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CELL: (44) 7403420164
Career Profile
Seeking for a position as a CAD Designer which will offer me professional growth as
well as future career advancement opportunities in a renowned organization.

Core Strengths:

 Proven track record of providing effective drafting solutions

 Attention to detail with strong organizational skills
 Highly skilled in Microsoft tools like Excel, Power Point, Word
and out look express .
 Ability to implement and identify new and innovative approachies
to enhance business development
 Highly skilled in interpreting a variety of instructions furnished in
oral diagrams, written or in schedule form
 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
 Highly skilled in creating aesthetically pleasing and useable
 Familiar with mathematical and structural concepts
 Ability to handle multiple tasks and solve practical issues
 Possess excellent organizational and time management skills

Educational Summary

• Master’ Degree in Advance Engineering Design from Oxford Brookes University

London (Oxford)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from SCSVMV University (India).
• Under went Implant training at Amalgamation repco Ltd., for three months.
• Done project on Designing Material Handling Equipments at Rane Madras
(Varanvasi) for a span of six months

Professional Experience:
Sri Vijaya Durga Agencies And Industrial Works, India
2007 to 2008
CAD Designer

• Assigned the task of creating designs for products and machinery by using
Computer –Aided drafting software.
• Worked with Engineers and Finance department to ensure that the designs are in
line with budgetary constraints
• Handled the tasks of revising plans as per the instructions of the Design Drafting
• Responsible for generating proper calculations required to produce effective
• Assigned the tasks of implementing standards set for all drawings in the Design
Drafting Department
• Issued detail drawing for machining by using auto cad 2D and 3D modeling for
• Organized and conducted the meeting of all involved department and
controlled the machining process.
• Coordinated and presented project to clients and reported status to manager
• Analyzed and resolved problem to improve designs.

August 2008 moved to England

• Aug2008 – May 2010 : To fund my studies I started as an associate and
promoted to supervisor Tk Maxx (OXFORD).
Work Responsibility
• Managing a team of 7 people to reduce the prices
• Achieved an average of 90% compliance .
• Finishing the target with in given time interval, by briefing them what we are
doing and where we are up to .
• Checking and put stock away including to expiry date checking.
• Responsible for opening and closing of the shop floor.
• Sharing the ideas with the managers, and involving in all type of jobs which
helps in self development

Hobbies & Interests

I love reading and using my spare time by practicing design software and micro soft office for
updating, even though it might not much involve to my current job. However, I am looking
forward for going back to work in engineering field and use more of those skills.

Reference provided on request.