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NAME: _________________________________________________ SCORE: M____ A_____PE____H____
SECTION:____________________________ DATE: _________________________
A. Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided.
___1. Chants used in reading their Qur’an and books they use in their Islam religion.
a. Lugu c. bayok
b. Kalutang d. ya -ya
___2. Songs used in serenading loved – ones.
a. kalangan c. qu’ran
b. lugu d. bayok
___3. The ninth month or muslin yean, during which strict fasting is observed.
a. ramadan c. festivity
b. qu’ran d. sail
___4. Ownership of these instruments indicates high social status and cultivates taste.
a. kulintang c. kudyapi
b. suling d. gandang
___5. A chant used to rocking the baby to sleep.
a. lullaby c. babarak
b. lunsey d. ritual songs
___6. A chant sang by the wife-to-be during the ceremony.
a. lunsey c. seronggandi
b. ya-ya d. bayok
___7. A large deep rimmed gong vertically suspended, hanged in wooden frame.
a. agong c. gabbang
b. serronggandi d. suling
___8. Songs of yakans to put the baby to sleep.
a. Ya-ya c. kalutang
b. bayok d. lunsey
___9. A native xylophone in Sulu, A bamboo keyboard on top.
a. Gabbang c. Seronggagandi
b. Gandang d. Kulintang
___10. A religious text in Islam means “the recitation”.
a. Qu’ran c. Ya-ya
b. Ramadan d. Bayok
B. Identification. Write the answer on each space before the number.

____________11. A term for groups of indigenous people from Mindanao, which means “native”.
____________12. A song that tackles the beauty of Mindanao.
____________13. A song that originates in traditional popular culture.
____________14. Maguindanao and Yakan instrument made mainly of “tamiang” bamboo.
____________15. A guitar-like made of bamboo, cut before one nod and after next.

A. Matching Type. Match Column A and B. Write only the letters.
_____1. Bamboo container for chewing betel nut. a. Pegupaan
b. Hilot
_____2. A heavy brass belt worn by women during festivals. c. Torogan
_____3. The ancestral house of the upper class Maranao. d. Panolong
e. Grand mosque
_____4. A wing-like ornament of a torogan flaring out from the beams. f. bajao
g. Fort Pilar
_____5. The largest mosque in the Philippines.
h. Sto. Rosario Church
_____6. Known as the sea gypsies or nomads of the Sulu sea. I. Monastory oftransfuguration
i. Bilaan
_____7. It was built to protect the people from pirates of the Sulu Sea.
_____8. The church located at the town of Sagay, Camiguin Island.
_____9. Pyramid like structure located at Malaybalay, Bukidnon.
_____10. Also known as balangay or Butuan Boat.
B. Identification. Write the answer before each number.
____________1. A legendary bird of Maranao.
____________2. A Malayan word which means UKIT in Filipino.
____________3. The term that means new growth.
____________4. The Sultan of Brunei for whom the Grand Mosque in Cotabato is named.
____________5. It is the dwelling place of the datu along with his wives and children.
III. Physical Education
A. Multiple choice. Encircle your answer.
1. It refers to the dances created and performed collectively by ordinary people.

2. The following are stage props except;


3. Folk dances may be divided into ethnic, regional and national.


4. Folk dances that refers to dances particular to one locale or area.


5. Folk dances that refer to those performed all over the country.

6. Origin of Pandanggo sa ilaw. LAGUNA BATANGAS MINDORO

7. Origin of Tinikling. BATANGAS LEYTE CAVITE
8. Origin of folk dance Subli. BATANGAS LEYTE CAVITE
9. Origin of dance Singkil LANAO MAGUINDANAO DAVAO
10. Origin of dance Maglalatik LAGUNA BATANGAS MINDORO

B. Practical Test. Execute the following dance steps.

11. Basic arm and foot – first position
12. Basic arm and foot –second position
13. Basic arm and foot – fifth position
14. Step close
15. Close step


A. Identify the following by unscrambling the jumbled letters.

____________1. “AETHD” that refers to the end of the physical being of a person that caused by an illness,
ageing, or an accident.
____________2. “OSLS” that occurs when someone dies or a life situation changes or ends.
____________3. “FRGIE” which refers to the emotional suffering caused by loss, disaster, or a misfortune.
____________4. “SESTRS” that is defined as the physiological and emotional responses to a significant or
unexpected change in one’s life.
____________5. “SESTRSOR” that refers to the things that make a person stressed.
____________6. “EUSESTRS” that refers to the positive and healthy response of the body from a stressor.
____________7. “DISSRTSSE” that refers to a negative response of the body towards a given stressor.
____________8. “RIGTGER” that are the events, conditions, or situations that may activate a person’s tendency
to experience symptoms of mental disorders.
____________9. “BIPOARL” is also called as manic-depressive order.
____________10. “SCHIZOPHRENAI” that is a mental illness with biological origins that is characterized by
irrational behavior, severe alterations of senses and inability to function in the society.
1. What suggestions you can give to a teenager who is experiencing severe sadness to overcome his sadness?
2. Differentiate eustress and distress by citing examples.