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Analog Communications - eSeries

581075 (91018-E0)

LabVolt Series


Festo Didactic
en 120 V - 60 Hz
Analog Communications - eSeries, LabVolt Series

Table of Contents
General Description _______________________________________________________________________2
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General Description
This site-license course bundle is intended to be used in conjunction with the Analog Communications FACET
The basic design of the FACET courses is always similar. They begin with a 50-question pretest and conclude
with a 50-question posttest. Each course is made up of a quantity of units based on the complexity of the
accompanying board. Each unit has a Fundamentals section followed by a number of Exercises that allow
students to apply the information from Fundamentals. Each exercise concludes with graded review questions.
The units conclude with a 10-question quiz. There is no narration feature with FACET.
The following learning platforms are available:

• 91018-E0 – Analog Communications - eSeries

• 91018-F0 – Analog Communications - SCORM
• 91018-G0 – Analog Communications - Stand-Alone

Topic Coverage
• Analog Communication Concepts
• Circuit Board Familiarization
• Amplitude Modulation
• RF Power Amplifier
• Balanced Modulator
• RF Stage
• Mixer, IF Filter, and Envelope Detector
• Balanced Modulator and LSB Filter
• Mixer and RF Power Amplifier
• RF Stage, Mixer, and IF Filter
• Product Detector and Automatic Gain Control
• Frequency and Phase Modulation
• Demodulation (Quadrature Detector)
• PLL Circuit and Operation
• FM Detection with a PLL
• Troubleshooting Basics
• Troubleshooting Analog Communication Circuits

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Analog Communications - eSeries, LabVolt Series

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