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rer ans SF Emily Windsnap must travel through time in order to gave the people of her hometowns—both human and merfolk—in the exciting ninth book of the New York Times best-selling series. Liz Kessler When Emily makes a wish on a magic stone, she gets a glimpse of syhiat the future hold:—and ie’ a disaster! She tries to make things right, but each trip through time takes Emily to a fature where things turn out badly for either the humans of Brightport or the merpeople of Shiprock. Plastic pollutes the ocean, garbage over dows the landfill, and the two towns are no longer getting along, Emily realizes she can’t save her hometown and the ocean alone, bur with help fom her best friends, Shona and Mandy, she'll have to find a way to get humans and merpeople to work together. Will Emily be able to create a better fature for everyone, including herself? This new adventure gives readers a glimpse at what Emily and her friends could be like as grown-ups, with a ffesh story that explores how uniting communities can make a future that’s bright ‘On sale March 10, 2020 for everyone. HC 978-1-5362-09693- 516.99 ($1889 CAN) ‘Ao aval san e-aok Ages8—12-272 pages Liz Kessler is the author of the best-selling Emily Windsnap series, the Philippa Fisher series, the novels North of Nowhere and A Year Without Autursn, and a series of early readers about Poppy the Pirate Dog. She lives in Cornwall, England. CANDLEWICK PRESS #emilywindsnap ‘roe candlewiek com ai 8 PCy Emily Windsnap booksin print Prien! footy eS VU hcolt et Ga) meee HesTE 706-5744 remeoracso92 Avasaleseneoe HemeoTRIND remeTORaIT Avowabesrn ett rameeresses remeaeeane Alesis etsk oat sanesak paar Me i were sieaI864 nap oben td roretssamins rete Algaaesanetoo Asie T6575 pegres30.065) Atowailesaneoe HeeTeareee8e9 remarassnses Atoonlitlearn ek neom0esne8 manaroeans Araatiten cio Praise for the Series “Charming.” —rhe1il Steet furl “Light, imagination-tickling fare ideal for middle-grade girls.” —Bookis “A successful mix of fantasy, mystery, adventure, and a touch of romance.” Kirkus Revi fend selon punteeslbatsy “Should capture the attention and hearts ‘Nb arable san e-bak bundle ‘Abo alate as ane-bok bundle of girls who love adventurous, romantic tales encased in charming fantasy elements.” —KidsRead: <