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Definitie: - reprezinta un determinant substantival care contribuie la realizarea intelesului unui

substantiv intr-o propozitie.

Tipuri de articole:
Articolul Hotarat – THE
Articolul Nehotarat - A / AN
Articolul zero (forma implicita sau neexprimata)

Articolul hotarat THE:

Cand folosim articolul hotarat?

1. Inaintea unui substantiv care a mai fost mentionat in textul respectiv:

Exemplu: A man knocked at the door and a girl opened it. The man was her father.
2. Inaintea substantivelor care sunt unice:
Exemplu: the moon, the earth, the star, the sun, the air
3. Inaintea numeralelor ordinale:
Exemplu: the first, the second, the third, the twenty-first, the seventeenth
4. In realizarea superlativului:
Exemplu: the best year, the youngest girl, the most important, the fastest, the tallest
5. Inaintea substantivelor care reprezinta nume de colectivitati si institutii:
Exemplu: the army, the crowd, the government, the police, the parliament
6. Inaintea unor nume proprii (nume de familie, muzee, teatre, ziare, hoteluri, etc):
Exemplu: the Browns, the Johns, the National Theatre, the Marriott Grand Hotel, the New York
Times, the Beatles
7. Inaintea substantivelor care indica nume de locuri geografice, munti, fluvii, oceane, mari
Exemplu: the Alps, the Atlantic, the Thames, the Danube, the Red Sea, the Sahara

Articolul nehotarat A / AN

Utilizam articolul nehotarat A:

Inaintea substantivelor care incep cu o consoana:
Exemple: a girl, a boy, a teacher, a family, a classroom

Utilizam articolul nehotarat AN:

Inaintea substantivelor care incep cu o vocala (a, e, i, o, u):
Exemple: an elephant, an apple, an interview, an onion, an action

Articolul nehotarat - exceptii:

1. Folosim articolul nehotarat AN inaintea unui substantiv care incepe cu litera "h", doar
atunci cand este vorba despre un "h mut".
Exemple: an hour, an honour
2. Folosim articolul nehotarat A inaintea unui substantiv care incepe cu litera "u" sau grupul
de litere "eu", doar atunci cand acestea se pronunta ca "you"
Exemple: a European, a university, a unit

Cand folosim articolul nehotarat A/AN?

1. Inaintea unui substantiv concret nedeterminat si numarabil:
Exemple: A boy entered into the classroom. The reporter took an interview.
2. Inaintea unui substantiv concret cu functia de nume predicativ:
Exemplu: She is a teacher. Ronnie is an elephant.

Articolul zero

Nu folosim articol in urmatoarele situatii:

1. Inaintea substantivelor care indica nume proprii la singular:
Exemplu: Paul is going to the school.
2. Inaintea substantivelor care indica nume de tari, orase si limba acestora
Exemple: France is a European country. You speak English fluently. Bucharest is the capital of
3. In unele expresii invariabile:
Exemplu: by car, at school, in church, by train
4. Inaintea substantivelor abstracte, care indica nume de culori, stiinte, arte, materii etc:
Exemplu: beauty, health, dinner, lunch, breakfast, truth, green, gold, silver, mathematics, physics


1. Completati cu a / an / the acolo unde este cazul:

___ woman
___ unit
___ United States of America
___ Johnsons
___ elephant
___ beauty
___ hour
___ Thames

2. Completati propozitiile din textul de mai jos cu a/an:

a) ___ old woman laughed at him.
b) ___ cat and ___ dog were in the kitchen.
c) I saw ___ elephant at the zoo.
d) It was ___ excellent movie.
e) She watched ___ TV show

3. Completati cu a / an / the acolo unde este cazul:

Daniel is ___ teacher. He likes ___ Physics very much. He teaches at ___ Theoretical Highschool
from ___ Bucharest. ___pupils like him very much. One day, he decided to take ___ children to see
___ laboratory from another highschool. There, they made ___ experiment. All ___ children
considered ___ experiment ___ most interesting they have ever made.

Lectia 1: Articolul - raspunsuri

1. a; an; The; The; an; a; an; The.

2. a) An; b) A, a; c) an; d) an; e) a.
3. a, the, a, the, The, the, a, an, the, the, the.

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