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Bacherlor’s Degree in Administration and
Business Management
Teacher’s name: Badillo Delgadillo Edith
Student’s name: Naranjo Aguirre Leonardo
Date: September 29th, 2019 Grade and Group:

Companies focus on studying

production processes and
consumers, or even sales

These diagnoses are made

through specific methodologies
that allow to know all these
specific details of the company, which places it as a necessary and
recommended tool.

Although in many cases this type of diagnosis is left under the

supervision of experts, such as consultants or professionals outside
the company, the truth is that there is also a large percentage of those
responsible for their own businesses who choose to take this

Thanks to this diagnosis we can find the root of the problem, which will
allow us to put all the necessary resources to eliminate it and make the
corporation maintain, or recover, the good course.

Comprehensive diagnostics: They are mainly known for the large
number of business variables to which it can be applied.
Specific diagnoses: They are characterized by focusing on those more
specific processes, that is, studying different aspects of the market,
financial statements or management processes, and any other related
to production and consumption.

Steps to follow to make a business diagnosis.

1. Evaluation: We will establish a parameter that will allow us to evaluate the
current situation focusing on those points on which we want to make the
diagnosis, consumers, financial section, production process, etc.
2. Detailed view: At this point the team or person in charge of making this
diagnosis is especially focused on collecting all the information about the
specific system of the company.
3. Calculations: It’s the time to establish the degree of scope depending on the
parameter that you wanted to set.
4. Conclusions: All the information that has been collected is analyzed and
studied to know the reasons that prevent reaching the goals that were

Perspectives of a business diagnosis.

 Financial: It covers the entire accounting and management
department of the company, evaluates all its numbers and
studies its current situation.
 Consumers: From here, all data related to customer behavior and
their treatment are evaluated.
 Personnel and their capacities: It makes a comparison with the
abilities that the active personnel of the company possess and
those that theoretically should be had to reach high levels of
 Internal process: It mainly focuses on the study of the company's
production processes. Determining its quality and effectiveness

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