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Arvee P.

De Castro
The Ways to Relieve Stress
Good Day to Everyone. I’m Arvee P. De Castro, Guidance Counselor. I’m here to
discuss about the ways to relieve stress.
This past few day many students were experiencing stress in their school works.
There are many things to do to lessen their stress.
One of that is through sleeping. Sleeping is the way to relieve their stress in
School works.
Second, they listen to a music it can mellow the mood of the students to listen to
the music is one to relieve stress.
Third, through eating many students eating so that their stress lessen.
Forth, through looking at the sky. Some of the students looking at the sky the
way to lessen their stress and it can clear minds.
Lastly, watching funny videos in youtube. Some of the students are watching
funny video clips to relieve their stress on school works.
Some of the students look at their crush and dream about the two of them having
good memories together.
Stress may be cause by the problems in school like G11 students. It can lead to
depression and anxiety. Don’t be pressured by your school works. School works are just
ways to succeed and enjoy your life. G11 students are full of tensions and pressured
about their school works because if they did not pass they will be a repeater. Enjoy the
life of being student. When you will work on the future you cannot enjoy your life the
way you can do it in high school.