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UESI seeks to
evangelise post-
matric students
in India, nurture
them as disciples
of the Lord Jesus
UESI Kerala Newsletter Christ, that they
UESI November 2010
may serve the
Kerala Church and

UP, So Send I You

The State Missions
up North Training Camp (SMTC)
was held from October
UESI ministry began in 15th to 17th 2010 at
Uttar Pradesh (UP) in Mankulam, Idukki.
1960’s. Here is a brief
account of the growth
of the ministry over the T he venue of the camp
was Mr. Arun’s home, a
local missionary. 22 students,
years. studying in various colleges
of Trivandrum, Ernakulam,

T he work was initiated in Thrissur, Thiruvalla and 6

Allahabad through J.D graduates attended the
Patial’s active involvement, camp. Mr. Regi George, his from wild animals and the we were into such a remote
wife Saju and Mr. Samson difficulties of working among location. Many pondered
which slowly spread to the
Philip were the staff with the tribal. They spoke about whether they would
other parts of the state. The us. There we met Mr. Anil people who joined them, continue to love the Lord if
ministry of P.C Varghese George, who used to but quit the job the very next the comforts of urban life
National Staff based in be an EU student, now day due to the difficulties were taken away from them.
Allahabad contributed much in working with NLCI as a Bible and risks involved. They are
the initial days. Richard Masih translator. We could see that The third special invitee was
working among the tribal
the host family, the graduates Mr. Johnson, along with
was the staff from 1974-77 and people for the past 11 years,
and the staff worked hard to his wife. Mr. Johnson is an
later. In 1978 Maxwell David and with their families. By the
make the arrangements and evangelist from CSI who
his wife Sneha were appointed way, they are not believers
the camp a success. works among the tribals.
as we understand. They took
The couple shared their
We had 4 special invitees up this job for the salary, but
experiences – the language
during the camp. The first they became committed
barrier made things difficult
two were Mr. Murali and Mr. after realizing that education
in the initial days, the
Sathish, teachers appointed can change the lives of the
approaches they adopted,
by the government for tribal tribal people.
their perseverance, the
people. Their story was One afternoon, we visited adjustments they made in
awe-inspiring. To reach the a settlement of tribal their lives to win the hearts of
tribals, they walk for 2 days people (Kozhiyala-kudi), 15 the local people.
through thick forest, in which kilometres from the camp-
elephants, wild buffaloes, Mr. Mathew Varghese from
site. It took 3 hours to reach
tigers etc. live. Once they Delhi was the main speaker
Saji Easo , Annie and their children the settlement, through
reach the place, they stay of the camp. He discussed
the forest. We drove, and
with the people for the next about God’s viewpoint on
as staff for UP who worked sometimes walked through
25 days or so. They shared creation and God’s plan
till 1999. HDS Joel joined the thick forest to reach our
their experiences – times to reconcile all creation
destination. For many of
team in 1989 and continued till they had narrow escapes back to Himself. During
us, it was the first time that
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November 2010 Aware 1

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So send I you
Straight from
the missions survey, we were exposed to
the things happening around us that are the Heart:
breaking the heart of God: including activities The State Secretary reflects
like ragging, smoking, drinking and drugs,
sexual immorality, divorce, strained parent- “Be fruitful and increase....fill the earth
children relationships, hatred between groups/ and subdue it.”Gen 1:28
communities and nations, injustice and
exploitation of the weaker people, corruption,
dowry-related deaths, female infanticide,
poverty, environmental problems.
G od pronounced this blessing to
humankind at the time of creation.
This verse is a call to be productive.
There was a purpose to His creation
and He wanted that purpose to be
fulfilled. For e.g.: when He made the
sky He did not create it [plain rather spiritual lives.
He made lights in the sky and gave We have planned a few important
it a purpose of serving as signs to programmes this month. We
mark seasons; another thing when he have set apart this month for
created living creatures in the water literature-important for evangelism,
He used the word ‘teem with’(full of); discipleship, and missions. Let us be
to the land He said-‘ produce living creative this month, in writing and
creatures’. God made everything presenting Christian literature to our
with the potential of growth which friends. It is interesting to recall a
is indeed a sign of life. So behind the popular joke- it was the missionaries
creation of man also lies this powerful who taught us, Indians how to read
Going to the fields principle of growth, maturisation and write; but it is the communists
We were convinced that the only antidote is and productivity. The seed in us is who gave us books to read!
the gospel, which is the power of God that God’s seed. Jesus came to give us life;
transforms a person. We imagined men and (abundant life) which means ‘in Christ’ I would like to remind you that
women, with the Spirit of Christ living in them, we have life in its fullness and that November 21st 2010 is set apart as
depending on the grace of God, living among EU Sunday. It is our responsibility to
remaining in Him helps us mature and
the unreached people groups of our nation,
become what He has designed us to encourage the larger body of Christ to
working as nurses, teachers, pharmacists, civil
be. May each one of us develop and play an active role in student missions. I
suppliers, traders, police, lawyers,
journalists, industrialists, PWD encourage every one of you to actively
engineers, doctors, politicians. seek opportunities to talk to leaders
in the church and increase awareness.
As Jesus has commissioned – “Just
Please request the churches to pray for
as the Father send me, so I send
you”, we were burdened to go to an effective ministry in the campuses.
the unreached people groups in The church relation cell has prepared
our nation to do the ministry of some material for church leaders and
reconciliation Christ has entrusted it has been sent to various churches.
with us. Prayerfully, learning about If you need any information or help,
the needs of the people, making please contact our office or a staff
use of our skills, building God’s nearest to you.
I was confined at home from October
The final slide of the Mission Survey 12th, suffering from a bacterial
read like this - Why should we I am Still young for Mission..... infection and a skin problem on
disciple the nations? Not because it is our duty, become fruitful for the Lord and lead a
though it is. Not because it will bring eternal my right hand and leg. I am getting
productive life for His glory. better, but the doctor adviced rest for
life to many, though it will. Not because it will
improve the living conditions of the poor, We are moving closer to the end a while. I would like to thank all of you
though it will. Not because it will improve of another year. Thus far, God has who prayed, called and visited me.
stability in the world’s institutions, though it enabled us to lead a few to the Please pray for a complete healing.
will. Not because it will improve environmental Lord, nurture and mentor them. Let
stewardship, though it will. Not because we In Christ,
us thank God for the fruits of our George K. Mathew
will be rewarded, though we will. We should
ministry and the wonderful things 9846032646,
disciple the nations because Jesus is worthy to
receive their honor, glory and praise! He is doing in our personal and

2 November 2010
News & Views with a lot of positive feedbacks Continued from page 1
UP, up North
The way forward:
Inception: A Pre-marital Camp was conducted at
May 2010. The coordinators who joined
A programmeme for professional from time to time also contributed to the
UESI-Kerala Centre from 10th – 12th
students, was conducted on 21st September, 2010. 22 participants growth of the ministry. The Singh family
October 2010, at University Students attended the programme out of which of Allahabad and Dr. & Mrs Sunder Singh
Center, PMG. 6 from Orissa. of Agra also helped in the expansion of
Mr. V P Joy (IAS) addressed the students the ministry. It is important
in the inaugural session. Prof. Roy V Paul to note the contribution of
was the main speaker who delivered many missionary students
an interesting and inspiring message. and tentmakers like Dr Joseph
The programme was concluded with John and Thomas Antony who
a vote of thanks by Dr. Vino T Cherian, came with a definite call and
senior advisor of Trivandrum ICEU laboured here. UESI Kerala sent
and secretary of Professional Students Saji Easo to UP as its missionary
Forum. 50 students participated in in November 1993. Billy Sam
the programme. The programme was
Varghese worked here from
organized by Professional Students
Forum (PSF) in association with UESI July 1998 to December 2001.
and Trivandrum ICEU. This was one of Varghese Thomas has been
the major steps taken by Trivandrum working for UP ministry since
ICEU to reach out to the professional Varghese Thomas and Pushpa July 1999.
students in the city.
Kottarakkara Camp: UP has 70 districts, grouped into 6 regions.
Thiruvalla Believers Kottarakara Evangelistic camp was held
Evangelistic and discipleship camps were
conducted annually right from 1980’s.
Retreat: at the residence of Mr. Abraham Kalloor,
a senior EGF member of Kottarakkara
Development of regional level ministry got
emphasis from 2002 onwards. As a result
A believers retreat was conducted at from 15th -17th October 2010. 50
Thiruvalla on Saturday, 10th October regional level evangelistic and discipleship
students attended the camp. Praise
2010. Mr. Roy V Paul led the sessions God for the students, who accepted camps started. Now we have evangelistic
and more than 25 students attended. Christ as their Lord and Saviour during and discipleship camps in all the 6 regions.
the camp. Please pray for an effective 1st state level LTC was conducted in June
follow-up. 2005 at Dehradun and it continues every
year. Equipper programme and mission
Disha 2010 camp are conducted at alternate years.
Multimedia Show: It has been our dream to have staff in all
Centre for Christian Resource the 6 regions. It came true in Aug 2009
Development (CCRD) announces when more workers joined with UPEGF.
Disha 2010 Multimedia Show Now we have 2 National Staff Family,
from 16th – 21st November, 2010 2 Family Coordinators, 3 Single Staff, 1
Mr. Roy V Paul at Putharikkandam Maithanam, Graduate Helper and an Office Staff. Seeing
Thiruvananthapuram. This show the positive growth in the ministry, in
presents gospel with the help
Mrs. Bindu shared her experiences as 2005 then the General Secretary, Mathew
of apologetics, science, reason,
a teacher and how she helped several Varghese encouraged the state to think
archeological and historical evidences.
students in their spiritual lives. The about decentralization and the seed for
We make it happen through a series
retreat renewed the commitments that was sown. Now the State EC looks
of audio-visual screenings, posters,
including a renewed commitment
thematic sculptures followed by forward to decentralize the state by
to carry on with ICEU meetings in
brain-storming sessions, under a 2015. UPEGF is thinking of purchasing a
Thiruvalla. The retreat was actively
single roof. This event is organized by land in Lucknow and develop the state
supported by local EGF.
like-minded evangelical churches in office. Kindly pray for the immediate need
Evangelistic Camp, Thiruvananthapuram in association
with CCRD, Kochi. Please pray for this
of 12 lakhs for the land. We gratefully
remember the partnership of UESI Kerala
Palakkad: event and participate along with your
friends and colleagues. For more details
and Kanyakumari EGF in developing the
An Evangelistic Camp was held from 1st contact: Premkumar M P (994-644- ministry in UP.
– 3rd October 2010 at START Animation 9062) or Sabu Abraham (994-644- Mrs Annie Saji,
Centre, Dhoni, Palakkad. 30 students 9102). UESI Staff for UP
attended the camp, which concluded
Aware 3
The Treasurer Demise
Sam, s/o Adv. Shashi & Prof. Merry (grandson of PP
Reports Appachan)
Mother of Titto, Kottayam.
Praise the Lord O my soul, Pray for the bereaved families.
and forget not all his benefits.
Dear Partners in Christ,

Warm Greetings in the name of our Lord. New Born Sam

One evening, a man who had great wealth, but had not Congratulations to Selviya (Kannur) and Arun Joshua on the birth of a baby girl.
accepted Jesus as his personal Savior was walking alone Eldho Mathew (Bangalore) and Juliet on the birth of a baby boy.
in the woods. He happens to come to the small hut of a
poor man who earned his living through daily labour. Sept ‘10 Sept ‘10 Oct ‘10
He heard somebody talking loudly. Curiosity prompted Particulars
Budget Actuals Budget
him to stop and listen. The man was praying with his
Office Expenses 10000 13191 10000
family. The rich man went closer and closer to the hut,
Field Staff Salary 135000 134970 135000
till he was able to hear what was being said. Finally,
he could hear the poor man giving thanks to God for Office Staff Salary 13795 20505 21900
his providence – giving them food to eat, clothes to Water & Electricity 0 0 10000
wear and supplying them all that was necessary to Telephone Charges 2000 1568 2000
be comfortable. The rich man was astonished and
Contribution to N UESI 45000 45000 45000
confused and said to himself, “This poor man, who has
Contribution to N EGF 1000 1000 1000
nothing but the meanest food, the barest furniture
and the cheapest clothes, gives thanks to the Lord for Support to West Bengal Ministry 5000 5000 5000
His goodness to himself and his family. I, who enjoy Support to UP Ministry 3000 3000 3000
luxury, honour and everything that is pleasant and Transfer to Staff Medical 6000 6000 6000
desirable have hardly bent my knees or made any Transfer to Staff Training 400 400 400
acknowledgement to my Maker and my Preserver.” He
Transfer to Gratuity Fund 12000 16000 12000
came to the realization that he had lacked God’s real
blessings all this while – which is solely given by the Transfer to Centre Maintenance 10000 10000 10000
peace that comes through the Lord Jesus Christ. National Staff Conference Travel Expenses 60000
Dear friends, many of us have the habit of ending Travel Advance to Staff 10000 10044 10000
our every day prayers by quoting the above verses of Total 253195 266678 331300
Psalms 103. But do we practically apply it in our lives?
Do we thank God for ALL the blessings that we receive UESI Kerala Account Details
from Him? In Deuteronomy 8:11, Moses warned the
Israelites saying, “Be careful that you do not forget the Federal Bank, Edapally Branch, Cochin
Lord your God.” In verse 2, he said, “Remember how the SB A/c No. 11840100159397
Lord your God led you all the way in the desert these
40 years.” In verse 18 he said, “Remember the Lord your Account Name: Union of Evangelical Students of India - Kerala
God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce IFSC Code: FDRL0001184
Design & Layout: George Korah,

wealth.”. So let us not forget the Lord our God, our

Maker and Preserver for everything. Let us give Him ICICI Bank, Edapally Branch, Cochin
honour and glory by praising Him from the inner most
SB A/c No. 626401071031
parts of our being and also by sharing our resources for
God’s ministry. Account Name: Union of Evangelical Students of India - Kerala

God has provided to disburse full salary and allowances IFSC Code: ICIC0006264
to staff workers for October 2010. We also require Swift Code: ICICINBBXXX
money for the theological scholarships and for the
painting of roof truss. Please pray for our financial You may deposit your contribution as INR Cheque at any ICICI Branch, or
needs. Transfer your contribution Via internet banking

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