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Internet Access Must Be Limited To Students

By Lydemil cernias

technology has advanced drastically in schools. So much, in fact, that students of all grades

are able to use laptops in class. (Knepper, 2018).The internet itself is self-correcting and there is,

actually, very little "rubbish" on it that is not marked as rubbish by millions of users. (Mitra, 2013).

Internet access should have limited access to students because there are some contents and

sites in the internet which exposed pornography contents wherein it might affect their development

especially how they think. (fretz, 2018).As growing young adults, high school is when we develop

our habits, both good and bad. (Parizadeh, 2018). Students without internet access miss out on a

huge educational opportunity, which in turn impacts the future of the country. (Brouwer, 2018).

The Internet is home to countless pornography sites, inappropriate videos and images,

dating websites and apps, and social media platforms where children and teens can be exposed to

harmful content as well as potential online predators. (Leavitt, 2019). In fact, I think that internet

is just like drugs. Once you get the habit of using it, it is very hard to get you to stop using it.

(Thanumi, 2017).The extent of the control varies with age, but generally I would suggest using
more restrictive access in the elementary years then lifting the restrictions, as your kids get older,

more mature and knowledgeable about what to do and not to do on the Internet. (Hargrave, 2013).

Students without internet can’t connect with teachers or classmates, do independent

research, or get online homework help. For families, not having internet access can mean missing

out on information or losing out on a direct line of communication with schools and teachers.

(Lynch, 2017). Unfortunately, many of the things your kids can do online and with their cell

phones can lead to a lot of trouble if they aren't monitored. (Iannelli, 2019). Policies should

recognise the risks to which students, particularly girls, can be exposed when using the

Internet. (Internet, 2017).

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