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La Paz National High School

Senior High School – Grade 12

Lesson Plan in Food and Beverage

February 4, 2019

I. Objectives

Content Standard: The learners demonstrate an understanding of concept and

principles in welcoming guests and taking food and beverage

Performance Standard: The learners:

1. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in food and beverage

service in relation to attending/monitoring kitchen and
dining service points
2. Prepares schedule of menus to be served
3. Perform strictly the sanitation and hygiene practices in
dealing with guests, and in responding to their food and
beverage service needs

Learning Competency: The learners observe work technology according to

establishment standard policy and procedure (TVL_HEFBS9-

The learners advise promptly colleagues regarding readiness of

items for service (TVL_HEFBS9-12GO-IIe-f-3)

The learners relay information about special requests, dietary or

cultural requirements accurately to kitchen where appropriate

Learning Outcome: At the end of the lesson, the learners should have:

a. identify the four main docket system used in most hotels

b. appreciate how important proper liaise between kitchen and
dining area
c. role play on how to take and place food orders

II. Content

Topic: Liaise between kitchen and dining area

Materials: Book, Chalk, Chalk board, Laptop, Projector, readily available

materials inside the classroom

References: Technical-Vocational Livelihood Home Economics Food and

Beverage Services Manual (pp. 132-139)

III. Development Activities

A. Pre-Activity

Teacher Activity Students Activity Teachers Note

1. Review
What was our lesson Our lesson is all about Very good!
last meeting? taking food orders.

What are the steps in Steps on taking food orders: Correct.

taking food orders a. Approach the table and
stand at the right side of
the host
b. Present the menu
c. Take food order
d. Write down the order
e. Take efforts to sell a
complete meal
f. If order is out of stock,
suggest appropriate
alternatives or
g. If applicable, ask the
guest how he wants his
dish prepared
h. Write all orders in an
order slip in triplicate
i. Repeat the order to the
j. Place the order to the

And now, who can give The importance of order Very good!
me the importance of order slips slips is that you can record the
when taking orders? guest’s order in proper
2. Motivation
This morning I have a
question to all of you.

Do you know how the Answers may vary..

kitchen and the dining area
communicate when you have

Please watch a short clip

in the projector.

Based on the video Answers may vary.

presented, how can dining area
can communicate properly in
the kitchen even in busy hours?
3. Presentation
Presenting the
objectives of the lesson.

You may be wondering

why I let you watch a video clip.

Our topic this morning is

all about, “Liaise between
kitchen and dining area”
4. Unlocking of Difficulties
Docket- a document or label
listing the contents of a package
or delivery.
Liaise- establish a working
relationship, typically in order to
cooperate on a matter of
mutual concern.

B. Lesson Proper

Teacher Activity Students Activity Teachers Note

1. Activity
Setting of Standards
1. The class will be
grouped in to five.
2. For 15 to 20 minutes,
the group will prepare to
perform the given task.
3. Work quietly and
cooperatively to your partner.

The students should

prepare their own script and
needs to role play on how to
take and place orders and to
liaise between kitchen and
dining area.
2. Analysis
Is it easy for the two Yes. Because if you just
departments to communicate follow the correct procedures,
even in rush hours? you will not get wrong in taking
and placing orders.

Do you need to have Yes. You should have

enough knowledge on the enough knowledge on the
systems that the establishment systems.
is using?

Manual or traditional of Now a day, we have

taking or placing orders is still systems that we are using. And
the easy and accurate way on we still use manual and
taking orders and communicate traditional. Sometimes, you
it in the kitchen? need to do the two ways.

Do you need to Yes. You need to

memorize the process and the memorize the process and the
different system used in the different system.
hotels, restaurant or catering

What is the benefit if Answers may vary..

you know how to use manual
and computerized way of taking
and placing orders?
3. Application
How important is it for
you to know and master the use
of system in company standard?

Is it important to have a
good working relationship
between the kitchen
department and dining area?
4. Abstract
What are the four (4) The four (4) docket systems used in most hotel.
docket systems used in most 1. Triplicate docket system
hotel? 2. Duplicate docket system
3. Electronic billing machine
4. Computerized system.

Can you identify each Triplicate docket system- this is a traditional manual system that is
docket systems? often used in medium and large sized hotels and restaurants.
It must contain:
 Table number
 Number of covers
 Date
 Waiter’s signature
Duplicate docket system- this is often used in small, informal
restaurants. This system uses only two copies of a docket.
It must contain:
 Serial number of docket pad
 Waiter’s code number identification
 Table number
 Time the order is place
 Date
Electronic billing machines- this is used in some establishments
where the waiter, rather than the cashier, prepares the bill with
accuracy and speed.
Computerized systems- this is used in large establishments and
chain restaurants.

Introduce the general processes of taking an order with a POS

What are the general system:
processes of taking an order
 Enter your name or user code into the initial touch screen.
with Point of Sale (POS)?
This allows you to access the system
 Begin a new order or check by entering in food items which
the customer orders. For full service restaurants, choose
table number and add food to an existing check.
 Wait as POS sends all order information to the kitchen or
bar in form of a printed ticket or on a digital display
 The kitchen or bar staffs reads the order and make the
appropriate food or beverage for the wait staff or other
employee to serve to the customer.
 Once the order has been relayed to the kitchen, it is now
the waiter’s job to adjust the place settings, making sure
that each guest has the correct cutlery and service
equipment. Every dining room facility/restaurant has its
own guidelines as to which cutlery and service equipment
are to be used with each dish
 In a quick-service restaurant, the employee will read the
total charge on the POS display, and collect payment from
the costumer. In full service, the FBSA/Waiter will bring a
check, wait for payment, and then enter it into the POS
when the customers are finished.
IV. Evaluation


Criteria Excellent Very satisfactory Satisfactory TOTAL
(5 pts) (3 pts) (2 pts)
(1 pt)
Menu is well
presented to
Take and place
order properly
well to both
(Kitchen and
Dining Area)
Script prepared
fits the role
play given
Able to role
play the using
of system

V. Assignment:

Define and be familiar with the words below. Put it in a one (1) whole sheet of pad paper and
pass it next meeting.

a. Accompaniments n. Hors D’ Oeuvres

b. Afters o. Intoxication
c. A la carte p. Main Course
d. American service q. Menu
e. Banquet r. Mouth-watering
f. Beverage s. Releve
g. Brigade t. Starters
h. Centrepiece u. service
i. Decanting v. skirting
j. Degustation w. sommelier
k. Embellish x. sorbet
l. Flamboyant y. suggestive selling
m. Guacamole z. upselling

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Teacher III Asst. Principal, II-SHS