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 The book begins in the morning of Harry’s birthday; the movie begins in the evening of the day

the Masons visit. And when Harry enters his room, Dobby is sitting quietly on the bed. Latter,
Dobby drops a pudding in the kitchen floor that explodes all over Harry. The reason why the
Masons leave is not because of this incident, but because Mr. Mason dislikes birds and an owl
has just swoops into the living room with the warning from the Ministry of Magic about the
illegal use of the Hover Charm.

 Movie: Dobby levitates and drops a cake right on top of the wife of Vernon’s boss.

 VS

 Book: Dobby does levitate the cake, however, it crashes all over Harry and the walls. Worse
than that, Harry gets accused by the Ministry of Magic for performing a vanishing spell that
Dobby used in order to disappear.

 When Dobby disapparates the usual loud crack is heard, contrary to the film.

 In the book, all of Harry’s school things are locked in the cupboard under the stairs. When the
Weasleys go to rescue Harry, Fred and George get into the house, picklock (muggle style) the
lock on Harry’s room and get downstairs to get his things.
 In the book, Fred and George have to get Harry's trunk out of the cupboard under the
stairs, but in the film, the trunk is conveniently right next to Harry

 After arriving at the Burrow, Mrs. Weasley makes her sons de-gnome the garden as a
punishment for them sneaking out of the house and flying the car to get Harry. She wants them
to de-gnome according to one of Lockhart’s books, but they claim they know how to de-gnome
 When using the floo-network for the first time, Harry gets to Borgin’s store, where he witness
Lucius Malfoy selling dark objects, given the new raids going on in the Ministry, latter he passes
the information to Mr. Weasley in order for him to raid his house.
 Hermione DOES NOT repair Harry’s glasses in Diagon Alley, as that would be against the law!
Mr. Weasley is the one who repairs them. Um, Hermione would never break wizarding rules by
performing a spell as an underage wizard outside of school grounds. Duh.
 After getting his free books from Gilderoy Lockhart, Harry gives the books to Ginny.
 Arthur Weasley and Lucius Malfoy fight in Flourish and Blotts.
 In the film, Harry falls out of the flying Ford Anglia and hangs onto the door, but in the
book, that never happens.

Once again, there's Movie: Harry lands in a sketchy shop in Nocturn Alley using floo
powder,gets trapped in a creepy hand, and moves on.


Book: Harry lands in a sketchy shop that Draco and Luscious Malfoy
happen to be in and overhears their conversation with the shopkeeper.
no Deathday party.

Halloween is not even really mentioned in the movie, however Mrs.

Norris is found petrified the night of Halloween.


Book: Nearly Headless Nick invites Harry, Ron and Hermione to

celebrate his 500th death day on Halloween Night (I think it’s 500) which
basically just celebrates how long he’s been dead. They go to a party
with tons of ghosts and are bored out of their minds

The first really big omission is what Harry sees in and hears in Borgin
and Burkes. Rowling was ding some serious foreshadowing in the book,
but Harry doesn’t really hear anything in the movie.

The book has several other significant things that the movie does not.

1. The book’s Deathday Party is completely omitted, necessitating

the movie to come up with a different way for Harry to encounter
the frozen Mrs. Norris.
2. Hermione saves Harry from the rogue bludger in the movie, but
Fred & George restrain it in the book.
3. The book is full of foreshadowing of Ginny’s role in the Chamber
of Secrets, but none of this appears in the movie.
4. The Valentine’s dwarves of the book are completely missing from
the movie, which I think is a crying shame.

Not In the film, we're not told that Filch is a Squib.


In the book, Fred and George try to save Harry from the bludger, not Hermin
the book, Professor Binns tells the class about the Chamber of Secrets, but
in the film, Professor McGonagall tells the haunting tale.

House points are omitted

Missing Characters

 There are many characters that play a secondary or even active role in
the books, that are completely omitted or mentioned only. These

 Charles Weasley

 Peeves

 Ludo Bagman

 Bertha Jorkins

 Cuthbert Binns

 . Invisibility Cloak

 The invisibility cloak is used occassionally in the films, but it

sees a lot more usage in the books.

 Andromeda and Ted Tonks