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Matrix Attraction Manifest

A TRUTH and PRAGMATIC approach to the Law of Attraction

Written by Eliana from

I recommend to you that you print this document, because you will want to underline some parts of it and
take some notes. Besides, I will give you some exercises that you can do inside the book, because I left you the space
to do so.

The Law of Attraction has never been a secret. On the contrary, it has been well known by society since
ancient times. Packing the Law of Attraction as a “Secret” was nothing but a clever trick from Yankees gurus who we
finally owe to have reached the masses in a way that had never been achieved in the history of personal growth.

I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction (from now on let's call it LOA). I have always practiced it to my own
benefit or against my conscious wishes and now, more than ever I realize I did.

A little about me...

I started reading self-help literature when I was 14 years
old and I asked my father and mother to give me “How to win friends
and be an influence to people” from Dale Carnegie. Once I had it
between my friends I ate it in two days and that was the start of my
personal reading style: excessive underlines and notes on the sides of
the pages that help me process the ideas that I absorbed from the
book. I honestly don't remember taking to practice all the fabulous
ideas that Carnegie gave me that time, however, as everything in life,
something positive came out of there: that book was the trigger to a
very deep appetite for reading, self-help and success.
After Carnegie, and the following 15 years my eyes were
captivated by a lot of authors: Daniel Goleman, Deepak Chopra,
Wayne Dyer, Robin Sharma, Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill, Conny
Mendez, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Anthony Robbins, Og Mandino,
Roberto Kiyosaki and more recently, and thanks to Internet, Robert Anthony, Randy Gage, Joe Vitale, Brian Tracy, Neale
Donald Walsh, Esther Hicks and I'm probably forgetting many more, because my intellectual appetite is insatiable.
When I turn 30, I got pregnant. I lived a beautiful pregnancy. My husband and I had a divine and healthy child.
This was definitely the most happiest moment of my life. Giving the fact that I live outside of my dear Colombia, my
mother and father traveled from Medellin to join me during the first six months of my little one. I was in heaven,
feeling happy, lucky, plenty in every single way.
Four months went on since my child's birth when my parents went back to Colombia. In a week I fell in a very
strong depression. I remember lively to see “everything dark” by that time. I read my journal and I find myself
submerged in very sad quotes, filled with solitude and pain.
I felt like this at least for two years, I traveled twice to Colombia with my son, and my highs and lows of my
state of mind where a common thing, having more lows than highs.
When I turned about 32 years old, I suffered the biggest punch my ego had ever had since I have memory. I
was thin, I felt ugly, I had no job, I was a maintained housewife, my career was nowhere, I had no goals, no ambitions.

Somehow, in a very subtle way I had left everything behind, my youth, my dreams, my wishes... They no longer existed.

And... I hadn't done anything to put into practice all those fifteen years of motivating reading.

Recognizing this fact pulled me off to depression even more. Where were all the 17 years of reading the most amazing
books of self-help, positive thought, success, prosperity and a long list of etceteras? Where were all those teachings,
learning, lessons...?

So, I realized the cruel TRUE:

In 17 years of reading I had learn NOTHING.

YES... Nothing.
One of the biggest lessons life has given to me from an intellectual point of view was this: LAST AND MOST
IMPORTANT PART OF LEARNING IS PUTTING INTO PRACTICE. Without this last stage we cannot tell learning has been
achieved, there was only a consumption of INFORMATION.

What use does it have all the There, in that moment of my life, my later so-called PRAGMATIC
orientation towards knowledge was born. It was an enlightened
teachings if you don't apply moment for me, these transcendental moments, full of questioning,
them when your up against crying, blame (the most self-destructive feeling by excelence), self-
ordinary circumstances? A
teaching will not be valid, will I spent a few months like this. Without seeing any exit. Very sad.
not have all its transforming My relationship with my partner left aside, turned into being a mum (a
role I always tried to play with effort). I can say I am a loyal follower and
strength until the moment promoter of the raise of my kids, task I am really attached to with
when it is applied” respect and love.

-Alejandro Jodorowsky- That moment I realized I was being incoherent in my life:

I never liked working for anyone, I never liked working on a

business. All my intents of being an employee ended up in estrepitous
failures. I always wanted to be free-worker and until that year I had delivered more Curriculum Vitae sheets that I can
count of and had never been serious about having my own business or working free-lance.

I can say everything came to light in my mind. EVERYTHING.

I don't want to be long in this story, because it is not the goal of this Manifest, so I will sum up this:

After a few weeks of discovering and self-knowing I took one of the wisest decisions of my life: I took Napoleon hill's
book and I started reading again his book “Think and get rich” (which I have read when I was 20 years old). This time I
had the strong intention to put into practice his teachings.

… it was then, in that moment, that my site was born: almost at the same time that the
movie The Secret appeared. This was a beautiful causality of life, pure Universe synchrony.

My double goal with was always clear:

1. To let my readers learn and have in hand useful and practical information about success, LOA, prosperity,
achievement, and all these subjects of self development to help them improve their life quality.
2. To make the biggest web portal of Spanish language on the Internet about these

Today, three and a half years later, after having funded my site, both goals are widely achieved and maintained
successfully in time.

A little anecdote
A little time ago I gave a free conference to promote my Set of Guided Meditations: Spiritual Connection and one of
my readers wrote this message on Facebook:

“Dear Eli, I've heard the audio of your conference. It was the most pragmatic and clear
thing I have ever heard about meditations. Your concept and bases are more natural
that I thought. Greetings!”.

I have always been worried to keep loyal to my practical orientation, so this was one of the best things I could receive
from one of my readers. Now, after these three years, this is something I have under my skin, I am pragmatic by nature
and I'm glad that my work shows this.

The Law of Attraction

With the opening of my site I started talking frequently about the Law of Attraction in my blog. I was completely
shocked to prove its dynamics in my own life, better said “I WAS FASCINATED BY IT”.

I've turned then in a INCANSABLE researcher, my obsession was to develop the best of the best from the Law of
Attraction. I wanted to give my readers and clients the most certain and specific tools in existence, approach to them
clear concepts about LOA, give them tools they could use now and here, bring them tips to put into practice with
success to see material results in their lives.

In less than a year, my blog and my site were transformed into the most popular Spanish language webs on LOA on the
Internet. I've reached the 7 thousand visitors in a day, which in little time made me change my old shared-hosting into
a server with more capacity and resources.

My LOA travel started, by the hand of my dear readers and clients, who I love widely, they are the living and biting
heart of my business (Yes, is a business! I will talk about it later).

Not much time passed by before I started realized that its fame and quick propagation was attached to a long list of
criticism, frustrations and indignation of some (many) people who:

• Feel cheated by its promises

• Question the enrichment of their creators
• Consider it materialist
• Say it doesn't work

• Want (demand) free access to the professional knowledge

• Think it is immoral to be charging costs over knowledge
• Don't believe in it
• Thinks enrichment is bad
• They find no explanation for the LOA
• Need scientific rigor to believe and try it

To this people is where the Matrix Law of Attraction Manifest begins to come out.

There is no doubt that this Manifest is an opportunity, and it has no PRECEDENTS in the history of the LOA in Hispanic
language. You will be able to clarify your doubts, because it is a HONEST act of writing to bring you a clearer LOA,
without technicalities or evasions (you will understand later what I'm talking about).

I am sure that once you're finished of reading this book you won't be the same.

You will probably end up believing in the LOA or maybe you will say “I definitely don't believe in this”, but I assure you
that you won't be the same. You'll have a brand new sight about the subject and you will be able to draw your own
well based conclusions. This is the final goal of this Manifest. And if you are being serious about this business, you wil,
then take advantage of these teachings and will see the light at the end of the tunnel :-)

What is the Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction says that we attract consistently to our life that
which we focus on, that thing that constitutes our dominant thought.

What does this mean?

This means that if your thoughts and emotions are of failure, shortage,
defeat, sadness, depression, anger, etc., you will definitely attract the
circumstances that will perpetuate this feelings to your life. As said,
these unpleasant circumstances will be ratifying in an irrefutable way
those feelings of low vibration.

In contrast, if your thoughts and emotions are ones of optimism,

abundance, illusion, forgiveness, etc., you will then attract to your life
circumstances that will consistently improve your life quality, and you
will feel balanced and happy. This way, this cycle of good feelings will


Yes, is that easy.

The thing here, my dear reader, is that we as human beings tend to think that if something is simple and easy we
automatically and unconsciously tag it as TGTBT (Too good to be true) and we think immediately that a secret piece
should be missing, that a hidden clue has to be found, a mysterious method that will finally turn this simple and easy
equation into a big algorithm to finally say “I knew it wasn't that simple!”.

Well, the very same moment you have that thought you are programming yourself for the LOA not to work to your

benefit because... if it is too good to be true, then why bother? So, you are closing to your very own face the door that
will help you have an improvement in your life.

Now, if you are one of those who believe but find almost impossible to put the LOA into practice, this Manifest is for

One of the most seen comments I have read about LOA and how difficult it is to put it into practice goes like this:

“It is really hard for me to be always positive, I try, buy I can't help negative thoughts. What can I do?”

Before giving you a practical tip that you can use to change kindly from having negative and pessimist thoughts to have
positive thoughts, let me get clear on something:

Highs and Lows are a part of life

Please, do not pretend to live a life 100% positive, 100% full of positive thoughts because then you will be cheating
yourself and pretending to live an artificial and impossible life. Let me repeat this: highs and lows are a part of life.

Always, in some moment of your life, you will have an unexpected or not desired result that will generate bad feelings.
You may lose a loved one, an extreme circumstance may knock the doors of your life.

In those moments you have the choice to think that any circumstance in life is TEMPORAL, and think also that
everything that happens in life is for your own good. This is one of the most beautiful lessons I have learn from
Alejandro Jodorowsky. Let me tell you this anecdote:

A certain day, in an interview he said “in the long time, everything happens for good”. When the interviewer asked him
in what he was based to say such a thing and if he could say that to the victims of Barajas' tragedy, he said “Yes, I can
say this to them too, I have the moral authority and enough experience to say so. I've lost my son when he turned 23
years old...”.

As I said on my blog when I wrote this entry, it is not my intention to discuss the punctual example Alejandro
mentioned, I am just trying to extract an important lesson of life. Let's use ignorance of future as our allied.

My personal recommendation towards negative events that

produce strong hard feelings and sadness is to LIVE THEM.
Process them with tears, introspection, or whatever your style
is. Because, as a dear American author says, “Feelings that are
buried alive never die”. I say that on the long term, is worst to
have an eternal remnant of that who was in-concluded and
haven't processed yet in the right way, that a low vibration
feeling felt and lived in all its dimension when the moment

So, to be perfectly clear:

From my part, the LOA is not at all to live 100% well, the 100%
of your days. You are a human being, so you have to be
indulgent with your low vibe moments, understanding that they
have in your life a positive intention. Let them express to be able to do the necessary process of inner release.

Dr. Robert Anthony has a quote that I find BEAUTIFUL. I took it from one of his books, but I don't remember from

which one:
“That who pretend to live his days always happy and well, is so emotionally
unbalanced as that one who lives bad and depressed all the time”.

I hope this warning has took some weight off those backs who believe, for some reason, that they where failing
because they weren't positive all the time. We are human beings! Let's relax a little and be authentic with our feelings.
All of those who play a role in our life and our evolution, there's no point in renegate against them or even yourself,
this won't let us grow.

Besides, when a great pain is in your soul, such as a loved one loss for example or breaking up a love relationship who
left you with a broken heart, then is no moment to think about the LOA and use its tools. It is moment to heal your
heart, take care of yourself and work for your soul to recover.

A few years ago I shared with one of my bulletin's reader this statement that I created myself:

It turned out that this little statement was used for many many people who were living difficult moments and in a very
shot time (less than two weeks) my mailbox was full with hundreds of testimonies from my readers who have used it
and felt better, accelerating its process of inner healing. It was marvellous and now I leave it to you for you to use it
whenever you need it.

Now, going back to the main subject...

How do I do to control my negative thoughts?

There is a piece that is the key of the LOA engine. This is the inner monologue.

What's the inner monologue?

Is the way that you communicate with yourself. That inner chat we
maintain most part of the time. Dear friends, this inner monologue
in most of the cases is LIMITING and the responsible for taking us
to live unnecessary low vibe feelings -those we can and it is our
responsibility to avoid-.

Thanks to NLP (Neural-linguistic Programming) I have learn that all

feelings and behaviors of human beings have a positive intention.
Even those who seem destructive. Then, recognizing that positive intention and trusting on the Infinite knowledge of
our energetic body we proceed to tell our negative thoughts that even when we have created them, we decide to
dispense with them and use a very kind method to make them disappear little by little...

Let's choose a positive statement (you can pick one from my blog, you have more than 400 positive statements with
the highest quality and appealing to the NLP standards). This statement will be like a mantra to you, as a joker,

specially in those moments when you find yourself entering in your inner and limiting monologue.

Let me tell you that this tip REALLY WORKS.

It works 100% of the times. Do not let yourself be cheated by its simplicity. Here is where starts the division from the
ones who want theory but don't practice enough, and the ones who do practice what they learn even if it seems that

This little and effective advice I've given it many times: on my blog, in my events, in my weekly bulletin, in my The Law
of Attraction Step by Step System. I hope my followers don't mind I bring totally free to you one of the tools I teach in
my System, in fact, I guess they will be happy to know that I'm sharing this little secret with you.

One of the reasons why I give you this tip is because on my blog and on my mailbox I see the very same question over
and over again.

“How do I do to stay positive? I try, but I can't put aside the negative thoughts”

Dear reader, if this is your case then I will ask you RIGHT NOW to go to my blog of statements and search that
statement that vibrates with you. Usually the statement finds you first. Write it down in a piece of paper with a firm
intention to use it to help you keep a high vibration state.

Please, write down here your Statement, I want to be sure that you have found it and won't leave for later:


This tip is even more effective than it already is once you take this statement
and attach an emotion to it. To do this, my recommendation is that once you
got your statement, transforme it into an anchor.


Well, it's very easy.

Take your statement and answer this questions:

− What does this statement connect me with?

− What feelings brings into my mind?
− What do I see, hear, feel when I say it or read it?
− Does it bring me any images to my mind? Which image?

My goal here is that you connect with an emotion and an inner state, POTENTIALLY generating it in you every time you
read, see or say your statement. This is what NLP calls an anchor.

More tips about this statement?


Write it down and print several copies of it and stick it in visible places, put it in your wallet, in your purse, in your bag,
agenda, etc. Imagination is the limit.

Do you see now how easy and simple is to motivate yourself? Now that I talk about motivation I will tell you something
that is not much known by the public:

Motivation doesn't have a life of its own. Motivation is a fire that can be lit off if you don't feed it with wood. Guess
what? If you don't feed it with this wood, no one else will do it for you.

As well as your growth as your the practice of the LOA is responsibility of each and everyone of you. If you blame it on
the gurus or those who don't share your knowledge or circumstances, or whatever, do you really know what you're
doing? You are giving up your personal power. Your giving to someone else the responsibility for your own life. You are
loosing control of your own life!

Write down your statement and use it as a joker. You will always have it at hand to repeat it in those moments in which
you'll feel your inner monologue is being limiting and it is taking you to a low vibration state.

Please, don't let yourself be cheated by the simplicity of this tip. It is indeed simple in appearance, and we as human
beings tend to always think or believe that simple things do not exist, and surely there is something missing in the LOA
to be really effective. Actually, more than a thought is a feeling... So we end up dismissing the simple choices without
even noticing it. We have a filter that goes right over them. So, put it into practice and then you tell me.

Now you have a little but very powerful tip that can change your life if you choose to use it with consistency. Will you
DO it, or you're just interested in reading and absorbing information?

All this being said, I'll mention one of the most frequent questions about the LOA that I tend to see in my blog and
some readers send me to my mailbox.

What happens with the events and happenings that we definitely feel we didn't attract and seem totally unfair?

Before you start, I assure you I won't give you a scientific validation. In the same way that
you can't -and no one else can- tell my theory isn't true. I mean, we are in the same
condition: I can't demonstrate you that this is true, and you can't tell me that this is false.
The validation of what I'm going to say only can give it faith or the beliefs of the reader,
nothing more. As I said to you at the beginning of this manifest, my goal is to talk about
what I believe (The LOA) with openness and openly, treating a subject that many have
tried to avoid for years.

Here we go.

To begin with, I believe in reincarnation. This is my starting point, so now you can decide
if you want to continue reading or not. :)
I believe that we are a group of energetic beings that live many lives and we come here to
this planet once and again in different bodies, with different sex, with different beliefs

and already chosen missions (chosen by our very own higher selves). This missions sometimes are not understandable
to our rational mind once we are here doing another stage of our time on Earth, in a mortal body of flesh and bones.

What do I mean by saying this?

That many things that we live in this world we have already chosen them before getting here and the concept of free
will is wider and more complex than what we think.

If you believe that this doesn't match with what we know about the LOA, just keep reading, there's more to it...

I faithfully believe we all have a mission in this life, our soul has a mission and once we are approaching to a new
incarnation, we know exactly which is our mission and how our purpose is to evolve. Then we choose the general
circumstances that will help us in a better way to accomplish our mission. Our purpose of growth may be to learn a
determined lesson in life, to live a life of service, to serve others to learn something, anyway... it can be a million
different things.

So... when something happens to us that apparently does not match in our mental paradigm (“it can't be that I have
attracted this”), it is very possible that it is one of those choices that mi soul made before coming to this world.

If this is so, then where does the LOA match this panorama?

As I won't tolerate more evasions to subjects so important like these, even when my explanation it is not of your
contentment, I will give myself the chance to express it as anybody else will have ever done so far. As I am not going to
waste my time DIVAGANDO in theory, with the same emphasis and orientation I am going to continue talking of that
that many others won't talk about, because I do not want to loose credibility to this beautiful audience. It is a delicate
subject and someone has to talk about it. Here is where I will know who will stay with me and who won't.

This is the explanation that I, Eliana, have found in this vital question.
For my peace of spirit and because I agree to my vision of modern life,
there are things that will simply escape to any logic, escaping our
reason, escaping knowledge of the world as we have been taught. In
these moments, we believe and we impose our own conclusions, our
own speech, but we also adapt our own beliefs to our own system (not
only that one that our parents and society have taught us).

So, this is what I think. THESE are my own personal conclusions:

1. This apparently casual or “not deserved” events correspond to

a low percentage of what happens in our life. These
imponderable are the thing that aren't under our control in this
material an physical world.
2. These imponderable correspond to (as I said in the first point) a low percentage of our life. Everything else
depends on our choices and actual actions and is also our choice to take control of this high percentage or
feel overwhelmed, impotent, or angry to what we should accept as it is.
3. All these events take part of a divine engine that many times we are not in condition to understand.
4. There is ALWAYS something that is under our control, in both parts (high and low percentage). ALWAYS, 100%
of the times. This is what I call “The last freedom of human beings” and it has to do with the way you react to
your life events. It is something that NONE -except yourself- can EVER take away from you.

So, using the LOA you can chance the chain of events that follow a “not deserved” event. There has to be a rational

and conscious decision from your part to have a pro-active attitude before those events instead of reacting to them
according to the negative meaning that you give them in a certain moment.

Life is full of stories of overcoming sad events, people who despite unfavorable circumstances, they made it to have
rich and plenty lives. These cases show the difference that “The Last Freedom of Human Being” makes. As I said, the
way you react towards the things that happen in your life, is YOUR choice, and no one else.

Now, if you are telling yourself that this or that isn't fair, you should look at it from a different point of view:

If you know that there are events (little events most of the times) that aren't under your control and that they
represent a little fraction of what constitutes your life, let's say a 5%, then... on what are you planning on focusing your
energies, in that 5% or in the rest 95% that it is really under your power and control?

This 95% es the one that makes a difference to your life, because from it you change voluntarily and consciously your
vibrations, and because of this, you change and choose the next circumstances of your life which will be LIMITING or

It is a great power the one you have in your hands: the power to design you life at free will, using your mood, your
thoughts, your emotions, which are in the end the vibrations you send to the universe. So, it will respond to you in the
same way that you send all this to it.

Check out this simple diagram:

Negative Event

Negative Reaction Enhancing Reaction

I create negative events I create positive events

What happens on the second level is ALWAYS your choice. Take a look at what you are generating by choosing one or
the other attitude. New options in your life, whether they are negative or positive, are up to you.

I feel satisfied now by mentioning this subject. It is something that I owe to myself and I hope it has been of use to all
of you or at least that it has taken you to reflection.

Now, passing on to another subject, this is one of the most frequent questions my readers ask:


This is the first and only matter where I deffer from Abraham & Hicks. Anyway, I'll try to approach both positions, so
follow me.

According to that non-physical being that Abraham is, we cannot be affected by other people's vibrations because we
are 100% autonomic beings.

Me, Eliana, I think we are, we, as vibrating beings, are indeed affected by the vibrations of other people, one way or

If we are energetic beings, living in a vibrational universe... then how can it be possible that I'm not affected by the low
vibrating energy of a person that shares its time and space with me? If I wasn't, then all our vibrational and energetic
theory wouldn't make any sense!

Randy Gage, for example, says that your level of success, health,
incomes and happiness is the average of the 5 persons that are closer
to you. Do the test and take note of the people who are next to you
and check it out!

This is because we are energetic beings! Our energy comes and goes
with us to every place we go, it is mixed with the energy of other
people, we interchange energy permanently!

Has anytime happened to you that you enter in a place where you
perceive an unpleasant energy?

Have you ever felt that the only fact of sharing some time with a certain persona makes you feel un-energized?

A different thins it that I take the decision -consciously and rationally- to not let myself get affected by energies that
aren't like mine. It is a decision you take, so we must be aware and do whatever is at our hands to preserve our
energetic space and create this absolute autonomy which Abraham talks about.

… the good news is that protecting our energetic space is simpler that we think..

Let's go step by step...

First, avoid the company of any negative person, those who play the role of victims, those who complaint all the time
and criticize every little thing. What does this person bring to your life? What is the point of keep relating to these kind
of persons? I assure you that you are relating to this person because of pity or custom.

Well, if this is the case, let me tell you then a truth that little people will tell you:

Your own happiness and your own well being have to be always
first in your scale of values. Any priority that is less to this, is
very harmful to you and society itself (I have to thanks Randy
Gage for teaching me this lesson).

When I went through that depressive crisis that I told you about
in the beginning of this manifest, I was surrounded by the
wrong group of friends. Specially, there were one or two
persons that lived their lives criticizing, complaining and
gossiping.... And I was in the middle of these persons my entire
time! I was not surprised then that my depression had lasted so many months without me being able to see
the exit.

Attention! I am not putting in other people's hands my own responsibility. They are not responsible for what
happened to me in that time, it was MY decision to be in that group, I was also an active part of complaint
and criticism. This is why it was always my responsibility and I have to recognize that these energies viced with
criticism and rage where affecting me a lot. I let myself get affected because no one else was forcing me to be
between this kind of persons.

When I took that decision of reading Napoleon Hill again, I also decided to leave this group, specially a person
in particular. My decision changed my life. Leaving aside useless friendships and taking charge of my destiny
generated a 180° change in my life.

Now, going back to the main subject:

Stay away from negative people all the times you can. Take care of your space, your intimate circle has to be
of people who share with you a desire of improvement and legitimate growth.

And, as sometimes I read my readers mind :), I know that many of you must be wondering... and what do we
do with those persons that we cannot avoid?

There's an exercise you can do that is called the Energetic Bubble.

It is very simple:

Every morning when you wake up, imagine that you are surrounded by an energetic bubble, put it the color
you prefer. Imagine it as lively as you can, that bubble is tremendously vibrating and is around you protecting
your sacred space.

Once you have imagined this bubble you can talk to it and give thanks to it for protecting your space. Say to it
that it will be protecting you everyday and that in your space will only enter positive, creative and enhancing

You can use your own words, create your own speech, use the words that make you feel good, and while you
walk to work or to school, or to the supermarket, feel and “see” this bubble going with you everywhere.

Why this simple exercise works?

Because one of the characteristics of our subconscious mind is that it doesn't recognize fantasy from reality,
so, as a consequence, by imagining and associating that feeling that it is produced by your subconscious mind
it will take it as a reality and create that energetic bubble for you, helping you to take care of your space and
preserve your energy.

If you want a meditation session made specially to these ends, you may access to my Set of Guided
Meditations for a Spiritual Connection. Take a look to this resource and I will wait you here.

Anyway, it is always your choice to preserve your space and your energy.


What about the poverty of the world?

Let's change the subject for a moment to talk about a crucial issue. I made a superficial search on YouTube
about the Law of Attraction and I find this comment from a user:

My situation is similar to the biggest part of the world. What do we do? Visualize a
world without poor people? Where rich people are less egoist? If we all visualize that
and picture it, will this breach get smaller?

First of all, I want to tell you that I understand you, whoever you are. When I was a college student, I had a
similar thought. Then, time passed by, and I stopped pretending to change the world. I just want to change m,
and that little fraction of the planet that is near me.

Now, your message shows limiting beliefs about

money. I do not wonder why even you are
fighting to gain enough money for your whole
month. If you can't help yourself, if you can't
change YOUR very own reality, how do you think
you will be able to change worldwide reality? It is
an utopia to think that way. I am really sorry to
say you this, but I also said I was going to be
honest and sincere.

Let's check out this big and popular


We hate rich people openly, we think they are selfish and ever though WE WANT TO HAVE MONEY and live
abundant and prosper lives, we still want to enjoy those things that only money can buy. Isn't it?

This is what I call a false moral towards money and its symbols.

One of these beliefs is the one that is pushing you away from money.

The belief that rich people are selfish has no base whatsoever.

I am not saying that there are no selfish rich people, I am sure that there are. What I want to highlight is this
stereotype of “rich people are selfish”.

There are poor selfish people.

There are rich selfish people.
There are poor generous people.
There are rich generous people.

This statements, altogether, are much more closer to reality and even though “selfish” and “generous” tags
aren't really right, because as human beings, we have different faces in each area of our lives. We are never
“something” in a whole, the whole time. We are not 100% generous all the time, and we are not 100% selfish

all the time.

What I can assure you for real is that you are in a better position to help and be generous with those who
need it the most when you are a richer person. In fact, rich people donate anually millions and millions of
dollars to charity. They foundate schools, take food to low resources areas, support all kinds of causes. These
are actions that being poor we cannot do in major scale, and rich people really do them for us.

Now, I'm sure there must be someone out

there reading this an asking himself about
the real reasons for rich people to be
donating and doing charity. But, I can tell
you that if the good is done, to me, the
reasons do not matter! Unless we want to
find the fifth leg to the cat, this is
something I will not consider.

So, what about the amount of poor people

in the world.

Unfortunately, these persons do not know

this theories and its huge power. But if they do, they might be doing what I did for more than 15 years: not
using them at all, and thinking they are too good to be true. This is the simple true.

What about us?

The best we can do for every poor person of this world IS REINSURE OUR OWN WELLBEING. We have to
become prosper persons, because this way we will be able to help them in a better way. Every day I am more
convinced of this: we have to take care of the little portion of land that surrounds us, what we have near to
us. This Is perfectly doable to accomplish if we take care of ourselves first in an active and conscious way.

If you feel guilty or immoral of living with prosperity and abundance, eating in a healthy way, being ook and
knowing that there are so many people that cannot enjoy this level of life, I recommend you a little book that
will vanish your guilt by a work of magic. Besides, it will motivate you probably more than you ever have been
motivated before: Talking to God (I recommend to you specially 1 st and 3rd volume).

It doesn't matter which is your concept of God or a higher being, I recommend emphatically this reading. I
don't want to hear you later I didn't tell you so. Besides, there is a group in Facebook exclusively dedicated to
this discussion about the teachings that Neale Donald Walsh introduced in this book. Here's the group for you
to join right now:

We are all Gods, Talking to God

Limiting beliefs

I usually talk a lot about this subject for a reason: I consider it of great importance if what you are looking for
is economic prosperity. I talk about it in my The law of Attraction - Step by Step System, in my Prosperity Plan
with Results, in the Meditation for Prosperity from my Set of Guided Meditations for Spiritual Connection, in
my Subliminal Audios of Taking Control, in my Spiritual and Holistic Marketing Program, in my blog, in my free
reports, in my bulletin, in my website, in my statements blog... This subject cannot miss.

If you are really interested in opening your life and the doors of prosperity, then you must know that we have

been programmed since we were kids for poverty. We have always listened to statements like these:

• We may be poor but we are honest

• This country gets worst day after day
• Economic crisis is getting worst
• Rich people do not have time for family
• Money is wrongly shared and distributed
• Rich people have more and more every day, and poor people are poorer everyday
• Developed countries around the world are exploting us
• etc etc etc etc

This is a long list and I am sure that while you were reading you remembered some other expression that you
have heard repeatedly and many times since you were little. Well, I will tell you about something you don't
know: these expressions are nothing but STATEMENTS, is like if you were working without knowing with a
plan of statements during your whole life. As I already told you, statements are an effective reprogramming
tool (in this case PROGRAMMING).

So, you can already imagine that all these years you have been programming yourself, without even knowing,
for poverty.

To be set for prosperity, it is a requisite that you understand that there is no virtue at all in poverty (certainly
there is no virtue at all in richness either). So you have to realize that unnoticed programming has been added
through your senses, thanks to television, soap operas, movies, etc. Once you become more aware of this you
activate an alarm filter that activates every time that you face a anti-prosperity statement.

Let me tell you again another anecdote of mine, or, better said, several experiences that I had that are
relevant to the subject that we are studying:

My weekly newsletter “CreateYourOwnReality” (every Monday directed to your mailbox, with a less than 3
minutes reading) works this way: I write the newsletter every Sunday night, there are no pre-filed messages in
my newsletter. Every information that gets to you on Mondays is new information that I prepare every
Sunday. I tell you, I am loyal to my mission of bringing to my readers 100% Spanish, useful and practical
information about the LOA. This is my North Mission, is the indicator that I use every time I develop free
information or paid information in my business. Besides, the newsletter has also the finality to promote my
paid products and eventually some other colleague products.

Why am I mentioning this subject right now? How is this comment related to the subject of poverty and
wealthiness and limiting beliefs about prosperity that I was talking about?

A lot, and here's the explanation why:

A lot of people have gone mad at me when I promote my paid products. I have been insulted, I have been
called a “simple business woman” and many other unpleasant things. In the beginning, these messages really
intimidated me and put me in a bad mood, I recognize it. But not now. This is the fruit of an internal process
that I've made remembering that I am operating inside the ethic, that my business is clean and transparent
and my processes are clear. Above all, I am giving a great amount of free and elaborated knowledge with all
my love to the world.
One of the persons that complaint about the sale of products told me that she was really sad because she
realized that CreateYourOwnReality was “just another business”. Usually, I do not respond to these messages.
I have a little love ritual that I dedicate to these persons that write to me so upset, I will tell you about it in a
minute. This girl called Lucia wrote me a beautiful message, I read her words and I could see that she was

trying to help me and advice me. She didn't wanted that my website became a business. The information of
my web had been so helpful for her, according to her own words, and she wanted to stick with the reception
of the weekly newsletter “as long as it doesn't have anymore promotions of paid products”, so I decided to
answer her, a thing that I usually don't do. I wrote to her this message:

“Dear Lucy,

Thank you for your message and taking the time to express your point of view about my

I have to tell you that is a business and it has always been
since the first day.

The mission of is to deliver useful information, information of

value and 100% original and in Spanish. I tried to stay faithful to this mission giving my
readers more than 1500 articles, plus worksheets, audios, videos, reports, etc, totally
free. Besides, my business is dedicated also to sell the best products on the market
about The Law of Attraction, Prosperity, Success and Spirituality with the satisfaction of
maintaining quality and warmness in our payment processes.

I hope you can stay with us and keep enjoy together this journey through the Law of
Attraction and all these subjects that help us to grow spiritually and materially.

If you decide to leave, you can click the “unsubscribe” button down below this message,
although I sincerely hope you don't. :)



Lucia unsubscribed from my newsletter, in fact, she asked me to do it. She was being serious about she would
stay only if I stopped promoting my paid products. To her, I owe her her honesty and above all the way she
expressed her feelings.

Although, to be honest, her message was also showing her limiting beliefs about money, about commerce,
about prosperity. In some way, unconsciously probably, she thinks that is not noble and morally accepted to
make money from knowledge. I dare to state that her belief has to do with making money with spiritual
matters and personal growth, and this belief gets worst with the fact that my thing is developed on the
Internet. As many people had said to me, trying to sell something on the Internet has an “occult and
malicious” intention.

We are on September, 29th, 2010 and three days ago I sent my last newsletter entitled “It is never your fault”
and I bring to you a sample of what it is to have limiting beliefs towards sales, money, e-commerce, and what
it is to center on the positive, or that thing that is useful and which you can use to your own benefit. So, I
invite you to spy a moment in my mailbox:

Here are some examples of people who are centered in what benefits them, what can be useful for them, and
what they consider “positive”:

First example: “Eli, I love you too and I give infinite thank you for your valuable time dedicated to teaching, to
help us be everyday more and more prosper persons in every where. Bear Hugs. May God keep blessing you

now and forever to you and your loved ones.”

Second Example: “Hello Eli. Before I met you and, I always read books for my personal
growth. I wanted to be someone else. We put Internet and I read your articles and I said to myself: “This is
what I need!”. Thanks for giving me this knowledge to be a better person. I always take care of my language
when I speak: instead of saying “Don't Forget” I say “I remember you of”. Instead of saying “It is my blame” I
say “Is my responsibility”. Thank you, really. Hugs, Violeta”.

Third Example: “Thanks for remembering me always. I know we are a lot in this path and event though is hard
to conciliate it at first with all the things and people that are near to us, those we love and are less optimistic
or non believers. This is a no return philosophy, even when you get to be happy by the simple facto f being
happy for no other specific reason. Thanks again, and a strong hug.”

Here there are some examples of people who are centered in what they don't like, what bother them and
consider negative:

First example: “Eli, I think that you are far away from trying to help people, you are just trying to sell your
products, because everything you say is not new”.

Second example: “Always paying is not fair, this is a business”.

Do you see it for yourself? Can you see the difference how the same event can be read and interpreted in
opposite ways by many people?

Now, talking about you. In which group are you in?

Are you in the group who CHOOSE to center on the positive, on what generates them peace, in that which
makes them feel good?

Or are you in the group who CHOOSE to focus on the negative, what upsets them and clearly generates them
a sense of annoyance?

As you have concluded this is all about a CHOICE. We are always free to be on one or another side. It is our
responsibility and no one else to know in which side it is convenient for us to be.

You can choose right now to put before you the filter of what's POSITIVE, this meaning, to see in every person,
event and place that what is worthy to be outlined, valued or admired. Have the security that this simple
change will bring to your life not only mental peace and well being, but also put you in the way of practicing
the Law of Attraction to your favor.

Now, I will tell you which is my love ritual to these people that write to me annoyed. It is a simple ritual:

I receive the message, I ask for forgiveness for what's inside of me that has generated this annoyance in them.
I bless them and unsubscribe them from my list. That's all.

On the other hand, I can tell you something of what I feel proud. I keep it as my precious treasure:

Me, Eliana, I feel an authentic and overflowing love for my readers and my clients.

In this little and simple statement I resume a good part of my philosophy of work, giving the fact that I'm a
business woman. It is very simple, and is hard for me to believe that every business person in the universe

doesn't think like this. :)

My website exists thanks to my readers.

My products exist thanks to my clients.

I truly love my clients and readers. They are the living and pumping heart of my business. would be nothing without you.

Can you imagine? A website that no one reads and whose products won't anybody buy.

This is why all of you will be always worthy of my most sincere gratitude.


How do I take to practice this love I feel for you? Because, as we all well know, love is showed with facts and
not with words :)

• When I write the content of my website, my newsletter, my free reports (like this one that
you are reading), I do the mental exercise to imagine each and everyone of my readers reading this
text I am writing. This simple exercise helps me put warmness to my written words and transmit a
feeling of proximity and love.
• When I create a paid product I do the mental exercise of picturing a potential client who is
buying it. This exercise helps me be empathic and add a value that in other way my products
wouldn't have because of Internet.
• When I am about to write my newsletter every Sunday I ask God and my subconscious mind
to help me use the correct words to make a difference in someone's life. When I write my bulletin I
put myself in trance and let a higher force to express through me. It is not casual that every time I
write my newsletter, without exception, at least one person writes to me to tell me “you words came
to me in the precise moment” or “it seemed like you were writing this to me”.
• I constantly express my love through my Facebook account, I do it with a ligitime feeling of
• Each day of my life when I go to bed and wake up I give thanks to God for every wonderful
thing that has put in my life, between them of course, are you, my beloved readers.
• I have effort to maintain my blog and my website alive during these four years with valuable
information, useful and free. It is my spiritual tithe.

As you can see, loving my readers and clients is a way of life, is something that borns from me and I manifest it
each day of my life. Thinking that every message that I send will get to a human being that is sitting in front of
his computer fills me with pride. In the same time, I assume it as a huge responsibility. I know that the words I
say generate reality and can make a difference in each person that is reading. They can heal or they can do

So, if you ask me which is my Marketing secret, this is the one:


If you have a business of any kind, I invite you to practice this little secret of success. You will notice the
difference and start to see how the Universe puts on your part and conspires for you to be succesful.

Ok, going back to our limiting belief subject, you willñ see how easy it is to program yourself for negativism

and how you have been negative for years. Despite this, it is very simple to stop doing it.

Each time that you take part of a victimizing conversation (the most common is those who are about
unemployment, how bad the country is, etc) you program yourself exquisitely for poverty. I tell you
“exquisitely” because is a luxury programming. It is the ideal programming: without your conscious mind puts
any resistance, it is a programming where all your body, mind and soul are in congruence.

So, what should I do for reprogramming?

There are many ways for mental reprogramming to be successful:

• One of them is tu use subliminal messages (in a little time I'll explain to you what is this)
• Another one is to incorporate voluntarily your new beliefs
• Another one, to work with statements

When you work with statements, it is possible that in the beginning there is a resistance from your part,
especially when you make this statements without optimizing them for the Law of Attraction, using the most
simple concepts (and advanced at the same time) for its efficacy of NLP.

Let me put an example:

If you say “I am rich”

It is probably that this resistance takes place because you will feel as if you were lying, a thing that didn't
happened when you heard statements like “we may be poor but we are honest”, because you were sure that
it was true, there was no doubt inside of you about this statement. You've heard it enough times to know that
is true.

So, how can I erase this resistance when I make a statement that I know it is not true?

Good question ;)

Before answering it, I want to tell you something:

Even when you feel this statement is not true, in an energetic and spiritual level it is.

According to the quantum physics all probabilities exist in this quantum field of substance without forming.
Your Poor Self and your Prosper Self already exist. What is it that gives life to each of them, what is it that it
makes it manifest your Poor Self (in the case that this is the one) and not your other self, which you would like
to be manifesting?

Your observation and attention is what makes yourself manifest your reality, whatever it is. So, to make this
Prosper Self to exist in your spiritual self, the only thing you have to do is to give it your observations and
attention. In virtue of this observation, this being will start to take life and, little by little, it will start to
manifest in your physical world. Your observation gives it life.


Coming back to the issue of statements that don't feel like true, I'll give you another tip to write 100%
optimized statements for the Law of Attraction and using NLP standards. TO that, I brought from my blog this
entry that has this title: “Eight effective ways of building statements”. I invite you to read this entry and

continue reading the Manifest of attraction once you understood that. And ABOVE ALL, once you are sure that
you have assimilated what you've learn.

Eight effective way to build Statements

Dear readers,

I invite you specially to do your own statements and repeat them during the day. The power of language is
amazing, human beings build our internal and external world from language, words have power and energy,
language itself is action. Don't underestimate the power of a repeated statement with consistency,
statements built with conscience and repeated with consistency are a simple and effective way to put the Law
of Attraction into practice. It may be your case that you underestimate the power of this technique, after all,
is so simple and easy! Reed this analogy and try to find a lesson that you can apply to the world of statements:

A big vase can be filled with water, drop by drop. In the beginning, the vase will seem almost empty. Two
drops won't make a difference. If we don't put anymore drops in the vase, these drops will evaporate in little
time. However, if we continue filling the vase with continuous drops, each day our vase will fill more and more
with consistency.

This is why today I want to teach you these easy techniques to build your own statements, which are powerful
structures for you to put in them your own words and thoughts.

All you have to do y to end the sentence your own way so it gets personalized:

• I have the power to...

• I'm attracting to my life...
• I can see how, little by little, …
• Thanks God for helping me...
• All my self is aligned towards my objective of...
• XXXXX is the perfect expression of myself (rich, health, love, etc).
• I'm in the process of manifesting...
• I feel the joy to see in my life xxxxx (or having xxxxx in my life)...

If you want to read the Spanish entry in my blog or leave a comment, here's the link:

Ok, now show to yourself that you have learn the lesson and choose an area of your life that you wish to
improve... Ready? Ok, now write 10 statements that have to do to what you wish for this particular area of
your life.

Do it now:

1. __________________________________________________________________________________


Don't cheat to yourself and please do this, you have this only and unique chance to start designing your ideal
life, don't waste it. I remember you that, according to the experts, only a 10% of the things that you
procrastinate are later effectively done. So, if you didn't do this, do it NOW. I you didn't listen to me and didn't
print this document to read it and you are reading directly from your computer then take a sheet and a pen to
write down your statements.

I imagine that you've already did.

Okay, now you have a little-big binnacle of life here, so...


You can – and you should – do the same for each area fo your life.

Eli, this is all very good, thanks... now, can you explain to me how the Law of Attraction works?

To start, my blog: Eliana's Blog (click) is full of quality information about the Law of Attraction and specially
how to put it into practice. This is my contribution for those who are hunger for spiritual knowledge, to help
them create a better material and spiritual life.

Now, I have to warn you before you get there: the information of my blog is not for lazy people. In fact, you
have to put into practice what I teach you there, even though it sounds “too god to be true”. If you have
enough will to read the hole blog and structure the knowledge that I bring you there, then you can have your
own System of the Law of Attraction and working for you in no time.

Between everything I teach you in my blog, I've given special importance to the statements subject because of
the simple fact that... STATEMENTS WORK. The might seem simple, but they are an excellent tool for
reprogramming your subconscious mind, to insert an empowering belief, to keep you positive, to erase kindly
your internal monologue, and many more things! I'm a fan of Statements.

The key is to do them with consistency. A question that I often get is that if it is really necessary to put a
feeling and feel the statements when they are said. The answer is Yes and Not necessarily.

Yes, because, as the Law of Attraction explains to us, the Universe answers to our vibrations more than our
words, so, when you repeat a Statement and connect to the feeling that wakes in you, then you are sending
that vibration to the Universe, you are speaking to it with its language, in its own code.

Not necessarily, because one of the benefits of working with this statements is to control our internal
monologue in a kind way, so you can repeat a statement with the only end of that you say replaces your
internal monologue.

Ok, following then the Law of Attraction, our main objective when we put it into practice is to find the tools
that we can use to feel good. Then, take note of all that makes you feel goof. Be aware of what makes you
vibrate and feel good and once you have it clear, then you have to use that you have found to elevate your
vibrations in any time of your life. Is great!

If I had to summarize the Law of Attraction (working to your favor) in only one phrase, I would say that is simly

about... FEELING GOOD.

Take a look:



Is that simple.


You can start attracting little things and situations. I've found with the passing of the years, three things that
people who are starting with the Law of Attraction ask to elevate their trust in the process of attraction and
also make this knowledge a fun experience:

1. A cup of coffee, tea or soda

2. A free parking space
3. The bus or the cub on time

So, you can start if you want with these three exercises of attraction and here's the BIGGEST TIP o all, THE
KING OF TIPS, you'll love it! Of course, it will only work if you put it into practice, if you don't, then don't even
bother reading.

Here it goes:


… the love of your life is already beside you

… you already have the job of your dreams
… you already found the free parking space
… you've already graduated


Take a few moments to connect with those feelings and emotions you will feel once your wish becomes
true... I'll give you some time to do it. DO IT NOW.


Okay, now remember how you felt and try to evoke that feeling, see, feel and vibrate according to that wish
came true for at least 17 seconds. Once you've done this successfully and have connected with that emotion,
then you'll do it for 68 seconds. You can help yourself with a chronometer, this is ideal because this way you
won't be paying attention to the watch.

This 17 to 68 seconds exercise I learned it from Esther & Hicks. In their books they teach wonderful things that
can be summarized in one sentence: TO FEEL GOOD (yes, once more, FEEL GOOD is the key word for the Law
of Attraction).

Esther says that after being focusing for 17 seconds in that you wish for (especially feeling “as if...”, this is a
personal comment) you start activating in you the vibrations that sound with that wish and, besides, if you get
to do it for 68 seconds, those vibrations get stronger and consistent, and your wish starts manifestating.

What if I focus for more than 68 seconds in a brand new car and I see it parked in my garage, will I have it
there once I open my eyes?


My question for you is this:

Do you really believe that this can happen this way?

Please, be honest.

Remember that we are spiritual beings with a HUMAN EXPERIENCE and our life in this Earth responds to these
characteristics that makes us HUMANS and material beings. You are the instrument that uses the Law of
Attraction to deliver yourself what you want, yourself and the physical resources of this world!

And here it is where THE ACTION enters into the scene.

And not any action. In the Law of Attraction we talk about INSPIRED ACTION.

What's an inspired action?

Ok, let's go on with the example of the brand new car. Let's suppose that you focus enogh for those 68
seconds in pretending “as if...” and that connection has given its fruits, so your car is in the way.

Now comes the part when that divine essence, that unformed presence comes to you to give you the ideas, to
whisper in your ear which is the most harmonious way, and less resistant way, for you to get this brand new


Because our conscious mind is used to listen the call of rational, logical and testable. Our mind knows about
ways and socially recognized resources to accomplish certain things. So, when it comes a non common idea,
which is eccentric, weird or too simple to be effective, which is what often happens, we don't dare to put it
into practice and, once again, we think that is too good to be true and simply dismiss it in virtue of this
human behavior which I already talked you about.

I remember you that one of the characteristics of the subconscious mind is that it gives you no resistance to
help you find what you wish for. When you focus in those 17 seconds, what you are doing is to get in touch
with that wise part of yours, showing it without a doubt what's your biggest wish, leaving seated your
intention. Now your subconscious mind will show you the easier and more correct way to get there, but is up
to you TO LISTEN this message that will come to you as an idea, an impulse to do something (call someone,
assist a new event, buy a new book, etc) and that “impulse”, that idea or whatever event that has manifested
will be, in every case, a FLUID AND HARMONIOUS ACTION.

You already have it, a mini course about the Law of Attraction in just two pages and completely free! I hope
you use it!

Beside this path, there are many other things you can do to put the Law of Attraction into practice, to
dominate it and take the best advantage of this invisible force we all have. My Law of Attraction System is an
understandable simple and complete guide, with everything there is to know about the LOA to get results: a
full book with a lot of knowledge and written content, written by me in 100 pages, 15 worksheets, 12 audios
with statements, a course video of five modules and many free bonuses, with a quality seal included. Check it

What qualifies my to talk about these subjects? Why should you buy my products and not someone else's?
Why should you read my blog, my website? Why should you be subscribed to my newsletter, why should you
follow the page on Facebook?

As a friend of mine says: if you don't help yourself, who else will? Thank God my readers also help me spread
my newsletter and talking about my website to their friends and family. This is nice.

First of all, because my commitment with Personal Growth is true and I have cultivated for more than 20

Beside my passion for these subjects and my years of reading, I have an acquisition which I feel proud of, and
is one of my most precious treasures: I am a Master-Practitioner and NLP Trainer.

Formally I want to say that it is important to go on with the courses that NLP proposes us, because is a formal
education that increase our knowledge and understanding about neural-linguistic programming.

But what is neural-linguistic programming?

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