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Name: Md.

Meftahul Alam

Summary of Case Studies Student Id: 0419042226

SI Project Title Purpose and Type of Type of Height Climatic Condition Forces on Structure
No Location Structure Reinforcement
01 Basal Pacific Highway Mirafi® PET 2-5m Subtropical mild climate
Differential downward
reinforced Freeway, embankment woven polyester with well-defined
settlement due to soft
embankment Chinderah, geotextile seasons, hot summer andsilty clay, Dynamic
on soft soil NSW, Australia cool winter vehicle load.
02 Basal Electrified Railway Mirafi® PET and 5-6m Tropical climate,
Consolidation settlement
reinforced double track, embankment polyester WX significant rainfall with
due to alluvial clay and
embankment Ipoh to Padang woven geotextile short dry season marine, Dynamic vehicle
on soft soil Besar, Malaysia load.
03 Basal West Salym Highway Geolon® PP200 3.5 m Freezing in winter and Differential settlement
reinforced Communication embankment geotextile very warm in summer over peat bags, Dynamic
embankment Corridor, West separation vehicle load.
on soft soil Siberia, Russia
04 Basal Mine services Service Mirafi® PET 7 m Hot summer with winter Deformation in
reinforced corridor, Cape corridor woven geotextile rainfall downward direction to
embankment Preston, WA, differential settlements
on soft soil Australia over mud layer.
05 Basal Embankment Highway Mirafi® HP, 4-12 m Long, warm, humid Differential large
reinforced over old sludge embankment Mirafi FW summer and very cold, settlement over sludge
embankment lagoon, geotextile windy winter. lagoons, Dynamic vehicle
on soft soil Interstate 670, load.
Ohio, USA
06 Basal Seawall Sea wall Polyfelt® woven 7.5 m Humid sub-tropical Wave attack .
reinforced construction, geotextile climate with hot wet
embankment Brisbane Port summer and dry warm
on soft soil expansion, winter
07 Basal Runway Pavement or Mirafi® PET 1-1.5m Continental cold winter Wave attacks and
reinforced overrun area, roadway woven geotextile and hot summer consolidation settlement
embankment La Guardia embankment over soft clay.
on soft soil International
Airport, New
York, USA
08 Basal Partially Earthdam Geolon® PET 27 m Sub oceanic or mild Wave attacks and
reinforced submerged woven geotextile humid rainy cold winter consolidation settlement
embankment containment and over soft sediments.
on soft soil dam, Doeldok,
09 Basal Wat Nakorn-In Sand Mirafi® PET Varying Typical monsoon climate, Dynamic vehicle load,
reinforced bridge abutment fill woven geotextile height hot summer, rainy consolidation settlement.
embankment approaches, from monsoon cool winter
on pile Bangkok, bridge to
Thailand ground
10 Basal A1/N1 dual Highway Geolon PET 3m. Area subjected to periodic Groundwater seepage and
reinforced carriageway, embankment. geotextile flooding from the weight of the working
embankment Dundalk to reinforcement adjacent salmonoid river platform.
on piles Newry, Ireland and Polyfelt® and area resembles more
TS80 geotextile of a wetland than a bog.
or Miragrid®
GX35-35 geogrid
11 Basal Bridge Bridge Geolon® PET 9m. Brownfield land, heavily Consolidation load on the
reinforced approach approach geotextile. contaminated by past soft alluvial foundation
embankment embankments, embankments, industries and deep layers deposit.
on piles M74 Motorway of soft alluvial clay
Completion, ranging from 12m to 35m.
Glasgow, UK
12 Basal High speed Railway Bidim® PPC75- 1.05m Cavities in a karst Differential deformation
reinforced railway track embankment 75 geocomposite limestone layer and load from rail
embankments over karst reinforcement ballasts and rail tracks.
spanning foundation,
voids LGV Est,
13 Basal High speed Railway Polyfelt® 1m. Presence of cavities due Differential surface
reinforced railway track embankment PEC100-100 to dissolution of movement, surface water
embankments over karst geocomposite limestone infiltration and load from
spanning foundation, reinforcement. rail ballast and rail tracks.
voids Guadalajara,
14 Basal Football field Reinforced Gelon® PET600 4m Substantial stratum of Differential movement,
reinforced over old foundation geotextile anthropic material. groundwater seepage and
embankments landfill, reinforcement load from football field
spanning Barcelona, drainage system.
voids Spain

15 Reinforced Wallasey Dock Reinforced Geolon® PP120S 1- 1.1m Upto 10m layer of soft Weight of the terminal
soft site roll-on roll-off foundation of geotextile sediment within the dock surface and pore water
closures terminal, terminal. reinforcement. basin. pressure.
Liverpool, UK
16 Reinforced Mine tailings Reinforced Polyfelt® 1m. Soft tailing with saturated Load from heavy
soft site pond closure, platform PEC400 surface in some places equipments run-off
closures Huelva, Spain geocomposite and crusty in others. drainage and vegetation.
17 Reinforced Waste Reinforced Mirafi® 1-2m. Waste treatment lagoon Pore water pressure and
soft site treatment platform HP770PET with rayon fibre residue vegetation.
closures sludge lagoons geotextile having an undrained shear
closure, Axis, reinforcement. strength of less than 5
Alabama, USA kPa.
18 Reinforced fill Road Railway Miragrid® 34m In the vicinity of an old Groundwater seepage.
slopes realignment, embankment GX200/30 and 10m masonry wall.
Rodlauer Miragrid
Bridge, Styria, GX110/30
Austria geogrid

19 Reinforced fill Landslide Landslide Polyfelt® TS10 6m Coastal area of Peninsula Tensile strength, debris
slopes restoratio, restoration filter, Polyfelt Malaysia flow, vegetation.
Langkawi, PEC150
Kedah, geocomposite
Malaysia reinforcement.
20 Reinforced fill Slope Slop Miragrid® 6m Coastal area of Peninsula Soil bags, Compaction,
slopes restoration, restoration GX300 geogrid Malaysia Surface vegetation.
Maehongson, reinforcements,
Thailand Miragrid®
GX250 geogrid
GX130 geogrid
21 Reinforced fill Road widening, Road Polyfelt® TS 5m Hilly area Surface erosion, Tensile
slopes Chiangmai, widening geotextile, strength, Rapid
Thailand Miragrid® vegetation.
GX100 geogrid

22 Reinforced fill Avalanche Avalanche Miragrid® GX 26.5 m Rocky alpine slope High altitude, Vegetation,
slopes protection protection geogrid Compaction in granular
barrier, barrier reinforcements fill.
Tyrol, Austria
23 Reinforced fill Highway Highway Miragrid® GX 9m Steep reinforced fill slope Tensile strength at steep
slopes earthworks earthworks geogrid slope.
widening, A3 reinforcements
Surrey, UK
24 Reinforced Railway Railway Miragrid® 7XT 11m Granular reinforced fill High strength, High
soil walls embankment embankment geogrid tensile strength, High
widening, widening reinforcements. stiffness.
25 Reinforced Interstate 5/805 Interstate Geosynthetic Granular retained fill, Compaction in the
soil walls widening, San 5/805 reinforcements, 20 m Cutback existing freeway foundation base of the
Diego, widening Mirafi® 140NC embankment reinforced fill.
26 Reinforced Structural Structural Miragrid® GX 10m Desert sand foundation Aggressive wind erosion,
soil walls walls, Anantara walls geogrids Static load, seismic load,
Qasr Al Sarab reinforcements Overburden stress.
Desert Resort, with a galvanized
Abu Dhabi, steel mesh
United Arab
27 Reinforced Hill side Hill side Polyfelt® PEC 10m Condominium blocks, Decomposed granite
soil walls housing housing geocomposite Hill side, Sandy beaches residual soil, High
development, reinforcement modulus, High tensile
Batu Ferringhi, strength, Internal pore
Penang, water pressure.
28 Reinforced Panipat elevated Polyfelt WX300 9m Riverine area (Yamuna Compaction in sand.
soil walls Elevated highway geotextile river, Himalayas)
Highway, reinforcement,
Haryana, India Miragrid GX
29 Reinforced Overpass Overpass PEC120 10m Tree area Compaction in sand.
soil walls abutments, abutments geocomposite
M’Sila, Algeria reinforcement
30 Reinforced Flyover Flyover Bidim PEC125 5.2 m Lack of space & soft Consolidation in soft
soil walls abutments, abutments geocomposite clayey-sand foundation clayey-sand foundation
Dakar, Senegal reinforcement
31 Reinforced Coal mine Coal mine Polyfelt® PEC 17.5 m Less handling & Compaction in the
soil walls dump wall, dump wall geocomposite transportation capacity, foundation base of the
Sangatta, East reinforcement excessive earthwork reinforced soil.
32 Reinforced Reinforced Reinforced MirafiPET HS 13 m Steep reinforced slope Vegetation & green
soil walls earth and walls & slopes geotextile solution of steep slope.
slopes, reinforcement
Georgia, USA
33 Reinforced Reinforced Reinforced Miragrid® XT upto Foundation was soft at the static and seismic
soil walls walls and walls & slopes geogrid 9.5 m base of the embankment loading.
slopes, reinforcements. earthwork
Upper Harbour
New Zealand
34 Reinforced Coal processing Coal Mirafi® PET 35 m River valley, shallow Compaction in loose soil.
soil walls plant platform, processing geo-textile meandering stream, water
Hetaoyu, plant reinforcements level rises quickly (silt &
Qingyang City, fine sand)
Province, China
35 Reinforced Segmental Segmental Miragrid® 5XT 5.6 m Hilly terrain with many Compaction in soil.
soil walls block wall with block wall geogrids rock outcrops
constrained with reinforcements.
reinforced fill, constrained
Paju, Korea reinforced fill
36 Reinforced Shear-key wall, Shear-key Mirafi® FW404 30 m Landslide area Compaction in the
soil walls Trump National wall woven geotextile granular reinforced fill.
Golf Course, reinforcement