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Directions: Questions 71-90 are incomplete sentences. Four your words or phrases, marked A,
B, C, D are given beneath. You are to choose the one word or phrase that best completes the
sentence. Then on your answer sheet, find the number of the questions and mark your answer.

1. We need to sit down. We …for hours.

A. have walked
B. walked
C. had
D. have had

2. His dog looked guilty. It … some food from the kitchen table.
A. took
B. has taken
C. takes
D. taking

3. Don’t phone at 7.00. We … dinner then.

A. Have
B. Had
C. Are having
D. Having

4. By the time She’s 50, she …enough money to retire.

A. had
B. made
C. having
D. Has made

5. At the end of this term, I …here for ten years.

A. taught
B. was teaching
C. have taught
D. had taught

6. My favorite white T-shirt went pink. It …with my daughter’s red jumper.

A. washed
B. was washed
C. was washing
D. washes

7. The bin men have already collected the rubbish. The rubbish …collected.
A. has already been
B. have already been
C. had been
D. was

8. John’s kitchen is being decorated. He …his kitchen decorated.

A. has
B. is having
C. will have
D. had

9. Our aunt fell … the stairs and broke her leg.

A. in
B. from
C. down
D. on

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10. Don’t throw the snack box …. I’m sure I can use it for something.
A. back
B. down
C. off
D. away

11. Could you get off the phone? I … a call.

A. expect
B. expected
C. am expecting
D. will expect

12. Nobody has watered the plants. They … watered.

A. had
B. haven’t been
C. have been
D. had been

13. When I went to Jakarta, I was nervous because I …before.

A. had never flown
B. had flown
C. flown
D. flew

14. Five years ago, while she … at ITB, her grandfather died.
A. Studied
B. Was studying
C. Had studied
D. Has studied

15. The swimming pool … for a children’s party on Saturday afternoon.

A. had been booked
B. had booked
C. had been booking
D. was booking

16. The dishwasher … repaired so I couldn’t leave the house.

A. was
B. was being
C. is
D. had

17. Why are you so miserable? …!

A. Hold on
B. Stay in
C. Cheer up
D. Shut up

18. Can I copy your homework? The lecturer will never….

A. Speak up
B. Hold on
C. Turn up
D. Find out

19. Who does this dictionary belong …?

A. for
B. on
C. to
D. by

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20. What did you spend all your money …?
A. In
B. On
C. At
D. For

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