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The Best in Cagwait JSSNS the Partakers

Aras-asan - Unidad Bridge Brgy.Aras-asan) Avatar Tree (Brgy.Lactudan) Paradise Beach (Brgy.Bacolod)

Tagbalidbid Falls Aras-asan All Weather Port

Lighthouse in Arangasa Island (Brgy. Aras-asan


Japanese Rock Formation (Brgy.Tawagan)

Tapon (Brgy.Tawagan) (Brgy.) Cagwait Cove (Cagwait White Beach)


Cagwait is one of the audacious places for escaped to the travelers to unwind and
shake off stress and enjoy life. A place needs to be written in the bucket list.

Cagwait cove presents its widely known as little Waikiki beach with its powdery white
Adventure Awaits
sand the resembles much to the famous Boracay and the Waikiki beach of Hawaii. The
crystal clear water that mirrors the fine blue sky waves to the tourist to dive in the calm
salty water. The long stretch seashore with a little shade of palm trees is a spot to
achieve the sun-kissed skin goal. Foods is not even a problem for it offer bounty
seafood and local cuisine to food lovers and travelers.

Every 3 week of June the local people spearheaded by the Local Government Unit
celebrate its Kaliguan Festival giving thanks to their beloved Patron St. John the
Baptist. The event usually lasted to 3 - 4 days with lots of activities and experience
festivity. The beautiful scenery catches so much attraction to the local and overseas

tourist to come back and forth to the place.

From the barangay booths, fluvial parade, larong pinoy, sand art , battle of the bands
to the anticipated Ms. Perlas ng Kaliguan Pageant, all cagwaitnons unite, participate
and support their barangay representatives specially their beautiful candidates.
Another exciting activity of the Kaliguan is the “Sayaw sa Kaliguan” where the vibrant
colors of props, vivacious choreographies, upbeat bang of drums plus the energetic
dancers give more life to the celebration and magnet more people to drive to the venue
and join.

But Cagwait is not just a beach rather it has more to offer. Almost each barangay has a Surigao del Sur
tourist spot to venture like the amazing “Japanese Rock Formation” of barangay
Tawagan, the serenely “Arangasa Island” of Brgy. Aras- asan, the lovely “Paradise Black
Beach” of Brgy. Bacolod and falls from one barangay to another. All of these can surely
be found and get pleasure from Cagwait.