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This house rejects the abolishment plan of national exam

Pros cons
Urgency: education is the basic need that Urgency : irrelevant to the current days,
the gvernment should provide. In providing bcs it no longer as the standard to proced
this, they need to make sure that the to the highr edu.
education has a good qulity, effective, and
proliferate for everyone. In order to know
this, the government need evaluation and SQ :in current days, the NE is exst and we
auditory tools. The way to evaluate is say its problematic.
through national exam. 1. Overgeneralized (burdening,
SQ: In current days, the national exam is 2. No longer used in higher education
exist. We say that it isprogressive. The and higher level of work. irrelevant
government keeps improving the quality for
the national exam. Stance: oppose

Stance: we do support the motion, we Argumet

rejects the plan for abolishing the national 1. Why national exam is problematic?
exam. We want the national exam is still N: use the same standards for all
conducted. the areas. Whereas they have
different background and also
Goal: we want the national exam is capital from the government
conducted as the evaluation tool to Ad we say it is burdening.
measure the quality and the standard of a. Burdening: they have different
indonesian education. source, they have diffrent
condition. They have to face
Argument: something big. Hence they are
1. Why should national exam ? stressful, not value oriented
We need auditery tools, then why but finish the material only.
a. we should use NE rather than The goal or the expectation
other exam. Lets characterize a cant be met. We say it s bad.
good auditery tools : 1. Validity
a. Have the equal standart for all 2. Why is it no longer exclusive?
the participants. N: Each stage of education has its
NE meet the qualification own standards to qualify the
because it has the same test for students. For example: sbm, sma:
all the students. tes masuk, uas, uts, etc

b. Objective measurement (there R: it is more than enough to

is a clear parameter how the measure the students competence
exam should be scored. Not and studnts’ needs. Even it is
individual-based) better, why?

Comparing to the school-based, Wb: 1. Can suits with the students’

it is still not enugh. Because capacity and their needs.
every school has their own Knowing What problem goes
competence and capability. directly for each individual. More
They have their own standard than enough for the individual
too, which is different one
another. For example, There is How the government knows?
a gapa between the
prestigiouss shool and regular a. There is audit for every school
school in the field quality of the reporting thir progress
students. In the this kind of test We say it is better because in
cant measure the achievement the end the information more
and the quality of national detail andwider. Not directly
education. concluded from the number
2. Why is it in line the goverments which actually doesnt
responsibilty to provide the good represent the real problems
education happen in the real condition.
--characterize what is good
education 3. Even if
a. equal for everyone,
b. achieve national standard SECOND SPEAKER
how to know wheter or not those 1. budgeting
parameterr have been achieve? 2. depressed
Through NE we can see the gap of 3.
the quality by the score. From that
gap it send the messages that there
is a inequality or problem that
problems shuld be fixed, which can
be the proliferation of the teacher,
or the inequality of the
infrastructure and etc. When gov
hav been detect those problem, it
leads to improvement by gov.
Which can be new solution, new
policy, etc.
For example, 3T programme is
inisiated because there is inequal
edu in certain area. it show that it is
effective to help gov to fix the
problem effectively.

Even if
1. Shorterm goal
at the very least, there is a way
of thingking that is trained in
this exam
at the very least there is basic
things thet they get (problm
solving etc) which is beneficial
for the future. For example for
practise thing at least know the
teory early
2. Genralization
Know the gap –gap is normal,
by know the gap we know
which part should be fixed

1. Student’s motivation
Skalanya gede
Compete within one country
more challenging because it is made by
summary : more diffuculties
why motivation is important :
 Maintain performance of the
 Proof = lower performance of the
NE when it is no longer to be
requierement of graduation.
2. Leads to improvement of school quality
3. More trust for the gov (show that the
gov have a good willingness to make
edu better)