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Forest Delights As life's songs peal within a forest

By Belinda Stotler
Nature adds the wind's timbre with a
Leaves fluttering on a gentle breeze,
Or the rain's resonating rhythm through
Within the forest of whispering trees, leaves.

Makes sunlight gracefully dance there, Merging with rippling sounds of forest
Upon the ground and everywhere.
All serenading restless minds into
Dappling streams with sparkling light, daydreams
Catching the colors of birds in flight, That comforts those who seek refuge
Giving flowers a lovely surreal glow, there.

Rousing our spirits with nature's show. If only they'll listen while in the forest's

Nightfall gives the forest a mysterious

allure Thoughts become gentle among natural
As trees become shadows of what they
were; While our spirits entwine with forest
Soon a chorus arises deep in forest
thickets, Enticing us to hear life's natural gifts of
From the croaking frogs and chirping
crickets, Inviting us to see the wondrous beauty
of Earth,
Blending in the whip-poor-wills' lonely
calls, As nature stirs feelings some cannot
With the owls' echoing pleas in forest
halls, Yet, the subtle answers lie in a forest's
As fireflies scatter light upon a dark
palette, Urging us to listen to instincts we once
All beneath the mystic forest's starlit
coverlet. To walk lightly on Earth as other
creatures do.

Nature's melodic sounds are sure to