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School: DepEdClub.

com Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: File created by Ma'am JULIE ANN C. FRONDA Learning Area: TLE – H.E.
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: SEPTEMBER 30 – OCTOBER 4, 2019 (WEEK 8) Quarter: 2ND QUARTER


A. Content Standards Demonstrates an understandiing of and skills in the basics of food preservation
B. Performance Standards Preserves food/s using appropriate tools and materials and applying the basics of food preservation
C. Learning Competencies / TLE6HE-Oh-12 3.3.1. selects food to be preserved/processed based on availability of 3.3.2 observes safety rules in food preservation/processing
Objectives 3.3 preserves food applying raw materials, market demands, and trends in the community
Write the LC code for each principles and skills in food
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages
2. Learner’s Materials pages
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials from MISOSA-VI Pagimbak at
Learning Resource (LR)portal Preserbatiba (not accessible)
B. Other Learning Resources Preservation of Fruits and
Vegetables (1977)
Bureau of Plant Industry
A. Reviewing previous lesson or Recap of previous lesson. Recap of what happened the Recap of the previous lesson. Recap of the previous lesson. Recap of the previous lesson.
presenting the new lesson Last week, the class prepared previous day.
for the presentation of Mention the names of the group The teacher again congratulates The teacher mentions that The teacher mentions that
processed/preserved who completed their the class for a job well done. The yesterday, they discussed the yesterday the class discussed
products. Today, the class will presentation. teacher underscores the several factors that need to be the practices to ensure
present by group. The presentation of the rest of importance of food preservation. considered in the selection of sanitation and safety of
As mentioned, the the groups willl continue food items to be processed: processed/preserved foods.
presentation will contain the (Groups 5-8).
following:  Raw materials The class was asked to bring
 SSRecipe of the  Market Demands photos or drawing
preserved/processed food  Trends in the Community. illustrating measures to
ensure safety and sanitation
 Tools / instruments used in food
The class also has learned that
in the activity. processing/preservation.
if the three factors were
considered this would be a
 Equipment used in the good source of income for the
activity learners.

 Steps in
preserving/processing of
food .

 Name and role of each

member of the group

The teacher suggested the

inclusion of a workplan, cost
estimates, photo
documentation. This is
B. Establishing a purpose for the Tell the class that on one Can you identify the Today’s lesson will be on The teacher will emphasize
lesson hand through the activity, processed/preserved food items observing safety rules in food that if the learners fail to
each learner will gain insights that were presented during the preservation / processing. practice safety and sanitation
from each group. On the last two days? in food preparation, all the
other hand, the members of The teacher asks the class: efforts will be in vain because
the group continue to learn The possible answers are fish, “What did they do to observe it often leads to food
from each other through meat, fruits, vegetables etc. safety rules in food processing spoilage or food
collaborating and working while working on their project?” contamination.
with one another.
How about the rest of the
ingredients that were
C. Presenting examples/ instances The teacher requests the Ask the class if it is easy for them Based on the response of the The class will bring out their
of the new lesson class to give each of their to come up with the needed food learners, provide a segue to the assignments. The teacher
group a name. items for their project. If the following: will call some learners to tell
answer is either yes or no, something about the
The following are the 8 request the learners to explain  Did you use caps or head pictures or drawings they
groups who will present why. bands? have brought to class.
Group 1 - Drying  Did you wash your hands Original File Submitted and
Group 2 - Salting Is there a demand for the food properly before and after Formatted by DepEd Club
Group 3 - Freezing items? Why or why not? working? Member - visit
Group 4 –Processing  Did you refrain from talking for more
Group 5 – Drying What preserved food items do while working?
Group 6 – Salting you think are in demand?  Did you wash the tools and
Group 7 - Freezing equipment properly?
Group 8 – Processing In your respective community,  Did you properly wash the
what are the food trends? ingredients before they were
Order of presentation will be used?
agreed by the class.
D. Discussing new concepts and The teacher explains that there
practicing new skills #1 The teacher presents the are several factors that need, to The teacher will call learners to The teacher will play a video
mechanics of the be considered in the selection of answer the question. on the safe preparation of
presentation: food items to be processed: processed and/or preserved
If the answer of the learner is food.
Each group will present for a  Raw materials yes, ask him/her to explain why?
maximum of 8 minutes.  Market Demands
 Trends in the Community.
After every presentation,
clarifications may be raised The teacher will provide the
by the rest of the group (3 definition and give examples as
minutes) well.

E. Discussing new concepts and Actual group presentation Mention that food Food for human consumption The teacher will ask the
practicing new skills#2 Groups 1 -4 preservation/food processing can should be produced under learners to comment on the
be a source of additional income, conditions of cleanliness and video.
if the above factors are hygienic decency. No consumer What part in the video is the
considered. would knowingly wish to most significant to the
consume food prepared in learner?
unhygienic environment. Does the video manifest
safety and sanitation in food
F. Developing mastery The teacher explains that in our At your own level, how will
(Leads to Formative Assessment 3) country, there are provinces you ensure safety and
which have abundance of food sanitation in food
items. The teacher gives preservation/food
examples: processing?
General Santos City in Mindanao
– tuna
Guimaras in the Visayas –
Pangasinan in Luzon – milkfish
Cebu in the Visayas - Rabbit fish
with white dots (danggit)
Ask the learners how the above
food items can be
G. Finding practical applications of Engage the learners in the Cleanliness and sanitation not
concepts and skills in daily living discussion by asking them, “ only includes maintenance of
when you go to the province clean and well-sanitized surfaces
during summer, what foods are of all equipment, but also
abundant in their areas? proper disposal of wastes.
What are done by their
relatives/friends in order to
preserve them?
H.Making generalizations and Mention that food Think of other ways to ensure Underscore the importance
abstractions about the lesson preservation/food processing can that processed foods are of sanitation and safety in
be a source of additional income, prepared observing the food processing / food
if the above factors are principles of sanitation and preservation.
considered. safety.
I. Evaluating learning True or False
1. The tools and equipment
stored in the cabinet
need not be washed after
storage for a long time.
2. The harvested fruits and
vegetables in your own
backyard are clean;
hence, they need not be
3. The wearing of hairnet
during cooking of food to
be sold is optional
because of the climate in
the Philippines.
4. Safety and sanitation in
food includes proper
waste disposal.
5. The use of plastic kitchen
gloves is advisable in the
preparation of food.

J. Additional activities for application Completion of presentation. Think of food items which the Bring photos or drawing of
or remediation learner wants to preserve and measures to ensure safety and
The teacher thanks the members possibly provide a source of sanitation in food
of the class for the effort they income for them. processing/preservation.
have exerted.

The teacher mentions that

he/she was impressed with all of
the presentation. (if applicable)

Remember that if a group was

not able to deliver well, it may
reflect on the guidance provided
by the teacher during the
A. No.oflearnerswho earned80%onthe
formative assessment
B. No.oflearnerswho
C. Didtheremediallessons work?
havecaughtupwiththe lesson.
D. No.oflearnerswho
continuetorequire remediation
E. Whichofmyteaching
F. WhatdifficultiesdidI
G.What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover which I
wish to share with other teachers?