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Department of Communication

Major and Minor Requirements

Major Requirements Minor Requirements Prerequisites

13 Courses, must be taken for letter grade 7 Courses, must be taken at UCSD for letter grade

Completion of COMM 10
One Lower Division Core Course One Lower Division Core Course or concurrent enrollment

COMM 10: Introduction to Communication COMM 10: Introduction to Communication

Junior standing, completion of COMM 10,
and one COMM 100

Four Upper Division Core Courses Two Upper Division Core Courses Completion of COMM 10
and one COMM 100 (A, B, or C)
COMM 100A: Comm, the Person, & Everyday Life Choose 2 COMM 100 Courses

COMM 100B: Comm, Culture, & Representation

COMM 100C: Comm, Institutions, & Power

Students can petition for a maxiumum

COMM 190: Junior Seminar
of 2 courses towards the major
as COMM intermediate electives.
These courses can be taken outside of
Eight Upper Division Electives Four Upper Division Electives
the department (AIP 197, Study Abroad,
Maxiumum of 6 Intermediate Upper Division Maximum of 3 Intermediate Upper Division other UC campus courses, or COMM 198/199,
electives from COMM 101 - 119 electives from COMM 101 - 119 etc.)

Students cannot petition for any courses

taken outside of UCSD Communication
Department (including COMM 198
& COMM 199 courses) to satisfy any
minor requirements

At least 2 Advanced Upper Division At least 1 Advanced Upper Division

electives from COMM 120 - 189 elective from COMM 120 - 189 For more info, visit