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Fill in the form. You have 3 minutes.


Juan Pérez
3rd July1990
Date of Birth (day month year)
City / Town / Village
[Mobile number]

House: John

[Delivery address] Street: 221B Cable Street

State: Malaga

You’ve joined the ‘ORDER MEALS ONLINE’ site. Fill in the form. Write in
using 20 – 30 words. You have 7 minutes.

Please tell us about your favourite food and time when you prefer to have
your meals.

I don’t have a favourite food, but I like to eat healthy food such as vegetables, fish,
meat. I prefer to eat at 3 o'clock at 1 o'clock as the English do.
You are a member of MEALS DELIVERY ONLINE website and you are in the
chat room.
Talk to Mike using complete sentences. Use 30 – 40 words per answer. You
have ten

Mike: Hi! I see you’re new here. I joined a year ago after I started living
alone. Why did you join?

You: Hello Mike, nice to meet you, on the one hand, I joined here to meet other
types of food that exist in the world, on the other hand, I love ordering food online.

Mike: What do you think about the service?

You: In my point of view, the service is very good, the restaurant staff are very
friendly and the service provides you with everything you need, but there is one
thing I don’t like: these are the dishes.

Mike: How do you feel about the recent rise in the price of pizzas? It was
20% cheaper before.

You: I really feel annoyed because I often went to eat pizza with my friends on
Saturdays but now with the price increase of the pizza we will be able to go only at
once a month.
You are a member of ‘MEALS DELIVERY ONLINE’. On your last visit to their
website you
saw the notice below.

Dear valued customers,

We are sorry to inform you that from next month we have to introduce
a fee for the meals’ delivery. It will constitute 10% of the meal order.
We have to introduce this measure to reduce the high costs involved in
delivering the meals.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free

to email us at

Write an email to a friend who also uses the MEALS DELIVERY ONLINE
service. Write your feelings about the notice and suggest possible
alternatives. Write about 50 words. You have 10 minutes.

Hello Olga,

what do you think about the fee increase the meals delivery for the meals’ delivery? Commented [1]: repetición
I can’t believe they are increasing the fee. If you ask me the food prices should be
cheaper if the price of the fee increase the meals delivery for the meals’ delivery. I
had in mind next month and already a fee increase!

Now write an email to the Customer Service Team, explaining your
feelings about the notice and suggesting possible alternatives. Write 120-
150 words. You have 20 minutes.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in relation with the previous e-mail and I want to show you
my disagreement about the increase of 10% of a fee for the meals order
to take effect from next week.

I feel It is unacceptable the increase of 10% of a fee for the meals order. I
think you should rethink the fee increase if you are withdrawing services. Commented [2]: evítalo, lo repites demasiado

I would like to suggest several alternatives:

1. First of all, I believe that If there is an increase of a fee for the
meals order, you should have some offers in the menus.
2. As a second alternative, it would be very interesting for
customers to give away some starters or bottle of wine

I look to forward hearing back from you If my recommendation are

acceptable if not, I will look at other restaurants offers.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully.