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Melanie Heuiser Hill illustrated by Jaime Kim

In a unique take on the cumulative classic

“This Is the House That Jack Built,” a diverse
family gathers around a table that brims with
HC: 978-0-7636-9784-6

joy, sentimental objects, and a homemade meal.

Use Around the Table That Grandad Built in

your classroom to discuss family traditions and
• TEACHER TIPS Around the Table
That G randad Built

• Have students discuss their own families’ traditions and the foods
they eat at different holidays. Then ask them to write about and
draw their families’ stories to share with the class.

• Ask students why they think it’s important for the entire family to
come together at the table Grandad built.

• The beginning of the story builds on itself, with one more item being
added to the list each time. Ask students to make a list of each item
provided by different members of the family, going backward, to see
how many they can remember.

Illustrations © 2019 by Jaime Kim