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 Discuss the Mosaic Art.

 Create a mosaic using paper strips.
 Evaluate the artwork using the criteria.


A. Topic: Paper Mosaic

B. Reference: Learners Material for Music and Art Grade 9.
C. Materials: Powerpoint presentation, illustration board, art materials.


Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

A. Daily Routine
In the name of the Father, and of the son, In the name of the Father, and of the son, and
and of the Holy Spirit. AMEN. of the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Good morning class!

A3.Classroom Management Good morning Ma’am.

Let’s have a MAPEH check.

 Make yourself ready to listen.
 Arrange your chairs.
 Pick up those trashes under it.
 Enjoy the subject and,
 Have a seat and get ready,

A4.Checking of Attendance
Ms. Secretary please give the list of the
absentees for today.
Yes, Ma’am
B. Priming/Activity
Before we proceed to our topic let’s
have first a video presentation.
What are the things that we need to
considered while watching the video?
Listen carefully, analyzed the video, jot down
the important details.
Very good!
I have here a question that you need to
answer after the video presentation.

1. How can you describe the video?

2. We’re you able to make that kind
of artwork?
3. What do you think the video all
Yes, Ma’am
(the teacher will play the video)
(the students will watched the video)
C. Analysis
(the teacher will asked the question)
1. How can you can you describe the
(the students answer may vary)
Very good!
2. We’re you able to make that kind
of artwork?
Yes Ma’am
Very Good!
3. What do you think the video all
The video is all about mosaic
Very good!
Our lesson for today is all about the

D. Abstraction
(the teacher will discuss the mosaic)
Let’s define first the paper mosaic.
What do you mean by the mosaic?
A mosaic is a picture created by arranging
together a small piece of material like stones,
tile, glass and paper.
Very good!
But today we will use a paper to make
a mosaic.

Yes, Ma’am!
What are the materials needed to
make a mosaic? -Picture as a reference
-color paper or magazines

How about the procedure?
Step 1: start your drawing onto your
illustration board lightly with a pencil
Step 2: cut the magazines or the colored paper
into a piece
Step 3: Paste it on the design of the facade
you made.

Very good!
You already know the definition mosaic,
materials needed and the procedure on
how are you going to make a mosaic.
Are you ready to make your own

Very good!
Yes Ma’am

E. Application
Let’s have an individual activity. Get
your illustration board, old magazines
or colored paper, scissors, glue and
pencil. Create a mosaic using a paper

Is it clear? Yes Ma’am

I will give you 40 minutes to do your

Understand? Yes Ma’am

Your time starts now! (the students go to their activity)

IV. Evaluations

I will be graded you base on the criteria.

Very good Good Fair

3points 2points 1point

All instructions are Most instructions are Most of the instruction Some instruction are
followed followed. are followed but some followed
are not clear

Proper use of All the materials are All the material are Some of the materials
materials used properly used but some are not are used
use properly

Neatness of the Artwork is very neat Artwork is neat but Artwork is messy
artwork some parts are not.

V. Assignment

Bring the materials that you can use in video making in health.

Goodbye and God Bless!