 DC US
Heller, Veronica DHS CITA Program Manager 703-235-9558 VA US
Helt, James DHS Manager, Laboratory Operations & Oversight 202-254-6050 202-254-
6179 DC US
Helwick, Rudolph J DHS Wintel System Administrator 228-813-4146 MS US
Helwig, Jonathan S DHS Exercise Planning and Special Events 703-235-9334 VA US
Hemer, Mary DHS International Protocol Advisor 202-254-5635 202-254-5395 DC US
Hemmati, Dan N DHS SETA 202-254-2335 DC US
Hemmer, Lisa DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5892 DC US
Hemphill, Anthony T DHS Operations Manager 202-254-5733 202-254-6171 DC US
Henderson, Debra DHS Human Resource Specialist 202-357-8114 DC US
Henderson, Gerradi C DHS Emergency Programs Coordinator 202-254-6603 202-254-5671
Henderson, Jacqueline Y DHS 202-254-6015 DC US
Henderson, Jesse K DHS Branch Chief, OPSEC Branch 202-447-5423 DC US
Henderson, Julius DHS Special Security Representative 202-282-8838 202-282-9361 DC
Henderson, Lakeisha DHS Architect, Program Manager 202-407-3400 DC US
Henderson, Nichelle R DHS Organizational Change Management 202-447-0965 DC US
Henderson, Starr DHS Program Analyst, Team Lead 202-254-6107 202-254-6739 DC US
Hendricks, Kevin DHS 703-235-5797 VA US
Hendrickson, Bruce A DHS System Engineer 301-795-2031 MD US
Hendrix, Clu W DHS Database Administrator 228-813-4123 MS US
Henke, Keith A DHS Fire Program Specialist 202-282-9286 DC US
Henkels, Suzanne DHS Press Assistant 202-282-8196 DC US

Henn, James F DHS Program Manager 703-304-1027 703-682-4824 VA US
Hensley, James E DHS Program Manager 703-603-5147 703-603-5190 VA US
Hensley, Jenny F DHS Consultant 202-282-9933 DC US
Henson, Lawrence DHS Director, Program Management for Information Security 202-
357-6115 DC US
Herbaugh, Daniel C DHS Program Manager DC US
Herman, Steven W DHS 202-254-7326 DC US
Hermance, Donald M DHS 631-323-3291 NY US
Hern, Samuel L DHS Summer Intern 609-813-2875 NJ US
Hernandez, Bill DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9422 202-282-9186 DC US
Hernandez, David DHS Research Chemist/Explosives Specialist 609-813-2807 609-383-
1973 NJ US
Hernandez, Jared DHS Analyst / RFI Manager DC US
Hernandez, Kristian DHS communication engineer 202-253-8336 DC US
Hernandez, Larry DHS Program Support 202-357-7784 DC US

Hernandez, Luis D DHS IT Business Systems Analyst 202-254-6951 DC US
Hernandez, Shanika S DHS Administrative Assistant 202-254-7654 DC US
Herndon, Carrie DHS Associate Director 202-447-5559 202-447-5564 DC US
Herrera, Jose L DHS Sensitive Source Reporting Program/ Control Officer 202-282-
9101 DC US
Herrera, Rose M DHS Operations Officer 703-275-8674 VA US
Herrin, Steven DHS Acting Chief, Risk Integration and Analysis Branch 202-447-4495
Herrod, Christopher M DHS Wintel Systems Engineer 228-813-3345 MS US
Herron, Shawn M DHS Government Watch Officer 202-612-1684 DC US
Hershfield, Neil DHS Deputy Director - CSSP & ICS-CERT 703-235-4976 VA US
Heselton, Glenn E DHS Contingency Planner 703-235-2560 VA US
Heshmatpour, Bahman DHS Nuclear Engineer 703-603-5227 703-603-5190 VA US
Hess, David DHS Principal Deputy CoS 703-235-2090 VA US
Hess, Gwainevere C DHS Senior Policy Analyst 703-603-5051 DC US
Hessman, Jeri DHS Program Mgr/Sr Program Support 202-254-6340 DC US
Hester, Alfreda DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5390 202-447-5013
Hester, Christopher DHS 703-235-8861 VA US
Hester, DeLacie DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7772 202-401-4708 DC US
Hester, Lynn Y DHS Administrative Officer 202-507-2924
Hester, Tekechia R DHS Veterinary ResearchTechnician 631-323-3214 NY US
Hewitt, DelRaye M DHS Information Operations Specialist (Cyber) 202-282-8586 DC
Hewitt, Victoria E DHS Senior Computer Security Specialist 202-357-1241 DC US
Hewitt, William T DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3137 202-282-8803
Heyman, David DHS Assistant Secretary for Policy 202-282-9708 DC US
Hiatt, John D DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-8209 202-282-9500 DC US
Hibbetts, Brian DHS LVPD Desk Officer 202-282-9274 DC US

Hickey, Emily R DHS Lead, Policy and Governance, IICD 703-235-9522 VA US
Hickey, Gary DHS Contracting Officer 202-358-7739 202-358-7810 DC US
Hickman, Kathleen DHS Laboratory Ops 703-647-8045 703-647-8250 VA US
Hickman, Martin L DHS Liaison Officer 202-282-8345 DC US

Hickman, Matthew L DHS Phyiscal Scientist 202-254-5340 DC US
Hickox, Allen DHS Strategy Consultant 202-343-1757 DC US
Hicks, Elliott DHS LESMC Core Team Lead 202-447-4569 DC US

Hicks, Ivin M DHS Network Engineer DC US

Hicks, Terry W DHS Program Risk Analyst 202-447-4386 DC US
Hicks, Tiffany DHS Program Analyst, IRAPP 202-447-3901 DC US
Hides, James J DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4097 DC US
Higa-Smith, Karyn DHS Program Manager/Engineer 202-254-5335 DC US karyn.higa-
Higginbotham, David DHS Deputy Director, NICC 202-510-7192 VA US
Higgins, Bernadette A DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-5707 202-254-6167 DC US
Higgins, James J DHS HSIN Mission Advocate NY US
Higgins, Kathleen M DHS Chief, Stakeholder Engagement 202-254-2293 202-254-5388 DC
Higgins, Patrice M DHS Branch Chief, Human Resources 202-254-7165 202-254-7576 DC
Higgins, Patricia DHS Associate Director of Support Operations 202-447-5442 202-
447-5438 DC US
Higgins, Tyler T DHS Sr. Program Analyst 703-235-5510 VA US
Higgins-Bloom, Kate DHS Legislative Fellow 202-447-5466 DC US kate.higgins-
Highfill, Amy C DHS Media Services Geospatial Analyst 202-282-8594 DC US
Hildebrandt, Kathryn L DHS Inst Systems Specialist 202-447-5421 DC US
Hill, Alice DHS Senior Counselor to the Secretary 202-447-4100 DC US
Hill, Andrea DHS Associate Director of Operations 202-447-5459 202-447-5437 DC US
Hill, Armand M DHS Production Specialist 202-282-9393 DC US

Hill, Arnold DHS IT Project Manager 202-447-0909 202-447-0290 DC US
Hill, Clair DHS Sr. Communications Analyst 703-647-8055 703-647-8250 VA US
Hill, Crystal DHS Senior Operations Research Analyst 202-343-4530 DC US
Hill, David B DHS Professor 202-685-3333 DC US
Hill, Frances DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-4040 DC US
Hill, Frederick F DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8101 DC US
Hill, John W DHS Director of Program & Budget 202-282-8418 202-282-8803 DC US
Hill, Julian DHS Assistant Director 202-254-7440 DC US
Hill, Melissa A DHS Critical Manufacturing Task Lead VA US
Hill, St John G DHS Customer Assurance 202-282-8934 DC US
Hill, Tanya M DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5511 202-447-5545 DC US
Hill, Terrence DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8290 DC US
Hill, Tonya DHS Section 508 Outreach and Awareness Coordinator 202-447-0305 202-
447-0330 DC US
Hill, Wendy DHS Small Business Advocate 202-447-5286 202-447-5552 DC US
Hillery, Jeff DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Hilliard, Amanda DHS Telecommunications Manager 202-343-1614 DC US
Hillman, Fides DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-343-4531 DC US
Hilton, Bonnie R DHS COMSEC Manager 202-447-5399 202-447-5312 DC US
Hilton, Purnell C DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-0159 DC US
Hilts, Robert L DHS SESP Liaison 202-254-7162 DC US
Hilyer, Brian M DHS GDAIS Ops Manager 888-282-0870 VA US
Himeles, Sara B DHS Public Affairs and Strategic Communications Assistant 202-447-
3533 DC US
Himes, Patrick J DHS Information Operations Specialist 703-235-5117 VA US
Himler, Allen D DHS Contractor 202-357-7789 DC US
Himmel, Chloe DHS Legislative Affairs Specialist 202-282-9277 DC US
Hines, Rita DHS HR Specialist 609-813-3019 609-813-3314 NJ US

Hinkle, William DHS Supervisory Specialist 202-375-9242 TX US
Hinton, Stephen DHS Personnel Seccurity Assistant 202-447-0157 DC US
Hipp, Roger A DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-0556 DC US
Hirt, Ryan DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-821-8790 MA US

Hite, Michael T DHS DC-2 Security Analyst 434-374-3573 VA US
Hite, Pamela DHS Project Technical Lead 434-374-3540 VA US
Hite, Travis M DHS 202-254-6709 DC US
Ho, Melissa A DHS BusOps Manager 202-254-6017 DC US
Ho, Sandra DHS 703-235-5123 VA US
Ho, Tiffany DHS IT Specialist 703-235-3648 VA US
Hoadley, Travis DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8207 DC US
Hoang, Anthony DHS Director, NIEM PMO 202-447-3726 202-447-3874 DC US
Hoang, Stephen DHS Consultant 202-447-4371 DC US
Hoang, Trinh DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5772 DC US
Hoareau, Emile DHS Senior Tech 703-235-1920 VA US
Hoban, Robin J DHS Hifld to the Regions 678-277-2702 GA US
Hobson, James DHS Sr. Analyst 202-447-3183 DC US

Hodas, Luke M DHS DC2 - System Support 919-424-9358 NC US
Hode, Matthew DHS Network Eng. 228-813-4802 MS US
Hodge, Darian DHS Sr. Intel Analyst \ Operations Specialist 631-477-4497 NY US
Hodge, David DHS Program Manager 202-254-5813 202-254-6164 DC US
Hodge, Henry E DHS Contractor - CACI Prog Mgr 703-235-9332 VA US
Hodge, Kimberly DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0514 DC US
Hoefel, John S DHS NICC Watch Coordinator 202-282-9201 VA US
Hoefer, Michael DHS Director, Office of Immigration Statistics 202-786-9871 202-
786-9910 DC US
Hoelzle, Jen DHS Director of Director of External Engagement 202-282-8170 DC US
Hoexter, Marcia A DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-7425 DC US
Hofer, Carrie DHS Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner 631-323-3217 631-323-3360
Hofer, Christine A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-5322 DC US
Hoffecker, Frank DHS Systems Engineer 703-235-5808 VA US

Hoffman, Allen DHS Deputy Executive Director 202-447-0303 DC US
Hoffman, Andrew DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3505 202-447-3600
Hoffman, Cynthia DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-245-1108 DC US
Hoffman, Erin C DHS Special Assistant to the Senior Counselor to the Secretary
202-447-3512 DC US
Hoffman, Jesse DHS Service Desk Manager 1-317-821-6061 IN US
Hoffman, Nancy DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-2281 DC US

Hoffman, Rebecca DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0105 202-447-5564 DC US
Hogan, Claire E DHS Analyst 703-235-8154 VA US
Hogan, Phillip DHS SA DC US
Hogan, William D DHS Senior Program Manager 703-235-5789 VA US
Hogenmiller, Mark E DHS Program Director VA US
Hogues, Barry DHS Access Control 202-282-9015 DC US
Hoitt, Janine A DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1770 DC US
Hoke, Janine DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5188 DC US
Holbrook, Brett DHS DOD Desk Officer 202-282-8116 DC US
Holbrook, Tina Y DHS IT Security Specialist 202-631-5517 DC US
Holcomb, David L DHS Protective Security Advisor (PSA) 206-654-5709 206-654-6479
Holden, David A DHS Tracking Officer 202-282-8328 DC US
Holden, Michael A DHS Senior Exercise Coordinator 202-254-7143 202-254-7752 DC US
Holder, Richard DHS Security Specialist 202-254-6463 202-254-6403 DC US
Holl, Troy DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9691 202-282-9897 DC US
Holladay, Michael DHS Enrollment Offical 202-384-5996 DC US
Holland, Bobbie L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0799 DC US

Holland, Clayton DHS Security lead 202-254-5776 DC US
Holland, Donna C DHS Program Specialist 202-357-7735 202-357-7678 DC US
Holland, Gerald D DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5842 202-447-5118 DC US
Holland, Robert R DHS Technology Consultant IV 434-374-0626 VA US
Holland, Steven F DHS Sr. Property Manager 703-235-1495 703-235-1561 VA US
Hollands, Andrew DHS SETA Contractor 202-254-5859 202-254-6169 DC US
Holley, Alisha DHS Telecommunication Technician 202-357-7890 DC US
Hollingsead, Gregory DHS Protective Security Advisor, Omaha District 402-981-8970
Hollingsworth, Allen DHS Special Agent 202-357-7620 DC US
Hollis, Mari Ann DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5084 DC US
Hollis, Mary J DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5079 202-447-5333 DC US
Hollis, Tracy DHS IDM Project Manager 202-357-6108 DC US
Hollister, Edouard T DHS Remedy Administrator 228-813-3380 MS US
Holloway, Jane DHS Requirements Analyst 202-357-8429 DC US
Holly, Elaine R DHS 202-447-4330 DC US
Holm, Rudy DHS Protective Security Advisor (PSA) 505-248-5298 505-248-5296 NM US
Holmberg, James B DHS DC US
Holmberg, John P DHS Contractor 703-603-5065 VA US
Holmer, Georgia DHS Program Manager 202-447-4550 DC US
Holmes, Beverly S DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-4226 DC US
Holmes, Donnell L DHS IT TECH 703-235-5345 MD US
Holmes, Linda S DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9516 VA US
Holmes, Sheila DHS Associate Director, EXD/BMD/IDD/HF 202-254-5603 DC US
Holt, Bernard DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5165 VA US
Holt, Bonnie DHS Training Officer-Director of Management Office 703-235-8141 VA
Holt, Jack DHS 703-235-5080 VA US
Holt, Kenneth DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8636 DC US

Holton, Jerome J DHS 703-647-2748 VA US

Holtz, Jennifer S DHS 202-343-1711 DC US
Holzbach, Thomas G DHS Project Associate 571-289-2301 VA US
Holzer, James V DHS Associate Director of Disclosure and FOIA Operations 703-235-
0149 VA US
Homan, Michael A DHS Business Analyst 434-374-3550 VA US
Homovich, David M DHS 703-205-5065 VA US
Hong, Alice DHS Deputy Director 212-620-3619 212-620-3651 NY US
Hong, Eric W DHS VA US
Hong, Susan DHS 703-235-5787 VA US
Hong, Traci DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6142 DC US
Hongola, Ian DHS Foreign Liaison Officer 202-282-9526 DC US

Honig, Charles DHS I T Technician 202-447-0684 202-447-0691 DC US
Hood, Norma J DHS System Administrator 202-697-3516 DC US
Hooks, Robert DHS DAS for Biodefense & WMD 202-254-5833 DC US
Hoopengardner, Stephen DHS Intern 202-447-0944 DC US
Hooper, William A DHS Executive Secretary (CTR) 202-447-4879 DC US
Hoover, Julie A DHS ITO Svc Delivery Rep II 434-374-3850 VA US
Hoover, Mark E DHS DC2 - Mainframe Support 919-424-5612 NC US
Hope, Ingrid G DHS Occupational Medicine & Safety Analyst 202-254-2334 202-254-
6094 DC US
Hopeck, Scott E DHS Analyst 703-736-4041 VA US
Hopkins, Christine L DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 VA US
Hopkins, Courtney DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-5775 202-254-5713 DC US
Hopkins, James DHS Executive Support Services DC US
Hopkins, Jason M DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Horan, Eileen DHS Purchasing Agent 631-323-3062 631-323-3001 NY US
Horenstein, Keith A DHS Principal Information Systems Engineer 202-447-5035 DC
Horn, Elke E DHS US-CERT ExecSec 703-235-5302 VA US

Horn, Scott DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8309 DC US
Horne, John O DHS Monitoring Tools Admin 434-374-0689 VA US
Horne, Vaughn G DHS Assistant Chief 202-447-5225 DC US
Horowitz, Scott DHS Correspondence Control Assistant 202-447-5819 DC US
Horst, Brian L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5659 DC US
Hortega, Josiah DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-603-4639 VA US
Horton, Donald DHS Senior Intelligence Liaison Officer 202-447-3632 DC US
Horton, Eric DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3332 DC US
Hoskins, Mitchell DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-3529 DC US
Hosmer, Mark DHS TSA LNO 202-447-3688 DC US
Hossain, Akter DHS Configuration Manager-ITNOVA 202-447-5004 DC US
Hostetler, Aaron T DHS Senior Voice Systems Engineer 202-447-0798 DC US
Hostetler, Bryan DHS Communications Analyst 202-447-0002 202-447-0725 DC US
Hotin, Edward L DHS IT Specialist 434-374-0910 VA US
Houck, Bradford L DHS Principal consultant 703-371-2812 DC US
Houder, John DHS Web Content / Media Specialist 202-282-8095 DC US
Houghtaling, Pamela A DHS Communications Liaison 202-343-2463 (Desk) DC US
Houghton, Douglas DHS InfoSec Engineer 703-235-9576 VA US
Houghton, Lucas DHS Assoc Systems Engineer 703-464-9964 VA US
Houpt, Alex DHS Geospatial Analyst VA US
House, Arley DHS Special Agent / Program Manager 703-235-8409 703-235-3417 DC US
House, Robert L DHS Assistant Director HQ Support Services 202-282-8490 DC US
Houser, David L DHS DHS Chief Regulatory Economist 202-282-9995 DC US
Houser, Eric DHS Director, Explosives Division 202-254-5366 202-254-9396 DC US
Houser, Jason P DHS Intelligence Liaison 202-447-3596 202-282-8803 DC US
Houser, Walter DHS Contractor 703-284-6180 VA US
Houser, Willie J DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-9784 202-282-9500 DC US
Houston, Rephael T DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4640 703-603-4715 DC US
Howard, Brenda K DHS SMS Requirements/IT HRIS Analyst 202-510-8086 DC US
Howard, Gregory DHS Protective Security Advisor 502-540-2625 502-582-6329 KY US
Howard, Kathryn DHS Program Specialist 703-603-4929 VI US

Howard, Lia DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7308 DC US

Howard, Rothley DHS Assistant Director, Office of Financial Operations 202-447-
5109 202-447-5118 DC US
Howard, Tammy L DHS Chief of Staff 202-282-9264 202-282-8408 DC US
Howcroft, Loren DHS Program Support Specialist 202-447-5662 202-447-5310 DC US
Howe, George W DHS Chief Security Officer 703-736-4130 VA US
Howe, Jeffrey DHS IPDS Support Desk Manager 202-447-3073 VA US
Howe, Maurice DHS IT Security Specialist 202-447-3326 202-447-4457 DC US
Howe, Wendy DHS Chief, Business Operations 202-254-5816 DC US

Howell, Christian DHS Cyber Investigator 202-254-6976 202-254-6403 DC US
Howell, Dennis DHS Intern 410-417-0918 MD US
Howell, John G DHS Senior Consultant 703-235-3645 VA US
Howell, Scott DHS Associate Director of Congressional Actions 202-282-9961 DC US
Howell, Shawn W DHS Forensics Team Chief 703-275-8670 VA US
Hower, Christopher DHS Resource Analyst 703-235-4276 VA US
Howerton, Karen N DHS Personnel Security 434-374-0694 VA US
Hoxie, Brian DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4155 DC US
Hoying, James DHS Site Lead 228-813-4151 228-813-4884 MS US
Hoyle, Robert DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-7239 CA US
Hrin, Erik J DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5988 DC US
Hsdn-ESD DHS Program Management Office DC US
Hsiao, Michael DHS 214-808-4021 TX US
Hsieh, Patty DHS 202-254-5882 DC US
Hua, Jianhai T DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-4663 DC US
Hua, Justin S DHS Senior Consultant 703-235-9533 VA US
Hubbard, Angela DHS Communications Liaison 202-357-7682 DC US
Hubbard, Bryan M DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Hubbard, Gredta Y DHS BPM Manager 202-447-3452 (NAC) 202-282-9505 DC US
Hubbard, Sabrina DHS IT Specialist 202-357-7871 DC US
Hubbell, Tina DHS Program Management Analyst 202-282-8981 202-447-3924 DC US
Huber, Joseph C DHS Database Analyst, Lead 703-349-3708 MO US
Hubert, Christina DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4218 DC US
Hubert, Damien DHS Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-5111 703-235-5042 VA US
Huddleston, Timothy DHS IICD Deputy Director (A) 703-235-9565 VA US
Hudgen, Terrence DHS IT Program Manager 202-447-0219 DC US
Hudson, Jennifer C DHS IT Support Tech 631-323-3251 NY US
Hudson, Juan A DHS Senior Security Engineer 703-921-7019 VA US
Hudson, Melinda S DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8683 DC US
Hudson, Raymond DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-9201 VA US
Hudson, Tammy DHS Management & Program Analyst DC US
Huey, Homer D DHS CDR 202-282-9590 DC US
Huff, Stephen DHS Program Specialist 202-357-8578 DC US
Huff, Tyrone O DHS Clearance Officer 202-343-2496 DC US
Hugee, Leon DHS Network Engineer 202-447-5944 202-447-0437 DC US
Huggard-Gallagher, Judy DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2770 609-383-1973 NJ US
Hughes, Benjamin M DHS Senior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-0562 202-447-5160 DC
Hughes, Christian A DHS Senior Policy Advisor-DHS HQ-NAC 202-447-4113 202-282-9254
Hughes, Cris DHS Civil Engineer 703-603-5121 703-603-5190 VA US
Hughes, Dylan M DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0729 DC US
Hughes, Kalynn DHS Intern 202-357-7647 DC US
Hughes, Keith T DHS Chief of Staff 703-235-5356 703-235-5673 VA US
Hughes, Kimberly DHS Senior Liasion Officer 202-447-3687 DC US
Hughes, Melanie DHS Program Mgmt Support 703-235-9517 VA US
Hughes, Ronald K DHS Mr. 615-744-4079 615-744-4011 TN US
Hugill, Sandy L DHS Senior IT Consultant 202-343-2517 DC US
Hull, Marcus DHS Mr. Marcus Hull 202-282-9273 DC US
Hultgren, Anne DHS Bio Project Manager 202-254-5858 DC US

Humble, Julian DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4967 VA US

Humes, Karen DHS Branch Chief 703-235-1518 VA US
Hummel, William DHS Content Manager 202-447-4313 DC US
Humphrey, Toni D DHS Veterans Affairs Liaison Officer 202-282-8109 202-282-8401 DC
Humphreys, Genevieve DHS Real Property Program Manager 202-254-6475 202-254-5671
Humphries, Chris DHS Headquarters Training Manager 202-357-8244 DC US
Humphries, Patrick DHS GS-9 / Program Specialist DC US
Hunert, Roy D DHS Analyst 703-603-5053 VA US
Hung, Jonathan J DHS FISMA Inventory Analyst 202-357-7862 DC US
Hunsicker, Macy DHS Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Region 571-814-8832 VA US
Hunt, Jay DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-580-5482 IL US
Hunt, June DHS Program Analyst 703-284-3253 VA US
Hunt, Ken DHS Dir, Leglislative and Regulatory Analysis 703-235-0762 VA US
Hunt, Martha DHS Policy, Outreach, and Training Support 703-603-5238 VA US
Hunter, Bruce DHS IT Security Tech 202-282-8300 DC US
Hunter, Carlarease DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4743 VA US
Hunter, Danny T DHS VTC Operations 202-447-3226 DC US
Hunter, Kenneth R DHS Principal Enterprise Architect 202-254-5367 DC US
Hunter, Teresa DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5256 202-447-0697 DC US
Huntsman, Bradley S DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4641 VA US
Hunziker, Ann DHS Mgmt & Prg Analyst 703-603-4905 DC US
Huq, Evan DHS IT Support 202-254-6308 DC US
Hurley, Erin DHS Special Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8310 DC US
Hurley, Vincent DHS PMO Support 202-357-7633 DC US
Hurtle, William DHS 631-375-1589 631-323-3295 NY US
Huskey, Amanda J DHS Consultant 703-235-8166
Husson, Brian DHS IT 703-235-5454 VA US
Hustead, Michael J DHS Systems Engineer 703-917-2405 VA US
Huston, Michael DHS Deputy Director 202-447-3915 DC US
Hutchings, Charles DHS Senior Systems Engineer 202-343-4532 DC US
Hutchinson, Tamara L DHS Director, ITACG 571-280-6201 DC US
Hutter, Adam R DHS Laboratory Director 212-620-3576 212-620-3611 NY US
Hutton, Michael DHS Senior Intelligence Officer 202-447-4580 DC US
Huynh, Giang DHS Computer Scientist 703-235-4227 VA US
Huynh, Lu H DHS Systems Analyst 202-282-9699 DC US
Huynh, Maria DHS Policy Advisor 202-254-6129 DC US
Hwang, Caroline DHS Junior Resource Manager 202-254-7356 DC US
Hyer, Brian C DHS 703-603-5059 VA US
Hyland, Kyle DHS Security Specialist 202-254-6105 DC US
Hyland, Stephen T DHS ACAMS Application SME 703-235-9556 VA US
Hylemon, Debra S DHS Cyber Collections Manager 202-282-8295 DC US
Hyman, Tamika D DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-3414 DC US
Hymowitz, Emily DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8976 DC US
Hynes, Kristina DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1705 202-282-8008 DC US
Hynes, Mary Ellen DHS Director of Research for IGD 202-254-5807 202-254-6179 DC US
Hyson, Martin DHS Infrastructure Engineer 202-282-8475 DC US
Ibrahim, Anthony Khalil DHS LAN SME VA US
Ice, Stacy DHS Mission Integration Officer 703-235-5837 VA US

Igersheim, Daniel DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-5930 DC US
Ignacio, Joselito S DHS Deputy Program Director, Chemical Defense 202-254-5738
202-254-6914 DC US
Ignarro, Russell F DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8820 202-447-3173
(Unclassified) DC US
Ignatz, Bryan S DHS Lab Manager 434-374-3574 VA US
Ikeanyi, Christian DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-603-4697 VA US
Ikuma, Akira DHS Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) 202-357-7684 202-357-
1299 DC US
Ileto, Carlene DHS Director, EBMO 202-343-2434 DC US
Illsley, Terrie L DHS DC US
Imbesi, Guy T DHS IA & Compliance Specialist NY US
Imc, IP DHS 202-447-3002 DC US
Indarsingh, Rudran DHS SharePoint Engineer 703-733-3060 VA US
Inge, Andrew L DHS 434-374-3875 VA US
Inge, Pearlester DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8149 202-357-8470 DC US
Ingram, Joel T DHS IT Specialist 202-447-3102 DC US
Ingram, Ronald DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-603-4952 VA US
Inman, Brent DHS Supervisor 202-447-0279 DC US
Innis, Greg DHS Protective Security Advisor Memphis 901-237-7347 TN US
Insidesandt DHS
Internicola, Jennifer DHS Mission Liaison 202-447-4832 DC US
Inzer, Michael W DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8101 202-403-3486 DC US
Iorio, John R DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5860 202-447-5233 DC US
Ipac DHS 202-295-0994
Iraheta, Oscar DHS Lead Human Resources Specialist 703-235-1503 703-235-2054 VA US
Irvin, Keith W DHS Systems Engineer 571-258-2451 VA US
Irving, LeMarcos A DHS Special Security Representative 202-447-3446 DC US
Irwin, Kelly DHS Reports Production Officer 202-612-1155 DC US
Irwin, Stephen DHS Reports Officer NC US
Isaac, Jonelle V DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-343-2443 DC US
Isaac, Synette DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4238 DC US
Isaacs, Charles DHS Clerk 202-357-8576 DC US
Isaacson, David DHS Nuclear Assessment Specialist 202-254-7189 202-254-7753 DC US
Isacco, Michael DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3197 DC US
Islam, Monty DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Islam, Nazrul DHS Test Manager 202-447-5152 DC US
Ismail, Eithquan M DHS 202-447-0106 DC US
Isola, Meredith DHS Public Affairs Specialist 202-447-4107 DC US
Isreal, Charles DHS 703-603-4798 VA US
Itle, Laura DHS Technical Evaluation Administrator 703-575-4536 VA US
Ito, Yumiko DHS FSMO Risk Manager 202-447-0966 DC US
Itso EPO DHS Executive Program Office 202-447-0454 DC US
Ivanchev, Yavor H DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8988 DC US

Ives, Millie S DHS Chief, IT Applications Branch 202-254-6828 202-254-6171 DC US
Ivy, Robert G DHS Program Manager 202-254-7086 DC US
Iyer, Mansie G DHS Dr 202-254-7405 DC US
Izadi, Azadeh DHS Booz Allen Associate 703-377-7944 DC US
Ja, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-2414 DC US
Jabbour, Adnan DHS Exercise Coordinator / Task Manager 703-235-8107 VA US
Jabbour, Gus DHS Program Manager 202-309-8523 DC US
Jablonski, Bryan DHS Senior Reports Officer 202-731-1691 (blackberry) DC US
Jablonski, Raymond DHS Operations Research Analyst 410-417-0909 MD US
Jac, DNDO DHS 877-363-6522 DC US
Jackman, Kristin DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-3088 VA US
Jackson, Amanda L DHS 202-357-7824 DC US
Jackson, Andie DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5397 202-447-5013
Jackson, Angelie DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5250 202-447-5310 DC US
Jackson, Arthur L DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-5694 DC US
Jackson, Brandy A DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6803 202-254-6164 DC US
Jackson, Christina DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-5752 DC US
Jackson, Denise DHS Security Specialist 301-682-6994 301-620-7998 MD US
Jackson, Donald DHS Financial Program Specialist 202-447-5292 DC US
Jackson, Gale DHS Branch chief 202-447-5387 202-447-5013 DC US
Jackson, Harry DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0228 DC US
Jackson, Helen DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-235-4957 VA US

Jackson, John DHS 703-235-3639 VA US

Jackson, Katie L DHS Senior Protective Intelligence Research Specialist 571-258-
2767 DC US
Jackson, Keith DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4651 DC US
Jackson, Kevin M DHS FFRDC Branch SEDI Support 202-254-6130 DC US
Jackson, Kimberly R DHS Director, NPPD CIO PMO 703-235-3916 VA US
Jackson, Lantra E DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Jackson, Mandi W DHS 202-447-0742 DC US
Jackson, Melvin L DHS Sr. Exchange Administrator 202-254-6162 DC US
Jackson, Robert A DHS Armed Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Jackson, Sylvia DHS Program Specialist 202-357-6167 202-357-6198 DC US
Jackson, Wilfred L DHS Lead Engineer-Info Tech/Data Acess Analyst 202-447-4416
202-612-1936 DC US
Jacob, Ben DHS Assistant Chief 202-282-9311 DC US
Jacobs, Brenda A DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-357-7801 DC US
Jacobs, Ethel DHS Program Specialist 202-282-8675 202-282-8492 DC US
Jacobs, Mark DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-357-6188 DC US

Jacobs, Michael E DHS 703-742-2506 VA US

Jacobs, Michael DHS Section Chief VA US
Jacobs, Richard DHS CRMD Projects Coordinator 202-447-0077 DC US
Jacot, Vincent DHS Report Officer 202-870-9962 TX US
Jacques, Deborah A DHS Executive Assistant to DAS Sue Armstrong 703-235-8120 VA
Jacques, Richard DHS NOC LNO to FEMA & NRCC /Co-owner of the HSIN EM Portal 202-
212-2349 DC US
Jaeger, Kenneth DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-235-2525 VA US
Jaeger, Robert DHS Configuration Manager 202-689-5312 cell DC US
Jaeger, William L DHS 919-542-4681 DC US
Jaffer, Navin DHS Computer/Electronics Engineer 703-235-4228 VA US
Jahn, Elise M DHS Executive Assistant-PAD 202-254-7320 202-254-7749 DC US
Jaikaran, Chris DHS Senior Planner/Analyst 202-612-1638 DC US
Jalbert, Lindsay DHS Geospatial Analyst ESRI 703-506-9515 x. 8148 703-506-9514 VA
James, Arriet L DHS Security Specialist 202-254-7035 DC US
James, Camille E DHS Strategic Policy Analyst 703-284-3262 VA US
James, Christopher D DHS CCSi IT-NOVA Program Manager 202-447-5358 202-447-0290 DC
James, Glenn DHS Operations and Logistics 202-254-7533 202-254-7751 DC US
James, John DHS Technology Consultant 434-374-3805 VA US
James, Rosalyn D DHS Human Resources Specialist (Policy) 202-357-8385 DC US
James, Rosemary DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-254-6133 DC US

James, Shonna R DHS Deputy Director, Executive Resources 202-357-8523 DC US
Janca, Andrew DHS Risk analyst 202-343-1783 202-343-4011 DC US
Jankowiak, Jerome T DHS SSRP/Intelligence Operation Specialist 202-282-9012 DC
Jankowski, Keith J DHS 202-254-7604 DC US
Jankowski, Paul DHS Outreach Liaison 609-813-2838 609-383-1973 NJ US
Janos, Alan DHS Program Manager 202-254-7606 DC US
Janowitz, Joan L DHS Senior Human Factors Engineer 609-813-2826 609-272-1888 NJ US
Janowski, Jennifer L DHS 202-254-7169 DC US
Jardines, Eliot DHS Senior Advisor to the CRD Director 703-577-9790 VA US
Jarin, Ronald DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 850-452-7641 850-452-7836 FL US
Jarvela, Thomas DHS NSD 202-573-0217 VA US
Jarvis, Bretton DHS Request Manager 434-374-3575 VA US
Jarvis, James DHS Regional Coordinator 202-834-0631 MI US
Jarvis, Tyler A DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4335 DC US

Jarzombek, Joe DHS Director for Software Assurance 703-235-3673 VA US
Jaski, Larry DHS Acting Director 202-282-9839 DC US
Jasper, Pete P DHS Sr. Enterprise Architect DC US
Javan, Pirooz DHS 202-357-7630 DC US
Jayaram, Sanchitha DHS Director, Trade Policy and Economic Analysis 202-447-3817
Jean Paul, Willio DHS IT SPecialist 202-281-6985 VA US
Jean-Baptiste, Ronald DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5705 202-447-5725 DC US
Jeanes, Diana M DHS E.A. 202-282-9485 DC US
Jeffers, Kelvin DHS Information Security Specialist, Lead 540-542-4258 VA US
Jefferson, Aaryn D DHS 202-254-2304 202-254-5393 DC US
Jefferson, John D DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4300 DC US
Jefferson, Kenda DHS Watch Officer 202-282-9262 DC US
Jefferson, Tawanna DHS Paralegal Specialist 703-603-4642 VA US
Jefferson, Tenika DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8171 DC US
Jefferson, Victor DHS procurement 202-254-6818 DC US
Jeffery, Marie DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2456 DC US
Jeffries, Jacob S DHS Support Contractor DC US
Jeffries, Ryan M DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0609 202-447-5813 DC US
Jekel, Michele M DHS 703-235-4959 VA US
Jenkins, Charles T DHS Alt. COMSEC Custodian 202-447-3093 DC US
Jenkins, Duane DHS Director 202-447-0356 DC US
Jenkins, Jeffrey A DHS Force Protection Officer 202-282-9935 DC US
Jenkins, Jody W DHS Database Administrator / VSAT Communications 202-579-1159 DC
Jenkins, Kathleen M DHS Account Executive 703-733-3230 VA US
Jenkins, Kim DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2166 DC US
Jenkins, Kina M DHS Communications Analyst 703-235-2162 VA US
Jenner, Jessica DHS Reports Coordinator 202-612-1927 DC US
Jennings, Douglas A DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0967 DC US
Jennings, Jarrett C DHS Help Desk Supervisor 703-674-3026 VA US
Jensby, Julianne DHS Volunteer Scholar DC US
Jensen, Craig DHS Sr. Consultant - EA PMO 415-297-3556 DC US
Jensen, Daniel DHS Assistant Director (Intelligence) 202-447-5451 202-447-5437 DC
Jensen, Mary S DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9640 DC US
Jeo, James DHS Branch Chief Operational Financials 202-447-5059 DC US
Jerdan, Denielle M DHS Project Control Specialist 609-813-2650 NJ US
Jerdan, Thomas DHS Security Specialist 609-813-2801 609-813-2733 NJ US
Jermunson, Deborah DHS Special Assistant 202-254-2387 202-254-5823 DC US
Jester, Steven DHS 631-323-3161 NY US
Jett, George DHS O&M Manager, NPPD-NCR 202-557-4478 VA US
Jetton, Allison DHS Attorney 202-254-5735 202-254-6178 DC US
Jillson, Donald W DHS Budget & Finance Manager 202-254-7575 202-254-7785 DC US
Jimenez, Sarah R DHS Purchasing Clerk 631-323-3246 631-323-3087 NY US
Joel, Dora D DHS Communications Manager 202-447-0902 DC US
Jogie, Nicholas DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5111 VA US
Joh, Joseph DHS Assistant Dir--CIS and ICE/Immigration Issues 202-447-5463 202-
447-5437 DC US
Johanns, Tim DHS Project Management 202-612-1135 DC US
Johanson, Nils DHS Branch Chief 202-447-4637 DC US
John-Crosland, Geninne A DHS Visual Information Specialist 202-282-9799 DC US
Johns, Malcolm B DHS Deputy Program Manager for Quality Assurance 202-254-6080
Johns, Robert DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7330 DC US
Johnson, April DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-4673 DC US
Johnson, Audrey H DHS Value Management Branch Manager 202-447-5007 202-447-0290 DC
Johnson, Barrett P DHS Project Execution 202-282-8081 DC US
Johnson, Barry W DHS Section 508 Analyst 202-447-0130 202-447-0582 DC US
Johnson, Bart R DHS Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Intelligence & Analysis
202-282-9690 202-282-8810 DC US
Johnson, Beth DHS Mission Systems Program Manager 202-282-8550 202-282-8106 DC US
Johnson, Bradley DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3288 DC US

Johnson, Brian DHS Program Manager, Mentoring and Rotational Assignments 202-357-
8428 DC US
Johnson, Bryan DHS Director, CT Policy 202-447-3070 DC US

Johnson, Charlie M DHS Attorney - Advisor 202-447-4076 DC US
Johnson, Cheryl V DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-5698 202-254-6175 DC US
Johnson, Clark A DHS Senior Consultant 202-254-2301 DC US
Johnson, Corlitta R DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5016 703-603-5097 VA US
Johnson, Craig M DHS AEMT/Safety Technician 1 631-323-3099 NY US
Johnson, Daniel I DHS 202-324-4076
Johnson, Daniel DHS Operations Mgr. 228-813-4801 MS US
Johnson, Deborah A DHS Program Manager Analyst 202-447-3275 DC US
Johnson, Duane DHS Program Manager 202-447-0120 DC US
Johnson, Geri DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0848 202-447-0374 DC US
Johnson, Gretchen V DHS 703-235-8143 VA US

Johnson, Jackie R DHS Procurement/Acquisition Lead 703-235-8152 VA US
Johnson, Jameeka DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-9455 703-235-9707 VA
Johnson, James DHS Director, Office of National Labs 202-254-6098 DC US
Johnson, James M DHS Senior Operations Security Analyst 202-447-0716 202-447-5897
Johnson, Jeffrey-Paul DHS Director, Operations and Resource Management 202-282-
8873 202-447-4401 DC US
Johnson, Jeremy DHS Program/Management Analyst 703-235-4969 703-235-5696 VA US
Johnson, Jesse J DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3665 202-447-3352 DC US
Johnson, Joan DHS Manager, HR IT Operations 202-357-8167 DC US
Johnson, Jocelyn DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-357-6169 202-357-6198
Johnson, Juancara DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8413 DC US

Johnson, Justin DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8551 DC US
Johnson, Kaliyma N DHS Acquisition Analyst 703-235-5733 VA US
Johnson, Karen DHS Program Analyst/Risk Management 202-254-6851 DC US
Johnson, Karl M DHS Director Records, Pub. & Mail Mgt. 202-360-0662 202-343-4240
Johnson, Keith DHS Program Specialist 703-235-8239 VA US

Johnson, Kim R DHS Coordinator - State and Local 202-282-8481 202-282-1044 DC US
Johnson, Kim A DHS cyber strategy analyst 202-447-3768 DC US
Johnson, Kirk DHS Management Interface Director 202-282-8094 202-282-8492 DC US
Johnson, Laura M DHS Acting Chief Deliberate Plans 202-282-8313 DC US
Johnson, Lisa DHS 202-447-5094 DC US
Johnson, Michael M DHS Chief Scientist 202-447-3973 DC US
Johnson, Michael A DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5149 DC US
Johnson, Mike DHS Requirements Group Coordinator 202-447-4437 202-254-7755 DC US
Johnson, Monica R DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Johnson, Nieema DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5568 202-447-5564 DC US
Johnson, Noble T DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-254-7253 DC US
Johnson, Pamela J DHS Applications Manager 703-742-2515 VA US
Johnson, Phetima DHS Management & Program Ananlyst 703-603-4910 VA US
Johnson, Reginald DHS Inspector 202-302-6387 FL US
Johnson, Renee A DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-3104 DC US
Johnson, Richard DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-7821 DC US
Johnson, Robert R DHS Network Data Communications Analyst Senior 202-282-8030 DC
Johnson, Rodney L DHS contractor DC US
Johnson, Romonte DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-3167 DC US
Johnson, Samuel DHS FEMA Desk Officer 202-282-8131 DC US

Johnson, Sharon D DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5804 202-447-5725 DC US
Johnson, Sharon Y DHS Sr Analyst 703-564-7132 DC US
Johnson, Staci DHS Sr. Analyst 202-282-9344 202-282-8492 DC US
Johnson, Terence L DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8227 202-357-8162 DC US
Johnson, Toi DHS Associate Director 202-447-5541 202-447-5545 DC US
Johnson, Torian DHS Program and Management Analyst 202-447-3087 DC US
Johnson, Vertinia DHS Financial Officer, FBD 202-254-6615 DC US
Johnson, Wilma C DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Johnson, Winston E DHS Engineering Section Chief 202-447-0195 DC US
Johnson, Zachary L DHS Computer Scientist 703-235-4239 VA US
Johnson Jr, Neal DHS Watch Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Johnson Jr, William B DHS Lockheed Martin Program Manager 202-447-0214 DC US
Johnston, Jennifer DHS Counselor, Government Oversight & Investigations 202-282-
9080 DC US
Johnston, Mikeal B DHS Director, State/Local Program Office 202-447-4321 202-447-
4746 DC US
Jones, Barry H DHS Mr. 703-235-9577 VA US
Jones, Brian K DHS Incident Handler VA US
Jones, Brittany DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4264 DC US
Jones, Brittni DHS Clerk 202-357-7855 DC US
Jones, Byron DHS CHEMICAL INSPECTOR 202-731-2514 GA US
Jones, Calvin DHS BUDGET ANALYST 202-447-5185 202-447-5164 DC US
Jones, Candi DHS NOC Duty Director 202-282-8100 DC US
Jones, Caroline DHS IT Security Specialist 202-282-9860 DC US
Jones, Carolyn DHS Project Execution Specialist 202-447-5473 DC US
Jones, Cecily DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-357-6119 DC US
Jones, Charlie DHS Facilities Operation Specialist 202-282-8552 202-447-3462 DC US
Jones, Cheryl A DHS Instructional Systems Designer 202-447-0088 DC US
Jones, Christopher DHS IT Asset Manager 202-447-5054 DC US
Jones, Collin b DHS Personnal Security Specialist 202-447-5400 202-447-5013 DC US
Jones, David L DHS Emergency Preparedness Specialist 571-258-2827 VA US
Jones, David DHS Email Product Manager 202-447-0167 DC US
Jones, Deborah D DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3066 DC US
Jones, Dennis DHS Treaty Compliance Officer 202-254-5321 DC US
Jones, Denver DHS Deputy Project Manager AV/VTC SME 703-235-5168 VA US
Jones, Doyle DHS Branch Chief, OCIO 202-357-7865 202-357-6104 DC US
Jones, Elizabeth DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0840 202-447-5144 DC US
Jones, Faye DHS Small Business Specialist 202-447-5572 202-447-5545 DC US
Jones, Gregory DHS Business Analyst 202-254-5797 DC US
Jones, Jacqueline DHS Clerk DC US
Jones, Jamie L DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2437 TX US
Jones, Janice R DHS System Admin 919-424-5397
Jones, Jeffery DHS Security Assistant SR Specialist 703-235-5457 VA US
Jones, Jeremiah DHS Chief, Strategy, Plans & Outreach 703-235-3660 703-235-4981 VA
Jones, Julius DHS FEMA 202-323-4619 DC US
Jones, Keith A DHS Deputy Exec. Director, ITSO 202-447-0032 DC US
Jones, Keith M DHS Protective Security Advisor 803-772-4015 803-772-1920 SC US
Jones, Keith DHS Deputy Director, Program and Performance Management Division 202-
282-9553 DC US
Jones, Kevin D DHS Production Specialist 703-235-2580 VA US
Jones, Laron M DHS FS2 202-447-3037 DC US
Jones, LaShauna DHS HR Consultant 703-235-2251 VA US
Jones, LaTanya D DHS Production Manager 202-282-8068 DC US
Jones, Lisa L DHS Deputy Program Manager & Acting ESD/DCCD Manager IT-NOVA PMO
202-447-0778 DC US
Jones, Mark W DHS Acquisition SME 202-254-7203 DC US
Jones, Matthew S DHS Facility Security Officer 434-374-3599 VA US
Jones, Michael E DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5587 202-447-5545 DC US
Jones, Michael W DHS Watch Captain VA US
Jones, Richard DHS Policy Analyst, Project Manager 202-447-3960 DC US
Jones, Roderick W DHS Operation/Monitoring 434-374-3850 VA US
Jones, Ronald DHS Chemical Security Inspector 703-603-4690 VA US
Jones, Ronald R DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Jones, Selima DHS Communications Watch Officer 202-282-8590 DC US
Jones, Sharon F DHS Rotations & Mentoring Coordinator 202-357-8153 DC US
Jones, Sheilita DHS Acquisition Project Mgr. 202-447-5524 202-447-5538 DC US
Jones, Stephen DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5699 202-447-5873 DC US
Jones, Susan F DHS Procurement Analyst 703-904-8921 VA US
Jones, Tameka DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-8634 DC US
Jones, Virginia DHS Asset Management 228-813-4872 MS US
Jones, Wanda DHS Desk Officer 202-447-5156 202-447-5154 DC US
Jones, William DHS Sector Specialist, Aviation & Maritime 703-603-5037 VA US
Jones-Meehan, Joanne DHS Biosurety Officer 202-254-5350 202-254-6179 DC US
Jones-Moore, Micki DHS IA Acquisitions Branch Chief 202-447-3914 DC US
Jordan, Cheryl DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-9778 202-447-3598 DC US
Jordan, Josha DHS 703-603-5111 703-603-5190 VA US
Jordan, Krystal A DHS Assistant General Counsel to the Office of Health Affairs
202-254-2413 DC US
Jordan, Lydell DHS Technical Site Lead 202-447-0784 202-447-0691 DC US
Jordan, Stephen DHS Administrative Speciialist 202-384-4621 IL US
Jordan Jr, Gerald DHS Security Officer 202-282-9700 DC US
Jordan-Barker, Cherain DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5814 DC US
Joseph, Derrick M DHS COMSEC Manager 703-235-3698 202-282-8649 VA US
Joseph, Leonard DHS Chief of Staff 202-447-3318 202-282-9598 DC US
Joustra, Lawrence DHS Mr 703-235-2561 VA US

Jovanovic, Kristian DHS Team Lead/Contracting Officer 202-254-6071 DC US
Joves, Alexander DHS Counterterrorism Working Group 202-282-9638 202-282-8191 DC
Joy, Kimberly DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-6131 DC US

Joyce, Mark DHS Deputy Chief Internal Security and Investigations Division 202-
254-6426 DC US
Joyce, Stephen P DHS Inspector 703-603-4643 VA US
Joyner, Janice M DHS Branch Chief, Special Projects 202-254-7033 DC US
Joyner, Robby DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0054 202-447-5725 DC US
Js, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-579-1522 DC US
Judkins, Demetrius M DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-254-6487 DC US
Jung, Steve DHS System Administrator 202-282-9200 DC US
Junker, Monika L DHS PSCP Administrator 703-235-8229 VA US

Jurewicz, Thomas DHS Security Architect 202-254-7038 DC US
Justus, William DHS USSOUTHCOM Liaison to DHS 202-447-3882 202-282-8804 DC US
Kachmor, John DHS RAO 202-604-8859 NH US
Kaczmarek, Mark DHS Program Manager 202-254-5877 202-254-5397 DC US
Kada, John DHS Chemist 212-620-3514 212-620-3600 NY US
Kadambi, Nandini DHS Performance Manager 202-357-7560 DC US
Kadunce, Daniel DHS Acq Mgr 703-235-5706 VA US

Kaiser, Lisa DHS Director, Control System Strategic Planning 703-235-2857 703-235-
3060 VA US
Kale, Kay M DHS MSD Mgt & Program Analysis 202-447-4337 DC US
Kalegha, Daniel DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-5612 DC US
Kalis, Sarah DHS 202-282-8174 DC US
Kallarakal, Thomas G DHS Business Analyst 703-460-1042 VA US
Kamenshine, Wendy DHS Senior Ombudsman 202-357-8110 DC US
Kamicker, Barbara J DHS Senior Life Scientist 631-477-4471 NY US
Kaminsky, Glenn DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9659 202-282-9186 DC US
Kamprad, Nicholas DHS IT Specialist 202-357-1243 DC US

Kander, Jennie I DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6042 DC US
Kane, Anastasia DHS Special Assistant to the Senior Counselor to the Secretary
202-282-9070 DC US
Kane, Catherine A DHS Special Rep 202-282-9194 DC US
Kane, Jean E DHS Tradecraft Advisor/Mentor 202-447-3818 DC US
Kane, Jessica E DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-3021 DC US
Kangior, Mike DHS Director, Resilience & EPR 202-282-8939 DC US
Kann, Stephanie A DHS Senior Analyst 202-245-1110 DC US
Kanter, Jordan DHS Associate 703-412-7667 DC US

Kanterman, David M DHS Wireless Support 202-357-7854 DC US
Kanupke, David DHS 202-343-1670 DC US
Kanz, Linda DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4644 VA US
Kapadia, Mustufa DHS Data Support 202-254-7036 DC US
Kaplan, Jeffrey DHS DC US
Kaplan, Jessica DHS 202-254-6197 DC US
Kaplan, Randall DHS Attorney 202-282-9941 202-447-3111 DC US
Kapoor, Amit DHS HSIN PMO - Systems Engineer 202-357-7640 DC US
Kapoor, Sandie DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0786 DC US

Kapuscinski, Shannon DHS Intern 202-282-8230 DC US

Kaputa, Jessica DHS Training and Exercise Planner 703-235-5703 VA US
Karabatsos, Mary J DHS Security Analyst 434-374-3538 VA US
Karas, Robert DHS 703-235-5799 VA US
Karasiewicz, Edmund DHS Chemical Inspector 202-604-7008 NJ US
Karau, Michael DHS Senior Asset Manager 202-343-4242 DC US

Kardell, Amy DHS Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary 202-447-4048 DC US
Karfakis, Julie A DHS Research Analyst 202-254-5649 DC US
Kargbo, Sebora DHS Component Liaison Officer 202-282-9552 DC US
Karim, Charbel DHS Program Analyst Intern 202-447-5069 DC US
Karoly, Stephen DHS Assistant Director, Product Acquisition and Deployment 202-
254-7794 DC US
Karonis, Jeff DHS Director of Incident Communications 202-282-8014 202-282-8408 DC
Karpel, Todd DHS Intelligence Officer 302-741-2791 DE US
Karty, Steven L DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-5826 703-235-5534 VA US
Karwacka Krantz, Joanna K DHS Training and Education Specialist 202-282-8993 202-
282-9598 DC US
Kasbeer, Amber DHS Staff Engineer VA US
Kasdan, Matthew DHS Advisor 202-680-2285 DC US
Kasper, Daniel DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0204 202-447-5233 DC US
Kassekert, Anthony DHS Statistician 202-786-9953 202-786-9910 DC US
Kasten, David DHS 202-447-3293 DC US
Kasulke, Stephen DHS Analyst 703-603-5062 VA US
Katarki, Anil B DHS DC2 Security Manager 703-742-2326 VA US
Katavolos, James DHS threat analyst 202-282-8695 DC US
Katz, Brian D DHS Designated Agency Representative (DAR) 202-447-5916 DC US
Katz, Daniel J DHS Technical Lead 202-447-5569 DC US
Katz, Eric DHS Engineer 609-813-2771 609-646-2536 NJ US
Kauffman, Matthew DHS Training/Education Specialist 202-357-8535 202-357-8471 DC
Kaufman, Gail DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-447-3770 DC US

Kaufman, Susan DHS Budget Officer 202-254-7021 202-254-7757 DC US
Kaup, Eric DHS 202-573-3292 VA US
Kaur, Gunveen DHS Exercise Planning Specialist 703-235-2514 VA US
Kaur, Sarabdeep DHS Travel Support Office Team Member 202-254-5308 DC US
Kauzlick, Ryan M DHS Project Manager 202-906-0293 DC US
Kavanewsky, Peter J DHS 703-387-4929 VA US

Kay, Pontea DHS Engineering 202-604-1416 VA US

Kaylor, Judeth A DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4745 703-603-4712 VA US
Kazyak Ordonez, Adina DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-447-3651 202-282-8420 DC US
Kealiher, Mark DHS Analyst 703-235-5181 VA US
Keane, Mortimer DHS 703-235-1510 VA US
Kearney, Patrick J DHS Director, Border Security Office 202-447-3415 202-282-8503
Keasler, Larry C DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Keating, Gina DHS Config Mgt Branch Manager 202-357-1208 DC US
Keatley, Douglas DHS VTC Technician 202-612-1179 DC US
Keats, Leo DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4662 DC US
Keck, Benjamin R DHS Business Integration 202-447-0822 DC US
Keckler-Yerkes, Casey DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3507 DC US
Keefe, Dan DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8283 202-357-8480 DC US
Keefer, Christopher L DHS Environment, Safety, and Health Specialist 202-254-6945
202-254-5671 DC US
Keeffe, Catherine M DHS 202-447-4264 DC US
Keegan, Michael DHS Associate Director 202-282-9772 DC US
Keehner, Katie DHS Consultant 202-343-1725 DC US
Keeling, Carrie K DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8450 202-357-8293 DC
Keen, Donald DHS Eastern District Commander (Acting) VA US
Keen, Jeffrey DHS Team Lead, Obligation Management Team 202-447-0084 202-447-5118
Keene, Christopher DHS Eastern District Commander, ISCD 703-603-4718 202-282-8510
Keese, Brian DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4674 202-447-3464 DC US
Keffer, Trent DHS Senior Analyst 202-603-1214 DC US
Kehler, Cameron J DHS 703-506-9515 Ext 8025 VA US
Keil, Todd M DHS Assistant Secretary 703-235-8110 703-235-9707 VA US
Keiser, Joan DHS Financial Assistance Analyst 202-447-5603 202-447-5600 DC US
Keister, Michael DHS SharePoint SME 703-742-2728 VA US
Keith, Brian DHS Protective Security Advisor 213-533-4314 CA US
Keith, Juan DHS Security Guard VA US
Keith, LaShonda C DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5644 DC US
Keith, Michael DHS Policy Analyst III 202-447-3912 DC US
Kellam, Diane DHS Customer Support Specialist, OCIO/Operations & Maintenance 202-
254-5306 202-254-5814 DC US
Kelleher, David DHS Supervisory Physical Security Specialist/Technical 202-282-
9750 202-282-9072 DC US
Keller, Deborah DHS Research Librarian 202-570-1274 202-343-4241 DC US
Keller, Dumuria DHS PMD Program Support 202-447-3557 DC US
Keller, Fernando H DHS SIO 202-447-3206 DC US
Keller, Jason DHS Collection Strategist 202-447-4619 DC US

Kelley, Adrian D DHS System Administrator 202-612-1771 DC US
Kelley, Matthew DHS Sr. Consultant 571-321-1427 X101 703-991-7595 VA US
Kelley, Robert E DHS Intelligence Officer 608-240-3598 (WSIC office) 608-240-3592
(WSIC office) WI US
Kelley, Steven D DHS 202-254-7098 DC US
Kelley, Tamara DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6368 DC US

Kelley, William R DHS Intrastructure Analyst 434-374-3552 VA US
Kelliher, Brian D DHS Assistant General Counsel for Immigration Benefits 202-282-
8930 DC US
Kelliher, Marybeth DHS Policy Section Chief 703-603-4645 VA US
Kellogg, Dorothy A DHS Senior Technical Specialist 703-603-4646 VA US
Kelly, Anne Marie DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8622 DC US
Kelly, Arlene A DHS DC US
Kelly, Barbara L DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0367 DC US
Kelly, Brian P DHS Chief, Intelligence Training 202-447-3721 DC US
Kelly, Bryan DHS Intel Analyst / RFI Manager 202-282-9991 Bldg 19 DC US
Kelly, John J DHS Mainframe Systems Programer 202-258-4410 MS US
Kelly, Joseph DHS 202-254-2259 DC US
Kelly, Kim Y DHS Sr. Information Security Systems Engineer 202-357-6194 DC US
Kelly, Michael DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-612-1669 DC US
Kelly, Rachel E DHS Program Analyst 703-235-1538 VA US
Kelly, Rich DHS Mission Advocate 732-691-2357 NJ US
Kelly, Trevor C DHS Information Assurance Engineer 202-821-3552 (BB) VA US
Kels, Charles DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-254-6969 202-254-6094 DC US
Kelso, Shannon DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0783 703-235-0442 VA US
Kempthorne, Nathan DHS Senior Reports Officer NY US

Kendall, Sylvia DHS Program Support Assistant 212-620-3516 212-620-3651 NY US
Kendrick, Warren DHS Telecommunications 202-357-7839 202-357-1299 DC US
Kennedy, Craig S DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4593 DC US
Kennedy, James DHS Operations Analyst - KMO 202-282-8117 DC US

Kennedy, Joseph E DHS Senior DHS SE Region Fusion Representative 404-486-6420/31

404-486-6446 GA US
Kennedy, Lyn DHS Compliance Lead 202-357-8166 DC US
Kennedy, Michael R DHS Field Reports Officer 866-362-6422 ext: 238 573-751-9950 MO
Kennedy, Patrick DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5478 202-447-5545 DC US
Kennedy-Sullivan, Jackie DHS Executive Officer 202-254-5840 DC US
Kennett, Mila DHS Architect/IP Basic Research 202-254-8296 DC US
Kenny, Helene DHS PKI Program Analyst 202-357-1274 202-357-1299 DC US
Kenny, Timothy DHS Project Manager 202-612-1165 DC US
Kent, Deborah DHS Acting Director, HSIN Program Office 202-357-1215
Kentis, Samantha DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7709 202-254-7751 DC US
Kenworthy, Lauren DHS 703-235-5721 VA US
Kenyon, Kathleen M DHS STORE Project 202-254-6812 DC US

Keo, Kino DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0753 202-447-5545 DC US

Kepp, Jason J DHS Commander 202-732-8012 DC US

Kerins, James P DHS Component Advocate 202-824-7633 DC US
Kerkvliet, Kevin J DHS DMZ-LAN Manager 202-447-3491 DC US
Kern, Lance DHS Collection Manager 202-282-9751 DC US
Kern, Mark S DHS Plans Team Leader 202-282-9647 202-282-8008 DC US
Kern, Michael W DHS Unix Virtualization Architect 703-250-0672 VA US
Kern, Pamela A DHS State and Local Program Office 202-447-3716 DC US
Kerns, Michael DHS Special Agent 202-282-8112 DC US
Kerns, Terry L DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7125 202-254-7752 DC US
Kerr, Dwayne DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0977 MO US
Kerr, Gibson B DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-343-4534 202-343-4550 DC US
Kerr, Sharnette DHS Customer Service Specialist 202-282-3061 DC US
Kessler, Martha DHS ombudsman 202-282-8049 DC US
Kessler, Roger DHS 866-459-5385 DC US
Kessler, Tamara DHS Deputy Officer 202-357-6272 DC US
Kesteloot, Giles DHS Manager 202-245-1159 DC US
Kett, Terri DHS HS SEDI 202-282-9606 202-282-8803 DC US
Kettell, Kent DHS Senior, IT Program Manager 202-447-0372 202-447-0261 DC US
Kettl, Jonathan D DHS NICC Comms SME 703-563-3476 VA US
Kettles, Jerome J DHS 202-447-3225 202-282-8782 DC US
Keville, Chester R DHS Unix System Admin 919-424-5370 NC US
Key, Jacqueline S DHS DC US
Key, Joseph DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6132 DC US
Key Jr, Theodore R DHS Budget Officer 202-447-0180 202-447-5310 DC US
Keys, Adrienne R DHS System Analyst 202-357-8112 DC US
Keys, Curtis B DHS Sharepoint Developer DC US
Keys, Zandreia DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4588 DC US
Keywan, Michael P DHS Director of Cross Functional Services 228-813-4227 VA US
Khanahmadi, Peter DHS Sr. Consultant 202-508-6500 DC US
Khatri, Neema DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-9458 DC US
Khemka, Vishal DHS Data Architect 202-447-3764 DC US
Khetan, Sunil K DHS 202-254-7244 DC US
Khosla, Amit DHS IT Specialist 202-480-5536 VA US
Khoury, Cyrena DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6266 DC US
Kidwell, Shane DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Kieler, Lauren E DHS Requirements Analyst 703-908-7038 VA US
Kielman, Joseph K DHS Lead, Futures Research 202-254-5787 202-254-6170 DC US
Kielsmeier, Lauren DHS Executive Director for Academic Engagement 202-282-8162
Kilby, Kristen DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-603-5164 703-603-5190 VA US
Kilian, Sally A DHS Travel Analyst 202-254-5798 DC US
Killens, Erica DHS Training Specialist 202-357-8439 202-357-8471 DC US
Killoran, Beth Anne B DHS 202-343-4535 DC US
Kilman, Emily A DHS Geospatial Analyst 202-282-8953 DC US
Kim, Bo P DHS Graphic Artist 703-803-4913 VA US
Kim, Eugene H DHS Solutions Architect 202-245-1158 DC US
Kim, Grace M DHS Compliance Officer 202-254-6323 DC US
Kim, Jennifer DHS Contractor 202-343-1634 DC US

Kim, Jin DHS Risk Analyst 202-282-9283 DC US

Kim, Kil DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0140 DC US
Kim, Mae C DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5604 202-447-5550 DC US

Kim, Michael I DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6067 DC US
Kim, Mike DHS 202-282-8733 DC US
Kim, Peter S DHS Electronics Engineer 202-343-1718 DC US
Kim, Sean DHS IT Specialist - TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 703-235-5612 VA US
Kim, Sharon DHS Analyst VA US
Kim, Shawn W DHS VA US
Kim, Won K DHS 703-235-2863 VA US
Kim-Mitchell, Elena DHS Associate Deputy Under Secretary for Plans, Policy and
Performan 202-447-3797 DC US
Kimmitt, Ryan M DHS Sr. Fusion Analyst 703-235-8825 VA US
Kimzey, Samuel DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5056 VA US
Kinard, Joshua A DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8859 VA US
Kinder, Harold DHS Technical Editor 202-447-3026 DC US
Kindred-Lopez, Tiffany DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5742 DC US
King, Audrey R DHS EA 202-254-7686 DC US
King, Carolyn DHS Management Analyst 703-235-4960 703-235-4941 VA US
King, Christine DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-5792 202-447-5891 DC
King, David M DHS Watch Officer 202-282-8302 DC US
King, Dwayne E DHS VTC Engineer/Technician 202-612-1179 DC US
King, Gregory DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-447-0704 DC US
King, Gregory A DHS ISSO 202-447-5057 DC US
King, Jeffrey L DHS Division Chief 202-343-1708 DC US
King, Julie E DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-0670 202-447-0841 DC US
King, Linda S DHS Strategic Planning & Performance Management Manager 202-450-0465
King, Pamela J DHS Ms. 202-343-1736 DC US
King, Patrick DHS NOC IP/NICC/IWW Analyst 202-282-8308 VA US
King, Ria N DHS Executive Secretary 202-282-9128 202-282-8492 DC US
King, Robert C DHS Section Chief - Personal Property 202-536-9955 DC US
King, Steven DHS Division Director 202-353-0788 DC US
Kingrea, John R DHS DC2 Security Administrator VA US
Kingsbury, Cindy L DHS Field Security Coordinator 202-447-5326 202-447-0841 DC US
Kinstler, Raymond L DHS DIR Future Operations, US-CERT 703-235-5018 703-235-5042
Kinton, Michael K DHS 434-374-3828 VA US
Kipouros, Elias G DHS IT Architect 202-824-7643 DC US
Kirby, John DHS Associate 703-235-5882 703-235-5889 DC US
Kirby, Maureen DHS 703-235-8218 VA US
Kirby, Nina DHS Supv. Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5381 202-447-5013 DC
Kirby Jr, John D DHS DoD Rep to DHS 202-282-9695 DC US
Kirk, Jason K DHS Intelligence Officer 405-879-2639 405-879-2967 OK US
Kirk, Mark DHS Special Advisor for Chemical Defense and Toxicology 202-254-2407
202-254-6094 DC US
Kirk, Robert DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5113 VA US
Kirkland, Wayne DHS Program Manager 202-447-3991 202-282-8806 DC US
Kirkley, Donald DHS Lead, Laboratory Utilization 202-254-6135 202-254-6179 DC US
Kirsch, IJ DHS Solutions Architect 301-502-0081 DC US
Kirschner, Wade DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9434 DC US
Kirson, Antonio DHS Risk Analyst 202-343-1622 DC US
Kish, Jennifer DHS MP&A 202-343-2467 DC US
Kisko, John DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-6973 DC US
Kissane, Dennis DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Kisselburg, Alexander DHS 202-447-3520 DC US
Kitt, Coutoura DHS Human Resources Spec. 703-235-2240 VA US
Kizzee, Carlos DHS Deputy Director, CICPA Director, Strategic Initiatives 703-235-
2849 VA US
Klein, Kristen DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8146 202-357-8140 DC US
Klein, Micaela N DHS NCSD Front Office ExecSec 703-235-5336 VA US
Klein, Seth T DHS Career Fellow 202-447-0154 DC US
Klem, Nicholas J DHS Intelligence Operations Officer for North Carolina 919-716-
1118 NC US
Klemic, Gladys DHS Physicist 630-252-2374 630-252-3696 NY US

Klessman, Todd DHS Branch Chief (Acting), Programs and Policy Branch 703-603-4614
Kligerman, David DHS HSSAI 703-416-3459 202-447-3152 DC US
Kline, Andrew H DHS 202-254-6853 202-254-2295 DC US
Kline, Roger DHS IT Specialist 202-254-6780 DC US

Kline, Theresa DHS Principal Forensic Examiner 703-275-8671 703-275-8706 VA US
Kliner, James DHS Deputy Director, NICC 703-235-2538 VA US

Kliner, William M DHS HSIN Support 703-277-1312 DC US
Klinger, Brian J DHS Sr Technical Support Help Desk 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Klingler, Carol D DHS Principal Software Systems Engineer 703-983-6194 DC US
Klock, Brenda DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2763 609-383-1973 NJ US
Klotzer, Kurt DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 631-323-3357 631-323-3169 NY
Klucking, Sara DHS Program Manager 202-254-6669 202-254-6181 DC US
Klueg, Robert E DHS Physical Scientist 609-813-2872 NJ US
Klugman, Richard DHS SA DC US
Knafla, Susan J DHS SENIOR REPORTS MANAGER 571-258-2832 VA US
Knake, Robert DHS Special Counselor 202-447-4103 DC US
Knight, Jamal R DHS Sr. IT Analyst SME team 202-343-2497 DC US
Knight, Richard A DHS DHS LNO 571-280-0422 VA US
Knight, Rodney DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0985 GA US
Knight, Traci DHS Wireless Engineer 202-343-1637 DC US
Knight-Smith, Elizabeth DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3204 202-282-8416 DC US
Knights, Lawrence DHS 919-424-9361 NC US
Knouse, Angela D DHS Personnel Security Administrator 434-374-3877 VA US
Knouse, Mike DHS Account Tenant Manager 434-374-3527 434-774-8929 VA US
Knox, John W DHS SENIOR WATCH OFFICER 202-282-8101 202-282-8782 DC US
Knox, Stephen DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-254-2291 DC US
Knudson, Chris H DHS Plans & Policy 202-447-3556 DC US
Ko, Peter DHS Sr. Program Analyst 202-447-5823 DC US
Kobberod, Christopher DHS Policy Analyst - European Affairs 202-282-9225 DC US
Koc, Levent DHS IT Specialist - Test Engineer 202-357-8546 DC US
Kocha, Darrell T DHS SOC Analyst 228-813-4827 MS US
Kochan, John DHS SEDI (MITRE) Principal Engineer 202-447-5969 DC US
Kochis, Todd DHS Sr Deployment Technician 202-254-5610 DC US
Kocken, Harold P DHS Senior Program Anaylst 202-612-1769 DC US
Koehler, Michael DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4979 VA US

Koeppel, Kimberly DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7322 202-254-7755 DC US
Kogan, Patti DHS 703-235-3962 VA US
Kohler, Michael DHS Watch Analyst 202-282-8308 DC US
Kohorst, Wendy S DHS CAS Representative 202-447-4069 DC US
Kolakowski, Jan DHS Research Chemist 410-436-2755 MD US
Kolasky, Robert DHS Assistant Director 202-343-1755 DC US
Kolb, Linda DHS Administrative Specialist 609-813-3016 609-813-3314 NJ US
Koldewey, Todd W DHS SE Solutions Inc. Deputy Program Manager 202-447-0905 DC US
Kolkmeyer, Anthony DHS DOD DESK OFFICER 202-282-8116 DC US
Koll, Steven W DHS Management, Program Analyst 202-447-4489 202-447-3462 DC US
Kolterman, Robert F DHS COL 202-254-7186 DC US
Konieczny, Matt DHS 202-282-9085 DC US
Konopka, Matt A DHS Incident Management Officer 202-282-9693 DC US
Kontny, David DHS Senior Advisor 202-302-6137 VA US
Kontor, Alexander DHS Requirements Analyst 703-235-4216 VA US
Kooler, Noelle M DHS Budget & Program Analyst 202-282-9652 DC US
Koons, Jennifer K DHS Contract Splst. 202-447-5963 DC US

Koontz, Holly DHS Compliance Analyst 703-603-4647 DC US

Koontz, Lincoln M DHS Senior Security Analyst 434-374-3538 VA US
Koontz, Linda D DHS Principle Information Systems Engineer - Privacy 202-282-9374
Kopanski, Patrick E DHS Wireless Support 202-357-7851 DC US
Kopeck, Stephen DHS Special Agent 703-235-8863 VA US
Kopel, Richard S DHS Senior DHS Representative to NCTC 571-204-6038 VA US
Koprucu, Feza S DHS DHS Chair, National Defense University 202-685-4325 DC US
Korch, James A DHS Cryptic Watch Officer 202-282-8302 DC US

Kordys, Ronald A DHS Business Service Representative 434-374-3897 VA US
Kordys, Susan K DHS Implementation Manager (DC2) +1 434-374-3559 VA US
Koren, Dori DHS Detective 202-282-9274 DC US
Koren, Elizabeth DHS Program Analyst 202-343-1630 DC US

Koresko, Jocelyn DHS Project Analyst 202-447-4649 202-447-4246 DC US
Koroma, Cynthia DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0983 IL US
Kosciusko, Gary P DHS DHS Liaison Officer 202-324-0203 202-324-9427 DC US
Kosh-Suber, Jacquelyn DHS Branch Chief, MQM 202-254-5372 DC US jacquelyn.kosh-
Kosinski, Doc DHS 202-282-9885 DC US
Kossally, Gary DHS 202-282-9123 DC US
Koster, Glen E DHS Bio Systems Saftey Mechanic 631-323-3271 NY US
Kotecki, Dana E DHS Contractor 703-284-8215 VA US
Kottemann, Tina DHS Senior Functional Analyst 202-824-7609 VA US
Koumans, Mark DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of International Affairs 202-
282-9250 202-282-9254 DC US
Kovalchuk, Pavel DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Kovar, Louis DHS DNDO SETA Support 202-254-7141 202-254-7141 DC US
Kovner, Matt E DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-612-1955 202-282-8803 DC US
Kowalczyk, Thomas DHS 202-262-7940 DC US
Kowalski, Heather T DHS Dep Branch Chief 703-235-4202 VA US
Kowgios, Kristos W DHS Grant Policy and Oversight Officer 202-447-0628 DC US
Kozar, Steven DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-447-3368 202-447-3654 DC US
Kozma, Beatrix DHS Senior Policy Analyst/Project Manager 703-235-5141 VA US
Kozole, Joseph DHS Senior Staff Scientist 609-813-2662 NJ US
Kramer, Darryl DHS Analyst-Private Sector Program Manager 703-275-3080 VA US
Kramer, David DHS DHS HQ Incident Response Federal Manager 202-357-7690 DC US
Kramer, Steven R DHS 703-235-2131 VA US
Krause, Scott A DHS Knowledge Management Task Lead, DC2 703-918-6068 813-329-3228
Krauss, Ronald DHS 609-813-2752 609-383-1973 NJ US
Kraynak, Brett D DHS Senior Information Security Assessor (Compliance) 202-357-
7814 DC US
Kreibich, Briana DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0531 DC US
Kreilein, Alex A DHS 202-343-1654 DC US
Kreischer, Jon DHS Assistant Director, Coast Guard 202-447-5466 202-447-5437 DC US
Krell, Mitchell DHS System Admin Principal Lead 228-813-4815 MS US
Krempley, Mark D DHS 202-343-1738 DC US
Krenzien, Brian L DHS TSL Business Manager 609-813-2709 NJ US
Krenzler, Karen DHS Program & Management Analyst 703-235-2557 VA US
Krewson, David G DHS FDO 202-447-4071 DC US
Kreyer, Mark W DHS Protective Security Advisor 716-843-5659 716-551-5075 NY US
Krimmel, Gretchen DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3680 DC US
Kristin, Steven DHS Management and Systems Analyst 703-603-4736 703-603-4715 VA US
Kristosturyan, Ruben E DHS BAIRS System Administrator 301-444-4218 DC US
Krizay, Glenn D DHS Deputy Under Secretary for PPPM 202-282-8454 DC US
Kroloff, Noah DHS Chief of Staff, Policy 202-282-8350 DC US

Kronisch, Matthew DHS Associate General Counsel (Intelligence) 202-282-8292 202-

447-3925 DC US
Kropf, John W DHS Deputy Chief Privacy Officer 703-235-0780 703-235-0790 VA US
Krstich, Michael DHS Test Director 202-254-7514 202-254-7749 DC US
Krueger, Brandon T DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4051 DC US
Krueger, William R DHS Research Fellow 202-731-8518 703-235-3057 VA US
Kruger, Mary DHS Chief of Staff 202-447-3408 202-282-8191 DC US
Kruger, Providence DHS Clerk 202-612-1953 DC US
Kruger, Randy DHS NPPD Transition Director 703-235-1910 VA US
Krumaker, Deborah DHS Human Resource Specialist 609-813-3023 609-813-3314 NJ US
Kruppa, Jenna N DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-2433 DC US
Kruse, Denise M DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6788 202-254-6912 DC US
Krysiak, Paul A DHS Service Delivery Leader 434-374-3531 VA US
Kuban, Sara A DHS Director of External Engagement 202-282-9840 DC US
Kubik, Marcia M DHS Management Analyst 202-254-6827 202-254-5671 DC US
Kubokawa, Jay DHS Branch Chief BCEP 703-235-9447 VA US
Kucsan, Jason E DHS Geospatial Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9743 202-447-3172 DC
Kuether, Amy DHS intellegence analyst 202-447-4162 DC US
Kuhn, Austin DHS Program Manager 202-254-7619 DC US
Kuhn, Eric DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Kuleski, Brian R DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7131 DC US
Kulesza, Anthony W DHS Disaster Recovery Engineer 540-272-6184 DC US
Kulick, Betsy DHS Information Security Principal Leader 703-235-5830 VA US
Kumar, Manohar DHS Project Manager 202-447-5488 DC US
Kumarraj, Sabina DHS IT Specialist (policy & planning) 703-235-3665 VA US
Kunkulis, Andy DHS Security Officer 609-813-2804 609-813-2733 NJ US
Kuntz, Kimberly a DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2116 703-235-2051 VA US
Kuterbach, James R DHS Premier Field Engineer 202-447-5921 DC US
Kutsch, Steven C DHS PSCD Exec Sec 703-235-9337 (Office) DC US
Kwiatkowski, Stephen J DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 ext. 8071 VA US
Kyger, David DHS Analyst 703-235-5172 VA US
La, Kevin DHS VA US
La Lena, Anne F DHS 703-235-5144 VA US
Labianca, Victor DHS Federal Air Marshal 202-282-9286 DC US
Labonte, Brian A DHS System Administrator 703-899-3478 DC US
Laborde, Bruce A DHS EMC Resident 504-628-3928 MS US
Lacasse, Jacqueline DHS Audit Liaison Analyst 202-447-5112 202-447-5120 DC US
Lacey, Alonzo DHS Instructor 571-223-3934 VA US

Lacey, Suzanne DHS Program Manager 202-447-0007 DC US
Lacis, John W DHS R&D Analyst 202-254-7441 DC US
Lacivita, Brendan DHS Deputy Director of Strategic Communications 202-447-3477
Lacour, Charles DHS Transportation Manager 631-323-3073 631-323-3087 NY US
Lacour, Sam DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7534 FL US
Lacy, Diane DHS Sr. Enterprise Data Architect 202-357-7662 DC US
Ladnier, Stacy L DHS Applications Support 228-813-4244 MS US
Ladowicz, Pete DHS Industry Liaison 202-254-5689 202-254-6172 DC US
Lafontant, Patrick B DHS SETA Support 202-254-8636 DC US
Laggan, Chelsea DHS 202-447-5989 DC US
Lagomarsino, Raymond DHS chemist 212-620-3662 212-620-3611 NY US
Lahlou, Omar L DHS Test Lead 703-283-2084 DC US
Lake, Debbie DHS Director, USPHS Commissioned Corps Affairs 202-254-2403 DC US
Lake, Gary DHS Intern / Intel Ops Spec 703-235-8551 VA US
Lake, Merritt DHS Director of Force Health Protection & Wellness 202-254-5645 DC
Lake, William J DHS NGA Geospatial Analyst 202-282-8307 DC US
Lalla, Rakesh C DHS QA/CM Analyst 609-813-2896 609-272-7512 NJ US
Lallis, Judith DHS Acq Prof Career Program Manager 202-447-5296 DC US
Lam, Anh-thu N DHS Sr. Infrastructure Specialist 703-742-2214 VA US anh-
Lam, Keith DHS 228-813-4838 MS US
Lam, Vincent DHS Sector Engagement Manager 703-908-7020 VA US
Lamaallem, Yasmina DHS 202-343-1645 202-343-4015 DC US
Lamar, Kimberly DHS Management/Program Analyst 202-447-3875 DC US
Lamb, Chad DHS Accessibility Technician 202-447-5883 DC US
Lamberson, Joseph R DHS Consultant Architect 703-736-8612 VA US
Lambert, Leslie DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9357 VA US
Lambo, Brett DHS Director, Cyber Exercises Program - NCSD 703-235-2852 VA US
Lambrecht, Mike DHS Security Specialist 703-235-9392 VA US
Lamm, Travis DHS DC2 Project Manager 703-736-8555 VA US
Lamonica, Diane DHS Program Manager - Contractor NJ US
Lancaster, Wendy M DHS IT Technician 202-447-0656 DC US
Lanczycki, Shawna DHS Communications Specialist 202-357-8275 202-357-0042 DC US
Landers, Francisco O DHS Division Manager, Applications Delivery & Quality
Assurance 202-447-0256 DC US
Landesberg, Martha DHS Associate Director for Privacy 703-235-0797 703-235-0442 VA
Landry, Huet C DHS IV&V Analyst, Scrum Coach 202-357-6103 DC US
Landry, Ronald DHS Program Analysis 703-603-4607 VA US
Lane, Douglas DHS SETA Contractor 202-254-5341 202-254-5395 DC US
Lane, Jim J DHS Technology and Mission Support Programs 202-282-8984 202-282-8806
Lane, Kathleen DHS Selective Placement Program Manager 202-245-1132 202-245-1141
Lane, Melvin R DHS Executive Assistant 202-343-2498 DC US
Lane, Paul A DHS Security Officer DC US
Lane, Skip DHS Safety Officer / International Liaison / Special Projects 609-813-
2718 609-646-2536 NJ US
Laney, Richard B DHS Open Source Collection Officer 202-447-3921 DC US
Lange, Markus DHS cwo 202-282-8101 DC US
Langer, Elliott M DHS Analyst 202-447-3897 DC US
Langer, Esther DHS Chemical SSA 703-603-5112 VA US
Langford, Eric L DHS IT Specialist 434-374-0909 VA US
Langham, Russell DHS Data Center Program Manager & COTR 202-447-0468 202-447-0261
Langhelm, Ronald J DHS HIFLD to the Regions 253-683-0291 WA US
Lanham, David DHS 202-447-5328 DC US
Lanham, Pamela DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5377 DC US
Lanoue, James DHS HSIN Deputy Program Manager 202-357-7635 DC US
Lantzer, Paula K DHS 202-254-7538 202-254-7755 DC US
Lappo, Karmen N DHS Interagency Liaison 202-254-6666 202-254-5396 DC US
Laprairie, Glenn DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-841-0631 LA US
Lareau, Richard DHS Chief Scientist 609-813-2760 609-383-1973 NJ US
Largo, Emily DHS Security Monitor DC US
Lark, Calvin DHS Telecommunications Officer 202-282-8831 202-282-9324 DC US
Lark 1, Calvin DHS Telecommunications Officer 202-282-8831 202-282-9324 DC US
Laroche, Marie B DHS CLERK 202-282-8959 DC US
Larossa, Connie DHS Director 202-282-8329 DC US
Larrimore, David K DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0968 DC US
Larson, Megan DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-603-4918 VA US
Larson, Norm DHS Instructor 571-223-3934 VA US
Larson, Steven DHS Senior Program Manager 202-343-4536 DC US
Lasalle, Gabrielle D DHS Consultant 703-235-8153 VA US
Laska, William DHS Program Manager 202-254-5337 DC US
Lasko, Linda A DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0130 703-235-0443 VA US
Lasley, Pamela DHS Compensation Program Manager 703-235-2173 VA US
Lasov, Jeffrey S DHS Sr. Intelligence Officer 202-282-8557 DC US
Lassiter, Max DHS NOC Liaison 202-282-8514 DC US
Lassiter, Shevaun DHS Outreach and Awareness Program Support-Speakers Bureau 703-
235-4084 VA US
Lassiter, Tontresa E DHS Systems Administrator 202-282-8300 DC US
Lastrina, Mike DHS Continuity Programs Manager 540-542-5028 540-542-5032 VA US
Latchana, Samantha DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-282-9893 DC US
Latimer, Jennifer DHS Program Coordinator 202-254-7002 DC US
Latkiewicz, Frank DHS Contractor DC US
Latta, Douglas A DHS Sr. Trainer 202-447-3955 DC US
Latta, John N DHS Director 202-447-4403 DC US
Laubscher, Margaret DHS Advisor 202-447-4156 DC US
Laurenz, Brian D DHS 202-357-7815 DC US
Lauria, Robert DHS Deputy Director - Performance Management Program 202-357-8240
Laurie-Read, Hope DHS AEMT/FIREFIGHTER 631-323-3099 NY US hope.laurie-
Lauver, Mark DHS 202-447-3967 DC US
Lavarnway, David E DHS Network operations manager 703-968-3424 VA US
Lavarreda, Hector DHS Purchasing Manager 631-323-3307 631-323-3087 NY US
Lavoy, Diane DHS Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects Team Lead 202-282-8229
Law, Bradley M DHS Senior Application Development Lead DC US
Law, Edward DHS Human Resources Specialist (Staffing) 202-357-8238 DC US
Law, Susan L DHS Deputy Director, Interagency Office 202-254-6195 202-254-5823 DC
Lawler, Rosemarie DHS Deputy Chief, Security Systems Division 202-447-5765 202-
358-2025 DC US
Lawless, Thomas DHS Regional Coordinator 858-692-3977 CA US
Lawrence, James DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 614-387-1083 (Desk) OH US
Lawrence, Kirk W DHS Business Analyst 703-235-5490 VA US
Lawrence, Paul DHS Visiting Scientist 631-477-4496 NY US
Lawrence, William DHS Senior Test Scientist 609-813-2798 NJ US
Laws, John V DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5039 VA US
Laws, Valerie DHS ADMIN SPECIALIST 202-282-9404 202-282-8952 DC US
Lawson, Andria DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0768 202-447-5564 DC US
Lawson, Eric DHS Security Analyst 703-235-8852 VA US
Lawson, Lori DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-0809 DC US
Lawson, Tammy DHS IC/CS RFI Team Lead 202-447-3228 DC US
Layne, Clyde B DHS 202-254-7353 DC US
Lazarus, Lawrence DHS Acting Deputy Director, Resources Division 202-612-1157
(NAC) 202-357-7678 DC US
Le, Brian K DHS Senior Programmer DC US
Le, Duyet DHS Intel Support Specialist 202-282-8642 202-447-4247 DC US
Le, Trong T DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-5764 VA US

Lea, Zachary W DHS Service Desk Technical Lead 919-424-9267 NC US
Leach, Sean DHS Audit and Security Training Officer 202-357-1233 DC US
Leake-Davis, Arvette M DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-5537 202-447-5600 DC US
Leary, Kristi DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4018 DC US
Leasure, Ashley N DHS Geospacial Analyst 724-840-6094 NY US
Leatherman, Wayne T DHS 208-526-9004 VA US
Leavell, David B DHS Information Manager 202-447-4130 DC US
Leavitt, David E DHS Senior Analyst 202-612-1759 DC US
Leavitt, Jason DHS LVPD Desk Officer 202-282-9274 DC US
Leblanc, Jeffrey DHS Systems Analyst - Lead 202-731-1673 202-447-0061 DC US
Lebleu, Lambert M DHS Security Authorization Specialist 228-813-3344 MS US
Leckey, Eric DHS Associate Director for Privacy Compliance 703-235-0781 703-235-
0442 VA US
Ledbetter, Andrew DHS Secretarys Briefing Book Coordinator 202-282-8754 DC US
Lee, Anthony D DHS BCEP Chief Readiness 202-525-9284 DC US
Lee, Antionetta DHS Cyber Engineer 703-235-5820 VA US
Lee, Brandon DHS Subject Matter Expert 202-357-8160 DC US
Lee, Changta DHS Engineer 703-983-4375 VA US
Lee, Charles C DHS SharePoint Developer 202-447-0182 DC US
Lee, Charmaine DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8864 DC US
Lee, Christine DHS Program Manager 202-254-6397 202-254-6177 DC US
Lee, Christopher DHS Senior Privacy Officer 202-254-2341 DC US
Lee, Dou K DHS 703-235-3943 VA US
Lee, Gaile DHS Operations Support Assistant 202-343-1772 202-343-4010 DC US
Lee, HsiNa DHS Physical Scientist 212-620-6607 212-620-3600 NY US
Lee, James DHS Statistician 202-786-9898 202-786-9910 DC US
Lee, Jane DHS IT Specialist VA US
Lee, Jisun DHS Program Manager 202-254-2353 DC US
Lee, John DHS Solution Architect 703-818-4657 VA US

Lee, John J DHS Enterprise Architect (GD Team Lead) 202-447-3094 DC US
Lee, Julia S DHS Program Analyst 609-813-3022 609-813-3314 NJ US
Lee, Keith M DHS DHS-HQ Senior Printing Officer 202-557-5373 DC US
Lee, Kenneth A DHS IT Specialist/INFOSEC 703-235-3679 VA US

Lee, Kim DHS Electronics Engineer 609-813-2809 609-383-1973 NJ US

Lee, Kris DHS INFOSEC 202-357-6129 DC US

Lee, Nakia D DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0537 202-447-5813 DC US
Lee, Pamela T DHS Staffing Assistant 202-357-8237 DC US
Lee, Robert W DHS NCS Liaision 719-556-2134
Lee, Robert DHS Senior Administrative Specialist 202-282-8000 DC US
Lee, Roy K DHS Executive Staff Officer 202-282-9149 DC US
Lee, Stephen DHS Analyst 202-447-4494 DC US
Lee, Susan DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5841 DC US
Lee, Susan Jayne DHS ERMS Solution Architect 202-603-6327 DC US
Lee, SY DHS Press Assistant 202-447-3698 DC US
Lee, Tyna DHS Correspondence Manager 202-343-4516 DC US
Lee-Lewis, Linda D DHS Watch Officer 202-282-8126 DC US

Leftwich, Veronica DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6372 DC US
Legault, Richard L DHS Program Manager 202-254-6829 DC US
Leger-Kelley, Lesley DHS Deputy Director, Immigration and Border Security 202-447-
3763 DC US
Leggett, Mary Ann DHS Dr. 703-235-5819 VA US
Leggett Jr, Rodney J DHS IT Support Technician 202-447-0816 DC US
Legrady, Terrence DHS Security Supervisor 631-323-3115 NY US
Legros, Jesse M DHS Inspector 202-302-4428 TX US
Legrys, Lavita DHS Special Counselor to the CPO 202-447-5244 DC US
Leiro, Alexander DHS 202-447-5467 DC US
Leitch, Stephen DHS 631-323-3353 NY US
Leith, Pamela DHS PM 202-447-0160 DC US
Leiva, Christina DHS Intern 202-447-5898 DC US
Leking, Michael A DHS Senior Cybersecurity Specialist 703-235-3030 VA US
Leland, Justin P DHS DC US
Lemere, Ben DHS HSIN Outreach Team Manager 703-294-6111 Ext. 208 202-282-8806 DC
Lemieux, Daryl DHS Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-5022 VA US
Lemieux, Nancy DHS Technical Evaluation Administrator 703-575-4506 VA US
Lemire, Dana DHS computer op. 2 631-323-3055 NY US
Lemme, Clayt Q DHS 202-447-4540 DC US
Lemons, Jeffery L DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Lempert, Richard DHS Research Deputy/Chief Scientist - Human Factors 202-254-6874
202-254-6910 DC US
Lems, Peter DHS Work Control Manager 631-323-3046 631-323-3237 NY US
Lemus, Ricardo DHS Special Assistant / Program Manager 202-697-3519 DC US
Lenkowsky, Matthew DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8603 DC US
Lennen, Jaime DHS Consultant 202-343-1618 DC US

Lennen, Matthew D DHS Lead Security Specialist 703-277-1728 DC US
Leon, Cesar DHS Quest Engineer VA US
Leon, Miguel DHS Remote MRT Tech 202-447-5688 DC US
Leonard, Clarissa DHS Special Assistant to the CIO 202-343-2424 DC US
Leonard, Jawara K DHS Sr. Information Security Analyst 202-570-1365 DC US
Leonard, Jessica DHS 703-235-9476 VA US
Leonard, Karen K DHS Information Systems Engineer, Lead 202-343-2499 DC US
Lepage, Richard DHS Director of Management 703-235-8133 703-235-3052 VA US
Lepesqueur, Eloise DHS 703-235-5512 VA US
Lerner, Hillary DHS 202-447-4223 DC US
Lesesne, Crystal DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5733 202-447-5725 DC US
Leshinski, Deborah DHS Chief Technology Officer 202-282-9398 202-447-4078 DC US
Leslie, Latousha DHS Nurse Specialist, Medical Quality Management 202-254-6833
Lessane, Manvell DHS Information System Security Manager (ISSM) 202-447-3456 DC
Lester-Saura, Victoria DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9764 DC US
Leszczynski, John A DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6764 DC US
Letavec, Albert DHS Boat Captain 631-236-6194 NY US
Leung, Alfred B DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2799 609-407-9632 NJ US
Levi, Frank R DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9422 DC US
Levin, Susan DHS Management Analyst 202-447-0208 DC US
Levine, Cheryl A DHS Management Analyst 202-357-8505 DC US

Levine, Eric S DHS Lead Scientist 410-417-0907 410-417-0915 MD US
Levine, Evan DHS Chief Scientist 212-620-6421 NY US
Levinson, Stephen M DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8223 202-254-8240 DC US
Levy, Barbara J DHS Quality Assurance Analyst 202-447-0744 DC US
Levy, Jason DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-8582 202-282-9186 DC US
Levy, Samantha J DHS 202-447-4170 DC US
Lew, Kimberly D DHS Chief, Personnel Security Division 202-447-5895 202-447-0697
Lewe, Sung DHS Network Security Engineer 703-456-5057 VA US
Lewis, Alexis K DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-603-4605 VA US
Lewis, Ashley DHS Dir, Acquisition Workforce & Policy 202-447-5263 DC US
Lewis, Donna A DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3519 DC US
Lewis, Gregory H DHS Manager 703-961-5733 VA US

Lewis, Jacquet B DHS Deputy, Mission Management 703-235-8835 VA US
Lewis, James S DHS ATSAIC 202-282-9159 DC US
Lewis, James DHS Watch Officer 202-282-8808 DC US
Lewis, Jason DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5236 703-603-5095 VA US
Lewis, Jerry DHS Service Desk Analyst 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Lewis, John A DHS Senior Engineer 202-343-4538 DC US
Lewis, Keena DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0812 DC US
Lewis, Lawrence DHS Compliance Investigator 202-357-6295 DC US
Lewis, Lena DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0709 DC US
Lewis, Morris DHS incident Handler 703-235-8844 VA US
Lewis, Pamela M DHS Project Manager 202-447-0805 DC US
Lewis, Rachel DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9998 DC US
Lewis, Russell B DHS Storage Administrator 434-374-3580 VA US
Lewis, Ryan DHS Staff Consultant 703-908-7027 VA US
Lewis, Scott DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4409 DC US
Lewis, Shalonda DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0533 DC US
Lewis, Sharon K DHS Administrative Specialist 202-384-5340 TX US
Lewis, Sharon M DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8557 DC US
Lewis, Sheena M DHS Security Specialist DC US

Lewis-Banks, Johnnie DHS Associate Director 202-447-5583 202-447-5545 DC US
Lewis-Blake, Beverly DHS 202-357-7756 DC US beverly.lewis-
Lexicon DHS 202-282-8265 DC US
Ley, Ralph DHS Protective Security Advisor (PSA) Utah/Idaho District 801-258-5274
Leyden F, John DHS Business Liaison 202-447-3959 DC US
Li, J Jean DHS Database Administrator 202-357-8265 202-357-8470 DC US
Liang, Rachel DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5136 VA US
Libby, Scott DHS Deputy CIO 703-235-3624 VA US
Licata, Lee DHS Policy Advisor 202-447-3483 DC US
Lichtenfels, Rick DHS Deputy Director, NCCIC Assist and Assess Branch 703-235-5225
Lichtman, Bruce DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5242 DC US

Liciardello, Joseph DHS Data Integration Section Chief 215-717-5807 202-343-4011

Liddell, Diane DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5769 202-447-5154 DC US
Lidie, Manny DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-5177 202-447-5118 DC US
Liebeck, Carl E DHS Asset Management Team 202-447-5210 DC US
Liebenow, Kelly DHS 703-603-4657 VA US
Lieberman, Norman DHS Regional Director 303-239-4301 CO US
Lierni, Trinh DHS Program Control 703-908-7005 VA US
Liford, Jeff S DHS Principal IT Security Engineer 703-742-2711 VA US
Liles, Val L DHS Telecom Manager 703-235-4235 VA US
Lillianfeld, Becky DHS 202-357-8136 202-357-0042 DC US

Lilly, Emma L DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8276 202-357-8295 DC US
Lilly, Sara E DHS Compliance Investigator 202-357-7782 DC US

Lilly, Sean A DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-5869 202-447-5600 DC US
Lilly, Tamara DHS Branch Chief 202-357-6148 DC US
Lim, Alexander DHS System Analyst 202-447-3080 DC US
Lim, Richard DHS Infrastructure Protection Analyst 703-235-9453 VA US
Lim, Zunsik DHS Software Engineer 703-679-6799 VA US
Limauro, Nancy DHS Acting Director, International Affairs, NCSD 703-235-2864 VA
Limer, Jerri L DHS Creative Services 202-447-4340 DC US
Liming, Bruce DHS HQ LAN-A ISSM & Information Assurance Federal Manager 202-357-
1212 DC US
Lin, Hui DHS Staff Scientist NJ US
Lin, Jeanne DHS Deputy Director 202-254-5737 DC US
Linden, Gregory S DHS IT Sytems Engineer, Principal 202-447-3040 DC US
Lindenbaum, Francis DHS Special Agent 202-447-5368 DC US
Linderer, Donald J DHS Security Eng 202-357-1250 DC US
Lindler, Luther E DHS Senior Science Advisor 202-254-2336 DC US
Lindsay, Justian T DHS Systems Administrator 202-282-9124 202-612-1673 DC US
Lindsay, Kenneth DHS Detective 202-282-9274 DC US
Lindsey, Daniel DHS Intern 703-235-4949 VA US
Lindsey, Willie F DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7008 202-254-7785 DC US
Lindsey Jr, Douglas P DHS SHARES Project Managment 703-235-5341 VA US
Lines, Gary W DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Lines, Jacob DHS Admin Specialist 202-447-4670 VA US
Ling, Guang L DHS Executive Support Services 202-507-2610 DC US
Link, David DHS Information Technology Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5718 VA US
Link, Jessie DHS Software Engineer 571-228-5700 VA US
Link, Thomas DHS Open Source Content Manager 202-447-3988 202-447-9895 DC US
Linkins, Venus DHS Program Coordinatior (SETA) 202-254-7005 DC US
Lino, Arleen N DHS IT Technician DC US
Linson, Desiree DHS Director, Planning and Outreach 202-254-6309 DC US
Linzer, Matthew DHS ISSO 202-447-5980 202-447-0626 DC US
Lipka, Daniel DHS Acting Deputy Director, Operations Coordination Division 202-
282-9328 202-282-9705 DC US
Lipperini, Michael J DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5631 202-447-5749 DC US
Lippmann, Elizabeth J DHS COOP Analyst 202-447-3159 DC US
Lipscomb-Teal, Shirley A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6934 DC US
Lipski, James DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-527-3456 AL US
Liriano, Ismael DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-5975 202-447-5118 DC
Lister, Mark J DHS DC US
Listhrop, Raelene A DHS Budget Analyst 703-647-8040 Ext. 141 VA US
Little, Debrah M DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0045 DC US
Little, Demarko J DHS Technical Site Lead 202-254-6101 DC US
Little, Francis E DHS 703-741-7676 x 629 VA US
Littlepage, Alison M DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5201 VA US
Littles, Chandra DHS Budget Officer, OEC 202-343-1747 DC US
Littles, Charles B DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0605 202-447-5013 DC
Littleton, Robert A DHS DHS/OCIO SharePoint MBA, PMP DC US
Liu, Debra A DHS CMQA 571-239-7489 DC US
Liu, Kenneth D DHS Policy Analyst 202-612-1708 DC US
Liu, William DHS Field Operations and Maintenance Manager 703-439-7951 DC US
Lively, Valerie DHS Computer Scientist 609-813-2721 609-383-1973 NJ US
Livengood, Alina DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5497 202-447-5545 DC US
Livick, Todd S DHS Senior PA/SC Program Analyst VA US
Livingston, Charles M DHS Deputy Program Manager 240-274-1486 DC US
Livingston, Mark R DHS NCCIPS Quality Manager 228-813-4862 MS US
Livoti, Carmen DHS Senior Labor and Employee Relations Advisor 202-357-8175 DC
Lizada, Audra DHS Headquarters Operations Center Manager 202-447-3191 DC US
Lizewski, James F DHS SRO / Richmond RO 571-258-2773 571-258-2845 VA US
Llewellyn, David DHS Database Application Developer 703-235-5667 VA US
Lloyd, Kathryn DHS Program Specialist 202-357-8482 202-357-0042 DC US
Lloyd, Roger D DHS Sr. Budget Analyst 703-235-4279 703-235-4980 VA US
Lloyd, Wallace H DHS Desk Officer 202-447-5226 202-447-5154 DC US
Lluberes, Andrew DHS Director of Communications for Intelligence and Analysis 202-
282-8694 202-282-8408 DC US
Lo Hing, Margaret DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5803 202-447-5779 DC US
Lobsenz, Serafina E DHS Attorney-Advisor 703-603-4649 VA US
Lockard, David DHS Records Specialist 202-650-7777 DC US
Lockard, Edward DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-357-6174 DC US
Locke, Amanda DHS Program Analyst, Strategy Policy & Budget Office 202-254-2287
202-254-6163 DC US
Lockett, Rodney E DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-841-2065 CA US
Lockett, Vania DHS Senior Privacy Analyst 703-235-1509 VA US
Lockett-Reynolds, Janae DHS Human Systems Research & Engineering Program Manager
202-254-6611 202-254-6739 DC US
Locknane, Matt M DHS Network Engineer 228-813-3341 MS US
Lockwood, Jonathan DHS Senior Instructor, ITB, MSD 571-223-3934 DC US
Lockwood-Shabat, Eugene DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7362 202-254-7752 DC US
Loeffler, Paul DHS IT Policy & Planning 703-235-3667 VA US

Lofstad, Colleen M DHS Executive Assistant 631-323-3163 631-323-3295 NY US
Lofton, Lindsay DHS 703-603-5189 VA US
Lofurno, Frank A DHS IT-NOVA Program Control Analyst 703-253-2865 VA US
Logan, Robert DHS Continuity Analyst 202-282-8368 DC US
Logan, Shanita DHS Financial Management Analyst 202-447-5212 202-447-5828 DC US
Loh, Bee Choon DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8256 202-375-8140 DC US
Loiacono, Adam V DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-8588 DC US

Lojek, Anne M DHS Protection Operations Specialist VA US
Lomax, Dessadra DHS OCIO Facilities Coordinator 202-343-2430 202-343-2529 DC US
Lomax, Tandu-La DHS intern 202-357-6135 DC US
Lombardi, Angelo J DHS Wireless Business Analyst 202-573-0419 VA US
Lombardo, Stephanie DHS SES CDP Manager 202-357-8330 DC US
Lombardy, Mark DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-510-3898 DC US
London, Darrin DHS Project Manager 202-254-6369 DC US
London, Jacqueline DHS 202-447-3711 DC US

Long, Barbara DHS Deportation Officer 571-350-4615 VA US

Long, Dana Y DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5718 DC US

Long, Deborah F DHS Contingency Services Manager 302-391-8303 DE US
Long, Joseph DHS Police Officer 202-282-9034 DC US
Long, Matthew DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8587 202-447-3068 DC
Long, Melanie DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-9373 703-603-4920 VA US
Long, Patti DHS Secretary 609-813-2713 609-383-1973 NJ US
Long, Randolph DHS Deputy Director, CB Div 202-254-5774 202-254-6166 DC US
Long, Richard DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-1650 NJ US
Long, Sabrina DHS Enrollment official 202-510-8689 DC US
Longfritz, Kenneth DHS Protective Security Advisor 307-432-5589 307-432-5588 WY US
Longstaff, Thomas A DHS Chief Scientist, Mission Assurance Branch 443-778-9389
Lonnquest, Matthew DHS Requirements Manager 202-447-4453 DC US
Loper, Edward G DHS Lead Electrician 631-323-3150 631-477-4457 NY US
Loper, Edward DHS Special Projects Manager 631-323-3122 631-477-4457 NY US
Lopez, Alfonso DHS Legislative Affairs Specialist 202-447-5806 202-447-5437 DC US
Lopez, Eugenio DHS Program Analyst- Incident Management Officer 202-282-9693 DC
Lopez, Javier DHS Financial Officer 202-254-6078 202-254-5392 DC US
Lopez, Jose J DHS Project Manager, CWO 202-282-8590 202-282-8782 DC US
Lopez, Lisa DHS DHS Liaison Officer to Spain 202-527-4522

Lopez, Martha DHS CPIMD ExecSec 703-235-2569 VA US
Lopez, Norma DHS Human Resources Specialist, Benefits 202-650-7769 202-357-8462 DC
Lopez, Philippe M DHS BioWatch SETA DPM 703-647-2744 703-683-2866 VA US
Lord, Lisa J DHS Communications Engineer 703-968-1265 703-968-1227 VA US
Loredo, Ethel C DHS Contracts Manager 703-742-1671 703-742-2674 VA US
Lorick, Kelly DHS Management Program Analyst 202-447-0831 DC US
Lotierzo, Kathryn B DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6407 202-254-6402 DC US
Louck, Cheryl DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0982 IL US
Louis, Richard DHS Platform Engineer 703-733-3417 VA US
Louison, Lisa DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6745 202-254-6911 DC US
Lovato, Rhonda DHS Executive Secretariat 202-343-4236 DC US
Love, Becky DHS Training Manager, NPPD 703-235-2160 VA US
Love, Samyan DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 VA US
Love, Tommy L DHS Network Engineer 703-341-4068 VA US
Loveday, Marcelle DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0566 DC US
Lovell, Akilah DHS 202-357-7621 DC US
Lovett, Edward DHS Assistant Director - Transportation 202-447-5471 202-447-5437
Lowden, Andrew C DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0122 DC US
Lowe, Glen DHS IT Technician 202-447-4426 DC US
Lowery, Wayne N DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-0181 202-447-5785 DC
Lowman, Deborah DHS Account Technician 202-254-6473 DC US

Lowry, William DHS CIC 202-254-6409 DC US

Loyka, Stephan DHS 202-447-4042 DC US
Lozada, Antonio A DHS Senior Technical Consultant 703-812-9700 DC US
Lu, Zhiqiang DHS Microbiologist 631-323-3123 631-323-3166 NY US
Lucas, Barbara DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8378 DC US

Lucas, Erik DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-5623 202-254-6167 DC US
Lucas, Marle DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5912 202-447-5333 DC US
Lucas, Richard DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-0734 DC US
Luckett, Janine DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-1664 202-343-4016 DC US
Ludtke, Meghan DHS Associate General Counsel for NPPD 202-282-8889 DC US
Lue, Andrew DHS Branch Head (General Engineer) | IT Policy Branch 202-538-5551
Luemen, Jessica DHS Information Assurance Team Lead 202-447-3078 202-282-8803 DC
Luescher, Kirsten K DHS 202-254-2365 DC US

Luetkemeier, James DHS Compliance Assurance Program Office Analyst 202-254-6623

Lugo, Isabel DHS Senior Logistics Analyst 202-343-4539 202-343-4550 DC US
Lugorui, Stuart DHS DHS Attaché Assistant 613-688-5356 ON CA
Lukianovich, Mark J DHS Acting Director - IA Acquisitions 202-282-9112 202-447-
3464 DC US
Lukow, Stefan R DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2831 609-383-1973 NJ US
Lum, Jonson DHS Budget Analyst 202-343-1682 DC US

Luna, Margio A DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-447-0149 DC US
Lundsted, James DHS Regional Coordinator 573-298-0484 573-636-2977 MO US
Luong, Dzu DHS General Engineer 703-603-4651 703-603-4715 VA US

Luong, Vandai DHS IT Specialist 703-235-3683 703-235-5889 VA US
Luque, Gustavo M DHS Analyst 703-603-5102 VA US

Lusso, Charles DHS NICC Senior Watch Officer 202-282-9201 VA US
Lusso, Timothy DHS SSR 571-258-2764 571-258-2845 VA US

Luster, Kenneth DHS Lead Security Specialist 202-282-9916 202-282-8604 DC US
Lustig, Teresa E DHS Program Manager 202-254-5766 202-254-6180 DC US
Luther, Margaret A DHS Executive Staff Officer 202-447-4269 DC US
Lutz, Arthur DHS Deputy - Executive Telecommunications Office 202-282-9198 202-
282-9324 DC US
Lutz, David DHS SIA 202-282-8309 DC US
Lutz 1, Arthur DHS Dep. Director 202-282-9198 202-282-9324 DC US
Luu, Cuong Q DHS Program Manager 202-254-6374 202-245-5388 DC US

Luu, Khanh-Quan N DHS Software Engineer/ISSO 703-235-5050 VA US khanh-
Luu, Thanh DHS SETA Program Manager 202-254-5327 202-254-5395 DC US
Luu, Tommy DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2457 202-343-2530 DC US
Lux, Toby R DHS Special Assistant 703-235-5423 VA US
Ly, Duy Q DHS System Administrator 202-282-9200 DC US

Ly, Lam DHS Business Analyst 202-447-3354 DC US

Ly, Nhan T DHS System Engineer 202-447-5104 DC US
Lyerly, Raymond DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5460 703-235-5963 VA US
Lyerly, William DHS Director 202-254-5646 202-254-6094 DC US
Lynch, Christal A DHS Travel Coordinator 202-254-7505 202-254-7594 DC US
Lynch, Devin DHS Legislative Assistant 202-447-4533 DC US
Lynch, Kimberly K DHS Analyst 202-282-8678 DC US
Lynott, Michael T DHS Program Manager NCSD Inventory 703-235-5447 866-473-8802 VA
Lyon, Jaime DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9857 DC US
Lyons, David J DHS Senior SAN Engineer 202-824-1137 DC US
Lyons, James E DHS Lead Program Analyst 202-343-4551 DC US
Lyons, James DHS Principal Systems Analyst 202-612-1655 DC US
Lyons, John DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-447-4436 202-282-8504 DC US
Lyons, Liz DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0802 703-235-0442 VA US
Lyttle, Gregory DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6860 DC US
Ma, Carrie J DHS IT Specialist 703-235-3644 VA US
Maas, Michael A DHS MILITARY ASSISTANT 202-282-8278 DC US
Mabelitini, Christopher DHS 703-235-5141 VA US
Mabeus, Steven DHS Dep Director, CITA 202-447-3142 DC US
Mabry, Christopher DHS Research Analyst 202-282-8423 DC US
Macdonald, Bruce DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6123 DC US
Macdonald, Christopher DHS 202-254-6188 DC US
Macdonald, James DHS Security Officer 703-235-5458 VA US
Macdonnell, James P DHS Senior Watch Analyst 703-603-4882 VA US
Macdougall, Scott C DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4393 DC US
Macdowell, James DHS ICE Liaison 202-612-1793 DC US
Mace, Leslie H DHS Network Engineer 703-818-4386 VA US
Maceyko, Rudolph DHS ISSO 412-268-6818 PA US

Macha, Michael DHS Protective Security Advisor TX US

Macherelli, Marco DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5964 DC US
Machion, Dominic J DHS Project Manager 202-282-8565 DC US
Macias, Marva Ann K DHS Administrative Support Assistant 915-760-2489 TX US
Maciejewski, Richard A DHS QA Manager 703-742-1130 VA US
Mack, Delbert D DHS Special Security Officer 202-282-9684 DC US
Mack, Wayne DHS Administrative Assistant 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Mackin, Sam DHS Associate Director for Operations 703-235-8831 VA US
Mackinney, John A DHS Director, Nuclear and Radiological Policy 202-447-3885 202-
282-9703 DC US
Macklem, Michaela E DHS 202-254-7010 DC US

Macklin, Theodore O DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9641 DC US
Macknight, Richard DHS Senior Acquisition and Budget Analyst 202-254-6755 DC US
Maclaren, Jon M DHS Program Manager 703-603-4615 VA US
Macleod, John B DHS Support Contractor 301-825-7599 DC US
Macnow, Ethan DHS photographer 631-323-3220 NY US
Maday, Brian DHS Management Integration Analyst 202-507-3579 DC US
Madden, Daniel A DHS Engineer 631-323-3109 NY US
Maddox, Kenneth DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Madello, Alethea DHS 202-282-9556 DC US
Mader, Laura J DHS Financial Program Cost Analyst 703-235-1968 VA US
Madera, Christian DHS Facility Assistant 212-620-3608 212-620-3600 NY US
Madison, John T DHS Project Manager 757-746-5751 DC US
Madison, Laverne R DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5711 202-447-5693 DC US
Madlock, Sylvonica DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8946 DC US
Madon, James DHS Director, NCS 703-235-4900 VA US
Mageau, Michael J DHS Senior Program Manager 703-277-1754 VA US
Magee, Christy DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5155
Magee, Matthew P DHS Scientist III 609-813-2783 NJ US
Magnarelli, Ellen E DHS Program & Management Analyst 202-447-4629 DC US
Magnusen, Priscilla D DHS Senior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-0835 202-447-0369
Magoveny, Harry W DHS BSSM 631-323-3263 631-323-3333 NY US
Magrino, Christopher DHS Deputy Assistant Director, Securing the Cities 202-254-
7443 DC US
Maguire, Bill DHS 609-813-2766 609-383-1973 NJ US
Maher, Joseph DHS Deputy General Counsel 202-282-8137 DC US
Maher, Monica DHS Director of Operations, ICS-CERT 703-235-2863 VA US
Maher, Pat DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-3378 DC US
Mahle, Megan DHS Program Analyst 202-254-2245 DC US
Mahmood, Sarah DHS Program Manager 202-254-6721 DC US
Mahn, Amy V DHS NPPD International Affairs 703-235-1902 VA US
Mahon, Nicole A DHS Operations Analysts 703-235-9363 VA US
Mahoney, Shawn DHS Physical Security Specialist DC US
Mahoney, Sherry DHS 202-357-8221 202-357-8105 DC US
Mahony, Mary DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5820 202-447-0374 DC US
Mai, Huong L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0384 202-447-5120 DC US

Mai, Mai N DHS Web Developer 202-407-3591 DC US

Maier, Mark DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3539 DC US
Mains, Jeffrey DHS Policy and Plans Section Chief 202-282-8050 DC US
Maisonet, Eliezer DHS Senior Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8195 DC
Majidi, Jeanne DHS Executive Assistant to Assistant Secretary Keil 703-235-8121
703-235-9707 VA US
Major, Crystal DHS 703-235-8838 VA US
Mak, Darrell DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-5952 253-648-5946 DC US
Makarow, Arsenti DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Makowski, Kevin DHS Planner 703-235-2559 VA US
Makrokanis, Darron DHS SETA Task Lead 202-254-6647 202-254-5396 DC US
Malcolm, Susan DHS Deputy, STC 202-254-7504 202-254-7751 DC US
Maldonado, Gabriela Y DHS GEOINT Collections Manager 202-282-8169 DC US
Maldonado, Luis A DHS ICE Desk Officer 202-282-8129 DC US

Maldonado, Martin DHS TX US

Malenab, Jennifer DHS Office Manager 202-786-9917 DC US

Malhotra, Suraj DHS Intern 703-235-5796 VA US

Malik, Mohammed S DHS SharePoint Developer 703-253-9708 VA US
Mall, Colleen DHS Progam Analyst 703-603-5138 703-603-5190 VA US
Mallison, William DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-5880 202-254-6911 DC US
Mallory, Stuart C DHS Intelligence Operation Speciaist 202-447-3323 DC US
Malm, Jason L DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3011 DC US
Malo, Manuel D DHS Senior Security Engineer 202-680-0850 VA US
Maloney, Michael J DHS Systems Engineer 703-968-1401 DC US
Maloney, Sarah G DHS HSI Division Manager 703-416-3364 DC US
Malooly, Kimberly DHS Intelligence Analyst, Border Security 202-447-4594 DC US
Maltby, Joseph M DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9534 VA US
Manahan, Joseph E DHS Attorney Advisor 202-732-8079 DC US

Mancini, Stephen DHS Deputy Director for Analysis 703-235-8869 VA US
Mancuso, Dominic J DHS Senior Information Security Assessor 202-357-1267 202-357-
1229 DC US
Manders, David P DHS Sr. System Administrator 228-813-4118 MS US
Manfra, Jeanette DHS Deputy Director, OEC 202-343-1721 DC US
Mangan, Chris DHS Attorney/Advisor 202-282-8211 202-282-9186 DC US
Mangelsdorf, Dianna G DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8517 DC US
Mangiameli, Mario DHS CT Policy Advisor 202-447-4090 DC US
Mankin, Amy DHS Dir, IP Facilities Planning 703-603-5013 VA US
Manley, Andrew M DHS Staff Director 202-447-3376 DC US
Manley, Richard N DHS National Security Systems Analyst 202-447-3286 DC US
Manley, Rupert S DHS Customer Relations Manager 202-447-3342 DC US
Manlove, Marian DHS Deputy Director, Workforce Engagement 202-357-8291 202-357-
8162 DC US
Mann, Amelia DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-8919 DC US
Mann, Eric DHS Special Agent 202-254-6419 DC US
Mann, Melissa DHS Director 202-447-0849 DC US
Manning, Meagen DHS Special Advisor 202-612-1963 DC US
Mannix, David M DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2094 TX US

Mannix, Dawn L DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 401-458-1191
Manno, Daniel J DHS DC US
Mannschreck, Suzanne DHS Deputy Assistant Director, Financial Operations 202-447-
5096 202-447-5118 DC US
Manohar, Savitha DHS Project Manager 202-447-5919 DC US

Manookian, Eric DHS Exercise Designer 703-235-2523 VA US
Manrique, Herill F DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8453 DC US

Manry, Amber DHS Software Developer 703-506-9515 VA US

Mansfield, Richard DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-447-0484 DC US
Manson, Antione DHS Program Manager 703-235-5228 VA US
Mansour, Mark DHS Analyst 202-282-9046 DC US
Mantel, Simon DHS Branch Chief, Cyber Forensics 202-254-6449 DC US
Manu, Samidha DHS Program Manager 703-955-6126 DC US
Manuel, Julia F DHS Business Case Analyst 703-253-9706 VA US
Manz, Patrick DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-612-1181 202-282-9895 DC
Manzo, James DHS Director, Cost Analysis Division 202-343-4512 DC US
Manzur, Fahim DHS Support Contractor 631-323-3391 631-323-3335 NY US
Mapar, Jalal DHS Program Manager 202-254-6663 202-254-6180 DC US
Marantan, Lorraine P DHS Nursing Coordinator 202-447-3363 202-282-9067 DC US
Marantz, Michelle A DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5818 202-447-5725 DC US
Marcellin Moore, Camala R DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5420 VA US
March, Irene DHS Senior Scientist 703-647-2726 703-647-8250 VA US
Marchand, Michael DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0480 DC US
Marchant, Michael J DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4639 DC US
Marchette, Louis V DHS Senior Associate 228-452-2698 MI US
Marcinkowski, Viola DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-8508 VA US
Marcott, Stacy A DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-3356 (NAC) 202-447-5172 DC US
Marcson, Nicole DHS Deputy Associate General Counsel for Technology Programs 202-
254-5626 202-254-6178 DC US
Marcus, Brian A DHS Anyalyst 571-280-4014 VA US
Marcus, Jeremy DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8837 DC US
Marechal, Naomi L DHS Special Projects Manager 202-282-8832 DC US
Maree, Catherine DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8262 DC US

Marenic, Tom T DHS CBP National Security Systems Director 202-282-9006 DC US
Margaros, Jenny R DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9381 VA US

Margolis, Sarah DHS Intern 202-447-5855 DC US

Margulies, Jonathan DHS Detailee VA US
Marinelli, Joe DHS DHS NCA Classified Network Manager 202-282-9213 202-612-1673 DC
Marinetti, Camille DHS IT Specialist 212-620-3272 212-620-3600 NY US
Marino, Charles A DHS Law Enforcement Advisor to the Secretary 202-447-3346 DC
Marino, Edward DHS SETA 301-619-1434 DC US
Markey, Betsy DHS Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs 202-282-8256
202-282-1044 DC US
Marks, Amanda S DHS Project Manager 202-254-6931 DC US
Marks, Steve DHS Law Enforcement Advisor to the Secretary 202-447-3346 DC US
Marlow, Alyssa M DHS Contingency Planning and Incident Management Division 703-
235-8195 VA US
Marosz, Robert DHS Contract Specialist 631-323-3397 631-323-3169 NY US
Marouf, Afif DHS NBIC 202-282-8379 202-282-8805 DC US
Marquez, Omar DHS 202-447-5223 DC US
Marquiss, Richard G DHS Information Analyst 512-535-3101 TX US
Marsala, Blake E DHS Applications Delivery Manager 202-824-7514 DC US
Marsden, Paul D DHS Section Chief 703-235-4953 VA US
Marsh, David L DHS HSIN Lead Mission Advocate 703-888-4609 DC US
Marsh, Jewel DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6026 DC US
Marsh, John DHS Computer Engineer 703-235-3621 VA US
Marsh, Ryan DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-282-8885 DC US
Marshall, Gregory A DHS Deputy Chief Security Officer, Office of Security 202-447-
5404 DC US
Marshall, John DHS Remedy Developer 703-283-1423 VA US
Marshall, Keona L DHS Customer Service Specialist 202-447-5935 202-358-2025 DC US
Marshall, Marsha DHS Business Analyst 703-235-5649 VA US
Marshall, Richard DHS Director of Global Security Management VA US
Marshall, Tom DHS Branch Chief-Projects 202-282-8746 202-282-9500 DC US
Martak, David DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0984 MO US
Martensen, Kevin DHS 202-447-5998 DC US
Marteny, Jennifer L DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8433 202-357-8470 DC US
Martha, Elizabeth DHS 703-235-2178 VA US
Martin, Brenda R DHS Executive Program Support Team Member 202-447-5436 DC US
Martin, Charles W DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-7472 DC US
Martin, Christopher R DHS RFI Manager 202-447-3624 DC US
Martin, Christopher S DHS TSL Researcher 609-813-2875 NJ US
Martin, Daniel C DHS Statistician 202-786-9894 202-786-9910 DC US
Martin, Darin DHS Senior Watch Officer VA US
Martin, David W DHS Nuclear SSA 703-994-7266 VA US
Martin, David J DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-8716 520-836-8499 AZ US
Martin, Delores A DHS Clerk 202-282-9951 DC US

Martin, Dennis DHS Director of Resources, EMS Business Office 202-282-8849 DC US
Martin, John D DHS Food and Agriculture Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5042 VA
Martin, Joseph F DHS Deputy Director 202-254-5844 DC US
Martin, Larry DHS Contract Specialist 631-323-3203 NY US
Martin, Linda DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7516 202-254-7455 DC US
Martin, Mitchel DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5976 DC US
Martin, Patrick E DHS Analyst 703-235-9428 VA US
Martin, Peggy DHS Division Director 202-343-2447 DC US
Martin, Philipe DHS Help Desk Coordinator DC US
Martin, Ronald P DHS wireless support 202-357-7860 DC US
Martin, Thomas H DHS Director Support 202-612-1729 202-447-3615 DC US
Martin, Timothy DHS Director, Current Intelligence 202-282-8579 DC US
Martin, William DHS Fire Program Specialist 202-282-9286 DC US
Martinez, Alex A DHS Engagement Manager 202-447-0719 DC US
Martinez, Angelina M DHS Administrative Specialist 202-384-5366 GA US
Martinez, Edmer S DHS FNS Executive Secretariat 703-235-5442 813-375-7854 VA US
Martinez, Gabriel A DHS Electronics & Computer Engineer 703-235-4286 VA US
Martinez, Hugo R DHS Sup Det Dep Officer 202-447-3010 DC US
Martinez, Jesus DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6743 202-254-5392 DC US
Martinez, Michael DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0980 VA US
Martinez-Jimenez, Vladimir DHS Mission Support Specialist/Intel Watch Officer
Marvin, Christopher DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5490 202-447-5873 DC
Marvin, Scott DHS Liaison Officer 202-282-9956 DC US
Marzonie, Gabriel DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5181 VA US
Masciocchi, Louis DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5277 202-447-5552 DC US
Masias, Timothy DHS VA US
Mason, Arthur E DHS VTC Technician 703-235-5446 VA US
Mason, Bill DHS Assistant Director Internal Control Over Operations 202-447-5195
Mason, Christopher DHS immigration case resolution specialist 202-357-8545 202-
357-0042 DC US
Mason, Glenn C DHS Desktop Administrator 202-254-6641 DC US
Mason, Gregory DHS Mr. 202-254-6752 DC US
Mason, James W DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9425 DC US
Mason, Latoya LM DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5364 DC US
Mason, Preston DHS IT Specialist 202-282-8781 VA US
Massaro, Kristin DHS Executive Assistant to Richard Williams, CFO 202-254-6456
202-254-6163 DC US
Massey, Nicholas G DHS Software Engineer 202-282-9006 DC US
Massey, Stephen K DHS Jr. EMOC Sys Admin 1-866-972-3662 MS US
Massey, Travis N DHS CAPTAP/PCII Instructor 703-235-9550 VA US
Mastapeter, Craig DHS Deputy Director, Mission Support Division 202-447-3926 202-
282-8803 DC US
Mastapeter, John DHS 202-447-4490 DC US
Masters, Barry DHS general engineer 609-813-2722 609-383-1973 NJ US
Masters, David L DHS Deputy Director of Innovation 202-254-6364 DC US
Mastrangelo, Justine M DHS Program Support Assistant 202-447-5619 202-447-5400 DC
Mateyka, Randall DHS Information Security Engineer 202-357-6136 DC US
Matheny-Rushdan, Mary E DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9584 DC US mary.matheny-
Matheu, Enrique DHS Chief, Dams Sector Branch 703-603-5110 703-603-5190 VA US
Mathews, Megan DHS Statistician 202-786-9612 202-786-9910 DC US
Mathews, Scott S DHS Senior Privacy Analyst, Intelligence 703-235-0777 703-235-
0442 VA US
Mathis, Alisa DHS Program Specialist 703-235-5163 703-235-5961 VA US
Mathis, Felicia DHS Administrative Officer 202-282-8623 202-447-3068 DC US
Mathis, Holly N DHS Program Analyst 202-870-0345 DC US
Mathis, Marsha D DHS Director, Grants and Financial Assistance Division 202-447-
5950 DC US
Mathur, Sidd DHS Emergency Programs Support Contractor 202-254-2285 DC US
Matrone, Joshua R DHS Associate Security Engineer 202-357-6193 DC US
Matson, Jeremy E DHS Admin. Assistant 202-254-7620 DC US
Mattea, Michele DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4552 DC US
Matthes, Justin DHS Director 202-282-8076 202-447-3654 DC US
Matthews, Christopher T DHS State and Local Law Enforcement Representative 202-
282-9274 DC US
Matthews, Derek G DHS Supervisory Protective Security Advisor/Acting Branch Chief
703-235-9362 VA US
Matthews, Gregory S DHS Technical Consultant III 434-374-0621 VA US
Matthews, James H DHS Service Account Manager 434-374-0943 VA US
Matthews, Mark A DHS Data Analyst 703-235-2534 VA US
Matthews, Michael DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8492 202-357-8413 DC US
Matthews, Mike DHS Program Manager/Analyst 202-254-5663 202-254-6179 DC US
Matthews, Stephen G DHS DC2 - Technology Consultant III 919-424-5399 NC US
Mattimiro, Sal P DHS Project Manager 571-258-1063 571-258-2578 VA US
Mattingly, Bernard DHS PBX Technician 703-235-5444 703-235-5699 VA US
Mattingly, Katina M DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8881 202-282-8810 DC US
Mattson, Philip J DHS Program Manager 202-254-5861 202-254-6915 DC US
Maturan, Karl B DHS Continuity Specialist 202-254-6955 DC US
Matwijec, Thomas A DHS Senior Engineer 703-235-5710 VA US
Maughan, Douglas D DHS Program Manager 202-254-6145 DC US
Maxey, Serena DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4954 VA US
Maxson, Margaret DHS Director of National Cybersecurity Education 703-235-5196
Maxvill, John J DHS Safety Act helpdesk 703-674-2895 VA US
Maxwell, Brian DHS Physical Security Specialist 301-619-5763 MD US
May, David DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-3810 DC US
May, Echano DHS Technical Site Lead 703-235-4031 VA US
May, Gail DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-5405 202-447-5312 DC US
May, Jenny DHS 212-620-3663 212-620-3600 NY US
May, Larry DHS Deputy Branch Chief, NIPP Program Management Office 703-603-5070
May, William J DHS Senior Consultant 202-570-3676 DC US
Maycock, Brett M DHS OHA FEMA Liaison 202-254-6939 DC US
Mayer, Michael J DHS VA US
Mayfield, Peggy L DHS GAO/OIG Audit Liaison 202-447-5125 202-447-5120 DC US
Mayhew, Valerie DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-0387 202-447-5545 DC US
Mayi, Jackie DHS Complaints Manager 202-357-7769 DC US
Maynard, Stephen P DHS Program Specialist 202-612-1958 DC US
Maynard-Noel, Evette DHS Deputy Chief Information Security Officer 571-294-3360
703-235-2865 VA US
Mayo, Ben DHS Infrastructure/Program Analyst 703-603-5177 VA US
Mayo, Patty J DHS Grant Specialist 202-447-0266 202-447-5600 DC US
Mays, Leta G DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-5338 202-254-5392 DC US
Maytorena, Ricardo DHS Project Manager 202-282-8263 DC US
Mazzarella, Annalisa DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-3139 DC US
Mazzaro, Michael DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-307-4482 DC US
Mazzola, Cory A DHS VA US
Mazzone, David M DHS Assoc. All Source Analyst VA US
Mc, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-2820 DC US
Mcafee, Sean M DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-5818 703-235-5961 VA US
Mcalister, Kariann DHS Assistant to the Branch Chief 703-235-9331 VA US
Mcallister, Deirdre DHS Communications & Governance Manager 202-343-2525 DC US
Mcalpine, Stacy L DHS Analyst 202-245-1113 DC US
Mcanderson, Brenda DHS IT Specialist 703-235-3039 VA US
Mcandrew, Cathy DHS Project Control Specialist 609-813-2892 609-272-7512 NJ US
Mcandrew, Natalie I DHS MITRE 202-357-6140 DC US
Mcaraw, Sean DHS Protective Security Advisor 703-235-9339 VA US
Mcateer, Francis W DHS DC2-Infostructure Specialist 919-424-5625 919-424-9858 NC
Mcbee, Reginald C DHS Management Analyst Space/Rent 202-450-0471 DC US
Mcbride, Deborah DHS Human Resource Specialist 703-235-2099 703-235-2051 VA US
Mcbride, Timothy J DHS 703-235-5215 703-235-5963 VA US
Mccabe, Tanusree D DHS Sr. Technical Analyst 202-245-1157 DC US
Mccabe, Timothy DHS Analyst 703-235-2895 VA US
Mccaig, Carol S DHS Physical Scientist 703-235-9551 VA US
Mccain, Corliss DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5165 703-235-5963 VA US
Mccain, Ryan S DHS Linux System Administrator 985-788-7632 MS US
Mccall, Lorraine DHS Senior Planner & Strategist 202-447-4309 202-295-4390 DC US
Mccall, Ralph T DHS State & Local Program Office Duty Desk Officer 202-447-4400
Mccalla, Alison DHS Information Analyst 202-254-7182 202-254-7753 DC US
Mccann, Jennifer JM DHS HUMINT Collection Manager 202-612-1147 DC US
Mccann, Lluana C DHS Director, Financial Assistance Policy & Oversight 202-447-
0240 DC US
Mccarroll, Edward DHS Division Director 703-418-9884 DC US
Mccarron, Patrick J DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Mccarthy, Bryan DHS NICC SWO 202-282-9201 VA US
Mccarthy, Desmond P DHS Project Manager 703-462-0162 DC US
Mccarthy, Kevin DHS Assistant Director, Red Team/Net Assessments 202-254-7317 DC
Mccarthy, Melissa DHS Senior Consultant 202-254-6822 DC US
Mccarty, Thomas DHS Director, Identity, Credential and Access Management PMO 202-
447-3729 202-447-3738 DC US
Mcclain, Alex DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8957 DC US
Mcclain, Darron W DHS Facilities Operations Manager 202-447-4331 202-447-1404 DC
Mcclain, Ellen DHS Assistant General Counsel 202-282-8219 202-282-9598 DC US
Mcclain, John A DHS Communications Liaison 202-235-5505 VA US
Mcclaude, Rasheed J DHS Desktop Support Tech 202-343-1796 DC US
Mcclean, Walter F DHS CIP Cyber Analyst 703-235-5065 VA US
Mcclellan, Michael O DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5161 DC US
Mcclintick, Leslie A DHS DC US
Mccloskey, Keith DHS Solutions Architect 202-245-1164 DC US
Mccloskey, Sean DHS Intelligence Officer 703-212-4585 VA US
Mcclure, Brenda DHS Information Security Assessor 202-357-1252 DC US
Mcclure, James R DHS Sr. Enterprise Architect 703-235-5715 VA US
Mcclure, Jill C DHS SETA Facilities Manager 202-254-7083 202-254-7755 DC US
Mccoll, Kathryn C DHS Analyst 202-282-8917 DC US
Mccollim, Janis DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-3400 202-447-3713 DC US
Mcconahie, Teresa DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-0271 202-447-5310 DC US
Mcconnell, Bruce W DHS Senior Counselor 202-447-3809 DC US
Mcconnell, Patrick R DHS Project Manager 571-730-7014 VA US
Mcconnell, Scott M DHS 703-235-2163 VA US
Mccorvey, Tim DHS PSS Eagle Program Manager 202-447-3907 202-447-3464 DC US
Mccoy, Allison B DHS Open Source Collector 202-447-3554 DC US
Mccoy, Heath D DHS Training Officer 202-357-8503 202-357-8471 DC US
Mccoy, Lamarr T DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-254-7157 DC US
Mccoy, Thomas DHS Seta Facilities Support Specialist 202-254-7034 202-254-7755 DC
Mccracken, Robert D DHS DC US
Mccranie, Darby R DHS EMOC Agent/Computer Operator 866-972-3662 MS US
Mccranie III, Paul L DHS Wintel Systems Administrator, AppAuth Engineer 1-228-813-
4207 MS US
Mccray, Erica DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6880 DC US
Mccray, Ruth DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7549 DC US
Mccrea, Christopher DHS SharePoint SME 202-254-2360 DC US
Mccreery, Lee DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7834 FL US
Mccullin, David DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4041 DC US
Mccullough, Lashae D DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6725 DC US
Mcdaniel, Keith DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-3058 VA US
Mcdavid, Harry DHS Director, Program Services Division 202-343-2475 DC US
Mcdermid, Jack DHS Project Manager 228-813-3304 MS US
Mcdermott, James F DHS Managing Consultant 703-742-2081 VA US
Mcdermott, Thomas DHS Attorney-Advisor 703-235-5222 VA US
Mcdevitt, Thomas DHS Coast Guard Liaison 202-447-4862 202-282-8492 DC US
Mcdonald, Charlene DHS Industrial Security Manager 703-968-1527 VA US
Mcdonald, Christina DHS Associate General Counsel for Regulatory Affairs 202-447-
3626 202-282-9186 DC US
Mcdonald, Christopher B DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5670 202-447-5813
Mcdonald, Harold D DHS NCPS Engineering 703-235-2854 VA US
Mcdonald, Jack S DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-507-2341 CO US
Mcdonough, Ryan P DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Mcdougal, Lonnie DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0847 202-447-0374 DC US
Mcdowell, Bob L DHS DRO 571-721-6336
Mcdowell, Paul j DHS Intelligence Analyst 571-280-0422 VI US
Mceachron, Jeanarta C DHS Deputy Director, HR Policy and Programs 202-357-8169
202-357-8140 DC US
Mcelroy, Cheryl DHS Chief, Deployment Branch 202-357-8225 DC US
Mcelroy, Deron T DHS Senior Strategist for External Engagement 703-235-5666 VA
Mcentee, Jonathan H DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6139 202-254-5394 DC US
Mcfadden, Amanda DHS Human Resource Specialist 202-254-6046 DC US
Mcfadden, Quention DHS Project Engineering Manager 202-447-5867 DC US
Mcfadden, Timothy DHS Contractor 202-343-1690 DC US
Mcfadden-Lane, Deborah DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-4301 DC US
Mcfadden-Wilcox, Tasha DHS DC US
Mcfarlane, Elizabeth DHS Outreach Support 202-254-5361 DC US
Mcfarlane, Lea S DHS Management Analyst (Transportation Programs) 202-538-5508
Mcfaul, Janet L DHS Sr. Systems Engineer VA US

Mcfetridge, Bruce DHS Wireless Services Support 202-357-1210 202-357-1299 DC US
Mcgarvey, David DHS Chief scientist 410-436-4582 MD US
Mcgaw, Bridger E DHS Special Advisor for Cyber Security and Infrastructure
Resilience 202-282-8035 DC US
Mcgee, Douglas O DHS EMOC Agent 866-972-3662 MS US
Mcgee, William A DHS 703-603-4654 VA US
Mcgeever, Michael DHS SIO 703-235-8836 VA US
Mcgeorge, Laurel DHS Program Analyist, Exec Sec 202-254-6327 DC US
Mcghee, Nicole M DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0350 703-235-0442 VA US
Mcghee, Theresa A DHS Physical Science Technician 609-813-2805 609-383-1973 NJ US
Mcghee, Zachary DHS Enrollment Offical 202-697-3312 DC US
Mcgill, Caitlin A DHS VA US
Mcgill, Robert F DHS 202-282-9789 DC US
Mcginley, Kirk DHS Contractor 703-299-9171 DC US
Mcginn, Tom Mcginn DHS Chief Veterinarian 202-254-5708 202-254-6094 DC US
Mcginnis, Shawna DHS Foreign Disclosure Advisor 202-447-3467 DC US
Mcgough, Daniel DHS NDD 202-447-4407 202-282-8728 DC US
Mcgovern, Steven DHS Foreign Liaison Officer 202-282-9313 DC US
Mcgrail, Michael DHS USCG Desk Officer 202-282-8114 DC US
Mcgrath, Daniel A DHS Analyst 202-282-9957 DC US
Mcgrath, Laurie DHS Mgmnt Prog. Analyst 609-813-2723 609-383-1973 NJ US
Mcgregor, Julie K DHS Exhibits Coordinator 202-254-2377 202-254-6175 DC US
Mcgruder, Renaldo DHS Student Trainee Criminal Investigator - Investigator
Assistant VA US
Mcgruder, Richard K DHS Director, HQ Management & Development 202-834-4621 DC US
Mcguire, Chuckie DHS Asset Mangement Officer 202-447-3645 202-282-8803 DC US
Mcguire, David DHS 202-343-1727 DC US
Mcgurk, Sean P DHS Director, NCCIC 703-235-5158 VA US
Mchargue, Kieran C DHS Contract Oversight 202-447-0970 DC US
Mchenry, James J DHS Cost Analyst 202-343-4553 DC US
Mchugh, Glenn B DHS Engineer Analyst 609-601-6800 NJ US
Mcintosh, Elfina DHS Lead Business Operations Specialist 202-447-4138 DC US
Mcintyre-Bray, Tyeshia DHS NSS-JPMO Program Managager 202-447-5902 DC US
Mciver, Michelle S DHS Deputy Director 202-612-1964 DC US
Mcjeon, Erin DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4387 DC US
Mckee, Richard DHS Senior Program Analyst 703-235-9398 VA US
Mckeever, Jason DHS Supv. Security Specialist 202-447-5403 DC US
Mckenna, Fisher S F DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4384 DC US
Mckenna, Suzanne M DHS 202-282-9405 DC US
Mckenney, William P DHS Director for Review and Compliance 202-357-7778 202-357-
8298 DC US
Mckennon, Steven M DHS Contractor DC US
Mckentry, Cassandra L DHS Training and Exercise Support 202-612-1121 202-282-8279
Mckenzie, George F DHS Subject Matter Expert 202-357-6106 DC US
Mckenzie, James DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0787 VA US
Mckibben, Barrett L DHS Sr. Engineer 202-254-5720 DC US
Mckinney, David DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0992 IL US
Mckinney, Reggie DHS Director Operational Integration and Outreach 703-235-4204
Mckinnon, Donald M DHS Section Chief 202-447-4150 DC US

Mckinnon, Nicky DHS Enterprise Architect 202-282-9636 DC US
Mclain, Marty K DHS Communications Liaison 703-235-5704 VA US
Mclaughlin, Daniel DHS Director, OPO 202-447-5500 DC US
Mclaughlin, Sue DHS Executive Assistant 609-813-2700 609-813-2811 NJ US
Mclaughlin, Tonya DHS Access Control Specialist 202-447-0599 (O) 202-447-0119 (F)
Mclaughlin-Nelson, Rosalyn DHS Program Analyst - SEDI 202-447-5134 DC US
Mclean, Desiree DHS Budget Analyst/Admin. POC 202-447-0613 202-447-5335 DC US
Mclean, Travors DHS Intern 202-447-5791 DC US

Mcleese, Nadia DHS RESOURCE MANAGER 202-254-7537 DC US
Mclendon, Timothy T DHS 202-447-3125 DC US
Mclennand, Andrew J DHS Security Specialist 202-254-6496 202-254-6403 DC US
Mcleod, Heather DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4082 DC US
Mcleod, Justin DHS Analyst 202-573-4254 DC US
Mcleod, Maurice DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6163 DC US
Mcmahon, Brenda A DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-1632 DC US
Mcmahon, Steven C DHS Sector Specialist 703-603-5045 VA US
Mcmasters, Michael DHS 202-447-4833 DC US
Mcmenamin, Robert D DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 202-870-8056 202-343-
4241 DC US
Mcmickens, Courtney M DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5625 DC US
Mcmillan, Ryan A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6757 202-254-5365 DC US
Mcmillen, Jacen A DHS Data Center Support Analyst 202-447-0034 DC US
Mcmurchy, Christine DHS DHS HQ Special Emphasis Program Coordinator 202-357-8485
202-357-8295 DC US
Mcnabb, Emily N DHS Front Office Task Lead 202-254-6797 DC US
Mcnair, Bertha DHS Secretary 703-235-5669 VA US
Mcnamara, Phil DHS Executive Secretary 202-282-8221 DC US

Mcnamara, William R DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9371 VA US
Mcnaught, John DHS Confidential Assistant 202-447-3122 202-282-9598 DC US
Mcnaught, William B DHS CSSP Liaison 703-235-2867 VA US

Mcneal, Ron DHS Deputy Director 202-254-6772 202-254-6168 DC US

Mcneely, James DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7791 DC US
Mcneill, Ronald DHS Project Manager 202-680-3617 VA US
Mcninch, Jerry DHS Senior Intelligence Officer 402-479-4078 402-471-4950 NE US
Mcpherson, Ronald DHS Protective Security Advisor 210-380-7485 TX US
Mcpoland, Michael DHS Director, NPPD GAO-OIG Liaison Office 703-235-2175 VA US
Mcqueen, George E DHS Watch Analyst 202-646-2423 DC US
Mcquillan, Patrick DHS Director 202-447-3409 202-282-9207 DC US
Mcrae, Robert DHS Branch Chief - NPPD Security Support 703-235-4938 703-235-1561
Mcshane, Gregory DHS Technical & Facilities Support Manager 703-235-2539 703-265-
3052 VA US
Mcshea, Kathleen DHS Director of New Media and Web Communications 202-282-8166
Mcvay, Barry DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5610 202-447-5545 DC US
Mcvey, Ryan J DHS Service Desk Analyst 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Mcvicker, Richard L DHS SharePoint Coordinator 703-464-9036 VA US
Mcwilliams, Melissa DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8108 202-357-8470 DC US
Meaney, Patrick DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4618 DC US
Meck, James R DHS Systems Engineer 571-318-7292 DC US
Meckes, Doug DHS Branch Chief FAVD Branch 202-254-6746 202-254-6094 DC US
Medicalofficer1, OHA DHS MEDICAL OFFICER1 202-680-2652 DC US
Medicalofficer2, OHA DHS Medical Officer 2 202-731-9198 DC US
Medina, Daniel DHS Performance Management Analyst 703-235-5219 VA US
Medina, Rebecca L DHS 202-254-6313 DC US
Medina, Soldenise DHS Certification Agent 202-282-9715 DC US
Mednick, Bradley DHS 703-275-8669 VA US
Medrano, Melchor DHS Chemical Security Inspector TX US

Medved, Christopher DHS NOC Fusion Desk 202-282-9685 DC US
Medved, Eric DHS Budget Officer 202-447-0489 DC US
Mee, Brian DHS 202-254-7535 DC US
Meehan, Erin A DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4039 VA US
Meehan, John R DHS 202-254-6123 DC US
Meek, Jake DHS Student Volunteer 202-612-1920 DC US
Meekhof, John M DHS Acquisition/Finance Support 202-447-5656 202-447-0082 DC US
Meenan, Nardia S DHS IT SPECIALIST (INFOSEC) 703-235-5111 DC US
Meglathery, Ross A DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6038 DC US
Mehling, Nisha L DHS 202-447-3979 DC US
Mehta, Coleman DHS Chief of Staff, OEC 202-343-1710 DC US

Meikle, Jonathan DHS NG Night Shift Ops Manager 202-282-9216 DC US
Meinders, Marvin DHS Vet Medical Officer 202-254-2218 202-254-5399 DC US
Meisel, Randall DHS 703-235-5816 VA US
Mekis, Jennifer A DHS Program Support - Cyber Security 202-254-6147 202-254-6146
Meko, Kristina V DHS SETA 202-254-6675 202-254-6164 DC US
Mekonnen, Beniam M DHS Security Moniter 202-282-8956 DC US
Melcher, James K DHS Senior Analyst 703-603-4774 VA US
Melcher, Scott DHS Assistant Operations Officer 202-282-9329 DC US
Melia, Kristin DHS 202-447-0663 DC US
Melichar, Brad D DHS Spc Asst to Dep Asst Sec Cybersecurity and Communications
703-235-5637 703-235-5697 VA US
Mellon, Patrick J DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-5171 DC US
Mellor, Scott DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-821-9780 NH US
Melnichenko, Svyatoslav DHS VA US

Melnick, Max J DHS 202-447-3046 DC US

Melusky, Raymond DHS Engineer 202-357-7628 202-357-7678 DC US
Mena, Carlos E DHS SETA Senior Program Analyst 202-254-7058 DC US
Mendel, Kevin DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9630 DC US
Mendillo, Darryl J DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2868 NJ US
Mendoza, Esteban DHS Incident Handler 1-888-282-0870 VA US
Menendez, James N DHS Vice President 240-456-6115 VA US
Menna, Jenny DHS Director, CICPA 703-235-2846 VA US
Menne, Aimee R DHS Senior Management Consultant 202-447-0464 DC US
Mercado, Angel M DHS Occupational Medicine and Safety Analyst 202-254-2416 DC US
Mercer, Thailia G DHS Senior Analyst 202-254-2418 DC US
Merchlinski, Joshua T DHS consultant 703-908-7035 VA US
Meredith, Daniel C DHS Analyst/Admin Support 202-254-2364 (VTA) DC US
Mereish, Kay DHS Deputy Director for DHS @ NCMI 202-282-9953 DC US
Merkel, Jeffrey A DHS 202-254-2292 DC US
Merkl, Kathleen E DHS 202-612-1152 DC US
Merkle, Thomas J DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0139 202-447-0290 DC US
Merlin, Ross DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1667 202-343-4017 DC US
Merrill, John DHS PNT Program Manager 202-447-3731 202-447-3500 DC US
Merrill, Michael K DHS Geospatial/Air Domain Analyst 202-282-9518 DC US
Merson, Gary DHS Chief of Policy 202-857-8103 DC US
Messier, Lynette DHS 202-447-4369 DC US
Mesterhazy, Paul DHS Deputy Director (Acting) 703-235-5175 VA US
Metter, Harvey DHS EXCHANGE SUPPORT ANALYS 434-374-3555 VA US
Metts, Kimberly A DHS Program Administrator 202-282-8597 202-282-8805 DC US
Metz, Dawn DHS Program/Management Analyst 202-357-8219 202-357-8295 DC US
Metzler, Kenneth C DHS NCS-CIP Project Manager 703-284-6269 VA US
Mewes, Timothy J DHS NG LNO 703-235-9418 VA US
Meyer, Derek DHS Office Automation Assistant 703-235-4971 VA US
Meyer, Joel T DHS Counterterrorism Working Group 202-612-1757 202-282-8492 DC US
Meyer, Jonathan DHS Senior Counselor to the General Counsel 202-282-9563 DC US
Meyers, Ashley M DHS Research Chemist I/FSO 609-813-2836 609-407-9632 NJ US
Meyers, Deborah DHS Director, Canadian Affairs 202-282-8206 202-282-9254 DC US
Meyers, Eric A DHS Task Lead 703-603-5079 VA US
Meyers, Patrick DHS Physical security specialist 202-447-3316 DC US
Meyers, Paul DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9437 VA US
Michaelidis, Gregory DHS Director of Speechwriting 202-282-8148 DC US
Michaud, Kurtis J DHS Chemical Security Inspector PA US

Michele, Adrianne DHS 703-695-9155 DC US

Michener, Susan E DHS Regional Coordinator Program - Support 703-927-3055 DC US
Mickles, Crawford DHS 703-235-5080 VA US
Micone, Vincent DHS Chief of Staff 202-447-3400 DC US
Middlebrook, Randy DHS Protective Security Advisor 406-449-5307 406-449-5308 MT US
Middleton, Patrice A DHS EMT 202-282-8956 DC US
Middleton, Robert DHS Program Manager 202-254-2204 DC US
Midgette, Fred M DHS Military Advisor to the Secretary 202-282-8155 202-447-3682
Mielke, John DHS Senior Architect 202-650-7856 DC US
Mieszcanski, David DHS NCSD Chief Architect 202-617-6539 (BB) VA US
Mikalis, Nicholas DHS SSO / ATO 301-619-5975 301-619-1436 MD US
Mike, Deidre DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-4972 VA US
Mikell, Priscilla DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0524 202-447-5828 DC US
Milam, Pamela DHS Operations Analyst 202-282-8279 DC US
Miles, Christopher A DHS Biometrics Program Manager 202-254-6642 202-254-6910 DC
Miles, Ryan M DHS 866-615-5150
Miles, Subrina E DHS Project Manager 202-343-4156 DC US
Miles, Terry L DHS IT Technician 202-282-8081 DC US
Milhouse, Anthony DHS Assistant Director, Systems & Accounting Support 202-447-
0931 DC US
Milhouse, Robert DHS IT Specialist/COMSEC Manager 703-235-2851 202-282-8649 VA US
Milicich, Mark DHS Protective Security Advisor 757-314-1819 757-441-3811 VA US
Millan, Elliott G DHS 202-357-8302 202-357-8462 DC US
Millar, Thomas R DHS Chief of Communications (Acting) 202-631-1915 703-235-5963 VA
Millemaci, Marlene A DHS Personal Property Support 202-254-6324 202-254-5671 DC US
Miller, Allen S DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-343-1756 DC US
Miller, April DHS
Miller, Arthur DHS NMBB Branch Chief 202-447-4522 DC US
Miller, Bradley M DHS Contractor 412-303-0809 VA US
Miller, Bruce E DHS Senior Policy Analyst 703-399-7938 VA US
Miller, Christopher B DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-357-6126 DC US
Miller, Deloris DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5479 202-447-5550 DC US
Miller, Dorothy M DHS Security Specialist 202-579-8842 VA US
Miller, Emily DHS Senior Policy Analyst 703-603-5078 703-235-3055 VA US
Miller, Francis E DHS Intelligence Officer NV US
Miller, Jacquelyn DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9518 VA US
Miller, Jared DHS Facility Manager 703-235-5269 VA US
Miller, Jill F DHS Chemist 609-813-2748 NJ US
Miller, Linda A DHS COMSEC Analyst 540-542-2036 540-542-2695 VA US
Miller, Lorenzo L DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5693 703-235-5962 DC US
Miller, Michael DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4019 DC US
Miller, Myrtle DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5581 202-447-5545 DC US
Miller, Rich DHS Application Support Engineer 571-296-7515 LA US
Miller, Ruby L DHS Branch Chief, Training and Exercises 202-282-9086 DC US
Miller, Ryan DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4208 DC US
Miller, Sharon E DHS Course Administrator 703-888-2037 x205 DC US
Miller, Shawneque DHS Manager, Information Security Policy 202-357-6138 DC US
Miller, Stacy B DHS Security Specialist DC US
Miller, Steven V DHS Chief of Budget and Aquisitions Branch 202-357-6122 DC US
Miller, Tara L DHS ISSO / A-ISSO DC US
Miller, Theresa L DHS Analyst 703-603-5127 VA US
Miller, Tracy C DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-7027 202-254-7785 DC US
Miller, Tyler DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4584 DC US
Millhench, Kara DHS Secretary's Briefer 202-282-8110 DC US
Milligan, Jasmine A DHS Assistant to Director of Operations 631-323-3011 631-323-
3295 NY US
Milligan, Kayla DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-5107 202-447-5891 DC US
Milliken, Charlene DHS Dr. 202-254-5637 202-254-5823 DC US
Millner, Gary L DHS DC2 Security Engineer 434-374-3582 VA US
Mills, Angela L DHS Enrollment Offical 202-604-1173 DC US
Mills, Chris D DHS St. Elizabeths Program Manager 202-329-8782 DC US
Mills, Larry W DHS ISSO 202-254-6089 DC US
Mills, Maggie DHS 703-235-8106 VA US
Mills, Raymond DHS Director of Communications and Information Technology 202-357-
8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Mills-Edmonds, Pamela DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8324 DC US
Milosevic, Vladimir DHS DHS Senior Systems Engineer 571-969-2497 VA US
Milovidov, Ivan V DHS Principal Network Engineer 703-674-2783 VA US
Milsap, Dineisha DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-4575 DC US
Minai, Karla L DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4527 DC US
Mincey, Robert K DHS 228-813-4243 MS US
Mincey, Terry DHS Facility/Logistics Specialist 202-612-1172 202-447-3462 DC US
Mink, Brian DHS Integration Architect/Lead Engineer +1 202-306-8568 NY US
Minner, Roger DHS Inspector 202-657-7396 610-444-1914 PA US

Minnick, John DHS Director, HSAC 202-447-3488 DC US

Minor, Ricky DHS Spectrum manager-TSA 202-357-7841 DC US
Minor, Tina W DHS Knowledge Manager 202-343-4554 DC US
Minson, Shantel DHS Network Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Minter, Ebony DHS Executive Secretary 202-447-5207 DC US
Mintz, Terry L DHS Deputy Director 703-235-1475 VA US
Minucie, Alexavier J DHS DC2 Systems Administrator 919-424-5449 NC US
Minwalla, Farah DHS Intern 646-733-3115 DC US
Mirabella, John DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-4237 VA US
Miranda, Ricardo DHS VA US
Mirmelstein, Jeremy DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 VA US
Miron, Mike DHS Deputy Director (Acting) 202-447-3151 202-282-9207 DC US
Miseveth, Theodore S DHS Security 202-282-8956 DC US
Mishra, Kate DHS Assistant Director, Formulation and Performance 703-235-2255 703-
235-1561 VA US
Misuinas, Peter DHS Systems Engineer and Acquisition Support 202-254-7403 202-254-
7747 DC US
Mitch, Ian DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3058 DC US
Mitchel, Ann DHS Associate Booz Allen 202-254-2374 DC US
Mitchell, April DHS Accountant 202-447-5548 DC US
Mitchell, Jason B DHS Compliance Investigator 202-357-7776 DC US
Mitchell, Jeffrey R DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5719 DC US
Mitchell, Justina DHS Financial Management Analyst 202-447-5450 DC US
Mitchell, Kelli R DHS Analyst 703-603-5081 VA US
Mitchell, Mark DHS Tier 1 Lead 202-447-0069 DC US
Mitchell, Michelle A DHS Program Analyst 202-536-9690 VA US
Mitchell, Nathan L DHS HR Specialist DC US

Mitchell, Ronnie DHS Sr. Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5385 202-447-5873

Mitchell, Ryan DHS Analyst 202-447-0496 DC US
Mitchell, Sidney R DHS Law Enforcement Advisor 202-431-9095 KS US
Mitchell, Ted DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 202-254-5771 202-254-5671 DC
Mitchell, Timothy DHS Senior Associate 703-603-4655 VA US
Mitchell-Nation, Coann DHS Supv. Program Analyst, Human Capital 202-254-6085 202-
254-5625 DC US
Mitchem, Richard S DHS PROTECTIVE SECURITY ADVISOR 808-264-0395 808-541-2346 HI US
Mitchum, Robert DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0990 SC US
Mitroka, Jennifer DHS Veterinarian Research Technician 631-323-3067 NY US
Mitten, Carol DHS Executive Director for HQ Consolidation 202-282-8361 DC US
Mizelle, Lenard C DHS Logistic Coordinator 202-447-0004 DC US
Mizhir, Laura G DHS Program Analyst 202-343-1717 DC US
Moan, Kelly DHS Clerk 202-612-1163 DC US
Mobley, Joshua O DHS Project Manager 202-824-7607 DC US
Modica, Timotheus DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9305 VA US
Mody, Ankit DHS Business Analyst 202-245-1124 202-245-1127 DC US
Moffett, Sarah DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0473 202-447-5333 DC US
Moffitt, Mary A DHS Intelligence Officer - Oregon 503-593-9770 (BB) 503-378-5018
Moghadami, Farideh DHS Sr. IT Security/EA Strategy & Security 703-377-7979 VA US
Mohamed, Mirghani DHS Cybersecurity Knowledge Management, Chief 202-357-6149 DC
Mokabber, Anthony H DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-6113 202-254-5365 DC US
Molesky, John D DHS InfoSec Analyst 202-821-3471 DC US
Molina-Turner, Stephanie DHS Fusion Desk Officer 202-282-9685 DC US
Moll, Michael E DHS Protective Security Advisor 616-233-0237 616-456-6563 MI US
Moll, Robert DHS Contractor 703-235-0136 703-235-0442 VA US
Mollers, Raymon DHS Security Analyst 703-603-5129 VA US
Molloy, Dennis D DHS Intel Analyst 703-235-9388 VA US
Mom, Phannarith P DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0618 DC US
Monaghan, Thomas J DHS Deputy Chief 202-254-6440 DC US
Monahan, Kathleen E DHS 202-447-3141 DC US

Monarez, Susan C DHS Senior Science Advisor 202-254-2279 DC US
Monastero, Benjamin DHS Director, Oversight & Pricing 202-447-5402 DC US
Moncarz, Benjamin DHS Branch Chief, Program Development and Analysis 202-447-3676
Moncrief, Carisa A DHS Inventory Analyst 202-447-0760 DC US
Moncrieffe, Marlon DHS Mgmt & Prgm Analyst 703-603-4608 VA US
Mondo, Francis DHS Project Manager 704-665-4430 704-525-2838 NC US
Mondoza, David A DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4470 DC US
Monetti, Matthew A DHS Physical Scientist 212-620-3625 212-620-3600 NY US
Monfredo, Leo DHS 703-235-9578 VA US
Mongeon, Albert H DHS NOAA Watch Officer 202-282-9937 DC US
Monger, Randall DHS Statistician 202-786-9884 202-786-9910 DC US
Mongold, James R DHS Senior Principal Specialist; Intelligence & Ops Analysis 703-
235-5131 VA US
Monroe, Keisha M DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8370 DC US
Monroe, Michelle DHS HR Specialist (Executive Resources) 202-357-8431 202-357-8293
Montague, Gloria DHS Business Consulting 919-424-5647 NC US
Montague, Spencer DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-447-4510 DC US
Monteiro, Stephen DHS Program Manager 202-282-9793 DC US
Montelibano, Juan M DHS Cybersecurity Analyst 412-268-6946 VA US
Montemayor, Robert DHS Associate Chief 202-282-8419 DC US
Montezemolo, Mark DHS Chief, Analysis Division 202-286-9877 202-786-9910 DC US
Montgomery, Jason E DHS ENSS Systems Engineering 703-968-1187 VA US
Montgomery, John W DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-4446 DC US
Montiel, Donna DHS Deputy Director, HIST 915-760-2446 DC US
Monza, Adrian J DHS Business Architect DC US

Moody, Gerald A DHS Team Lead 434-374-3850 VA US

Moody, Jamison B DHS Intelligence Officer - Utah 801-834-2951 801-256-2359 UT US
Moody, Jane DHS Correspondence Managemane Analyst 202-282-8182 202-282-8420 DC US
Moody, Veronica DHS Operations and Exercise Planner 202-254-8622 DC US
Moon, Krystal S DHS Contractor 703-284-6681 VA US
Moon, Namdoo DHS Program Manager 202-254-7627 202-254-7747 DC US
Moon, Sean DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9063 DC US
Mooney, Matthew DHS Deputy Director for Asia/Pacific 202-282-8217 DC US
Mooney, Robert DHS Protective Security Advisor 703-235-9336 VA US
Moore, Alphonso DHS ISSO 703-235-5050 VA US
Moore, Angela C DHS Information Technology Specialists 202-357-6179 DC US
Moore, Carlease S DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-5271 DC US
Moore, Carlton J DHS Project Implementation 202-495-9330 DC US
Moore, Catherine DHS Sr. Architect DC US
Moore, Charlotte DHS Associate Director, NPPAD 202-447-5729 202-447-5725 DC US
Moore, Deborah O DHS Associate Director 703-235-1901 VA US
Moore, Denise DHS Senior EEO Complaints Manager 202-254-8230 202-254-8241 DC US
Moore, Glenn DHS Protective Security Advisor 405-228-1940 OK US
Moore, Gregory DHS T&E Program Coordinator 202-254-7422 DC US
Moore, Julie A DHS 202-282-8355 DC US
Moore, LaShawn DHS Travel Card Organizational Program Coordinator 202-447-0636
202-447-5118 DC US
Moore, Lianne M DHS Program Coordinator 202-254-4651 DC US
Moore, Miriam R DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7793 DC US
Moore, Myisha L DHS Clerk 202-282-9952 DC US
Moore, Patrick M DHS Chief Financial Officer 202-254-7023 202-254-7785 DC US
Moore, Richard DHS Intelligence Research Specialist 202-447-4164 DC US
Moore, Robert DHS Consultant 202-302-6729 VA US

Moore, Ryan DHS 202-447-0755 DC US

Moore, Sharon DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2724 609-383-1973 NJ US
Moore, Stacy L DHS Interagency Fellow 202-447-3671 DC US
Moore, Terry L DHS Program and Management Analyst 202-343-2458 DC US
Moore, Tobi DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5224 703-603-5190 VA US

Moore, Tony DHS Sr. Technician 202-254-6074 DC US

Moore, William H DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0981 TX US
Moorman, Wanda DHS Associate Director/Contracting Officer 202-447-5027 DC US
Morad, Girgis M DHS System Admin 202-282-9200 DC US
Morales, Adalis DHS 202-357-7798 DC US
Morales, Hector DHS Police Officer 202-282-9034 DC US
Morales, Lupe DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-3079 DC US
Morales, Lyndsey DHS Contractor 202-447-4058 DC US
Moran, James H DHS Coast Guard Liaison to ISCD 703-603-4891 VA US
Moran, Jay DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-4698 703-603-4711 VA US
Moran, John K DHS Senior Advisor 202-254-7378 DC US
Moraniec, William D DHS Analyst 703-603-5073 VA US
Morant, Gaynie DHS Security Officer VA US
Morant, Synthia W DHS HR Specialist, Executive Resources 202-357-8115 202-357-8293
Moreland, Harold C DHS 703-235-8842 VA US
Morell, Abigail DHS FBI LNO 202-282-8327 DC US
Morelle, Christin C DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-5554 202-447-5335
Moreno, Anthony DHS Spectrum Manager 202-357-7842 DC US
Moret, Frank DHS Sr. Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4313 DC US
Moreta, Richard DHS Senior Counterintelligence Advisor 202-254-6844 DC US
Morgan, Audrey DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-3089 VA US
Morgan, Ava B DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0743 202-447-5310 DC US
Morgan, D'Arcy DHS Program Manager 202-254-5848 DC US d'
Morgan, Eric M DHS Project Manager 202-447-5389 DC US
Morgan, Joe DHS 202-441-5466 DC US
Morgan, Joy DHS Dep Dir BFMD/ITSO 202-447-5909 DC US
Morgan, Kyle L DHS Security Specialist 202-561-7911 DC US

Morgan, Marilyn J DHS Program Manager 202-254-6469 DC US

Morgan, Ricky DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9545 703-235-3050 VA US
Morgan-Lowden, Melissa DHS Deputy Director 202-447-5085 DC US melissa.morgan-
Moriarty, Kelcey DHS Analyst 202-447-4350 DC US
Morie, Travis E DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4858 MS US
Morita, Tia DHS HIFLD to the regions 202-557-9048 CA US
Morningstar, Aaron DHS Watch Analyst III, IP 703-603-4776 VA US
Morningstar, Arlene B DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Morningstar, Robert W DHS Information System Security Mgr 202-447-0467 DC US
Morris, Brenda A DHS Sr. Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8245 202-357-8504 DC
Morris, Gregory DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Morris, Joseph DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6055 202-254-2295 DC US
Morris, Kelli R DHS Mission Advocate 502-551-5771 KY US
Morris, Matthew E DHS Division Manager, Customer Engagement 202-447-0103 DC US
Morris, Shana M DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-4037 DC US
Morris, Wallace R DHS Intelligence Operations Speciailist 202-447-3847 DC US
Morris-Jones, Donald R DHS OA Analyst 703-235-8503 VA US donald.morris-
Morrison, Allen D DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9701 DC US

Morrison, Jeffrey J DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7414 DC US
Morrison, Lew DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-4234 VA US
Mortensen, Annan T DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8566 202-447-3654 DC US
Morton, David DHS Senior Research Scientist 410-417-0911 MD US
Morton, James V DHS IP.NICC 202-282-8308 DC US
Moscovitz, David DHS Network Engineer 571-280-3527 VA US
Moseley, Anthony DHS Sr.Technical Solution Architect 202-447-0647 VA US
Moseley-Brown, Maranna DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5958 DC US
Mosellen, Matthew DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5636 DC US
Moser, Janet DHS Research Leader 410-417-0908 410-436-6203 MD US
Moser, Richard A DHS Information Security Analyst 434-374-3538 VA US
Moses, Arthur DHS Emergency Management Specialist 703-235-9315 VA US
Moses, Tanya DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-604-7272 DC US
Mosley, Ellen DHS Program Manager 609-813-2654 NJ US
Mosley, Ferne DHS Attorney-Advisor/Deputy Ethics Official 202-447-3302 202-282-
9099 DC US
Mosley, Nicholas DHS infrastructure specialist 434-374-3548 VA US
Mosley Jr, Steven DHS Executive Support Services 202-570-6116 DC US
Mosquea, Rosemary DHS 202-282-8599 DC US
Moss, Beate DHS Senior Program Manager 202-713-7688 DC US
Moss, Elizabeth DHS FOIA Specialist 703-235-0348 VA US
Most, Cynthia DHS IT Security Specialist 540-858-2686 540-858-3018 DC US
Mosteller, Michael H DHS Senior Consultant 540-542-2313 VA US
Moticka, Janet DHS Report/Service Level Management 703-742-2717 VA US
Mott, Dennis DHS Security Specilaist 703-235-9424 VA US
Motto, Morgan R DHS SETA Support 202-254-5312 202-254-6177 DC US
Mourtoupalas, Christine DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4486 DC US
Moussa, Hannah DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7118 202-254-7752 DC US
Mowatt, Albert W DHS Technology Policy Analyst, PMP 202-447-3919 DC US
Mowen, Lauren DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5948 202-447-5545 DC US
Mowery, Steven D DHS Project Manager, PMP, ITIL 202-447-5908 813-856-4511 DC US
Moxness, Greg DHS Chief Economist, NPPD 703-235-1944 VA US

Moy, Wesley R DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-8187 DC US

Moyer, Ashley DHS Requirement Manager 202-447-3480 DC US
Moyer, Bruce DHS MPD Desk Officer 202-282-8968 DC US
Moylan, Patrick DHS Facilities Operations Specialist 631-323-3142 631-323-3295 NY
Moynihan, Brian DHS Intelligence Officer 443-436-7708 MD US
Moynihan Gomes, Patricia DHS Acqusition Support 202-447-0308 DC US
Mozell, Dorothy DHS Section Chief 703-603-4656 VA US
Mp, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-2816 DC US
Muccio, Anthony DHS Pay and Compensation Specialist 703-235-2245 VA US
Muceus, Ian O DHS 202-343-2501 DC US
Muehlenbeck, Todd DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0221 202-447-5144 DC US
Mueller, David DHS DC-1 Deputy Program Mgr 202-657-7664 MS US
Mueller, Troy J DHS SEDI (MITRE) DC US
Muenchau, Ernest DHS Assistant Director 202-254-7618 DC US
Muffoletto, Kelly DHS Resource Manager 202-254-7701 DC US
Mulcahy, Kevin N DHS Business-Systems Integration Accountant 202-447-0971 DC US
Mulkearns, Frank J DHS Special Agent 703-621-7607 703-621-7780 VA US
Mullen, Laura DHS Inspector 202-577-7433 DC US
Mullen, Michael R DHS Senior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-4266 202-447-3924 DC
Muller, Dominic B DHS 703-603-5143 VA US
Mulligan, Michael R DHS Director Operations & Planning 703-235-5674 VA US
Mullins, Allyson N DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-6866 DC US
Mullins, Katherine A DHS Mission Advocate - LE and Intel 202-357-7646 DC US
Mun, Christopher J DHS Contractor 202-447-3156 DC US
Munck, Harry J DHS System Administrator 703-235-5530 VA US
Munkachy, Alex S DHS Sys Admin 703-674-3016 DC US
Munoz-Acevedo, Carlos DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6284 202-357-1150 DC US
Murata, Christina E DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-254-6431 DC US
Murphy, Amanda J DHS Communications 202-343-4406 DC US
Murphy, Candise DHS Procurement Technician 202-254-2411 DC US
Murphy, Carla J DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6707 DC US

Murphy, Carolyn J DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8145 DC US
Murphy, Crystal DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-5168 DC US
Murphy, Cullen S DHS IT Security Specialist 703-235-9323 VA US
Murphy, David J DHS Couterintelligence Specialist 202-447-3694 DC US
Murphy, Kathleen DHS Intelligence Analyst/NOC 202-282-9126 DC US
Murphy, Kenyetta F DHS Paragon Clerk 202-282-8963 DC US
Murphy, Kristin DHS Senior Budget Analyst 703-647-8041 703-647-8250 VA US
Murphy, Luc Y DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7539 DC US
Murphy, Matthew R DHS Program Analyst 202-254-8613 DC US
Murphy, Moreen DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7770 202-401-4708 DC US
Murphy, Renee DHS Section Chief, Partnerships Program 703-603-5083 VA US
Murphy, Shavone DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3700 202-447-3462 DC US
Murphy, Tara DHS Contract Specialist 571-227-3868 VA US
Murphy, Thomas E DHS Technology & Intergration Pl 202-447-5764 202-447-0369 DC US
Murray, Benjamin D DHS FS2 DC US
Murray, Ellen A DHS Director, Acquisition Workforce 202-447-5311 202-447-5310 DC
Murray, Ericka J DHS Laboratory Officer 202-510-6137 TX US

Murray, Jacqueline A DHS Unarmed Officer/Clerk 202-344-1765 202-282-8964 DC US
Murray, James DHS NOC CBP WATCH OFFICER 202-282-8130 DC US

Murray, Jeffrey T DHS Protective Security Advisor 703-235-9338 VA US
Murray, John DHS FEMA watch officer 202-282-8131 DC US
Murray, Nicholas DHS Analyst 703-284-3209 VA US
Murray, Timothy DHS SharePoint Architect 202-447-5925 DC US
Murray, William D DHS Incident Handler 703-235-8832 VA US
Murrell, Faith DHS Budget Officer 202-447-3343 DC US
Murtagh, Cecilia DHS Mechanical Engineer 212-620-3315 212-620-3600 NY US
Muse Duma, Katherine L DHS HFD - HSRE Contract Support 202-254-2251 DC US
Musgrove, Brenda L DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0190 DC US
Musselwhite, Christopher C DHS USCG Desk Officer 202-282-8114 DC US
Musser, John F DHS VA US
Mustafa, Sinem DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5097 DC US
Mutschler, Michele L DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-7163 DC US
Mycko, Henry DHS System Architect 202-357-8263 202-357-8474 DC US
Myers, Andrew DHS Branch Chief - Future Plans 202-447-3098 DC US
Myers, Eric M DHS Program Manager / OHA 202-254-6480 DC US
Myers, Frederick DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-6011 202-254-5396 DC US
Myers, Gary D DHS DHS Workers Comp Program Manager 202-357-8455 DC US
Myers, Jennifer R DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8542 DC US
Myers, John DHS Senior Security Specialist 301-619-1410 MD US
Myers, Robert O DHS Border Patrol Agent 202-282-8130 DC US
Myers, Scott DHS Director, Asset and Logistics Managment 202-302-5365 DC US
Myers, Wendy DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5412 DC US
Myers, William R DHS Remedy Developer 434-374-0690 VA US
Myles, Sonya DG DHS Inventory Analyst 202-447-5972 DC US
Myrthil, Charlene DHS Deputy Executive Director 202-343-2476 DC US
Nabie, Kadia M DHS Data Management Process Analyst 703-235-9535 VA US
Nadeau, Genevieve C DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3530 DC US
Nadler, Kristi DHS Executive Assistant to the Military Advisor 202-282-8245 202-
447-3682 DC US
Naito, Takahiko DHS Contractor 703-956-8739 DC US
Nam, Haeme DHS Lead, Econ & Bus Analysis 781-786-1164 VA US
Nannetti, Dena L DHS Contract Specialist, EAD 202-447-5727 DC US
Nansteel, Mark W DHS Sr. Research Scientist 609-813-2821 NJ US
Naples, Heather N DHS Project Manager 703-599-9743 VA US
Napolitano, James DHS control room supervisor 631-323-3115 NY US
Nappier, Christopher DHS System Administrator / Network Engineer 202-282-9200 DC
Naquin, Sterling DHS EMOC Jr. Sys. Admin MS US
Narlee, Luke DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-612-1639 DC US
Narvacan, Mark HP DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-4027 DC US
Nash, Barry S DHS Information Systems Engineer 202-447-5579 DC US
Nassif, John B DHS Analyst 703-647-8241 VA US
Nathan, Robert L DHS Technical Site Lead - 2451 Crystal Drive 703-603-5232 VA US
Nathaniel, Ronojit J DHS Director, Enterprise Technology Investments Branch &
Deputy Prog 202-447-5868 DC US
Nauta, David M DHS Training Analyst 703-235-1911 VA US
Navratil, David DHS Sr. Security Specialist 571-258-2404 VA US
Nayak, Nick DHS Chief Procurement Officer 202-447-5300 202-447-5310 DC US
Naylor, Greg A DHS IT Specialist 202-447-5325 202-447-5310 DC US
Neal, Brian DHS Software Developer 202-447-5498 DC US
Neal, Joseph L DHS 703-889-3522 VA US
Neal, Kerry DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0263 202-447-0374 DC US

Neal, Michael R DHS System engineer 703-341-4077 VA US
Neal, Sonnita DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-8644 202-447-3221 DC US
Neary, Patrick C DHS Research Director 202-447-4605 DC US

Nebiyeloul-Kifle, Yonas DHS Analyst 202-254-5837 DC US yonas.nebiyeloul-
Nee, Carissa M DHS 703-387-2218 VA US
Neel, David DHS Intelligence Officer 907-265-8123 907-274-0851 AK US
Neglia, Samuel DHS LE Liaison 202-528-9268 VA US
Negron, Adolfo DHS Deputy Director CSAC 410-417-0904 410-417-0915 MD US
Neigh, Roy DHS Mgmt & Program Analyst 202-579-7617 DC US
Neilan, John DHS Dr 631-323-3133 NY US
Neises, Patrick DHS Analyst 202-282-8759 DC US
Neitz, Philip S DHS Deputy Director (acting) 202-447-3506 202-282-8803 DC US
Nellist, Marie E DHS ISSO 202-447-5218 DC US
Nelson, Andrew DHS Systems Engineer 202-357-8443 DC US
Nelson, Benjamin M DHS Software Engineer 703-674-2916 VA US
Nelson, Beverly DHS Sr. Analyst, Reporting Branch 202-447-3009 DC US
Nelson, Daniel L DHS Operations Manager, DHS COMSEC Central Office of Record 540-
542-3292 540-542-2695 VA US
Nelson, Derrick M DHS SETA Support 212-620-6035 212-620-3651 NY US
Nelson, Douglas C DHS Technical Consultant 434-374-3812 VA US
Nelson, Jeanette DHS IT Security Specialist 703-235-8841 VA US
Nelson, LeDina DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5501 202-447-5545 DC US
Nelson, Robert M DHS CWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Nelson, Sabrina DHS Program Management Specialist 202-447-0071 DC US
Nelson, Tama DHS Admin Ass't 609-813-2837 609-383-1973 NJ US
Nelson, Trevor DHS 202-447-4627 DC US
Nelton, David S DHS System Administrator 228-813-3383 MS US
Nemchik, Joseph DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-5638 202-447-5160 DC US
Nenneman, Milton W DHS Director, First Responder-West 202-841-7898 DC US
Nersesov, Timur R DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1176 DC US
Nesbitt, Toni DHS INTERMEDIATE ACQUISITION SPECIALIST (XL) 202-447-5668 202-447-
5160 DC US
Ness, Michael E DHS Team Lead, Security Compliance Review Program 202-447-5901
Ness, Monica DHS Correspondence Analysist 202-282-9492 DC US

Neth-Parr, Tracy DHS Human Resource Manager 202-447-0746 DC US tracy.neth-
Neuman, Eric DHS Associate 202-254-6805 202-254-5365 DC US
Neuschaefer, Eric A DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0761 VA US
Neville, Peter DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5194 202-447-5891 DC US
Newburg, Jennifer E DHS Sr. Web Analyst 202-282-9187 202-282-9187 DC US
Newby, Shareeya DHS 202-282-8358 202-447-3173 DC US
Newcomb, Enrique DHS Deputy Branch Chief/ NPPD/IP/BCEP 703-235-2551 VA US
Newell, Daniel N DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5144 VA US
Newell, Paul DHS Senior Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Newingham, Marty DHS Counterterrorism 202-282-8040 202-282-9705 DC US
Newman, Amy DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9729 DC US
Newman, Emily DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5965 DC US
Newman, John M DHS IA Lead 202-357-7655 DC US
Newman, Leigh B DHS 208-447-3585 DC US
Newman, Marie DHS Project Manager/Interior Designer 202-282-9962 DC US
Newman, Patrick DHS Manager, Student Programs 202-357-8569 202-357-8293 DC US
Newman, Reginald L DHS Network Engineer 202-282-8518 DC US
Newsome, Kerry DHS 703-235-2253 703-235-1561 VA US
Newsome, Terrence E DHS Hifld to the Region 719-387-3973 CA US
Newsome, Valencia DHS Accountant 202-447-0941 DC US
Newton, David DHS Office of University Programs 202-254-5612 202-254-6177 DC US
Newton, Dennis DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4555 202-343-4239 DC US
Newton, Holly A DHS Executive Assistant to the Director of ORA Mike Capps 703-235-
2176 VA US
Newton, Jennifer G DHS CAO Web Manager 202-343-4056 DC US
Newton, Ronald O DHS Analyst 202-282-9201 DC US

Ng, Chip DHS Engineering Manager 202-447-0619 DC US

Ng, Mon Ching C DHS 703-235-9573 VA US
Ngo, Laura DHS Program Analyst - Business Support Team 703-603-4658 VA US
Ngo, Paul DHS NGN Security 703-235-4232 703-235-4980 VA US
Ngo, Tram-Tiara DHS EEO Manager 202-254-5855 202-254-8240 DC US tram-
Nguon, Sierah DHS HSIN Helpdesk 703-889-3514 DE US
Nguyen, Amy DHS Inventory Manager 703-235-9340 703-235-9711 VA US
Nguyen, An P DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-4205 VA US
Nguyen, Binh DHS system administrator 703-481-3699 VA US
Nguyen, Gi DHS Cybersecurity Specialist 703-235-3686 VA US
Nguyen, Hiep DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0026 DC US

Nguyen, Joseph K DHS Project Manager 202-824-1147 DC US
Nguyen, Kham DHS Sr. Network Engineer 228-813-4804 MS US
Nguyen, Loc B DHS Senior Financial Analyst 202-447-0162 DC US
Nguyen, Shannon Diem DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3659 VA US
Nguyen, Suong H DHS System Analyst 202-447-3073 DC US
Nguyen, Tam T DHS Enterprise Architect 202-357-1288 DC US
Nguyen, Tommy H DHS EMOC Agent/System Administrator 866-972-3662 MS US
Nicholas, Steven DHS IP, Regional Director Gulf Coast TX US
Nichols, Kate DHS Policy Analyst 202-254-6855 DC US
Nichols, Lynda K DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8299 202-357-8473 DC US
Nichols, Rebecca E DHS IT Specialist 202-343-2504 DC US

Nichols, Todd DHS Chemical Inspector CT US

Nichols, Tony DHS MGMT Program Analyst 202-343-2444 DC US
Nicholson, Denise M DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-731-4619 DC US
Nicholson, Landis DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5392 202-447-5813 or
202-447-5333 DC US
Nicholson, Mike DHS Chief Architect 202-306-3279 DC US
Nickerson, Rick L DHS Consultant DC US
Nickodem, Alexander DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-343-1672 DC US
Nielsen, Andrew DHS Chief, Special Operations Support Team 202-282-9076 DC US
Nielsen, Brent D DHS Health Physicist 703-603-5092 703-603-5190 VA US
Niesterowicz, Christopher W DHS Senior GEOINT Analyst 202-282-8307 DC US
Nigborowicz, Meghan V DHS Accountant 202-447-0186 202-447-5192 DC US
Nill, Robert DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8745 202-282-9895 DC
Nini, Melanie DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8120 DC US
Nino, Joel DHS KMO 202-282-8117 DC US
Niuman, Kenneth H DHS Training and Policy Manager 540-542-3848 540-542-2695 VA US
Nix, ThoMarcus R DHS Enrollment official 202-697-0865 DC US
Nix, WKeith DHS Supervisory Chemical Security Inspector IL US
Nixon, Eric N DHS Sr. IT analyst 202-357-8529 DC US
Nixon, Ericka DHS 202-282-9677 DC US
Nixon, Pierce P DHS 703-603-5141 VA US
Noakes, Douglas D DHS ISSO / A-ISSO DC US
Noe, Christopher D DHS Software Engineer 703-679-6397 VA US
Noetzel, Jonathan C DHS NCSD/CEP Task Lead, SRA Int'l 703-307-5236 VA US
Nolan, David DHS Supervisory Computer Engineer 703-235-4207 VA US
Nolan, Matthew DHS 202-447-3502 DC US
Nolan, Patricia DHS Senior Liaison Officer 202-282-9125 DC US
Nolan, Thomas DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-357-6292 202-357-6040 DC US
Nolen, Bruce DHS Security Specialist 202-254-7072 202-254-7759 DC US
Noojin, Deborah G DHS Contract Specialist 540-352-2958 AL US
Noonan, Alison DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5182 703-603-5190 VA US
Noonan, Michael DHS Cost Estimator 703-235-3623 VA US
Norman, Amanda L DHS Program Analyst - Policy 703-603-4660 VA US
Norman, Edward DHS 202-447-5202 DC US
Norman, Keanna DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5151 DC US

Norman, Michael DHS Acting Deputy Director, PSCD 703-235-9372 VA US
Norman, Sara DHS 202-447-3888 DC US
Norman, Tia L DHS Project Manager 202-447-0973 DC US
Norris, Ginger DHS Mrs. 703-603-5010 VA US
Novak, Roberta L DHS Receptionist 202-254-6006 202-254-6177 DC US
Nowak, Paul A DHS QC Lead/Geospatial Analyst VA US
Nowak, Philip DHS Senior Program Manager 202-357-8427 202-357-8471 DC US
Nowak, Thomas G DHS Intelligence Officer 207-402-0778 ME US

Nppd Meetings DHS NPPD Meetings Manager VA US

Nppdtasking DHS 202-591-0677 DC US
Nu, Winmin DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5187 DC US
Nuccetelli, Kathleen A DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5160 VA US
Nunez, Carlos A DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4344 DC US
Nunez, Vetocarlo B DHS MSD Executive Officer 202-447-3193 DC US
Nurre, Stephen DHS Systems Engineer 202-357-1295 DC US
Nusbaum, Keri L DHS Director, Recruitment and Development 202-615-0127 VA US
Nusbaum, Paula DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0907 DC US

Nwankwo, Emmanuel DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5861 DC US

Nwoke, Magnus O DHS TECHNICAL CONSULTANT 202-357-7876 202-357-6198 DC US
Nyame, Felicite DHS Database Administrator 202-254-7702 DC US
Nye, Lindsey DHS Special Assistant 202-447-4053 DC US
Nyuyse, Honore DHS Program Manager/Engineer 202-254-6781 DC US
O'Brien, Matthew J DHS 202-357-8257 DC US matthew.o'
O'Brien, Michael DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
O'Brien, Sally DHS Clerk 202-357-8280 DC US sally.o'
O'Byrne, Frank DHS DC US frank.o'
O'Connell, Ian P DHS 703-603-5162 703-603-5190 VA US
O'Connell, Paul E DHS SharePoint Architect 202-447-0354 DC US
O'Connor, Daniel W DHS Management Reconstution Specialist 202-657-9997 DC US
O'Connor, Desta DHS Physical Scientist - Geospatial Support 703-235-9552 VA US
O'Connor, Erin A DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8204 DC US
O'Connor, Jennifer DHS Social Scientist 202-254-6716 DC US
O'Connor, John DHS Manager NCC 703-235-5028 VA US john.o'
O'Connor, Kelly A DHS Project Analyst DC US kelly.o'
O'Connor, Kerry DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5108 703-603-5190 VA US
O'Connor, Patrick J DHS DNDO IRAIL/FSDS SETA Support 202-254-7007 202-254-7749 DC
US patrick.o'
O'Connor, Patrick DHS Explosives Lead 609-813-2808 609-383-1973 NJ US
O'Day, Kevin M DHS Branch Chief, Future Operations 202-447-3239 DC US
O'Dell, Yakita DHS Workforce Analysis & Reporting Branch/EAC Support 703-235-2117
VA US yakita.o'
O'Donnell, Cara M DHS Biosurveillance Operations Analyst 202-447-4262 DC US
O'Donovan, Denis P DHS HSIN Mission Advocate 410-991-9663 DC US
O'grady, Casey W DHS Accessibility Technician 202-447-0371 DC US
O'Hanley, James DHS Securituy Assistant Sr. Specialist 703-235-5457 VA US
O'hanlon, Brady DHS Exercise Branch Chief 202-254-7105 DC US
O'Hanlon, Kimberly DHS Sr. InfoSec Systems Engineer 202-527-5582 DC US
O'hara, Thomas W DHS Analyst 202-343-1687 DC US thomas.o'
O'Kane, Megan E DHS Communications Liaison 202-357-7762 202-357-1188 DC US
O'Keefe, Joseph DHS Protective Security Advisor 303-850-2745 303-850-2746 CO US
O'Konek, Jeffrey L DHS 202-254-5856 DC US jeffrey.o'
O'Loughlin, Thomas DHS Senior Budget and Acquisition Analyst 703-235-9377 VA US
O'Neal, Charlotte DHS Senior Logistics Analyst 202-343-4556 202-343-4550 DC US
O'Neal, Tyler K DHS Administrative Assistant 202-447-3090 202-282-8679 DC US
O'Neil, Kristopher DHS Tracking Officer Team Lead 202-282-8328 DC US
O'Neill, Kimberly DHS Contract Specialist 631-323-3346 631-323-3169 NY US
O'Rourke, Shawn DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-2573 VA US
O'Toole, Tara DHS Under Secretary for Science & Technology 202-254-6033 DC US
Obaugh, Ricky L DHS Communications Manager 703-803-5735 VA US
Obermeyer, Michael DHS APM Deployment HSDN 703-803-4745 703-968-1141 DC US
Ocampo, Christopher J DHS Systems Administrator 703-460-1160 VA US
Ochs, Christopher DHS Geospatial Production Manager 703-483-5665 VA US
Oconnell, Mary DHS Senior IA Functional Analyst 703-235-5250 VA US
Odderstol, Thad DHS Senior Analyst 703-235-2884 VA US
Odom, Erin DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-0779 703-235-0442 VA US
Odomsbolden, Kim DHS NSA Liaison 202-282-8384 DC US
Offterdinger, Allison DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4548 DC US
Ogburn, Sonya M DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5889 DC US
Ogden, David R DHS 202-254-2344 DC US
Ogden, Jason DHS Info Sec Specialist 202-357-6189 DC US
Oglesby, Lisa DHS 202-254-2352 202-254-6168 DC US
Ogunfiditimi, Sharon Y DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5560 202-447-5725 DC US
Ogunshakin, Deborah DHS 202-254-8211 202-254-8241 DC US
Ohe, Antonio DHS 703-235-2143 703-235-2056 VA US
Ohm, Michael DHS 703-674-2717 VA US
Okazaki, Gene DHS DNDO SETA Logistics 202-254-7251 202-254-7749 DC US
Okimoto, Stephanie A DHS ICPO, Eurasia Portfolio Director 202-431-9213 DC US
Oklesson, Gail DHS Real Estate Specialist 202-343-4080 DC US
Okon, Jamal DHS 202-282-9842 MD US
Olabode, Olatokunbo DHS Program Analyst VA US
Olafusi, Abimbola D DHS Security Officer 703-603-4740 VA US
Olavarria, Esther DHS Counsel to the Secretary 305-597-2879 FL US
Oleary, David DHS Legislative Assistant 202-447-0385 202-447-5437 DC US
Oliphant, Mark DHS Deputy Assistant Director for Red Teaming 202-254-7525 DC US
Oliver, Angela DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4308 DC US
Oliver, Nicole DHS Executive Administrator 202-357-6263 DC US
Oliver, Patricia A DHS CONTRACTING OFFICER 202-447-5648 202-447-5725 DC US
Oliver, Susan R DHS Ms. 202-254-6808 DC US
Oller, Roberta L DHS HR Support 202-447-5546 202-447-5540 DC US
Ollison, Damon Jr DHS Summer Intern 202-447-5947 DC US
Olmo, Elizabeth DHS Director, Strategic Requirements, Capabilities and Assessment
202-282-8042 202-447-3594 DC US
Olsen, Allen W DHS Security Officer 202-254-5352 202-254-6163 DC US
Olsen, Kathleen E DHS Travel Analyst 202-254-6194 202-254-5365 DC US
Olsen, Sara H DHS 703-284-5045 VA US
Olson, Jane DHS Data Analyst 202-447-3069 DC US
Olson, Jerry F DHS SR. PROCUREMENT ANALYST 202-447-5197 DC US
Olson, Laura DHS Section Lead, Immigration Section 202-357-1284 202-357-1187 DC US
Oman, Paul DHS Procurement Attorney 202-447-0696 202-282-9186 DC US
Omar, Mohamed E DHS Network Security Engr. 202-447-4665 DC US
Omishore, Olaleye DHS 202-447-5535 202-447-5545 DC US
Onello, Andrew DHS Security Compliance Manager 202-357-1234 DC US
Ong, Brian J DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4890 MS US
Onken, Richard J DHS Project Manager 402-390-4429 NB CA
Onwuteaka, Christian I DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4295 VA US
Opsdirector, IMD DHS Ops Director 202-612-1773 DC US
Opsec DHS OPSEC Group mailbox 202-447-5690 DC US
Oram, Alex DHS 703-603-5161 VA US
Orandi, Koorosh DHS ESS Analyst 703-603-5196 VA US
Orchard, James J DHS Executive support services 202-447-0649 DC US
Orchard, Paulina DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8266 202-282-8492 DC US
Oreilly, Shawn M DHS Security Specialist 703-603-4661 VA US
Oremland, Ryan B DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-343-1679 DC US
Orfanides, MARIOS DHS ENSS Engineering Manager 703-968-1280 VA US
Orluskie, Larry DHS Director of Communications 202-282-8783 DC US
Ormes, Eric S DHS Analyst 703-235-5121 VA US
Orndorff, Janet M DHS Management Analyst 703-235-4224 703-235-4980 VA US
Orndorff, Rhonda K DHS Continuity Manager 540-542-2206 571-258-2576 VA US
Ornelas, Leigh DHS Systems Analyst-HRIT 202-357-8426 DC US

Orogun, Bamidele DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-3063 VA US
Orozco, Nicholas DHS Acting Chief, Media Services Branch 202-282-9987 DC US
Orr, Kim DHS Intel Ops Specialist/Senior Reports Officer 571-258-2794 VA US
Orr, Marilee DHS Consultant 703-235-8176 703-235-9707 VA US
Orr, Robert DHS Consultant 202-254-6606 DC US
Orsini, Eric DHS Intelligence Officer 202-282-8357 202-228-3003 DC US
Ortega, Francisco DHS Asset Coordinator / Logistician 228-813-4219 MS US
Ortiz, Karen M DHS Compliance Officer 202-254-2421 DC US
Ortiz, Louis DHS Director, Asia-Pacific 202-282-8731 202-282-9254 DC US
Ortman, Chris J DHS Assistant Press Secretary 202-447-4282 DC US
Osband, David DHS CS&C Budget 703-235-5424 VA US
Osborne, Cheryl DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3538 202-282-8416 DC US
Oshon, Krystle S DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-3536 DC US
Osorio, Marina V DHS Visitor Center Clerk Bldg 89 202-282-9951 DC US
Osowski, Christine DHS PMF/Program Analyst 202-447-3623 202-282-8492 DC US
Ossowski, Tim DHS Business Liaison 202-282-8167 DC US
Osterhus, Diane DHS Sr. Grants Policy Officer 202-447-5606 202-447-5749 DC US
Ostwind, David S DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7332 DC US
Oswald, Vaughn I DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-2406 202-254-5393 DC US
Otlin, Bradley K DHS Network Engineer 434-374-3801 VA US
Otto, Zachary DHS Office Automation Clerk 703-235-4973 VA US
Ouimet, Michael P DHS Information Exchange Broker 512-416-6601 TX US
Outten, Nelson DHS Senior Cyber Strategist 703-235-8872 VA US
Overbey, Daniel DHS Risk Analyst 703-603-5173 VA US
Ovuh, Lawrence O DHS Systems Administrator 202-612-1750 DC US
Owan, Clyde T DHS HQs Analyst 202-282-9978 DC US
Oweis, Majed DHS NCC Watch Senior IA Analyst 703-235-5080 703-235-5078 VA US
Owen, Peter DHS Protective Security Advisor, San Diego 619-733-9262 CA US
Owens, Craig DHS Principle Systems Engineer 202-447-4088 DC US
Owens, Derick DHS Inspector 703-603-4689 703-603-4711 DC US

Owens, Jacquelyn DHS Sr. Procurement Analyst 202-447-5512 202-447-5538 DC US
Owens, Juania DHS HSIN Communications Specialist 202-357-7822 DC US
Owens, Marlene M DHS Technology Transfer Program Manager 202-254-6671 DC US
Owens, Michael A DHS Executive Secretariat 703-235-8125 DC US
Owoyemi, Semiu A DHS Technology Consultant III 434-374-3537 VA US
Oxendine, Mary C DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0844 DC US
Pablo, Ben C DHS Deputy Director, Finanicial Management 703-235-1942 VA US
Pabon, Carlos DHS CBP Representative 202-447-4596 DC US
Pace, Brandon DHS IT Specialist 202-391-0258 DC US
Pacholk, Wendy DHS Program Assistant 631-323-3233 631-323-3295 NY US
Pachucki, William S DHS Chief, CTB 202-357-7720 STE DC US
Padilla, Marco DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-6616 DC US
Padilla, Tammy DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3338 202-447-3462 DC US
Pagan, Luis DHS SOC Engineer 202-357-6156 DC US
Page, Abigail DHS Advance Representative to the Secretary 202-282-8046 DC US
Page, Donald J DHS IT PM Consultant 202-357-7658 DC US
Page, Iitanyia DHS Manager 202-641-6029 MD US
Page, Marsha DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5338 202-447-5312 DC US
Page, Mary DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5146 VA US
Page, Michael A DHS FOIA/Privacy/Records Officer 202-357-7626 202-357-7678 DC US
Page, Ryan P DHS Legal Policy Analyst 703-957-0783 DC US
Paglee, Ed J DHS Lead Program Analyst 202-343-4557 DC US
Paine, James DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0991 IL US
Paine, Kenneth DHS Network Manager 434-374-3547 VA US
Paine, Victoria F DHS Configuration Analyst 434-374-3570 VA US
Painter, Allan DHS Sr Tech 202-357-8230 DC US
Pais, Anthony B DHS Chief - Team 4 202-282-9849 202-282-8679 DC US
Pak, Murang DHS FBI Liaison Officer 202-282-8154 DC US
Palacio, Martha DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6771 202-254-8600 DC US
Palacky, Tami L DHS Remedy Developer VA US
Palazzi, Gabriel DHS Protective Security Advisor MA US

Palma, Joseph J DHS Research Scientist NJ US

Palmadesso, Chris DHS Intelligence Officer 802-872-6119 802-872-6125 DC US
Palmer, Charlene DHS Administrative Officer 703-235-5517 VA US
Palmer, David DHS Deputy Associate General Counsel (Legal Counsel) 202-282-9735
202-282-9186 DC US
Palmer, Kip K DHS Security Firewall Engineer 434-374-3546 VA US
Palmer, Latoya M DHS IT Technician-NAC 202-282-8081 DC US
Palmer, Michael DHS 202-235-3940 VA US
Palmer, Zachary DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7217 DC US
Palmieri, Jim DHS Security Manager 631-323-3259 NY US
Palmieri, Joseph DHS Senior Program Analyst 703-235-2526 VA US
Palmieri, Lisa DHS Intelligence Officer 978-451-3713 978-451-3707 MA US
Palmisano, David DHS Future-OPS Plans & Analysis Officer 202-282-8711 202-282-8402
Pals, Traci K DHS General Biological Scientist 202-254-5657 DC US
Panagoulias, Despina A DHS Consultant 703-235-2574 VA US
Panidis, Panos I DHS 202-213-8207 VA US
Pankow, Mark DHS NOC Duty Director 202-447-4407 202-282-8279 DC US
Panlilio, Carminia DHS Strategic Planning 202-343-2425 DC US
Pannell, Barry DHS 703-289-4520 703-641-4807 VA US
Panov, Ivan DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-6379 DC US
Pantoja, Julie DHS Security Analyst
Pantuck, Bradford DHS Mr. 202-254-5879 DC US

Papa, Patrick D DHS Virtualization Capability Leader 214-755-9432 TX US
Papas, Charles DHS 202-282-8561 DC US
Paquette, Joshua DHS NCPS Deployment 703-235-2874 VA US
Parada, Gabrielle DHS Executive Officer 202-447-3591 DC US
Pardi, Justin DHS 703-235-9432 VA US
Pardue, Todd DHS ASP Program Manager 202-254-7224 202-254-7749 DC US
Parent, Ron DHS Law Enforcement Program Manager 202-282-9143 DC US
Parent, Steven J DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-8215 DC US
Parent, Wayne DHS Senior DHS Advisor to DOD 703-697-3630 DC US
Pargament, Robert DHS CBP Watch Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Parham, Monica DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-5814 703-235-5887 VA US
Parikh, Sarang S DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-0498 DC US
Parikh, Toral DHS Intern 202-447-5018 DC US
Paris, Theresa M DHS Personnel Security Liaison 703-235-5453 VA US
Park, Jae O DHS Financial Resource Analyst 202-254-6014 DC US
Park, Tom DHS 202-447-4872 DC US
Park, Yale DHS Senior Exchange System Engineer 202-447-0672 DC US
Parker, Angela DHS Office Manager 202-357-1213 202-357-1196 DC US
Parker, Bradford DHS Intelligence Officer 202-612-1640 DC US
Parker, Christopher DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6777 DC US
Parker, Courtney DHS 202-357-8574 DC US
Parker, Daniel A DHS SVC Info Developer II 434-374-3850 VA US
Parker, Decemma DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6632 202-254-5365 DC US
Parker, Erika M DHS EEO Assistant 202-254-8226 202-254-8241 DC US
Parker, Jason DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-4414 202-447-3462 DC US
Parker, Kimberly DHS IT Specialist 202-447-5307 DC US
Parker, Laura DHS Program Manager 202-254-2395 202-254-5396 DC US
Parker, Lori Anne DHS 202-447-3803 DC US
Parker, Lynn DHS Special Advisor to the General Counsel 202-447-4435 DC US
Parker, Melody A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4144 DC US
Parker, Michael DHS VMO-Epidemiologist 202-282-8753 202-254-6914 DC US
Parker, Michael W DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8494 DC US
Parker, Paul D DHS 202-282-8270 DC US
Parker, Shane DHS Inspector 202-604-8093 501-803-0893 TX US

Parker, Steve DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8414 DC US
Parker, Tracy D DHS General Biological Scientist 202-254-2316 202-254-6914 DC US
Parker, Wanda A DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 202-507-0261 DC US
Parker, William A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2505 DC US
Parkinson, Deborah P DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-447-3786 DC US
Parks, James DHS Intel Ops Specialist 202-282-9686 (NAC) DC US
Parks, Larry DHS 202-282-8602 DC US
Parks, Winnifred R DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5837 DC US
Parlor, Timothy DHS PBX Technician 202-282-8524 DC US
Parnell, Michael DHS Systems Engineer 202-282-9200 DC US
Parson, Calvin D DHS 703-235-4952 VA US
Parson, Tisha A DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-3319 202-447-3464 DC US
Parsons, Brian DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7787 DC US
Parsons, Christina DHS Executive Assistant 202-357-7765 DC US
Parsons, Johnnie D DHS DC2 Service Account Manager - FEMA 919-424-5414 NC US
Partner, Norita DHS Procurement Technician 202-447-0109 202-447-0597 DC US
Paschal, Brent E DHS Manager Officer 202-282-9693 DC US
Paschall, Robert DHS Deputy Associate General Counsel (Acting) 202-282-9762 202-
282-9186 DC US
Pasco, Brandt DHS Attorney Advisor 202-254-6031 DC US
Pascoe, Lyndsay H DHS Consultant 703-235-8163 VA US
Pascu, Ramona DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4650 202-282-8803 DC
Pashikanti, Suhasini DHS Analyst VA US

Pashley, Christopher J DHS Reports Officer 202-282-9497 DC US
Pasley, Benjamin J DHS Enterprise Architect 202-282-9648 DC US
Passow, Richard A DHS General Engineer 202-254-7445 202-254-7747 DC US
Pasternak, Kristin DHS SETA - Program Analyst 202-254-5728 202-254-6165 DC US
Pastiva, Penny DHS Director, Business Services Division 202-447-0581 202-447-0020
Pastor, Ashley DHS Intern 202-447-3664 DC US
Pasupneti, Rameshbabu DHS security analyst 202-447-4005 DC US
Paszkiewicz, James DHS Communication Engineer 202-254-2203 202-447-0725 DC US
Patel, Jagruti DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-4015 703-235-4980 VA US
Patel, Minal R DHS Attorney 202-254-5382 202-254-6178 DC US
Patel, Monal DHS Project Management Analyst 703-235-4213 VA US
Patel, Rimesh DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-603-9410 NJ US
Patil, Maheshwar DHS SETA - System Architect 202-254-7211 DC US
Patno, Francis DHS Chemical Security Inspector-Region 1 202-557-6390 NH US
Patrick, Christella E DHS Human Resources Business Partner 202-447-0669 202-447-
0695 DC US
Patrick, David M DHS Lead Program Analyst 202-343-4558 202-343-4550 DC US
Patrick, Gregory DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5525 DC US
Patrick, Marcella DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5297 202-358-2025 DC US
Patrick, Orantes DHS Program Manager, Non-Nac Telecommunications 202-447-0011 202-
447-0725 DC US
Patrick, Richard W DHS Chief, Medical First Responder Coordination 202-254-6840
202-254-6094 DC US
Patrick, Shirley A DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-7303 202-254-7755 DC US
Patron, Ryan DHS Web Content Administrator 609-813-2842 609-383-1973 NJ US
Pattarozzi, Victor L DHS Program Analyst DC US
Patten, Kimberly DHS Budget Assistant 202-254-7223 DC US
Patterson, Alan M DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5119 703-603-5190 VA US
Patterson, Debra A DHS Business Process Re-engineer Specialist Sr. 202-447-5071
Patterson, Geffon M DHS OUTREACH 202-343-1700 DC US
Patterson, Jerome DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 VA US
Patterson, Larry S DHS Deputy Dir IT Security/ISSM 703-235-3696 VA US
Patterson, Willie J DHS Storage Engineer 434-374-3579 VA US
Pattie, David C DHS Health Intelligence Analyst, CISD/CBRNHI 202-282-9091 DC US
Patury, Krishna P DHS Developer DC US
Paul, Michael DHS SETA Lead Engineer 202-254-6607 DC US
Pavelec, John DHS DESK OFFICER 202-282-8302 DC US
Pavlock, Steve DHS Voice Over IP Engineer 703-341-4075 VA US
Paxson, Tamar DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3805 DC US
Payamps, Kathy DHS Protocol Officer 202-612-1197 DC US
Payne, Ashley DHS Contractor Support 703-235-2125 703-235-2150 VA US
Payne, Jamison DHS Branch Chief Facilties 202-254-7071 202-254-7755 DC US
Payne, Janet DHS Financial/Program Analyst 202-254-6656 202-254-6171 DC US
Payne, Kathryn G DHS IT Service Desk Analyst QA 800-250-7911 IN US
Payne, Stephanie DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-8150 VA US

Payson, Peter DHS Intelligence Officer 860-256-0859 860-706-5535 CT US
Payton, Emanuel DHS IT Senior Consultant 202-447-5074 DC US
Payton, Theresa M DHS Security Consultant 703-235-5335 VA US
Payton, Towanda DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5295 202-447-5333 DC US
Peacock, Nelson DHS Assistant Secretary 202-447-5455 DC US
Pearce, Lauren DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5995 DC US
Pearlstein, Kenneth DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-357-6164 DC US
Pearson, Edie C DHS Deputy Division Director 202-447-4692 DC US
Pearson, James A DHS Requirements Engineer 202-447-5137 DC US
Pearson, Latarsha A DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-357-8460 DC US
Peasley, Mark L DHS Assistant Director RPM/PM - Records 202-207-8223 DC US
Pecere, Peter D DHS BUR Administrator 434-374-3873 VA US
Peck, Jason DHS Oracle Database Administrator 703-481-3699 VA US
Pecoraro, Matthew DHS CPD Desk Officer 202-282-9034 DC US
Pedersen, Erik J DHS Analyst 202-612-1687 DC US

Pedersen, Robert DHS Regional Coordinator 202-604-1376 DE US
Peeden, William L DHS Tools Admin 919-424-9264 VA US
Peel, Phorsha DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5224 DC US
Peeling, Brett M DHS Contract Support to DHS IP 703-908-7024 VA US
Peerman, Kristen DHS Training Registrar 202-282-9892 202-447-3933 DC US
Peery, John C DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-8234 DC US
Peery, Lisa DHS Security Compliance Leader 202-604-1891 TX US
Pegeron, Alisha M DHS Continuity Analyst 202-447-4566 202-612-1773 DC US
Peimer, Ronald E DHS Protective Security Advisor 603-666-0109 603-666-0105 NH US
Pejic, Gregory DHS away on detail 202-447-5144 DC US
Pellegrino, Michael DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5036 DC US
Pelowski, Gregg DHS SES 202-357-8383 202-357-8295 DC US
Pelton, Bryan W DHS Senior CI/CT Analyst 202-254-6445 202-254-6403 DC US
Pena, Lynne M DHS Help Desk Liason 202-357-8403 202-357-8474 DC US
Pendleton, Bryan T DHS Chief, Production Branch 202-282-8097 (unclass) DC US
Penland, Marineka DHS SBS 202-282-8110 DC US
Pennington, Susan DHS Prin. Info. Sys. Engineer 202-447-3020 DC US
Penny, Diane DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-282-8282 DC US
Pepin, Andrew W DHS Program Security Officer 866-490-7250 x1025 DC US
Perceful, Shawn DHS Chemical Security Inspector TX US
Pere, David DHS 202-282-9421 DC US
Pereira, Fernando DHS 202-447-0282 DC US
Perez, Angel L DHS Associate Director 202-447-0454 202-447-5545 DC US
Perez, Debbie DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0331 DC US
Perez, Emilio DHS Chief Information Security Officer 202-254-6020 DC US
Perez, Eric DHS Staffing Assitant 202-357-8250 202-357-8140 DC US
Perez, Ernest J DHS Help Desk Coordinator DC US
Perez, Harvin A DHS COOP Planner 703-603-4734 703-603-4711 VA US
Perez, Janelle R DHS Executive Assistant to A/S and DASs 202-282-9113 202-282-8504
Perez, Javier DHS Intelligence 915-760-2368 TX US
Perez, Vera DHS Sr. Program Analyst 703-235-5127 VA US
Perezous, Jonathan DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Perkins, Christopher A DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Perkins, Eric S DHS Sr. Network Engineer 202-357-7817 202-357-1299 DC US
Perkins, Michael C DHS PCII System Administrator 952-393-9979 DC US
Perkins, Sara DHS External Affairs 703-235-5217 DC US
Perlman, Alissa R DHS 202-254-7423 DC US
Perotti, Melissa DHS Analyst VA US
Perrin, Deborah C DHS Tracker Desk Officer 202-282-8328 DC US
Perrin, Dennis W DHS Business Operations Manager 703-674-2626 DC US
Perrini, Jo Ann C DHS Mgr, Compensation & Benefits 202-357-8541 202-357-8470 DC US
Perriott, Harvey DHS Protective Security Advisor - North Texas 972-868-3147 972-
868-3232 TX US
Perry, Clifford A DHS Accounting Tech 202-254-5860 DC US

Perry, Craig S DHS DC US

Perry, Frank J DHS Architecture/Risk Analyst 202-254-7103 DC US
Perry, Iman DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-6921 DC US
Perry, Keith DHS Contractor 202-612-1670 DC US
Perry, Michelle DHS IT Specialist, NPPD OCIO PMO 703-235-3647 VA US
Perry, Nicholas DHS Assistant General Counsel for Immigration Enforcement 202-282-
9922 202-282-9186 DC US
Perry, Pamela DHS Physical/Facility Security Officer 703-235-5463 703-235-5412 VA
Perschau, Stephen DHS 703-235-4206 VA US
Persell, Elizabeth D DHS Senior Consultant 202-357-8394 DC US
Person, Michelle D DHS Special Security Officer 202-357-7812 DC US
Person, Princess DHS Counter-terrorism Analyst DC US
Persons, Jacqueline DHS Emergency Telecommunications Specialist 703-235-5690 703-
235-5806 VA US
Peruzzi, Joseph DHS SAMS Technical Support 202-603-6326 DC US
Pesce, Douglas J DHS Protective Security Advisor 203-773-4637 203-865-2525 CT US
Peterlin, Katherine DHS Assistant for Office of The Undersec 202-282-9773 DC US
Peters, Craig R DHS Planner 202-447-3984 DC US
Peters, Dollie DHS 703-235-9356 VA US
Peters, Gary DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-8063 202-282-8492 DC US
Peters, Jennifer DHS Project Manager 703-603-5068 VA US
Peters, Kevin DHS (Acting) Chief, Southwest Border - Transnational Issues Branch
202-447-4059 DC US
Peters, Michelle DHS enrollment official DC US
Peters, Samuel DHS BUR Engineer 703-733-3105 VA US
Peters, Scott H DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9418 DC US
Peters, Thomas G DHS Chief, PSET 703-235-4203 VA US
Petersen, Edward DHS Senior Reviewer 202-447-3747 DC US
Petersen, Mikenzie DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist DC US
Peterson, Bill DHS Executive Director, OAST 202-447-0304 202-447-0330 DC US
Peterson, Brenda DHS 202-447-5592 202-447-5545 DC US
Peterson, Christopher DHS Project Lead 202-447-0213 DC US
Peterson, Eric DHS IAA Specialist 202-254-6791 202-254-5391 DC US
Peterson, John E DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1625 DC US
Peterson, Keith A DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0857 DC US
Peterson, Kevin DHS Protective Security Advisor 917-710-3642 NY US
Peterson, Matthew R DHS Intelligence Anlyst 202-282-9268 DC US
Peterson, Michael DHS DHS - Intelligence Officer 513-263-8224 513-263-8225 OH US
Peterson, Miranda J DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8203 VA US
Peterson, Rae M DHS Program Manager 202-447-3216 DC US
Peterson, Robert DHS NSS-JPMO HTSN Program Manager 202-447-4328 202-447-0164 DC US
Peterson, Samara DHS 202-447-4630 202-282-8806 DC US
Peterson, Shelly DHS 202-343-2464 DC US
Peterson, Stephen L DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3164 202-282-8416 DC US
Petracci, William M DHS Test Director 609-813-2708 NJ US
Petring, Monica M DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9409 703-235-9709 VA US
Petrusek, Marissa DHS Contracts Specialist 202-282-8638 DC US
Petruzel, Oliver G DHS Analyst 202-282-9285 DC US
Petruzzi, Karen DHS Senior Document Specialist 609-813-2843 NJ US
Pettway, Kerri L DHS TSP Coordinator 703-235-5738 703-235-5806 VA US
Petty, Dominic DHS Program Manager 202-357-8360 DC US
Pevey, William DHS Appropriations Liaison 202-447-0158 DC US
Peyton, Zena DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5071 VA US
Pezutti, Dave DHS DC US
Pfleger, Jenna DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3847 DC US
Pham, Christina T DHS Secretary's Briefing Staff 202-282-8110 202-282-8402 DC US
Pham, Greg DHS Senior Network Engineer 202-254-6620 DC US
Pham, Paul DHS Mr. 703-235-8855 VA US
Pham, Peter DHS Configuration Manager 202-254-6897 DC US
Pham, Quang X DHS Contractor 703-284-6085 VA US
Phan, Tri M DHS Contractor 703-299-9171 ext. 108 703-995-4927 DC US
Pharness, Rodney B DHS 202-447-0823 DC US
Phelan, Dennis DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-284-8518 VA US
Phelps, Larry D DHS Special Security Representative 202-447-4693 202-282-9512 DC
Pherson, Kathy DHS Contractor 202-447-4388 DC US
Pherson, Randy DHS Tradecraft Advisor 202-447-4388 DC US
Philbin, Patrick DHS Chief of Staff 202-254-7001 202-254-6171 DC US
Philipps, Roxanne DHS DC2 Access Managment 919-424-5392 NC US
Phill, Marcus DHS Special Agent - DHS HQ DC US
Philliou, Thea M DHS DC US
Phillip, Damischa DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8192 202-357-8474 DC US
Phillips, Christopher S DHS US-CERT Assistant Senior Watch Officer 888-282-0870
(24/7) VA US
Phillips, Edward F DHS Project Manager 703-235-8207 VA US
Phillips, Michael DHS PCII Program Analyst 703-235-9536 VA US
Phillips, Nathaniel DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0535 202-447-5233 DC US
Phillips, Sally DHS Deputy Director, HTR 202-254-6489 DC US
Phillips, Sharon DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5287 202-447-5552 DC US
Phillips-Morris, Lisa DHS Outreach Program Coordinator 703-235-4238 VA US
Philogene, Patricia I DHS Analyst 703-603-5076 VA US
Phoenix, Kevin DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7436 DC US
Phounsavath, Alexandria DHS 202-254-5853 DC US
Physicalsecurity DHS mailbox DC US
Phythyon, Daniel DHS 202-343-1678 DC US
Piantedosi, Brian DHS 202-447-3581 DC US
Piekarski, Kevin DHS Portfolio Manager, IP 703-235-8144 VA US
Pierce, Brenda L DHS Administrative Specialist 202-357-8125 202-357-0042 DC US
Pierce, Elouise DHS Security Specialist 703-603-4618 VA US
Pierce, Raymond E DHS System Administrator 228-813-4207 MS US
Pierce, Talithea M DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0764 202-447-5813 DC
Pierce, Terry DHS Special Advisor for Disruptive Innovation 719-333-3974 202-254-
6170 DC US
Piercy, Gary DHS Director - COE Division 202-343-2448 202-343-2530 DC US
Piermarini, Gregg DHS Deputy CIO 202-254-6087 202-254-6171 DC US
Pierpoint, Anthony DHS Safety and Health Manager 202-631-2801 DC US
Pierre, Eunice DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5080 202-447-0374 DC US
Pierson, Edwin G DHS 202-282-9018 DC US
Pierson, Virginia DHS CBP Liaison 202-275-8680 VA US
Pignone, John P DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9268 DC US
Pikrallidas, Damaris DHS Executive Support Services 202-447-4431 DC US
Pilcher, Thomas L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0975 DC US

Pilika, Iris DHS Analyst 202-447-4473 DC US

Pillai, Segaran P DHS Chief Medical and Science Advisor 202-254-6199 202-254-6141
Pineiro, Fernando DHS FOIA Officer 202-357-7672 DC US
Pineiro, Marlen DHS 202-477-4868 DC US
Pinkard, Brandon A DHS HQ SOC 202-447-4005 DC US
Pinkoske, Tania D DHS SSO 703-235-2084 703-235-2053 VA US
Piper, Joel DHS Risk Analyst 202-343-1737 DC US
Piperni, Vincent M DHS Property Asset Manager 202-447-3513 DC US
Pipia, Sean D DHS Liaison Officer 202-323-3300 DC US
Pippin, Gregory DHS Customer Solution Architect 301-730-0548 DC US
Pires, Joseph DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist DC US
Pisano, Melia DHS Research Fellow 631-323-3183 (office) NY US
Pitner, Timothy DHS 202-447-3590 DC US
Pittack, Brian J DHS Branch Chief, Policy and IT, Identity Management Division
202-245-1107 DC US
Pittman, Elise M DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 x 8149 VA US
Pittman, Henry G DHS EMOC Sys Admin 866-972-3662 MS US
Pitts, Diane DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3054 DC US
Pitzen, Philip DHS PSA 515-284-4565 515-284-4566 DC US
Pizzichemi, Anne DHS Information Technology Director 631-323-3345 631-323-3172 NY
Plambeck, Chad DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC)/HSIN Training Officer 202-357-7686 DC
Plangetis, Maroulla DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6315 202-254-8600 DC US
Plapp, Brendan B DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7066 202-254-7747 DC US
Plascencia, Fernando DHS Special Agent DC US
Platon, Bryan DHS Chief Engineer 703-235-5659 VA US
Platt, Bret R DHS Business Consultant 202-447-5031 202-447-0488 DC US
Platt, Jonathan S DHS Operations Officer 703-603-4841 VA US
Plehal, James DHS Senior Advisor 703-235-8119 VA US
Plenty, Michael DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4863 DC US
Plott, William DHS SETA support 202-254-6767 202-654-6912 DC US
Plummer, Douglas DHS DOT DHS Liaison Officer 202-282-8120 DC US
Plush, Donald R DHS Security Oifficer (Sgt) 703-603-4740 VA US
Poblete, Sharon DHS 202-254-6120 DC US
Pogash, John DHS 202-282-8819 DC US
Pogue, S DHS 703-416-3055 VA US
Pohlman, Teresa DHS Director, Safety and Environmental Programs 202-821-9380 DC
Poindexter, Heather DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7094 DC US
Poindexter, Markita DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-5462 VA US
Pointer, Sequoia S DHS Supervisory Special Agent 703-235-4948 VA US
Points, Michelle DHS CBD Action Officer 202-254-6155 DC US
Poirier, Christopher DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4531 DC US
Poirier, Guy L DHS Detective Sergeant 202-282-9356 DC US
Pokres, Allyson DHS Budget Section Chief 202-282-8857 DC US
Pol, Rakesh DHS IT Specialist 202-447-5936 DC US
Poland, Chad DHS Deputy Director, Investment Management 703-235-3630 VA US
Policay, Ryan DHS Consultant 202-254-6893 202-254-5823 DC US
Poling, Jack DHS General Engineer 202-604-7259 DC US
Polit, Cynthia DHS Special Assistant to the Director 202-447-5268 202-447-0374 DC
Politis, Lisa DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6107 DC US
Polito, Michael D DHS Electronics Engineer 212-620-3495 212-620-3600 NY US
Polk, Kenneth DHS Director of Security 202-447-3733 202-447-3464 DC US
Polk, Lareatha DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5831 DC US
Polk, Otis DHS Senior Support Technician/Analyst 202-447-0795 DC US
Pollack, Ginny DHS National Recruiting Advisor 202-357-8279 DC US
Polley, Walter DHS Contractor Support to S&T CIO 410-306-8579 DC US
Pomerleau, Nancy M DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5044 703-603-5098 VA US
Pomponi, Felix DHS Buffer Zone Protection Program Section Chief 703-235-9421 VA
Poncina, Karen E DHS Project Manager 703-736-8610 VA US
Ponikowski, Keith DHS Systems Administrator 202-447-0347 DC US
Ponikvar, Donald DHS SETA- Special Assistant 202-254-7530 202-254-7455 DC US
Ponish, Howard W DHS 202-282-9579 DC US
Poole, David E DHS DC3 LNO 703-235-5485 VA US
Poole, Michael DHS Administative Officer 215-446-8740 PA US
Poon, Emma DHS Program Analyst 1-202-447-4195 DC US
Pope, James E DHS SE Solutions Program Manager. 202-447-5009 DC US
Pope, Willie DHS 202-343-4055 DC US
Popovich, Anthony P DHS SETA Analyst 202-254-7386 202-254-7456 DC US
Poptanich, Kristine DHS Senior Advisor 703-235-8117 VA US
Populis, William R DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4243 MS US
Porr, Lauren E DHS SETA Contractor 609-813-2825 609-272-7512 NJ US
Porter, Charles DHS Intelligence Operations Analyst DC US
Porter, Cheryl DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0825 DC US
Porter, Gary DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0173 202-447-5160 DC US
Ports, Douglas DHS Deputy Director for Operations 631-323-3210 NY US
Posato, Joseph A DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-282-8360 DC US
Posavetz, Doug DHS Telecommunications Specialist 703-235-5523 703-235-5677 VA US
Posey, Jason DHS Dissemination Team Lead 202-282-8935 DC US

Potak, Joseph M DHS Branch Chief / Visitor Management 202-282-8456 202-282-8416 DC

Potocki, Jessica DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0152 DC US
Potter, Alexander S DHS Headquarters Operation Center Engineer 202-282-9200 DC
Potter, Colby DHS 202-447-3822 DC US
Potter, Don DHS DAD, Systems Engineering 202-254-7444 202-254-7747 DC US
Potter, Murray F DHS Project Manager, MCM 202-254-6075 202-254-2295 DC US
Potts, Michael DHS Deputy Under Secretary For Enterprise & Mission Support 202-
282-9279 DC US
Potts, Philip L DHS Cyber Intelligence Analyst 703-235-8547 VA US
Pough, Kenneth N DHS System Administrator 202-254-2220 DC US
Pounders, Lori L DHS 202-357-8406 DC US
Powell, Arlyce DK DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0845 DC US

Powell, Cynthia DHS Administrative Specialist 202-245-1130 202-245-1141 DC US
Powell, Donna DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5350 DC US
Powell, Lashaune DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-3700 202-447-3462 DC
Powell, Marilyn DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-5918 202-447-5858 DC US
Powell, Tracee DHS Enterprise Architecture Spec., Jr. 202-282-8846 DC US
Powers, Billy V DHS Senior Advisor 703-235-9456 VA US
Powers, George R DHS Project Manager 703-741-7676 x617 703-741-0990 VA US
Powers, Jeffrey D DHS Field Security Coordinator 202-447-0018 202-447-0841 DC US
Prado, York V DHS Contractor 202-282-9054 DC US
Prahl, Charles DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9371 DC US

Prasad, Ajoy DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5167 VA US

Prater, Daniel V DHS Executive Support Service Lead 202-447-5231 DC US
Prater, Shareef J DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-5903 202-447-5600 DC US
Prather, Brent W DHS 202-282-8589 202-282-9188 DC US
Pratsch, Eric W DHS Cyber Security Analyst 202-449-7113 DC US
Pratt, Holly F DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Pratt, Orville C DHS Logistics Support Analyst II 703-235-8204 VA US
Prebble, William DHS Executive Assistant 202-357-8497 202-357-8471 DC US
Prebyl, Alan DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3433 DC US
Preda, Steve DHS Senior Advisor 540-845-5858 VA US
Preissman, David A DHS Test Engineer 609-813-2738 NJ US
Prelogar, Brandon DHS Special Advisor for Refugee & Asylum Affairs 202-447-3260
Prenatt, Lynne S DHS Financial Mnagement Analyst 202-447-5045 DC US
Prendergast, Julia D DHS DNDO/PADD SESP Lead Technical Liaison 202-254-7204 DC
Prentice, Curtis DHS Mgmt & Prgm Analyst 703-603-4903 DC US
Prep, IMPT DHS Planner 202-612-1773 DC US
Presman, Dylan TG DHS Appropriations Liaison 202-447-0741 202-447-0536 DC US
Pressley, Madelyn DHS Training Specialist 202-357-8331 202-357-8471 MD US
Pressman, Jamie DHS Associate Director, Privacy Compliance 703-235-0768 703-235-
0442 VA US
Presswalla, Jenny DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6269 DC US

Preston, Christopher DHS NAC Regional Technical Lead, Lockheed Martin 202-447-3315
Preston, Clinton DHS Intelligence Research Specialist 202-447-3912 DC US
Preston, Erica DHS Associate 703-899-0488 DC US

Prestwich, Kevin DHS Sr. Business Process Engineer 202-254-6670 DC US
Pribish, Donavan DHS Project Manager 703-349-5644 703-848-3560 VA US
Price, Chaquonna DHS Student Intern 703-235-0349 703-235-0442 VA US
Price, Cynthia L DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-7067 DC US
Price, David DHS 202-447-3672 DC US
Price, George DHS Analyst 202-447-3929 DC US
Price, Gregory D DHS Director, TechSolutions 202-254-6720 DC US
Price, John B DHS Branch Chief 202-254-5662 DC US
Price, Paulette DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8513 DC US
Price, Stephen P DHS Project Manager 571-212-3456 DC US
Price-Gibson, Andrew DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-4656 DC US andrew.price-
Prichard, Anita DHS Principal Analyst 202-447-4675 DC US
Prichard, Nicholas DHS Admin Support Analyst 202-447-4034 202-612-1773 DC US
Priest, Suzanne DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4278 VA US
Prikazsky, Cyril H DHS DHS-CTTA 202-447-3114 (Off) 202-282-8406 DC US
Primeaux, Ronald DHS Utilities manager 631-323-3170 631-323-3001 NY US
Prince-Williams, LaJuan DHS Staff accountant 202-447-5200 DC US lajuan.prince-
Pringle, Jeffrey K DHS Intel Analyst 202-282-9830 DC US

Prisco, Patrick DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9575 202-282-9254 DC US
Pritchard, Kenneth J DHS Remedy Developer 703-456-2466 VA US
Privette, Pamela S DHS Administrative Officer 202-447-4520 202-282-8398 DC US
Probst, Maria-Teresa DHS Mission Support 703-235-8126 VA US maria-
Process Changes, CRMD ITSD DHS HSD ITSD Process Changes 800-250-7911 IN US
Proctor, Dorothy DHS Office Manager 703-235-4298 703-235-4980 VA US
Proctor, Francis DHS SWO 1-888-282-0870 VA US
Prosperi, Aldo DHS Program Analyst 202-477-0783 DC US
Protacio, Mark DHS SETA 202-254-6749 DC US
Prude, Thomas DHS Sr Systems Engineer 228-813-3306 MS US
Pruett, Nicho DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8472 DC US
Pruit, Brett DHS Senior Analyst 202-282-8640 DC US
Pruitt, Steven R DHS animal care tech NY US
Pruitt, Tonya DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0212 202-447-5545 DC US
Prystal, Mary DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8267 202-357-8140 DC US
Przybyla, Thomas DHS USCG Desk Officer 202-282-8114 DC US
Pscp DHS Security Specialists 703-235-3056 VA US
Puchalsky, Brian J DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3349 DC US
Pugh, Amy DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0776 VA US
Pugh, Scott DHS Interagency Programs Project Manager 202-254-2288 DC US
Pugliese, Thomas J DHS Security Assessor 202-357-1277 DC US
Pulgar, Gabriel A DHS Computer Security Analyst 202-357-7894 DC US
Puller, Davon M DHS 571-258-1059 VA US
Pulsifer, Jesse E DHS Program Specialist 202-612-1970 DC US
Pummill, Shane M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3370 DC US
Purcell, Daniel F DHS Chief, Program Operations Branch 202-343-2495 202-343-2530
Purcell, Michelle A DHS Human Resources 202-447-0171 DC US
Purdy, Caroline DHS Dr. 202-254-7519 202-254-7747 DC US
Purple, Robert G DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8346 DC US
Putman, Chong DHS Malware Project Lead 703-235-3937 VA US
Puype, Eric C DHS Protective Security Advisor 208-376-3089 208-376-0039 ID US
Pyapali, Vikram R DHS ISSO DC US
Pyfrom, Stephen DHS App Auth Lead Architect 202-245-1152 DC US
Pyle, Trevor DHS Senior Planner 703-235-9302 VA US
Quaker, Arthur DHS DR & COOP Specialist 202-604-2812 DC US
Quandahl, Kathy S DHS Administrative Officer 202-507-2658 DC US
Quijas, Louis DHS Assistant Secretary - OSLLE 202-282-9545 DC US
Quinn, Jim DHS DHS HQ Deputy CISO (Enterprise) 703-235-3920 VA US
Quinn, Melinda A DHS Administrative Officer/Borders Security Division 202-612-1978
Quintana, Anthony DHS Project Manager 202-254-6159 DC US
Quiram, Timothy DHS DHS Fellows 2011 202-282-9460 DC US
Quist, Janet DHS State and Local Coordinator 202-282-9814 202-282-1044 DC US
Quitugua, Teresa DHS Deputy Director & Chief Scientist, NBIC 202-447-3853 202-282-
8805 DC US
Quiveors, Lisa DHS Program Analyst 202-407-2951 DC US
Quon, Nicholas DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3675 DC US
Qureshi, Sadiq DHS Tech Consultant IV 301-330-5720 301-330-2375 VA US
Raba, Laura DHS 703-235-8543 VA US
Rabinovitz, Jeffrey DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5058 VA US
Radley, Scott DHS DC2 Security Architect 434-374-3566 VA US
Radosh, Jennifer N DHS Health Intelligence Analyst, CISD/CBRNHI 202-282-9094 DC
Radosh, Michael A DHS intelligence analyst 202-447-3559 202-282-8803 DC US
Rafferty, Brendan G DHS Research Chemist/Subject Matter Expert 609-813-2728 NJ
Rafter, Edward M DHS contractor 202-343-2506 DC US
Rager, Angela R DHS EMOC 228-813-4826 MS US
Ragin, Remond DHS Program Analyst/HITRAC 202-282-9518 DC US

Ragole, Joseph DHS PMO Manager 703-742-2602 703-733-3623 VA US
Ragone, Ray V DHS Manager, HSIN Outreach and Mission Integration 202-357-7856 DC
Ragsdale, Keith A DHS Staff Writer 202-282-9760 DC US
Ragsdale, Paul DHS Science Advisor for International Programs 202-254-6301 202-
254-5395 DC US
Ragston, LaVera DHS Program Analyst 202-295-5498 VA US
Rahman, Mohammed R DHS 571-722-3391 703-689-4680 DC US
Rahmani, Ahmad DHS Senior Consultant 703-289-4545 VA US
Rai, Ravinder DHS PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-447-5395 202-447-5813 DC US
Raika, Kianoosh DHS Software Developer & Architect 202-447-0938 DC US
Raine, Laurence DHS Director, Division of Mitigation and Capability Enhancement
202-254-6112 202-254-6094 DC US
Raines, Willie DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-4143 DC US
Raja, Jassim DHS Firewall Administrator 703-733-3215 VA US
Raja, Omar S DHS Executive Support Services 202-282-8458 DC US
Raja, Razwan DHS Sr. Lead Infosec Engineer VA US
Ramadan, Faheem DHS Incident / Response Spec VA US
Ramage, Jason G DHS SETA 202-254-6799 DC US
Ramallosa, Armin DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5761 202-447-5333 DC US
Ramanathan, Sue DHS Counselor to the Secretary 202-447-4286 DC US
Ramaswamy, Ramesh D DHS 202-254-7124 DC US

Ramey, Bryan DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5653 DC US

Ramirez, Lilia DHS Director for International Programs 202-254-6311 DC US
Rammon, Joyce DHS 202-447-0942 DC US
Ramos, Bruce J DHS Chief, DHS-Joint Analysis Group 703-275-8656 202-447-3615 VA US
Ramos, Taria DHS MGMT & Program Analyst 202-343-4223 202-343-4240 DC US
Rampey, Mark DHS PAD SETA Lead 202-254-7236 202-254-7747 DC US
Ramsauer, Haley S DHS Communications Watch Officer 202-282-8590 DC US
Ramsburg, Nick N DHS 202-254-5613 DC US
Ramsdale, Amanda DHS Intelligence Enterprise Management 202-447-4010 DC US
Ramseyer, Joe DHS DHS OCIO Programs Support (HSIN) 202-357-1244 DC US
Rand, Elise G DHS Speech Writer 202-254-5608 202-254-6175 DC US

Randall, Ruby DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9368 703-603-9711 VA US
Randels, Scott DHS Acquisition Branch Chief 202-254-6053 202-254-5391 DC US
Randolph, Christopher B DHS USCG Intelligence Liaison to DHS 202-282-8559 DC US
Randolph, Christopher A DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0272 DC US
Randolph, David DHS IT Technician 202-254-5765 DC US
Randolph, Denise DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-447-5981 202-447-5540 DC US
Randolph, Kevin B DHS Sr. Remedy Developer 202-579-6255 202-447-0290 DC US
Randolph, Sharron DHS Management Analyst 202-603-3429 DC US
Randolph, Sheron DHS 703-235-5810 VA US
Randorf, Jeffrey A DHS Systems Engineer 202-343-4559 DC US
Ranger, William E DHS Chief of Exercises, Contigency Programs and Exercises Branch
202-447-3759 DC US
Ranhofer, Robert DHS Biowatch OPS Director/Gen-3 Transition Program Manager 703-
647-8075 202-254-5395 DC US
Rankin, Gregory DHS Data Center Program Manager 228-813-4153 MS US
Rankin, Robert G DHS Supervisory Intelligence Operations Specialist 206-437-1269
Ranson, Matthew DHS DHS NAC Facility Staff 202-282-8297 202-282-8700 DC US
Rao, Naresh B DHS Mr. 703-235-9582 703-235-3059 VA US
Raper, Charles DHS Sr. Security Analyst 202-357-1237 DC US
Rapoport, Victoria DHS Attorney Advisor 202-612-1149 DC US
Rapp, Edith DHS Support Contractor 202-254-5863 202-254-5391 DC US
Rapsis, John A DHS FBI LNO 202-282-8327 DC US
Rapuano, Bryan DHS Cyber Exercise Program Analyst 703-284-6637 VA US
Rasmussen, Jay M DHS National Guard LNO to DHS 202-282-9899 DC US
Rasmussen, Max V DHS Microbiologist 631-323-3116 NY US
Rasmussen, Paul A DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0940 202-447-0697 DC US
Rasor, Margaret DHS Sr. Accessibility Technician 202-447-5278 DC US
Rath, Charles DHS Deputy Director for Management Integration 202-447-3105 DC US
Rathell, Stacey M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9697 DC US
Rather, James DHS Senior InfoSec Engineer 202-357-6137 DC US
Ratliff, Ann DHS Chemical Security Inspector/Program Analyst 202-527-3617 DC US
Ratnam, Lavanya S DHS Asst Gen Counsel Intellectual Property 202-254-6161 DC US
Ratzer, Eileen K DHS Program Manager 703-387-2267 VA US
Raungtriphop, Chakris DHS Branch Chief 202-343-2507 DC US
Rausch, Sharla P DHS Deputy Director (Acting) 202-254-6901 202-254-6180 DC US
Raw, David DHS Division Manager DC US
Rawlings, Prince DHS OPS SPECIAL SECURITY REP 202-282-8366 202-282-8406/02 DC US
Ray, Aiste DHS Associate 202-282-9039 DC US
Ray, Denise DHS Senior Forms Management Officer 202-557-5961 DC US
Ray, Donald L DHS Protective Security Advisor 213-533-4313 213-533-4726 CA US
Ray, Lori A DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5452 DC US
Ray, Lynne DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4229 VA US
Ray, Ryan DHS Sr. Test Engineer 703-742-2564 VA US
Ray, Sikha DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8320 DC US
Raymond, Eric DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-4609 DC US
Raymond, Mary A DHS Regional Director Northeast OIP 917-207-7960 718-840-1322 NY
Raymond, Nicole DHS Transit Subsidy Program Manager 202-510-3020 DC US
Rayno, Bruce DHS Principal Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7261 DC US
Raynsford, Craig DHS Legal Advisor 202-447-3303 202-282-9186 DC US
Raza, Mohammed H DHS Principal Engineer 202-447-0770 DC US
Razick, Ramsey S DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-6128 202-254-6915 DC US
Razumovsky, Andrew DHS SME 202-254-7417 DC US
Readinger, Jeffrey T DHS Director, Office of Legislative Affairs 202-447-5462 202-
447-5437 DC US
Reagan, Michael J DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-6375 DC US
Real, Jennifer L DHS IT Analyst 703-647-8067 703-647-8250 VA US
Reap, Jason DHS General Engineer 609-813-2755 609-383-1973 NJ US
Reaves, Betty G DHS Acting Branch Chief, ALB 202-357-7601 202-357-7678 DC US
Reaves, Phyllis DHS Contract Specialist 609-813-2894 609-383-1973 NJ US
Recruiter, IA DHS I&A Recruiting Mailbox 202-447-3701 202-447-3791 DC US
Redburn, Jessica A DHS Program Coordinator - CREATE & START 202-254-5872 DC US
Redd, Vincent F DHS Senior Technician 7th&D IT Support 202-447-0633 DC US
Reddick, Camille DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5780 202-447-5160 DC US
Reddick, Derrick J DHS Facilities Operation Specialist 202-447-3646 202-447-4014
Redding, Cheri L DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5635 202-447-5725 DC US
Reddish, Reba D DHS Support Contractor 202-254-5767 DC US
Reddon, George DHS Transportation Security Specialist 202-282-8123 DC US
Redman, Lynn DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5593 DC US
Redmon, Patricia DHS Program Specialist 703-603-4662 VA US
Redmond, Christina M DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Reece, John DHS 202-343-2516 404-816-9553 DC US
Reed, Edward DHS FBI Detailee to DHS National Operations Center 202-282-8327 DC
Reed, James A DHS Mr. 202-282-8403 DC US
Reed, Justin D DHS HIFLD to the Regions 703-235-9537 VA US
Reed, Kimberly R DHS Service Desk Level II 866-843-9220 NC US
Reed, Richard E DHS Branch Chief 202-343-1666 202-343-4015 DC US
Reed, Samuel DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5236 202-447-5858 DC US
Reed, Sherri L DHS Program Analyst for IT&E 609-813-2655 609-272-7512 NJ US
Reed, Taylor DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9176 202-282-8492 DC US
Reed, Teresa DHS Analyst 202-447-0621 DC US
Reed, William R DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0587 202-447-5144 DC US
Reeder, Frank N DHS CBP Liaison (Temporary) DC US
Reese, Alex J DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4062 DC US
Reese, Christopher DHS Security assistant 202-282-8530 DC US
Reese, Daniel P DHS Contracts Specialist 703-235-5543 VA US

Reese, David DHS Environmental Planning & Historic Preservation Program Manager
202-360-0971 DC US
Reese, William A DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0660 DC US
Reesey, Laurence R DHS Technical Engineer 202-245-1165 DC US
Reeves, Custrina DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9583 VA US

Reeves, Theresa D DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-235-4216 VA US
Reeves, Tracie DHS Reports Coordinator 202-447-3123 DC US

Register, Jeffrey E DHS System Admin 228-813-4227 MS US
Register, Larry L DHS Program Analyst/Budget Analyst 703-603-4663 VA US
Rehm, Heather A DHS Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1656 DC US
Reich, Loren DHS Management & Program Analyst 631-323-3040 631-323-3295 NY US
Reichenbach, Patricia W DHS Logistics Management Specialist 609-813-2710 609-383-
1973 NJ US
Reid, Bobby DHS Project Engineer 202-447-3906 DC US
Reid, Brett M DHS Policy Analyst Detailee 202-447-4417 DC US
Reid, Cornell DHS AppAuth Systems Engineer DC US
Reid, Jason A DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-235-3009 VA US

Reid, Randy R DHS Budget Analyst 202-280-9473 DC US

Reid, Robbie L DHS Security Specialist 202-245-1115 DC US
Reidel, Christopher M DHS Protective Security Advisor - Maine 207-400-2769 ME US
Reif, Brennan M DHS FOB Training Coordinator 703-235-9445 VA US
Reifenberger, Lauren DHS Senior Budget Analyst 703-235-5030 VA US
Reifer, Chad DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9035 DC US
Reifsteck, Craig DHS Chief, Specials Security Programs Division 202-282-9848 202-
447-4147 DC US
Reig, Jorge E DHS Continuity Operations 540-542-0847 571-258-2577 VA US
Reilly, Kevin F DHS Emergency Programs Manager 631-323-3347 NY US
Reilly, Patrick C DHS Program Analyst 202-254-2330 DC US
Reimel, Douglas DHS Senior Data Architect 202-282-8332 DC US
Reimer, Dennis DHS Director of IT Operations 703-235-3033 VA US
Reinhardt, Jessica L DHS Management Analyst, SETA 202-254-6821 202-254-6167 DC US
Reinhold, Charles E DHS Security Specialist 703-235-9431 VA US
Reinitz, Michael J DHS Software Engineer 202-447-5073 DC US
Reisman, Roxanne DHS Organizational Performance Management Team Lead 202-254-2320
202-254-5391 DC US
Reisner, Paul H DHS Geospatial Support 202-254-2339 DC US
Reiss, Amira DHS AWF Training Systems Support 202-447-5396 DC US
Reiss, David DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-2348 202-254-2372 DC US
Reiter, Alyson DHS EMT 631-323-3099 631-323-3001 NY US
Remer, Jim DHS Electronics Engineer 609-813-2729 609-646-2536 NJ US
Remshard, Erica A DHS IT Specialist 202-357-7832 DC US
Remshard, Harry T DHS Executive Director, HRMS 202-357-8520 202-357-8140 DC US
Renaut, Jonathan DHS 202-447-0717 DC US
Rendell, Tavis L DHS 202-282-9219 DC US
Renga, Jordan DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4028 (STE) DC US
Renieris, Elizabeth M DHS Honors Attorney 202-447-3349 DC US
Reniers, Alexander DHS Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Renken, Robin DHS IT Project Manager 202-447-5696 DC US
Rennie, Robert DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8221 703-235-9709 VA US
Renstrom, Robert W DHS Lead Analyst Production & Analysis 703-235-5567 VA US
Rentas-Alvarez, Jorge DHS Systems Engineer 202-282-9813 DC US jorge.rentas-
Renwick, Kermit DHS Manager - Project Implementation Team 202-447-0151 DC US
Reporting, Periodic DHS 202-447-5900 DC US
Reta, Wossenseged Y DHS CRMD DC US
Retamoza, Ami DHS Consultant 202-343-1675 202-343-4015 DC US
Revells, William DHS PMO - Deputy Director 703-235-3917 VA US
Reves, Nicholas DHS Research Analyst 202-282-9948 DC US
Rey, Alexander DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-447-3053 DC US
Reyes, Hugo DHS Information Security Specialist 202-357-6134 DC US
Reyes, Ivelisse DHS Senior Program Manager 202-254-8227 202-254-8240 DC US
Reyes, Rosa E DHS SETA Support 202-254-5862 DC US

Reynolds, Ann F DHS Business Improvement Lead 302-229-2935 DE US
Reynolds, Antonio DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5188 VA US
Reynolds, Kathy E DHS Security Lead 202-824-7746 DC US
Reynolds, Kevin T DHS Technology & Transition Manager 202-579-0949 VA US
Reynolds, Michael J DHS Project Manager, HSIN NG 703-674-2964 VA US
Reynolds, Paul DHS Sr. Data Architect 202-617-5068 DC US
Reynolds, Stephen C DHS Lead SW Systems Engineer 202-447-5649 DC US
Reynolds, Thomas P DHS Supervisor Operations Research Analyst 202-343-4560 202-
343-4550 DC US
Reynolds, Tiffany D DHS Senior Developer DC US
Reynolds, Toya A DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5666 202-447-5725 DC US
Reynolds, Wilma J DHS Management and Program Analyst/COTR 202-282-9440 DC US
Rezmovic, Jeffrey DHS Special Assistant 202-612-1957 DC US
Rhea, Terry DHS Physical Scientist 703-235-9553 VA US
Rheingans, Lisa DHS IP, Budget & Finance Manager 703-235-8149 VA US
Rhoades, Everett G DHS SETA 202-254-2268 DC US
Rhoades, Michael A DHS HSIN NextGen Contractor 703-283-2455 VA US
Rhoads, Robert DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-343-1620 202-343-4015 DC US
Rhodes, Natasha A DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-3646 VA US
Rhodes, Thomas DHS Network Security Analyst 202-447-4005 DC US
Rhye, Michael DHS Current Operations 202-447-3208 DC US
Rhyne, Edward P DHS Program Manager 202-254-6121 202-254-6167 DC US
Ribble, Michael T DHS Senior Logistics Analyst 202-343-4561 DC US
Ricard, George DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4814 VA US
Ricca, Maria DHS Senior Program Analyst 609-813-2885 609-272-7512 NJ US
Riccardi, Christine F DHS Section Chief, CIKR Information Sharing Environment 703-
603-5088 703-235-3055 DC US
Rice, Mike DHS Business Process Re-engineering Specialist 910-987-4338 VA US
Rice, Timothy J DHS DC2 Program Manager 434-374-3564 VA US
Rich, Bryan DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9539 VA US
Richard, Chondrea D DHS Research Chemist IV 609-813-2863 609-407-9632 NJ US
Richards, James DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-2294 DC US
Richards, Jamie DHS VAB 703-235-9439 VA US
Richards, Jay DHS Designated Agency Representative (DAR), ITIL V3 202-447-5064
Richards, Rebecca DHS Director, Privacy Compliance 703-235-0134 VA US
Richards, Steven DHS Assoc. Director of Comms 703-235-0352 DC US
Richards, Wayne DHS Program Analyst:Procurement and Facility Support 202-254-6640
202-254-5671 DC US
Richardson, Andrew G DHS Paragon Lt., Visitor's Center Supervisor 202-282-8959
Richardson, Carl DHS Data Center Service Desk Anaylst 434-374-0792 NC US
Richardson, Christopher DHS Assistant General Counsel for Leg Affairs 202-447-3717
Richardson, Danielle DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0348 DC US
Richardson, Herbert L DHS Alternate COMSEC Manager 202-282-8570 DC US
Richardson, James DHS Procurement Attorney 202-447-5834 DC US
Richardson, James R DHS Security Specialist DC US
Richardson, Jemel DHS SENIOR SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-447-0265 202-447-5897 DC US
Richardson, Jeri H DHS Program Manager, Audit 202-357-6133 DC US
Richardson, Jill DHS Executive Assistant 202-343-2431 DC US
Richardson, Kevin W DHS Info Systems Engineer 703-983-3300 DC US
Richardson, Marcus DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-3587 202-282-9324
Richardson, Pamela S DHS Attorney-Advisor Employment 202-282-9406 202-282-9186 DC
Richardson, Ronald DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-343-2521 DC US
Richardson, Sharee DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0624 202-447-5564 DC US
Richardson, Sherri D DHS Chief, Acquisition Branch 202-343-2522 DC US
Richardson, Terra DHS 202-357-8155 202-357-8293 DC US
Richardson 1, Marcus DHS IT Specialist 202-447-3587 202-282-9324 DC US
Richeson, Jonathan DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5175 VA US
Richmond, Albert DHS Protective Security Advisor/MA 617-303-5638 617-565-5659 MA
Richmond, Harvey DHS Assistant Director Business Management and Integration 202-
360-0668 DC US
Richmond, Maria DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5864 202-447-5144 DC US
Richmond, Taressa A DHS 703-235-5537 VA US

Richter, Bruce H DHS Regional Coordinator 202-603-3841 AK US
Richter, Oliver H DHS Project Manager 703-736-4141 VA US
Rickerson, Jamie L DHS ASWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Rickett, Benjamin DHS Program Analyst 571-258-2205 VA US
Rickman, Julie DHS Administrative Assistant 202-357-6266 DC US
Ricks, Derond DHS Chief, Internal Controls/Audit Branch - FBD 202-254-6651 202-
254-5392 DC US
Ricks, Joe DHS Protective Security Advisor - Richmond District 804-474-6021 804-
592-3504 VA US
Riddle, Richard S DHS Technical Consultant 434-374-3817 VA US
Rider, Michael DHS Sr. Consultant 202-414-8201 VA US
Ridge, Stephen DHS CWO 202-282-8590 VA US
Riggan, Robert D DHS Branch Chief, Operations 202-282-8246 202-282-8279 DC US
Riggs, Thomas C DHS Intelligence Officer 515-725-6315 515-725-6320 IA US
Riley, Lorinda DHS Tribal Liaison 202-447-4074 DC US
Riley, Raymond DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-4439 DC US
Rimpsey, Barry L DHS Asset Management Operations 202-834-2465 DC US
Rinehart, Kalee E DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-8192 DC US
Riner, Lauren DHS Industrial Engineer 202-447-5321 202-447-5816 DC US
Ringenbach, Todd DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3082 DC US
Ringler, Scott W DHS Systems Administrator 215-521-2223 PA US
Rios, Don DHS Activity Team Lead 202-282-9854 202-447-3462 DC US
Rios, Jason DHS Procurement Technician 631-323-3376 631-323-3169 NY US
Risheq, Samer DHS helpdesk 571-214-7064 DC US
Risher, Michael A DHS Sr Technical Manager 703-271-7534 VA US
Rissmiller, Scott DHS 202-385-0787 VA US

Ritchie, Deborah A DHS Senior, Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5941 202-447-

5013 DC US
Riter, Michael W DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-447-5815 DC US
Ritter, David DHS Associate Director, CS&C Branch, OPO 202-447-5739 202-447-5725
Ritter, Laura K DHS Analyst 703-603-5093 VA US
Ritter, Valerie L DHS Open Source Officer 202-447-4873 DC US
Ritz, Daniel DHS Chief, Capability Development Branch 703-235-4944 VA US
Ritz, David DHS RFI Manager 202-447-4578 DC US
Rivera, Juan P DHS Security Test & Evaluation Analyst 202-254-5375 DC US
Rivera, Lynda DHS Mission Management Analyst 202-254-7511 202-254-7751 DC US
Rivera, Ramon DHS Assistant Chief Patrol Agent 202-447-4317 202-282-9254 DC US
Rivera-Alcazar, Jose A DHS Telecommunication Specialist 703-235-4240 VA US
Ro, Hyosun K DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5401 DC US

Roane, Raymond DHS System Administrator 703-235-5148 VA US

Roat, Jessica DHS Intern 202-357-8571 DC US

Roat, Maria DHS Chief of Staff 202-343-2432 (455 Mass Ave) DC US
Robb, Michael L DHS Database Administrator 228-813-4236 MS US
Robbins, Kevin M DHS Branch Chief 202-525-9290 DC US
Robella, Victoria A DHS 703-235-2524 VA US

Roberson, Ronald DHS Management and Program Analyst (DHS HQ Fleet Program Manager)
202-507-3116 DC US
Roberts, Alpha D DHS 202-447-0097 DC US
Roberts, Donald DHS Program Manager 202-254-5850 DC US
Roberts, Edward DHS FPS Area Commander 202-282-8127 202-282-8782 DC US
Roberts, John A DHS CTO 703-592-6540 DC US
Roberts, Kimberlee J DHS 202-282-8291 DC US
Roberts, Marlene DHS Detailee 202-898-6690 VA US
Roberts, Richard DHS 202-357-7692 DC US
Roberts, Stacy N DHS 202-254-2283 DC US
Roberts II, Charles D DHS Manager, Network Engineering Services 228-813-4845 MS
Roberts III, Clarence E DHS DOE Support 202-254-7055 DC US
Robertson, Amy DHS International Affairs Research Analyst 202-631-5678 VA US
Robin, April D DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-3886 DC US
Robinson, Amanda DHS Staff Assistant 202-282-8482 202-282-1044 DC US
Robinson, Anthony DHS Senior Liaison Officer 202-282-8824 DC US
Robinson, Barbara DHS Human Resource Specialist 703-235-2097 703-235-2051 or 703-
235-2054 VA US
Robinson, Carlos DHS Program Coordinator 202-357-6276 DC US
Robinson, Charles B DHS Deputy Director, Collection and Requirements Division 202-
282-8294 DC US
Robinson, Chrystal DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8183 DC US
Robinson, Donald A DHS Regional Director-Protective Security Advisor 404-222-4887
Robinson, Edward T DHS System Administrator 202-357-8312 DC US
Robinson, Harry DHS Technical Writer 202-357-7734 DC US
Robinson, James R DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5874 DC US
Robinson, Jay A DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5156 703-603-5190 VA US
Robinson, Keri DHS 571-730-8371 770-918-9721 DC US
Robinson, Kyle DHS Assistant Program Manager 703-235-9396 VA US
Robinson, Mary A DHS 202-447-5247 DC US
Robinson, Norman B DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-0322 DC US
Robinson, Ricky L DHS Management Analyst 202-447-5517 202-205-9028 DC US
Robinson, Sean DHS Recruitment Outreach Coordinator 202-357-8489 DC US
Robinson, Shannon W DHS Instructional Designer, Training Specialist 703-235-2532
Robinson, Stanley DHS Acting Deputy Division Director 202-447-0766 DC US
Robinson, Tasha DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5445 202-447-5333 DC US
Robinson, Tina DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-235-5035 VA US
Robinson, William DHS CIP CS Consultant 202-253-6965 VA US
Robles, Yolanda DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-284-6249 VA US
Rocha, Ricardo DHS Operations and Maintenance Mgr 202-282-8795 202-282-9603 DC US
Rochester, Monica DHS Deputy, CBRNe/IMAAC 202-612-1160 202-282-9075 DC US
Rock, Lee DHS 703-235-5017 703-235-5042 VA US
Rodezno, Amalia DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6086 DC US
Rodgers, Gregory R DHS Sr. Systems Engineer DC US
Rodriguez, Christine DHS Asst Director, Org Change Mgmt 202-447-0976 DC US
Rodriguez, Jackeline M DHS Analyst 703-235-8137 VA US
Rodriguez, Jose DHS Facility Security Officer 703-235-2595 703-235-1561 VA US
Rodriguez, Pedro DHS Financial Specialist 202-447-0727 DC US
Rodriguez, Robert E DHS 1421 Jefferson Davis -Technical Site Lead 703-603-4741
Rodriguez, Sonja DHS Branch Chief Components Support 202-254-5867 DC US
Rodriguez, Susan C DHS 202-357-6286 DC US
Rodriguez, Victor DHS Supervisory Chemical Inspector 202-258-9914 DC US
Roe, Peter B DHS Deputy Director, Cyber, Infrastructure & Science Division 202-
447-3780 202-447-3615 DC US
Roepe, Lisa A DHS Program Manager for Policy, Outreach and Training Support 703-
603-5152 DC US
Roessner, Acadia DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8064 DC US
Rogers, Charles DHS Deputy Chief, Administrative Security Division 202-447-5433
202-447-5312 DC US
Rogers, Daniel DHS Sr. Network Engineer 850-452-3235 FL US

Rogers, Debra DHS Deputy Director 202-357-8102 202-357-0042 DC US
Rogers, Dennis DHS Facilities Operations 817-649-6235 817-649-7221 TX US
Rogers, Donna DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2889 609-272-7512 NJ US
Rogers, Glenn T DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8967 DC US
Rogers, Janet E DHS Security 609-813-2656 NJ US

Rogers, John N DHS Information Security Specialist 202-282-9152 202-447-4246 DC US
Rogers, Richard W DHS ISR Program Analyst 202-254-5828 202-254-6402 DC US
Rogers, Steven DHS 703-412-0120 DC US
Rohde, Brian DHS CWG member 202-447-4856 DC US
Rohner, Boyden DHS Director, Secretary's Briefing Staff 202-282-8110 DC US
Rohrbaugh, Benjamin DHS Counselor to the Special Representative for Border Affairs
202-447-4113 DC US
Rohrer, Stephanie DHS Sr. Program Analyst 202-447-5745 DC US
Rohring, Matthew DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5147 VA US
Roiz, Peter DHS Electronics Technician 212-620-3650 212-620-3600 NY US
Rojas, Cristina M DHS Communications System Engineer 703-968-1038 703-968-1227 VA
Roland, John DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-7411 DC US
Rolince, Michael DHS Intel Analyst 202-282-8310 DC US
Roller, Robert DHS 202-447-3344 DC US
Rolling, Montrece S DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-357-7763 202-357-1188 DC US
Rollman, Chris M DHS Database Administrator 000-000-0000 DC US
Roman, Natasha R DHS 703-235-9440 VA US
Roman, Rafael DHS Division Director 202-302-3884 DC US
Romanishin, Janet DHS Senior OPS and Training 202-701-0189 NY US
Romano, Gregory L DHS 703-460-1412 DC US
Romano, Inge DHS Change Administrator 434-374-0938 VA US
Romanowski, Christopher J DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3949 DC US
Romans, Clayton DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-343-1734 DC US
Romeo, Nadley DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-0922 DC US
Romero, Eric D DHS USCG Desk watchstander 202-282-8114 DC US
Rone, Lesley A DHS Assistant to the Senior Advisor 202-447-5040 DC US
Ronsberg, Donald DHS Protective Security Advisor, North Dakota District 701-250-
4429 701-250-4430 ND US
Roohr, Peter DHS NOAA Desk Officer 202-282-9937 DC US
Rooke, Connie DHS International Affairs 703-235-9450 VA US

Rooms DHS

Rooney, Edward S DHS Infrastructure Analyst 202-447-3322 202-282-8807 DC US
Roper, Martha A DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-343-4563 202-343-4550 DC US
Rosario, Leyni DHS Director, Employee and Labor Relations 703-235-2085 DC US
Rosario, Phaedra DHS Analyst 703-235-8837 VA US
Rose, Allen R DHS Enterprise Architect 202-612-1123 DC US
Rose, Brian H DHS Writer-Editor 202-447-5274 DC US
Rose, Briana DHS 202-254-5316 DC US
Rose, Chris DHS DC US
Rose, Harry J DHS Staff Scientist 609-813-2691 609-813-2819 NJ US
Rose, Marilyn DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5218 VA US
Rose IV, Earl DHS Intelligence Officer 502-564-2081 KY US
Rosebush, Matthew A DHS Senior IT Security Specialist 202-282-8314 202-282-9307 DC
Rosen, Seth DHS HCTD Analyst 202-447-4125 DC US
Rosenband, Amy DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4128 DC US
Rosenberg, Larry DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-0678 202-447-0678 DC US
Rosenblum, Ian DHS Chief, Environment, Safety, and Health Branch 202-254-6638 202-
254-5671 DC US
Rosengrant, Patricia A DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2706 NJ US
Rosenthal, Mark L DHS 202-447-4581 DC US
Rosenthal, Michael DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7552 DC US
Rosiere, Sandra JB DHS CI Officer (Policy) 202-447-4087 202-447-3074 DC US
Roskind, Michael DHS National Command and Coordination Capability 703-235-5626
Ross, Alberta DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3921 703-235-5887 VA US
Ross, Bob G DHS Chief, Risk Sciences Branch 202-254-5727 202-254-6180 DC US
Ross, David DHS COOP Planner 703-603-4909 VA US
Ross, Dennis DHS Analyst 202-282-9649 DC US
Ross, Diana L DHS VA US
Ross, George DHS Financial Analyst 703-235-5098 VA US
Ross, Jacqueline DHS Open Source Collection Officer 202-447-4657 DC US
Ross, Julian DHS TSA/FAMS Detailee 202-282-8389 DC US
Ross, Michelle DHS EEO Director - DHS - HQ EEO 202-245-1131 202-245-1141 DC US
Ross, Veda DHS Tech delivery manager 703-736-4031 VA US
Rossman, Joseph H DHS Business Continuity Manager 817-455-6002 TX US
Rosta, Terry D DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8748 DC US
Rostom, Michelle L DHS Consultant 703-769-5898 DC US
Roth, Marianne DHS Director, DHS Efficiency Review 202-282-8869 DC US
Rothenberg, Laurence DHS 202-282-8548 DC US
Rotolo, Stephan P DHS Acquisition Workforce Training and Certification Manager
202-447-0606 DC US
Roumel, Maria DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 202-447-3188 202-282-9186 DC US
Rovegno, John S DHS Intelligence Officer 717-525-5264 PA US

Rovine, Valerie L DHS Business Analyst 703-835-9395 DC US
Rowan, Thaddeus DHS Director, Acquisition Data Management Division 202-447-5533
202-447-5538 DC US
Rowe, Christopher R DHS Director of Special Projects Intelligence & Analysis 202-
282-9368 DC US
Rowe, Margie DHS Chief 202-254-6338 DC US
Rowland, Gary DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2310 TX US
Roy, Dilip K DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-2280 DC US
Roy, Donna DHS Executive Director, Information Sharing / NIEM Program 202-282-9635
202-447-3874 DC US
Royall, William F DHS Systems Architect DC US
Royster, Kristin DHS Director 703-235-5792 VA US
Royster, Rodney DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) VA US
Rubens, William B DHS policy advisor 202-282-9074 DC US
Rubinstein, Joshua DHS Engineering Research Psychologist 609-813-2762 NJ US
Rucker, Antoinette E DHS Project Manager 202-447-5024 DC US
Rucker, Michael L DHS E&LR Consultant 703-235-2120 VA US
Rudell, James DHS Pysical Security Specialist 202-384-5610 202-373-0164 DC US
Rudick, Matthew DHS Coast Guard Liaison 202-282-9210 202-282-8191 DC US
Rudnick, Diane DHS Accountant 202-447-5113 DC US
Rudolph, Daniel H DHS Program Manager Leadership Development 202-357-8422 DC US
Rue, Amy DHS Critical Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5142 VA US

Rufe, Roger DHS Director, Operations Directorate 202-282-9580 DC US
Ruff, Frank M DHS 434-374-3868 VA US
Ruffin, Joan DHS Security Assistant 202-282-8438 DC US
Ruffner, Christopher A DHS Executive Services Support 202-447-0342 DC US
Ruffner, Rhonda DHS Data Coordinator 703-968-1190 VA US
Ruhf, Laurence C DHS Project Manager 703-742-1597 VA US
Ruiz, Mario DHS Telecommunication Engineer 202-282-9501 202-282-9603 DC US
Rumbaugh, Sarah DHS NSD support - Program Status Briefings & Reports,
Communication 703-235-3085 VA US
Rumph, Frank L DHS Contracting Specialist 202-447-5588 202-447-5545 DC US
Rundle, Crystal DHS DC US
Runfola, Timothy P DHS Policy & Planning Analyst 703-235-3652 VA US
Ruoff, Thomas DHS Dirctor, Cybersecurity Education Office 703-235-4936 VA US
Rush, Carmelia L DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5323 202-447-5545 DC US
Rushing, Elliot DHS Configuration Management Specialist 202-357-1297 DC US
Rushing, Randall L DHS Protective Security Advisor 217-547-1168 217-726-8430 IL US
Russell, Christopher E DHS Mr. 202-254-5876 202-254-6167 DC US
Russell, Glenn DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-6306 202-254-6915 DC US
Russell, Michael D DHS Senior Counselor to the Under Secretary for Management 202-
447-3526 DC US
Russell, Michelle R DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5847 DC US
Russin, Robert W DHS Project Manager 703-736-8603 VA US
Russo, John DHS Contractor Support 202-254-6899 DC US
Russo, John A DHS Solution Architect 202-824-7729 WA US
Rust, Evan A DHS IT NOVA Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Ruth, Lawrence DHS Director, Systems Div (acting) 212-620-3609 212-620-3600 NY US
Rutherford, Edward L DHS Senior Reports Officer 303-239-4327 720-852-6758 CO US
Rutherford, Jovon A DHS security officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Rutland, Lindsay A DHS Policy, Outreach, and Training Support 703-603-5166 VA US
Rutledge, Robert DHS NICC Watch Operations 703-563-3440 VA US
Ruttig, Maria A DHS LCDR 202-254-7154 DC US
Rutz, Whitney DHS Applications Analyst 202-573-6289 DC US
Ruwaldt, Paul DHS 609-813-2725 609-383-1973 NJ US
Ruzic, Jessica E DHS Information Security Analyst 202-570-5504 DC US
Ryan, Bill J DHS Electrical Engineer 703-235-4290 703-235-4980 VA US
Ryan, George R DHS Special Advisor 202-254-5703 DC US
Ryan, Jodie DHS Mission Advocate HSIN 206-920-6459 WA US
Ryan, Kelly DHS Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary 202-447-3643 DC US
Ryan, Matthew J DHS IT Security Specialist 434-374-3534 VA US
Ryan, Nicholas DHS Advisor 202-282-8707 DC US
Ryan, Rebecca DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4666 VA US
Ryan, Ronald E DHS Telecommunications Service Mgr-DC 202-447-0016 202-447-0725 DC
Ryan, Timothy A DHS Executive Officer, Borders Division 202-447-4067 DC US
Ryan, William J DHS Protective Security Advisor 215-446-6446 215-861-3311 PA US
Rydeen, Taylor F DHS Computer Operator / Jr. Systems Admin
Ryder, Roxanne DHS Chemical Inspector 202-834-5840 TX US

Rydinsky, Richard F DHS Mr. 202-357-7720 DC US
Ryn, Charles DHS 202-254-6341 202-254-6911 DC US

Rynes, Joel DHS Assistant Director 202-254-7608 202-254-2271 DC US
Rytina, Nancy DHS Deputy Director 202-786-9887 202-786-9910 DC US
Saad, Fayrouz DHS 202-282-8365 DC US
Saadat, Lauren DHS Director, International Privacy Policy 703-235-0773 VA US
Saari, Christina E DHS Collection Operation Manager 202-282-9011 DC US
Saavedra, Donald DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9412 DC US
Sabapathy, Vallaban DHS 202-254-7227 DC US
Sabet, Cori DHS Program Manager 202-447-5651 202-447-5310 DC US

Sabetto, Rock DHS 703-377-4385 VA US

Sachs, Kelly A DHS 202-282-8436 DC US
Sadek, Maria DHS Program Manager 202-447-5167 202-447-0061 DC US
Sadler Jr, William A DHS IT Specialist 202-357-7868 DC US
Sadowsky, Emily M DHS Internal Controls 703-235-2133 VA US
Saeed, Irfan DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-6283 DC US
Safran, Roselle DHS Digital Media Analysis Team Lead 703-235-5134 VA US
Sager, Lawrence C DHS Senior Human Factors Engineer 609-813-2851 NJ US
Saha, Landry DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0474 202-447-5333 DC US
Sahagian, Armen A DHS Program Manager, Aircraft Vulnerability & Mitigation 202-
254-5364 DC US
Saif, Zafar M DHS IT-NOVA Engineering and Projects 202-447-0270 DC US
Saindon, Michael DHS FBI Supervisory Special Agent 202-612-1631 DC US
Saitta, Christopher DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-8758 DC US
Sakris, Derek DHS Medical Planner/PHSO 202-254-6774 202-254-2295 DC US
Salama, Kaab M DHS Architect 703-456-2283 VA US
Salazar, Carly DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8398 DC US
Salazar, Ronald M DHS Director, Strategic Studies and Analysis 202-447-3855 DC
Sale, Jeffrey DHS Readiness Training Web Developer 703-235-2531 VA US
Salem, David DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-4667 VA US
Sales, George C DHS 202-447-3416 DC US
Salet, Lee Z DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-4154 DC US
Salientes, Maria DHS Production Specialist 202-282-8110 DC US
Salinas, Lauren DHS 202-447-4582 DC US
Salinas, Sostenes DHS Chemical Security Inspector - Region (6) 202-603-6343
Saliunas, Barbara DHS Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff 202-282-9423 DC US
Salle, P Joyce DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5448 VA US
Salley, Denascia DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8140 DC US
Salvano-Dunn, Dana DHS Senior Policy Adivisor 202-357-7773 DC US dana.salvano-
Samimi, Negar DHS Senior IT Project Manager 202-447-5481 DC US
Sampley, Eric RB DHS Intelligence Officer 304-558-4831 304-558-6592 WV US
Sampson, Ashley J DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9866 DC US
Sampson, Keith E DHS Chief, Emergency Programs Branch 202-254-6126 DC US
Sampson, Tiffany S DHS Healthcare and Public Health Infrastructure Analyst 703-
603-5049 VA US
Sampson, Timothy B DHS Director, Border Security Division 202-447-3465 202-447-
3925 DC US
Samuel, Cheryl E DHS Domestic Disclosure Officer 202-447-3938 DC US
Samuel, Christine DHS management program analyst 202-254-6446 DC US
Samuel, Delimo L DHS enrollment official DC US
Samuel-Kerr, Elamae DHS Senior Systems Consultant 202-447-5984 DC US
Samuelian, Steve DHS Tech Editor/SharePoint Administrator 703-235-2149 VA US
Samuels, Jamar M DHS Asst. Operations Specialist 202-282-8421 DC US
Sanchez, Glenda DHS General Engineer 703-603-4601 VA US
Sanchez, Ricardo T DHS Enterprise/Performance Architect 202-447-3821 DC US
Sanchious, Tony DHS Certification Agent 202-282-9696 DC US
Sand, Peter DHS Director of Privacy Technology 703-235-0774 703-235-0442 VA US
Sanders, Ashleigh L DHS Senior Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1769 DC US
Sanders, Christina A DHS SETA 202-254-2354 202-254-6167 DC US
Sanders, Debra C DHS Organizational Services Lead 703-253-9707 VA US
Sanders, Glenn A DHS Protective Security Advisor 612-215-6501 MN US
Sanders, John DHS Veterinary Medical Officer 202-254-6778 DC US
Sanders, Paul DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-821-3779
Sanders, Sean O DHS DC2-Technical Consultant NC US
Sanders, Steven A DHS HSDN Deployment Engineer 703-803-4816 703-803-4850 VA US
Sandler, Kaiya DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9043 202-447-3111 DC US
Sands, Jason T DHS Mr. FL US
Sandweg, John DHS Counselor to Secretary and Deputy Secretary 202-282-8465 DC US
Sankar, Donna T DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8374 DC US
Santa-Sosa, Miguel A DHS Incident Response Analyst 202-357-7892 (Temporary) DC
Santana, Raul DHS Information Technology Consultant 571-218-6027 VA US
Santiago, Albert DHS Cyber Security Specialist 703-603-4737 VA US
Santiago, Carlos J DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-4231 703-235-3060
Santiago Caicedo, Linda A DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6823 202-254-6911 DC US
Santiago-Pinto, Angel DHS Security Manager/Team Lead 202-254-7063 202-254-7759 DC
Santillana, Hector DHS Reports Officer 202-282-9217 DC US
Santillo, Michael DHS ARU Supervisor 631-323-3291 NY US
Sapienza, Thea DHS Human Resources Sr. Specialist 202-447-5917 DC US
Sapp, Lesley M DHS Statistician 202-786-9878 202-786-9910 DC US
Saraceni, Pete DHS Facility Officer 609-813-2810 609-383-1973 NJ US
Saraceno, Daniel B DHS Consultant (Contractor) 202-282-9521 DC US
Saraco, Michael S DHS Lead Mainframe System Programmer 228-813-3309 MS US
Sarahan, Charles DHS Team Lead, Financial Reporting & Systems 202-447-0568 202-
447-5192 DC US
Sarao, Leon A DHS Security 609-813-2804 NJ US
Sarazen, John T DHS Project Manager 703-742-2831 VA US
Sargent, Emily DHS Contractor 202-343-1612 DC US
Sargent, Howard DHS intelligence analyst 202-220-9061 DC US
Sargent-Oliver, Sonya DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-0358 202-202-447-5335
Sarradet, Brandon G DHS Wintel Systems Administrator 228-813-4146 MS US
Sarraiocco, Brett DHS 609-813-2731 NJ US
Sass, James DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6415 DC US

Sass, Kimberly DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8122 VA US

Sass, Stephen V DHS CDR USN, USEUCOM LNO 202-447-3174 DC US

Sasscer, Thomas D DHS technical facility designer 202-447-4395 DC US
Sasser, Billy E DHS Protective Security Advisor 850-942-9588 850-942-9526 FL US
Sastry, Ravi S DHS Project Manager 703-736-4030 VA US
Satterfield, Maureen DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5111 DC US
Satterwhite, William H DHS EOC 434-374-3850 VA US
Satterwhite, Jr, William H DHS Tech Cons III 919-424-9257 VA US
Sauer, Michael DHS Program Manager - ISS LoB 703-235-5157 VA US
Sauer, Robert D DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0994 VA US
Saulsgiver, Emily DHS Program Coordinator 202-254-2414 DC US
Saunders, Christopher J DHS consultant 202-245-1160 DC US
Saunders, Diane DHS Executive Secretary (Acting) 202-254-8601 202-254-6172 DC US
Saunders, Jack DHS Special Security Officer/NPPD 703-235-5049 703-235-5150 VA US
Saunders, Rin R DHS Application Lead (202) 374-6878 DC US
Saunders, Ronald J DHS Intern 703-235-8164 VA US
Saunders, William A DHS Safety Specialist 631-477-4422 631-323-3335 NY US
Saunders, Yolanda L DHS SETA 202-254-2206 202-254-6164 DC US
Saupp, Jennifer E DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0238 202-447-5437 DC US
Saupp, Kevin DHS SLPO Federal Interagency Coordination 202-447-4554 DC US
Sauter, Mark DHS Honors Attorney 202-447-4215 DC US
Savage, Brian DHS 202-254-7184 202-254-7752 DC US
Savage, Stephen DHS Deputy Director 202-282-9847 DC US
Savanh, Somvilay D DHS SharePoint Administrator 202-824-7693 DC US
Savarese, Lauren E DHS Immigration Officer 571-350-4778 VA US
Savkar, Lina A DHS Director, L&D Policy, Planning, Assessment and Outreach DC
Savoy, Linda DHS Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief Procurement Officer 202-
447-0442 202-447-5310 DC US
Sawhney, Umang DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-6925 DC US
Sawicki, Thomas DHS Mr. 631-323-3204 631-323-3295 NY US
Sawyer, Shelley R DHS 202-447-4003 DC US
Sawyer, Stephanie DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3951 202-282-9186 DC US
Saxe, James A DHS Consultant 202-447-4599 DC US
Scalia, Scott S DHS Project Mgr. 228-813-4231 MS US
Scalici, Caroline DHS Foreign Liaison Associate 202-447-4158 DC US
Scalici, Dawn E DHS Deputy Undersecretary for Analysis 202-282-9384 DC US
Scallan, James DHS Policy Analyst, Strategic Framework and Investments 202-282-
8052 DC US
Scanlon, Krystyna N DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9361 VA US
Scannell, Sarah DHS Resource Manager 202-357-8218 202-357-8470 DC US
Scannelli, Vincent J DHS Chief, Incident Management Section 202-447-4333 202-612-
1773 DC US
Scarbrough, Julian A DHS Communications Team/Graphics 703-253-9350 VA US
Scardaville, Michael DHS Director, European and Multilateral Affairs 202-282-8321
Scardino, Dan DHS Staff Scientist 609-813-2777 NJ US
Scarola, Michael DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9471 DC US

Scavetta, Brian DHS Sr. Systems Engineer 609-254-0423 888-722-8388 NJ US
Scearse, David W DHS Senior Associate 703-235-5875 VA US
Schaad, Timothy A DHS Information Systems Security Officer 703-674-2773 VA US
Schaaphok, Jasmine DHS Director of Resource Management 703-235-5332 VA US
Schadle II, Warren C DHS Sr. IT Analyst 202-343-2508 DC US
Schaefer, James C DHS Systems Engineer 703-803-4887 VA US
Schaefer, Kevin M DHS Lead Incident Management Officer 202-282-9051 DC US
Schaefer, Margaret DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7790 DC US
Schaeffer, Luther DHS R&D Chemist, Trace Explosives 609-813-2864 609-813-2819 NJ
Schaffer, Gregory DHS Acting Deputy Under Secretary NPPD 202-282-8632 DC US
Schapiro, Amy DHS 202-612-1173 DC US
Scharer, John W DHS 202-447-4306 DC US
Scharett, David DHS Senior Research Scientist 202-254-5701 202-254-6166 DC US
Schartiger, Jeffery E DHS COMSEC COR 540-542-4188 540-542-2695 VA US
Schatz, Duane DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-2417 DC US
Schauer, Ronald F DHS Wintel SME 228-813-3345 MS US
Schaum Jr, Michael J DHS IT Technician 703-235-5312 VA US
Scheduler, Lute DHS Excutive Assistant 202-282-8204 DC US

Scheibel, Lorie A DHS ICE/SC Liaison | CRCL Project Manager 202-357-6277 DC US
Schelble, Michael DHS 703-284-8265 VA US
Schell, Duane DHS Senior Systems Engineer 703-399-7705 VA US
Schenk, Edward DHS Senior Network/Telecom Analyst 703-235-5080 703-235-5078 VA US
Schenkel, Gary DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary Stae and Local Law Enforcement 202-
282-8812 DC US
Schepanski, Donna M DHS Human Resources Officer 202-282-9436 202-282-9186 DC US
Scheppers, William DHS Contingency Plans 703-235-5323 703-235-5887 VA US
Scherger, Michael DHS Branch Chief 202-447-4389 DC US
Scheuer, Amy DHS 202-254-6869 DC US
Scheuer, Mark A DHS Executive Secretary 202-254-7193 202-254-7755 DC US
Scheuerman, Michelle W DHS Customer Advocate 703-742-2404 VA US
Scheye, James E DHS Mr. 202-282-9438 202-282-8679 DC US
Schiesl, Kevin M DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0977 202-447-0992 DC US
Schillinger, Ray M DHS Aerospace Engineer 609-813-2769 609-383-1973 NJ US
Schindler, Ralph G DHS Program Security Advisor 202-510-8401 VA US
Schiro, Daniel L DHS IA Security Engineer 202-357-1266 DC US
Schiro, Kenneth T DHS IT Spec- Executive Telecom Services 202-282-9800 202-282-
9324 DC US
Schiro1, Kenneth DHS IT Specialist- Executive Telecom Services 202-282-9800 202-
282-9324 DC US
Schlanger, Margo J DHS Officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 202-357-7765
Schliesske, Harold DHS Use Case Manager 703-235-4978 VA US
Schloer, Kelli N DHS Facilities Support 202-254-7057 DC US
Schmid, Patrick C DHS Deputy Branch Chief, Future Operations 202-282-8879 DC US
Schmidt, David G DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-906-9301 MI US
Schmidt, Emily S DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-2242 DC US
Schmidt, Lashawn R DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0785 VA US
Schmierer, Brian W DHS DHSTIER/Aspex Program Manager 202-447-5245 202-447-0061 DC
Schmitt, Sharon DHS Associate 202-357-8113 DC US
Schneickert, Kevin A DHS HSDN Deployment Engineer 703-803-4909 VA US
Schneider, David S DHS Agent 202-282-8119 561-688-3909 DC US
Schneider, Drew DHS Deputy Director of Local Affairs 202-447-3902 DC US
Schneider, Eric DHS Associate Director for Watch & Warning 703-235-5334 VA US
Schneider, Laurie DHS IV&V Project Manager 202-447-0978 DC US
Schneider, Matthew A DHS Analyst 202-254-6036 DC US
Schneider, Thomas DHS Contractor 202-282-8323 DC US
Schober, James H DHS Deployment Engineer 703-968-1731 VA US
Schoene, Thomas DHS Open Source Specialist 202-282-9874 202-447-3074 DC US
Schoenleber, Tracy DHS Senior Program Mgr VA US
Schoettinger, Daniel G DHS Contracting Officer 571-357-2224 202-254-6402 DC US
Scholbe, Christopher DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-285-3934 VA US
Scholten, Megan B DHS Admin Assistant, Human Capital 202-254-7076 202-254-7576 DC
Schomburg, Paul DHS Sr. Project Manager 703-603-4669 VA US
Schoonmaker, Sonny DHS Senior Personnel Security Analyst 202-447-5942 202-220-9143
Schopfer, Carl J DHS Health Physicist 212-620-2040 NY US
Schrank, Michael DHS 703-983-5784 703-983-1339 VA US
Schreiber, Tracy J DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8146 VA US
Schriner, Laura DHS VA US
Schroeder, Richard DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3060 202-282-8803 DC
Schulman, Dana E DHS Government Watch Officer 202-612-1684 DC US
Schultheis, Mark E DHS 703-803-4799 DC US
Schultz, Andrea DHS Commercial Facilities Sector 703-603-5134 VA US
Schumacher, Steven DHS DC US
Schumann, Kelly DHS Ms. 202-536-9698 DC US
Schuster, Adam DHS Special Programs Branch Chief 202-447-4603 DC US
Schutta, Christopher DHS Microbiologist 631-323-3182 631-323-3097 NY US
Schwalm, Chris DHS Technical Manager 202-357-7733 DC US
Schwartz, Alan R DHS Tradecraft Advisor 202-447-4659 DC US
Schwartz, Alison DHS White House Liaison 202-282-9184 DC US
Schwartz, David DHS 631-323-3253 NY US
Schwartz, Efraim DHS 201-587-9045 NJ US
Schweigart, Bill DHS Commercial Facilities SSA 703-603-5148 703-603-5190 VA US
Schweinsberg, Norbert M DHS DNDO - Maritime Mission Management 202-254-7345 202-
254-7455 DC US
Schwettman, Sarah DHS HSIN Program Office 202-357-7882 DC US
Schwizer, Leah DHS HIFLD to the Regions 202-579-0958 NC US
Sciullo, Luca J DHS Contractor 703-216-3788 VA US
Scoble, Joy D DHS Information Technology Security Specialist 202-357-6172 DC US
Scofield, Eva DHS CAPT (USN) 703-235-5285 703-235-5887 VA US

Scott, Ari DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-8218 DC US

Scott, Benjamin E DHS IT SPECIALIST 202-357-6176 DC US
Scott, Brian DHS Deputy Director, Partnership and Outreach Division 703-603-5012
Scott, Chrishonna DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-4874 202-282-8306 DC US
Scott, Courtney C DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9247 202-282-8008 DC US
Scott, David W DHS RPO\NDD support 202-612-1155 DC US
Scott, Irma L DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-6836 202-254-6911 DC US
Scott, Jannah DHS 202-646-4317 202-646-2689 DC US
Scott, Jean DHS Management and Program Anaylst 202-786-9888 DC US
Scott, Jerome DHS Human Resources Specialist (IS) 202-357-8490 202-357-8474 DC US
Scott, Joseph L DHS Apex STORE support 202-254-5659 DC US
Scott, Justin A DHS Mgt. Program Analyst 202-663-5456 VA US
Scott, Melvin L DHS 202-447-5088 DC US
Scott, Michael B DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5623 202-447-5564 DC US
Scott, Sophia R DHS Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) 202-447-0979 DC
Scott II, James A DHS IT Service Desk Analyst IN US
Scovel, Catherine E DHS Geospatial Analyst 202-447-3605 DC US
Scribner, Benjamin DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3672 703-235-5961 VA US
Scriven, Kendall T DHS Intelligence Analyst 571-350-4669 VA US
Scully, Brian DHS 202-447-4248 DC US
Scurlock, Antonio DHS Deputy Director for Watch and Warning 703-235-8866 VA US
Seaberry, Joseph DHS Information Technology Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5815 VA
Seale, Brandon DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-4323 DC US
Seale, Mary Ellen DHS Deputy Director, National Cybersecurity Center 703-235-5182
703-235-5673 VA US
Seals, Kimberly D DHS Physical Security Analyst 228-813-3382 228-813-4215 MS US
Seaman, Matthew DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0457 DC US
Seamon Jr, Albert DHS System Engineer 202-447-5305 202-447-0148 DC US
Searcy, Malcolm DHS HR Personnel Security Officer 703-235-1480 VA US
Seay, Linda DHS Cyber Forensic Investigator 202-254-6444 202-254-6403 (U) DC US
Sechrest, Joanne B DHS Team Lead, Training and Exercise 703-235-5696 VA US
Seckel, Josh DHS 202-357-1206 DC US
Seckinger, Ron DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8380 DC US
Secor, Merideth DHS Risk Management and Analysis Intern 202-343-1782 DC US
Security - Glebe Rd DHS Security Desk 703-235-5458 703-235-5412 VA US security-
Securitytechsupport DHS Security Tech Support mailbox DC US
Seegar, James F DHS Helpdesk 703-674-2610 VA US

Seeholzer, Roger V DHS Cybersecurity Strategy Program Manager 202-357-6181 202-

357-6197 DC US
Segal, Morris B DHS solutions 703-819-9997 DC US

Segar, Wendi DHS Program Specialist 202-447-4224 202-447-3464 DC US
Sehgal, Prashant DHS 202-447-5082 DC US
Seidel, Jimmy L DHS Special Agent 303-462-9376 CO US
Seider, Aaron D DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4432 DC US
Seidler, Phyllis DHS Consultant 202-447-3700 202-447-3462 non-secure DC US
Seidling, Kurt DHS Director, Supply Chain Risk Management 703-235-3655 VA US
Seifarth, William H DHS EMS Analyst 202-254-6077 202-254-2295 DC US
Seifert, Katherine DHS 703-235-9306 VA US
Seifullah, Tariq R DHS Assistant Director of Congressional Actions 202-612-1954
Seitz, Alan J DHS PSA 401-528-4400 401-528-4499 RI US
Seitz, Rachel DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4459 DC US
Selden, Troy J DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-8626 202-254-6165 DC US
Selim, George DHS Policy Advisor 202-282-9544 DC US
Selk, Stephen J DHS Senior Compliance Officer (Acting) 703-603-4670 VA US
Sells, Cecilia C DHS 202-282-9866 DC US
Seltzer, Betty D DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8543 DC US
Semiatin, Barbara DHS Chief Accountant 202-254-7079 DC US
Seminara, Cheryl A DHS Program Manager; Policy, Plans, and Outreach 202-357-8139
202-357-8471 DC US
Sen, Subhash DHS Enterprise Architect 202-282-8838 DC US
Senf, Taylor DHS Systems Engineer 703-983-6261 VA US
Senfaute, Jocelyn DHS Contractor PM 202-254-6115 DC US
Senior, Susan J DHS 703-742-1699 VA US
Senkier, Scott DHS LT 202-447-0284 DC US
Sennetti, Suzannah M DHS Analyst 202-254-7352 DC US
Senninger, David J DHS Inspector UT US
Senthilkumar, Saravanakumar DHS Sr. Consultant 202-254-7210 DC US
Sents, Amy DHS Volunteer Scholar 202-254-2392 DC US
Sepeta, Arthur R DHS Arthur Sepeta 202-447-3984 202-612-1935 DC US
Sepulveda, Roberto DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5953 DC US
Serafin, Andrew J DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4263 DC US
Serio, Salvatore DHS Helpdesk Technical Support 202-447-3595 DC US
Sese, Al N DHS Director, NCSD Acquisition 703-235-5689 VA US
Sesker, Joyce DHS Administrative Specialist 202-357-7617 DC US
Sessa, Eric DHS Program Specialist 202-612-1650 DC US
Sessa, Rhonda DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8259 202-357-8295 DC US
Sessoms, Kenneth E DHS Supply Management Specialist 202-447-3858 202-282-8106 DC
Sethi, Mohan DHS Information Assurance Engineer 202-357-1248 DC US
Sethi, Sushma DHS Sr Tech Analyst 703-603-4671 VA US
Seto, Benjamin DHS DC1 Project Office 228-813-4843 MS US
Setser, Bradly G DHS Mr. 703-647-8072 VA US
Settles, Andria DHS Deputy Director, EPS 202-447-0830 DC US
Setzer, David M DHS Sr. Programmer 919-790-9895 NC US
Seubert, George DHS Senior Asst. Security Specialisti 202-282-8438 202-282-8416 DC
Severs, Dewey L DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2760 TX US

Sewell, William K DHS Shipping & Receiving Manager 434-374-3526 VA US
Sewer, Kelly DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-3024 DC US
Sexton, Klaus DHS CS&C Director of Acquisitions 703-235-5474 VA US
Seybold, Jena L DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8138 VA US
Seymour, Gwendolyn J DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Sferrazza, Philip J DHS Project Manager 631-323-3048 NY US
Sgaggero, Rachel DHS Employee & Labor Relations Specialist 703-235-2235 VA US
Shabat, Matthew DHS Deputy Chief of Staff, NCSD 703-235-5338 VA US
Shackleford, Jeffrey DHS Preparedness Manager 703-235-9307 VA US
Shafer, Diane C DHS Lead Brief, IP Executive Briefing Team 703-235-2500 VA US
Shaffer, Bernard DHS Security Engineer 434-374-3569 VA US
Shaffer, Matthew E DHS IT-ISAC Representative VA US
Shaffer-Hardy, Remayl L DHS 202-447-3905 DC US remayl.shaffer-
Shahan, David N DHS SETA SUPPORT 202-254-2221 202-254-6167 DC US
Shaheen, Erum DHS Oracle DBA 703-481-3699 DC US

Shakeer, Ameer DHS VTC Technician 202-612-1179 202-447-0688 DC US
Shalev, Moshe DHS Support Veterinrain 631-323-3338 888-577-4171 NY US
Shambayati, Sohaila DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5055 VA US
Shank, Joan F DHS Senior Consultant 410-695-0670 410-695-0670 VA US
Shanley, William DHS K-9 Officer DC US
Shannon, John A DHS Systems Architecture Analyst 202-254-7264 202-254-7747 DC US
Shannon, Ramona L DHS Administrative Officer 703-603-4672 VA US
Shannon, Robert DHS Safety/Security Specialist 631-323-3021 631-323-3001 NY US
Shannon, Toni DHS Application Relocation Lead 202-824-7611 DC US
Shannon Estep, Iris M DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-5786 DC US
Shapiro, Maxim G DHS System Analyst 202-357-8449 DC US
Sharareh, Shane S DHS Sr Financial Analyst 202-477-5850 DC US
Sharma, Daniel PA DHS IT Project Manager 703-235-5561 VA US
Sharma, Davinder DHS SR. Deployment tech 703-235-4993 VA US
Sharma, Keyur DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5154 703-603-5190 VA US
Sharma, Sanjeev K DHS
Sharp, Becca L DHS Executive Director HSAC 202-282-8047 DC US
Sharp, Jillian C DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3327 DC US
Sharp, Sharon L DHS Editor/Writer 410-417-0913 410-417-0915 MD US
Sharp, Thomas DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7766 202-357-1187 DC US
Sharpe, Jamell DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5037 202-447-5822 DC US
Sharpe, Shameka L DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-8242 VA US
Sharpless, Woodie DHS ESDO PMO Support 202-447-0107 DC US
Shashaty, Joseph E DHS CSC/Tech. Arch. Ldr. || CIKR ISE Requirements Mgr. 703-908-
7016 703-248-0745 VA US
Shaughnessy, Terrence P DHS Cyber Threat Analyst, Analysis Branch 703-235-5111
Shaughnessy, Tim DHS Technical Advisor 202-447-0908 202-447-0520 DC US
Shaulis, Kevin DHS DHS-OPS-Future Ops 202-282-9506 202-612-1773 DC US
Shavatt, Arthur DHS Systems Administrator 703-683-4599 FL US
Shavatt, Stephanie SS DHS Sr. Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5373 202-447-
5873 DC US
Shaw, Adrian DHS LAN Deskside Support Technician 202-282-9018 DC US
Shaw, Bruce W DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5775 202-447-5310 DC US
Shaw, Mary A DHS Analyst 703-603-5106 VA US
Shaw, Michele DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5549 VA US
Shaw, Nai-Chung DHS 202-447-3240 DC US
Shaw, Patrick DHS Protective Security Advisor 216-525-6502 216-706-4445 OH US
Shaw, Rachel C DHS Component Liaison Officer 202-612-1642 DC US
Shaw, Robert S DHS Logistics Lead 703-647-8053 703-647-8250 VA US
Shaw, Sara DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9817 DC US
Shawyer, Tracy A DHS Program Information Specialist 703-603-5025 VA US
Shea, Michelle DHS Education, Training and Outreach Specialist 703-603-5172 VA
Shea, Monica M DHS HSIN Mission Advocate NV US

Shebell, Peter DHS Standards Policy Manager 202-254-5706 DC US
Shedrick, Luis A DHS Security Specialist 202-697-0853 DC US
Sheehan, Daniel M DHS Communication Center Opr 202-282-8300 202-828-8401 DC US
Sheehan, Donna DHS Administrative Specialist 609-813-3042 609-813-3314 NJ US
Sheftel, Robert A DHS 703-254-5773 DC US
Sheikh, Fazal DHS SETA 202-254-8297 DC US
Sheinbaum, Charlotte B DHS Analyst 703-603-5153 VA US
Shell, Alvin DHS Branch Chief, Force Protection 202-359-4324 DC US
Shellaway, Ruby DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-8943 DC US
Shelton, Scott DHS International Program Specialist 202-282-9376 DC US
Shelton, Simona DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5306 202-447-0250 or 5310 DC US
Shelton, Thomas R DHS I&A Representative 210-967-7919 TX US
Shenouda, Emad DHS Protective Security Advisor 313-720-8215 313-226-3952 VA US
Shepard, Mike DHS Program Manager - Standoff Detection Programs 202-254-5325 DC
Shepeck, Tina C DHS Cyber Security 703-968-1295 VA US
Shepherd, Dave DHS Mr. 202-254-5897 202-254-5397 DC US
Shepherd, Ronald DHS Sr. Project Manager 703-603-4673 VA US
Sheppard, Bobby DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3272 DC US
Sheppard, Edward J DHS Sr. Intelligence Operations Specialist 915-760-2442 915-
760-2306 DC US
Sheppard, Edward 1 DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3421 DC US
Sheridan, Michael DHS Performance Advisor 202-254-6734 DC US
Sherman, Karen O DHS Senior Writer/Editor 703-235-8123 VA US
Sherman, Todd J DHS 202-282-9034 DC US
Sherrill, Nolan DHS IMO 202-447-4504 DC US
Sherrod, Ashley DHS Security Specialist 1-877-807-7230 DC US
Sherry, Peggy DHS Deputy CFO 202-447-5751 DC US
Sherwood, John F DHS Analyst 703-603-5055 VA US

Sherwood, Thomas F DHS COMSEC Auditor 540-542-4098 VA US
Shick, Laura DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 202-603-3517 202-343-4241 DC
Shields, Amy E DHS Analyst 703-235-8168 VA US
Shields, Fazida DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5132 VA US
Shields, Leo F DHS Senior Software Engineer 413-494-3044 MA US
Shields, Peter DHS Intern NSS CISO Team 202-447-4176 DC US

Shifflett, Deloris DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-4225 703-235-4980 VA US
Shigenaga, Debbie DHS Senior Contract Specialist 202-447-0218 202-447-5564 DC US
Shimer, Caitlin DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4653 DC US
Shin, Jason S DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 202-447-4530 DC US
Shin, Laura S DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9964 DC US
Shinew, Debora J DHS Support Clerk 434-374-3514 VA US
Shinew, Terrance DHS Infrastructure Specialist 434-374-3516 VA US
Shipley, Thomas G DHS ICAO National Protection and Programs Directorate 703-603-
5048 VA US
Shipman, Ronald P DHS Chief, Collection Management Br 202-447-4607 DC US
Shipp, Thomas DHS NICC SWO 202-282-9201 VA US
Shipper, Christopher DHS Security Specialist/Enrollment Official DC US
Shirk, Tom M DHS INRO Liason 703-808-1872 VA US
Shiver, Timmy DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-657-7755 GA US
Shivnen, Jeff DHS Plans, Policy & Outreach Lead 202-612-1688 DC US
Shlossman, Amy DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-282-9116 DC US
Shmirkin, Vadim DHS 202-343-2535 DC US
Shoaff, Michael DHS Reports Officer 202-570-5229 FL US
Shoedel, Deborah DHS 202-447-4220 DC US
Shogren, Sarah DHS Continuity & Exercise Branch Support 202-447-3804 DC US
Sholhead, John DHS Chief Financial Officer 202-254-2243 DC US
Shomo, Lawrence P DHS Senior PKI Engineer 202-357-1271 202-357-1299 DC US
Shora, Kareem DHS Section Lead, Community Engagement 202-357-6262 DC US
Shora, Nawar DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-6275 DC US
Shore, Stacy DHS Acting Chief, Case Resolution Unit 202-357-8397 DC US
Short, Samuel DHS APCP Program Manager 202-447-0611 202-447-5310 DC US
Short, Victoria DHS Director Director (DOAD) 202-447-5485 202-447-5564 DC US
Shorte, Cecil J DHS Project Manager 202-254-5348 202-254-1680 DC US
Shorter, Carrie Y DHS Receptionist 202-254-5820 DC US
Shotzberger, Benjamin DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-6049 DC US
Shousterman, Tali DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-282-9417 DC US
Shrestha, Meera DHS Chief IT OHA 202-254-2328 202-254-5625 DC US
Shuchart, Scott DHS Senior Advisor 202-357-7676 DC US
Shuler, Judy DHS 202-447-5577 202-447-0020 DC US
Shumway, Leslee DHS PM 202-254-5628 202-254-5394 DC US
Shuster, Jeff DHS Analyst 703-235-1656 VA US
Shuttleworth, Steven S DHS Stennis/DHS Project Manager 228-813-4871 MS US
Sibert, Robert DHS 202-254-5344 703-254-6164 DC US
Sibick, Keith DHS Senior Programming Officer 202-447-3096 DC US
Sibick, Leslie DHS Deputy Director for Planning, NCCIC 703-235-5865 VA US
Sickbert, Matthew DHS Analyst 703-235-3046 VA US
Sickinger, Chelsea DHS Intern 202-447-0478 DC US
Sidhu, Richanjit S DHS SharePoint Farm Administrator 202-254-2329 DC US
Siedel, Thomas DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5971 DC US

Siefert, Katherine F DHS Manager 703-908-7012 VA US
Sieg, David S DHS System Engineer 202-254-6099 DC US
Siegel, Jordana DHS 703-235-5183 VA US
Siem, Ken W DHS Software Engineer 703-733-3440 VA US

Sierze, Richard D DHS PSA 415-281-4783 415-744-9051 CA US

Sigler, William DHS SRO, Eastern Lead 202-282-9955 DC US

Sihag, Christine L DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0767 DC US
Sikhammountry, Sheila DHS Applications Systems Analyst 703-289-4550 VA US
Sikka, Reita DHS Self Check PM 202-604-8056 DC US

Sill, Charles F DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8928 DC US
Sill, Dennis R DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4674 703-603-4712 VA US

Sill, Karen E DHS HR Security Officer 202-357-8509 DC US

Sill III, Charles A DHS EMOC Manager 228-813-4840 MS US
Sills, Noel E DHS Deputy Branch Chief/SSO 202-254-7788 DC US

Sills, Robert O DHS Service Desk Analyst 919-424-5682 NC US
Silva, Mary DHS Sr. Procurement Analyst 202-447-5660 DC US
Silver, Mariko DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Policy 202-282-
9811 DC US
Silveri, Bryan DHS 703-235-2554 VA US
Silverman, Aaron N DHS Program Analyst/Consultant 703-235-8169 VA US
Silverman, Nan DHS Pilot Execution Manager 202-254-7434 202-254-7749 DC US
Silverthorne, Jonathan O DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8459 DC US
Sim, John DHS Senior Analyst 202-254-8229 202-254-8240 DC US
Simanski, John DHS Chief, Communications Division 202-786-9889 202-786-9910 DC US
Simcock, Matthew J DHS 202-447-4506 DC US
Simcock, Michael DHS PM/ Enterprise Data Architect 202-447-3740 202-447-3874 DC US
Simkol, Joel DHS Architect 202-233-0278 DC US
Simmons, Caroline B DHS Director of Special Projects 202-447-3432 DC US
Simmons, Gregory DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-5631 202-254-6910 DC US
Simmons, James J DHS USCert Budget 703-677-6774 DC US
Simmons, Larry DHS Maritime Mission Management Analyst 202-254-7450 202-254-7455
Simmons, Michael DHS 202-617-0918 202-282-9072 DC US
Simmons, Nicholas DHS Deputy Military Assistant 202-282-8251 DC US
Simmons, Robin A DHS 202-447-3944 DC US
Simmons, Veronica S DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9651 202-447-3615 DC US
Simmons, Yvette M DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6062 DC US
Simms, Almeta DHS Assoicate 703-235-9386 VA US
Simms, Mark DHS VA US
Simon, Ayinde H DHS Officer DC US
Simon, Eddie L DHS Principal Communications Systems Engineer/ Project Manager 202-
447-3003 202-282-9505 DC US
Simon, Jonathan DHS Watch Officer 202-323-4641/4613 DC US

Simon, Lewis DHS Procurement Technician 202-254-7029 DC US

Simon, Lisa DHS HR Specialist (Employee Benefits) 202-495-8060 202-357-8462 DC US
Simoneaux, Thomas J DHS Wintel Sys Admin 228-813-4205 MS US
Simons, John DHS ATSAC OLE/FAMS 202-324-9614 DC US
Simons, Richard J DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0318 DC US
Simons, Ronald M DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-3580 DC US
Simpson, Charlotte J DHS Contracting & Acquisition Advisor (Policy) 703-235-2247
Simpson, Scott DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5661 DC US

Sims, Andrew DHS 703-603-5202 VA US

Sims, Cedric D DHS Program Security Officer 202-254-5634 202-254-6402 DC US
Sims, Cedric J DHS Executive Director, Acquisition Program Management 202-343-4510
202-343-4550 DC US
Sims, Karen DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5163 DC US
Sims, Taylor DHS Geospatial Manager 703-506-9515 VA US
Sinclair, Michael R DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-4163 DC US
Sindhi, Ruchika DHS Senior Consultant VA US

Sines, Phillip B DHS SharePoint Consultant VA US
Singh, Harinder DHS Real Property Support Contractor 202-254-6832 202-254-5671 DC
Singh, Jagdip DHS UNIX Engineer 703-742-2693 VA US
Singh, Shikha DHS Business Processing Analyst 202-357-8328 202-357-8480 DC US
Single, Lois DHS Executiive Assistant/SSR 410-417-0902 410-417-0915 MD US
Singletary, Alberta DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-4214 DC US
Singleton, Andrew DHS SR. Configuration Manager 202-357-1296 DC US
Singleton, Kathy L DHS Dir, Office of Financial Operations 202-447-5301 202-447-
5118 DC US
Sink, Carol G DHS Transition Program Manager 202-447-5922 DC US
Siple, Roy DHS 703-284-6620 VA US
Siraseranant, Niti DHS Lead Associate 202-343-2510 DC US
Sirois, Brian DHS Analyst 703-235-8520 VA US
Sitkoff, Charles DHS Program Coordinator - Transportation Security 202-254-2308
Sjoberg, Cynthia DHS Chief, Identity Management Division 202-245-1114 DC US
Skelley, Patrick L DHS Budget Specialist 202-447-0833 202-447-5335 DC US
Skelly, Lawrence DHS Program Manager 202-254-5718 202-254-6179 DC US
Skey, Charlotte DHS Sr. Economist 202-282-9448 202-447-3111 DC US
Skinner, Joanne DHS Financial Managment Analyst 202-447-5213 202-447-5828 DC US
Skinner, Tevick DHS Deputy Network Operations Manager 202-282-8886 DC US
Skinner, Timothy DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7788 DC US
Skipper, Cutina DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-4327 DC US
Skonovd, Matthew DHS Director, West Region 916-468-3060 916-874-6180 CA US
Skoric, Vladimir DHS Special Assistant 202-282-1942 DC US
Skrivanek, Aaron J DHS ACAMS Business Analyst 703-679-6394 VA US
Skrzypkowiak, Stephen S DHS System Engineer 727-776-2354 727-343-5625 FL US
Slade, Margaret L DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0188 202-447-5118 DC US
Slaton, Anthony DHS Comsec Custodian DC US
Slaton, Caleb DHS Analyst, PSCD 703-235-9420 VA US
Slaybaugh, Bradley DHS Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Slaybaugh, James DHS US Cert 703-235-5012 VA US
Slaybaugh, Timothy L DHS Digital Media Analyst 703-235-5146 VA US
Sledjeski, Chris L DHS 202-447-3285 DC US
Sleeper, Charles DHS Test and Evaluation Coordinator, GRaDER Program Coordinator
202-254-7507 202-254-7749 DC US
Slle DHS State & Local Law Enforcement 202-612-1125 DC US
Sloan, Andrew DHS Mission Advocate 505-916-1650 877-678-0475 NM US
Sloan, Matthew G DHS Java Developer DC US
Slovik, Gregory DHS General Engineer 202-254-7222 202-254-7749 DC US
Slusher, Greg H DHS Executive Program Support (EPS) 202-447-5288 DC US
Sluss, Rodney S DHS watch officer 202-282-9262 202-282-8782 DC US
Small, Bobby J DHS 202-282-8109 DC US
Smalls, Alethea DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8313 DC US
Smalls, Lendsey DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4392 DC US
Smayda, Lora Beth DHS 703-235-5811 VA US
Smidt, Geraldine DHS Program Analyst 202-254-2396 202-254-6915 DC US
Smiley, Dennis DHS Executive Director, Enterprise Acq 202-447-5553 202-447-5550 DC
Smislova, Melissa DHS Associate Deputy Under Secretary for Analysis 202-282-9333
Smith, Alice A DHS Governance Lead 202-447-0364 DC US
Smith, Allison M DHS Acquisition Project Manager 202-447-5594 202-447-5693 DC US
Smith, Allison G DHS Program Manager 202-254-2357 DC US
Smith, Angela D DHS 202-757-8590 DC US
Smith, Anthony B DHS Supervisory Security Specialist 202-447-5348 202-447-5312 DC
Smith, Antoinita T DHS ISO Learning Development Specialist 202-357-6170 202-357-
6198 DC US
Smith, Austin DHS Executive Director Interagency Security Committee 703-603-5128
Smith, Barry T DHS Physicist 609-813-2844 NJ US
Smith, Bradley T DHS Investment Strategist 202-254-6057 202-254-6165 DC US
Smith, Brent A DHS 202-254-7116 DC US
Smith, Brian K DHS Management/ Program Analyst 202-254-6919 DC US
Smith, Bryan J DHS Technical Consultant 434-374-3918 VA US
Smith, Carolyn DHS SLA Mgmt 703-742-2724 VA US

Smith, Cheryl D DHS Staff Accountant 202-254-7041 DC US

Smith, Christopher D DHS Manager, Mitigation and Response Systems Division 609-
813-2707 NJ US
Smith, Clark DHS Director, ISIEMD 202-282-8973 202-282-8804 DC US
Smith, Darrell DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1730 DC US
Smith, Dominique N DHS Project Control Specialist 202-447-5852 DC US
Smith, Douglas U DHS Program Analyst - Construction 202-254-5618 202-254-6180 DC
Smith, Douglas A DHS Assistant Secretary 202-447-3146 202-282-9207 DC US
Smith, Douglas M DHS 202-254-5604 DC US
Smith, Earl DHS Explosives Division SETA Support 202-254-6024 202-254-5396 DC US
Smith, Edward L DHS Contract Support 202-357-7844 DC US
Smith, Erik DHS Knowledge Manager 202-282-9797 DC US
Smith, Erva L DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-603-6522 NM US
Smith, Evelyn N DHS Acquisition Analyst 202-254-2297 DC US
Smith, George R DHS DoD Advisor to DHS 202-612-1142 (NAC) DC US
Smith, Gerald L DHS Communications Network Manager DC US
Smith, Glenn A DHS Communication/Network Engineer 202-282-9200 DC US
Smith, Harrison DHS Associate Director 202-447-0445 DC US

Smith, Ike K DHS 202-447-3250 DC US

Smith, Iris E DHS HR Specialist (Benefits) 202-577-5151 202-357-8462 DC US
Smith, James B DHS security officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Smith, Jamil L DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-2389 DC US
Smith, Jeffrey R DHS SSO 202-282-8362 202-282-8279 DC US
Smith, Jeromy C DHS COTR Progam Manager 202-343-2526 DC US

Smith, Jessica DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0733 202-447-5144 DC US
Smith, Joe C DHS Asset Manager 919-424-5452 919-424-9858 NC US
Smith, John W DHS Classification Management Specialist 202-254-7226 202-254-7759
Smith, Joseph DHS Security Officer 202-282-9700 DC US
Smith, Joseph B DHS associate network engineer 703-674-3964 DC US
Smith, Judith M DHS Lead Systems Engineer 202-942-3095 DC US
Smith, Kenneth J DHS MASINT Technical Collections Officer 202-447-3067 202-447-
3068 DC US
Smith, Kevin DHS Program Manager (MITRE//SEDI) 703-983-2990 VA US
Smith, Kyle N DHS Project Coordinator 585-610-3818 DC US
Smith, Latacha M DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4294 DC US
Smith, Luke DHS Production Specialist 703-235-2500 VA US
Smith, Martin F DHS Director, Natl Security Systems Program 202-331-0629 DC US
Smith, Marty J DHS Protective Security Advisor FL US
Smith, Matthew Z DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-6152 202-357-6197 DC US
Smith, Matthew C DHS Special Agent DC US
Smith, Maurice DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Smith, Megan DHS Financial Resources Analyst 703-235-2126 703-235-2051 VA US
Smith, Michael B DHS Director DHS Strategic Sourcing 202-447-5562 202-447-5564 DC
Smith, Michael D DHS ISSO 202-254-2233 DC US

Smith, Michael R DHS Deputy Security Compliance Manager 202-357-1223 202-357-1299

Smith, Michael W DHS PPIS Operations Task Lead 703-603-5077 703-603-5098 VA US
Smith, Michael DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Smith, Mike C DHS DepDir, Federal Network Security 703-235-5199 703-235-5961 VA US
Smith, Monique L DHS Budget analyst 703-235-1491 VA US
Smith, Natalie N DHS Project Control Specialist 703-466-2545 VA US
Smith, Pamela DHS Data Center Program Manager 202-447-5584 DC US
Smith, Patricia L DHS DC US
Smith, Paul N DHS DC2 - Unix systems administrator 434-374-3513 VA US
Smith, Peter DHS Network Tech 228-813-4802 MS US

Smith, Randall DHS HOC Staff 202-282-9200 DC US

Smith, Ray G DHS Computer Scientist NC US

Smith, Richard S DHS 202-447-0934 DC US
Smith, Richard T DHS NCPS IT Specialist 850-452-7570 850-452-8701 FL US
Smith, Richard B DHS Technical Lead, CIKR Information Sharing Environment 703-603-
5082 VA US
Smith, Robert DHS OEC External Affairs 202-343-1648 DC US
Smith, Rochele DHS Program Analyst 202-254-8634 DC US
Smith, Romeo D DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5927 202-358-2025 DC US
Smith, Ronald L DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9142 202-282-8807 DC US
Smith, Ronesia L DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-245-1109 202-282-9055 DC US
Smith, Sabrina DHS Communications and Strategic Planning Program Manager 202-357-
8251 DC US
Smith, Samantha R DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9355 VA US
Smith, Sandra L DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3466 DC US
Smith, Stephan DHS CIP CS Consultant 703-235-4081 VA US
Smith, Stephanie K DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-3798 202-447-3713 DC US
Smith, Stephen P DHS Deputy Program Manager VA US
Smith, Stephen DHS Electronics Security Tech 631-323-3024 NY US
Smith, Susan I DHS Deputy Chief, Risk Development and Modeling Branch 202-447-3012
Smith, Tammy J DHS Security Sepcialist 202-447-5687 202-447-5897 DC US
Smith, Thomas DHS MPA - Intern 202-447-0854 DC US
Smith, Timothy L DHS Program Manager / Engineer 202-254-7297 DC US
Smith, Timothy R DHS Senior Logistics Analyst 202-343-4564 DC US
Smith, Traci H DHS Department of Labor Liaison to NOC 202-693-7512 202-693-7502 DC
Smith, Victor C DHS CBAT Production Specialist VA US
Smith, Victoria L DHS Department Head/Project Manager 202-357-6139 DC US
Smith, Vincent J DHS Branch Chief, CIPD 202-282-8019 DC US
Smith, Wayne A DHS DHS COR Manager / COMSEC Auditor 540-542-2970 540-542-2695 VA
Smith Funderburk, Teia D DHS QM Specialist 202-357-6171 DC US
Smith1, Stephanie DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5655 202-447-5873 DC
Smoliga, Jennifer A DHS Biosurety Officer 631-323-3367 NY US
Smoot, Meredith Lee DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5747 DC US
Smyth, Jaclyn DHS Sr. Program Analyst 202-447-0507 DC US
Sn, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-3844 DC US
Snare, Ross DHS Technical Integrator 202-254-7080 202-254-7456 DC US
Snavely, Michael J DHS 434-374-3545 VA US
Snell, Allison L DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4681 VA US
Sniffin, Todd DHS Senior Exercise Specialist 703-235-2519 VA US
Snow, Avie DHS Director, RMTO 202-447-0040 202-447-0061 DC US
Snowden, Chantia DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5318 202-447-5013 DC US
Snyder, Alan B DHS Homeland Security Analyst 703-465-5906 VA US
Snyder, Michael A DHS Contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton DC US
Snyder, Michael D DHS Commerce Inspection Branch Mgr 609-813-2764 609-383-1973 NJ
Snyder, Nathaniel L DHS Liaison for Community Partnership & Strategic Engagement
202-447-3367 DC US
Snyder, Parichart DHS Unarmed Officer 202-282-9951 WA US
Snyder, Summer DHS Business and Industry Specialist 202-527-2496 VA US
Snyder, Teresa E DHS Accountant/Internal Controls 202-254-5638 202-254-6163 DC US
Sobczyk, David A DHS Senior Advisor 202-447-4232 MD US
Sobel, Seth S DHS Analyst 703-235-5506 VA US
Sobel, Ted DHS Director, Physical Screening & Redress Policy 202-282-9570 DC US
Sobieraj, Sean C DHS Analyst 703-235-5304 VA US
Sobolewski, Elissa DHS SBIR Program Director 202-254-6768 202-254-5823 DC US
Socha, Marek P DHS DC2 - Technology Consultant 919-424-5479 NC US
Soehner, Timothy T DHS Security Authorization Analyst 228-813-3329 MI US
Sokolowski, Aleida DHS CS&C Budget Analyst 703-235-5406 VA US
Soles, Martha DHS Liaison Officer, Cyber Support Element 703-235-8868 VA US
Solheim, Linda DHS Acting Director, PSCD 703-235-9374 VA US
Soliday, Ted DHS SMS Program Manager 202-254-5331 DC US
Solobay, Justin DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5150 VA US
Solomon, Matthew D DHS Chief of Plans, US-CERT 703-235-5303 VA US
Solomon, Shanika DHS 202-254-7216 DC US
Solomon, Stephanie DHS Correspondence Assistant 202-357-8294 202-357-8295 DC US
Soloway, Colin DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4205 DC US
Somers, William R DHS HSIN desk officer 202-282-8808/9946 DC US
Somppi, Ian DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0222 DC US
Song, Youngsam DHS Incident Handler 703-235-8832 VA US
Sonnenberg, Richard C DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Sonnenfeld, Chad J DHS Information Security 202-357-7718 DC US
Sopko, Jeffrey D DHS Contractor 202-447-5633 DC US
Sorensen, Donald E DHS Automation Analyst 703-742-2816 703-733-3623 VA US
Soriano, Ulices DHS Functional Analyst 202-510-6183 DC US

Sorrells, Maranda DHS 202-282-8032 DC US

Sosa, Benjamin DHS Security Officer 631-323-3115 NY US
Sosa, Juan F DHS Operation Analysts 202-447-0842 202-447-0261 DC US
Soto, Jaclyn M DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9359 VA US
Soto, Jesus DHS Assistant Professor 202-685-4434 DC US
Soto, Ralph DHS Animal Caretaker 631-323-3291 NY US
Soto-Perez, Fernando DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-5345 DC US fernando.soto-
Soucy, Jonathan DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-834-5839 MO US
Soule, Kathryn B DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-447-3964 DC US
Sourinho, John DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-5436 703-235-5889 VA US
Southworth, Linda M DHS Human Resources Specialist 703-235-1501 703-235-2051 VA US
Sowell, Charlena DHS LMS Manager 202-357-8412 DC US
Soza, Liza D DHS LTJG 202-282-9262 DC US
Spaey, Marc DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0980 DC US
Spahn, Patrick DHS Program Manager (FFRDCs) 202-254-5722 202-254-5823 DC US
Spallin, Julie DHS Liaison Director (CANADA) 703-235-8128 VA US
Spangler III, Leonard L DHS Asset Management 321-454-4423 FL US
Spanier, Lee J DHS Bulk Team Lead 609-813-2732 NJ US
Spano, Robyn E DHS Human Capital Continuity Programs 202-357-8277 202-357-8293 DC
Spano, William DHS Project Manager 202-447-5671 DC US
Spanswick, Benjamin T DHS 703-603-5173 VA US
Spargur, Kevin DHS Security Engineer VA US
Sparks, Howard DHS Service Delivery Branch Manager 202-447-5712 DC US
Sparks, Paul J DHS Computer Scientist 703-235-8855 VA US
Spaulding, Kerry T DHS Protective Security Advisor 713-252-5471 TX US
Spaulding, Mary R DHS 202-254-6762 DC US
Spaziano, Marc E DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0648 DC US
Spear, Alan K DHS 202-254-7260 DC US
Spear, Jefferson P DHS C&A Professional 228-813-4817 MS US
Spear, Jon DHS IA Engineer, DHS NSS CISO 202-447-3987 (NAC) 202-282-8391 (NAC) DC
Spear, Quinta R DHS Director, Human Capital 202-447-3700 DC US
Spearman, Verdis W DHS Information Technology Management Specialist 703-235-5443
Spears, James DHS CWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Spears, Terri L DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8039 202-282-8679 DC US
Speckhard, Donna DHS Contractor 571-314-1619 VA US
Speer, James DHS SETA 202-254-6373 202-254-5393 DC US
Speer, Matthew DHS Intelligence Officer 605-367-5943 605-367-5945 SD US
Speight, Dennis DHS SECURITY OFFICER 202-282-8956 DC US
Speight, Renita K DHS EEO Assistant 202-254-8234 202-254-8242 DC US
Spence, Kevin R DHS Defense Research Analyst 202-254-2235 DC US
Spencer, Bill L DHS Chemical Compliance Inspector VA US
Spencer, James B DHS 202-282-8376 DC US
Spencer, Kevin L DHS Team Lead Security Monitor 202-282-9489 DC US
Spencer, Leonard DHS Technical Site Lead - 1201 New York Avenue 202-357-8418 DC
Spencer, Michael DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-4738 VA US
Spencer, Roxanne DHS 703-235-9541 VA US
Spencer, William P DHS Chief Weapons & Bombings Team 202-447-3118 STE 202-282-8807
Sper, Mary DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-4418 DC US
Sperka, Steve M DHS Sunflower Systems Contractor 202-306-8794 DC US
Spicka, Joshua DHS Program Manager 703-235-5355 VA US
Spiegel, James S DHS CSC Project Office Manager 228-813-4813 228-813-4135 MS US
Spires, Richard DHS CIO 202-343-2400 DC US
Spotswood, Elizabeth D DHS Assistant Lead, Project Execution Specialist 202-384-
5986 DC US
Spraggs, Paul F DHS 202-254-7290 DC US
Spragley, Yarral DHS enrollment official 202-577-9976 DC US