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In protest of 20 high school seniors getting suspended due the release of balloons during

first and second period as a senior prank, parents and students have decided to stand

against this decision by attending a board meeting being held Tuesday. The seniors who

participated in this prank were told they would not be able to attend the all-night senior

party on Friday, May 1.

The all-night senior party will be held at Park Place, an entertainment center that has

bowling, laser tag, video games and more.

“The principal’s punishment is too severe,” senior Alfred Refugio said. “The prank was

funny. It wasn’t mean and didn’t hurt anyone. We were being seniors, having fun and

making memories.”

The previous year, a group of seniors smeared Vaseline on the doorknobs and the locks of

every locker. None of the seniors were caught. Many individuals feel last year’s prank was

more severe than the release of balloons this year.

Some parents and students alike agree that is was a fun senior prank and are determined to

change the punishment.

“It wasn’t a big deal, but the principal Vinita Haygood is turning it into one,” senior Ruby

Kanur said.
A few teachers at the school said even though the prank was not harmful to anyone in any

way, it was disruptive to the classes in session. The balloons were released during 1st and

2nd period during when students were in the halls.

Students who receive more than three tardies in a semester must serve a 30-minute after

school detention.

“The hallways were chaotic and super loud during the balloon release,” Math teacher Grace

Killen said. “The seniors didn’t mean any harm, but the prank was disruptive.”

The students and parents are attending the board meeting being held April 14th. All 20

seniors signed up to speak during the public forum. They are asking the school board to

reverse Haygood’s decision.

“The seniors are welcome to speak at the border meeting, but the board should not reverse

my decision,” Principal Vinita Haygood said. “I gave ample warnings to the senior class that

I would not tolerate any sort of prank that disrupts the school.”

The students at Leaguetown High School are hoping to reverse the decision that was

already established in hopes to finish off their senior year strong.

Parents and students alike believe the punishment was too severe. They may have been

warned about senior prank but it was all out of good spirit.

“Let the punishment fit the crime,” Ruby's mother Milly Kanur said. “They were balloons.