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Case Summary

Name : Ulfa Rabbina

NIM : 29318439
Program : GM 8
In this case study, knowledge management is one of the important aspects to develop
business and maintain good business performance. On this case the company has two
management strategies, namely the codification strategy and knowledge personalization.
Codification strategy on its application using a database approach and storage system in a
computer. And the knowledge could be accessed by all individuals who request it.
Codification strategy is rigid so that all employees are forced to provide information about
themselves for company needs and all employees can have the right to access the data. For
the explicit knowledge type its better to use this strategy due to the codified nature of the
strategy which tends to use repetitive data and lastly companies that have standardization in
their products tend to use a data base system or codification strategy to facilitate the
dissemination of information between fellow employees.
whereas in personalizing knowledge the knowledge that is already possessed and controlled
by one individual must be disseminated to others through communication, not only that with
the dissemination of information between departments and e-letters also develops rapidly. For
personalization strategies will be suitable for (tacit knowledge) companies that have a variety
of products that tend to be varied and have a creative approach.
In my opinion, it is better for companies to use both strategies. Because in implementing the
personalization strategy it certainly increases knowledge among employees and reduces the
risk of asymmetric information so that it is expected to create developments and innovations
related to the quality of the products produced. In addition, the creation of a good culture in
the company so that employees are active in the company's internal activities, and
communicative knowledge sharing occurs. While for the codification strategy needed for
enterprise database systems this strategy is generally a must-have for companies engaged in
the world of e-commerce and companies that have a large scope, such as multinational
In training employee performance, codification strategies can help new employees adapt to
the culture and systems prevailing in the company while for employees who already worked
in the long time can actualize themselves better in personalizing strategies with more critical,
creative and innovative analysis for implementing their task that has been given.