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Reading and Writing 3 Q: Skills for Success

Unit 1 Student Book Answer Key Second Edition

The Q Classroom feel more comfortable. I usually ask

Activity A., p. 2 them where they are from or what
Answers will vary. Possible answers: hobbies they have. Sometimes we
1. honesty, kindness, intelligence, guess about what our new teacher is
sense of humor going to be like.
2. dress nicely, smile, be polite Activity C., p. 5
3. The people are at a meeting in an Answers will vary.
office. The woman is about to speak
her co-workers. She’s leading the WORK WITH THE READING
meeting. The people sitting down Activity B., p. 8
are her co-workers. They’re listening 1. f
to her speak. 2. i
Activity B., p. 3 3. b
Marcus: b. comb my hair, h. wear 4. d
nice clothes 5. a
Yuna: a. be polite, g. smile 6. e
Felix: e. pay attention, f. remember 7. g
people’s names 8. c
Sophy: c. have confidence, d. keep 9. j
eye contact 10. h
Vocabulary Skill Review, p. 8
PREVIEW THE UNIT Nouns: confidence, stranger
Activity D., p. 4 Verbs: appreciate, demonstrate,
Answers will vary. impress, lead to, maintain, select
Activity E., p. 4 Activity D., p. 9
Answers will vary d
Activity E., p. 9
Activity A., p. 5 3. T
talking about things like traffic or 4. F Small talk is equally important
weather after you are hired.
Activity B., p. 5 5. F Just five minutes of small talk can
Answers will vary. Sample answer: lead to more successful business
I like meeting new people at school deals.
because it’s a chance to make a new 6. F Ask new people details about their
friend. Usually I have a lot in family to find common interests.
common with my classmates, so I 7. T
don’t feel really nervous. I say hello 8. F Effective small talk can leave a
and smile, and I introduce myself. good first impression on others.
When I smile, it shows I am a Activity F., pp. 9-10
friendly person. I also ask my new 1. strangers
classmates questions to make them 2. small talk

Reading and Writing 3 Q: Skills for Success
Unit 1 Student Book Answer Key Second Edition

3. new people READING SKILL

4. doing all the talking and saying Activity A., p. 11
anything offensive 1.
5. maintaining eye contact a. SD
6. people who shy away from small b. MI
talk c. SD
Activity G., p. 10 2.
beadc a. SD
Activity H., p. 10 b. SD
Answers will vary. Sample answer: c. MI
I think the wrong way to use
small talk is when people ask about 3.
topics that are offensive or too a. MI
personal. For example, you b. SD
shouldn’t make jokes that could hurt c. SD
the other person’s feelings or Activity B, p. 11
beliefs. You also shouldn’t use bad Paragraph 1: Put a group of strangers in a
words or say anything mean about room together, and they’ll probably start a
other people. Finally, I think it is conversation.
wrong to talk about the problems in Paragraph 6: Next, keep the conversation
your life because it can make the going.
other person feel very Paragraph 7: Third, maintain eye contact.
uncomfortable. Paragraph 8: Some people shy away from
small talk.
Activity A., B., p. 10 READING 2
Answers will vary. Sample answers: PREVIEW THE READING
1. The last time I used small talk was Activity A., p.12
on my first day of school. I didn’t Find out as much as you can about
know any of my classmates. I the job.
started up a conversation with a Don’t interrupt the interviewer
couple of people sitting next to me. when he or she is talking.
We talked about what classes we Activity B., p.12
were taking and the music we liked. Answers will vary. Sample answer:
2. I agree with the author that small If someone is going on a job
talk is a big deal. If we don’t know interview, I think he or she should
how to make small talk correctly, we be respectful. The person should
might offend someone, and we show up on time and use polite
might not be able to make friends. words like please and thank you. He
Also, people use small talk a lot at or she should be a good listener and
work to get better jobs, so it’s very shouldn’t talk too much. The person
important. shouldn’t say anything offensive,
and he or she should never lie. The