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If the formula for the first compound is a

PHILIPPINES- MANILA multiple of B2S3, then the second is a multiple of:
a) BS2 b) BS3 c) B2S5 d) B2S7
NAME:____________________DATE:_________ 14. What substance in water is removed by the Lime Soda
ENGR. LORRAINE CARRILLO a. odor and taste b. Temporary hardness
INSTRUCTIONS: ENCIRCLE THE CORRECT c. iron and manganese d. permanent hardness
15. PhP50,000 is deposited each year into a savings account
FOR SOLUTION TO QUESTIONS, BOX YOUR that pays 7% nominal interest compounded continuously. How
FINAL ANSWER. NO LOOSE SHEETS. much will be in the account at the end of 8 years?
a. PhP512, 063.45 b. PhP527, 646.76
1. A mixture of 1.24 x 10 -2 moles of H2(g) and 2.46 x 10-2 c. PhP517, 646.75 d. PhP617, 646.76
moles of I2(g) was heated at 407°C when equilibrium is
attained? How many moles of HI(g) are present at equilibrium? 16. Normal dosage of chlorine in public water supply scheme
Keq=48.7 . For the reaction, assume that order of reaction is is
equivalent to molecularity. a. 0.05 to 0.2 ppm c. 0.5 to 1.0 ppm
H2(g)+I2(g)→2HI(g) b. 0.2 to 0.5 ppm d. more than 1.0 ppm
a.0.122 b. 0.02232 c. 0.0862 d. notg
2. A weak acid HA has a Ka of 1.00 x 10 – 5. If 0.100 mole of
this acid is dissolved in one liter of water, the percentage of
acid dissociated at equilibrium is closest to:
a. 0.100% b. 1.00% c. 0.0100% d. 99.9%
3. How many orbitals are in the fourth energy level?
a. 20 b. 16 c. 9 d. 32 For numbers 17 - 19
4. Which of the following reagents reacts with the aldehyde 17. An aliphatic amine
group but not with the carbon-carbon double bond? a. A b. B c. C d. D
A. bromine in chloroform b. Baeyer’s reagent 18. A tertiary aromatic amine
c. Tollen’s reagent d. Biuret reagent a. A b. B c. C d. D

5. Which of the following substances show cis-trans 19. The Clean Air Act of 1999 banned the use of leaded
isomerism? gasoline which contains a toxic component called
a. Methylcyclopentane b. 1,1-Dimethylcyclopentane a. methyl lead b. Lead oxide
c. 1,3-Dimethylcyclobutane d. Ethylcyclopentane c. tetraethyl lead d. lead

6. Calculate the percent dissociation of acetic acid in a solution 20. A 50.00 mL sample of city water required 20.4 mL of an
0.200M in HC2H3O2 and 0.100 M in HCl. EDTA solution with a titer of 1.05 mg/mL to reach the
A. 1.020% C. 0.018% Eriochrome T end point. Calculate the ppm of total hardnss
B. 0.956% D. 2.350% based on
a. 328 ppm b. 428 ppm c. 528 ppm d. 628 ppm
7. Predict which ion is stable.
a. Na- b. Ar+ c. Ca+ d. Cs+ 21. Octane number indicates the amount of
a. n-heptanes b. 2,2,4-trimethylpentane
8. Which of the following compounds have 20 valence c. 1-methylheptane d. n-octane
a. b. O c. d. 22. It is a parameter of water quality that is determined by the
dichromate method.
9. The mass percentage composition of dry air at sea level is a. BOD b. COD c. TSS d. ThOD
approximately 75.5 Nitrogen, 23.2 Oxygen, and 1.3 Argon.
What is the partial pressure of oxygen when the total pressure is 23. Calculate the change in the molar Gibbs energy in kJ/mole
1.00 atm. of water vapor treated as an ideal gas, when the pressure
a. 0.250 b. 0.210 c. 0.300 d. 0.150 increased isothermally from 1 bar to 2 bars at 298 K.
a. 1.7 b. 2.0 c. 3.0 d. 3.5
10. Potpot RTW produces and sells a consumer product and is 24. The activity coefficient is a measure of the extent of the
able to control the demand for the product varying the selling ____ of a real gas
price. The approximate relationship between price and demand a. ideality b. deviation
is: p = , for D>1 wher p is the price per c. deviation from ideality d. none of the given
unit in dollars and D is the demand per month. The company is 25. For the decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen
seeking to maximize its profit. The fixed cost is $1000 per gas, the Gibbs energy is 118.08 at 2300 K and 1 bar. What is
mont and the variable cost is $24 per unit. Determine the no. of the % of the water that decomposed at this condition?
units that should be produced and sold each month to maximize A. 2% b. 3% c. 5% d. 1%
the profit.
26. It is not used as a source of energy
a. 100 units b. 50 units c. 80 units d. 40 units
a. proteins b. nucleic acids
11. Calculate the pH of a solution that contains 6.85 millimoles c. lipids d. carbohydrates
of sodium acetate and 3.43 millimoles of acetic acid in 250 mL
27. An amount of PhP11,700 is divided into two parts. The
two parts are lent for 3 and 5 years respectively at 5% and
a. 3.06 b. 4.06 c. 5.06 d. 6.06
10% simple interest respectively. The interest obtained on the
12. A wastewater with a BOD/COD = 1 indicates that two parts after 3 and 5 years respectively is the same. Which
a. chemical treatment is required of the following statements is true?
b. biological treatment is most practical a.PhP9,000 were lent for 3 years
c. the wastewater is highly polluted. b. PhP1,700 were lent for 5 years
d. physical treatment will do the job. c. PhP 2,700 were lent for 3 years.
13. Boron and sulfur form two binary compounds. The first d. PhP1,350 were lent for 5 years.
contains 0.2247 g B/1.000 g S, and the second contains 0.1348 28. A substance is at its standard state when its activity is
equal to 1. Activity is a thermodynamically corrected pressure
or concentration. At STP, activities of solid, liquid, and ideal isothermal expansion at the higher temperature the volume
gas is equal to ___. doubles.
a. zero b. one c. pressure d. fugacity 44. Find the pressure at point (a to b)
a. 10.0 x 10+5 Pa b. 0.837 x 10+5 Pa
29. Engr. Castro loans from a credit cooperative an amount of +5
c. 5.0 x 10 Pa d. 1.67 x 10+5 Pa
PhP100,000 with a rate of simple interest of 20% but the
45. Find the volume at point (b to c)
interest was deducted from the loan at the time money was
a. 8.31 x 10 – 4 m3 c. 59.6 x 10 – 4 m3
borrowed. If at the end of one year, ahe has to pay the full –4
b. 29.8 x 10 m 3
d. 16.6 x 10 – 4 m3
amount of PhP100, 000, what is the actual rat eof interest?
46. Find the work at point ( c to d)
a. 23.5% b. 24.7% c. 25.0% d. 25.8%
a. 0 b. – 346 J c. 230 J d. – 832 J
30 – 31 Find at 600K for (30) using 47. Find Q, the heat transferred, at point (d to a)
the approximation that is independent of T (31) Using the a. 0 b. 576 J c. – 346 J d. – 832J
approximation that Cp⁰ is independent of T 48. Which of the following is true of a supercritical fluids?
30. a. b. a) They have diffusing and effusing properties similar to
c. d. gases.
31. a. b. b) They do not fill the container the way a gas does.
c. d. c) They include all substances above their critical
32 – 33. A Carnot engine takes 2000J of heat from a reservoir temperatures.
at 500K, does some work, and discards some heat to a reservoir d) They have no practical applications.
at 350K. (32) How much work does it do? (33) How much heat 49. If you borrowed $100,000 from a bank with 12% interest
is discarded? (34) And what is the efficiency? per annum, what is the total amount to be repaid at the end of
32. How much work does it do? 2 years?
a. 400 J b. 600 J c. – 1400J d. 1400J a. $110,000 b. $ 112, 560
33. How much heat is discarded? c. $ 124, 000 d. $ 130, 000
a. 400 J b. 600 J c. – 1400J d. 1400J 50. Additional costs which result from increasing the output of
a system by one or more units are
34. Why do we not observe wave behavior for a moving a. incremental costs b. variable costs
Greyhound bus? c. fixed costs d. direct costs
a) Its speed is too slow. b) Its mass is too great. 51. Costs that are difficult to attribute or allocate to a specific
c) It has no charge. d) It is not a pure substance. output or with activity are
35. Marion has an account with a balance of PhP 738.00. She a. direct costs b. fixed costs
originally opened the account with a PhP500 deposit and a c. variable costs d. indirect costs
simple interest rate of 5.6%. If there were no deposits or 52. Which one of the following statements is TRUE regarding
withdrawals, how long ago was the account opened? the molar heat capacity for the noble gases?
a. 10 b. 8.5 c. 4.25 d. 4 a) heat capacity decreases from Helium to Xenon
36. Which of the following is not a structural class of steels. b) heat capacity increases from helium to argon
a. carbon b. high strength, low alloy c) heat capacity increases from Helium to Argon, then
c. low alloy d. tool and die decreases to Xenon
d) heat capacity is the same for all noble gases
37. An appliance worth PhP7,875 is made available for a 1.5
year loan, payable in monthly installments of P500. The 53. What mass of Aluminum is deposited electrolitically in 30
effective annual interest rate is closest to minutes by a current of 40 A?
a.12.5% b. 13.5% c. 18.8% d. 21.6% a. 20.13 grams b. 10.06 grams c. 6.71 grams d, 5.03 g
54. When 10.6 grams of a non-volatile substance is dissolved
38. What is the solubility of AgCN in a buffer solution of pH
in 740 grams of ether, its boiling point is raised by 0.284⁰C.
3.00? (Ksp, AgCN = 6.0 x 10 – 17, Ka HCN = 4.93 x 10 – 10)
What is the molar mass of the substance? (Kb of ether =
a. 1.1 x 10 – 5 b. 1.1 x 10 – 6
–7 2.11⁰
c. 1.22 x 10 d. 1.22 x 10 – 8
a. 10.6 b. 21.2 c. 106 d. 212
39. Any carbohydrate that reacts with an oxidizing agent to
55. The equivalent of sulfurous acid is equal to its molecular
form an aldonic acid is classified as
mass divided by
a. alditol b. reducing sugars a. one b. two c. three d. four
c. invertase s. anomers
56. . E.coli ACP has its molecular weight as around
40. What is the concentration of NH4+, NH3, and H+ in a 0.100
A. 9000 B. 19000 C. 39000 D. 90,000
M NH4NO3 solution? (kb NH3 = 1.75 x 10 – 5 )
57. These blood types has antibodies against other blood types
a. 0.100M b. 7.5 x 10 – 6 c. 1.34 x 10 – 5 d. notg
41. – 42. If 1.025 gram sample of limestone was dissolved and, a. A b. B c. O d. AB
after removal of the acids-insoluble residue and
precipitate, was diluted to 500.0 mL. Calculate the following: 58. What will be the likely value of the compressibility factor,
41. CaCO3 if a 100.0 mL aliquot required 28.36 mL of 0.1037 Z, of a real gas if attraction between particles is the
N KMnO4. A blank of 0.06 mL was required to reproduce the predominant factor causing non-ideal behavior?
end-point color. a) Z will be greater than 1 b) Z will be less than 1
a. 56.64% b. 61.64% c. 66.64% d. 71.64% c) Z will be equal to 1 d) Z will be equal to 0
42. MgO if a 10.00 mL aliquot required 19.85 mL of the same 59. Which of the following name is correct?
EDTA solution to reach the Erio T end point. a. 2-isopropyl-2-butene b. 2-methylcyclohexene
a. 10.93% b. 10.73% c. 10.53% d. 10.33% c. 3,3-dimethyl-1-pentene d. 2-ethyl-2-hexene
43. Of these monosaccharides, which has almost no sweetness 60. A newly-established energy enhancing drug company is
and is sometimes added to foods as filler. deciding between two pill-forming machines described below:
a. maltose b. mannose c. lactose d. galactose
44. – 47. Suppose 0.200 mole of an ideal diatomic gas (γ = Pita Dyno
1.40 ) undergoes a Carnot cycle with temperatures 227⁰C and First Cost, P P7,200,000 P4,500,000
27⁰C. The initial pressure is Pa = 10.0 x 10 +5 Pa, and during the Salvage value, P P1,080,000 P900,000
Annual net cash flow, P P1,200,000 P1,000,000
Life, years 6 6 a. A b. B c. D d. E
Using straight-line method of depreciation, an effective tax rate 73. Its reaction with 2 moles of H2 will give hexane
of 30%, and an after tax return of 20%, the amount of taxes to a. A b. B c. D d. E
be paid for the first year for the Pita machine is closest to
74. A company sets aside P200,000 at the end of each year for
a. P80,000 b. P54,000 c. P106,000 d. P212,000
plant expansion. If the fund draws 8% compounded annually,
61. Which of the following best describes the 0.2 % offset yield
how long would it take before P2.5M can be saved?
a. 5 yrs b. 6.5 yrs c. 7.5 yrs d. 9 yrs
a. It is the elastic limit after which a measurable plastic strain
has occurred. 75. Suppose 1.00 kg of water at 100⁰C is placed in thermal
b. It is the stress at which the material plastically strains 0.2% contact with 1.00 kg of water at 0⁰C. What is the total change
c. It is the stress at which the material elastically strains 0.2% in entropy? Assume that the specific heat of water is constant
d. It is 0.2% below the fracture point of the material. at 4190 J/kg-K over this T range.
a. – 603 J/K b. +102 J/K c. + 705 J/K d. NOTG
62. – 63. The organic fraction in the wastewater is measured in
terms of the BOD. If the DO concentration in a body of water 76. – 78. A gasoline engine in a large truck takes in 10, 000 J
drops too low, the fish in the stream or lake may die. The EPA of heat and delivers 2000J of mechanical work per cycle. The
has set the minimum level at summer for lakes at 5 ppm of DO. heat is obtained by burning gasoline with heat of combustion
62. If a stream of flowing at 0.3 m3/s and has an initial BOD of Lc = 5.0 x 10 +4 J/g. (76) What is the thermal efficiency of
5 ppm before reaching the discharge point of a sewage this engine ? (77) How much heat is transferred during each
treatment plant, and the plant discharges 3.785 million cycle? (78) How much gasoline is burned in each cycle? (79)
Liters/day of wastewater, with a concentration of 0.15 g/L of If the engine goes through 25 cycles per second, what is its
BOD, what will be the BOD concentration immediately below power output in watts? (80) How much gasoline is burned per
the discharge point of the plant? hour?
a. b. 76. What is the thermal efficiency of this engine ?
c. d. 72 a. 10% b. 20% c. 25% d. 30%
77. How much heat is transferred during each cycle?
63. The plant reports a discharge of 15.8 ML/dayhaving a BOD
a. 2000J b. 8000J c. – 8000J d. 12,000J
of 72.09 ppm. If the EPA measures the flow of the stream
78. How much gasoline is burned in each cycle?
before the discharge point at 530 ML/day with 3 mg/L of BOD,
a. 0.16g b. 0.20g c. 0.24 g d. notg
and measures the downstream concentrations of 5 mg/L of
BOD, is the report correct? 79. A constant direct current flows through an iodine
a. b. coulometer for a period of 2 hours. At the end of this time it is
c. d. 72 found that the coulometer contains 0.0020 equivalent of
liberated I2, what was the current passing through the
64. A piece of machinery can be bought for P10,000 cash or for
P2,000 down and payments of P750 per year for 15 years. What a. 3.216 amp c. 1.608 amp
is the annual interest rate for the time payments? b. 4.502 amp d. 0.027 amp
a. 2.35% b. 4.61% c. 5.02% d. 6.35%
80. Calculate ΔG at 298K for a reaction mixture that consists
65. What is the solubility product of if its solubility is of 1.0 atm N2, 3.0 atm H2, and 0.50 atm NH3
1.15 x 10 – 4 moles/L? N2(g) + 3H2(g) ↔ 2NH3 (g)
a. 1.3 x 10 – 8 c. 6.1 x 10 – 12 a. –26.0 kJ/mole b. – 32.8 kJ/mole
b. 2.6 x 10 d. 1.5 x 10 – 12 b. – 44.9 kJ/mole d. – 48.6 kJ/mole
66. The specific rotation of dextrorotatory tartaric acid is 81. What is the value of ΔG° at 298K for a reaction that has
+12.7 degrees. A mixture of dextrorotatory and levorotatory an equilibrium constant of 3.82 at that temperature?
tartaric acid has a specific rotation of +6.35 degrees. What is a) -9460 J b) -3320 J c) +3320 J d) +9460 J
the optical purity of the mixture?
a. 25% b. 33.33 % c. 50% d. 75% 82. Calculate the degree of dissociation of the N2O4(g) at
45°C and 1 atm if at equilibrium kp for the reaction at that T
is 0.76.
67. – 68. 1 mole of acetic acid are mixed with one mole of
a. 0.35 b. 0.40 c. 0.48 d. 0.58
ethanol. The equilibrium mixture was found to contain 0.333
mole of the acetic acid. (67) What will be the concentration of 83. Solutions of the following compounds, all at the same
the ester at equilibrium if 1 mole of HAc is mixed with 1 mole molality, were prepared. Which solution has the lowest
of the ester. (68) What volume of 0.01 N NaOH is required for freezing point?
titration of the equilibrium mixture with 0.5 mole of ester. a. KBr b. Al(NO3)3 c. MgCl2 d. NaNO2
67. a. 0.352M b. 0.568M c. 0.892M d. 1.272 84. It is also called the maximum work content of the system.
68. A. 15.2mL b. 18.4mL c.22.8 mL d. 24.5mL a. Gibbs Free energy b. Entropy
c. Helmholtz Free energy d. TdS - PdV
69. The standard heat of formation of liquid water is -68.3 kcal
at 25°C, Calculate the value at 100°C if Cp of H2(g) =6.89, Cp 85. Which molecules contain both covalent and ionic bonds?
of O2(g) =6.97 and Cp of H2O(l) = 18.0 at cal/mole°K CH3OH Na2CO3 NH4Cl NaCl
a. -57.7kcal b. -65.5 kcal c.-67.7k cal d. -68.3 kcal I II III IV
a) I, II b) II, IV c) I, II, IV d) II, III
70. – 73. Consider the following compounds
86. Oxygen and element X react to form a product of
unknown formula that contains 3.72 g of X per 1.00 g of
oxygen. Given that the atomic mass of oxygen is 16.0, which
A B C D E of the following statements is correct?
70. Which of these substances cannot undergo oxidation? a) If the formula of the product is XO, the atomic mass of X is
a. A b. A and C c. B d. C 3.72 amu
71. The skeletal isomer of octane b) If the formula of product is X2O, the atomic mass of X is
a. A b. B c. A and C d. D 119 amu
72. Can be obtained from the reaction of 2-methyl-1-hexene c) If the formula of the product is X3O4, the atomic mass of X
with HBr is 79.4 amu
d) If the formula of the product is XO3, the atomic mass of X is
59.5 amu
87. The following are polar covalent compounds except:
a. Na2O b. H2O c. HF d. NO2
88. The Manila Gas Corporation is proposing to install a 6-inch
diameter underground pipe along Ortigas Avenue,
Mandaluyong, Rizal. Bare pipe costs P12.00 per foot and will
have an estimated life of 12 years. Asphalt-jute coated pipe
may be used and the estimated life will increase to 30 years.
Assume zero maintenance and salvage value in both cases. If
money costs 7% per annum, how much can the company afford Figure 98 Figure 99
for asphalt-jute coating of the pipe?
a. P6.74 b. P7.25 c. P8.05 d. P8.50

89. Calculate the percent in a sample of gypsum if a

0.7560 g sample produced a precipitate of BaSO4 weighing
a. 44.80% b. 48.40% c. 64.08% d. 68.04%
90. An enzyme which hydrolyzes starch
a. pectinase b. polymerase c. hydrolase d. Amylase

91. Which of the following amino acids has two chiral carbons?
a. isoleucine b. glycine c. serine d. proline

92. Very fine suspended and colloidal impurities are removed

by a process called Figure 100
a. flocculation b. coagulation
c. plain sedimentation d. air floatation

93. What are the signs of ΔS and ΔG, respectively, for the
combustion of propane, an exothermic reaction?
C3H8(g) + 5O2(g) → 3CO2(g) + 4H2O(g)
a) + and - b) - and +
c) + and + d) − and –

94. The enzyme lactate dehydrogenase has an optimum pH of

about 7.4. What would be the buffer of choice to study this
a. lactic acid ( b. bicarbonate (
c. succinate (
d. tris-hydroxymethylaminoethane (

95. How many milliliters of 0.500 N Barium chloride are

required to react exactly with 1.00 grams of of sodium sulfate.
a. 21.28 mL b. 22.18 mL c. 28.12 mL d. NOTG

96. Calculate the pH of a 0.100 M KCN solution.

Ka(HCN) = 6.2 x 10 -10
a. 2.9 b. 8.2 c. 11.1 d. NOTG

97. What intermediate serves as a link between the

tricarboxylic acid cycle and glycolysis?
a. citrate b. phosphoenolpyruvate
c. acetyl CoA d. pyruvate

98. Using the given phase diagram, Figure 98 what is the

relative weight of phase α2 for an alloy of 70% B at
temperature T1.
a. 10% b. 30% c. 70% d. 90%

99. For 50%at 1275°C as shown, Figure 99 what is the relative

amount of the liquid phase present?
a. 40% b. 50% c. 60% d. 65%

100. Given the following phase diagram, Figure 100 determine

the % of liquid remaining at 600°C that results from the
equilibrium cooling of an alloy containing 5% silicon and 95%
a. 68% b. 57% c. 47% d. 40%