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National Institute of Science &Technology

B. Tech 1st Semester(2018 Batch) Branch A, B, C, D, E
Subject Code Subject Communicative English
Time 2 hrs. Exam Class Test - 1 Max. Marks 100
Examination Superintendent Dr. L.K. Raju
Name of the Instructor(s) Ms. Nayanika Mahapatra, Mr. Anil Kumar Bishi
Date of Examination 13.10.2018

Answer Question No.1 (Part-I) which is compulsory, any eight from Part-II and
any two from Part-III.
The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks.
Part – I (Answer all the questions)

Q1. CO Level 2 x 10

(a) 1 1 _____ is the process of converting ideas into a logical

The term communication comes from the _________
(b) 1 1
word________ which means ‘to share’.
(c) 1 1 Communication is only a one way process of conveying
information. True/False

(d) 1 1 _________ is defined as a system of symbols used for

1 1 ________ is the reverse flow of information from the
receiver to the sender.
_______communication is the informal channel of
(f) 2 1
(g) 2 1 The film directors, as well as the entire unit, ________ the
city in time. (reaches, reach)
Psychological problems need to be handled carefully.
(h) 2 1
Identify the adjective in the sentence.
How can you be so mean? Identify the adverb in the
(i) 2 1
The river is flowing _______ the danger mark. (over,
(j) 2 1
above, beyond)
Part – II (Answer Any Eight Questions out of ten)

Q2. CO Level 6x8

Gestures are observed actions. Elucidate and substantiate.
(a) 1 2
How do postures help you assess a person’s confidence or
(b) 1 2
diffidence? Justify with appropriate examples.

(c) 1 2 What is Mother-tongue Interference? Substantiate properly.

1 2 Differentiate between Information Gap Principle and
Information Loss with proper examples.
Enumerate the various barriers of communication providing
(e) 1 2
an example for each.
Compare and contrast General and Professional
(f) 1 2
Enlist 6 Vowels and 6 Diphthongs with two examples for
(g) 3 1
each sound.

(h) 2 1 Write down six rules of Subject Verb Agreement followed by

examples for each rule.

(i) 3 2 There is no one to one correspondence between English

alphabets and sounds. Justify.

(j) 1 2 Discuss the importance of Audience and Purpose with

suitable examples.

Part – III (Answer Any Two Questions out of four)

CO Level

Q3. 1 2 Non-verbal communication is comparatively richer than 16

verbal communication in content. Justify either in for or
against the statement.

Q4. 1 2 Communication through English has tremendous prospects 16

and is inescapable. Discuss this in the light of English as a
global language.
Write short notes on Context and Process of
Q5. 1 2 16

Q6. 1 1 There are certain factors of communication, an 16

understanding of which will help in enhancing
effectiveness of the same. Explain with examples.