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MOEAF/E/2019/01822 : DOAHD/E/2019/00461 : GOVGJ/E/2019/06330

1. Hon’ble Collector, Anand & Nashik via Chief Secretary of Gujarat & Maharashtra.
2. Hon’ble Commissioner of Police, Rajkot via DGP.
3. AWBI via Department of Animal Husbandry, Gujarat & Maharashtra.
4. CZA via Chief Wildlife Warden of Gujarat & Maharashtra.
5. Wildlife Crime Control Bureau.
Subject: Two Branches of Great Golden Circus performing with unregistered animals.
Malegaon in Maharashtra – Borsad in Gujarat
Kindly refer to the CZA reply with AWBI recognition & MoEF Project Elephant
guidelines for care & management of captive elephants - instructions dated 8-1-2008,
whereas performance age of animals has been passed, which are replaced with new
animals, additional animals never been disclosed keeping in view AWBI confirmation as
advisory prohibiting elephant performance.
It is humbly submitted that:
1. Rajkot Police complaint lodged against Great Golden Circus for the violations of non
cognizable offenses instead different sections of IPC & Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.
2. Great Golden Circus performing with unregistered animals at two places without
approval of CZA & AWBI, concealing facts with all concerned Authorities, whereas CZA
reported that 10 Dog Common, 3 Elephant Indian, 2 Goat Common, 7 Horse & 8 Mcaw,
vide its letter dated 14-9-2012, keeping in view above said animals either dead or not
capable to perform due to old age because every animals have age span, deep investigation
required as animals replaced with another unregistered animals, which is an offense as
breaching of trust, cheating enforcement agencies, bluffing them with wrong information’s.
3. As per MoEF Project Elephant guidelines for care & management of captive elephants -
instructions dated 8-1-2008, after every 5 years, ownership of elephants be renewed,
keeping in view all legal provisions, which are not followed.
Rajkot Police lodged complaint against Great Golden Circus, while stationed at Vadodara,
said circus was penalized due to violations, whereas Rajkot Police, needs to reviews the
offenses being cognizable, performances with all unlawful animals may be stopped &
confiscated for further rehabilitation. Scouts & Guides for Animals & Birds can take the
charge of all animals during court trials, whereas CZA restore their recognition,
conditionally under section 38-H of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 but as per AWBI
Advisory, circus not authorized to perform with elephant.
Yours in Scouting’s,
Naresh Kadyan, Master Trainer of AWBI, Volunteer of WCCB (Govt. of India).