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The Global Teacher is a Filipino teacher who is professional to teach. From our class discussion,
I’ve learned a lot. Being a beginner teacher, I am in the stage of developing my personal qualities. I want
to commit myself despite the hindrances I may take. The following are the traits I should possess such as:
be prepared to come to class every day, during class discussion presence of mind must be observed, being
creative in the sense of resourcefulness and inventive in how they teach. I will be compassionate in
regarding student’s personal problems and relate to them, dynamic, responsible, and leadership. The traits
can be added are optimistic, patient, have sense of humor, respect student, admit mistakes and God
fearing person.

As a professional teacher, it means he/she possesses professional competence. I should follow the
teaching competence which is spelled out in the PPST ( Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers)
and the four model of effective teaching. The first step of competent is instructional preparation. The
teaching and learning activities should be appropriate and use assessment aligned to the learning
outcomes. Second, is to fully aware of the content and pedagogy (how to teach particular subject matter
and content). Right now, I am a beginner teacher of Junior and Senior High School Technical-Vocational-
Livelihood Track Agri-Fishery Arts- Fish Capture, I am obliged the mastery of this subject. Third, create a
conducive or favorable learning environment for diverse group of learners. It encourages all learners to be
successful. Fourth, assess and report’s learners progress; apply a variety tools and strategies in
monitoring, evaluating, documenting and reporting learners needs, progress, and achievement.
Assessment data was use in variety of ways to inform and enhance the teaching and learning process and
programs. They provide learners with the necessary feedback about the learning outcomes that inform the
reporting cycle and enables teachers to select, organize, and use sound processes. Fifth, demonstrate
professionalism as he/she deals with the superiors, colleagues, students and parents. To establish school
community partnerships aimed at enriching the learning environment as well as the community’s
engagement in education process.

“The 21st Century Philippine Education master plan is framed by cultural-historical rootedness,
experiential and field-based learning, community development, and transformation and regional and
internal context and linkages thus providing a strong foundation for developing glocal Filipino
professional teachers”. TEDP Master Plan for 2015-2025

In this present generation, following the K-12 curriculum, I want to be prepared to compete
globally. The emerging technologies through internet, the people can communicate around the world. It is
applied in the context of learning so that the students know how to learn. The millennial can easily access
learned information at hand. For me, I will apply the Constructivist pedagogical approach of K to 12.
Since emotion has the power to increase retention and learning, I’ll try to connect to student’s everyday
life. Through the support of my family and Almighty God will help a lot for my dreams to fulfill.

The Principles of Teaching by Bilbao, et al.

Field Study 2 by Brenda B. Corpuz, PH.D