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Corazon Dayro Ong

CDO Foodsphere Inc.

Unrelenting passion and persistence, the quality that led Corazon Ong to establish her business
empire. With the right amount of knowledge and systematic planning ger business can face any
problem she can’t solve. Corazon Ong was a simple homemaker that led her hobby to a successful
business. Aside from that, she is also a licensed dietician. So, what she did then, as part of her daily
routine is to prepare food for the family. Being a dietician, she keeps in mind the significance of a
balanced healthy meal to the body, so to make sure that her family will be getting the best meals,
she prepares them herself. Little did she knew, that this hobby of her will be the root of their
success. Because of her hobby of making and preparing of typical Filipino breakfast foods like
tocino, longganisa, and other easy-to-make processed food.

It was initially for the family only, but she noticed that many moms in their neighborhood also
likes these products, she started to sell out. She saw the need of these moms to prepare a quick-fix
yet healthy lunch for their kids, so to help them she started retailing small amounts of these
products. It was highly praised, and Corazon received a lot of positive feedbacks. Her persistence
to sell her products to her neighbors is one of the key reasons for her success. Her willingness to
do something innovative drove her hobby to one of the very successful family business in the

- Corazon D. Ong’s commitment towards her company is incomparable even after tragedies
struck her company, she is still committed towards her company. Her dedication on starting
her company is admirable for those who are thinking of starting a business, because all of her
success started out as a hobby. She is dedicated on making the best and nutritious food for her
family, she even sold her goods to her neighbors, and after receiving positive feedbacks she
thought it was a good idea to start a business from it, after that the rest is history.

Conceptual Competency

- Because of her hobby, her innovative move was her dedication on making foods and selling
it to her neighbors. She may have ingredients and a special recipe to her foods that made hers
so special that after selling her home-made tocinos and longganisas to her neighbors, she
received positive feedbacks. Her decision on borrowing money from the bank is one of the
best decisions she made in her life because if she didn’t borrow money from the bank, the
CDO we know, and love may not be the business we know today.

Opportunity Competency

- Because of the opportunity she saw, she took advantage of it by selling her home-made goods
to her neighbors. She knew that the moms from her neighborhood are always busy and are
unable to prepare nutritious foods to their families, she took that opportunity by selling ready-
to-cook breakfast foods like tocinos and longganisas. She identified the need of her fellow
moms from her neighborhood, and because of this she captured the opportunity and made a
business out of it.