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KELAS : XI AK 1 / X AK 2 WAKTU : 50 menit

Situation: Mia will invite her close friend, 2. Julia must come at…. if she doesn’t want
Julia to her Wedding Day. to be late….
a. 9 a.m
Mia : “Hi, Julia. How is it going?” b. 10 a.m
Julia : “I’m good. And how about you? c. 9 p.m
Mia : “I’m fantastic Julia. Do you know? d. 10 p.m
This Saturday will be my Wedding e. 11 a.m
Julia : “Are you serious? What a good 3. ‘Will you come?’
news, Mia. Congratulation.” The above expression is included into the
Mia : “Thanks Julia. I would like to expression of….
invite you to my moment. Will you a. invitation
come?” b. introduction
Julia : “Of course my dear. I’ll be there. c. asking opinion
So tell me, where and when?” d. giving opinion
Mia : “It will be on Ocean Park Avenue, e. offering
at 9 a.m. Saturday morning.”
Julia : “Okay. I won’t come late.” 4. What is the dress code of Mia’s wedding?
Mia : “Thanks Julia. You are the best.” a. Formal.
Julia : “What is the costume?” b. Casual.
Mia : “That’s up to you. Make yourself c. Business.
pretty!” d. Princess.
Julia : “Alright. Do you mind if I’ll bring e. Fairy tale.
something special for you?”
Mia : “Oh…. It will be great.” 5. Rosa: “You look unhealthy, boy.”
Julia : “Ok. See you soon.” Sandy: “Yes, I get a headache and a
Mia : “Ok. Don’t be late!” stomachache.”
Julia : “Yups. I won’t be late.” Rosa: “You should go to a doctor. Come on,
I will accompany you.”
1. When will Mia get married? Sandy: “Ok.”
a. Friday The underlined words show….
b. Saturday a. agreement
c. Sunday b. disagreement
d. Monday c. suggestions
e. Thursday d. offer
e. opinion
Read the following dialogue to answer the 6. Who is the writer of the letter?
question number for 6 to 10. a. Lockwood.
b. Mayor of Lockwood.
c. Student of Lockwood Middle School.
Lockwood middle School d. Susan Haris.
307 Main Street e. Colling.
Lockwood, NJ 51686
7. What the subject is made a project by the
December 10, 2008 Lockwood students?
a. Unemployment.
Mrs. Jody Coling b. Poor demographic.
President c. Mental illness.
Lockwood Health Association d. Football match.
23 Main Street e. Criminal rate.
Lockwood, NJ
8. When will the presentation be held?
Dear Mrs. Coling, a. 15th of January.
My name is Susan Harris and I am writing b. 16th of January.
on behalf of student at Lockwood Middle c. 17th of January.
School. d. 18th of January.
A significant amount of the student at the e. 19th of January.
school have been working on a project
which relates to the unemployment problem 9. What kind of letter is it?
within the youth demographic of Lockwood. a. Invitation letter.
You are invited to attend a presentation that b. Suggestion letter.
will be held within the media room of the c. Advice letter.
school where a variety of proposals that will d. Shipment letter.
demonstrate the ability of the community to e. Announcement.
develop employment opportunities for the
youth within the community. 10. What a day must Mrs. Colling reply the
At the presentation, there will be several letter?
student receiving awards which will a. Sunday.
recognized them within the community from b. Monday.
the mayor. Refreshments will also be c. Tuesday.
available at the presentation. d. Wednesday.
As one of the prominent figures in the e. Thursday.
community, we would be honored by your
attendance. Our special presentation will be
held at our school auditorium on 16th of
January. Please reply by Monday 9th of
January to confirm your attendance to the
We look forward to seeing you there.

Ms. Susan Harris
Pete: “Would you like dinner with me The following text is for number 16 to 20.
Kate: “Thank you. I’d love to.” PT. CSL Indosejahtera
18 Jl T NyakArief Banda Aceh 23121
11. From the dialogue above we conclude
that…. 8 of June, 2014
a. Kate declines the invitation. Mr. Rakib
b. Pete wants to have dinner. General Manager
c. Kate loves Pete. PT. Rahmat Service
d. Pete invites Kate to have dinner together. Jl. Mayjen Suprapto 3
e. Pete make a date with Kate. Banda Aceh 23221

12. What the Underline sentence express? Dear Mr. Rakib,

a. Accepting invitation. It is a great honor for us to extend this
b. Refusing help. invitation to you. We would like to invite
c. Greeting. you and Ms. Rakib to celebrate our
d. Canceling invitation. company’ Anniversary.
e. Agreeing an appointment. We are going to have party to mark the tent
Anniversary of PT CSL Indosejahtera. The
13. Is Pete inviting Kate? Party to commemorate this special event
a. No, she doesn’t. will be held on 30 of June, 2014, Monday
b. Yes, he is. evening from 7:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m. at
c. Yes she isn’t. Hermes Room Hermes Hotel.
d. No, they aren’t. We hope that you and Mr. Rakib would be
e. Yes, it isn’t. available to come. We eagerly look forward
to seeing you both in our company’s
14. Yu’ul: “Would you like a cup of tea?” anniversary party.
Ipeh: “Yes, I want it.
The dialogue uses expression of….
a. offering help Yours sincerely,
b. accepting and refusing an appointment Alex Manuhutu
c. offering and accepting
d. make an appointment General Manager
e. refusing something SVP (0651)12345567
15. Coki: “Would you come with me to 1. Suit
Lia’s party?” 2. National/Night Dress.
Citra: “That would be nice. What’s time?”
From the underline sentence, we know
that…. 16. Where is the location of PT CSL
a. Citra doubt to go with Coki. Indosejahtera?
b. Coki ask for help to Citra. a. Medan.
c. Coki orders Citra to go with him. b. Lampung.
d. Citra asks Coki to go together. c. Banda Aceh.
e. Citra accepts Coki’s Invitation. d. Tanjungpinang.
e. Bandarlampung.
17. When will the party be held? off.* Doors open at 09:00 a.m. sharp.
a. 29th of June. Complimentary coffee and donuts will be
b. 30th of June. served. Public admission …. (23)
c. 1st of July. Commence at noon.
d. 2nd of July. In addition, please accept the enclosed $10
e. 3rd of July. gift certificate to use with your purchase of
$75 or more.
18. How old is PT CSL Indosejahtera when We look forward to seeing you at PJ’s on
the party is held? Saturday. Please bring this invitation with
a. 9 years old you and present it at the door.
b. 10 years old
c. 11 years old Sincerely,
d. 12 years old Linda Lane
e. 13 years old Store Manager

19. What is the position of Alex Manuhutu?

a. General Manager. 21. a. show
b. Sales Manager. b. shows
c. Production Manager. c. showed
d. Consume Manager. d. showing
e. Accounting Manager. e. showen

20. What kind of letter is it? 22. a. on

a. Announcement. b. in
b. Invitation letter. c. at
c. Complaint letter. d. by
d. Offering letter. e. buy
e. Obligation letter.
23. a. will
b. is
The following text is for number 21 to 23. c. am
PJ Party d. are
e. has
22 Yew Street, Cambridge, Ontario
Tel: 416-223-8900
4th of November, 2015 The following text is for number 24 to 25.
Dear Valued Customer:
Our records …. (21) That you have been a Dear all of students,
customer of PJ Party Inc. since our grand Each of us has different talents, different
opening last year. We would like to thank dreams, and different destination. We all
you for your business …. (22) Inviting you have the power to make a new tomorrow
to our preferred customer Spring with a great happiness. We, the Senior Class
Extravaganza next Saturday. of Campbellsburg High School, invite you
Saturday’s sales event is by invitation only. to join us School Anniversary on Friday 1st
All of our stock, including pajamas and of June 2011 at 06.30 p.m. at Hamilton
bedding will be marked down from 50-80% Auditorium Campbellsburg Arizona.
24. Where will the anniversary be held? of instant noodle, we will see the cooking
a. At high school. instruction also written in English. This
b. In the class room. transfer of science and technical will include
c. At the school yard. many countries in economic, social and
d. At Hamilton Auditorium. politics development.
e. At Madison Square.
25. “…. Invite you to join us….”
What does the underlined word mean? 26. The function of language is….
a. Ask. 27. The most spoken language in the world
b. Force. is….
c. Tell. 28. The English accent mentioned in the text
d. Persuade. above….
e. Command. 29. English has another function besides
communication, which is….
30. The main Opinion of the text above is…
B. Read the following text and answer the
questions! Read the following dialogue and then
answer the questions!
The Importance of Learning English
Joni : ”It’s a boring day.”
Language is tool of communication. Mostly Jono : “Why?”
groups of society have their own languages. Joni : ”I have a lot of homework.”
Some of them appear to be the top global Jono : “Me too. Could you come to my
languages. Most people in the world hear home tonight?”
about English, Arabic, and Mandarin. Joni : ”I’m sorry, I don’t think I can.”
However, English is the most global spoken Jono : “Why? You said that you had a lot
language. Then if a man wants to catch a of homework. Let’s learn together.”
global goal, he has to master English. Joni : ”I’m not feeling well. Maybe I will
Everyone recognizes that English is an not go to school tomorrow.”
international language. English is used in Jono : “Poor you. You’d better get some
writing and speaking by many people all rest.”
over the world. It can be either as a first or Joni : ”Thanks for you advices.”
second language. We even hear British, Jono : “You’re Welcome.”
American, Australian, and even Singaporean
English. Those various names of English are Questions:
used as the first language in those countries.
Furthermore, some countries have their own 31. What did Joni feel?
languages, as mother language but also use 32. Did Joni have a homework?
English mostly in daily communication. 33. Was Jono sick?
34. What was Joni’s suggestions to Jono?
Besides the usage in daily interaction, 35. Mention one expression of giving
English is also used as a key to open doors invitation based on the dialogue above!
leading to scientific and technical
knowledge. No wonder we find manual
guides and instruction of many devices
written in English. Even if we have a pack