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Storyboard/Developed in Rise

New Script VO Procedures ID Katie Brown Word Count

Time Script Visual Graphics/ Animations

20 sec What is the audio? Direction Suggestions
interval 20-50 words per frame
1. Course Description: Headings in
This course will demonstrate how an Lato font size
instructional designer will send an 32
approved storyboard script to a Body
voiceover artist for recording. This Merriweathe
includes instructions on how to r font size 18
request revisions if needed.
Colors are a
clean white
with Inno-
and orange

2. Introduction text page:

It is important to follow these
procedures to ensure that scripts are
correctly and efficiently voiced.
Following these procedures will help
to keep the files organized and easily
accessible for anyone involved in the
project. From start to finish, we’ll walk
through the steps needed to complete
this task.
3. New Script Tutorial: So, you just
received approval on your storyboard.
Now what? Watch this video to learn
how to send your script to a voiceover

4. Tutorial Script: So, you just received

approval on your storyboard. What
next? Today we are going to walk
through the steps you will need to
take to send that new script over to
 First, you will want to save your
approved storyboard using the
correct naming convention. To do
o Click on File
o Click on Save a Copy
o And then type in the
Script (which is the client
name_name or
module_and then the
date. The date should be
written without slashes or
dots in between, so
o Now save it to your
5.  Next remove all but the first two
columns of your storyboard,
leaving just the slide number and
6.  Now add a third column to the
table by highlighting the table,
right click, and select Insert and
then Insert a column to the right.
Type Notes at the top of that
7.  Here you will want to check the
top of the document to make sure
Storyboard title is changed to
Script title. You will also want to
remove any unnecessary
8.  Once the document is saved, go to
Teamwork. Find the project that
the voiceover correlates to and:
o Click on tasks
o Click on Voiceover task
and then
o Attach it to the task. To do
 Find the task titled
Voice Over Processing
 Click on the pencil to
the left of that task
 Find the paperclip and
click on it
 Now click on Add Files
 Select the correct
document, and then
 click on Open
9.  In the category
section, scroll down
until you find find VO
 Click on Save Changes
10.  Now you will see that
file under the Files
 When you go back to
the task list, you will
see the file attached
next to Voice Over
Processing. Assign this
task to the
Operational Specialist
by selecting her name.
It is important that
you first attach the
file before assigning
the task to her,
because if you do not
have correct
permissions, you will
not be able to attach
or edit that task after
you assign it to
someone else.
 Click on the Save
Changes button
 Now click on the File,
and copy the link
found at the top of
the task.
11. After that, go to Slack to alert the .
operational specialist that the VO
needs to be sent out. To do this:
 Find the #voiceover channel
and type a message such as:
@dawn VO script for Example
Client has been submitted in
 Finally paste the Teamwork
link where the file can be
found after the message.
You will later receive a message
through Slack when the VO script has
been sent out to the artist. That
concludes this video on New Script
procedures. Thanks for watching! (End
of Tutorial)
12. Pronunciation Clarification: Before Branching
you send the script to the voice over exercise.
artist, you will want to make sure the .
artist has direction on how to
pronounce every word they are being
asked to say. Review the script and
identify any words that could be
mispronounced. These can be divided
into three categories: Uncommon or
difficult words, company jargon, and
lines meant to convey an emotion.
1. Words that are uncommon or
2. Acronyms or Company Jargon
3. Convey Emotion
13. Practice with Pronunciation: In the Add sentence
following sentences, identify the word to “cards”
that you might provide clarification for and answers
the voice over artist. Click on the card on back of
to reveal the answer on the back. “cards”
Sentence 1: On the plane, I was
unlucky enough to sit in front of an
insouciant father who did not seem to
notice his child kicking the back of my
Back of Card 1: Did you choose the
word insouciant? This word is not
commonly used, and pronunciation
should be provided: in-sooSH-ent
Card 2: I worked all week on this
project and didn’t realize the scope
has been changed. I’ll revise it and
send it back to you.
Back of Card 2:
The first line should be spoken with
disappointment. The second line
should be spoken with a more upbeat
and friendly tone.
Card 3: We found the perfect dining
room set at IKEA.
Back of Card 3: This company name is
commonly mispronounced. It should
be pronounced
IKEA – ih-key-yah

Good job! Click on the Back to the

Course button to continue on with the
14. Knowledge Check: For the following Multiple
questions, choose the best answer. Choice
1. Which of these is the proper Questions
naming convention for a
newly approved script?
a. IKEA_Module1_102519
(That is correct. Make
sure that the date has no
slashes or periods
b. Version1_IKEA_102519
(That is incorrect. The
correct naming
convention is
c. 102519_IKEA_FinalVersio
2. When adding a third column
to the VO script, what name
should be in the header?
a. Directions (That is
incorrect. The word Notes
should be added to the
top of the third column.)
b. Notes (Correct. This is
where we will give
directions to the VO artist.
c. Remarks
3. How do you notify the
Operational Specialist once
VO is added to Teamwork?
a. Email (That is incorrect.
Use the voiceover Slack
channel notify the
Operational Specialist.)
b. Call
c. Text
d. Slack (Correct. Send a
message in the voiceover
slack channel with an
@name to notify that VO
needs to go out.
15. Conclusion: You have completed the
first lesson and learned how to send
your new script to the voiceover artist.
For instructions on what to do after
you receive your voiceover back from
the artist, please watch Revision to
Your Voiceover.

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