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A Day without Technology

As I woke up every morning I used to find my phone first to look what time it is and I also started to
check my messages through Facebook to be updated on what I missed when I was in a middle of my
sleep. After browsing my phone, I clean my bed and started to prepare for the things I needed in school.
When I was ready with my pack things, I get my towel and get in to the bathroom where I used a lot of
things like shampoo, soap, facial cleanser, toothpaste/toothbrush and other things. Then after my
session in bathroom it is time for me to fix myself like combing my hair, applying little makeup on my
face just to make a look that suits in a teenager like me, I fix my uniform to make more comfortable with
what I used to be in University and when its done, it is time for me to eat a my meal to regain some
energy that I used in the other day. And when its finally done, it is time for me to get may packed things
and go to school, but of course before I finally get in there I need to ride a tricycle and jeep. In school, I
used more of the scientific