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EDX 3600

 This service manual describes the structure and
maintenance of the EDX3600 model.Users are
recommened to refer to this manual for the
troubleshooting,repair,maintenance and inspection
procedure of the instrument.This manual does not
contain operating instructions.The specifications of
the unit are subject to change due to equipment
improvement.Therefore,the contents and diagrams
of this manual may be slightly inconsistent with the
equipment delivered to the user.The contents of this
manual may be also revised without notice.


 Chapter1 Installation Environment 4

 Chapter2 Structure 5
 Chapter3 Parts list 15
 Chapter4 Maintenance and Inspection 28
 Chapter5 Troubleshooting 35
 Chapter6 Copyright 40

Chapter1 Environment

 Powersupply stabilizer: 220v ¡ 0.05%

 Humidity:≤70%
 Keep the room clean and quiet
 Temperature:15~30℃
 Computer recommendation:Windows
Operation System
CPU≥1.5GHZ Memory≥256M

Chapter 2

Structure Of The


Display Pannel

Measurement Chamber


Side View

Sideview Opposite


Inside view

Chapter3 Parts list

 High Voltage Unit 16

 X-Ray Tube
 MCA Board 19
 Detector 23
 Power Box 25

High Voltage Unit

HV Parallel Interface

 Pin 1:Grounding
 Pin 2:Voltage display
 Pin 3:Current display
 Pin 4:INTLK
 Pin 7:Voltage adjustment(DB-3 pin)
 Pin 10:Current adjustment(DB-6 pin)
 Pin 15:HV grounding(DB-9 pin)

HV Parallel Interface

 Pin 9:Filament limit control (MAX=1.5amp)

 Pin 13+Pin4:HV light(yellow)
 Note:The HV parallel interface is connected
to the MCA board which is used for signal
transport.All the orders from computer are
appointed to the HV by the parallel interface.

MCA Board

What does every interface stand for?

 HVEN:Vacuum pump switch control

 NEAR SW:Near switch interface
 HVM:High voltage monitor
 CRM:Current monitor
 INTLK:HV control interface
 AMP:SNE(Signal-Noise-Enhancer)

MCA board

 Interface 1:DB faucet
DB-3 pin-High voltage adjustment
DB-6 pin-Current adjustment
DN-9 pin-grounding
 Interface 2:Powersupply for MCA board
 Interface 3:Signal wire of detector
 Potentiometer 4:Upper channel limit adjust
 Potentiometer 5:Lower channel limit adjust
 Interface 6:The 14 pin chip (The 10th pin from top to bottom
controls the amplification).
 Light 8:Indicator light(3lights shine;1light flickering )


 Faucet 1:Signal wire connection
 Faucet 2:SNE wire connection
 Faucet 3:Power supply for detector(5 pin)
The correct voltage for the number 3 are
+12DCV ,-12DCV,+5DCV, 0,grounding

Main Power Box

Power box for Spellman

 Main Power box
Input :220ACV
Output: +5DCV, -5DCV,+12DCV,
 Power box for spellman
Output: 24DCV,5AMP

Chapter 4

Maintenance and

Maintenance precautions

 The correct operation flow:

The start flow
Open UPS or Voltage stabilizer →Turn on
EDX3600 →Turn on the computer

The shutdown flow

Turn off the computer →Close the EDX3600
→Turn off the UPS or Voltage stabilizer

 Make sure you complete the process of preheat in
advance of a measurement.
 Make sure that you input the correct collimater with
right filters and confirm they are placed in the best
position before a test.
 For safety,do not put heavy articles on top of the
 Do not run a test with the side cover open.
 Add in pump oil before you run the vacuum pump

 Keep the measurement chamber clean and
 In the case of fuse replacement,always use
parts with the specified capacity.use of
improper parts may lead to accidents.
 Always check to assure that all the connector
are adequately inserted.


 Never ever poke sharp stick or anything
else into the detector window which is
significantly fragile.Any man-made
damage to the detector will be out of
guarantee for a free replacment.
 Loosening of a joint or screw while they are
hot may cause scorching.Make sure the
temperature is sufficiently low before
loosening them.

 When test liquid or powder,make sure that
the sample will not leak or penetrate into the
 Make sure there is no intense magnetic or
electric interference around the instrument.
 Never pull out the power plug when the
instrument is running.

Chapter 5


Classification & Troubleshooting

 No spectrum or count rate display 38

 Peak drift 40
 Count rate decreases while testing 41
 The HV lamp is flickering 42
 Initialization can not complete 43
 The shape of spectrum is abnormal 44

 The HV lamp is off while testing 45
 The time does not run 46
 The time runs very slowly and seems
stopped but the HV lamp is on 47
 The instrument can not start 48
 Remarks 49

No spectrum or count rate display
The possible reasons for failure are as follows:
(1) High voltage is faulty.
(2) X - ray tube is faulty.
(3) MCA is faulty.
Check whether the Be window is broken or not
1st. check the connection with instrument and pc including the BIOS in pc mother
Lpt or USB cable
BIOS parameter
2nd. Power supply box
Check the 12V, -12V, +5V , -5V and 24V
3rd. MCA
Check TB-9 terminal 3pin and 6pin. For example ,in the software voltage
40 ,current 600 ;the value in the multimeter should be 8DCV(3rdpin) and

4th. High voltage box
Check the 2nd、3rd pins which indicates the current and
voltage .check the value when testing ,the voltage value should
be 1/5 of the value in the software , and current value should be
1/100 of that in the software .For example in the software
voltage 40 ,current 600 ;the value in the multimeter should be
8DCV and 6DCV

Meanwhile , we need to check the X-ray tube .Inspect if there

is oil leak from the tube at first hand,then test the filament
wire ,confirm the output of X-ray with the fluorecence paper

Peak drift
(1)Detector is faulty
(2)MCA is faulty
1st . Take a look at the indication light of MCA
2nd.Test the DB-9 value of the MCA.For example,when the volage ,
current value is 40,600 in software, the correct value in the multimeter
is 8DCV ,6DCV correspondingly. In addition, try to adjust the value in
the software,and test if there is corresponding change in the interface.
3rd. Check the detector . First of all, make sure the powersupply wire and
the signal cable is correctly installed,then test the value of the 5pin
powersupply faucet.Finally,you can judge from the spectrum . after
continuous testing several times , and open a reference spectrum ,
then check whether the spectrum drift compared to others

Count rate decreases while testing.

 The possible reasons for failure are as follows:

 (1) High voltage is discharging.
 (2) X - ray tube is discharging.
 The detection methods for failure are as follows:
 (1) Observe if there are unusual sparkles with high
voltage while testing. If there are unusual sparkles,
maybe the high voltage is discharging.
 (2) Check if there are unusual sparkles with X - ray
tube while testing. If yes , maybe the tube is

The HV lamp is flickering during testing

 The possible reasons for failure are as follows:

 (1) Poor contact of the Near switch.
 (2) The Near switch is faulty.
 The detection methods for failure are as follows:
 (1) Put a metal sheet onto the Near switch and
check if it is flickering while testing.
 (2) Put a metal sheet onto the Near switch and
check if the red lamp behind the Near switch is on.

Initialization can not complete

 The possible reason for failure is as follows:

 MCA is faulty.
 High voltage and x-ray tube is bad
 The detection method for failure is as follows:
 (1) Observe the countrate on the software ,if it is very low ,
maybe you can take the problem for no count rate and no
spectrum ,and then just refers to question 1.
 (2) if the count rate is normal , then just check the MCA
 Change another MCA or Chip

The shape of spectrum is abnormal

 The possible reasons for failure are as

 (1) Whether BIOS is set correctly.
 (2) MCA is faulty.
 (3) Detector is faulty.

The HV lamp is off while testing

 The possible reasons for failure are as follows:

 (1) High voltage is faulty.
 (2) Power supply box is faulty.
 You have to check whether the time runs or not , if
not run, you have to check whether the software is
compatible with the machine ,and make sure the
cable is connected correctly, then check the MCA .
 Check on the high voltage whether there is value or
not . if not , high voltage is faulty , if no problem with
high voltage, check the power supply box.

The time does not run

 (1) The cable is not connected tightly

 (2) The chip is loosing
 (3) The software is not compatible with the machine
 Check the software version, USB or LPT, make sure
it is compatible with the instrument .
 If it is ok , then next , check whether the cable
connected tightly
 If it still exists , check the MCA .

The time runs very slowly and seems
stopped but the HV lamp is on

 Check whether the collimator is right or

wrong . maybe the collimator is too large
 So change a small one firstly , if it is still very
slowly , check the high voltage , check the
value of voltage and current .
 If no problem in the high voltage , go on your
checking for the MCA

The instrument can not start

 The possible reasons for the malfunction are as follows:

 (1) The fuse has burnt.
 (2) Something wrong with the main switch of instrument.
 The detection methods for failure are as follows:
 (1) Open the cover of fuse box at the back of instrument and
check whether the fuse is burnt or not.
 (2) Check whether the fuse is burnt or not , if not, maybe the
main switch of instrument is faulty.
 (3) If the fuse is burnt , change another one ; if it is burned
again , check whether the high voltage is short or not , if short ,
change another high voltage.


 All the problems above will not come out alone ,so
once you meet a problem listed above, don't take it
as a single problem , you should take into account all
the possibility , for example , once the initialization
not completed ,according to the methods
above ,maybe it is because of MCA , but in a
meanwhile ,the countrate is very low ,nearly close to
0, so the reason why initialization failed is because
of low countrate , no count rate no spectrum ,hereby
you should refer to the question 1 and follow the
steps to check.

 Once it is low count rate (or no count rate and no spectrum)
maybe you think it is because of the high voltage and x-ray tube
according to question 1 .but in fact (take EDX2800 for example )
it is because of the wrong collimator , the collimator is chosen
automatically for EDX2800 ,but sometimes it is not chosen
rightly ,maybe the smallest one is chosen while we need the
largest one for testing, so the count rate is very low and the
hardware is no problem .
 So once you meet a problem above ,just follow the steps
above ,but if the problem you met is not listed above ,don't
worry ,take it easy ,just analyze the possibility step by step ,and
there will be no problem for you.



 The copyright of this manual is owned by Skyray
Instrument Inc. Without the prior written permission
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