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National Service Training Program

Arlyn Gonzaga Moya


Research about Mental Health of a Filipino Teachers in the Philippines

The problem in this research is about the "Pressures In this study researcher use the recent problems to
on public school teachers and implications
Albert, J.R.G. C.C on
David and J,Fgather information related in the issues arising
quality". It is because of the chronically state of regarding
Vizmamanos.Barriers and bottlenecks to on the mental health of Filipino
public school teachers in the Philippines is well teachers.Researcher conduct an interview to selected
school attendance.Quezon City, Philippines,
known.Following is the tragic suicide of two public public school teachers as the instrument to gather
school teachers in 2018. insights and information regarding to their workloads
as a public school teacher .

The workloads of a public school teachers is not In overall , teachers are looking forward to those
only limited to teaching but also to other non workloads that assigned to them that it will be
teaching tasks.Given this workload, actual reduced so that they can focus on their students and
teaching is increasingly being sidelined by the
give fully attention to those things that they needed to
multitude of other responsibilities and roles that
teachers play.If teachers to be followed they want develop and enhance so that there will be a quality
to focus on teaching and have more time to speak education for students in public schools. Teachers are
with students, give guidance and apply what they also advise to attend multiple seminars and training in
learned about diffirentiated teaching.In this study a given year. An additional source of time use. These
it also revealed that their common belief that training are also include anumber of topic areas from
mass promotion should be stopped. pedagogical techniques, technical writings for reports,
to activities related to disaster risk reduction and
management while trainings are supposed to address
gaps in skills and competencies.