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Interactive Learning Activities

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Interactive Learning
Scholastic Students will learn about
webs.htm different food web
relationships between
animals and plants, the
overlapping of food chains
and add more words to
their science vocabulary.
Edheads Students will learn about
sickle cell DNA, be able to
determine if a couple carry
the genetic mutation for a
disease, and learn how the
mutation impacts
offspring, protein folding
and medical counseling.
BrainPop Students will learn how
color comes about,
different types of radiation,
and discover how these
waves are organized and
how they can carry
different levels of energy.
ABCya Students will be able to
learn facts about birds and
watch illustrations while
PBS Kids Students will identify what
each letter an object starts
AnnenBerg Learner Students will count the
number of raisins in
seventeen half-ounce
boxes of raisins and come
up with a solution to
determine how many
raisins are in Brand X's or
Brand Y's box of raisins.
The Kidz Page Students will spot the
spot-the-difference.html differences between
Starfall Students will learn about
Highlights Kids Students will place events
museum in history from oldest to
most recent.
National Geographic Kids Students will fill in the
blank to their own funny
stories regarding a day trip
to the arboretum.