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A Quantitative Research

Presented and Submitted to Mr Marco Agravante

Magallanes National High School

Senior High School Department

As a requirement on

Practical Research II– Quantitative Research

1st Semester, 2019 – 2020





Academic, ABM/HUMSS


This CHAPTER the researcher will describe the Introduction, Statement of the problem,

Significance of the study, assumption, scope and delimitation and definition of terms, which can provide

some possible ways to solve the Impact of Modern Technology among Senior High School Students on

Their Academic Performance.


Modern technology was simply an advancement of old technology. It was mostly used by the

students nowadays, especially in making projects and assignment. According to (Egbert, 2009) the

students today are surrounded by technology, where very easy to access and collect information in just

one click. Unlike the old times students greatly rely on educational materials such as library, notes and

books just to review and study their lessons. It has also a great effect and impact the way things presented

and thought in the classroom, when it comes in reporting the students and their academic performance

will be affected. Although it can also considered as a beneficial the effects still waiting at the end.

There are some types of modern technology that can really affects the academic performance

of students commonly the mobile phones, computers, laptops, and other new technology that is use

nowadays. Sometimes it can help us to improve our knowledge and exploring other information’s but too

much use of technology the results would see after the long time. Many researchers have discussed the

different factors that affect the student academic performance in their study. And that’s the number one

reason why some students would always use the modern technology in a wrong way especially during

class hours. The classroom must be thoroughly grounded in the technologies chosen for use in their

classrooms to allow them to provide guidance of students (Lang, 2000).

Through this study, there are so many reasons behind the students why always do them even it is

wrong from their future and academic performance and that will be tackled throughout the study. Since it
is a broad topic as well as an issue nowadays, many researchers have done regarding this, proving that

modern technology among Senior High School Students has a big impact to their Academic performance

and their future.


This study can help and benefit the following for seeking information and answer regarding the

Impact of modern technology among Senior High School Students on their Academic Performance.

 Teachers:

The findings of this researcher will help teachers to understand the present student's behavior in

using computers or modern technology. This will guide them in motivating their students to use

computers responsively.

 Parents:

This study will give the parents clearer idea how children consume computers and the extent of

their use of technology that affect students’ performance at school. This, they will be guided on how

to make rules for their children regarding the time they spend on Modern technology.

 School:

This will aid school administrators in intelligently formulations campus regulations and

policies regarding student's use of technology in the campus.

 Students:

Making students aware of their behavior would help them make better decis decisions and

become responsible for their actions. When they realize the extent of their computer or

technology use and its influence their studies, they would be more responsible in managing their

study habit and technology use.


1. What are the types of Modern Technology used by the Senior High School


-The types of Modern technology used by the seniors high school student has been Identified.

2. What is the Impact of Modern Technology among Senior High School Students

on their Academic performance?

- The Impact of Modern Technology among Senior High School Students on their

Academic performance has been stated.

3. What effective measures will be used to guide the senior high school students on

the proper use of modern technology?

- The effective measures on the proper use of Modern Technology has been


This study will focus on finding out the impact of modern technology among Senior High School

Students on their academic performance. There were 50 respondents were randomly selected from the

Senior High School Department of Magallanes National High School.

The study is limited to Magallanes National High School wherein only Grade 11 and 12 students are

included and the Junior High School students even teacher are excluded of this study.

For the better and clearer understanding of the study, the following terms are defined operationally.

 Modern Technology- Simply an advancement of old technology, which is use in daily basis
to accomplish the task of one person.
 Students-A person who attend the school to explore and to learn more.

 Academic Performance- An ability of the students in school measured by grading in which

students achieve their educational goals.



This chapter presents a review of Local and Foreign literature and studies on the impact of

modern technology among Senior High School students on their academic performance.


Modern Technology has experienced long expansion in recent years, leading to its extensive use by

people from all generations. For generation of young people technology has assumed as important

material in their social and educational lives. The most majority of students have access to computers,

internet, cellphones, video games, and many other forms of modern technology, within too much

excessive use of technology could really affect the students Academic Performance and behavior.

(UNICEF, 2011)

Foreign Literature

Dehmler,(2009) cited that learning with the technology enhances students reasoning skills, and problem

solving abilities, but excessive use of technology can damage your educational achievement. That was

very serious problem when it comes to academic performance, students greatly affect their behavior and


Thomas O'Bannon, and Bottom 2013 states that almost every teacher will agree for the ringing cellphone

disrupts academic performance, it is the most integral and day to day life item and essential for safety.

Since it was always happening, teachers must adapting this new lifestyle on how to utilize and to lessen

these new forms of technology in class, not only in a motivation level but also an instructional level too.

(Edwards, 2009).

There are some student who are greatly experience the effects of modern technology nowadays,

Zavodryny (2006) who asserts the increased in amount of sleep and increase in attention for technologies

and poorer academic achievements. Dehmler cites a study by Wolfson and Clarkleadon (1998) who

examined the effects of modern technology among students regarding their sleeping habits. The more the

students use technology in many times it increase the sleep disturbance and the academic performance
will be affected. Therefore to prevent this type of problem Lang (2000) stated that classroom must be

thoroughly grounded in technologies to allow them the technology effectively blend into the classroom.

In addition if the teachers begin from ground up approach and focus on the students who are addicted,

you would feel more successful and ready to meet the challenges in the 21st century classroom. Meyer,

Abrami, Wade, Scherzer (2011).

According to Meyer, Griffith, Jurkowitz and Fothman (2008). It's important to realize the failure to

present multimedia technology during reporting even it is important in our learnings. In fact, too much

multimedia stimulation can interfere our mind to create a big impact on learning.

Local Literature

According to Angel De dios (2012) proposed the question on How technology affects learning from the

views of teachers with Ipads, Facebook, smartphones, videogames, music and others the technology now

from United States is almost eight hours a day used by the student, unlike the Philippines probably face

the same increasing amount of time when spent more activities provided by technology. That's why the

question is how current technology affects student learning. But the response from the teachers is

particularly important since their perspective comes directly from the classroom.