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When a little squirrel finds a big pile

of nuts, he’s very excited! But soon he’s

joined by another squirrel . . . and
HC: 978-1-5362-0824-5 this squirrel thinks the nuts belong
to her. Will the squirrels ever
Use Nuts! in your classroom to teach about punctuation, learn to share?
visual cues, possessive pronouns, and sharing.

v Explain the use of the period, v Note how the illustrations v Possessive pronouns are
exclamation point, and in Nuts! are visual clues that most of the text. As you read
question mark. Then read support understanding the through the story together,
the book aloud together, story. Have students change ask students what each one
paying particular attention a punctuation mark and then means.
to the punctuation marks to draw a picture that shows the
v Create a Nuts! reader’s
determine how the words different version of the story
theater script and have
should be read. it creates.
students practice their
fluency and expression. After
acting out the story, discuss
why sharing can be difficult
and how to make it easier.

Illustrations © 2019 by Yasmeen Ismail