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Simple present:

We use the present simple to talk about things that happen regularly or that are
always true:


Complete the sentences. Use the verbs:

Work Arrive Go Eat Love Have Live Teach Close Open

Works Arrives Goes Eats Loves Has Lives Teaches Closes Opens

1.-My brother Works in a restaurant.

2.- Banks ____________________ in the morning.

3.- Stores _____________________ in the evening.

4- Shannon _____________________ math at school.

5.- Mike always ___________________at work early.

6.- I usually _________________________ by car.

7.-They never _________________________ breakfast.

8.- We _________________________________ Ice Cream.

9.- Venezuela _________________________________ 23 states and a capital


10.- My sister _____________________________________ In London.

Complete the sentences. Use “Don´t” or “Doesn´t”.

1.- I don´t read the newspaper very often.

2.- Matt _____________________ have a car.

3.- Mark and Sarah ____________________ go to the cinema very often.

4.- The hotel __________________________ cost much Money.

5.- We _________________________________ know much about politics.

6.- He _____________________________________ do his homework everyday.

7.- Jessica ___________________________ speak Portuguese.

8.- You _______________________eat meat.

9.- Jake and I _________________________understand the lesson very well.

10.- My car _____________________________________ use much gas.

Change these sentences into the negative form:

1.- I play the piano very well. I don´t play the guitar.

2.-We work on Saturdays. _____________________________________Sundays.

4.-Kate has a Dog. _____________________________________________ a cat.

5.-We do our homework at home. _________________________________ school.

6.- They drink coffee. ___________________________________________ tea.

7.- She watches CNN every night. _________________________________ MTV.

8.- This office opens from 9:00 to 5:00 ________________________ from 8:00 to

9.- Helen Studies Italian. ____________________________________ __German.

10.- They exercise in the morning. ___________________________________ in

the afternoon.

Answer these question. Use your own information:

1.- What do you do?

2.- Where do you live?


3.- When do you study English?


4.- Why do you study English?


5.- How do you come to the institute?


Write short answers. Use your own information.

1.- Do you have a hobby?


2.- Do you have a pet?


3.- do you go out very often?


4.- Do you like the beach?


5.- Do you exercise?


Answer these questions:

1.- What does your best friend do?


2.-Where does she/he live?

3.- When does she/he study/work?

4.- Where does she/he study/work?


5.- How does she/he go to school/work?


Write short answers:

1.- Does your best friend have a hobby?


2.- Does she/he Have a pet?


3.- Does she/he like the beach?


4.- Does she/he exercise?


5.- Does she/he speak English?


 choose the best option:

Do you live in London?

Yes, I do.
Yes, I am.

Does she usually go to the cinema?

Yes, she does.
Yes, she do.
Where do you live?
I live in Manchester.
Yes, I do.

Does he always get up at seven?

Yes, he do.
Yes, he does.

Does Peter go to school everyday?

No, he does not.
No, he don't.

How often do you play football?

I play football everyday.
Yes, I do.

Do you often take the train?

Yes, I am.
Yes, I do.

Does your mother live in Houston?

Yes, she does.
Yes, she do.

Do you usually go to the theatre?

Yes, he goes.
No, I don't.

Does Anna study English?

Yes, she does.
Yes, she is.

 Complete with do or does:

1)________ Peter live with his father?

2)_________ Carla like pizza?

3) ________you learn Spanish?

4)__________ They go to the beach?

5) _________Andrew and Martin ride their bikes to school?

6) _________they play in the garden?

7) ________I clean the bathroom?

8) __________Sandy's hamster live in a cage?

9) ___________the cats sit on the wall?

10) ____________ Peter go by car?

11) ___________we work in front of the computer?