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Points of Agreement

Reduced height and density: from 270 feet and a F.A.R. of 5.6, to a height of 195 Feet and a
F.A.R. of 3.7
676 public parking spaces, an increase of 150 above the initial design. 605 accessory parking
spaces for DOC staff and authorized service providers, so that employees will not utilize public
Existing street trees to be protected and all work will be performed to minimize adverse
impacts to existing trees that will remain in place.
DDC to conduct air quality and noise monitoring to limit community impacts and provide for
compliance with existing regulations.
A Construction Transportation Monitoring Plan will be initiated at the start of the construction
for the work area, and if necessary, additional traffic control measures will be implemented.
No open space resources will be used for staging or other construction activities.

A hydraulic analysis will be conducted during design and if it is determined that the existing
sewer system is incapable of supporting the increase in wastewater flow the existing sewer
system will be upgraded.
DEP will track street flooding complaints in the area and ensure that jail construction will not
exacerbate flooding conditions

Creation of 25,000 square feet of community facility space on site.
Investing in upgrades to the Queens Community House
Eight additional police officers for the 102nd Precinct
The School Construction Authority is to renovate the gym, auditorium and school yard of PS 99
The School Construction Authority is to install outdoor security cameras at PS 99 and PS 139.
A lighting upgrade for the Austin Street underpass located beneath Union Turnpike