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Name of the activity / workshop:
Olympics – The 60s & 70s in music.
Level: A1 – C1 Teacher: Michaell Malagon

Listening / Writing / Speaking Speaking preparation Grammar and
Pronunciation Language in use Session / Language in use vocabulary

By the end of the activity, the students will:

COMMUNICATIVE - Be able to skim and scan short texts.
OBJECTIVES AND - Infer word meanings from the context of a text.
LINGUISTIC PURPOSE - Give short talks about music during the 20th century.

TIMELINE / SESSION 1. Once the Ss enter the station, the T will ask them whether they know the artists or bands portrayed in
MANAGEMENT several photographs that will be stuck on the walls. The Ss should mention what they know about
these artists.
2. Handouts with different texts will be delivered to the Ss according to their English performance level.
The Ss will complete a set of short activities related to the text they received. There will be a total of
3 different texts with varied difficulties.
3. Once the reading activities have been completed, the T will play a short recording that includes some
of the artists or topics mentioned in the texts previously read. The Ss will be asked a couple of
questions that relate both the text and the recording.

MATERIAL  Text 1: Designed for A1 & A2 English learners. – Jimi Hendrix’s Biography
 Text 1: Designed for B1 English learners – Music evolution
 Text 1: Designed for B2 & C1 English learners – Features of music in the 60s and 70s

RESOURCES  YouTube – f